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Читы для Baldur's Gate

Чит-файл для Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:BioWare Corporation и Runecraft
Издатель:Interplay Productions
Локализатор в России:Акелла
Издатель в России:Акелла
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 24 декабря 1998 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:RPG / Isometric
Похожие игры:Fallout 2, Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game
Multiplayer:(6) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 17 февраля 2010 г.
вышла в декабре 1998 г.
проект закрыт. RIP.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Baldur's Gate WalkThru v1.2

By CyberMouse

E-mail: jlworth@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.geocities.com/~johnnst

Alternate URL: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Cavern/8017

Note: This walkthru is for good aligned characters with the purpose of
finishing the game in an early manner. Some of the subquests are included and
how to finish them and more will be added depending on request. Wait for a
more comprehensive version 1.3 coming sometime soon after Bioware releases the
final patch update.

Also, I do not do tech support but sometimes will answer some anyway. Best
place is to e-mail Bioware for questions.The only problems I had was with my
SBLIVE where there drivers where in conflict wit h the game somehow. But
still, the game did sound better with the EAX enable and the crashes were
quite infrequent.

You can also download some screenshots in a file called bg_screen.zip when you
find references to (refer to xxx.bmp). Added tons of subquests before Chapter
4. Some areas are might confuse you with th e north-west south thing, so I've
named the area according to what it's called. Just hit "L" and it will give
you the name of the location in terms of numbers (eg Area AR XXXX).

New: More Subquests and new downloaded area maps available on my site.

Also check out this site for the next AD&D CRPG:

My machine stats:

- PII 300 MHz

- 128 MB PC66 SDRAM





Most comfortable Baldur's Gate config:

- Cache: 240MB (default 140)

* I find loading places less frequent since I can now hold more areas in my BG
cache allocation. However, to big a cache size tends to make clearing of game
data take much longer.

- Speed: 40 (default 30), multiplayer 30

* The maximum speed is not recommended since it will make responsiveness to
the monsters and NPCs in battle slightly harder unless you pause every

- Keys used on keyboard: I use the quick save key often and space bar. The
hotkeys for the other stuff are pretty useless unless you intend to play the
game totally real-time (good luck with harder NP Cs and monsters). Also, if do
a lot of Thieving, set Pick Locks to "Z" and the Stealth and Find Traps to
suitable keys where you want to stealth and find traps at the same time (see
strategy 15).

- AI script: The best has got to be custom, since they only attack with the
weapon they have instead of doing all the other scripts which are pretty dumb.
You should be playing the game, not the compu ter.

- Some tech stuff: If you have a UDMA hard drive, go to Device Manager and
check and see if your hard drive has it's DMA enabled. I've noticed that if
you enable it for your Hard Drive it really helps and I've had less crashes
and better loading time. Also, if applicable, you can see if you can enable
DMA for your CDROM drive. Ever since I've enabled that for my CDROM drive,
I've had better loading time for movies and new area loading.

- Optional: Get a good mouse rest, you'll need it if you intend to play it for
hours non-stop.


1. Your party has to have a thief. In early stages of the game, you should not
remove Imoen for she will get you out of rough spots and more free cool stuff.
You need her or any thief to have at least 50% pick locks, 60% stealth, and
60% find traps before Chapter 6. Trust me on this one.

2. Group formations are important and knowing which one to use in each
situation is also as important. If you travel narrow dungeons or subterranean
levels, you should use the first formation since th ey don't tend to run all
about. Selecting a group and using the right click to rotate the formation of
your group should be a habit. Also, make your warriors stand in front of the
group by shifting the character portrait up and down on the right hand side by
left clicking on a portrait and dragging it to your desired slot. My favorite
formation for this game in general is the 2nd formation since my group is well

3. When moving about the map, have a character with high stealth to scout the
map first. Remember to off your AI because if the roll ever fails the
character will immediately attack and attract attent ion. Then after you scout
a region, you should move your group whichever way is safest. Or you could
plan an attack on a group of unsuspecting Xvarts.

4. A good way to attack monsters that out match you is to have a wizard that
was a web or stinking cloud spell. This spell should be quite available to you
since it is only a level 2 spell.

- eg. Take off your AI enable and have the stealthiest group member find the
target. Then check for head count. Have your wizard ready the stinking cloud
or web spell and fire just near the closes en emy in the group. That way they
can't see your wizard but you can see them due to the person that is hiding in
shadows. You should save before doing this attempt since the NPCs or monsters
could get lucky and pass their saving throws. Then have archers and magic
users let them have it. Careful not to get too close to your own trap.

5. Skeletons and jellies tend to be annoying. Fireballs tend to wipe them
clean, particularly skeletons. However, there are circumstances that disallow
that and you should either use blunt or crushing weapons against them since
all other types are quite ineffective. Some jellies or skeletons can only be
hit by magical weapons and the term weapon ineffective pops up.

6. When you get too much stuff in your inventory and do not want to throw it
away (like Gorion's scroll), here is the best way to do it. Go to Beregost,
and into Jovial Inn. There a nice room at the e nd of the tavern upstairs. I
feel Beregost is the best place in the game since it is quite close to most of
the other locations and you can sell virtually anything there. Anyway, go to
the two drawers in the room which are beside the bed. You will see that it is
empty. You can keep quite a lot of stuff in those drawers which you can store
to get later if you wish. I think I've personally have stored about 50+
potions from the adventures and used about 20+ of them in Chapter 6 and
Chapter 7.

7. Regarding saving and loading games. If you are frequent in loading games in
an area high in monsters, you will probably notice that more monsters appear
on the map, even those areas where you have killed many before. The thing is,
Bioware is discouraging players from constant loading of games and everytime
you kill a bunch of monsters in a certain area, they will respawn back after
loading sometimes doubling the amount in certain areas. Use strategy 5 to
avoid this constant loading habit and you should have a feel of how dangerous
it is in the woods or subterraneon levels.

