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Чит-файл для 4 Crystals of Trazere

4 Crystals of Trazere

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

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HEX-code [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
        Why do it yourself character editor? Well, for a couple of reasons.
I have all the "hacking" skills necessary to make a character editor, but i
am not a programmer, and at this stage i don't know anyone that knows enough
programming to put a quality character editor together, who is close to my
home. And two, it enables me to get the material out to the general public a
lot faster, and it should be very easy for even novice computer users to edit
the game(at least most of them, anyway) because i tried to make the
instructions as easy to comprehend and follow as possible.
And i feel that having the character editor as quickly as possible is
important, mainly because some of the material (such as a needed key) can help
you past a part you are truly stuck on, and after being stuck for a while you
generally lose the addictive fire towards the game. So, for these two reasons,
you are going to have to edit the character yourself, which could be an
adventure in itself, depending on your sucess or lack of it.
All the data presented should be accurate(i will put a notice out if any bugs
are found) and if you do not get it at first, try, try again.
GOES WRONG!!!! This can be very important, as if you insert the data into the
wrong place, bad things can happen(such as the game not loading). This is
very unlikely, but a possibility. You are most likely going to need a good
utilities program, or a text editor with the HEX EDIT function, as this is in
which we are going to be performing the hacking. There is information included
in this text file for editing your items(and that means EVERYTHING, including
all the keys, weapons, armor, and even weird stuff like the corpses, and the
Four Crystals of Trazere!!), money(up to the hundreds of millions),
& more experience than you'll know what to do with! I didn't include things
like the magic runes, and stats(str, dex) because these can be easily affected
by the others, as in with money you can buy the runes, and with experience &
then training your character, your stats will go up. Remember to try not to
make a "super character" from the start unless you haven't finished it yet and
are starting over, as quite a bit of the fun and challenge will go out of the
game. I'm providing this material mainly for helping characters past tough
spots, but in any case its up to you what you wish to do with it. If you find
this material of some use and you are not a "hacker" then please make a small
donation($5 or so) to the address at the end of the file to cover some of the
time i spent working on this to give to you. And I invite fellow hackers to
send a disk or whatever with your latest hack description in the same detail
to me instead of a contribution. Thanks, and enjoy!
Remember, perserverance is the key to excellence!

                              STARTING OFF
*NOTE: The names of the characters i will be using are the generic computer
generated ones that you get when you first start off, before you name change
if you wish. Here is a translation of names to classes:
Slyzaar: Barbarian
Tunarle: Troubadour
Thai-Chai: Assasin
Zothen: Runemaster

First of all, you novice hackers are going to need to know a few basic things
about hex editing & hacking, and i'll teach it in as basic terms as i can

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Copy your save-games onto a floppy disk, subdirectory, or
just zip them up, as a backup just in case!!!!! Then, enter a utilities or
text-editing program that has a HEX-EDIT feature(MS-DOS's 5.0 is NOT one,
PC-Tool's PC-Shell, and probably Norton Utilities are). While in the program
select the Trazere directory, and a list of Trazere's files should show up,
among them your original save games(eg:Legend07.sav). Select the save game you
wish to edit, then select the Hex-Edit command. It doesn't matter which save
game, any one will do, as all store the data in the same place. Now that you
are Hex-Editing the program, a new screen should pop up with rows of "hex"
numbers and letters two by two, and a side screen may be there as well, with
"text" in it. Sometimes the text-screen may contain actual words and sentences
,but more often then not it will be "machine language", which looks like
garbage to the uninitiated. (CAUTION, if you are far enough in the game, when
looking down the text column you may see some answers to puzzles in the game)
If you see the Hex portion then you are on the right track. It may look some
what like this(as in PC-Shell)
                               File Edit
(name of file) Relative Sector 0000000 Clust 00068 Disk Abs Sec 000062

0000(0000) 1F 2E 3D 4C 07 (and so on with the hex)   (machine language,
                                                      mostly ASCII characters)
         If it looks somewhat like this(the hex characters doen't matter) then
you are ready to go!

