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Читы для Betrayal at Krondor

Чит-файл для Betrayal at Krondor

Betrayal at Krondor

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Жанры:RPG / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1993 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Betrayal at Krondor

This is the full walkthrough of the best RPG game in the history. You can
solve all the sidequests, gain all the scrolls from throughout the area, know
all the stories inside, and even get the codes for the cheat chest. I try to
make these hints as thorough as possible. For the sidequests, you can try them
in any order you like. I've just put them in the sidequest section in every
chapter. I've played this game 3 times and still don't get bored with it. So,
buckle your belt and get ready for the ADVENTURE of a life time.


Chapter 1 : Into a Dark Night

Q: What is my objective in chapter one?
A: Locklear and Owyn escort a Moredhel prisoner named Gorath, to Krondor. The
strategic and political importance of this trip South will become clear soon

Q: Where is Krondor?
A: Krondor is the Southernmost city in the Kingdom of Midkemia. If you are
having trouble finding it, refer to the color map included in your box. You
will find it along the coast of the Bitter Sea, just East of Sorcerer's isle.

Q: How do I open the Moredhel word locks?
A: Spin the tumblers on the chest until they spell the correct answer to the
riddle! All of the riddles and their answers are available at the end of this

Q: How do I get past the magical trap South of Zun?
A: South of Zun you will encounter a magical trap with four crystals that rise
out of the ground. You may click on your RETREAT button, (it could take
several tries), and bypass this trap, taking another route to Krondor; or you
could attempt to "solve" the puzzle. In this case, walking between like
colored crystals will trigger a magical lightning bolt that could kill a
member of your party. Try walking around the deadly pairs. Tap the "G" key on
your keyboard if you need extra help.

Q: My characters suddenly became sick or poisoned. Why?
A: Be sure to "examine" every package of rations you find in the world. Click
on the object with your right mouse button, then pay close attention to the
information in the upper left corner of the display. If your characters DO
become poisoned you will have to find some anti-venom, or pay for a cure in a
local temple. Restoratives and plenty of rest will also help heal this
condition. Getting "sick" from eating spoiled rations can usually be overcome
by sleeping for more than 12 hours.

Q: What should I do at Krondor?
A: When you get close to Krondor, you will be prompted as to whether you want
to continue following the road that leads toward the castle. Answer "YES" then
wait until the picture of the castle appears. Move your cursor over this
picture and you will see it change to words like "SHOP", "INN" and "PALACE."
If you left click when the cursor says "palace" you will learn that the gates
have been jammed. Move your cursor down to the cliff face beneath the gates
and you will find an alternate entrance into the castle.

Q: I'm in the sewer. Where is James?
A: You will not be able to get into the palace from the sewers until you have
found a character named James. He has been cornered by a group of Nighthawks
(wearing black) in the NW corner of the sewer network. You must kill them,
then head down the side passage that branches off to the North.

Q: Which grate leads up to the palace?
A: James will give you a key to unlock one of the grates leading up into the
palace. (The key will show up with your other keys automatically.) You'll find
the grate in a room East of where you found James. When you see a ladder,
click on it with your left mouse button. From the "lock screen" drag James'
key to the lock and release your button. (HINT: Try right clicking on the lock
for more information.) If you've found the correct ladder, the lock will open
and you will have successfully completed the first chapter!

The Sidequests :

Q : The Makala's Ruby, where can I find the ruby ?
A : Go to La Mut, and talk to the commander of the garrison in the castle.
Some grey warriors have stolen the Makala's ruby and escape to Loriel. Go to
Loriel, find Keifer the Gem Master and talk about the ruby with him ( he sold
it to Isaac ). Find Isaac at the street north of Hawk's Hollow. Pay him some
money to retrieve the ruby. Go back to La Mut, talk to the commander and
received your reward of 100 sovereigns.

Q : Brakk Nurr, where can I kill Brakk Nurr ?
A : Learn about the dwarf's problem from a dwarf in the La Mut's inn. Go to
dwarven mine south of La Mut ( it's at the end of a path to western hills ).
Go to Northwestern path of the mine, kill it. Go back to the entrance of the
mine and tell the dwarf about it. Receive another 100 sovereigns.Note : You'll
find a chest contains book of mine's history in the room just left of the
first crossroad from the main entrance (It's behind the locked door. Use the
guilder passkey to unlock the door). Ask the dwarf about Ruarrgh room. It's
behind the Brakk Nurr chamber, but you can't go inside yet. Check it back

Q : The Dream Sender, where can I find him ?
A : The priests of the Temple of Sung have a big problem with a wicked man
called the Dream Sender. He is the advisor of Delekhan. First, find Rowe near
the crossroad south of Questior View (it's at the road to Krondor). Pay his
barn. Then go to Sarth. Ask the priest about the situation around Sarth. Learn
about Brother Marc. Find him at the corn field south of Sarthand talk about
Rowe. Talk to the priest of Temple of Sung about the Dream Sender. Go to the
barn near Temple of Sung. Get ready ..... kill Nagu, the Dream Sender.
Retrieve the note from his body. Return to Temple of Sung and received your
reward : Hoco's Haven Spell

Q : What other things can I do in chapter 1 ?
A : You can get the Flame Cast Spell in the locked chest near Sarth (behind
the trap poles) or the locked chest near Zun. You can learn lockpicking from
Lucan in the Hawk's Hollow (his house is beside the tavern) and sword skill
from Tad in Questior View (talk first to his brother about him, his brother's
house is in front of his house). You can learn about a Moredhel Conspiracy
from a note on the 2 Moredhel warriors who guarded a trapped chest on the road
to Sarth. Inside the chest you'll find the proove (2 expensive red diamonds).
Use Scent of Sarig's spell to untrapped the chest.


Chapter 2 : Shadows of The Nighthawks

Q: What is my objective in chapter two?
A: James and Gorath meet Owyn in the sewers under Krondor and together they
head to the town of Romney to rendezvous with a detachment of King Lyam's
troops at the Black Sheep Tavern.

Q: How do I get out of the sewers in chapter two?
A: The sewer exit is South. You will exit the sewers through the same entrance
that you used in chapter one.

Q: How do I defeat the Nighthawks near the temple of Ruthia (between Krondor
and Malac's Cross)?
A: Nighthawks dress all in black and you'll encounter a powerful group of them
near the temple of Ruthia. If you are having trouble killing them, try hugging
the mountain range South of the road and you should be able to slip past them
without being detected.

Q: How do I get into Romney. Mitchell Waylander won't let us through!
A: Due to the Guild war in and around Romney, Mitchell Waylander will refuse
to allow you into town without a Glazer's Guild seal. If you haven't been to
Silden yet, you will find an important clue regarding the Guild seals in a
chest outside the city. Go to the tavern and face the death of King's man.

Q: Where can I get a Glazer's Guild Seal?
A: Search for a farmhouse just West of the town of Lyton. (You may run into
Max Feeber, the farmer who lives there.) Search the barn and inside you will
find four Glazer's Guild seals!

