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Читы для Betrayal in Antara

Чит-файл для Betrayal in Antara

Betrayal in Antara

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Жанры:RPG / 3D / 1st Person

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1997 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
by Lord Marcus Dracon

Chapter 1

This is a fairly straight forward chapter. The object is to get Aren and
William to Panizo so that Aren can study with the Escobar mage Finch.

You start off in the town of Briala. Just as a matter of course, you should
speak with Aren's father Tyre Cordelaine (he is just in front of the inn) and
Laura, who is supposed to be Aren's future wife (and Aren isn't too happy
about that). A good suggestion for people who are starting off slowly, sleep
at Tyre's inn, you won't be charged for staying there and there is no food
used when staying at an inn. This will get Aren's spell skills up, it takes a
while but you will be able to learn more spells more quickly. Just south of
town, as you are traveling to Aspreza there are some men harassing a woman
(Kaelyn Usher). You must defeat these men in battle and then Kaelyn will join
your group. From there it is just a matter of traveling to Panizo. The
shortest route is the best if you're in a hurry. It is Briala to Aspreza to
Balmestri to Sortiga to Panizo. Once again I will warn you that you miss out
on much of the game this way. When you get to Panizo, simply click on the
Escobar Estates and the chapter will be over.

Chapter 2

This chapter starts getting things more complicated. Your first order of
business is to find the mage Finch so that he may train Aren. Finch is located
directly West of the town of Panizo in a little cleft in the mountains. Go to
Finch and he will tell you that he will teach Aren if you can find him a cup
of Chailan Tea.  Go the Peerless Importers in Midova. Order the tea with the
shopkeeper.  Sleep in the inn for a week. Go back to the shop and you will
discover that everything has been stolen including your order of Chailan Tea.

Talking to the merchant leads you to the fact that the tea was taken by a man
named Antoni who owns the City Financiers (also in the same city). Go to him
and he will tell you that if you collect on an old debt for him that he will
give you the tea back.  In order to collect on this debt you must find a
mystic named Enkudi. He was last seen in Montari Territory. This territory is
located just to the east of Sortiga. If you head down to Sortiga and take the
road to the east you will come to a fork. Take the fork to the North. You will
meet up with Enkudi on the road just north of there. He will give you the gems
that Antoni wants back. (Just a side note here, take the quest that Enkudi
offers you, it will give Aren the skill of WATER.) Take the gems back to
Antoni and give them to him.

There seems to be some confusion on how to give items to NPC's so I will
explain it.

When you are in the NPC screen (i.e. the background is meshed out and the NPC
is on the screen with the topics in the top right corner) bring up one of the
characters inventory screen. Notice that in the box where your food and burlas
is listed there is a man.  That is the NPC. Drag the gems onto this portrait.
Antoni gives you the Chailan tea. Take this to Finch. Next he will tell you
that in order to teach Aren, William must watch his eggs and he asks you if
you will do that - do not click on anything, a Yes or No option will come up,
it takes a second or two. Click on Yes and Aren will study with Finch. Finch
teaches Aren the following: SELF/ALLY and RESIST skills, three other spell
skills will go up by 5 points each as will his spell casting skill.

After all this, you must get our heroes to Ticoro. In order to go West, you
must cross a bridge, but the one on the road that is shown on the map is not
useable. You must cross at a bridge which is south of where Finch is located.
The bridge is in a little gap in the mountains, you either have to look for it
or navigate next to the mountains in the overhead map view. Once you cross the
bridge proceed to Ticoro. Once you are in the gates and you meet up with Raal,
Kaelyn's friend, the chapter is over. One hint, take a look at the Ticoro map
in the town section, you must get to the inn that you can stay at quickly.
There are many battles in the streets of Ticoro and you will need a place to
heal. The Henne's Shadow Inn is the only place to rest in Ticoro.

