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Читы для Baldur's Gate

Чит-файл для Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:BioWare Corporation и Runecraft
Издатель:Interplay Productions
Локализатор в России:Акелла
Издатель в России:Акелла
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 24 декабря 1998 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:RPG / Isometric
Похожие игры:Fallout 2, Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game
Multiplayer:(6) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 17 февраля 2010 г.
вышла в декабре 1998 г.
проект закрыт. RIP.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Baldur's Gate


Version 1.0

by Brian C. Jenkins (thomyorke_radiohead@hotmail.com)

This guide is for personal use only. If you intend to put it on your web
page, all I ask is to be sure to give me credit and don't pretend you
wrote it. This document may be altered as long as this statement is
included. Thanks!

This document is copyright 2000 by Brian C. Jenkins

All copyrights and trademarks to Baldur's Gate belong to the makers of
the game and are acknowledged.

 Table of Contents

*Character Creation*

   i.Prologue: Candlekeep
   1.Chapter One: Tragedy
   2.Chapter Two: Iron Plague
   3.Chapter Three: Bandits
   4.Chapter Four: The Cloakwood
   5.Chapter Five: Baldur's Gate
   6.Chapter Six: "Homecoming"
   7.Chapter Seven: Vengeance


 * Character Creation *

	The first thing you will do when creating a new game in Baldur's
Gate is to create your character.  This is also the most important
thing, as it sets the pace for the entire adventure.  Be careful when
deciding on character classes and how to distribute ability points
because you will have this character the entire game, and will need to
utilize every resource they have.

	Here are the steps to create a character:

	1.Gender - Either gender will do. There are no advantages or
	disadvantages here.
	2.Appearance - Pick a portrait that suits what class you 	think
your character will be, or just one that you like.
	3.Race - Your choices are Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Gnome,
	Halfling, and Dwarf. I suggest choosing Human because humans
	can excel in any class and ascend to any level. For example,
	if your character class will be Ranger, then the Elf or Half-
	Elf is more suitable.Be sure to read the descriptions about
	the different races.
	4.Class - You can choose between Fighter, Ranger, Paladin,
	Cleric, Druid, Mage, Thief, and Bard. Certain races can also
	be a Specialist Mage. The classes of Specialist Mages
	include Abjurer, Conjurer, Diviner, Enchanter, Illusionist,
	Invoker, Necromancer, and Transmuter. The disadvantage of 	mages
is that they are very weak at the beginning of 	the 	game and hard to
start out. Every other race but Human has 	the choice of being
Multi-Classed.  Multi-Classed characters, 	however, are harder to
level up. I suggest being a Fighter.
	5.Alignment - Your alignment sets your reputation when you 	start
the game.  The higher 	your reputation, the cheaper 	items suggest the
highest: Lawful Good.
	6.Abilities - This is where you set your characters stats.
	If you picked fighter, I suggest the following stats:

		STRENGTH      -  15
		DEXTERITY     -  10
		WISDOM        -  10
		CHARISMA      -  13

	7.Skills - Next, you can select what weapons your character will
	be proficient at. These will be the only the weapons you want
	your character to use. For Fighters, I suggest two stars for Long
	Sword and two for Axe.
	8.Appearance - You can pick hair color, skin color, and two
	different colors for your clothes, as well as a voice.
	9.Name - Lastly, you choose a name for your character.

 Section I: Walkthrough

This walkthrough is designed to follow the shortest path possible
through the game. For a more extended game experience, play through some
of the subquests listed in Section Two.

 * Prologue: CandleKeep *

This section of the walkthrough tells you basically what to do in each
town and area. For information on all the subquests available, see the
Subquests section. Also, when (x,y) coordinates are given, these tell
where people or items are located in an area. Press the L key to see the
mouse position. I am assuming that your character class is Fighter when
I make suggestions on items to buy and such.