Q: We've all come down with plague on our way into Silden!
A: The fever mad townsfolk who attack you outside Silden will give you the
plague. For a cure, continue into town and left click on the ship on the right
side of the screen---it will take you to the Temple of Eortis on Temple Isle.
Inside the temple, left click on the curtains that lead into the cloisters and
then choose the TALK option from the menu. The priestess will cure you of the
plague as you leave.

The Sidequests

Q : James' twin brother, where can I get some info about him ?
A : Go to Malac's Cross and browse around the inn. Meet this woman, Petrumph.
Ask about trouble in Sethanon. Learn about James' twin brother, Lysle. She
says that Lysle has gone to Darkmoor to hide away from Delekhan's man. Ask
Ivan Skeeld the innkeeper about Lysle. Go to Darkmoor. Find an abandoned barn
there. Go inside and meet Lysle Riggen. Learn that the bunch of thieves has
split up into two groups. One group goes to Silden (it's the main plot) and
the other goes to Krondor. Go to Krondor and head into the sewer. Find Limm
near the entrance of the sewer. Tell him about Lysle's info. In return he'll
give you a guild seal (if you follow the main plot, you'll find the guild
seals in Maxie Feeber's barn). Pay him for the note concerning about the
thieves from Malac's cross. Note : Learn also that someone named Glover in
Lyton has tried to buy the Glory Hand from Sethanon.

Q : The Haunted Shop, how can I solve this mistery ?
A : On the road near Sethanon (east of Sethanon) there is a tavern called Six
Toe Tavern. The owner has a problem with a ghost who disturbs her shop in
front of the tavern. First talk to Nivek in the tavern at Krondor. He gives
you an important clue about Maxie Feeber's habit, digging graves !!! Rumor
said that he digged Jarud's grave and steal his skeleton's hand to gain some
power of Glory Hand. Learn some info about a guy from Lyton named Glover from
Lysle at Darkmoor. Go to the inn in Lyton and find out more about Maxie Feeber
(his house is west of Lyton, near Sethanon). Talk to the owner of Six Toe
Tavern. Try to dig Jarud's grave behind the small bushes near the locked shop.
Notice that his hand is missing. Find Maxie Feeber's house. Get inside and
pick up the burial cloth. Find Maxie at his corn field. Tell him about Nivek's
suspicion. He told you that he drops the hand near Hershel's house. Go to
Hershel's house. Talk to him. Find out that Maxie is lying. Go to Lyton. Talk
to a young man in the tavern. Then go to Glover's house beside the tavern. Pay
him for the hand. Then buries the hand in Jarud's grave. Tell the owner of Six
Toe Tavern about it. Received a powerful sword : Galon Griefmaker

Q : The Mystery of Sethanon, how can I defeat the ghost in Sethanon ?
A : Learn about Sethanon from Petrumpth in an inn in Malac's Cross. Go to
Sethanon. Fight all of the ghost there. If you have already learn about the
Flame Cast and Skyfire spell and also received the Galon Griefmaker sword you
should beat them easily. If not yet, just use the "Hit and Run" tactic. Just
injure them as badly as you can then runaway. Return again to finish them. You
should bring lots of restoration and food to do it. Don't worry, it's worth
it. Inside Sethanon you can get 3 powerfull spells : Dannon's Dellusion,
Dragon's Breath, and Grief of 1000 Knights.

Q : The Lyton's taxman, how can I get pass this annoying taxman in the street
of Lyton ?
A : There is a bunch of bandits who threaten all the people in Lyton. They ask
some money as a toll payment. Fisrt, find Lord Lyton house (it's the house
with a big corn field northeast of Lyton). Talk to him. He needs 6 kingdom
armor to defeat them. Then go west to Sethanon's area. On the way you should
fight with 3 nighthawks. Beat them and get their armor. Then near that area,
there is a small pathway to a house to the south. Get inside and fight another
3 Moredhels. That should do it : 6 armors. Repair them all then bring them to
Lord Lyton. Now, he'll give you a note about some Moredhel wordlock. Find the
chest behind the thick bushes to the northeast of Lord Lyton house. Inside the
chest with word "SWORD", you'll find a blessed armor.

Q : What else can I find in chapter 2, I want more magic !!!!!
A : In the chest in front of Sethanon's entrance, you'll find Thought Like
Clouds Spell. You can learn more usefull lockpicking technique from Abuk on
the road to Silden. You can learn more about the Moredhel and Duke's man from
the house inside Malac's Cross city. Go to the Temple of Ishap and buy the
ticket to the house from the priest. Go back to the house and learn about the
Duke's man, and you'll receive a magic book.


Chapter 3 : The Spyglass and The Spider

Q: What is my objective in chapter three?
A: James, Owyn and Gorath must discover who was responsible for killing the
King's soldiers at the Black Sheep Tavern. They must solve the mystery of the
spyglass and the spider, then find enough evidence to convince Arutha that
Nighthawks are operating in the area. You should start by talking to the
people in and around Romney.

Q : The poisoned keg, who brought the wine to Romney ?
A : Go to Upside Down Keg Tavern in Sloop. Learn about the poisoned keg
ordered by Mitchel Waylander. Go to his house nearby, in the village of Sloop.
Fight the 5 nighthawks who guard his house. Talk to Mitchel Waylander about
the keg, and he'll tell you to go to Silden. Go to the tavern and talk to
Jamurk about the spyglass. Talk to the man on the left side and listened at
the secret conversation about some secret house in Silden. Go outside tavern
and "click" on the magnifying glass icon. Retrieve the power bag and give it
back to Jamurk. He'll tell you a secret about the spyglass.

Q : Where is Arlie Steelsoul ?
A : Talk to the governor of Romney about the murders. He'll tell you if you
can find Arlie first. Go to the house with 2 corn fields near Sloops. Take
some spoiled rations with you (you can buy it in Silden, if you can't find any
around) and approach the house. Solve the trap poles. Tell him that the
governor of Romney wants to speak to him.

Q: Who was responsible for killing the King's men at the Black Sheep vern?
A: You will uncover many clues by talking to the people in and around Romney,
but you will learn the most valuable information by heading North toward the
town of Kenting Rush. Check out the Temple of Kahooli North of town and talk
to the Priest.

Q: How do I get the priests at the Temple of Kahooli to give me formation?
A: You won't learn anything at the temple of Kahooli until you have proven you
are pious in the eyes of their god. To do this you must drop ALL your food in
a bag, then use the ENCAMP option until all your characters are "starving."
Only then should you enter the temple and talk to the priest.

Q: Where is Navon Du Sandau?
A: The priests at the temple of Kahooli will implicate Navon Du Sandau as the
leader of the Nighthawks and the man responsible for slaying the King's
soldiers. You will find him on the road, in or around the town of Kenting

Q: I've killed Navon Du Sandau. Where are the Nighthawk Headquarters?
A: Having killed Navon Du Sandau you must now find evidence of Nighthawk
involvement in a Moredhel attack on the Kingdom...to take back to Prince
Arutha in Krondor. You may find what you seek behind the waterfall, which is
just North of the Temple of Banath, between Cavall Keep and Prank's Stone. It
will be down a dirt road that branches West off the main road.

