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Чит-файл для ARL '96

ARL '96

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

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Информация актуальна для
_    __  _
  /_\  |__\ |
/   \ |  \ |__|   '96

                   by SolidSam

Version 1.00- This is my First FAQ for ARL '96. This game is really old now,
and it's VERY VERY RARE to get a faq for it.
It did good back in 1996, and the PS2 version of NRL 2001 hopefully will
come out next month by EA.
211MB free hard drive space
2D Card or better
Windows 95/98/98'millienium/
Pentium (possibly 2 or better)8
= = = = = = = =
Contact Me
= = = = = = = =
My email is :ranaldo@hotmail.com
ICQ number :102669415
Please, no pranks cause I don't want my time wasted for nothing.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Legal issues
- - - - - - - - - - -
This is My FAQ. I wrote it, and I have put all my effort into this. You may
NOT copy this FAQ in any way, the only thing I permit is
TIP-TAKING. Taking some issues from the FAQ, tips and some extra hints in
the game for better success. That is ALL. This FAQ like every other one is
protected by COPYRIGHT LAW.

= = = = = = = = = =
Table Of contents
= = = = = = = = = =

3.The Game
4.Tips and Tricks
5.Conclusion, Thoughts
8.Finishing Up

= = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = =

At first, handling ANY player is very hard. After a few practices, it's very
easy and you'll have mastered
it already. There are some cool tricks to beating the game which I'll reveal
later on. They aren't "cheats" but
they're just plain skill.
Anyway, I think the best way to set the controls out is D,A,S. I will referr
everything here in MY way of the config, don't get too confused)
And ofcourse the arrows are UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT.
Here, I'll explain the player and the abilities you have with and without
the ball, in other words, ATTCK AND DEFENSE.
With posession of ball
D= Kick. Holding the arrows in different directions will give different
reactions. While running DOWN, holding
DOWN AND RIGHT will make
the player give a grubber. There are also LONG and BOMB kicks. Experiment
with it.
There are effects though, a player with BAD kicking, usually with
grubbering, the ball will bounce sideways a bit, thus
leaving you to run sideways to get posession.
A=This is the most used button, A is for passing. When running DOWNWARDS,
running left will make your
player pass left if you choose to do so. And vice versa, when running
UPWARDS, running right will pass right.
However, if you are just running STARIGHT, you'll peform a dummy (fake
S=This is the Point scoring button. With the ball, your player will SPEED
up. Depending on their stamina, they can run for some amount of time FASTER
than usual. ALso, this button causes the player to PALM the approaching team
players. This gives a good chance of the tackle to you a very low chance of
getting tackled.
Without the ball
D=D changes the yellow circle to another player. This is good when running
after someone or the ball, because you can switch to another player with
maybe more speed and stamina.
A=A tackles. This is used in different ways. if you tackle from the front,
it's a 90% chance of succeeding. However if you chioose to gop to the side,
the other players could palm you easily.
S=Speed. That's basically it. Just use it to speed up to a player or gaining
posession of the ball quickly.

= = = = = = = = = = = =
2.The Players
= = = = = = = = = = = =
Ok now, the players are deisnged to be very different from the others. Each
player has their own number representing their own abilities (see the DEMO
and GAME section in the actual game). These mean, number 7 and number 1 are
the best kickers of the team. Number 1 is the full back and basically number
7 is a good upfront kicker. There are the front lines which are the forwards
(big men) and they get through other the easiest.
Then there are the runners, these are the fastest if the bunch. Use them to
chase after balls and to make "breaks" through the oppositions defense
Some players are absolutely tremendous (i.e Matthew Johns and Brad Fittler).
They have good kicking, running and tackling. These are found MAINLY in the
Use these players to your advantage, they'll surely get around many players

