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Чит-файл для 1944: Across the Rhine

Across the Rhine

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Жанры:Strategy (Turn-based / Wargame)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в июле 1995 г.


Информация актуальна для
Q: The disk access time and screen changes take forever.
   Why is this so slow?

A: There is a significant increase in speed when SmartDrive
   with write caching is enabled.

Q: I am not getting digital sound.  Why?

A: Across the Rhine requires at least 5MB of
   free XMS for digital sounds to work.

Q: How can I disable all the voice messages
   like "Artillery Firing" without disabling the
   digital sounds like gunfire and explosions?

A: In battle, hit ALT-C and you can selectively
   turn on or off the voice messages that you
   want to hear.

Q: In pre-battle briefings with partial intelligence,
   I sometimes see enemy units on the map, but when I
   go into battle, they don't show up.

A: This is correct; partial intelligence may or may
   not be correct.

Q: I sent out Air Assets (recon or attack), and
   in route, they disappeared.  What happened?

A: If an air unit flies over enemy units that
   anti-aircraft units, the air asset may be shot

Q: In battle, my mouse suddenly stopped working or
   acted funny.  I could still move the cursor, but
   nothing would click and it was real jerky movement.

A: Press ALT-F1 to reset your mouse.  If this continues
   to occur, make sure you are using Microsoft Mouse Driver
   version 9.01 or greater.

Q: I gave platoon orders to advance and attack, but when
   they made contact, they turned around and ran like cowards.  Why?

A: Units will not act outside of their doctrine and training.
   For example, you can order an infantry unit to advance
   against Tiger tanks, but once they engage the tanks they
   will withdrawal.

Q: What are the game requirements for Across the Rhine?

A:      The minimum requirements are:
        486DX/33 or greater
        8 MB of memory (4 MB if you don¦t want digital sound)
        Microsoft Mouse Driver 9.01 or greater
        Double-speed CD-ROM drive using MSCDEX 2.22 or higher
        MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
        SVGA graphics

        You must have at least 450k of free conventional memory and
        5MB of free XMS memory for digital sound to work.  In
        addition, in your CONFIG.SYS file, FILES must be set to 40 and

        BUFFERS must be set to 40.

        For optimum performance, we recommend a Pentium with 16MB of
        memory, Quad Speed CD-ROM, VLB or PCI SVGA video card, and
        16BIT sound card.

Q: I am try to run Across the Rhine on my computer which has
   a NexGen Pentium Processor, and I am constantly getting GPF
   errors.  What is happening?

A: Across the Rhine will not run on a NexGen processor at this time.
   Our team is looking into why this may be the case.

Q: When I run install, the screens come up okay, but the text is

A: This occurs when running a memory manager that manipulates the
   video memory.  You cannot use a memory manager like QEMM, NetRoom,
   or 386MAX with Across the Rhine.
Q: I started a battle as a sergeant, and now I can only control one
   platoon.  How can I control more than my one platoon?

A: You can create your character with the rank of major, so you
   can control all the the companies, or change the reality option
   of Rank Control to Full control instead of historical.

Q: How do I calibrate the joystick?

A: In the battle, hit ALT-J.  With your mouse, choose your joystick
   from the list, center the stick, and press the SET CENTER button.
   Move the joystick (and hat, if applicable) to all four corners,
   and press the OK button using your mouse.

Q: In a Delay/Counterattack battle scenario in the pre-battle
   briefing, the Map winodw has a blue vertical line going down the
   right quarter of the screen.

A: This represents the defensive line you previously held.

Q: How do I save a custom-built battle in the battle builder?

A: Set up everything the way you want it, then simply exit the battle
   builder.  The battle will automatically be saved.

Q: I have True-Dos 7.0 and Across the Rhine will not run.

A: Yes, Across the Rhine is designed to run on MS-DOS systems
   using MS-DOS 5.0 or greater.

Q: In the Organization screen, I can rest platoons, but I cannot rest

A: Correct.  Assets are alloted per battle, and you cannot hold them
   back in order to use them later.

Q: The install is not detecting my AWE32, it is identifying it
   as an SB16.

A: The install is checking for the SET statements, and since the
   AWE32 uses the same as an SB16, it will identify it as such.
   You can change the configuration to the correct settings.

Technical Notes:

Video Setup and Test:
To display the following modes, you video card MUST have
the minimum amount of DOS-usable VRAM (Video RAM) as stated
below.  Note that some accelerator cards may have 2+ MB
of memory available for Windows, but only 512K available for DOS.

        640x480, 800x600                        requires 512K
        640x480, 800x600, 1024x768              requires 1MB
        640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024   requires 2MB+

If you use a bootdisk, make sure that your AUTOEXEC.BAT file
contains the following line:
                                SET TEMP=C:\TEMP
and that the directory TEMP exists on your harddisk.  You can
create this directory by typing MD TEMP at the C:> prompt.