8. How to rest in peace? Simple, try not to rest in the area where there were
monsters once or near it. A good place usually somewhere where there are no
monsters about in a large radius. Even then yo u may still not be able to rest
depending on the dice rolls.

9. You should not adorn yourself with jewelry and should typical sell most
items. The only jewelry you should adorn should be magical ones.

10.Use the character with the highest Charisma to buy stuff for the group,
that way you can get them cheaper.

11.To make a NPC turn red without fighting them outright is to stealth and
then send that character near them. They will talk to you as if they can see
you and after the "friendly chat" they change from neutral to red. Then move
that stealth character aside and plan an attack, this way you get the story
and journal updates and yet get a relatively easier kill since you can attack
them little at a time or use stinking cloud or web to pacify them. Note, this
usually only works with lower level NPCs.

12.You can attack a group of monsters or NPCs one at a time if you do it
right. Get the stealth character to locate just one or two of the opponent
first, then fire an arrow and run back, only those y ou see will chase, not
the whole group. Then let them have it. This way you can take large chunks of
enemies bits at a time.

13.Thieves can hide in shadows, and they come particularly use in combat if
they enter it that way and have a dagger or short sword in their hands. Turn
off your AI enable to make this work smoothly. If your thief is still
invisible to the NPCs or monsters, and the rest of your party is fighting,
walk the thief up to a target

and backstab whomever you like, particularly spell casters trying to get their
spells out. Wizards might die

from one stab due to their low hit points, or from following attacks.

14.Whenever you get the ability to cast Monster Summoning, use it well because
it is one of the most useful spells in the game to beat tough NPCs or
monsters. Cast them prior to attacking someone and use them as battle fodder
while the real damage comes in the form of magical ranged attacks and
offensive magic spells. That strategy makes the last battle in BG really easy
because then I used a Wand of Monster Summoning to call about 20+ creatures to
attack while magical arrows and bullets, and magic missiles attack the NPCs.

15.To stealth and find traps at the same time, you first hide in shadows then
click on find traps. This way you get a few seconds of stealth. Then hit the
hide in shadows again and hope that you succe ed.

16.You cannot heal or cast spells on characters in stealth.

17.New NPCs who can join your party will follow the main characters level or
XP points give and take a few. So, if I was level 7 and went back and talked
to Montaron and Xzar for the first time, they would be somewhere in that level

18.When you finished a subquest and you are ready to talk to whomsoever
involved, you can remove party members so that the XP shared is among those
who you really need to level up. Say if you have 6 p eople in the party,
2000XP will only come to about 333XP per person. But if you remove 3 of them
and have only 3 left, each person in the party will receive about 667XP each.
That way, your main character will advance really quick since you can't remove
him or her in single play and when you meet other new NPCs, they will join
your group with roughly about the same level as your main character is.

19.You can knock people out without killing them by using your fist instead of
your weapon. They will be unconscious for a while and your reputation won't be
affected because you did resort to murder.

20.Regarding characters that have hit their level up XP values. After a tough
long battle you've noticed that one, or more of your characters have hit the
level up mark and you are ready to roll for t heir hit points. Problem is, you
may get really bad rolls (as low as 30% of the maximum possible roll). And you
may also noticed that when you hit the level up button many times after
hitting the escape key to abort the changes, the dice rolls seem to have not
changed. One easy way to have the dice roll change after you level up is save,
and then load the game again and watch the dice really roll. A word of advise,
getting rolls of 80% of the possible maximum is good enough because getting
perfect maximum rolls for hit points sounds too good even for yourself to even
play that character honestly. As a DM for example, I am very strict about hit
point dice rolling and to make it fair for players who have had to earn a
level up, I disallow rolls of 1,2,and 3 on a d10, etc. This way, they really
have to pray for good dice rolls, yet not fall short and be disgruntled when a
warrior class character rolls a 1 for hit points.

21.Sometimes, always getting attacked while resting can be a blessing in
disguise. There was once where I wanted to rest and everytime a Sword Spider
would attack the group (average level 4). However, the starting location for
the spider was in range of my archers (all 6 of them were equiped with ranged
weapons) and before the spider could even reach the first person in the group
it just fell dead from all the arrows and bullets. And everytime I did that it
earned me 2000XP and some treasure from the dead spider. So don't curse your
luck when you get attacked everytime you rest because you might just curse
back when you want them to attack you just for the XPs. (Sword Spider stats:
AC 3, MV 6, Hit points 45 {estimate}, Thaco 15, #attacks 2, damage
2d4{bite}/2d6{leg}). A last note, when your character becomes extremely
fatigued, this strategy is not advise because your Thaco will be severely
hampered due from the lack of rest.

22. You can usually stack items of the same type together, up to the max for
each item type. This way, you save space and have tons of stuff to use.

23. If you have a bard, or a multi class fighter/mage, you've noticed that you
cannot cast spells when you are wearing armor. One particularly useful tactic
is to carry around a spare armor in your in ventory and use it if you know you
are not going to use spells for that character until necessary. A good spell
to help you get around this "armor = no spell" problem is to cast Armor spell
if you don't want to carry a spare around. This is a first level spell and
last up to 9 hours and has a base AC of 6. Or if you are in for a short battle
with some tough NPCs and want to have both your spellcasting abilities and
your fighting abilities, Ghost Armor is particularly useful because it has a
base AC of 2 and last for 10 turns (I have not had a battle that last longer
than that).

24. If you have a Paladin, you can use his or her Detect Evil ability to find
evil aligned NPCs or monsters in an area. You can also notice that some have
magic resistance which roughly gives you an i dea what's in the area.