Q: How do I get through the locked door entrance to the Nighthawk
A: To enter the caverns behind the waterfall, move your cursor around near the
base of the falls until it changes to the word ENTER, then press your left
mouse button. You will need a "Knight's Piece" to get past the door.

Q: Where can I find the Knight's Piece?
A: Head back to Kenting Rush and attempt to use the well on the South side of

Q: How do I unlock the virtue well?
A: The lock on the well in Kenting Rush can only be opened with a "virtue
key." You will find such a key in the shop in Kenting Rush. There is also a
key located in a grave North of Prank's Stone, next to the river.

Q: How do I obtain the evidence I need against the nighthawks?
A: Once you've entered the caverns behind the waterfall, head NE. You will
need Navon Du Sandau's cellar key to get into his room. Once inside, you will
find a Moredhel wordlock chest, which contains the evidence you need to end
the chapter! The answer to the riddle is: "Darkness."

The Sidequests

Q : Madame Haphra's dreams, how can I help her ?
A : Find her house on the road between Sloop and Romney. Enter the house. Pay
her some money to do some reading for the future. Reject her reading and
suddenly she get mad and the rusalki will come out of his body and go away.
Follow it out and kill it. Go back to the house and receive a valuable info
about the murderers in Romney.

Q : Ivan's chess move, how I can defeat him ?
A : Remember Ivan from Malac Cross ? When you've met Navon Du Sandau at
Kenting Rush, you can ask him for his special chess move. Then if it's not
enough, try to find Brother Marc at the Abbey of Sarth. Ask him for the most
powerfull move in the game of chess : Abbor's Turn. Now you can go back to
Malac's Cross and challenge Ivan for a game of chess. Don't forget to bring
some emerald for the betting. You'll received an expensive emerald as a
reward. Note : if you ask Brother Marc about the nighthawks, you can buy Final
Rest spell for 100 sovereigns (that's 1/3 price from the shop).

Q : Where is the most complete magic shop in the world of Krondor ?
A : Look for a shop in the middle of the east forest between Prank Stone and
Caval Keep, Dabeh's Fanciful Trinkets. He sold lots of useful spells like
Final Rest, Nacre Cicatrix, The unseen, Nightfingers, Unfortunate Flux, Bane
of Black Slayers, Fetters of Rhime, and Stardusk.

Q : The Magic Test, what's the answer of the magic test in Kenting Rush ?
A : In the first house on the left when you enter Kenting Rush, there's a
magician who'll bet his Lightning Staff with a test. The answer is : Yes, No,
and you'll trick him. Receive the most powerful staff in the game : Lightning

Q : What else can I do in Chapter III ?
A : You can learn about fighting skill from a nobleman in Kenting Rush (the
first house on the right from Caval Keep), learn about temple Kahooli's
principal from Prelate (the house with many guards in the east forest of
Kenting Rush), pick up Steelfire Spell from a chest with word HOLES on it
(near the river between Silden and Sloop) and Eyes of Ishap (near the HOLES
chest), and learn about the most powerful sword in the game : The Guarda
Revanche and the magic shell to repair it from a book (use the noble passkey
to unlock the door) inside the cavern behind the waterfall near Caval Keep.
Look for the sword later when you visit the Elvandar forest.


Chapter 4 : Marked for Death

Q: What is my objective in chapter four?
A: Owyn and Gorath must escape from the dungeons at Sar-Sargoth and then fight
their way South to The Teeth of the World...and freedom!

Q: How do I escape the dungeons at Sar-Sargoth?
A: The door South of your starting location when the chapter begins, is the
only way to get to the upper level of the mine. To open that door you will
need to find an interdictor key. You may find an interdictor key by going
through the East door. You will need a Guildis Thorn key to open the East
door. Once through the South door, simply head south, then west. The upper
level is much smaller then then other levels. The exit is NE of the airway.

Q: How do I get out of the Northlands?
A: The easiest and most painless way to get out of the Northlands is to find
Irmelyn in the Giant's Broth Tavern in Armangar. He will ask you to rescue a
character named Obkhar from the naphtha mines nearby.

Q: Where is Obkhar or the naphtha mines?
A: The naphtha mines are located NE of Armangar. Go around the North side of
the mountains separating the river and the road, then follow the river South.
You can squeeze between the river and the mountains and enter a secluded
canyon. The entrance to the naphtha mines is across the bridge. Obkhar is
located NE of the cave entrance. (HINT: Do NOT attempt to light a torch in the
naphtha mines!!! Use Owyn's Candleglow spell, or a Bracer of Prandur to create
artificial light.)

Q: I've rescued Obkhar from the naphtha mines and received my reward. I can't
find Cullich!
A: Cullich can be found in a house South of Caern and West of the crossroads
that lead to Raglam and Wyke. Use your brass spyglass, or have Owyn cast an
Eyes of Ishap spell if you are still having trouble.

Q: Where is Moreaulf?
A: Moreaulf is located in the town of Harlech in one of the Northern

Q: How do I speak with Moreaulf?
A: You will need to cast the spell "And the Light Shall Lie" in order to speak
with him. (Only Cullich can teach you this short duration spell. HINT: It can
be cast several times in succession to increase the duration.) Moreaulf will
only give you the password for the guards on the bridge if you have talked to
them first.

Q: How do I cross the bridge that leads out of the Northlands?
A: Before you talk to Moreaulf (using the spell "And the Light Shall Lie, of
course) you should attempt to cross the bridge by heading south past Armangar.
This way you will be able to ask him about a "password." Once you have
received the password from Moreaulf, simply head back to the bridge and you
will be allowed across.

The Sidequests

Q : Are there any sidequests in this chapter ?
A : There are few sidequests here like the Nalar's Rib and finding few magic
items. You'll find lots of useful scrolls here, like :

  * Inside the cavern in Sar Sargoth, behind the East door from the first
    place you were captured, there's a trapped chest contain Evil Seek scroll

  * Outside Sar Sargoth, to the southwest, there's a chest with word EGGS on
    it. Inside you'll find Nightfinger scroll

  * In a well, west of Sar Sargoth, you'll see a vision about magician. Go
    to the tent nearby, and you'll find Unfortunate Flux scroll

  * In an abandoned house in Wyke (first house on the left) you'll find The
    Fetters of Rhime scroll

  * In a tent west of Cullich house you'll find Wrath of Killian scroll

Q: Where is Nalar's Rib?
A: Nalar's Rib is an extremely powerful, yet non-essential item that you may
want to spend some time looking for. It can be tricky to find. First, you must
collect the emerald and the note from the skull at Sar-Sargoth. Then, when you
leave the city, head south -- off the main road -- until you hit a mountain
and a graveyard. Go around the West side of the mountain and continue heading
south until you trigger a magical trap with three Ogre magicians in it. Once
this is dealt with, head SW and look for a large stone slab among a group of
trees. Nalar's Rib will kill all the Nalar's tribe in the forest, so you'll
get an easier combat after using that.


Chapter 5 : When Rivers Run Blood

Q: What is my objective in chapter five?
A: James, Locklear and Patrus help Duke Martin and Baron Gabot prepare a
defense for the impending Moredhel attack on Northwarden. The first place you
should go is back to Northwarden to talk with Baron Gabot. Then head south and
look for Duke Martin, he won't be too far from the castle.