	You will start out right in front of the Candlekeep Inn. Go inside
and talk to Winthrop (668,412). Buy a Long Sword, some Studded Leather
Armor, and a Large Shield.
	Head to the south end of the map and go into the inner grounds
where you will find Gorion (2687,1762). Talk to him and tell him you are
ready to go. He will take you to the gate and cast Cure Light Wounds on

 * Chapter One: Tragedy *

	You and Gorion are traveling through the woods and are ambushed.
Gorion is killed in the battle. You awake the next morning and Imoen
comes up to you. She joins your group. Head north to where Gorion was
killed and pick up his scroll and read it. Now head to the east. You
will come upon Xzar and Montaron. Talk to them and they will join your
group. They require that you go to Nashkel soon. If you tarry too long,
they WILL leave your group. Head east to the next area. Upon arrival,
head north and go to the Friendly Arm Inn map.
	When you approach the stairs to go in, Tarnesh (a bounty hunter)
will attack you. Kill him and go inside the inn. Talk to Khalid and
Jaheira near the bartender, and they will join your party. Talk to the
bartender and buy a room to rest up.
	Next you will want to head south, two maps down, to Beregost. I
suggest staying at one of the many inns in Beregost and then heading S
two maps to Nashkel. Be careful of the two Ogrillon on the trail S of
Beregost. And on the next map S there is a camp of Half-Ogres. S of that
map is Nashkel, or the Carnival. First go to Nashkel. When you get to
the Nashkel map, the chapter one ends.

 * Chapter Two: Iron Plague *

	Cross the bridge into the town of Nashkel. If you enter the
Nashkel Inn you will be attacked, so it's your choice. When you are done
in town, head to the SW corner of town where you will find Edwin on the
bridge. You can choose to let him join you, but you will have to travel
to the Gnoll Stronghold and kill the witch Dynaheir. Either way, exit
town to the S and go to the Nashkel mine map.
	Head to the west and go down the wooden stairs to the mine area.
Talk to the foreman (Emerson) and he will tell you he doesn't need any
adventurers. Ignore this and go talk to the guards in front of the mine
entrance. They will let you in.
	When you enter the mine, head S and try to stay toward the center
of the screen. If you don't deviate much you'll find the door leading
into the next area.
	In the second area, Beldin will come up to you and scream about
some yipping demons. Sure enough, some kobolds attack you. Kill them and
head N through the area, curving around to the E and back around to the
S on a parallel course. You will soon find the entrance to the third
	Head in a generally SW direction until you come to the spider
lair. Kill the spiders, and then take the path just to the N of the lair
that heads E. Beware of all the kobolds. Go through the door into the
fourth area.
	Follow the path and head E across the narrow strip of land. Kill
the kobolds and go through the door to the fifth area.
	In this area you will be immediately attacked by some kobolds.
Mulahey also attacks you and summons a host of undead creatures as well.
Kill Mulahey and his creatures, and go grab the goodies in the large
chest. Chapter Two ends when Mulahey is dead.

 * Chapter Three: Bandits *

	Exit the mine after killing Mulahey. Head N back to Nashkel and
talk to Berrun Ghastkill to get your reward for solving the iron ore
problem. Now head N back to Beregost. When you are in front of the
Nashkel Inn, there will be another attempt at your life. Kill Nimbul and
take his goodies. Now head out of town.
	When you get to Beregost, Elminster will come up to you and give
some information on the whereabouts of the bandits. Head E to the Temple
and then N to the Larswood. The bandits are located almost centrally in
this map. When the bandit leader talks to you, ask him if you can join
them. If you say the right thing, he will agree to take you to the camp.
	When you reach the camp, you must speak with Tazok and also
convince him of your value. Once you have, you have free reign in their
	Go to Tazok's tent, which is the eastern most and largest tent,
and kill the three standing near the door. Then go talk to the prisoner.
Take the crap in the chest, but have someone strong open it because it
is booby-trapped and will likely heavily damage the opener. Chapter
Three comes to an end here.