SECTORS & OFFSETS: Right about now a few of you are probably saying "What?".
That is understandable because there are no reasons you would have to know
about this, unless you are a hacker or just enjoy looking at file innards in
machine language. The relative sectors of a file is how the file is split up
initially, then into smaller components with the offsets. Somewhere on your
screen, (up top with PC-Shell as in example) you will see the words
"Relative Sector" or something close, followed by seven digits. The beginning
of a program always starts at sector 0000000, going up as you progress through
the program. We will be doing the hacking in sector 0000000, which means you
will not have to move down a screen if you are only hacking Slyzaar & Tunarle
and only down one screen(but still in sector 0000000) if you wish to edit
Thai-Chai and Zothen. The Offset is a set of two hex characters. The beginning
offset in the example is 1F. The next offset is 2E. The data we will be
changing, and therefore editing is the offsets. The changes will be very
unremarkable while you are hex-editing, a digit or two changed. But when you
enter Trazere you will certainly notice the difference! As they say, the
proof is in the pudding. The offsets are numbered in the program, so you know
which offset you need to change. The offset "number" i give you is NOT the
data you need to change, it is simply the location of the offset you need to
insert the data to. The example offsets below show what i mean,

The offset below(0016, where the arrow is pointing) is the starting offset in
   |             the row, thus 1F is offset 16, 2E is offset 17, 3D is offset
 \ | /           18 and so on. To find the offset i am referring to, simply
   |             count across the row. Remember to be careful and double-check
  \|/            as if you are mistaken then the result will not be the one
   |             desired.
  \ /
0016(0010) 1F 2E 3D 4C 07

To edit the offsets, simply select the edit command from the Hex-Edit screen
(in PC-Shell, at the bottom of the screen, F5 i believe, or you can click on
it with your mouse, it may be different with other programs. Now, you have
enough to start, i will be helping you as we go along...

Ok, you will need to be in sector 0000000, as always.
First off, i will give you the list of the offsets you will need to change,
and their function...
THE OFFSETS: The different player-characters have different offsets you will
be required to change, here is the list:
Slyzaar(Beserker): His offsets are 70,71,72, and 73.
Tunarle(Troubadour): Offsets 198, 199, 200, 201
Thai-Chai(Assasin): Offsets 326, 327, 328, 329
Zothen(Runemaster): Offsets 454, 455, 456, 457

THE OFFSETS FUNCTIONS: We will use the Berserker as an example:

Offsets:   70, 71, 72, 73:
Money Data:12  34  56  78  (yours may differ, probably will)

The first digit of offset 70 is 1 in this case. This is the one dollars column
The second digit of offset 70 is 2 again. These are the tens of dollars.
The first digit of offset 71 is 3. These are the hundreds of dollars.
The second digit of offset 71 is 4. These are the thousands of dollars.
The first digit of offset 72 is 5. These are the tens of thousands.
The second digit of offset 72 is 6. These are the hundreds of thousands.
The first digit of offset 73 is 7. These are the millions.
The second digit of offset 73 is 8. These are the tens of millions.

If you are brave, you may experiment with these, inserting random numbers
into the offsets. You may not get the desired result, but nothing bad will
happen as long as you stay within the given offsets. But one word about this,
the numbers you insert into the offset will be different than the amount of
money you then have in the game. For example, the berserker above will not
necesarily have 87,564,321 dollars. Sometimes even letters are used! But for
the people who want a specific amount of money, here are some examples that
will work:
(the examples are rounded off, if you are close, you've done it right)

For $12,000: Insert C3(select edit, move over to the correct offset, type in,
             no capitals needed, done automatically)
             into the first offset given(in this case, 70), and 30 into the
             second offset given(in this case 71).(Same rules apply for the
             other amounts of money)

For $25,000: Insert 86 into the first offset, and insert 61 into the second

For $50,000: Insert 0C into the first offset, and then insert 32 into the
             second offset.

