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Читы для 688(I) Hunter/Killer

Чит-файл для 688(I) Hunter/Killer

688(I) Hunter/Killer

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Sonalysts и Jane's Combat Simulations
Издатель:Electronic Arts
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 12 февраля 1999 года
Жанры:Simulator (Submarine) / 3D
Multiplayer:(8) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1997 г.


Информация актуальна для
Faq Version 2.0

1.0 What is 688i Hunter/Killer ?
1.1 How Realisic is this Game ?
1.2 How Do I Play Multiplayer ?
1.3 Where is X Ship ?
1.4 Who is Paul Grace ?
1.5 When Will the Expansion Pack be Avaiable ?
1.6 Which Ship Upgrades are Best ?
1.8 688i vs Red Storm Rising
1.9 Is There Anywhere I can Play on the Internet ?
2.0 Why Can't I get Points in a Custom Mission ?
2.1 My turn/dive rate is too fast !
2.2 How Do I evade a torpedo ?
2.3 How Much Damage can my Boat Take?
2.4 AEGIS?
2.5 Multiplayer Chat-Team Chat
2.6 Will there ever be a Dynamic Campagin?
2.7 What does MMX support do?
2.8 Hot Keys?

1.0 What is 688i Hunter/Killer ?
688i is a game from Jane's Combat Simulations which simulates the
Improved version of the American Los Angles class Attack Submarine.

1.1 How Realisic is this Game ?
The original version of the game is VERY unrealistic, it features
instant torpedo reload times, fast turn rates, very fast tube reload
and fast tube unload time.  However there is now a patch available at
ftp.ea.com/pub/patches/ which corrects the problem.  There is both an
English and German version.  However it has been reported that this
patch causes the game to crash more often, alothough I would still
advise you to get this patch as it greatly improves gameplay.

1.2 How Do I Play Multiplayer ?
Here is a guide made by VADM Corsair VCNO of the Seawolves which
explains how to
play on the Internet:The SeaWolves - Step by Step Guide to Multiplayer
1)Find some people to play with: The Seawolves mainly use ICQ to
connect to games. If you don't have it, we HIGHLY recommend you get
it. I also recommend adding members of SeaWolves to your list, so you
can always find a match if you want one. Just request a chat, and get
all who are going to play together.
2) Decide who is going to be host: This has to be a person who has the
best computer AND is going to stay throughout the entire match. The
person with the best processor and connection is the best host.
3) Get the host's IP address: This is done in ICQ by right clicking on
the host's name in the ICQ list and selecting "Info". You should then
see the IP address. be sure to write it down 3a) *IN CASE OF PLAYING A
CUSTOM MISSION*: in case you feel like playing a custom made mission
in 688i, make sure everyone who is playing has it. if everyone
doesn't, make sure everyone gets a copy and saves it into their
688i/scenarios folder.
4) Shut off all Applications except your net service and windows. This
includes ICQ (after everyone has decided to leave to go play game) and
Netscape or IE. Also, be sure not to be downloading anything, because
this lags the game also.5) Start the game: make sure your CD is in!
6) Goto Multiplayer section: in the main menu you should see a button
called "Multiplayer". Click on it.
7) Click on TCP/IP game: This is a button in the multiplayer menu,
below all the ones about IPX and Modem play.
8) Click on Server if you are host and Client for everyone else.
9) Click on Settings, next to the TCP/IP button. (if you are host skip
9 through 11)10) Insert Host's IP: In the top Box on the left, above
11) Click OK.12) Select which side you wish to be on: Either Allied,
Neutral, or
Threat.... make sure you decide sides back in ICQ before you connect.
13) Click Connect.
14) Wait for Host's name to pop up: This may take a few seconds... if
you don't see it after a few minutes, abort game and go back to ICQ
and find out what happened.
15) Click on Host's name: The name might be different then in ICQ, but
it is definitly the same guy.16)Chat using the message box.
17)Select mission (Host only): Click Start (be sure all people are who
are coming have arrived!).
18)Play Game: Use Radio Room to chat. Have fun and kick ass!
19)Quit: when ever you are done, just quit using the way you normally
do in Single player. Make sure to read and review the debriefing
andlog reports.

1.3 Where is X Ship ?
I can't really awnser this one in the way you would like, all I can
is that a lot of ships which most of us would like are missing.  The
only available ships are the ones in the mission editor, however Paul
Grace has promised an expansion pack which will add the Typhoon and
other ships.
1.4 Who is Paul Grace ?
Paul Grace is the designer of 688i, 688 Attack Sub, Seawolf, USNF and
ATF among others.  Her has been known to post to the
Comp.sys.games.naval newsgroup on occasion.
1.5 When Will the Expansion Pack be Avaiable ?
I don't know, no one knows.  I do hope that  it comes soon.  It
will feature an "under the ice" campaign and various enhansments such
as new upgardes, 3DFX SUpport, a more comprehnsive mission builder

1.6 Which Ship Upgrades are Best ?
It depends on your point of view and wjhat you prefer.  Personally
I like the combination of a new propeller and own ship quieting.  But
many prefer improved sonar.  I can't give you any definitive

1.7 How do you Escape When you Ground Your Sub ?
To me it seems that the only way to escape is an emergency blow.
But, some people have said that you can speed up and sit there for
a while and escape.  As well you can Go into full reverse and escape.

1.8 688i vs Red Storm Rising
This is a matter of personal taste.  From a techincal Standpoint
688i is more impressive but (especially if you've read Clancy's
brilliant novel) Red Storm Rising is much more compelling storywise.
However for it's time Red Strom Rising was ceritanly superior and
should you ever find a copy I would strongly recommend you purchase

1.9 Is There Anywhere I can Play on the Internet ?
Yes, you can meet people at the Janes site, or you can go to the
Seawolves hopepage at http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/4218/ and join
There are also othe online fleets like the Submariners at
and the Maruders at http://members.xoom.com/ericfree/fleet.htm.

2.0 Why Can't I get Points in a Custom Mission ?
Acording to EA they did this to make sure that no one creates a
mission where they get enough points ,to get every upgrade a top level
crew etc, without doing anything.

2.1 My turn/dive rate is too fast !
You need the realisim patch which should be avialble atftp.ea.com/pub/
patches/.  This will correct any problems.

2.2 How Do I evade a torpedo ?
In order to evade an active torpedo you should increase to flank, drop
decoys and make wild course and depth changes.  However,
passive topedos are harder to evade.  The best stratgey is to drop
jammers and run in an attempt to confuse the passive sonar of the

2.3 How Much Damage can my Boat Take?
Usually one fish will finish you're boat off at the Los Angles class
SSN's don't have a piticularly strong hull.  However sometimes
on where you taske the hit) you can survive up to 2 impacts.  SOme
Submarines piticularly the Russian Alfa, Typhoon and Oscar types can
survive many hits.
2.4 AEGIS?
AEGIS is an upcoming simulation of the DDG-51 class ships.  It is said
to be fully interoperable with 688i in multiplayer and support 3DFX.

2.5 Multiplayer Chat-Team Chat
Yes there is a utility available now.  It is on the Serawolves site

2.6 Will there ever be a Dynamic Campagin?
No, Paul Grace has beyond reason established his oppisition to this
type of

2.7 What does MMX support do?
It dosen't really do anything.  It just enhanses the graph8ics a bit
and make the
"3D Control Room" run more smoothly.

2.8 Hot Keys?
Yes there are undocumented HotKeys.  You can switch rooms by pressing
the alt key and the first letter of the room you wish to go to.  It is
also known that you can use this to swith rooms after death.

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