25. Bards of level 4 or higher are extremely useful when it come to
identifying items because they gain 10 lore points per level. I had a 7th
level Bard (Garrick) who can identify virtually anything b ecause of his high
lore rating. However, when an item cannot be identified by someone with a very
high lore rating usually indicates that the item is cursed.

26. You can regain your reputation points by donating to a church or temple
(by hundreds). However, there are certainly limitations to this rule as
indicated in the book.

27. Wearing non-magical armor like Full Plate Armor compared to the supposed
"magical" Ankegh Armor can sometimes be better because you can add more
protection items like Ring of Protection +1 or Cloak of Protection +2. Plus,
you get protection bonus to your saving throws. Weigh your options carefully.



You start out in front of Winthrop's Inn. There you will have a little bit of
cash and a quarterstaff. Go into the tavern and talk to Winthrop and he'll
show you stuff you can buy. All you need is the weapon that you are proficient
and a cheap armor like leather armor because later you will get better stuff
in Chapter one from killing stuff. Then talk to Firebead Elvenhair, he will
ask you to get the scroll from Tethoril. Tethoril is in the compound of the
walls of the library. If you have a thief with pick lock greater than 30% go
ahead and try the locked chests in the Inn.

If you talk to Phlydia, she seems to have misplaced her book, go talk to
Dreppin. He will tell you that she left her book in the haystack. It's the hay
on the left where the cow Nessa is at. Talk to D reppin again and he will tell
you that Nessie is sick and that he be needing an antidote. If that's the case
go talk to Hull somewhere to the east of the map and he will say he needs his
sword from the barracks, which is somewhere westward from Hull. There you will
get the sword and the antidote.

Inside the barracks you talk to Fuller who will ask you to get him crossbow
bolts for him where you can buy from Winthrop. You will get a dagger +1 from
him, your first magical weapon.

There is also some money lying about some crates and barrels, you should check
them out.

In Candlekeep, there are two places (Priest Quarters & Bunkhouse) where
someone has send assasins to kill you. You should have no problem if you are
not a wizard. If you are, try running around th e room a little and cast magic
missile or any offensive spell you have once you get your desired distance.
Remember, spells have casting time and most level 1 spells only have a casting
time of 1 which means it is executed quite early in the round.

To exit the Prologue, talk to Gorion and say you are ready for the adventure
of your life.

Chapter One:

After Gorions death, you should meet with Imoen. You should take her into your
group use her thieving skills to the max. If you decide to keep another thief
later, make sure they both specialize in di fferent thieving abilities as to
maximize the groups effectiveness. If you watch the battle scene properly,
Gorion left a couple of stuff on the floor upon death, along with the other
dead baddies. You should do well to head there and collect the stuff.

You should meet Xxar and Montaron (evil aligned characters) if you follow the
cobbled road. They want to go to Nashkel and need your assistance. However,
you should head to the Friendly Arm Inn first and get Khalid and Jaheira were
they will be your best allies yet. Have them tag along and you can remove them
in Nashkel because if your reputation goes up, they will start whinning.

In the next area you will meet an old man with a red robe and hat and a staff.
He is actually Elminster. After talking to him, head north east until you
reach a small rounded sized rock. On top of it is a Ring of Protection +1

Here, towards the east side of the map, there is an ogre with some stuff on
him. Killing him should be tough but helps complete a subquests without going
there a second time.

Once you reach the Friendly Arm Inn, there will be a bounty hunter waiting at
the stairs of the Inn. He is a wizard that usually cast Horror to make you
flee like chickens and then assault you using m agic. The best way is to use
Imoen's magic missile staff to disrupt his spell casting. But before that, you
can head east along the southern sides until you see a pine tree (directly
south of this map). Near the base of that pine tree you will find a Ring of

Enter the Inn and Jaheira and Khalid should be near Bentley, the bartender.
Bentley and Gelana owns the Friendly Arm Inn and Gelana can be found in the
shrine. Inside, you might want to buy the Stone to Flesh scroll if you want a
priest before heading to the Nashkel Mines.

In one of the houses near the big entrance of the outdoor compound of the
Friendly Arm Inn, there is Joia who had her Flamedance ring stolen by a couple
of Hobgoblins to the north of the map. You can retrieve it when you encounter
a hobgoblin with a different color armor than the rest.

Inside the Inn, there is 2 subquests. One is about the stolen girdle and if
you follow the prior advise, you just have to talk to the person twice. The
second one is about a spider infestation in Bere gost. She will hand you 6
antidotes incase you get bitten by them.

The best way to exit the Friendly Arm area is to go north and exit that way.
This way you don't need to go through Friendly Arm Inn again if you want to go
straight to the area above later on in the g ame.

Once you reach Beregest, you can kill the infestation of spiders in one of the
houses in the southern part of the map. Put the antidotes into the quick item
slot for those who you will use as front li ne men. After killing them take
whatever is in the house and the body of the spider.

Go into the Feldpost Inn and you will see Marl, with a bit of a temper. If you
talk to him nicely saying that his son was a find person and stuff you can
earn a free 900XP. It's better than killing hi m. If you feel like doing it,
you can knock him cold (see strategy 19).

Another freebie subquests is when you find Elven Firebead in one of the
southern cluster of houses where he will ask to get the Book of the Fateful
Coin. You can get it from the bartender at the Feldp ost Inn for 2 gp.

You will also find Kaigan here, a lawful evil fighter.

You will also meet the town crier near the tall pillar that has Beregost
written on it. He is only there usually

in the mornings. He will tell you that Bassilus is wanted and that there is a
5000 gp reward for his death.

Another subquest is when you meet Garrick in front of the Burning Wizard, he
says that his mistress, Silke is in need of your assistance and requires your
help. However, she is evil and is trying to t rick you into killing innocent
men. Killing her will gain you 900 XP and she is a wizard able to cast
lightning bolt so using the wand of magic missiles to disrupt her magic is
advised unless you are confident enough with your characters' THACO. You can
also get Garrick, a chaotic neutral bard to join you after killing Silke.
Garrick at level one has a pick pockets of 40% and that is quite a percentage
if you want to pick important stuff in Beregost, as well as other places.