Q: I'm having trouble with the three chests Duke Martin told me about.
A: The three chests Duke Martin tells you to find aren't far away. Head NW and
walk around the hills if you have to. When you find the chests the wordlock
answers are: "onion", "outside" and "door." The only poison that will work on
the rations is "coltari" poison, which can be purchased nearby. You must put
the rations in your inventory, poison them, then return them to each chest.

Q: How can I help Tamney the Minstrel?
A: Tamney the Minstrel can be found in a barn near the town of Dencamp on the
Teeth. To open the barn door, at least one member of the party must have a
STRENGTH rating of 30 or more. If this is a problem, you can buy a strength
booster called "Fadamor's Formula" at a shop nearby. The geomancy stones
Tamney asks about are in a cavern East of Dencamp. There are two side roads
that lead North to the cave entrance. Once inside you will find the stones in
a chest to the North.

Q: How do I get past the goblins guarding the pass into the Northlands?
A: There are FAR too many goblins guarding the entrance from the Kingdom into
the Northlands. You have no other choice but to pay them what they are asking.
The quickest way to raise the money is by selling the diamonds you got from
Tamney. It might be worth your while to search around for a shop that will
give you the best price.

Q: Where can I find the war plans in Raglam?
A: Captain Kroldech is occupying one of the houses in Raglam, and he has the
plans. To get the plans away from him, talk to the engineer who lives in the
house next to the tavern in Raglam.

Q: How can I make the engineer tell me where the missing catapult part is?
A: The engineer will only talk to the group if Patrus plays the lute POORLY.
The trick here is to lower Patrus' barding skill. The easiest and safest way
to do that is to get him drunk!

Q: I fired the catapult. What do I do next?
A: The engineer will tell you where to find the missing catapult part.
Retrieve it from the box near the river (be careful, it is trapped), then head
to the catapult and click on it with your left mouse button. Once the catapult
has been activated, head back to Raglam and click on Kroldech's house. The
plans are inside.

Q: Where can I find the invisible Moredhel spellcasters?
A: After returning to Duke Martin with the Kroldech's plans, the Duke will
give you one more task. This one will involve finding six invisible Moredhel
spellcasters and eliminating them. (They are SE of Dencamp on the Teeth, near
a house and well, which are both South of the main road.)

Q: How do I defeat the six Moredhel spellcasters?
try it many times before you succeed. Here are some tips: Use restoratives
before the combat to boost your characters up to full HEALTH, and use them
during combat if possible. Move your fighters into their ranks -- they can't
use their magic if you are standing right next to them. Also, make sure your
armor and weapons are in peak condition, and if you have any potions or weapon
or armor enhancers -- use them!

The Sidequests

Q : What is the sidequest in this chapter ?
A : There's no sidequest in this chapter, but you can find magic scroll and
one deadly sword around, like :

  * Black Nimbus spell from the troops near the south border to the Prank
    Stone. Defeat them and search for their belongings

  * The sword of Lims Kragma, this is the second powerful sword for human
    race. You'll find it along with the plans of the Moredhel in Kroldech's
    house in Raglam

  * There are minor jobs like : accept the night duty job at Northwarden
    (you'll learn about how the Moredhel can go inside the castle and receive
    an Euliko Armor as a reward), find 2 notes near the south border of Caval
    Keep that proove this imposters, and help Thea at the house near the
    cavern west of Decamp of Teeth to teach her husband some fighting skill
    (you'll received a crossbow as a reward)

Chapter 6 : Betrayal

Q: What is my objective in chapter six?
A: Owyn and Gorath must find Pug and Gamina. Their only clue is a cryptic
message burned onto the wall in Pug's room at Krondor: The Book of Macros.
When the chapter begins, search the sewers carefully.

Q: How do I get through the sewers under Krondor?
A: You will encounter a character named Katt in the SE corner, almost where
the hallway dead ends. (Try heading East from the four way intersection near
the entrance.) She will ask you for the Idol of Lassur, which is located in
the second level of the sewers. The chest it is located in, is trapped.

Q: How do I defeat the Pantathian serpent priests outside Malac's Cross?
A: If you head East towards Malac's Cross, watch out for the Pantathian
serpent priests surrounding the town. There are a lot of them and they are
very difficult to kill. Stock up on restoratives and use them before and
during the battle if possible. This would be a good place to use your armor
and weapons enhancers, as well. (HINT: You might pay a visit to Malac's Dragon
while you are in the area. It is NW of Malac's Cross.)

Q: How do I help Abbot Graves?
A: When Abbott Graves asks you to find Mitchell Waylander, head to Sloop. His
house is located near the shop. He will give you a note to take back to the

Q: Where is the key to Stellan's house?
A: The key to Stellan's house is located on a dead body just outside Krondor.
Stellan's house is located in Eggley. Once inside you will find a map that
will lead you through a secret entrance into the libraries at rth.

Q: How do I get to Sarth?
A: You will not be able to get into Sarth by the normal means. Find the key to
Stellan's house and retrieve the map that will allow you to enter the library
through the caverns underneath. You can enter the caverns by left clicking
near the bottom of the Sarth background, when your cursor changes to the word
"ENTER." Once you have found the stairs leading up to the library, search the
shelves carefully until you find the information you are seeking.

Q: Where is the entrance to the Elvandar Forest?
A: There is only one way to get into Elvandar: through the mines of the Mac
Mordain Cadall. You will find the mine entrance on the Western side of the
road, South of LaMut.

Q: What do I do in Elvandar?
A: Prince Calin will help you get through the Elvandar Forest. He is located
in the NE corner in a secluded area. Do not cross the river if you hope to
find him. Note : He'll give you the Thy Master Will spell. It can help you to
defeat the dragonfly easily as long as you bring some eggs with you.

Q: Where is Tomas?
A: Tomas can be reached by either passing through the Ancient Ruins, or by
fighting your way to the NW corner of the forest. The Ancient Ruins are
located on the Western side of the forest, North of a river intersection. When
you reach the Easternmost mountains, head North to avoid the deadly Sleeping
Glades. You will need a key of lineages which you can get from Prince Calin.

The Sidequests

Get ready for lots of sidequests in this chapter. There are more than 8
sidequests in this chapter. Solved it and you'll find it worthy.

