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Читы для Bargon Attack

Чит-файл для Bargon Attack

Bargon Attack

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Coktel Vision
Издатель:Coktel Vision

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1992 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Complete Walkthrough
Ver 1.00

by BBB

  I. Introduction.
 II. Story.
III. Walkthrough.
 IV. Special Thanks.

  I. Introduction
   This is an adventure game released by Coktel Vision at 1992, which has also
released Goblins series and other adventure games. This game is released in two
versions: a CGA/EGA version with 8 5'25 inch DD disk, and VGA version 6 5'25
inch HD disk featuring high quality graphic and video also some additional
   But there was no walkthrough for this hint, even after a lifetime searching
through the net. I don't know if anyone cares about it. 3 years ago, I
accidentally stumbled upon a complete BA walkthrough, but it was written
completely in Italian. Since I didn't have any knowledge for that language, this
hint has rested in my domain... until now.
   Lately, I found out a dictionary website that offers free translation almost
any languages plus you can translate more words, lines, even paragraph at once.
Too bad it doesn't offers Italian. But I do hear that Spanish and Italian
language has similar verbs, and since the website do offers Spanish-English
translation, I tried my luck on it. The translation worked with only 20-30
percent accuracy. The site only translate (very) basic language of the
walkthrough. Although the context is barely readable, I do manage to understand
it vaguely with my experience from playing this game (All this time, I could
only proceed until 80-90 %).
   So, after re-playing BA and with help from partial-translated walktrough, I
was able to finish the game and rewrite this full walkthrough in english
version. Following the format from the Italian version, I separate each part
into phases for better reading (Note that this is a linear gameplay, as you
cannot go back into previous steps. So be very careful). And now, I present to
anyone, the complete Bargon Attack solution....

 II. Story
   The game takes place in Paris. The whole town was stumbled upon a new game
software called Bargon Attack (what a coincidence). People were going crazy
about this game. They loved it. Unaware to those people, the Bargonian begin to
alive, jump out from the monitor, and starts eliminating them.
   In a short time, earth was infested with this Bargonians. Fortunately, a hero
named Bob Sprite is ready to kick their butt.

III. Walkthrough

** Notes:
   Later in the game, you will find several program cards and an arm-unit. The
programs are Shoot, Mutate, and Translate. So if my hint says 'Shoot the bad
guy', select the arm-unit in inventory and it opens another windows. Select
'Shoot Prg' and point it at 'the bad guy', clicking on the object. This also
apply to 'Mutate the dummy' command or 'Translate the writings'.
   Remember to save each phase. You could die easily or forgot some clues.
Always check everything, carefully.

** Phase 1
   Examine the umbrella on the right side of the pay-toilet. Take the key that
falls from it. Use the key to unlock the trunk on the left side. Remove the
contents. Notice the gray frockcoat? Take a button from it and toss it at the
piggybank sitting on the white table. Before leaving through escalator, take a
leaflet for the Bargon.

** Phase 2
   Open the saddle on the red bike. Pick things inside until you get a
screwdriver. Now open the door and enter. Inside, take a coin between the 2nd
and 3rd computer. Click anywhere on top floor to get up. Notice something inside
the grating? Use screwdriver to force it open. Take the Shoot Program. Now
insert the coin into the pay-telescope and spot these 3 sightings: Arch of the
Defense (left), a guy playing bargon attack (middle), and Pompidon Centre
(right). Notice the poster there? Examine it and write down the symbols, you'll
need it later. After this, leave through the door and quickly use the key from
the umbrella to lock it. (Failure doing this action and you'll be killed) Now
exit to the right.

** Phase 3
   An incident occur. Inspect the building site. Get drill and use it on the
badge that pressed on the floor to pick it up. Go back to Nono's apartment. Take
the pump and a key, then leave. Use Nono's key with the blue scooter. When the
tire burst, just use the pump on it.

** Phase 4
   Spot the motorcycle near the garage. Enter the Cafe. Speak with everyone,
then enter the backdoor. Take the yellow stick (on the right) and play billyard
3 times. The last ball will bounce to the hunting trophy, knocking a key. Take
it. Use the key on the display case. Check each cups until one drops another key
(it's on the upper-left). Pick the twisted key. Use it on the private door.
Enter, then switch the bottom button. Leave, then use the switch between the 2
doors. Pick up another leaflet that falls from the fan, and notice another
Bargon passing by. Return to the bar.
   Now that your chocolate cup is ready, pay the bartender to get some changes
(you have an option to take the newspaper, although it's not necessary). Leave.
   Enter the Bakery. Take a liquorice and pay her. You could also buy nougat and
mastabar, but not necessarily needed. Leave.
   Now that the bike is gone, examine the garage. Put 2 leaflets under the door
and use liquorice in the keyhole (dropping the key). You will get the key and
automatically enter the garage.

** Phase 5
   Walk to panel of spanner to the right. Click the upper-left spanner of the
bottom panel, revealing a hollow spanner. Examine the control panel beside it.
See the badge hollow near the button? Insert badge into the hollow and the
control box upstair will be unlocked. Open the box and take the 8-wrench. Insert
the wrench into the hollow wrench, then press the 'OFF' button on the control
panel to descend.

** Phase 6
   Take the remote control on the table. Use it at the trunk and car door. Get
the hood inside the trunk. Close the trunk using the remote control, then put it
back on the table. Now enter the car and close the door.

** Phase 7
   After the long trip, you walks out from the car. Approach the skeleton on the
left, avoiding the gray pond (walk around it). Take the bracelet. It was
actually an arm-unit and has a slot to insert programs. You will automatically
insert the Shoot Program into it. Now shoot the gray figure on stair twice,
killing it. Now ascend the stairs and take the Mutate Program. Another gray
figure is blocking your exit. Don't shoot it, instead take another path inside
the cave to the left. You will return on the ground. Now do these steps quickly,
since the sun heat could kill you. I also advice you to save the game here since
the next phase is very difficult. Mutate the sand near the sea, then quickly
dive in.