Inside the Red Sheaf Inn, you will meet a halfling named Perdue. He will tell
you that he lost his sword short to a couple of gnolls and wants it back. Be
careful how you talk to him or you might just close your opportunity for this
subquest. However, there's not much a reward for doing this though.

If you enter the house on the east that has it's door facing east, you will
find Mirianne and she will tell you

that her husband is traveling to Beregost and whether you can find out
anything about him.

In the area just below Beregost, if you follow the cobbled road, you will
certainly run into a couple of Ogrillons who has killed Mirianne's husband.
You will find the scroll that you can return to he r for more XPs and a Ring
of Protection +1. And somewhere in the middle of this map, you will find a
cave with a couple of Hobgoblins near the entrance. One of the Hobgoblins is
wearing the Boots of Stealth. Inside the cave there is some money and 5
healing potions which should come in handy.

-Thieving section:

1. You can get a Medium Shield +1 when you pick pocket Bjornin. (Beregost)

2. Algernon's Cloak (+2 to Charisma) can be picked from a fat rude man
upstairs in the Feldpost Inn. (Beregost)

Chapter Two:

You reach Nashkel and you should take a rest at the Inn nearby. However,
before going in, there is another bounty hunter in there (another damn wizard)
and be prepared. After that take a rest.

Go find Berrun Ghastkill and he will ask you to solve the mining problems at
the mines. It seems that demons are in there (kobolds actually, so no need to
intimidated unless they have a large number).

There is also a fat man named Oublek who has mistaken you for a guy named
Greywolf and wants to give you Greywolf's reward money. The best answer is to
tell Oublek that he has got the wrong person and your reputation will go up a
point. Anyway, you can get that bounty too later when you are heading for the
Nashkel mines.

Here, you will also meet Minsc, a neutral good ranger of exceptional strength,
and if you turn him down to rescue a damsel who was captured by a bunch of
gnolls, he will attack you. He will also updat e your map with the location of
the Gnoll Fortress. If you really need a wizard, you best go and rescue her
while earning XPs.

Another character whom you will meet is Edwin, another wizard near the bridge
in Nashkel. However, he is evil in alignment and wants to kill Dynaheir (the
captive in the Gnoll Fortress). You can refus e him and then later when you
return to Nashkel, he will be near the bridge again and be prepared for
another spell fight.

Before heading to the mines, you should equip yourself with healing potions
because you are going to need it if you don't already have a priest. You can
get one to join your team by going to the carni val where you find a statued
lady and a runt trying to sell you a Stone to Flesh scroll for 500 gp. If you
bought the scroll earlier in the Friendly Arm Inn's shrine, you should get it
for less than half that price if your reputation and charisma are high enough.

Here in Nashkel, you can also find an Ankegh Armor and Pearl in the western
most side of the map. It is just next to a pine tree which is near the western
most farm plot. Finding it will be tough beca use it is rather camouflaged.
You can check out the screenshot in my website to see the highlighted area

In the north west overland area of the Nashkel mines, you can obtain a Wand of
Frost.  And in the western area of
this map, you will find Prism who is b usy sculpting and you should do well to
let him finish his sculptor. If you do, GreyWolf will appear and wants to take
Prism into custody and killing GreyWolf will award you with 1400XP. Talk to
Prism again and he will give you the Emeralds he stole only later to kill
himself. You can take these emeralds to Nashkel and talk to a man named Oublek
to get your reward for returning them.

The mines are filled with Kobolds and spiders, plus some traps here and there.
You should do well to find traps with the thief in your party or use the
priest to cast a find trap spell. Arrows are abu ndant here so no worries
because most of the dead kobolds will carry them. Use strategy 3,4 and 12 to
get through the mines.

When you get to the last level of the mines, you will meet Mulahey, the
culprit in the mines. He will call upon some skeletons and kobold commandos.
The best way to rid yourself of them is to cast a f ireball in the upper part
of the this area (there are three main areas in Mulahey's rat hole) because
there is where they will spawn at. Use strategy 11 to get Mulahey to admit to
his crimes without risking the whole team whilst you get the person back and
eliminate the monsters first then Mulahey. In this area, you will meet Xan who
has a special sword (only he can use it) which can only be obtained in
Mulahey's chest. Personally, I think Xan is a big whiner and the sword really
doesn't do much for the party since his Thaco is that of a wizard.


In the area just south of Nashkel walk towards the west, you will find a boy
named Albert somewhere in the north west region of the map. He will ask you to
find his pet dog and hands you a toy that th e dog will recognize. The dog is
somewhere east of where the boy is and it isn't too hard to find though. After
returning the dog watch some oddity here.

Here also, somewhere south, you will meet two peculiar cutthroats who one of
them claim to be the fastest dart thrower in the west. I have to admit, that
person's dart throwing is pretty accurate and can hit someone with an AC of 0
easily. Use strategy 11 and 12 to take them down. The fastest dart thrower in
the west will have the Bracers of Archery on him.

Another group of evil aligned characters, Delgod, Sendai and Alexander can be
found somewhere in the middle of this map. You can avoid killing them by
talking your way out of it or you can just toast them for their stuff and also
gain XPs.

You can get the Cloud Kill scroll here, somewhere towards the northern part of
this map.


In the area north east of Nashkel (Area AR 4400), you will meet 3 bandits who
will ask you to hand over your money, and you can dispose of them.

However, somewhere in the east of this map, there are Ogre Berserkers and
Ogrillons who is next to a dead body. After killing them you can search the
body for potions. Also, somewhere east but northwa rd of the Ogre/Ogrillon
band, there is Sarheda who will challenge you to fight the menacing Ogre band.
Just talk twice to finish this subquest.