Chapter 3

This chapter is where you finally begin your quest for the consort which is a
part of the main story. First you must go to the North Gate house (you can get
the locations of everything mentioned here by looking at the Ticoro Town Map).
Talk to the Captain of the Guards. Nothing will come of this, but as you are
leaving you mention to your companions that you saw a hole that hasn't been
fixed right above the room that you were in and that you might be able to
listen in from up there.  In order to do this you must get on the Ramparts.
There is, of course, a gate which blocks you from doing this. You need to get
the key. Go to the Keys and Bolts shop and speak to the owner. He will give
you a copy of the key if you can discover who has been popping his
"unpickable" locks all over the city and giving him a bad name.

It turns out that it was his former apprentice who is responsible for picking
the locks.  He is located in the south-east corner of the town map (after you
talk to the owner of the Keys and Bolts). After talking with him, go back and
talk to the owner of the Keys and Bolts and he will give you a copy of the
Rampart Key. Take this to the gate and open it. Go up and walk along the
ramparts until you are above the gate house.  You will see the hole. Click on
it and you will discover that the consort is staying at The Green and White
Inn. After you have discovered this, go to the inn and try to get in. After
this (you can't get in) return to your room and go to sleep. This ends the
chapter. At this point Caverton's guards will burst in and take you from your

Chapter 4

This chapter is a long and twisting chapter. It is thus far, the longest
chapter that there is.

First, Raal breaks you out of prison and tells Kaelyn that her father has
disappeared and that Raal's pack leader has a request to make of her. She
leaves with Raal.  This will split the part up for the next 3 chapters (you
get back together again at the end of chapter 7). For this chapter, you stay
with William and Aren. Your goal is simple: Get into the Shepard's
Headquarters. Unfortunately you have no idea where to start, you don't even
have a Shepard's Medallion anymore because Lord Caverton's men took the one
you had. So here's what you have to do.

First go north to Isten. There you need to get into the theatre to meet Maria
Liana.  In order to do that you need to get tickets to the theatre as the
amphitheatre is all sold out. The tickets are located in a bead chest just to
the south of Isten.  If you find this difficult just beat the Lord in the inn
at cards and he will give you his ticket.

After you get the tickets, go to the theatre. Talk to Maria Liana and she will
tell you that Simon is her son and that he is presently a Child of Henne and
he is stationed in Durst. That is all the info you need from her. When you get
to Durst you will meet a Child of Henne named Jhana (she is located in the
local Temple of Henne). You discover that Simon was reassigned by the Hand of
Henne. This is an NPC that you met in Ticoro. Head back to Ticoro and you will
meet him at the crossroads at the gate of Ticoro. He will tell you that he
reassigned Simon to the Chapel in Ravenne.  Upon going to Ravenne you will
find his house because you are attacked by several imperial guards.

You must defeat them. You will find a letter inside Simon's house that he has
gone to officiate at a wedding in Levosche. When you get to Levosche, you will
find Simon.  He tells you the location of the Shepard's Headquarters (it is
located just north of Ticoro by a lake there). He tells you that you need a
Shepard's Medallion to get in. He buried his in his garden in Ravenne. Go
there and double click on the garden and you will get the Medallion. Take this
to the Shepard's Headquarters and use it to open the door. Look under the
quest page to discover how to open the door using the medallion. Once the door
opens,the chapter ends. One major hint, before you go through that door, you
need to stock up on food and torches if you are going to explore the caverns,
you run low quickly.

Chapter 5

For this chapter you trade in William and Aren in for Raal and Kaelyn.

Your objective in this chapter is to find Kaelyn's father and talk with Raal's
Pack Leader. Kaelyn's father is located north of Darvi in The Waste. When you
head up there, you will run into the pack's leader (just north of Darvi). The
pack leader will tell you that there are Wraith's in the Waste and that there
is no way to kill them (at this point, you should not attempt to fight them as
you cannot kill them). After talking with him, continue north and you will
find Kaelyn's father's house in the Waste.  There is a note there telling you
that he is in a cave to the north of the waste.  Head to the north west and
you will find the entrance (note, it is easier to find on the overhead map).
Make sure you have torches with you. He is located in the back of the cave. He
tells you that he is a mage and he came up with a formula that can kill
wraiths. You apply it to your weapons. You can now kill the wraiths. For the
next part of this chapter, you must kill all the wraiths.  They are all in the
Waste. After that, go back to Kaelyn's father. That is the end of this

Chapter 6

This chapter again returns us to William and Aren. The are inside the
Shepard's Headquarters. The first goal is to find the way out - difficult
because you can't get there until you win the chapter.

