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Читы для Beavis and Butt-Head Do U

Чит-файл для Beavis and Butt-Head Do U

Beavis and Butt-Head Do U

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Illusions и MTV Interactive
Издатель:GT Interactive Software
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 21 января 1999 года

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Control Interface

At any time, to save/load game, change options or quit, hit the F1 key
The  pointer  changes  when  you  can interact with something. In most
cases   it  becomes  a  picture  that  has  gears,  indicating  "use",
a bullhorn for "talk" or a magnifying glass for "look", with an "L" or
"R"  to  indicate  which  mouse  button  is  to be used. The boys have
a  brown  paper  bag  in  the  upper  right corner, which controls the
inventory.  "Use"  selects  the item, while "talk" describes the item.
Items in inventory can be combined with each other. It sometimes takes
multiple  "use"  commands  to  reach a particular goal. Each time, the
response  will  be  different.  When  you get a repeated response, the
particular  situation  is  at a dead end. Hit the space bar and/or the
ESC  key  to fast-forward past in-game movies, and speech you've heard
before. NOTE: On the walkthrough below, follow the directions for each
step  and  then  go to the room indicated in the parentheses. Example:
Go to Dorms (DORM B) Then skip to where "DORM B" is on the walkthrough
and proceed.


Click on the door to leave.

The  Dean's  speech will last forever unless you disrupt things enough
for  him  to  end  the  lecture.  You need to harass the girl in front
of  you  until  she  gives  you  some  paper to leave her alone. Click
on  Beavis to make a paper airplane and sail it at the Dean. Also, use
the  spotlight  to  make  shadow  puppets, and talk to the Dean, until
he  calls  an end to the lecture. Next, Van Dreissen will want to have
a  word  with  you. He'll give you a map, which has 8 events that need
to  be  signed off in order to go to the party. The map will be in the
upper  left-hand  corner of the screen and can be accessed at any time
by  clicking  on  it. It can be used as an easy way to move from place
to place.


The sites on the map can be gone to in any order

BIOLOGY  Also,  you  can  go  to  the Dean's office by clicking on his
picture  and  the  Student  Union  Building  by clicking on the statue
of the horse.


(DORM-A)  Outside  the  dorms,  you  can look at the map, the bulletin
board,  and  talk  to  the  guy handing out flyers. Go inside and talk
to  the person at the desk. She'll sign your sheet, but first you have
to  deliver  a  package  to  room  105.  Upon getting the package, you
promptly  throw it out. In the Dumpster, you automatically find peanut
butter.  Chase  down  the garbage truck, pull the lever and toss trash
out  the  back  until  you  find the skirt. Go to the girl's room (she
won't take the skirt until it's been cleaned), and the desk clerk will
not  sign  off  on your map. Go to the bathroom, where Beavis will use
the  toilet, which has no toilet paper. Reach in the lockers until you
find  a  towel  and  toss it to Beavis. The Towel, along with whatever
Beavis  did,  will  clog the toilet. While the janitor is checking the
toilet,  grab his hacksaw, and the hand soap. You can also go into the
laundry  and  grab  the  red  underwear  for your inventory. Go to the
Library  (LIB-A),  the  Art  building  (ART-A),  or  the  Agricultural
Building  (AGR-A) (DORM-B) Talk to the student with the flyers for the
blind  and  grab one. Use the salad tongs and grab the campus map. The
cow  should be there and you feed it the peanut butter so you can milk
it.  It  also  leaves poop, which Beavis will gladly put in inventory.
Go  to  the Biology building. (BIO) (DORM-C) Go to the hose and put it
in  the  window.  Go  inside and into the laundry room. Spray the hose
in the washer; throw in the handsoap and then throw in the skirt. Wash
the  skirt  and  give  it  back to the girl in room 105. While you are
there, take note of the answering machine message (555-6969) Go to the
front  desk  and  get  your  paper signed. Then go to the ART building
(ART-A)  (DORM-D)  In  room  105, get the scissors from the desk. Then
click  the  answering  machine  to  get the pager number. Click on the
phone to page her- she won't help you. Click on the answering machine,
change  the message, and page her again, let the answering machine get
it  this time, getting directions. You'll automatically go to the frat


(ART-A)  Talk  to  the  art  teacher  who  gives  you  your task. Draw
a  picture  of  fruit.  The  other  side  of the room is having a nude
modeling  class,  which  is  waiting  for  their model, who is late...
or  lost.  She's  either  in front of the Dorms, or in the Agriculture
building. Find her and give her the campus map you got from the Dorms.
Then go back to the Art Building and have Beavis draw her, Turn in the
finished work and head for the Music building. (MUS-C)


(LIB-A) This is only signoff you can get without having to go anywhere
else  and  can  be  done  at  any  time. Take a left and play with the
library cart. After crashing you receive your task: put back the books
you  knocked  off  the  cart. Go over to Stewart; and open the window,
knocking  Stewart's  papers  on  the  floor. While Stewart is grabbing
papers,  take  his  gold  library  card.  Then  turn off his computer.
Stewart  then can be talked into trying to cart ride. When it crashes,
Stewart puts away the books and the librarian signs you off.