= = = = = = =
3.The Game
= = = = = = =
This section is all about the whole apsect, AIM, and "flow" of the game.
GOAL- The whole aim of the game isto have the most points at the end of the
match. There are many ways of accomplishing this. By getting the ball over
the OTHER side's line, you are awarded 4 points. After every TRY you score
(like before), from the line where-ever the ball was put down, you must kick
the ball in the the 2 posts for an extra 2 points. In oder by getting the
CONVERSION complete (goal kicking) I'll explain the method of how it all
-When your ready to take the kick, press any ACTIVE button. As the bar is
filling up for POWER, the accuracy kicks becomes skinnier.
Don't let the be filled with RED the whole way though!
-When it's about 3 quarters full, press any ACTIVE button again, now the bar
will go DOWN for the accuracy. Depending on your angle, you want the bar to
end in the white small bar. If your directly in the middle of the posts, go
for the middle. If on the right side, aim a LITTLE to the right. THis
ensures you an extra 2 points.
Different EVENTS
There are different options you can choose in playing the game. The OPTUS
Cup is a basic LEAGUE in australia.
EUROPE Cup is with the england and areas around that part playing together
like WIGAN.
International is ofcourse with COUNTRIES including Australia, New Zealand
and England. Practice mode let's you change the stats of any player OR team.
You can have a REAL challenge in this, put the TEAMS oevrall all the way
down for both sides, and all the way UP for both sides. It may not seem hard
but it's really challenging, have a go at it.
Friendly is a basic game, one match that's all. The State of Origin let's
you choose only 2 teams. New South Wales (N.S.W)and Queensland. These 2
teams have the greatest players in all of the league. You don't have to be
really REALLY good in the game. But,
You Do need some experience with it. It can be hard. Both teams are
exceptionally good.I don't support these teams, but these are good teams to
play with.
-Brisbane Broncos
-Cronulla Sharks
-Canberra Raiders
Once again, I don't support these. I support the Parramatta Eels. Yes, they
aren't very good in ARL '96 but it's the year 2001 and they're ruling!
Anyway, back to the game.

= = = = = = = = = = = =
4.Tips & Tricks
= = = = = = = = = = = =
- The best rule is, KEEP PASSING. If you offload the ball a lot, you will
get away with the ball very easily. Using statistics is a good way to
- Don't kick the ball straight into another player. Doing grubbers for
example with a player running towards you is VERY DANGEROUS. They'll pick it
up and keep running, so it's best to kick when someone is side-on you.
- During DROP OUTS(drop kicks), if you are performing it, quickly tap DOWN
and tap A (pass). This is very crazy, but instead of performing a drop out,
the player will pick the ball and pass it!. However, 95% of the time, the
ball interferres with the post. So the ball will rebound, just make sure you
get it out of your danger zone fast!
-Hold down the players. This is naughty, but still COOL! After a tackle has
been made, if it's not in any place where the opposition can have a kick for
goals, press and hold the tackle button. After a few seconds, you'll be
penalised for OBSTRUCTION. The main thing you need after this is good timing
and lucky catching. When the opposition kicks for touch, the ball will land
and try to bounce out on the sideline. However, if you get to the spot where
the ball is landing, you'll regain control of the ball. his works many many
-When in kickoff after a try or in the beginning of a match (or in the
second half), quickly tap the kick button twice. The ball will be kicked
HIGH and Straight hopefully. THis is your chance, make sure your using a
team with a fast kicker at kick off's (N.S.W) and as soon as it's kicked,
let the player SPRINT far ahead. During this time the ball will fall, and
hopefully land in your hands! It's tricky and a bit sly but atleast you get
the ball!
- During this game, there are NO knock ons, Thhe ball is only sometimes lost
when a hard tackle is made and the player is to weak to withstand the
tackles. However the referee doesn't call knock ons.
- Another blooper in this game, there's no OFFSIDES!So your kicking isn't a
porblem AT ALL. Just palm players, kick and chase. Most of the time players
can be 20 metres offside (I've been experimenting) and still you can grab
the ball with ease.
-This ain't a trick, you don't any skills at all. Just run with the ball
(it's more fun) and speed up the the referee, and then watch him fall over!
After 10 falls he is still running pefectly and happily, and this means he's
asking for more......

= = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = =
Well, the FAQ has been enjoyable writing. Here's basically the INFO on the
No violence in any form is contained within this game
CONTROL - 8/10
SOUND -  10/10
GAMEPLAY - 10/10
OVERALL - 88% (44/50)
This is game is really fun, and like EVERY other game, it DOES get boring.
There aren't very much fun games and events to keep you occupied because 2
players are unfortunately unavailable.
The control does quite good, the parts it failed on were the buttons and not
having enough controls. It's pretty hard to remember what each direction
does with kicking the ball and most things must be done with one button.
Still, quite good.
Sound is excellent, this is because PAUL VAULTIN (Fatty) has his own
personal screen and has some COMMENTS to say about the way your playing. The
commentating is very good, and accurate, and the names are given of every
player that get's the ball when say a TRY SCORING pass is made.
The Gameplay is excellent. It's simple, fun, and exciting. There are good
challenges which can keep you occupied for a while like PRACTICE mode and
changing the team's status.It's really fun though, especially for Aussie
Footy fans!
Lasting appeal, this let the game down. The fact that the game options were
very limited and this was very bad for the game. However, there are more
styles of gameplay happenning. 2 very good examples are the OLD origin where
the the old state of origin players come together to play one gme of footy
together. This has some of the greatest players in the year 2001 (Laury
Daily). The other one is the COUNTRY VS. CITY origin. This has the country
people against the CITE people. Sydney has a country section and the main
city. However, this year (it's the first C VS. Count.) Country won by a very
big margin.This recently happened, and HOPEFULLY, EA will bring thse along
in the game too.
The graphics are nothing compared to today's games (Half Life, Metal Gear
Solid 2) but for a game in 1996 it's pretty good. Graphics might of got a 10
if all the players didn't look the same! The same hair style ,height, but
this would've taken too much time and work to do anyway..
As an overall, I think this game is worth playing. Don't get fustrated at
first, cause it's hard, just get a few practices and you'll breeze through
the game. Total score of 88% or 44/50.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
6.Conclusion and my thoughts
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Well, unfortunately my TUTOR FAQ has come to an end. The demonstrations are
over, anyway, EA are making the newer version of NRL (ARL or RUGBY LEAGUE).
It's now know as NRL (National Rugby League) since Australia isn't the only
country playing it. I live in Australia, my name is Sam and I support the
Parramtta Eels. Though "I Love My Footy"  don't play it. I play soccer, but
I still like playing Rugby League. My soccer team is going very good, and
it's not worth playing knowing I'm gonna be a pro footy player in future
years. I really don't want to, all the backbones landing HARD on the grass,
people scratching you a lot of the times, and hammering you many times too.
Well, it's not a BAD sport, I just think SOCCER is a better sport.
Anyway, I THINK that Rugby League 2001 is being released in AMERICA on july
15th or 16th. Now that's pretty....stupid. America doesn't have any prt in
the sport, however it's MUCH funner than the NFL (believe me). I just hope
that the game wil have good difficulties, knock ons (such as when your
running and you JUST catch the ball in ARL '96), offsides and the video ref!
The referee on the field can't see every little thing that goes on, let's
just hope it's more REALISTIC. For the PC version (hopefully), online play
will be just great!

= = = = = = = = = =
7.Special thanks
= = = = = = = = = =
I'd like to thank:
GOD-For making me
Jess- Cause without him, I'd never play the game!
Cuong-Who gave the game to Jess
Coung's cousin- Who gave the game to Cuong
Michael my brother-For letting me use the Computer and take control (Ha!)
EA-for finally deciding to release NRL 2001
Gamefaqs-For putting my FAQ on their site (the number 1 site EVER, and no
I'm not sucking up!)

8.Finisheg Up
Well, I hope you learned something from this FAQ. Never give up, just keep
trying. Eventually, I had to suffer HORRIBLE first time defeats....and then
I got the hang of it. Now I'm invincible!
I hope to write more FAQS and get more ideas for many games. However, I'm
still supporting GAMEFAQS, they're there for my needs for everything!
Without them, I'd be stuck in VAGRANT STORY, Final fantasy 7 and 8, and
Anyway, bye bye everyone, it's been as much fun writing as you reading.
Thanks for your time.

                                      @Copyright 2001

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