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Читы для Baldur's Gate

Чит-файл для Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:BioWare Corporation и Runecraft
Издатель:Interplay Productions
Локализатор в России:Акелла
Издатель в России:Акелла
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 24 декабря 1998 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:RPG / Isometric
Похожие игры:Fallout 2, Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game
Multiplayer:(6) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 17 февраля 2010 г.
вышла в декабре 1998 г.
проект закрыт. RIP.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
  * Your party has to have a thief. In early stages of the game you should
not remove Imoen, for she will get you out of rough spots and more free
cool stuff. You need her or any thief to have at least 50% pick locks, 60%
stealth, and 60% find traps before Chapter 6. Trust me on this one.

  * Group formations are important and knowing which one to use in each
situation is also as important. If you travel narrow dungeons or
subterranean levels, you should use the first formation since they don't
tend to run all about. Selecting a group and using the right click to
rotate the formation of your group should be a habit. Also, make your
warriors stand in front of the group by shifting the character portrait up
and down on the right hand side by left clicking on a portrait and
dragging it to your desired slot. My favorite formation for this game in
general is the 2nd formation since my group is well balanced.

  * When moving about the map, have a character with high stealth to scout
the map first. Remember to off your AI because if the roll ever fails the
character will immediately attack and attract attention. Then after you
scout a region, you should move your group whichever way is safest. Or you
could plan an attack on a group of unsuspecting Xvarts.
  * A good way to attack monsters that outmatch you is to have a wizard
that was a web or stinking cloud spell. This spell should be quite
available to you since it is only a level 2 spell. Example: Take off your
AI enable and have the stealthiest group member find the target. Then
check for head count. Have your wizard ready the stinking cloud or web
spell and fire just near the closes enemy in the group. That way they
can't see your wizard but you can see them due to the person that is
hiding in shadows. You should save before doing this attempt since the
NPCs or monsters could get lucky and pass their saving throws. Then have
archers and magic users let them have it. Careful not to get too close to
your own trap.

  * Skeletons and jellies tend to be annoying. Fireballs tend to wipe them
clean, particularly skeletons. However, there are circumstances that
disallow that and you should either use blunt or crushing weapons against
them since all other types are quite ineffective. Some jellies or
skeletons can only be hit by magical weapons and the term weapon
ineffective pops up.

  * When you get too much stuff in your inventory and do not want to throw
it away (like Gorion's scroll), here is the best way to do it. Go to
Beregost, and into Jovial Inn. There a nice room at the end of the tavern
upstairs. I feel Beregost is the best place in the game since it is quite
close to most of the other locations and you can sell virtually anything
there. Anyway, go to the two drawers in the room which are beside the bed.
You will see that they are empty. You can keep quite a lot of stuff in
those drawers which you can store to get later if you wish. I think I've
personally stored about 50+ potions from the adventures and used about 20+
of them in Chapter 6 and Chapter 7.

  * Regarding saving and loading games: if you are frequent in loading
games in an area high in monsters, you will probably notice that more
monsters appear on the map, even those areas where you have killed many
before. The thing is, Bioware is discouraging players from constant
loading of games and every time you kill a bunch of monsters in a certain
area, they will respawn back after loading sometimes doubling the amount
in certain areas. Use strategy 5 to avoid this constant loading habit and
you should have a feel of how dangerous it is in the woods or subterranean

  * How to rest in peace? Simple, try not to rest in the area where there
were monsters once or near it. A good place usually somewhere where there
are no monsters about in a large radius. Even then you may still not be
able to rest depending on the dice rolls.

  * You should not adorn yourself with jewelry and should typically sell
most items. The only jewelry you should wear should be magical stuff.

  * Use the character with the highest Charisma to buy stuff for the
group; that way you can get things cheaper.

  * To make a NPC turn red without fighting them outright is to stealth
and then send that character near them. They will talk to you as if they
can see you and after the "friendly chat" they change from neutral to red.
Then move that stealth character aside and plan an attack, this way you
get the story and journal updates and yet get a relatively easier kill
since you can attack them little at a time or use stinking cloud or web to
pacify them. Note: this usually only works with lower level NPCs.

  * You can attack a group of monsters or NPCs one at a time if you do it
right. Get the stealth character to locate just one or two of the opponent
first, then fire an arrow and run back, only those you see will chase, not
the whole group. Then let them have it. This way you can take large chunks
of enemies bits at a time.

  * Thieves can hide in shadows, and they come particularly use in combat
if they enter it that way and have a dagger or short sword in their hands.
Turn off your AI enable to make this work smoothly. If your thief is still
invisible to the NPCs or monsters, and the rest of your party is fighting,
walk the thief up to a target and backstab whomever you like, particularly
spell casters trying to get their spells out. Wizards might die from one
stab due to their low hit points, or from following attacks.