 * Chapter Four: The Cloakwood *

	The Cloakwood Forest has four areas. The first of which nothing
much happens. Head N to the second area. Here you will find the spiders'
nest if you travel W a little. Inside, kill the spiders as well as the
queen, and if you like, you can take Chelak's body and give it back to
Tiber (at the entrance to the area). You will receive 800xp.
	Head N to the third area. In this area you will want to head E. On
the way, you will meet Eldoth. You can allow him to join your group if
you want. When you reach the fourth area, head SE and cross the bridge
over the water. After you cross, follow the trail to the NE until you
come upon a spot that is shaded slightly red and has flies buzzing
about. This is the entrance to a cave full of wyverns. The only thing to
do here is kill them and gain mass experience. If you never enter this
cave, it will have no ill effects on your game, so don't worry. Either
way, head E to get to the mine, where you will have to kill Daracon.
	When you are at the mine map, go slightly S and cross the bridge.
There will be an assassination attempt by four strong people, so beware.
Follow the trail NE until you come to an elevated guardhouse. Enter the
house, kill the guards, and head downstairs. Go down into the mine.
	There will be many attempts at your life by guards and such when
you are in the mine. Head S until the path curves around and you will
find the entrance to the next area. Here head S again until you come to
a room with a locked door. (The door leads to a jail of sorts, nothing
interesting there. The lock can be picked) Here head SE and then W. Be
careful of the traps. I suggest having someone go through who has a
Protection from Electricity scroll. Once you get through there will be a
whole room full of Black Talon Elite members. Head SW and go down the
	In this area, there will be many more Black Talon Elite and a few
hobgoblins. Kill them all and head SE to the next major room. You can
talk the guard out of killing you, if you like. Head SW and kill all the
hobgoblins. Follow the path to another set of stairs.
	Down here you will eventually come to Davaeorn. Kill him and his
minions and head SW through his quarters. You can talk to his
apprentice, if you like. I let him live. This is the end of chapter

 * Chapter Five: Baldur's Gate *

	Head SW and use the lift to go directly to the top level of the
mine. Exit the mine and backtrack to exit the map. Go to the Bandit Camp
map and then W to the adjacent map. From here head N. This map is mainly
one big bridge that leads to the gate of Baldur's Gate. You will come
upon Scar of the Flaming Fist. As you will find out soon, he is to be
trusted, and so is Duke Eltan, the leader of the Flaming Fist. It is all
right to admit you had something to do with the Nashkel mine "fiasco".
	Go to the Flaming Fist headquarters after this (SW sector of
city). Get inside and talk to Duke Eltan. He offers 2000gp if you will
infiltrate the Iron Throne HQ and find some evidence of their
wrongdoings. Accept and leave the Flaming Fist HQ. The Iron Throne HQ is
just to the W of the gate to the Upper City, in S central Baldur's Gate.
Enter and tell anyone you see that you are from Sembia. Almost any other
excuse and you will be attacked.
	You must get to the fifth floor. On the fourth floor there is a
library. Don't bother looking for evidence on the shelves; there is
none. There are, however, a few scrolls that may be of interest, and
several history books that may or may not.
	When you reach the fifth floor, you will have to fight everyone no
matter what you say. When you have killed everyone, take their items.
There are no items whatsoever in the bedrooms, so don't bother. Go back
down all the stairs and exit the Iron Throne HQ. Head back to tell Duke
Eltan about the whereabouts of the Iron Throne leaders (Candlekeep).
This concludes chapter five.

 * Chapter Six: "Homecoming" *

	You will be transported to an area just outside Candlekeep. Head
slightly N and talk to the guard. Give him the book and he will permit
you to enter. Head straight into the library (in the innter grounds) and
	Head up to the top floor. On the top floor you will be accused of
murder. You must go quietly, because if you refuse to surrender, you
WILL be killed. You are taken to a cell. Ulraunt comes to you and after
he comes, Tethtoril comes. Tethtoril transports you to a secret room
with access to the catacombs beneath Candlekeep.
	Once in the catacombs, head NW and you will come to a large room
where you will have to fight Phlydia (actually it's just a
doppelganger). Once you have defeated her, head NE and go through the
	Here you will have to fight Dreppin (another doppelganger). It
seems everyone has turned against you. Head NW and you will come upon
Elminster and...Gorion! Unfortunately both of them are doppelgangers!
When you follow them down the hallway they turn into monsters and attack
you. Kill them and follow the path without branching off. Go through the
door. Now you find yourself in a sort-of cave.
	Head S and be careful of Phase Spiders. When the path forks, go to
the right and then head S again when you can. Now head W and you should
come upon the lair of some Greater Basilisks. Kill them and head S out
of their lair and then to the W. You can convince the guard that you are
Prat if you like, or you can just kill him. Go through the door and you
fill find yourself outside. You will also find yourself at the end of
chapter six.