For 70,000,000+: Insert 38 into the first offset, 96 into the second offset,
             5C into the third offset, and 04 into the final offset.
             If you entered this above money amount into your berserker, the
             offsets would look like this:
             38 96 5C 04   the first offset being 70, second 71, third 72, and
                           the fourth being 73.

   Now load up your game and see the results(keep your fingers crossed!)

The next topic we'll tackle is that of experience. You will not get extra
levels immediatly after adding experience, you will have to train as normal
in the game(bring LOTS of money if you gave yourself a lot of experience)
The format and technique is basically the same as in the Money section.
If you have not already read the Money section, please do.
OFFSETS: Slyzaar(Berserker) 74,75,76, and 77
         Tunarle(Troubadour) 202, 203, 204, and 205
         Thai Chai(Assasin) 330, 331, 332, and 333
         Zothen(Runemaster) 458, 459, 460, and 461
If you haven't noticed, these offsets are immediatly after the fourth money
offset. Now, same basic technique and format in this as in with Money:

First digit, First Offset: Tens of experience points
Second digit, First Offset: Hundreds of experience points
First digit, Second Offset: Thousands of experience points
Second digit, Second Offsets: Tens of Thousands experience points
First digit, Third Offset: Hundreds of Thousands
Second digit, Third Offset: Millions
First digit, Fourth Offset: Tens of Millions
Second digit, Fourth Offset: Hundreds of Millions

So you brave ones can explore and experiment again,but remember to stay within
the offsets! And for you less adventuresome people, here are some
pre-fabricated examples, enjoy!:

133,053 experience points for Slyzaar:
Offset 74: EE  Offset 75: 3D  Offset 76: 10  Offset 77: 00

33,685,995 experience points for Slyzaar:
Offset 74: 5F  Offset 75: 0F  Offset 76: 10  Offset 77: 10

If you people who are using the examples are feeling a bit more confident now,
you may want to experiment to try and get near where you want the total to be.

If you have not already read the Money portion, please do, same technique
applies here. We come now to the most lengthy part of the file, the items list
,and where to put them. I will give an explanation and example at the begining
, then start the list. The original programmers have it arranged already in
order, so it should not be hard to find what you wish. This items list is
complete, you cannot get anything more than what is on here(except if you
tinker past the hex characters i give you, that can produce some humorous
although somewhat disformed results, although not actual items to be used,
just mutations and the like that do nothing except look and sound weird,
you cannot get these items in the game).

OFFSETS: Each Character has a total of 16 offsets, one for each item, the 1st
offset = the 1st item carried, 2nd offset = 2nd item carried and so on.

Berserker: Offsets 42 up to & including 57
Troubadour: Offsets 170 up to & including 185
Assasin: Offsets 298 up to & including 313
Runemaster: Offsets 426 up to & including 441

All you have to do to give yourself a certain item is:
1. Find the item
2. Insert the hex characters that are given beside the item, as done before in
the money & or experience sections into one of the offsets given. You may wish
to try and find and offset among those given which is blank(a 00)so you do not
overwrite the original item.
EXAMPLE: To give your Berserker a Golden Helm(hex 02 on the list) in the first
item slot, insert 02 into offset 42(the first offset).