Q : Festival of Silban, where can I find the Collector ?
A : When you first visit the tavern in Eaggley, you'll meet a strange guy
called Devon. He's the only inhabitants of Eaggley. He'll tell you that all
others people in Eaggley are afraid of a guy called the Collector. This guy
takes the money from the people everytime the Festival of Silban celebrated.
Now go visit the Temple of Silban (west of Eaggley and north of the first
crossroads, the temple is at the second crossroad). Talk to the priest after
you defeat the guards in front of the temple. They told you to find the
Collector and a guy named Franklin. First go find Franklin at the house north
of Eaggley (the house near the corn's field) and tell him that he's free to go
'cuz you have defeat the guards. Then continue your journey to Eaggley. Enter
the tavern and talk to Devon. Notice that now the inhabitants of Eaggle are
back again. Devon will tell you that maybe you can find the Collector in
Tanneur. Go to Tanneur and ask the guy on the left. He'll tell you about the
Collector. Go inside the inn and tell the collector to go to temple of Silban.
Go there and receive lots of restoration

Q : Petrumph's ale, where should I return her ale ?
A : On the way to Malac Cross (outside of Darkmoor) you'll meet Petrumph. She
has been fleeing from Malac Cross. The serpent man have conquered the city.
So, she asks you to pick up her valuable ale at Malac Cross. Go there and
visit the inn. Ivan Skeeld will give you the ale. Bring the ale to Ulam's
house at Darkmoor (the first house on the right) and you'll received a small
reward from Petrumph : lockpicks and Fadamor Formulas.

Q : Dagger 'n Star's problem, where can I find the ale for this tavern ?
A : In Kenting Rush, there is a problem with ale. There are to many moredhel
there that cause the disappearence of the supply of ales. One of the tavern,
Dagger 'n Star, will trade the ale with something valuable. You can find the
ale in the northeastern area of the forest (behind the illusion wall). Use the
spy glass to locate this secret valley. There're 5 chest containing ales in
that valley. It's just east of the entrance of the city of Kenting Rush (or
you can buy them at a shop in Loriel, they sold lots of Keshian ale there).
Bring the keshian ale and receive another Sword of Lims Kragma.

Q : Grimm the sad Sumani, how can I make him laugh ?
A : In Baboon's inn at Questior View there is a very sad Sumani warrior. The
innkeeper offer 80 sovereigns for anybody who can make him laugh. Try to make
him laugh first, if it doesn't work, go to La Mut. Talk to the dwarf about
Sumani then talk to the innkeeper about the jokes. Go back to Questior View
and tell the jokes. Receive the reward.

Q : The Kobolt of dwarven mines, where can I find the grey tower armor for him
A : In the lower level of the mines, there's a kobolt who lives in a deep pit.
He wants you to find him a grey tower armor. Ask the dwarf at the entrance of
the mine about the armor and the pit. He tells you about the armor and where
you can find it. Go to the north path passing the city of Yabon. Near the
bridge, examine the right side of the bridge (don't cross it, just walk around
and Gorath will notice the armor from the ground). Bring the armor to the
kobolt and he'll heal all of your party.

Q : How can I help the scribe in a house north of Yabon ?
A : First look at the house near the bridge (the one with field nearby). The
owner will tell you about the noise in the west. To go the house southwest of
it. Inside you'll find a young scribe who wants you to open a trapped chest,
west of Hawk Hollow. Go there, untrapped the chest and tell the scribe about
its contents. He'll give you the book of Tyr's of Migration. This book can
boost up Owyn's skill. Note : to the east from this house you can also find 3
spells inside the moredhel's chest with passwords : SHADOW (Eyes of Ishap) and
CANDLE (Stardusk and Flamecast).

Q : The scorpion's curse, how can I help this poor guy ?
A : If you have time, try to travel to Dimwood forest through the path between
Hawk Hollow and Eaggley. At the southwest area of Dimwood forest, there is a
house with scorpions curse on it. Everytime you talk to the owner there are
lots of scorpions show up to kill you. To release the guy from this curse,
find a shop south east of the house (the one with many scorpions outside of
it). Talk to the owner after you kill the scorpions. Then go to the well
nearby. Pour the anti venom in it. Then go back to the shop and tell her about
the poisoned well. She'll take back the curse and give you some Newton's

Q : Ruarrgh Room, where is this room ?
A : In the lower level of the dwarven mine, there's a heavy guarded room with
3 chests in it. This is the Ruarrgh room. You can meet Ruarrgh, the dragon, in
the upper level guarding a chest. Inside this room you can retrieve powerfull
spells : Gambit of the Eight and Black Nimbus from a moredhel chest, the
password is BUTTON. You'll find lots of money too in this room.

Q : The Guarda Revanche, where can I find this famous cursed sword ?
A : The priest at Malac's Cross will tell you the story of this cursed sword.
The sword is separated in 2 pieces. One is in the ancient ruins, west of the
Elvandar forest (In a chest with word : GLAMREDHEL). The other is near the
west river bed (south of the strange island in the middle of the river). To
have this other part (the magic shell), you have to perform a mini quest for a
rusalki. Follow this route to reach the rusalki : take the small south path
(the grey one) until Gorath hear something in the north, quickly go north and
talk to rusalki. Then go west then north until you reach the western land's
end. Fight the magician and retrieve the heart. Give the heart back to
Rusalki. Retrieve the reward : magic shell and lots of foods. Then head north
to the ancient ruin. After you get the handle of the sword, use the shell to
repair the sword. From now, you can throw away the other weapons you have and
use the most deadly sword in this game : THE GUARDA REVANCHE.

Q : The Dragon Tail well, where is this magical well of strength ?
A : This magical well will boost up your strength permanently. It can be used
over and over again to increase the strength. Before you use this well, make
sure that you have the Fadamor's formula with you. From the north bridge (the
one that heavily guarded) follow the big path to the north. Then go to the
east small grey path. Follow the path and you'll see the well on the right
side of the path. Use the spyglass to help you.

Q : I want powerfull magic now !!!!!
A : You ask for it, then you'll get it. Elvandar forest is full of deadly
spell. Check this out :

  * To the south western side of the forest you'll find 3 chest (use the map
    and the spyglass). One of them is trapped. Unlock the chest and retrieve
    this spells : Wrath of Killian, Mad God's Rage, and Wind of Eortis. Mad
    God's Rage is the most powerfull spell in this game. It can kill all the
    enemies around you.

  * To the north eastern side of the forest (accross the river) there is a
    camp of enemy (there is 3 camps). Kill the magician and retrieve the
    Firestorm spell from him. This spell is as deadly as the Mad God's Rage.

  * North East of the camp, you'll find 3 more chests. Inside one of them
    (the one with word "STARS" on it) you can get the River Song spell. It
    summons the rusalki.

  * Inside the ancient ruin : you'll get 2 more usefull spell. They are Mad
    God's Rage and Mirrorwall (inside the chest with word "EQUALS" on it).

Chapter 7 : The Long Ride

Q: What is my objective in chapter seven?
A: James, Locklear and Patrus search the Dimwood forest for the Rift Machine.
To start, head SE when the chapter begins, and cross the small bridge when you
come to it. Head SE from the bridge until you encounter Duke Martin. If you
continue to head SE you will also run into Obkhar. Both will give helpful

Q: What is the password to cross the bridge guarded by goblins?
A: The password for the bridge can be found in a Moredhel lock chest in the NE
corner of the forest. The answer to the lock chest is "snowflake."

Q: I'm across the goblin bridge. What do I do now?
A: Once you've crossed the bridge you will have to find and talk to Moreaulf.
Head East along the river until you run into him.

Q: Where is the chest described by Moreaulf?
A: The chest is located in the SW corner of the forest in a box canyon. The
answer to the wordlock puzzle is "victory."