 * Chapter Seven: Vengeance *

	Head SE around the walls of Candlekeep and exit this map on the
right side. First, find an inn and when you rest you will have another
dream and gain another specialy ability. Now go back to the Iron Throne
HQ again. Head to the very top level...again. Kill the woman and the
monsters she summons.
	Exit the Iron Throne HQ and find a Flaming Fist soldier. Allow him
to arrest you and you will be taken to the Flaming Fist HQ where you
will talk to Angelo, the new leader. Beg him to let you go and he will
not kill one of your party members, but he still sentences you to death
and imprisons you.
	When you are imprisoned, talk to Neb repeatedly until he gives you
a riddle. The answer is 33 children. He will then show you a tunnel you
can use to escape to the outside.
	Quickly go back into the Flaming Fist and kill the guards. Go up
the stairs and talk to Kent. He reveals the truth about Rashad the
healer. Go into the SE room and kill Rashad. If you like, you can take
Eltan to the Harbormasters house and gain 2500xp. Either way, exit the
Flaming Fist and head once again for the Iron Throne HQ.
	Enter the Iron Throne HQ and walk to the SE corner of the main
floor. Go down the stairs. Try to get around the guard or kill him, it
doesn't matter. Go through the door in the SE corner of this room. This
leads down to the sewers.
	In the first sewer area, head SE straight down the main tunnel and
go through the passage at the end. You will have to kill the rat kind
along the way.
	In the next area you will come upon Ratchild's clan of kobolds.
They are surprisingly dangerous, so watch out! Walk around until you
find the two assassins. Kill them and take their items, ESPECIALLY the
Invitation! If you don't grab this now you'll be coming back for it, so
do yourself a favor.
	When you have the invitation, go to the surface and head for the N
section of the city. At the front gate of the Duchal Palace show the
guard your invitation and you will be permitted to enter. Inside, show
your invitation again and go through the NE door into the main chamber.
The ceremony will start when you walk into the room. When they are
arguing, suddenly all the "noblemen" turn into doppelgangers and attack
your party. Kill them and attack Sarevok. He will teleport away and Belt
will tell you where he has gone. Belt teleports you to the thieves'
guild. Go down the stairs.
	You are now in maze. Follow the path, but be careful of traps and
enemies. You will eventually come to a door. This leads to the ruined
underground city. Once in the city, you will come upon Rahvin and his
gang of monsters that you must kill. You can't talk him out of attacking
you, so don't try.
	Next you come upon the girl that begged you not to kill Sarevok.
She has been faced with a tough decision and decides that the only way
out is to kill you. Dispatch her and enter the house just to the N.
	When you are inside DON'T walk on the large skull emblem in the
middle of the room! It triggers a whole bunch of traps! Walk around it
and confront Sarevok. When Sarevok attacks, focus your attack on him,
not his goons. When Sarevok dies, the game is over and your quest is
complete! Congratulations!

 Section II: Subquests

None of these quests are vital to the game but may provide experience,
items, or gold and can also enhance the game experience. This is not a
complete list of subquests by far. These are only the ones I ran into
while taking a short path to complete the game.

 * Prologue *

1.Firebead's Scroll
Area: Candlekeep Inn (2616)
NPC: Firebead Elvenhair (196,405)
Quest: Find Tethtoril (3153,1304) in the inner grounds and get his
Identify     scroll. Bring it back to Elvenhair.
Reward: 50xp, Healing Potion, Protection from Evil

2.Phlydia's Book
Area: Candlekeep (2600)
NPC: Phlydia (1602,314) NE of Inn
Quest: Find her "History of Halruaa" (3249,297) and bring it back to
her. It's in a hay bale.
Reward: 50xp, Lynx Eye Gem (sell it)

3.Assassination Attempt
Area: Candlekeep
	Priest's Quarters (2602)
NPC: Shank
When you enter the Priest's Quarters, Shank attacks you.  He is
extremely easy to kill.
Reward: 20xp, Dagger

4.Nessie's Potion
Area: Candlekeep (2600)
NPCs: Dreppin (3276,418)
Quest: Go to the Barracks (2618) and get an Antidote potion and the
sword and potion out of the chest (656,269). Give it to Dreppin.
Reward: 50xp, 20gp