(MUS-A) First play with the metronome until the girl playing the flute
gives  up. She then locks her flute in a locker then leaves. Play (and
trash)  any  musical instruments you find. The musical teacher refuses
to  sign  your  paper  and  sends  you  to the Dean's office. (DEAN-A)
(MUS-B)  The  music teacher is no longer mad at you and gives you your
task,  play  some  music  she has. Beavis cannot play it, so steal her
sheet  music  off the piano and use the hacksaw to cut off the padlock
and  steal  the  girl's  flute. Then go to the Track (TRACK-A) (MUS-C)
Have  Beavis  play  the  instrument  and  while  he  is  playing. Have
Butt-head  turn  on  the radio. The teacher thinks the radio is Beavis
and signs off the form

(COMM-A)  Talk  to  the  guy  on the couch and get your task. You need
to  just  run the station and take a few calls. Go into the studio and
answer  the phone. The first call is a girl discussing her breasts and
in  the  ensuing fisticuffs, the microphone gets broken. But, you have
a spare that you took from the Dean's hallway. Plug in that microphone
and  take  calls.  Take  calls until you get repeat calls or the phone
stops ringing. Go see the guy on the couch. That will sign you off and
give  you  a  demo album. Go back in the studio, unhook the microphone
and  connect  it  to  the  dish  out  the  window. Aim the dish at Van
Driessen  until  you  can  hear  him  playing  the  guitar.  Leave the
microphone there and go to the Music building. (MUS-B)


(TRACK-A) Use the Dean's putter on the driving range as you enter. The
groundskeeper  runs  over  any  balls  you  knock  on  the  field. The
lawnmower  shoots them left if the groundskeeper is facing you, to the
right if he is facing away. Watch the power bar, and a shot at 4 units
of  the  swing  meter will drop a ball in line with the gym coach. The
gym  coach  gets  hit  with  a ball and drops his sunglasses. Take the
stairs  down  to  the  track  and  grab  the  sunglasses.  Go  to  the
Agricultural  Building. (AGR-A) (TRACK-B) Use the change to buy a soda
at  the machine, Beavis will drink it and turn into Cornholio. Go down
to the track and shock Cornholio with the cattle prod. He easily makes
the  high  jump  and  the gym teacher signs your form. Go to the Dorms
(DORM-C)  (TRACK-C)  Use  your  scissors on the man refilling the soda
machine  and  cut  the  cord connecting the keys to his belt. Take the
keys.  Use  the  keys  to  get  into  the  storage  room,  and get the
megaphone.  Go  out  to  the  track  and  give  the  megaphone  to the
cheerleaders  there.  Go  back  to  the soda machine and use your keys
on the riding mower. Ride the mower down to the field, and connect the
trailer  hitch  to  the  lawnmower.  Beavis  drives away, knocking the
Beaver  off the end zone. Collect his head and go to the Dean's Office


(AGR-A)  Grab  the  cattle  prod  right  inside  the door. Talk to the
student who gives you your task: to milk the cow and get the eggs from
the  chickens.  He  gives you a bucket and a basket. Open the door and
let  the  cow  out  and  then go into the bullpen. Use the red panties
on the bull and while the bull is stomping Beavis, grab the pitchfork.
Go  to  the  Dorms  (DORM-B)  (AGR-B) Give the snake eggs and the milk
to  the  student, who will sign off your form. Go to the Student Union


(BIO)  Walk  in  and you receive your task. Put the plastic body parts
back  in  the  model.  Beavis  promptly breaks the heart, which can be
replaced  by  the  one in he jar. It's too slippery to pick up by hand
so  use  the  pitchfork to stab it and put it in the model. Turn it in
and  the  teacher  will  sign  your  form.  Use the flute on the snake
so  Beavis  can  grab  the  eggs and put them in the basket. Go to the
Agriculture building (AGR-B)


