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Читы для Aliens Versus Predator (1999)

Чит-файл для Aliens Versus Predator (1999)

Aliens Versus Predator

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Rebellion Developments
Издатель:Fox Interactive
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 25 мая 1999 года
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Multiplayer:(8) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Aliens vs. Predator Guide

Author: Stijn Bolle
E-Mail: Larian2@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://surf.to/pcga
Version: 1.1


*** Version 1.1

Various spelling corrections were added.
Some sections have been updated
Some information has been updated

Character Guide

*** Who Do I start with ?

- The easiest choice is probably the Marine. If you played Quake (2) or
Half Life, you'll be able to control all his movements at once. Nothing
special, nothing new. Once you got the hang of him, switch to the predator
and later the alien for harder and more exciting play.

- This doesn't mean the alien is better than de predator, he's simply
more difficult to play with, but you can do some great attacks with all of

- For the moment I prefer the Predator to play with, but if you would really
like to scare your opponents, play as a team of aliens. A co-ordinated alien
attack with sneaking-up tactics is extremely hard to get rid off for

- Fox Interactive succeeded in balancing all three types of creatures, so
you won't be disappointed by choosing any type. Simply choose the type that
suits you best.

*** The Marine

* Description

- The Marine is just the normal Quake guy. If you put the three races
together, he probably looks the weakest. Only some really good guns make him
a dangerous foe. Unarmed, he has a minimal likehood of survival. Still, he's
the best choice for the beginning player, because you don't have to get used
to special attacks.

* Main Weapons

1 Incinerator (Flame Thrower)

- Use the Incinerator at close distance to stop aliens or predators from
getting close to you. NEVER walk forward while using this gun, because you
risk walking into your own flames.

2 Pulse Rifle

- This is the default weapon. Not very strong, but the secondary fire
contains a grenade launcher

3 Minigun (Fast Firing)

4 ADAR Rocket Launcher

5 Smartgun

- This gun automatically tracks targets. The red dot shows the target that is
currently active.

* Equipment

- The marine has a motion tracker and an image intensifier. The motion
tracker is a handheld radar you can use to track opponents. Use this radar
often, because you need to use it to track possible aliens in the dark
environments around you. If you track one, don't hesitate and shoot in the
dark and use the lightning effects of your gun to find outwhere the
bastard is hidden.

- The imaging magnifier is also useful. Use it in dark places to get a
much better view of the environment. Use this device to spot aliens around
you you can't see. Remember you can't use the motion scanner while this
mode is activated.

* Playing against aliens

- The best weapons to defeat aliens are the pulse rifle and the minigun.
Especially the minigun is useful, because it has a fast firing rate. This
means the alien won't bleed so fast (the alien's blood is like acid and can
hurt you). Don't use the Rocket Launcher against aliens in small rooms. A hit
will spray a lot of acid around and you will lose too much health.

- In the beginning, it's quite easy to take out aliens who pop up in front
of your nose. Later, when they attack in group and are hidden in the dark or
hanging on the ceiling, they're much harder to take out.

* Playing against predators

- The best weapon to use against predators is the minigun. It does fast
damage before he's able to reach you. Never use the incinerator, simply
because the predator has fire resistant armor. You can try to shoot him with
it as much as you can, HE WON'T DIE !

* Verdict

- I don't like playing with the marine much. The fact you have to run around
with a motion scanner all the time only makes you scared. You're the prey,
you're the one hunted down and I don't like that feeling. Never use the
marine for close distance attacks, he has a great firing range. The predator
can kill you at once with his best weapons and a sneak-up attack from a alien
will cause so much damage you won't survive. There are aid kits and armor,
but it gets depleted so fast there's almost no use of it.

- If you're playing Deathmatches, don't enter any small hallways where an
alien or predator might be hidden. You'll always be fragged. Look for
open spaces where you can get a good shot from distance at other players.
If you MUST enter small rooms, work in teams and cover eachother. (One uses
the motion scanner while the other aims). If you're alone in a small room,
quickly shoot inside the room and retreat at once. If someone comes after you
then, move backwards while firing at him. If you hit him hard enough, he will
retreat to find some health.

*** The Alien
* Description

- If you want to rush in every room and kill everyone off at once, there's no
use in choosing the alien. If you play as an alien, you have to be careful
all the time and try to hide as much as you can. Playing as an alien allows
you to scare the hell out of opponents. It's great fun if you're hanging on
a wall and you see a marine passing below you, holding his motion scanner. As
you move a little, the motion scanner beeps and the marine is glued in his
tracks. Before he even has the time to find out where you are, you jump down
ontop of the poor fellow and you use your razor-sharp claws to find out where
exactly the hypofesia in a human's head can be found. I love it !

* Main Weapons

1 Sharp claws

- Use your claws from close distance while sneaking up on someone. If you're
attacking a marine, aim for the head to get some extra health when he's dead

2 Sharp tail

3 Sharp inner head jaws

4 Pistol (only if you meet someone from distance)

* Equipment


* Playing against marines

- There's no use in trying to kill a marine from distance. He has a lot of
weapons with a great firing range and you have almost nothing to shoot with.
The only way to kill them is to sneak up on them. Don't forget that they have
a motion scanner to track you down. If you would get hit at close range, move
as close as you can to the marine because the acid from your body will cause
a lot of extra damage.