5.Assassination Attempt (2)
Area: Candlekeep
	Bunkhouse (2607)
NPC: Carbos
Carbos will attack you when you enter. Like Shank, he is very easy to
Reward: 20xp

6.Fuller's Crossbow Bolts
Area: Candlekeep
	Barracks (2618)
NPC: Fuller (492,419)
Quest: He wants you to get some Crossbow Bolts for him. Get them from
Winthrop in the Inn. Bring them back to Fuller.
Reward: 50xp, 10gp

7.Reevor's Rats
Area: Candlekeep
NPC: Reevor (4332,1454)
Quest: Go inside the storehouse and kill the rats (1xp each). Take the
Silver Ring in the barrel. Go outside and talk to Reevor.
Reward: 50xp, 5gp

 * Chapter One *

1.Chase's Suicide
Area: S of Friendly Arm Inn (2800)
NPC: Chase (1458,2413)
Quest: Chase is threatening to jump off of the cliff. No matter what you
say, he won't jump, but you can talk him out of it.
Reward: None (sorry)

2.Assassination Attempt
Area: Outside Friendly Arm Inn (2300)
NPC: Tarnesh (3348,2348)
Tarnesh will attack you as you go up the stairs to the inn. He is
moderately difficult at this point, but you shouldn't have much trouble
with him.
Reward: 120xp

3.Unshey's Belt
Area: Friendly Arm Inn, Second Floor (2302)
NPC: Unshey (1187,753)
Quest: Unshey's Girdle of Piercing was taken by an Ogre ( south of the
Inn. Kill the ogre and take the belt back to Unshey.
Reward: 800xp, 95gp, History of Tethyr

4.Landrin's Spider Infestation
Area: Friendly Arm Inn, Third Floor (2303)
NPC: Landrin (793,741)
Quest: When you are in Beregost, kill the spiders in Landrin's house (W
of Jovial Juggler Inn)(3075,3414) and grab her boots and bottle of wine.
Take them back to her.
Reward: 800xp, 295gp,

5.Golden Pantaloons
Area: Friendly Arm Inn, Third Floor (2303)
NPC: Nobleman (336,673)
Quest: He gives you his Golden Pantaloons and all you have to do is give
them right back to him.
Reward: 100xp

6.Zhurlong's Boots
Area: Beregost
	Burning Wizard Tavern (3307)
NPC: Zhurlong (254,246)
Quest: Some hobgoblins have stolen Zhurlong's boots and can be located
in the badlands to the south. Kill the hobgoblins and bring the boots
back to Zhurlong.
Reward: Medium Shield +1, 400xp

7.Garrick's Mistress
Area: Beregost (3300)
NPCs: Garrick (2436,2260) outside Burning Wizard Tavern
	Silke Rosena (3463,2145) outside Red Sheaf Inn
Quest: Silke wants you to defend her against some "thugs". You wait and
some "thugs" show up. But they obviously are innocent and she just wants
to steal their gems without paying them. Choice 1:Refuse to kill them
and Silke will turn on you. Kill her. Choice 2:Kill the innocent men as
she demands.
Reward: Choice 1:900xp,Potion of Invulnerability,Quarter Staff, Potion
of Defense(if you talk to the "thug")
	  Choice 2:15xp, 3 Potions of Defense  (choose choice 1 of course)

8.Gurke's Cloak
Area: Beregost
	Jovial Juggler Inn (3304)
NPC: Gurke (638,738)
Quest: Gurke has had his cloak stolen from him in the cloakwood by some
Tasloi. Get it and bring it back to him.
Reward: 300xp, Cloak of Non-Detection

 * Chapter Two *

1.Assassination Attempt
Area: Nashkel Inn (4801)
NPC: Neira
When you enter the Nashkel Inn, Neira will come up to you and attack.
She will cast a spell that will paralyze some of your party members.
Reward: 650xp, Medium Shield, Club, Helm of Infravision, Splint Mail

2.Oublek's Reward
Area: Nashkel (4800)
NPC: Oublek (2813,1654)
Quest: Talk to Oublek and he will try to give you a 200gp reward because
he thinks you are someone else. Be honest with him and let him keep his
Reward: Reputation increases by one

3.Damsel in Distress
Area: Nashkel (4800)
NPC: Minsc (3359,1870)
Quest: You must rescue his damsel who is in the Gnoll Stronghold to the

4.Dynaheir the Witch
Area: Nashkel (4800)
NPC: Edwin (2873,2957)
Quest: Edwin will join your group and you must go to the Gnoll
Stronghold to the west and kill the witch Dynaheir.