Also, if using the Ї/SHADOWRAM:ON parameter in your HIMEM.SYS
device line, make sure there is a space before the forward slash,
                        DEVICE=HIMEM.SYS /SHADOWRAM:ON

Game Play Manual Changes

1. On page 35, the Invulnerability option in the Battle Reality
Options is incorrect.  While INVULNERABLE, none of the
vehicles in the character¦s platoon may be destroyed.

2. On page 66, in the Platoon¦s active subordinate list, once a
unit has been put out of action it is listed as Knocked Out,
therefore it is removed from the list.

3. On page 71, you can remove your highest numbered waypoint by
right clicking anywhere on the Zoom Map only.

4. On page 76, Fighter Bomber attacks will search for targets
around the target icon, make any attacks and exit the map.
Fighter bombers may be automatically attacked by units with
anti-aircraft capabilities, but they may not be manually targeted.

5. On page 88, Gun Homes must be added in the location of an
existing house.  They cannot replace the larger buildings in cities.

6. On page 91, in the Organization paragraph, the statement
concerning the Data Viewer is incorrect. The full data Viewer
is available in the Battle Builder.

7. On page 91, the following additional Data Viewer controls
are active.  You may switch nationalities by left clicking
the Nationality Symbol under the unit name. Left clicking
on the center button of the compass will rotate the object.
The PREV/LIST/NEXT switch will allow you to scroll through the
other units or activate a list of units which you may select
by left-clicking on the desired name.

8. On page 122 and 123, the Combat unit descriptions for
Assault Guns and Mortars are missing the appropriate
military icons for these units.  These icons are listed
correctly in the Appendix.

9. In all organization screens, the following colors are
   used as unit overlays to indicate special status:
        Orange Fill:    Platoon/Unit is rested.
        Blue Fill:      Unit is broken down.
        Gray Fill:      Unit is destroyed.
        Orange Border:  Platoon/Unit is attached.
        Red Border:     This is your HQ Section and HQ Unit.

Designer Comments from Jim Day, Producer and Designer of ACROSS The

I want to thank everyone for their patience in waiting for the
release of ACROSS THE RHINE. It has been a long and drawn out
process for all of us here at MicroProse.

Please keep in mind that AtR is a complex program that combines
the elements of a sim and a strategy game into one product.
You must play it for a period of time to become comfortable
with its systems and concepts.


Individual platoons and sections follow their company orders or
individual detached orders until they spot an enemy formation
and break for combat. They then determine individual combat
maneuvers based on their company level orders. The company
level orders control how aggressive a platoon or section is in
combat. A company with Break Contact orders tends to run away,
while a company with Assault orders tends to close with the
enemy. The platoons and sections also determine their combat
maneuvers based on the type of unit they are and the nature
of the opposing forces. HQ and mortar units do not generally
close with the enemy. If the friendly units are totally
unable to hurt the opposing forces, they will probably turn
away. They have a basic survival instinct built into their
AI. This does not mean that they are cowards, but they will
determine their actions based on an evaluation of the overall
situation. They also attempt to flank and trap the opposing
force, so all units may not move in the same directions.


The map zoom has tree basic levels. Full, Company and Platoon.
When at the Full or Company level, only the Company level
icons are displayed on the map. When at the platoon level,
all of a company's platoons and sections are displayed on
the map. Clicking on the icons on the tool bar also changes
the zoom level of the map. If the tool bar is set looking
at company level units, clicking on a combat icon switches
to the company level zoom. If the tool bar is set on platoon
level units, clicking on a combat icon switches to the
platoon level zoom.


The are two 320x200x256 color screens, and they are
the main menus for the US and Germans. This was presented
in that mode due to the full motion video running in the
background. If not, the video would run far too slow.
There are not any 320x200x16 color screens in AtR.


It is recommended that you have SMARTDRV loaded for AtR.
The default settings for you system is more than adequate;
AtR does not require any special size for SMARTDRV. If not
loaded, there is a great deal of disk access that goes on.
This is generally true of many programs. We are not aware
of any incompatibility problems with SMARTDRV.


AtR does have a great deal to load before a battle starts
and when you initialize the Battle Builder. It can not be
helped, there is just a great deal of information. Please
see the comment on SMARTDRV in the Disk Intensive section.


Look for the target indicator on the lower left of the 3D
views. When that is visible, you have a good line-of-fire
to a target. Remember, you can manually fire at friendly
targets -- be careful.

Need More Help?

You can contact Spectrum HoloByte-MicroProse On-Line Services
at support@microprose.com if your question wasn't answered here.

Tim/Spectrum HoloByte-MicroProse

* Visit the Spectrum HoloByte - MicroProse Web Page for all
* the latest news:  http://www.microprose.com

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