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Чит-файл для BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge

The Crescent Hawk's Revenge

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Westwood Associates
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Strategy (Real-time / Tactical) / Top-down

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1990 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

This version of the BATTLETECH game is much more closely aligned with the
FASA standard BATTLETECH combat system. As with all walkthrus, it is best
used as a reference when you get stuck; however, in BATTLETECH even the
right strategy will not always yield the desired results. So, this is more
of a list of strategies that worked for me but which might need
modification to suit your own needs.

In many of the scenarios, you will start out with new mechs. Unfortunately,
you will often find there are times when you have to use severely battered
mechs, and you may even have lost some. Now, on to the game.

Hint: Make photocopies of the maps starting on page 118 so you can plot
where enemy mechs are anytime that the satellite link is active.


The first thing you will do is select the mechs for your first drop. Grab
the hardest hitting mechs you can -- especially those with good, long-range
capabilities (give Jason the Griffin). The dropship is shot down, two mech
pilots are killed, and you land in the drink with no mechs to use. But
there is a "blind" Jenner being piloted by Grease Anderson; you need it to
guide you to a Locust that is coming in to finish you off. The manual
describes an effective strategy in the Quick-Start section for the first
two scenarios.

The Dragon scenario is tough, and you will need to ensure that you don't go
one-on-one with him. Stick to a close-knit formation and keep your mechs
moving (you can't afford to slug it out).

The Mobile HQ scenario is tricky as you will need to nail it as soon as
possible because it moves very fast. The HQ starts out just to the north of
your Mech force. So, quickly plot an intercept (using the road where
possible). The Phoenix Hawk, which is pretty fast, is your best bet (.2 MPH
faster than the HQ).

Engage overburn, but keep an eye on the heat buildup when you get to firing
range. Turn on Fire-At-Will as you close. In addition, get all your other
mechs moving west as fast as they can; there's some heavy-hitting stuff
coming (including Rommel Tanks) from the east, and you need to regroup with
the Phoenix Hawk once the HQ is nailed.

Another Hint: If you can't get the satellite link to work, there's still
the chance that you can spot enemy mechs by looking for their tracks
through woods and grass!


Here, you receive a couple Urbanmechs which are very slow; so, try to keep
them on the road. Try to keep them on intersections giving you crossfire
and good long-range capability against the short-ranges of infantry and
jump troops. The loader will pick up the ammo from different parts of the
base automatically, but you will need to control it outside the city which
is tough: An Assassin mech is blocking the gates!

Team up the two urbanmechs and the truck behind the building near the gate
(remember the truck moves fast, so don't get it too far out in front). Move
the mechs to the north of the gate; keep them moving and the Assassin
should chase and overrun you. Put the urbanmechs between him and the gates
and get the truck moving (keep to the road) like the blazes out the gate.
You don't need to destroy the Assassin to complete this scenario.


The real trick here is in keeping together and out of sight as long as
possible until you are needed to make your attack, but you need to stay
nearby. One good strategy is to head into the thick, forested area in the
center of the map. You can make quite a lot of undetected movement toward
the north in 20 minutes. Again, there are heavy mechs here, so
concentrating your firepower is a must.


You can take either of two routes: around the mountain or through the
passes. I would recommend the latter because you are less likely to lose
the APCs (needed for the city scenario). You will run into Rommel tanks and
Drillsons -- the most dangerous foes in this scenario. You will need to
keep the heavy mechs out front and the APCs to the rear. When you clear the
mountains (and before you enter the city), send either a mech or the APC to
the northeast: You will find a mech repair facility, and receive four shiny
new Crusaders to attack the city.


You start just inside the gates and will need to move the APC lance very
quickly to the east. To give yourself more time, immediately set the game
speed to 1. Move the remaining mechs south to the large crossroads, and
hold them there until the APC is clear.

You will be attacked by a Drillson and some Skulkers. Disable the Drillson
as soon as you can. As soon as an enemy has a movement of "none," move onto
another target, as you can move out of a disabled vehicle's range quite
easily. Move quickly to the prison with the Crusaders (I simply moved the
lance target to the prison gate). Move the APC lance to the east wall, and
move them close to the prison as your mechs are closing.

About now, I set the speed of the game to 8 and waited until I heard firing,
then I moved the APC lance in. Blast a hole in the wall, move the APC in,
get the prisoners out, and get the heck out of there. Don't bother going
after the infantry; they are in endless supply and only whittle down your
Crusaders (you will need all the firepower you can muster to get out the

Move the mechs back to the large crossroads and keep the APC nearby. You
can target the APC lance on lighter targets like Skulkers. The tanks
guarding the gate have no long-range firepower and won't budge, so you can
pick them off with relatively light hits, _if_ the infantry isn't in too
hot pursuit!

This is one of the toughest scenarios in the game. Once you have escaped
the city, you have to make a run back through the mountains with whatever
mechs you have left. Unfortunately, there is a Kurita warrior, Chiun, who
has sworn to roast you; the Kurita have planes strafing the roadways, so
keep moving. Interestingly, they are almost single-mindedly after Jason
Youngblood, so they will only shoot at other mechs in passing.