Another subquest with some XPs is in the middle of this map, and you will see
a house nearby. There is a man named Hulrik who has one of his cows attacked
by Xvarts. Dispose of them and you will get s ome XPs and a reputation point

Somewhere in the northern part of the map, you will meet Arghain, a bandit
Half Ogre wielding a magical two-handed sword with a couple of Ogrillons.
Killing him will give quite some money and his swor d, plus 520 XP. Nearby
there is a cave, and inside there awaits an Ettercap. Use strategy 15 to
remove the trap at the front of the entrance and disposing of the Ettercap
will award you with 650 XP and some potions in the crate.


In the Carnival, you will meet a merchant in his tent somewhere in the
southern part of the map. He will try to sell you two potions, for 50 gp each.
Buy both because one will increase your Strength t o 25 and the other will
increase your Intelligence to 25, both of which are only temporary. Plus, they
come with some nasty side effects so be careful when using.

In of the middle tents, you will meet a wizard who will try to kill a lady,
Bentha using his magic words. Just call him a moron and he will attack you.
His first spell will be Mirror Image and then Ho rror followed by Melf's Acid
Arrows, finally using his staff when he is all drained of magic. After killing
him, talk to Bentha.


In the pine forest area further south west of Nashkel (Area AR 5200), you will
meet a gnoll somwhere to the west of this area who speaks of the gnoll
fortress. He will only be hostile if you insult hi m. Travel southwards and
once you hit the bottom edge of the map, go east and you will run into a
waterfall. Search the waterfall and you find a dead cat inside it. Then, try
to get up above the area of the waterfall and you will see a little girl named
Drienne. She will give you a Protection from Undead scroll.

North of this area, you will also meet a couple of gnolls who will try to
collect 50gp for trespassing in their area. Kill the whole lot and you will
get at least 200gp.

In the middle of this map there is beautiful lake that is the source of the
waterfall. On the eastern side of the lake, you will meet a Dryad of
CloudPeaks who will ask you to help her from men (Krumm and Branwen) who are
trying to chop down her magical tree. They will attack you if you do not help
them chop the tree down and dispose of them. You will get a potion and 500XP.

Also, somewhere south east of this lake, you will see a cave entrance. Inside,
there is crate with a magical Halberd.


Towards the west of Nashkel and north east of the Gnoll Fortress (Area AR
4700), you will stumble upon the a Xvart village in the middle of this area.
Here, you will meet their leader and he will call upon a Brown Bear named Ursa
to attack you. To the north east of the village, there is a cave with a cave
bear inside. Kill it and check out the crate for potions and a Flail +1.


North of the Gnoll fortress (Area AR 4600) you will meet Neville (you only see
him at first) and his henchmen of Hobgoblins in the middle of the map to the
east side of the river across this map. Kill him and you will get a Long Sword

Towards the south east of this map, you will meet a guy who begs you to get
rid of the mountain bear across the wooden bridge. Killing the bear will award
you 900XP and if you cross the bridge again t o talk to the guy, he will give
you the Boots of the North.

And in the north west region, you will meet Laurel who will ask you to hunt
gibberlings with her. But be prepared if you accept her challenge because
after you do, about a dozen gibberlings will appea r near her and start
attacking everyone they see. After killing everyone of those nasties, you can
talk to her for your XP award.


Upon entering the Gnoll Fortress, you will be facing a bridge. And at the
other end of this bridge, there are two Ogrillons, Hairtooth and Gnarl who
will try to collect a 200gp toll from you. Either y ou pay or not, they will
attack you. After disposing of them, you will get some potions, cash and the
Gauntlets of Dexterity.

However, due to the complexity of this area, I shall only make reference to
the screenshot of the area.

Tome of Charisma: Follow the yellow path to the circled cave entrance.

Dynaheir (Minsc's friend): Follow the light blue path and you will find her in
the circled pit.

- Thieving Section

1. In the Carnival, you will meet a merchant in his tent somewhere in the
southern part of the map. Inside there are 2 crates. The left crate can be
easily picked and you get some potions. The right c rate needs to have the
trap on it removed first.

2. In on of the middle tents, you will have dealt with a wizard who was trying
to kill Bentha with his magic words. You can pick Bentha for a Potion of

3. In Nashkel, you can pick Berrun Ghastkill for a Healing Potion.

Chapter Three:

To exit the mines, you exit Mulahey's den and walk the other way to the exit
to somewhere on the east of the

area before entering Mulahey's den. There you will meet a couple of jellies
where you can easily take down with blunt or crushing weapons. Use magic if

You exit into an wasteland type area. However, you cannot turn back because
the entrance has caved in. You should explore this map thoroughly , unless you
want to get back to Nashkel and rest. Anyway, the area in the wasteland
promises tons of cool items. There should be another 3 caverns
with stuff and really nasty undead. Purchasing a
Protection from Undead scroll should be a good thing and will keep you from

In the northern part of this map, there will be 4 lady bounty hunters,
Maneira, Telka, Zeela and Lamalha who wants you dead, dispose of them and you
will get the magical equipment on them.

In Nashkel, another bounty hunter is waiting there and that one is a real
tough dude if your party are only level 2. He is a mage that will cast Horror
to make most or all of your party run about. So you might want to head to
Beregost instead to take a rest and risk the chance of getting ambushed on the
way if you feel that the bounty hunter is too tough. Go talk to Berrun
Ghastkel in the middle of this area and he will give you your reward.

And in Beregost, go find Tranzig in the Feldpost Inn. Make him tell you the
location of the Bandit camp after defeating him and you should save prior to
going into the inn. He is upstairs in one of th e rooms. After he reveals the
location, you should kill him for his crimes and get his scrolls and stuff.