Q: I've opened the chest that Moreaulf described, but still see no sign of the
magical item that will destroy the Rift Machine.
A: You will need to find Squire Phillip. Look for him due North of the chest,
but it will be necessary to go around several mountains and foothills. He is
heavily guarded so be careful!

Q: Where is the Rift Machine?
A: The Rift Machine is located near the center of the forest on a peninsula
surrounded by rivers and mountains. One of the mountains is just an illusion,
conjured up by enemy magicians to hide the location of the machine. This
mountain must be walked through.

Q: How do I defeat the enemies surrounding the Rift Machine?
A: Goblins are particularly susceptible to the Mind Melt spell. If you don't
already possess this spell it might be a good idea to find it. The other
option would be to take a chance on Rorics Seal. This magical item will
automatically cast Mind Melt, but there is about a 30% chance it will backfire
and affect the caster instead.

The Sidequests

Q : The iron traps, how can I get the iron trap ? Everytime I enter this area
I got sick.
A : In the southeast area of Dimwood forest, there is a man live in a house.
He lost his iron trap in the cursed area to the east. He wants you to find out
about this curse and retrieve the traps. Go to the east, accross the bridge.
You'll find a special area that can make you sick everytime you enter this
area. Get in as quickly as possible (use the herbs if you have to) and find
the panathian's priest. Kill them all and the curse will be over. Get the iron
trap from the chest nearby. Give back the trap to the man.

Q : The magic flying chest, where can I find this chest ?
A : You can get this chest from the house of the cursed man after you help him
to get rid off the curse. The chest can help you to locate the Rift gate

Q : Where can I get powerfull spells here ?
A : You can get spells scattered around this Dimwood forest, like :

  * In the northwest area (top left in the map) :

      * River Song (at the west end side of the river, the hole with rusalki
        guarding it)

      * Nightfinger (north of the River Song's hole, in a chest with word

      * The Unseen (in the chest with word PATH, follow the river to the
        north then go to the east)

  * In the middle area (top middle in the map) :
      * Mirrorwall (in the chest with word MATTRESS, follow the river to the

      * Gambit of The Eight (in the chest with word TROLLS, follow the river
        to the southeast)

      * The Blessed Grey Tower armor (in the chest with word MIRROR, near
        TROLL's chest)

  * In the northeast area (top right in the map) : The Unseen

  * In the cursed area in the northeast : Wind of Eortis (in a chest near
    the chest with word LAKE)

  * In the big south area (bottom area in the map)

      * Mad God's Rage and The Unseen (in the chest with word LOGS, follow
        river to northwest : near the second intersection)

      * Grief of 1000 Knights (in the chest with word FARRIER, near LOGS's

Chapter 8 : Of Lands A Far

Q: What is my objective in chapter eight?
A: Owyn and Gorath search for Pug and Gamina on a hostile, alien world. It
would be a good idea to head north when the chapter begins. Find the
marble-looking pillars and click on them. It would also be a good idea to
stock up on food...you'll need it in chapter nine!

Q: How do I use magic in chapter eight?
A: To use magic in this strange world, Owyn will first have to find a crystal
staff. You can find a crystal staff in one of the dwellings in the NE corner
of the island, next to a mountain. There may be others as well. You will also
need crystallized manna to "rub" on the staff. Raw manna can be found by left
clicking on certain crystal growths out in the world.

Q: My health is suffering mysteriously while traveling through the SW corner
of the island!
A: There is a dangerous area in the SW corner of the island. You may not pass
through this area until you have found the pillars to the North and freed Pug.

Q: Where is the Cup of Rlln Skrr?
A: The cup of Rlnn Skrr is located near the SE corner of the island. You will
find it in a dwelling, heavily guarded by Panth-Tiandns.

Q: Where is Pug?
A: You will find Pug in the NE area of the island, in a dwelling next to a
main road. (HINT: If you return the cup of Rlnn Skrr to the pillar of
Dhatsavan, then click on the pillar again you will be teleported to Pug's

Q: I've freed Pug but can't locate his daughter Gamina!
A: Gamina is trapped in a crystal cage in an underground cavern. The entrance
to the cavern is west of the three bridges, and on the north side of the

Q: How do I defeat the Wind Elementals in the underground cavern?
A: The Wind Elementals you will encounter in the underground cavern can ONLY
be killed with a spell called "Strength Drain" (This spell is located in the
SW corner of the island.) Because the Wind Elementals regain strength and
health every turn, you must deplete them completely in order to kill them. The
easiest way to do this is to have both Pug and Owyn cast the spell on the same
creature. If the first blast doesn't kill it, the second surely will.

The Sidequests

Q : Is there any sidequest in this chapter ?
A : There are no more sidequests starting from this chapter. Your objection is
clear enough and you won't find any person at all in this journey.

Chapter 9 : Mad Gods Rage

Q: What is my objective in chapter nine?
A: Owyn, Gorath and Pug must prevent Makala from reaching the Lifestone. This
means they will have to find and kill the six spellweavers that the Tsurani
Great One brought with him from Kelewan. It is important to retrieve a key
called a "Ward of Ralen-Sheb" from the body of a goblin in the first room you
encounter. Now prepare yourself for killing fields......

Q: Where is the Oracle of Aal?
A: The Oracle of Aal can be found by going through the North door of the first
room you come to. The Oracle of Aal is located in the NE area of the caverns.

Q: Where is the entrance to the second level?
A: The second level entrance is on the NE side of the caverns. Head through
the East door and avoid the deadends to reach the entrance.

Q: Where are The Six?
A: It will be necessary to search nearly every room and passageway to find The
Six. You will discover they are all heavily guarded.

Q: How do I defeat the enemies in the final combat?
A: The cup of Rlln Skrr may be used over and over again in Chapter Nine to
learn spells. Pug will eventually learn every spell in the game, but this will
take time and use up a lot of rations. Just use SKIN DRAGON and FIRESTORM
repeatedly and you'll destroy Makala once and for all !!!!

Moredhel Wordlocks

  * DAY NIGHT : The light one breaks but never falls. His brother falls but
    never breaks.

  * HANGMAN : Swollag, the famous moredhel craftsman, guarantees his work
    until the end of time.

  * FIRE : The chill of its death, You may soon mourn. But though it dies,
    It cannot be born.

  * RAIN : You see it about in field and town, It cannot get up, But will
    oft fall down.

  * THE DEAD : They feel no pain, No sorrow, no greed. They have no anger,
    No hatred, nor need.

  * SMOKE : Though easy to spot, when allowed to plume, It is hard to see,
    When held in a room.

  * EYES : Be you ever so quick, With vision keen, By your eyes, We are
    never seen. Unless, perchance, It should come to pass, You see our
    reflection, In a looking glass.

  * RING : A precious gift, this, Yet it has no end or beginning, And in the
    middle, nothing.

  * SHADOW : Silently he stalks me, Running as I run, Creeping as I creep.
    Dressed in black, He disappears at night, Only to return with the sun.

  * GLOVES : Buckets, barrels, baskets, cans; What must you fill with empty

  * ARROW : It flies without wings, Strikes without beak, teeth, or talons.
    It has no eyes in its pointed head, but it can kill birds in flight.