  * Whenever you get the ability to cast Monster Summoning, use it well
because it is one of the most useful spells in the game to beat tough NPCs
or monsters. Cast them prior to attacking someone and use them as battle
fodder while the real damage comes in the form of magical ranged attacks
and offensive magic spells. That strategy makes the last battle in BG
really easy because then I used a Wand of Monster Summoning to call about
20+ creatures to attack while magical arrows and bullets, and magic
missiles attack the NPCs.

  * To stealth and find traps at the same time, you first hide in shadows
then click on find traps. This way you get a few seconds of stealth. Then
hit the hide in shadows again and hope that you succeed.

  * You cannot heal or cast spells on characters in stealth.

  * New NPCs who can join your party will follow the main characters level
or XP points give and take a few. So, if I was level 7 and went back and
talked to Montaron and Xzar for the first time, they would be somewhere in
that level range.

  * When you finish a subquest and you are ready to talk to whomsoever
involved, you can remove party members so that the XP shared is among
those who you really need to level up. Say if you have 6 people in the
party, 2000XP will only come to about 333XP per person. But if you remove
3 of them and have only 3 left, each person in the party will receive
about 667XP each. That way, your main character will advance really quick
since you can't remove him or her in single play and when you meet other
new NPCs, they will join your group with roughly about the same level as
your main character is.

  * You can knock people out without killing them by using your fist
instead of your weapon. They will be unconscious for a while and your
reputation won't be affected because you didn't resort to murder.

  * Regarding characters that have hit their level up XP values: after a
tough long battle, you've noticed that one or more of your characters have
hit the level up mark and you are ready to roll for their hit points.
Problem is, you may get really bad rolls (as low as 30% of the maximum
possible roll). And you may also notice that when you hit the level up
button many times after hitting the escape key to abort the changes, the
dice rolls seem not to have changed. One easy way to have the dice roll
change after you level up is save, and then load the game again and watch
the dice really roll. A word of advice: getting rolls of 80% of the
possible maximum is good enough because getting perfect maximum rolls for
hit points sounds too good even for yourself to even play that character
honestly. As a DM, for example, I am very strict about hit point dice
rolling and to make it fair for players who have had to earn a level up, I
disallow rolls of 1, 2, and 3 on a d10, etc. This way, they really have to
pray for good dice rolls, yet not fall short and be disgruntled when a
warrior class character rolls a 1 for hit points.

  * Sometimes, always getting attacked while resting can be a blessing in
disguise. There was once where I wanted to rest and every time a Sword
Spider would attack the group (average level 4). However, the starting
location for the spider was in range of my archers (all 6 of them were
equipped with ranged weapons) and before the spider could even reach the
first person in the group it just fell dead from all the arrows and
bullets. And every time I did that it earned me 2000XP and some treasure
from the dead spider. So don't curse your luck when you get attacked every
time you rest because you might just curse back when you want them to
attack you just for the XPs. (Sword Spider stats: AC 3, MV 6, Hit points
45 {estimate}, Thaco 15, #attacks 2, damage 2d4{bite}/2d6{leg}). A last
note: when your character becomes extremely fatigued, this strategy is not
advised because your Thaco will be severely hampered due to lack of rest.

  * You can usually stack items of the same type together, up to the max
for each item type. This way, you save space and have tons of stuff to use.

  * If you have a bard, or a multi class fighter/mage, you've noticed that
you cannot cast spells when you are wearing armor. One particularly useful
tactic is to carry around a spare armor in your inventory, and use it if
you know you are not going to use spells for that character until
necessary. A good spell to help you get around this "armor = no spell"
problem is to cast Armor spell if you don't want to carry a spare around.
This is a first level spell and last up to 9 hours and has a base AC of 6.
Or if you are in for a short battle with some tough NPCs and want to have
both your spellcasting abilities and your fighting abilities, Ghost Armor
is particularly useful because it has a base AC of 2 and lasts for 10
turns (I have not had a battle last longer than that).

  * If you have a Paladin, you can use his or her Detect Evil ability to
find evil aligned NPCs or monsters in an area. You can also notice that
some have magic resistance which roughly gives you an idea what's in the

  * Bards of level 4 or higher are extremely useful when it come to
identifying items because they gain 10 lore points per level. I had a 7th
level Bard (Garrick) who could identify virtually anything because of his
high lore rating. However, when an item cannot be identified by someone
with a very high lore rating it usually indicates that the item is cursed.

  * You can regain your reputation points by donating to a church or
temple (by hundreds). However, there are certainly limitations to this
rule as indicated in the book.

  * Wearing non-magical armor like Full Plate Armor, compared to the
supposed "magical" Ankegh Armor, can sometimes be better because you can
add more protection items like Ring of Protection +1 or Cloak of
Protection +2. Plus, you get protection bonus to your saving throws. Weigh
your options carefully.

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