First, you must open the word lock chest in the south eastern part of the cave
system.  The answer to this chest is Malkere. Inside, you will find a lantern
of sorts. All the way to the east of the cave system (you should use
Spelunker's Star to find your way) is a door with a series of buttons on it.
In order to get the correct code, place the lantern over the flame and certain
buttons will be circled with blue. Push all of these buttons and the door will

After that there is a series of passages which will eventually take you to the
leader of the Shepards. After you speak with him, you discover that the
consort was kidnaped from them. The mage that kidnaped him shows up just as
you are leaving. You must fight this mage and win. She is fairly powerful, so
a good solution is to send William up to her so that she is in his zone of
control (i.e. he is facing her) so that she cannot cast any spells. Then use
Aren to finish her off with a spell or two.

After this, make your way to the secret exit which previously had bars over
it, but the leader opened it when he went to make his escape from the Imperial
Guards which stormed the Headquarters.  From this point you must find the

Start by going to Ganath, and ask about Kaleth at the Pearl Spittoon (have
some Halder's Brew with you, you can find some in the hole located just
outside where you escaped the Shepard's Headquarters, or buy it in Ligano, or
find it in a hut in Brikal).  He will tell you to go see Lokath in Choth. He
is located in front of the inn. As a test for you, he will tell you to deliver
supplies to Birge in Imazi.  Go to Birge in Imazi (he is in front of Lord
Garson's House) and he will tell you that they are trying to overthrow Lord
Garson but that they can't get in. Click on the hole that they started digging
and you will come up with the idea for the Montari to tunnel under the moat.
Go see Chee, the Gold Montari in the Montari cave system located east of
Sortiga.  Then go back to Imazi and talk to Birge. He will send you back to
Lokath with a report on your performance. Lokath will then send you to Kaleth.
He is located just outside of town surrounded by tents (they look like
stones). He gives you a potion for swamp walking and tells you to meet up with
his men and get the consort.  His men are located just south of Darvi (and I
do mean just south). Give them the potion and you will find the consort in a
cabin that is right there in the swamp.  This ends.

Chapter 7

This chapter again returns us to Kaelyn and Raal. This time the goal is to
join up with William and Aren and the Consort. To make life easy and quick
just journey to Durst and take a carriage to Isten. If you try to walk it you
will find out that the bridge is out and it's a whole hassle to go the long
way. Just pay for it and live with it, money isn't all that important anyway.

Before you leave Isten, stop and pick up a Rope (8) and Oil (5). Then, travel
on the road to the east. At the juncture of the three roads (to Teal, to Durst
and to Isten) you will find William and Aren and the Consort. You have to come
up with a distraction for the mercenaries in the area so that they can get the
consort to Antara.  This is how you do it, join the rope and the oil 5 times.
It will create explosive flasks (5 of them). Go up to the individual mercenary
groups (i.e. there are 5 of them) and use the flasks (i.e.go to the inventory,
click on them once and then click on the hand in the lower right corner) and
then click on a mercenary. When you do that to all 5 groups the way will be
clear and Kaelyn will say so. After that, simply go to the gates of Antara. At
this point the chapter is over.

Chapter 8

After the Consort and the Princess are taken by the Wraith, you are set loose
to find the culprit. This part of the journey takes place in the northeast
corner of the map.  The goal here is simple, get to Nathby. You need to find
out as much as you can about Gregor. You start out in Breland. A big hint, go
to the store there and buy Fidali Leaves and Senwater. In Nathby, go to the
docks and talk to the captain of the ship that sank. He sends you to talk to
Poul at one of the inn's there (he's in the Lusty Maiden). He will tell you
about a woman in Beluckre named Misha who runs the local Brothel. She will
tell you about Gregor, only if you get her sencream. At the local mercantile
store they tell you that they are waiting for the ingredients for the sencream
before they can make more. Go to the inn at Beluckre and buy some fatty meat.