  * STAIRS : Up and down they go, but never move...

  * CANDLE : He gets short when he gets old. He goes out then it gets cold.

  * WIND : The strongest chains will not bind it, ditch and rampart will not
    slow it down. A thousand soldiers cannot beat it, it can knock down trees
    with a single push.

  * BLOOD : Moredhel brothers, make it rain, Kingdom rivers, crimson pain!

  * RIVER : An untiring servant it is, carrying loads across muddy earth.
    But one thing that cannot be forced, is a return to the place of its

  * SWORD : With sharp edged wit, And pointed poise, It can settle disputes,
    Without a noise.

  * ICE : Power enough to smash ships and crush roofs. Yet it still must
    fear the sun.

  * ALCOHOL : Today he is there to trip you up, And he will torture you
    tomorrow. Yet he is also there to ease the pain, When you are lost in
    grief and sorrow.

  * DELEKHAN : Death to our Enemies! no Living adversary shall Escape the
    new King of these isles. He will lead usto glory And provide Newlands for
    our people!

  * TREASURE : Moredhel And Pantathian, Guarding Our Lid, Did Close Her Ever
    So Tightly.

  * HOLE : It can hold you, But you cannot hold it. And the more you remove,
    The bigger it will get.

  * RUST : It can pierce the best armor, And make swords crumble with a rub.
    Yet for all its power, It can't harm a club.

  * VICTORY : With this one thing alone, you will have defeated even the
    strongest foe.

  * EYE TO EYE : Three fools did once sacrifice, To win a contest long ago.
    Dobe Oyle, a Kingdom lad, gave his blood to start. A goblin man, Ethorat,
    slashed out his dying heart. Sou Oyle, Dobe's sister, won, she cast away
    her soul.

  * THORN : He got it in the woods and brought it home in his hand because
    he couldn't find it. The more he looked for it the more he felt it. When
    he finally found it he threw it away.

  * HOLES : A barrel of rainwater weighs twenty pounds. What must you add to
    make it weigh fifteen?

  * HAIR : Kingdom fools are born without, A lot of this, there is no doubt.

  * EGGS : They go up white, but come down yellow and white.

  * NOTHING : We love it more than life. We fear it more than death. The
    wealthy want for it. The poor have it in plenty.

  * KNOCKER : It asks no questions, but demands many answers. Don't knock it
    until you are ready to see what waits on the other side.

  * CHEST : At last you may solve this.

  * MILK : You can spin, wheel and twist. But it can turn without moving.

  * BARD : Who works when he plays, and plays when he works?

  * DIE : Prince Arutha, from his lofty perch, Will find our troops without
    a search. His men will fall, his castle too, And then what will Prince
    Arutha do?

  * SILENCE : Names give power. Magic to control. But what is broken, by
    naming it?

  * WRONG : The language of men, can be mastered. But what Kingdom word is
    always pronounced wrong?

  * CARDS : Brought to the table. Cut and served. Never eaten.

  * PEACE : Widows and orphans, Parents and kin. This is disturbed most by
    riots and war.

  * SHADOW : It can move over water, But cannot fly. It can move under
    water, But stay quite dry.

  * WAGON : Has tongue, But cannot talk. Runs, But cannot walk.

  * SAWS : We don't need wine, We don't need meat. We have sharp teeth, But
    cannot eat.

  * TABLE : It stands while others sit. It groans when it is too full. It
    has four legs, but cannot run.

  * WALL :It goes past gates, but asks no one's leave. It runs clear around
    castles, without taking a step.

  * SUNSHINE : Never resting, never still. Moving silently, hill to hill. It
    does not walk, run or trot, All is cool where it is not.

  * NAME : Passed from father to son, And shared between brothers. Its
    importance is unquestioned, Though it is used more by others.

  * NOISE : What goes with a wagon that doesn't benefit the wagon, but the
    wagon cannot move without?

  * COFFIN : The one who made it, didn't want it. The one who bought it,
    didn't need it. The one who used it, never saw it.

  * COLTS : What has a mare, That the cow has not?

  * OUTSIDE : This side of a wolfhound has the most hair.

  * CANDLE : Its orange eye blinks. The burning tears flow. But what its
    sorrow is, None may ever know.

  * BARROW : Two legs it has, And this will confound: Only at rest, Do they
    touch the ground.

  * ONION : She has tasteful friends And tasteless enemies. Tears are often
    shed on her behalf, Yet never has she broken a heart.

  * SPIDER : In all the world, none can compare, To this tiny weaver, his
    deadly cloth So silky and fair.

  * BREATH : You can see it in winter, never in summer. Even though it is as
    light as a feather, the mightiest moredhelin the North can't hold it for

  * YESTERDAY : Every creature in the world has seen it. But to their dying
    day they'll never see the same one again.

  * BOTTLE : Kingdom soldiers will look like it, When the headsman gives
    them a lop. For then, like it, they'll have a neck, But not a head on top.

  * GAUNTLET : What is the thing with fingers long, That grips our deadly
    swords so strong?

  * HORSEMAN : Six legs, two heads, two hands, one long nose. Yet he uses
    only four legs wherever he goes.

  * COALS : Black when bought. Red when used. Grey when thrown away.

  * SECRET : It is too much for one. Two it is meant for. But it no longer
    exists, When the two become more.

  * FUTURE : It never was before. It is not now. Fools wait for it forever.

  * THOUGHT : What ranges far and cannot be confined, yet stays in one spot?
    The correct one will open this chest.

  * PADDLE : Held firmly in the hands, Like a sword it cuts deep. Bloodless
    strokes, all, Then forward we leap.

  * SNAIL : Bloodless and boneless it travels about. Yet it never leaves

  * BELL : You hear it speak, For it has a hard tongue. But it cannot
    breathe, For it has not a lung.

  * SHOE : Has a tongue, But never talks. Has no legs, But sometimes walks.

  * STOVE : You seek it out, When your hunger's ripe. It sits on four legs,
    And smokes a pipe.

  * MATTRESS : Has feathers but can't fly. Rests on legs but can't walk.

  * SQUARE : One pace to the North. Two paces to the East. Two paces to the
    South. Two paces to the West. One pace to the North.

  * SNOWFLAKE : It flies without wings, Drops without fear, But held in warm
    hands, It will soon disappear.

  * FLEAS : When they are caught, They are thrown away. When they escape,
    You itch all day.

  * THISTLE : He stands beside the road in a purple cap and tattered green
    cloak. Those who touch him, curse him.

  * BROOM : All about the house, With his Lady he dances. Yet he always
    works, And never romances.

  * PATH : All across the countryside, to front doors he travels. But you
    never invite him in.

  * KEY : Axes and swords, Will not help you through. Yet it and a little
    push will do. Some in the road would have fought and soon died, Were it
    not close at hand, to let them inside.

  * SURF : Pounds all day, Beats all night, Never rests.

  * WATERFALL : This old one runs forever, But never moves at all. He has
    not lungs, nor throat, Still, a mighty roaring call.

  * DICE : You can count on them, though some would rather curse them. You
    can speak dear to them, though well all know 'tis just in vain.