                               Items List
Hex           Item
---     ----------------
01      Helm
02      Golden Helm
03      Frost Helm
04      Mithril Helm
05      Blood Helm
06      Cloud Helm
07      Angel Helm
08      Dragon Helm
09      Holy Helm
0A      Winged Helm
0B      Serpent Helm
0C      Hero(n?) Helm
0D      War Helm
0E      Doom Helm
0F      Chaos Helm
10      Death Helm
11      Sun amulet
12      Moon amulet
13      Serpent amulet
14      Amber amulet
15      Dragon amulet
16      Cloud amulet
17      Leather boots
18      Iron boots
19      Elf boots
1A      Golden boots
1B      Crystal boots
1C      Cloud boots
1D      Leather buckler
1E      Buckler
1F      Arc Shield
20      Battle Bane
21      Iron Shield
22      Golden Shield
23      Bane Shield
24      Dragon Shield
25      War Shield
26      Serpent Shield
27      Heron Shield
28      Robes
29      Leathers
2A      Chain Mail
2B      Plate Mail
2C      Bracers
2D      Arcane Bracers
2E      Mithril Chain
2F      Mithril Plate
30      Stealth Bracers
31      Blood Leathers
32      Crystal Chain
33      Crystal Plate
34      Holy Crystal
35      Leather Gloves
36      Amber Ring
37      Gauntlets
38      Chaos Gloves
39      Serpent Ring
3A      Cloud Ring
3B      Dragon Ring
3C      Blood Ring
3D      Stealth Gloves
3E      Sun Ring
3F      Moon Ring
40      Mithril Gloves
41      Battle Gloves
42      Dagger
43      Shortsword
44      Staff
45      Broad Sword
46      Mithril Dagger
47      Battle Staff
48      Battle Axe
49      Mithril Blade
4A      Mithril Sword
4B      Mithril Axe
4C      Broad Axe
4D      Hero Staff
4E      Heron Blade
4F      Death Axe
50      Stealth Blade
51      Death Blade
52      Arcane Sword
53      Doom Blade
54      Blood Axe
55      Vorpal Blade
56      Slugger
57      Crystal Blade
58      Ancient Staff
59      Mystic Axe
5A      Mystic Sword
5B      Mystic Dagger
5C      Mystic Staff
5D      Bag of Gold
5E      Bag of Batwings
5F      Bag of Sulphur
60      Bag of Roots
61      Bag of Crystals
62      Bag of Venom Sacs
63      Bag of Ugly Teeth
64      Bag of berries
65      Bag of Fiery claws
66      Amber Staff
67      Moon Staff
68      Crystal Staff
69      Serpent Staff
6A      Sun Staff
6B      Dragon Staff
6C      Amber Wand
6D      Moon Wand
6E      Cloud Wand
6F      Dragon Wand
70      Serpent Wand
71      Sun Wand
72      Crystal Wand
73      Scroll(small heal)
74      Scroll(forward, dispell)
75      Scroll(surround, thrall)
76      Scroll(make weapon)
77      Scroll(surround,
78      Scroll(forward,
79      Scroll(medium heal)
7A      Scroll(surround, damage)
7B      Scroll(Hero Scroll)
7C      Scroll(antimage,
        surround, antimage)
7D      Scroll(forward, damage)
7E      Scroll(major heal)
7F      Scroll(regeneration,
80      Scroll(forward, disrupt)
81      Scroll(heal, surround,
82      Scroll(forward, vivify)
83      Craven Image
84      Holy Relic
85      Skull Key
86      Iron Key
87      Silver Key
88      Bronze Key
89      Gold Key
8A      Diamond Key
8B      Crystal Key
8C      Azure Key
8D      Emerald Key
8E      Ruby Key
8F      Topaz Key
90      Ornate Key
91      Dark Key
92      Moon Key
93      UnKey
94      Permit
95      Serpent Crystal
96      Moon Crystal
97      Dragon Crystal
98      Chaos Crystal
99      Slyzaar's Corpse
9A      Tunarle's Corpse
9B      Thai-Chai's Corpse
9C      Zothen's Corpse
9D      Serpent Potion(weak)
9E      Power Potion
9F      Cloud Potion
A0      Moon Potion
A1      Amber Potion
A2      Serpent Potion(medium)
A3      Hero Potion
A4      Golden Potion
A5      Serpent Potion(strong)
A6      Bronze Potion
A7      Serpent Potion
A8      Dragon Potion
A9      Horn
AA      Lyre
AB      Mandolin
AC      Harmonic Lyre
AD      Crystal Mandolin
AE      Diamond Horn
AF      Battle Horn
B0      Arcane Mandolin
B1      Angel Harp
B2      Mixing Bowl

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