5.Kylee's Dagger
Area: Nashkel Mines, first area (5801)
NPCs: Minder Dink (1177,1673), Kylee (second area (830,2102))
Quest: Miner Dink gives you Kylee's dagger which you must return to him.
Reward: 200xp

 * Chapter Three *

1.Assassination Attempt
Area: Nashkel (4800)
NPC: Nimbul (1261,724)
Nimbul will attack you when you are heading out of Nashkel from clearing
the mines. He casts Fear, so be careful of him.
Reward: 650xp, Boots of Avoidance, 58gp, Short Sword +1, Ring

2.Unexpected Attack
Area: Larswood
NPC: Osmadi (4670,670), NE corner
Osmadi thinks you are a bandit and will attack you no matter what you
say. Kill him.
Reward: Leather Armor, 1000xp, 12gp

 * Chapter Four *

1.Spider's Bane
Area: Cloakwood Forest, area two (2100)
NPCs: Tiber (4655,1202)
	Chelak (Spiders' Nest (2101), (536,369))
Quest: Tiber's brother Chelak is in the Cloakwood trying to rid it of
its spider infestation. He hasn't returned yet. Tiber wants you to go
look for him. You will find him dead in the spider's nest and you must
bring the body back to Tiber. He lets you keep the Spider's Bane (the
sword Chelak was using).
Reward: 800xp

2.Hunters vs. Druids
Area: Cloakwood Forest, area one (2200)
NPCs: Aldeth Sashentar (2646,2102)
	3 Druids
Quest: Aldeth asks you to defend him against some druids who killed one
of his friends. They come along soon enough. You can either help Aldeth
and kill the druids (more experience, and later benefits), or you can
change your mind, in which case you will have to kill Aldeth.

3.Wyvern Cave
Area: Cloakwood Forest, area four (1900)
NPCs: Coran (inside cave)
Quest: Go inside the cave (entrance - (4057,1677)) and kill all the
wyverns. Talk to Coran and get him to join your group. Grab the treasure
laying around the cave. If you want, you can take the wyvern heads to
the temple to the E of Beregost, where you can sell them.

4.Assassination Attempt
Area: Cloakwood Mines (1800)
NPCs: Drasus (1570,1869)
	Genthore (1656,1951)
	Rezdan (1680,1826)
	Kysus (1791,1899)
Drasus threatens you when you approach the stables. Kill him, Genthore,
and Rezdan.
Reward: Chainmail Armor, Boots of Speed, Medium Shield, Potion of Frost
Giant Strength, Morning Star +1, Mage Robe of Cold Resistance, Quarter
Staff, 20 Darts, Traveller's Robe,2 Daggers, 30 Throwing Daggers, Plate
Mail +1, Large Shield, 4 Throwing Axes

 * Chapter Five *

1.Zombie Exterminator
Area: Farm N of Baldur's Gate Bridge
NPC: Wenric (613,538)
Quest: It seems these farms are having some trouble with zombies. Wenric
will ask you to kill all of them off for the meager sum of 150gp. Once
you have finished off all the zombies go back and talk to him to receive
your reward.
Reward: 800xp, 150gp

2.Arkion the Necromancer
Area: SE Baldur's Gate (0800)
NPC: Arkion (1605,3194)
Quest: Arkion needs a body he can use for his experiments. (Gee, now
what would a necromancer do with a dead body?) You can find plenty of
bodies in the sewers throughout the city. Go down into the sewer and
grab the nearest body and bring it back to Arkion.
Reward: 1800xp, 250gp

3.Escaped Basilisk
Area: SE Baldur's Gate (1300)
NPC: Nadarin (791, 1937)
Quest: Go into the warehouse and talk to Nadarin. He tells you of an
escaped Basilisk in a warehouse near the harbor. Your job is to go kill
Reward: 1300xp, 1800gp

 * Chapter Six *

I didn't run into any subquests in this chapter.

 * Chapter Seven *

I didn't find any additional subquests that weren't available when you
were in Baldur's Gate previously.

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