  * LOGS : They have not lips nor tongues, Yet lead them green to the pit,
    And as they die you will hear, Them sputter, hiss and spit.

  * FARRIER : There is a shoemaker in the dell. Makes his shoes with steel
    and nail. Although his goods last right well, Folks need two pair, without

  * BRIDGE : When it is stout, People gladly tread. When it is thin, People
    walk in dread.

  * MIRROR : Look in my face, I am somebody. Look at my back, I am nobody.

  * SNARES : The bones of the dead, Can be used to trap the living.

  * TROLLS : Say away fom these hideus beasts, they kil our females and

  * BOOK : It is a journey whose path depends, on another's vision of where
    it ends.

  * BLADE : Blessed are the first. Slow are the second. Playful are the
    third. Bold are the fourth. Brave are the fifth.

  * ASHES : After the final fire, the winds will blow. And these, which are
    already dead, will cover the ones who have yet to die.

  * ORANGE : Men seize it from its home, tear apart its flesh, drink the
    sweet blood, then cast its skin aside.

  * ICICLE : You see me oft, In woods and town. With my roots above, I must
    grow down.

  * GRAVE : A strange earthen house, That brings nought but disdain. And yet
    those who stay there, Never do complain.

  * EYES : Twins on either side of a ridge that smells. They shall never see
    each other directly.

  * RAIN : With flashing sword and booming cry, With darkness staining land
    and sky,The army comes, prepared to die. Soldiers fall in glistening
    dress, As battles are joined without egress, Save comfort in the earth's

  * STARS : The wheel is steered,Despite the night. They prefer our
    lead,More than the light.

  * SADDLE : When it is down, It is lower than a horse's belly. When it is
    up, It is higher than a horse's back.

  * SPONGE : Holes at the top. Holes at the bottom. Holes in the middle. But
    still it holds water.

  * BRIARS : Claws like a cat, Crooked as a snake's hiss. Patch together
    your guesses, You won't guess this.

  * SIEVE : Round as an apple, Deep as a cup, All the Bitter Sea, Can't fill
    it up.

  * DRUM : Although my cow is dead, I continue to beat her. What a racket
    she makes!

  * BUTTON : Flat as a leaf, Round as a ring, Has two eyes, But can't see a

  * TRADE MARES : Two brothers wanted to race a course, To see which had the
    slowest horse. Since neither wanted to spur his mare, What must they do to
    make it fair?

  * WALNUT : A box beneath a tree, Inside some tasty meat. Kept for a month
    or more, It still tastes just as sweet.

  * PIPE : Its tail is round and hollow, Seems to get chewed a bit, But
    you'll rarely see this thing, Unless the other end is lit.

  * DOOR : It doesn't live within a house, Nor does it live without. Most
    will use it when they come in, And again when they go out.

  * STAKE : Although lower than a fence, And thinner than a rail, It can
    still be used to hold a horse; Hooves, mane and tail.

  * BOOK : Though not a plant, has leaves. Though not a beast, has spine.
    Though many wouldn't need this thing, 'Tis more valuable than wine.

  * PLOW : Four legs in front, two behind. Its steely armor scratched
    anddented by rocks and sticks. Still it toils as it helps feedthe hungry.

  * BULL : In the fields a frightful thing, Watch it and you will find, It
    has a pitchfork in the front, And a broom back behind.

  * PROMISE : Our valiant leaders will keep this. But only after they have
    given it.

  * DEATH : What is this thing that having it, You can no longer give it
    away, But lacking it, for the moment at least, You can give it to those
    who must pay?

  * DISPUTE : Whoever has it is angry, Whoever loses it is angrier, Whoever
    wins it has it no more.

  * MUSIC : This wondrous thing, though notan herb, can help comfort the
    weak and the dying. It can even be used torally the troops, or make one
    start laughing or crying.

  * BUBBLE : This sparkling globe can float on water, and weighs not more
    than a feather. Yet despite its weight ten giants could never pick it up.

  * ROPE : Ten troll's strength, Ten troll's length, One troll can pick it
    up, No troll can stand it up.

  * OCEAN : A shimmering field that reaches far. Yet it has no tracks, And
    is crossed without paths.

  * SHOES : You tie these things, Before you go. And untie them, After you

  * DARKNESS : This engulfing thing, is strange indeed. The greater it
    grows, the less you see.

  * LIFE : Don't grow too attached to this thing. Without it you will never
    even know it is gone. But be careful friend, it is much easier to lose on
    Kingdom soil.

  * EQUALS : What is it of yours that you see every day, but our Leader sees
    only rarely?

  * GLAMREDHEL : Where once there were three, Now only are two, Ancient kin
    ours, Whom we sent to their doom.

  * JACKET : Neck, but no head. Arms, but no hands. Waist, but no legs.

  * SAWDUST : A carpenter left some wood, Would not take it back. I saw some
    dust where he left it, But couldn't find his stack.

  * NOOSE : Once alive, but now twisted 'round. It is used by moredhel and
    men to punish their own kind.

  * EGGS : No visible flesh, Nor blood, nor bone, But given time, They will
    walk alone.

  * FIRE : Put into a pit. Locked behind a steel grate. Guarded all through
    the night, still it goes out.

  * ECHO : Answers its caller without being asked. Responds within seconds,
    and speaks all languages with equal ease.

  * ALPHABET : This marvelous thing, Though it sounds absurd, Contains all
    our letters, But is only a word.

  * PRIEST : This Kingdom fool has married many women. Yet he has never been

  * TOWEL : This odd thing seems to get wetter, The more it dries.

  * CANE : Though blind as well, Can lead the blind well.

  * MOUSER : What goes down to the cellarwith four legs, but comes back with

  * TEMPER : You must keep this thing. Its loss will affect your brothers,
    For once yours is lost, It will soon be lost by others.

  * HONEY : Though a tasty treat, Made in spiral towers, Rarely will it be
    eaten alone.

  * WATER : This great thing can be swallowed, But can also swallow us.

  * HASTE : Inside a burning house, This thing is best to make. And best to
    make it quickly before, The fire's too much to take.

  * WEARY : Plow and hoe, reap and sow, What soon does every farmer grow?

  * ADVICE : Everyone offers this thing. But few will take it when it is
    offered by someone else.

  * STRANGER : You will invite him into your house, Yet you know him not.
    Once you get to know him, This thing he will no longer be.

  * LAKE : I saw him where he never was, And where he could not be. And yet
    within this place,I saw a wavering face, Staring back at me.

  * SPURS : We travel much, yet prisoners are, And close confined, to boot.
    Yet with any horse we will keep pace, And always go on foot.

  * GALLOWS : When people come for me to meet, They come to me with heavy
    feet. The one I hold, When I get my chance, Will turn and spin, And start
    to dance.

  * FOG : When it comes in, From sea to shore, Twenty paces you'll see, No
    less, no more.

  * BARK : Like dogs shouting at the moon, Or armor worn by the trees. Like
    a sharply spoken command, Or a tiny vessel upon the seas.

Copyright @1997 : Crash
Thanks goes to : V&D, ABC, and all persons that hangin' around the Krondor
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