** Phase 8
   Now you're deep below. Click on the credits to start playing this crab-
shooter mini game. The object here is to shoot the small crab that the big one
spits, but never... ever shoot the big bad boy itself. You and the enemy each
has 11 lives, and if one side has lost all their lives, it's game over. This
mini game is a little difficult, but with a little practice you can beat it.

** Phase 9
   After some more diving, you'll surface on a fountain. Mutate both lion's
mouth, then on the leg of the right lion statue. After the leg lifted, quickly
shoot it. Take the gloves and leave to the right.
   Note: the original hint point out a bug here, that you cannot leave the area.
The solution is to try using the gloves several times.

** Phase 10
   After you're following the Bargon, you'll stop upon a bookstand. Examine the
book 'Romance of Renart' on the upper-right shelf. Turn the cover and take the
Translate Program. Proceed to the right.

** Phase 11
   Mutate the 1st, 3rd, and 6th of the head statue (from left to right). It will
open the secret door, but when you try to walk through, bars will shut the way.
Notice the red graffiti? Translate it to read some clues, then examine the point
inside the letter 'O'. The bar raises and you can now enter.
** Phase 12
   Pull ring under the torch  to reveal a fountain (no water yet). Shoot the
skull and take the vial behind it. Now proceed to the right.
   In the next room, play the harp and the statue will speak (another clue). Now
press the lower left button on the right panel. Return to the left. Get ready to
pull the ring near you as a boulder is coming toward you. Time your action so
that the boulder would fall on the trapdoor below. Now that the fountain sprout
water, use the vial to fill it. Return to the other room.
   Look at 3x3 point figures on the right panel. Mutate each point, forming a
shape that you saw back in Phase 2. If you forgotten, the shape is (from left-
right, up-bottom): square-cross-triangle, triangle-square-cross, cross-triangle-
square. After you've arranged the shapes, press the 2nd button from left and
exit through another door that opens.

** Phase 13
   This room is filled with stolen artifacts. Pour water from the vial into the
red plant. The middle floor will form a 2x3 tiles. Now examine the drawer on the
right. When the bust of Amenofis open it's eyes, step on the tiles. Solve the
riddle by walking to each tiles that represent it's colour then mutate the
bust's armband. The answer for first riddle is Black-White-Red. The drawer will
be unlocked. Take a Save Program Disk from inside (this one cannot be inserted
into your arm-unit). Now try to open the right door. When the statue eyes were
open again, solve this second riddle: Yellow-Blue. Now exit to the right.

** Phase 14
   Examine the eye of the animal statue. Retrieve the blue token from it. Mutate
the blue flywheel (on the upper-right) and a secret elevator revealed. Use the
panel and input this code: A1-B2-C3. You automatically enter.
   Note: this is a view of the elevator panel...
			  A B C
			1 x x x
			2 x x x
			3 x x x

** Phase 15
   Without moving, translate the graffiti on the third post (another clue). Now
use the panel again and input this code: A2-B2-C2. Press the green button that
reveals. Now walk to the third post, in zig-zag. Notice the imprint on the left
side? Insert the blue token into it. Now you will watch some cut-scene.

** Phase 16
   Quickly, wear the hood.

** Phase 17
   Shoot the flowers and a new one blooms. Take it. Go through the door to reach
the top floor. Approach another door and hand the flower into the light. You'll
be transported to another place.

** Phase 18
   Start walking. A flying crab and a Bargonian soldier will appear. Quickly,
shoot him then access the panel on the right side to trap the crab. After it's
safe, mutate the right milestone and tiles will appear, enabling you to walk
safely across the deadly pool. Enter the airlock. You will be taken to the
Planet of Bargon.

** Phase 19
   Walk to the front, then start shooting all grey creatures (one will escape).
Proceed right.

** Phase 20
   Translate the writing on the green Stela. Now carefully walk toward. You will
be sucked into the swamp, but a Bargonian worm will save you. Just wait until it
brings you out of this place.

** Phase 21
   Note: This is the place that I stuck long time ago. Even the original hint
had me figured long enough until I understand the problem.
   Approach the center milestone. Now carefully position yourself so that you
can BARELY SEE YOUR SHADOW ON IT. Then mutate the milestone, and you'll
transform into a Bargonian (Yikes!). Proceed right. Another cutscene occurs,
explaining the back history of Bargon attacks.

** Phase 22
   You're back to your old self now. Walk to the third footbridge, then mutate
it to descend. Approach the panel and press the right button. Step on the
footbridge again and mutate it. You'll be taken to an exit.

** Phase 23
   Quickly arm yourself and shoot the Bargon on the seat. Now sit down, and
you'll watch that the Bargonian had the Earth destroyed. But remember what Sark
had told you to; you have to use the Save Program on the third disk drives and
the earth will return to normal.
   After you get up, prepare to shoot another Bargon. After that, use the
elevator on right then enter. On top floor, access the middle control panel and
do what Sark had told you to. Return to the elevator, then exit to the right.

   Now watch the ending...

 IV. Special Thanks
1. Someone that wrote the original hint. Since I'm totally out out Italian, let
anyone send my regards to him.
2. Coktel Vision, whom has released this game.
3. The Dictionary sites, which has offer great help making this english version.
The sites are:
4. And finally, my PC.... :)

Any help or suggestion can be forwarded to here:
Note that I'm not going to answer for any technical problem.....

Copyright @ January 4, 2000.....

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