(DEAN-A)The  Dean  is  very  angry after you broke the instruments and
sends  you to the cafeteria to work off the damages. Leave his office,
cross  the  courtyard  and go to the cafeteria, which has Van Dreissen
sitting  out  front. (CAFE). (DEAN-B) The Dean is very pleased by your
work  and  changes  his  mind  about  you.  Prove him wrong, steal his
putter,  and turn off the intercom above the light switch. Go out into
the  hallway, grab the microphone, which the Dean can't hear since the
intercom  is off. Go to the Communications building. (COMM-A) (DEAN-C)
Go  to  the psychologist's office. Listen to her questions for a while
until  she  talks about her art collection. If she doesn't mention it,
look  at it. Close the shutter, and give her the artwork, which she'll
frame  and put on the wall, putting the old painting on the floor near
the  couch.  Turn  off  the lights and grab the old art from the floor
before she turns the lights back on. Leave her office and go into your
inventory.  Combine  the  artwork  and  Van  Driessen's  little award,
framing  it.  Buff  the Dean's floor with the floor buffer, especially
near the wall until you hear something drop. Go into the Dean's office
and look to see if a degree is on the floor. If so, pick it up, put it
in  your  inventory  and  put  your  award from Van Dreissen up in its
place. Leave and go back to the frat party. (FRAT-B)


(CAFE)  Go  to  the snack bar and make a salad; it doesn't matter what
type.  Just  make  sure  you  use  pepper  until Beavis sneezes on the
student.  The  student  leaves.  Steal  the  salad  tongs.  The  salad
is automatically put in your inventory, although you can throw it out.
Go  across  the  room  and  start  your  work.  The  work  is a puzzle
of  repetition. Each student asks for food in the same order. Each new
student  adds  a  new  item  at  the end; the boys must serve the food
in  the same order. Eventually, Beavis says the line is empty. Go back
to the Dean's office. (DEAN-B)


(COURT-A)  Go  to  the  coffee  shop  on  the  right  and  get  Beavis
a  cappuccino.  While  Beavis  is  claiming  things in the name of his
bunghole,  grab  the  tip  jar  and  leave. Put the cow poop under the
statue,  you'll  need  it there. Go over to Van Dreissen, give him the
sheet  music  and the sunglasses, then put the blind flyer and tip jar
in his guitar case. People will assume he's blind and give him change,
take  the change and go to the track (TRACK-B) (COURT-B) Point out the
poop  to  the  man, he grabs the poop and leaves. Then use the hacksaw
on the horse and get the shield. Then go to the Track (TRACK-C) You've
completed your tasks and are ready for the party!


(PARTY)  Get  some  punch from the punchbowl. Set it on the turntable.
The  DJ gets soaked and leaves. Play your demo album on the turntable.
Van  Driessen  will step in and start playing music. Challenge Earl to
a game of tug-o-war and while Beavis and Earl are getting ready, click
on  the  end  of the rope to tie it to the bleachers. That should pull
the  bleachers  out,  climb  the ladder. Click on the basketball hoop,
which  should  get Van Dreissen out of the way. The boys automatically
leave and go back to the dorms. (DORM-D)


(FRAT-A) The frat is having a party and you can go in, if you complete
their  scavenger  hunt.  They need you to get three things: the shield
form  the  horse  statue,  Barry the school mascot's head and a degree
from  the  Dean's  wall.  Go to the Student Union Courtyard. (COURT-B)
(FRAT-B) Give the guy at he door, the beaver head, the shield, and the
degree.  He'll  let you in, pick up the beers on the floor, until they
give  you a new task. Go to another frat and steal back a cheat sheet.
They  even  give  you  paint guns. Onto the AlphaЕ uhhЕ Alpha. The Alf
guys.  (ALPHA) (ALPHA) The point of this area is to shoot all the frat
boys   and   cause  as  much  collateral  damage  as  possible.  Shoot
everything,  especially people. It's harder to target on the left side
since  Butt-head  is  in  the  way  and you can lose your cursor. Save
frequently,  at  the  beginning of each room as you clear the previous
room, because if you lose, you have to start your raid all over again.
There  are  four  rooms,  the  living  room, the kitchen, the upstairs
hallway and the bedroom. In the trunk in the bedroom, there's a health
icon,  shoot  it for extra health. Eventually, you get the cheat sheet
and  return  to  your frat. Now you finally get to score, although the
chicks  seem  a  little familiar. Congratulations! Oh, and sit through
the credits.

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