Then head north to the area just above the Friendly Arm Inn. There will be
lots of Ankhegs around the ground and you should do well to scout ahead with
stealth. You need a character with high strength to carry the Ankhegs carapace
because they weigh about 100 pounds each. You also earn 975 XP for killing
them too. Anyway, after exploring this map, and finishing most of the easy
subquests here, you should head back to Beregost with the Ankegh carapace you
have and talk to the smithy. Don't sell him the carapace, and he will tell you
that it can be made into an armor for 4000 gp. Personally, I think it is worth
it since it is light weight and gives you an armor class of 1 unlike the very
heavy full plate mail with the same armor class. It will take tendays (a week
in Faerunian calendar is ten days) so jot down the time and date you gave it
to him. Also, you can store away the excess stuff you are unwilling to sell in
the room inside the Jovial Inn.

Also, in the Jovial Inn, there is a Flaming Fist captain that will buy your
bandit scalps for 50 gp each which is quite a good deal than selling it in the
shops for 25gp. Now you know why Beregost is my favorite location. Almost
everything to do with selling and getting stuff comes from Beregost and it is
not too far away from many places.

Head to the areas towards the north east and you will find lots of bandits.
You should particularly be on the look out for talking bandits because you
need to join the bandits in order to complete Cha pter 3. I can't stress
enough that many people failed to enter Chapter 4 because they went on a
galavanting bandit killing spree. You should use the character with high
charisma to do the talking, although I am not sure whether it will affect
their decision for you to join them. Some talking bandits will attack you even
if you want to join them and some will let you in.

After the cutscene where you get shoved into the bandit camp, you will meet
Tazok, the leader of the bandits in these areas. You will have to fight him to
prove to him that you are capable bandits. Ex plore the bandit camp and be
prepared to get attacked sometimes. The bandits outside will let you roam free
and picking the chest all about should be profitable. When you get to Tazok's
tent, make sure that your party is ready for a nasty fight because inside you
shall be attacked no matter what you say. There is a wizard you should deal
with first by means of magic or ranged attacks. Make sure he dies first then
take care of the rest. Try using strategy 13 to take out the wizard.


In the area west of the Nashkel Mines, you will meet a Flaming Fist Officer
somewhere in the western area of this map. He will inform you that there are
bandits about and that the Flaming Fist is look ing for a man named Samuel who
you will find on this map.

North west of this area you will meet Hafiz, and if role play correctly, he
will hand you a Protection from Magic scroll. And in the middle of this map,
you will find Liera who will ask you to help ca rry Samuel (the man who the
Flaming Fist was looking for to Gellana at the Temple in the Friendly Arm Inn.
You should bring him there immediately or he die.

Somewhere south, you will find a Ring of Fire
Resistance, Iol gem and a Starphire Gem (worth 1000gp).


The south area from the High Hedge (AR 3700), you will find a chicken named
Mellicamp in the north east of this area. He will ask you to bring him to his
master in the High Hedge to remove the curse u pon him.

Also, in the middle of this map, you will find Zargal and his hobgoblin
bandits. After disposing of them you can search Zargal for a Short Sword +2.

Bassilus is towards the south east of this area, but be warned, he is
surrounded by undead. Upon searching him you will find his holy symbol of
which you can go to the Temple to claim your reward and XP. You can get rid of
the undead around him easily if you role play correctly, and he will dispel
them out of fury and attack you.


Towards the west of Beregost, you can find the High Hedge where the wizard
Thalantyr resides in a buidling in the middle of this area. Inside that
building there are 2 Flesh Golems who will attack you if you haven't had a
chance to talk to Thalantyr. Here is where you give Mellicamp the chicken to
the wizard who will later ask if you can go get a skull for his incantation to
restore Mellicamp's original body. You can find the skull outside by skilling
anyone of the skeletons in this area. Remember, to save before giving him the
skull because there is chance that the incantation might fail and thus you
don't get your XP reward.

Outside of this building, on the north east side, you can find Kivan a ranger
out for revenge. He will join your party if you are willing to hunt down Tazok
with him.


The area east of Beregost is where the Temple is at. Towards the north west of
this area is where the actual temple resides and inside you can find the
priest to show Bassilus holy symbol too to claim your reward.
Somewhere south of this area you will meet Cattack, a hobgoblin bandit who you
can dipose.


On the east area (AR 3500) of the Temple, there are quite a lot of Basilisks
in the area which can turn you to stone with their gaze. So bringing a couple
of Stone to Flesh scrolls might come in handy . In the nothern part of this
area, you will come across a mad gnome, Mutamin who has somehow got the
Basilisks in this area under his control. Disposing of him will be tough and
because of the Basilisks near him.

Somewhere in the middle of this map, you will find a couple of show offs (evil
in alignment) who will insult you with downright rudeness. Killing them will
give you XPs and you can accumulate quite a lot of magical stuff from this
group, like the Golden Girdle, Long Sword +1, Bracers of Defence AC7, Morning
Star +1.


Ulcaster is located south east of the Temple. You can find Ulcaster School on
the north east plateau inside the simple maze of ruins. You will encounter a
undead knight who is out for your blood in th e southern part of this ruins.
Somewhere in the ruins, there is a ghostly figure named Ulcaster that haunts
this place but talking to him a couple of times will reveal that he wants a
tome of some sort inside Ulcaster.

Also, you will meet Furret, towards the north east part and he will try to
sell you a gem of true seeing for 1000gp. However, the gem he is selling is
fake and cost way less than what you paid.

In the middle of this map, you will find a group of hobgoblins patrolling that
part of the map. On of them has a Boots of Stealth and you should do well to
kil most of them to find the boots if you ha ve more than one character who
can stealth.

- Inside Ulcaster School:

After descending from the surface you will encounter a maze like area. Due to
the complexity of giving instructions, I've taken a screenshot and edited it
to show specific locations.

