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Читы для Afterlife

Чит-файл для Afterlife


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:LucasArts Entertainment
Издатель:Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Strategy (God Sim / Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / Isometric

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Afterlife hints by -= STaSiS =-

Tips for the game : (Not cheating)

1) Build slowly, build on 1 plane first, *NOT* both. Don't worry, once
you have made a profit, building on the other plane is a snap. Lots of
souls just pour in

2) Build a 3x3 fate zone when a spike appears. And if more spikes
appear, wait for a few years for the fate structures to upgrade itself
thus holding more souls. (I have fully built on 1 plane, when I found
out that I have built ineffecient fate zones, eg. 1 square or 2
squares :o( )

3) As you start off, you will lose money,  but it will improve if you
start off slow.

4) I noticed that training centers will not train any souls if you
plop it in the game too early. So put it in when you think your souls
are ready to be trained, thus saving pennies from importing more
demons to run the inactive center.

5) Rocks/Ad Infinitum - There is no limit/rule for placing Ad
Infinitum. You can place more than 1 Ad Infinitum around 1 rock and it
will still increase the charges for your structures.

6) Roads : The lesser the better. Try this : Add more roads, then
check your yearly road spending. YIKES!! :o(. Thus less road = smaller
problem/congestion = lesser pennies spent :o) (Althought Jasper will
keep asking you to manage roads, but I usually ignore him. Hey! I
don't trust a devil!)

7) KStations : Build them far away from your structures!! They give
out strong undesired vibes!!

8) Gates : Try not to put them in the middle of your structures, yucky
vibes! But this is trivial, once you get a gift structure just put it
near the gates. but do remember to keep some space for them! :o)

9) Whack-a-ding-hoy! [Always wanted to say that! :o) ]

10) Balancing fate structures : *VERY* Important! The best way to do
this the cheap way is this, if you followed the 3x3 build rule. It
would be so much easier. (Not as bad as balancing 1 square inefficient
zones) just wait for a while till your structures go up to 2x2 or 3x3.
Then switch off the structure view, thus revealing the structures in
squares. From there on its pretty straight-forward. Oh, to manually
balance them for efficiency, slide the slider till the bar below it
turns white. If you are lazy or have little time because you are
playing this game on your office machine (hehehe, we all
know what that mean!) you can use the auto balance feature, but it is
very expensive. (At least you run lesser risk of getting caught
playing in the office which would really get expensive! :oP )

11) Gift Structures - Not much to say about this, it just gives out a
lot of strong desired vibes. No need roads, Ad Infinitum, nothing.
Just put it where its needed most. Here are the population level for
each different Gift structure :
50K - The Vista Enhancement Doohicky/The Ugliness Engine
500K - The Audio Improving Embophone/The Crinkly Cacophony Contrivance
5M-The Heaven Scent Atomizer/The Flabbergasting Flatulence Ol-Factory
50M - The Creame Candy Castle/The Wellspring of unsavoriness
500M - The Floofy comfort Dispenser/The Tactile Degradation Gizmo
NOTE : You need to achieve this population for each plane, *NOT* total
population on both planes! :o(
Where do they come up with these names??!! Anyway, these structures
can only be built once. They don't cost anything. Even if you nuke'em,
it will be available again in your menu.
12) Do you think your hot??!! Then aim for 1Billion population per
plane. At this point, you can build Love Domes/Omnibolges. Once you
build these structures, you can nuke most of your fate structures and
catch up on your sleep since you bought this game .

13) Watch your training centers!! When you have extra workforce, they
tend to get bored. Since there is no Mall, Theatres or TV's in
Heaven/Hell they'll start looking for 'fun' on the other plane! They
start blowing up structures on the other plane! (Although it is still
unknown where they bought their explosives) You'll hear "Charge" and
buildings blowing up if you have your sounds turned on.

14) Bad Thingies - I am not too sure about this, but I think if you
turn it off it just cuts your pennies/soul 1/2. Anyway, the maximum
for pennies/soul is only 10.00 pennies. If bad things were tuned on.
Else if it were turned off, the maximum is only 5.00 pennies/soul.

15) Ports - If you don't know how this works, then I suggest you take
a cab to one and stay there till you figure it out. Well, anyways, for
those people who can't afford a cab fare, here are some info. Build
ports on both sides of river, connect roads from port to structures,
and there you have it.

16) Banks - A big no no! Puts you in a worse position than when you
start off. But if you must, build them in heaven, their payment terms
are better.

17) Topias, if you can afford to upgrade to the best Topias, do it.
Because one of those can hold a lot of workers, thus saving space for
other structures. Also, better Topias affects a wider area in terms of

18) When building cheaper gates in the beggining of the game, be aware
that the best gate needs a 4x4 square! Thus upgrading means nuking
some structures, which I thought was cool :o)

19) Read the structure information, especially those gift structures.
Usually, it will make you laugh and forget that you need sleep.

20) Limbos - Personally, don't use it much, because :
a) Its confusing, the color shown in the container isn't the color
that you need to build more of.
b) Gets to be an expensive habit, because it blows up when full, thus
requiring another one.
c) I don't like Beers brewed by dead people.

21) Planet Management - This basically controls the living. You don't
have to really fool around with it unless you have a lot of time and
pennies in your hands. You try to influence them so called EMBO's to
come to your establishments :o) Anyway, since this is trivial, I won't
say much about it.

22) Faster Game Play - Switch off everything, structures, grids, sound
etc.. runs much much faster when you want to get those pennies faster.

23) So, this is where Elvis hangs out!! (Disco Inferno)

24) Whack-a-ding-hoy! Sorry, just couldn't resist.

Anyway, I think that about covers most of the stuff. Please do note
that these info's are written from my experience during game play and
not from other sources. So if you pull all your hair out playing this
game with this little guide, please don't blame me. Oh, one more
thing, please add whatever info you have or correct them if they are
wrong. Thanx

BTW. I will post on how to hex edit the files if anyone wants it :o).
Ahhhh Finally! I can go back to sleep! YAWN!

-= STaSiS =-

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