* Playing against predators

- The same story against fighting marines. Your weapons suck and you only
should try to kill them using fast sneak-attacks. Especially coordinated
attacks from different sides get everyone down.

* Verdict

- The alien asks for special tactics. Advanced players can make good use of
it. Especialy hanging on walls in very useful. If you play as an alien,
everything looks a bit further away than it actually is, but luckily, you
have this great speed that allows you to get rid of opponents on your tail.
One of the best tactics is to get a marine behind you, entering a new room
and quickly jumping on the wall. As soon as the marine enters the room (you
will have created a gap in distance because you're much faster), you take him
out from behind (and you even get some extra health if you can behead him).

- You can't jump on walls running normally. You have to crouch and then move
on the wall. Then, no surface will be safe for you !

- If you need to attack a team of marines, try to leave the shadows for a
moment to finish off one, rather than trying to kill them all off after
eachother. This will make the marines feel really scared (and you feel really

- If you meet a marine from quite some distance, try to strafe left and right
to avoid his weapons while moving forward quickly. You will travel at high
speed at him. This will cause the marine to retreat (or try to kill him).

*** Predator

* Description

- The predator is some sort of combinations of the two types. He has some
powerful weapons to take out enemies, but on the other hand, he also has
a cloaking device he can use to sneak up on unaware enemies. You first
probably feel invulnerable, because you can take out any enemy using the
cloaking technique. The only problem is that cloaking drains your energy
source. You also get health and ammo for your energy source. You can
replenish this source by breaking open control boxes.

- Playing as a predator is really fun while using the shoulder cannon. You
can use this cannon to remove limbs from marines. The disc can also be used
for this, especially for beheading people.

- If you should run out of energy, use your spear gun, because it has its
own ammo supply. The only problem is you're having this 3 red laser dots
that provides your opponent with your position, but you'll just have to live
with that.

- It's also useful to use your cloaking technique if you're almost out
of power. Cloak yourself to travel to a power source nearby.

- If you're almost death and you can't get health, you can also activate
your auto destruction. Simply move next to your opponents and take them with

- Keep in mind that you uncloak while using certain weapons.

* Main Weapons

1 Wristblades (useless if you don't use the cloaking device)

- This is your main weapon. It's pretty weak, but if you sneak up on someone,
hold secondary fire for a power hit. This doesn't affect your power source.
Also, you don't uncloak if you use this weapon.

2 Spear Gun

- This gun kills an marine at once. Keep in mind that you uncloak while using
this weapon. The ammo doesn't drain the power source, it has its own ammo

3 Plasta Caster

- This is a useful weapon while cloaking because it doesn't affect it. Use it
from distance and keep in mind that it automatically targets enemies. If
you select a specific lifeform vision, the plasma caster will only target
that lifeform. If you use the secondary fire mode, you save the current
charge for mater use.

4 Pistol (useless if you're playing against a marine)

5 Shoulder Cannon (for shooting limbs)

6 Homing Throwing Disc

7 Self Destruction

* Equipment

- You can use the cloaking device to make youself unvisible, but don't do it
too often, because it creates quite a gap in your power source. Later, you
can also get your hands on alien or marine enhanced vision modes.

- If you use the medicomp for extra health, do this at a safe place,
because regenerating health will cause you to leave your cloaking mode and
other lifeform visions.

- In the Marine vision mode, you can see the marines better and the plasma
caster automatically aims for marines. Aliens are not invisble then, just
harder to see.

- In the Alien Vision Mode, you can see the aliens better and the plasme
caster automatically aims for aliens. Marines are not invisible then, just
harder to see. (Hey, didn't I say something similar a few moments ago ?)

- If you switch back to the normal view mode, you see the two other life-
forms back normally.

* Playing against marines

- The best weapons against marines is undoubtely the shoulder cannon for
instant death. This is the gun you should always be running around with,
only keep an eye on your power source. If the power source gets to low,
switch to the spear gun. Never use the pistol, it's useless compared to the
powerful weapons of the marine.

* Playing against aliens

- The best weapon against aliens is the spear gun. If you use it, you will
launch the alien away and he can't spray blood on you. Never use the
wristblades against aliens. You will cause him to spray so much acid you die
at once. By the way, the alien's claws are way much better than your

* Verdict

- Choose the predator is you don't like sneaking that much. In my opinion,
the predator is better than the marine, because he can sneak around too. The
only problem is your power source and the 3 red laser dots that reveal your
position. Still, it would suprise me if most players use the predator. Leave
the alien to the specialists !

*** Greeting

- So, I hope I helped you out a bit with choosing your character. If you have
any questions, you can always mail me on Larian2@hotmail.com or you can visit
my cheats site for a lot of extra walkthroughs & cheats (more than 2000)
for other games on http://surf.to/pcga

Have fun !

Stijn Bolle

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