The red lines and blue lines show you the locations to some significant
treasure. By following the red lines you will find the book Ulcaster is
looking for. You can return it to him if you make it bac k to the surface.

Chapter Four:

After defeating the goons in Tazok's tent, you will get some documents in
their chest telling you of their plans. You can talk to the person in the
black cloak and he will reveal to you the location o f Cloakwood forest. Take
whatever you can from the room and leave for Cloakwood forest when you are

There is three locations of Cloakwood forest before the reaching the mines
which is the end of this chapter.

One subquest worth looking into is when you meet a guy where his brother went
to look for the Spider's Bane, which is a really powerful two-handed sword.
Use strategy 14 to beat the creature with the exception that you will have to
cast the Monster Summoning inside the Cavern. Make sure the characters that
are in front carry Antidotes and healing Potions in their quick slots because
sometimes the poison will kill you faster than the spider bites.

Upon reaching the mines area, the only way to the mines is through the last
house (there are two houses in this area fenced with high wooden logs). You
will meet another group of NPCs that has a wizar d in it. Use strategy 4 and
11 to beat them.

Here, you will also get the Boots of Speed which should go with any character
that doesn't have the Spider's Bane or (in the future) the Ring of Free
Action. This is because the Free Action ability wi ll negate the boot's
property, but will work on anyone without those items in combination.

Once you get in the mines, you will meet one of the prisoners there and he
will ask you for 100 gp to help free the rest of the prisoners. You can trust
him. There you will also meet a dwarf who is in for revenge and you can add
him to your team if you are in need of another character.

Try to find the best path to get to the lowest level where the evil wizard is
located. This is because killing all

of the monsters does not help your XP a lot and slows you down since there are
too many of them. You are welcomed to try though. Also, there is a temple of
Bhaal where you can get some neat potions in the vases in the small shrine.

Once you reach the final level, you meet a really nasty wizard. Use strategy
14 and if you have dispel magic, try to get rid of the wizard's defenses.
After killing the wizard, go down another tunnel where you will get some
expensive jewelry and some scrolls. There is also the wizard's apprentice and
you may do what you want with him (I let him off because I am lawful good,
although killing him doesn't change your alignment).

You can exit the level via a passage way that will directly lead up to the
first level of the mines. Remember, to

have the key at hand and go find the huge valve. There, you will talk to a
person next to it and you can flood the mines if you already released the
prisoners earlier.

Chapter Five:

After flooding the mines, you can go to Baldur's Gate at last. There, you will
meet Scar (you can trust his words). He will ask you to investigate the Seven
Sun which in fact infested with dopplegange rs. It's quite a simple guess if
you've been a DM as long as I have.

Anyway, inside you will meet another character who will join your cause. His
name is Quayle the Cleric/Illusionist.

Also, upon entering Baldur's Gate you will meet Elminster for the third time,
if you did meet him in Beregost

telling you where to go to investigate the bandits. Bla bla bla here...

Anyway, you'll meet a shop which pretty well sell cursed stuff, I really
laughed at this point. Also, when you enter the houses and some dude walks up
to you and ask for a password, it's "Fafhrd&
quot;. It's the password for the thieves' guild here in Baldur's Gate. Try not
to make enemies with them because they are pretty neat actually and there is a
thief in there that sells Potions of Thievery which will really come in handy
picking those rich folks or completing certain subquests. Also, you will meet
a person who tells you that some people are looking for you and gives the same
password in this area.

Also, there is a really peculiar place that looks like a big colorful onions
and in there they sell magic stuff.

Inside, you will find a stairway upstairs. Upon going upstairs, you would have
interrupted a bunch of wizards casting a spell which you have so kindly
interrupted. They are really rude and don't feel hesitant killing them if they
attack you, you won't get a reputation decrease unless you attack them while
they are still neutral.

Here's the trick to finishing chapter five. Go to the Iron Throne Mansion (at
the North West corner of the docks in Baldur's Gate) and kill the baddies at
the top level. Pretty tough bunch and strateg y 13 and 14 are best here. Then
you will get documents saying of their plan.

Then go to the area just west of the docks and somewhere south, you will meet
a merchant who claims that his partners in trade have turned weird all of a
sudden. This subquests should be taken for you will get a neat sword that has
a +3 vs shapeshifters which you will meet a lot later on. Remember to have the
documents of the dopplegangers involvement on the character when he is talking
to the person in charge.

After disposing of those nasties, you head over to the Seven Suns which should
be close by. There, you will also meet a couple of hungry dopplegangers which
wants your flesh (by the way, dopplegangers uses ESP to get your thoughts then
shapeshift into your body hape which later they eat you afterwards, gross
isn't it?). Go upstairs and get rid of them. Then in this same area, go to the
Flaming Fist headquarters which is huge Garrison and tell Scar about the
dopplegangers. Then he will ask you to clean the infestation. Say you will do
it and talk to him again, and he will give you your reward and you gain a
freebie XP. Later he ask you to go find out what is making people missing and
you should head to the sewers. That is pretty easy to solve though. Anyway, if
you want to finish this, tell Scar you have to time for that and he will lead
to you to Eltan the duke of Baldur's Gate. Make sure your character's
inventory is not filled up for he will give you the Tome of Great Value for
which you need to be allowed into CandleKeep again.

There is a good subquest in here which is relatively easy if you have 2000 gp.
You head to the area North West of Baldur's Gate where the Hall of Wonders are
located. Somewhere north of this great whi te buildings, a kid will approach
you with a problem. Tell the kid you accept the quest and he will show you the
house to go to. There you will see a Priest of Tymora who will ask you to get
his dead son back from the temple of Umberlee. The Temple is just is in the
same area as the docks so getting there should be that bad. Talk to the person
who greets you upon entering the temple and ask for Priestess in charge. Give
her a large donation and she will meet with you. Then pay the priestess 2000
gp for the body and immediately head back to return the son to the Priest. You
will get a Shield of Missile Deflection.