Move all of your mechs (except Jason's) up the road, and take the first
left turn. Go just a little way off the road to the south, line up your
mechs (and even the APC lance!), and start firing into the forest in
different spots to set fire to it. This will definitely help heat up the
enemy mechs and give your mechs a better shot. After a bit, much of the
forest will be ablaze. Cease fire to cool off, set the speed to none, and
your firing instructions to "fire at will."

Meanwhile, Jason's mech should move northwest a little way from the gate
and wait by the lake. As soon as the enemy mechs clear the burning trees,
they will come after you. Move west to the mountain's edge, then north to
put the forest between you and the enemy lance. Follow the enemy mechs with
your remaining force (the enemy won't be firing much), and fire defensively
(or target bits of forest in their path -- they're still only after Jason
and won't deviate). I even set the APC lance to fire-at-will (they took out
an Archer) and they didn't get scratched.

Even if one mech breaks free, provided Jason's mech is in relatively good
shape, he should be able to finish it off. Regroup both lances, and send
the Crusaders round the mountain. Meanwhile, send your mech and the APC at
full speed through the mountain passes, and you should not meet any
resistance until you clear the opening at the other end. Wait just inside
until your other mechs arrive. Your mechs should meet a Rommel tank and a
Drillson or two at the northern entrance to the mountain (they would've
come in after you). Because they are in a line, advance slowly and
concentrate your firepower on the nearest vehicle (again, if you disable a
vehicle, move on to the next).

Finally, the mech will meet a couple of Rommels and a Galleon or two. Draw
them off and they will follow; meanwhile you can make a dash for the
dropship coordinates and wipe the sweat from your brow! Don't be surprised
if you lose a mech or two in this scenario!

The training grounds are relatively straightforward but give you a taste of
using the satellite link and artillery: Use it as much as you can.

On the assault session, hold your mechs back in a concentrated large
formation to the south of the target. Shell the heck out of the target area
where four heavy mechs should be sitting ducks (why get shot at yourself?);
you might actually destroy one with shelling, but you will certainly make
some dents in them. With about three minutes to the deadline, make a rush
at the target area (don't forget to turn the shelling off).

Use the same strategy with the "defend position" scenario. Shell the
oncoming mechs and look out for stationary reserves: They're easy pickings.
Again, if you lose the link, look for footprints and water ripples, and
shell them instead. Rolling barrages are good for troops on the move. But
just make sure you keep it coming!


Again, where possible, go for the heavy hitting, long-range mechs, and
especially the upgraded mechs. Make sure Jason is in something with lots of

Do stop and help the locals at the first jump-point. If nothing else, it
will raise the skill level, and in the "protect the city" scenario, your
mechs will be repaired for you.

In the first scenario, just keep your mechs in a tight formation,
concentrate long-range firepower, and you can pick off the enemy (they seem
to attack in columns).

In the city scenario, use the satellite link, and set up a strafing run on
the heavy mechs near the gate. Move your fire lance quickly down the wide
street, and have them set up shop on the far side of town (stop strafing
when your fire lance nears the fire line or you'll get hit, since strafing
a point actually strafes two lines that cross at that coordinate!). Send
your scout mechs up north to keep an eye out for flankers, then move them
in behind the enemy. Move the heavy mechs in, set them up about one-third
of the way in, and you can catch the enemy in a crossfire. Having beaten
the Clan, you will get your mechs repaired by a grateful city.

The Luthien Campaigns can only be won by continual strafing, shelling,
working at long-range concentrating firepower, and keeping your mechs out
of firefights as much as possible. The mountainous terrain is ideal since
the enemy is channeled down passes which can be easily strafed and/or

In one of the most difficult Luthien Campaigns, you will come across
Elementals -- nasty things; they're slow, but devastating at short range.
They appear at the northeast, so strafe the heck out of that area. Move
your mechs so that you can get your long-range weapons working to your best
advantage: Avoid close combat at all costs.


The final scenario involves destroying the Clan Galaxy Commander's mech.
You will need to move your mechs immediately north and locate them about
two-thirds of the way up the map. Strafe the central corridor until you
have nailed a puma or two. After a while, try crossing the corrider around
the south of a building (roughly in the center of the map): There are four
Madcats waiting there. Wait for the remaining Pumas and nail them when they
emerge from the passes (don't move, they'll come to you). Immediately move
west at top speed and get your mechs to a storage building (you protected
this in an earlier scenario). Somewhere along the way you will be told that
the Galaxy commander is in the area (four more Madcats). Remember to turn
off the strafing as you cross the line of fire; turn it back on again when
you are clear! Stake out the area south of the grassy/forest peninsula and
wait. You might want to strafe the oncoming Madcats if you get a satellite
link (move your mechs to one side first).

Other than that, try different strategies/equipment mixes; this is a very
good tactical implementation of BATTLETECH. Of course, you will still need
luck, so good luck!

distributed by Mediagenic.

This walkthru is copyright (c) 1991 by Hobart and THE ELECTRONIC GAMER (tm).
All rights reserved. Not to be distributed without permission.

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