Take this and the Fidali Leaves and Senwater to the merchant. Give all three
items to the man and he will mix you a jar of sencream. Take this to Misha and
she will give you the key to Gregor's room in Havesly.

Next, journey to Havesly. There are several things to do in Havesly. First, go
to the Mantigua Holding Company. There you will examine Lord Sheffields books.
 Next, go to the tailor. After that talk to the lighthouse keeper and then go
to the lighthouse where you will get two interesting letters. After that, go
talk to Lord Sheffield. After you talk to him, go to the inn there. Talk to
the bartender and hand him the key that Misha gave you (again while your
talking to him go to the inventory screen and drag the key onto the man above
the food and burlas). He will let you into Gregor's room. After you read the
information in the book, go back and talk to Lord Sheffield. You never
actually get that far as everyone at the castle has been killed.

Chapter 9

Chapter Nine, the last Chapter of BIA, begins with an invasion of pirates. The
pirates have captured Sheffield Manor and they have been merciless, killing
everyone except for the Sheffields themselves, who are hiding in the locked
cellar. Your first task is to find the cellar key. This is on the top floor in
a unlocked, untrapped chest just south of the northwestern staircase. Return
downstairs and use this key to unlock the portcullis in the northeastern
corner. Once downstairs, locate the Sheffields in the far southeast segment of
the cellar. They will clear up most of the mysteries in the game. After the
events in the cellar come to a head, you must pursue the Sheffield mage Bryce
into his lair in the Wastes. Before you attempt this, rest fully, and buy
plenty of food, torches, and Senwater. You must also have some rope. Don't be
stingy with your money - this is the end of the game and you can't take it
with you. The entry to Bryce's den is behind Sheffield Manor, in a cave
system. Enter the caves, making sure to save your game in case you forget
something you need later.

In the first section of the cavern, you will encounter deep pits that prevent
forward movement. You can shimmy across these by clicking on them with a
length of rope. Pursue this tactic until you find Bryce's study, which is in
the northern part of the caves.

Once in Bryce's study, open the chest you find a corner of the room. Within is
Bryce's diary, complete with details of his diabolical master plan. The diary
also explains the method behind summoning a Wraith from Etherea. Study this
magic, but don't worry about obtaining any of the ingredients, since they will
be provided for you when there is a need.

Exit Bryce's study through the passage to the north, which deposits you in the
Wastes.  Here you will have to face lots of nasty fire-breathing Hellhounds,
which, fortunately, are all cursed with bad aim. Bryce expects visitors and is
laying in wait. You can find an entrance to his lair in the center of the
Wastes, at the north of a vast canyon. Once in his lair, you will find him to
the northeast. The spell Spelunker's Star will help you enormously here.

Once you locate Bryce, he will set you against some pet Hellhounds, and then
turn on you himself. Bryce and his party are using a Carluda's Chain, which
distributes damage evenly among them. This is really to your advantage, since
it means you don't have to kill Bryce directly. The key to this battle is to
prevent Bryce from casting his devastating spells. Keep him occupied by
attacking him physically at all times.

When Bryce is vanquished, you have almost completed the game. Follow the
wounded Bryce into his workroom, which is behind the nearby door. Inside,
Bryce will die after a few bitter comments about the Imperial Shadows. Now you
must summon back the Wraith that stole the souls of the Emperor's daughter and
her Consort, and convince it to return them.

Open the chest located in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Then add the
following ingredients to the cauldron in this order: Senwater (1), Nudberries
(1), TrKaa Feather (1), Talicor Dust (1), Hardening Fluid (1). The spell is
then complete and the game is at an end.



Betrayal in Antara Cheats
Many thanks to Zzardoz for supplying these codes!

Press ctrl-shift-z to bring up a window, then type in these codes:

Code                       Effect
ask a glass of water       Teleports party to beginning of chapter.
gotta have magic           Aren learns all the games spells.
man does my leg hurt       Heals party.
some call me tim           Kills all enemies.
supermarket for the rich   Brings up inventory full of weapons, armour,
why am i so dull           Maximizes stats.


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