Chapter Six:

You will be automatically transported to Candlekeep. There you will hand the
Tome to the guard and he will let you in. Inside, everyone is glad to see you
and you should head to the Priest's Quarters. There you will see a priest
examining a dead cat. He is actually a doppleganger and you should interrogate
him until he changes his form (he was having that cat for lunch).

Even Phyldia has been eaten by the dopplegangers and you can't do anything for
you will meet her or it again later. Those bastards.

Before you proceed any further, you might want to equip your characters with
enough magical potions and stuff for later you might not be able to exit
Candlekeep until you escape.

Anyway, you will enter Candlekeep and you talk about with the people
approaching you. You will find out that many people in Candlekeep have seem to
have changed. As you move up, there will be someone you know who doens't
recognize you and you should interrogate him until he changes.

You will also meet Kevoras (who is actually the last boss, Sarevok) and he
will hand you Gorion's Ring of Protection which isn't cursed. So don't worry.

Anyway, you will meet Reiltar and his henchmen and you should not kill them.
Tell them that it is not over. On the other hand, you could kill them if you
want to, but they have nothing unique on them anyhow.

Later upstairs, you will be wrongly (or correctly) accused of murder and they
throw you in the cell, do not fight them. Then you will appear in a jail cell
with some odd people sleeping nearby. Anyway , Ulraunt will approach you and
inform you that you will be sent to Baldur's Gate to be executed. Then he
leaves, and a few seconds afterwards Tethtoril appears and teleports you to
the level below Candlekeep.

Once you reach there you are in a small room facing a passage way. Go in and
you will appear in the tombs. There you will meet Phlydia blabbering about her
book and changes into a doppleganger. Here y ou can get two important things,
the Tome of Wisdom and Tome of Strength each in trap laddened rooms and sealed
and trapped inside the stone coffins. Find traps and remove traps will greatly
help and if you fail to pick locks, use the Potion of Thievery.

As you move along the areas, you will meet Elminster (this old man is getting
annoying) and Gorion! I'll let you guess this one.

Chapter Seven:

Anyway, once you make your way out of the tombs, remember to fully equip your
characters with lots of stuff. Unless you want to make multiple travels that's
fine too. Try to avoid any Flaming Fist gua rds because they want to arrest
you and bring you in. What I did was sneak all the way to the Iron Throne
without even being detected. Head to the Iron Throne and you will see people
fleeing the building. Make your way to the top floor where you had a big
battle before and prepare yourself for another. Ready the dispel magic and
purge invisibilty if you want to detect the invisible wizard.

After you have defeated her and her minions, do not let her live. She has the
evidence you need to spoil Sarevok's plan. Just keep Sarevok's diary, you will
need it later. In one of the scrolls, you w ill read of this Undercellar
place. It's really close by and you can get there through this building. Make
your way down again and find the basement down below. Inside, you can enter
the sewers through an entrance between the two rows of barrels.

In the sewers, you will probably meet a couple of ghast or ghouls, whichever
spawns there. Just kill them and you don't have to travel far to get to the
Undercellar. Just exit the nearest exit near th e entrance you came from which
should be right below you.

There you will meet a person which is the owner of a prostitution
establishment. You can't use fireballs here

because there are innocent prostitutes around. Strategy 11 and 14 works best
here because you really don't want to meet both of them together. Try dragging
you the ghostly warrior first and then kill the spell user with magic missiles
disrupting her spell casting. You will get an invitation to the coronation of
the new Grand Duke, SAREVOK.

Head to the palace and show your invitation. You should not use strategy 11
because you have to protect two very important people inside. Fireball is not
an option here too. Kill all the dopplegangers that are trying to kill Belt
and his lady friend. Strategy 14 should be used with caution because you don't
want to over cluster the small coronation room. Anyway, Sarevok will just
stand there.

After the fight, Sarevok will accuse you of murder and that you should be
punished. Show Belt the diary and Sarevok will in the end turn red. However,
do not waste your energy on him that much because he can't be killed and will
flee with the help of his magician.

Belt will later locate Sarevok and teleport you to the Thieves' Guild. There
you can get the potions and other stuff you need from the lady in the room.

You can exit the guild to rest and get ready because down the stairs of the
Thieves' Guild there are Skeleton

Warriors inside which have 90% magic resistance, very low Thaco and high Hit
Points. Even with the Armor Class of -7, I still get Minsc's ass whooped like
a pansy. Strategy 14 should be used although you also need to get your
warriors in to really cause damage. Have a priest behind healing all the time.
Anyway, once inside you will also meet jellies. There are lots of traps in
here that shoot lightning bolts, fireballs and magic missiles. So scout ahead
and find the safest path to the exit.

There you will meet the magician that helped Sarevok escape the Palace. You
can do what you wish of him.

Final showdown:

You have now reached the UnderCity under Baldur's Gate. There you will meet
some men you are after Sarevok but isn't hesitant to kill you also for a
handsome reward. They are quite a powerful bunch an d I used strategy 4 and 11
but in strategy 4, I had my Invoker cast Stinking Cloud and then used the Wand
of Fireballs until all are dead. I had 4 Wands of Fireball and 3 Wand of
Monster Summoning at this stage as well as some other wands.

Here, try to avoid the skeleton warriors and make it to Sarevok's home to the
North West of the map.

Inside, use strategy 11 and get the wizards and Sarevok's goons out first to
your group. Before that, remove

the traps around you near the entrance. However, you cannot remove those on
the Symbol of Bhaal so just remember not to step on it.

Using strategy 14, Sarevok should be taken down relatively easy.

***************************THE END************************************

I hope this walkthru and strategy guide has been helpful. If you need to know
about other subquest I'll include it in my next version.

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