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Читы для Black & White

Чит-файл для Black & White

Black & White

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Lionhead Studios
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 26 марта 2001 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Strategy (God Sim / Real-time) / 3D
Похожие игры:Creatures, Dungeon Keeper, Dungeon Keeper 2, Populous, Populous 2
Multiplayer:(8) Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 24 марта 2001 г.


Информация актуальна для

by The Masked Moogle

I. Introduction
     A. Version History
     B. Disclaimer
     C. Introduction
     D. What is Black and White?

II. The Creatures
     A. The Creatures
     B. Creature Combat Tips

III. Concluding notes
     A. Conclusion
     B. Credits

I. Introduction


           -4/17/01 Well, Easter was fun, but now back to the grind. This time
around I
               updated a few of the Creatures' and added the Rhino's Special. I
got a huge
               tip about how the Creatures also have variations in their
dodging abiltiy,
               so most of the Creatures are revamped. I've also added a
Creature Appearance
               section to each Creature so people can geta rough idea of what
they look like.
               Alternatively you can look around for screenshots, though due to
               constraints I can't give any web pages. I'm also looking into a
tip I got about how a Creature's
               intelligence is separated into Miracle learning ability and
               sense. If I figure anything out I'll put it in (any help is
           -4/14/01 AHHHHHHH!! This time I received at least 30 e-mails about
               how I was wrong with the Tiger. It's fixed already! Leave me
               it's Easter:) Now that that's out of the way, in this release,
I've added
               the Creature Combat tips section, added info on the Ogre and
               and updated a few of the Creatures. Also fixed more of the
spacing and
               tweaked the format a bit. I never knew people who write FAQ's
get this
               much e-mail! Thanks for the feedback, anyway. Getting pretty
close to
               a full version!
           -4/13/01 Ahhh!! I received at least 6 e-mails about how I
               was wrong on the Tiger, so I’ve updated that section.
               Also added the Cow’s real dance. Working on the Ogre and
               Rhino, expect those tomorrow. Prepped the rest of the
               FAQ for this. It takes a while to get accurate stats on
               most of the Creatures (but for some it’s obvious). And
               added the Chimp's Proficiency out of Battle. Changed it
               to a .txt format to fix the spacing problems. Lots of
               work to do; thank goodness (or evilness, it is a Black
               and White FAQ) it's a weekend.
           -4/10/01 Decided to cheat a little bit and unlock the Wolf
               via a cheat (the file hacking one). So I added the info
               on him. Also updated the Tiger, Leopard, and Ape’s
               combat ability. I’m considering adding the Ogre and
               Rhino, but I don’t like cheating...
          -4/9/01 Added Battle info on the Brown Bear and Polar Bear,
               and the dance for the Gorilla.
          -4/8/01 Added info on the Gorilla, updated the Mandrill and
               the Ape, and added the Creature dances.
          -4/6/01 The first release! Basically outlined the skeleton,
               and added some base info. Expect more soon (like

     B. DISCLAIMER: You know the drill. You are not permitted to make copies of
this without
the author’s permission, sell it without written consent from the author, blah
blah blah...
So don’t do anything funny and no one gets hurt. I have a lawyer in the family!

     C. INTRODUCTION: Well, this is my first attempt at an FAQ and I know it’s
doomed to fade
into obscurity, but what the heck, I might help a few people. This isn’t a
walkthrough or tips
 on micromanagement or anything, it’s meant to give an overview of the
 their abilities in battle, abilities as a town-manager, etc. If you need a
walkthrough or
general tips, RHagenstrцm has written an excellent one, or buy the guide. Well,
enough of that!

     D. WHAT IS BLACK AND WHITE: This is another popular topic on the Message
Black and White is basically a completely new kind of game. Some people call it
a strategy,
but then again some people call Shen Mue an RPG. Black and White is kind of a
cross between
a Sim- game, a Theme- game, Pokйmon, Dungeon Keeper, and a bunch of other
games. (Of course,
the thought comes to mind that you probably already know what the game is if
you’re reading
an “In-Depth FAQ”, but I’ll quit rambling now.) Put simply it’s a god
simulation. You are a god.
You can either manipulate and subvert your followers or be a benevolent,
kind god and feed and clothe them. Either way they worship you, that gives you
power to create
Miracles (like spells), you use your Miracles to get new worshippers, until you
get to the
enemy god’s Citadel and destroy him. However, you can’t operate unless people
“Believe” in you,
which you can make them do either by being kind or killing the odd Villager in
the middle of a
festival. To top it all off you get a Creature, which is where Pokйmon ties in.
Your Creature can do basically everything you do, but you have to train him to
do it.
He can change his appearance to match his Alignment (evil-good and everything
in between),
which doesn’t necessarily match yours (and often doesn‘t, as will be discussed
He will also grow over time. When he first starts out he’ll only be a few times
bigger than a
Villager. But eventually he’ll be accidentally stepping on houses :~) There are
16 Creatures,
each with moderately different traits and very different appearances. Some are
better at
watching after your villages, some are better at burning them to the ground
(along with all the
Villagers), but just guide these guys into an enemy village...
Well, you probably get the point. Overall it’s an extremely fun and addicting
game, albeit with a few stability issues. But Lionhead is *supposedly*
releasing a patch soon which should fix some of that. As they say, “Onward and

II. The Creatures
     A. The Creatures

     This is the real fun of the game. There are 16 different Creatures. These
Ape                          Tortoise
Cow			     Zebra
Tiger			     Brown Bear
Leopard		     Polar Bear
Wolf			     Sheep
Lion			     Chimp
Horse			     Mandrill
Rhino                  Ogre

     Another Creature that many people thought was in the game is the
Crocodile. This was
nixed in the early stages of development. It might be back, but as for now you
can't get it.
     The Creatures are arranged below in alphabetical order. The basic format
is this:

Creature Name
How to Unlock
Natural Alignment
Appearance as Neutral:
Appearance as Good:
Appearance as Evil:
Relative Strength
Relative Out-Of-Battle Speed
Relative Intelligence
Proficiency in Battle
Proficiency out of Battle
Overall Notes

     The Creature Name and How to Unlock are self-explanatory. The next point
is somewhat
controversial, but in my experiences it is pretty reliable. Natural Alignment
is basically
what your Creature is inclined to become, good or evil. So, basically, if you
left it alone
overnight with 0 training what alignment it would be in the morning. A lot of
people say it’s
random, but from what I’ve seen it stays constant for each creature. I believe
this is related
to whether it’s meant as an attacker or a defender. (By the way, this is just
my opinion, but
the perfect combination is a good Creature and an evil player. This way you can
skip all the
tedious micromanagement and concentrate on the fun stuff (killing!!) while your
Creature can
watch the towns without you having to worry. Of course, that’s just my opinion,
and some of the
evil Creatures look awesome.) The Appearances are self-explanatory.
The Dance is self-explanatory. The next points are relatively self-explanatory,
and are based
on a scale of 0-10. They are just my (and helpers’) speculation,not based on
the numbers from
the website or strategy guide. Note that these can change dramatically based on
your training
(besides intelligence, and some creatures’ limits are lower than others’).
Strength, for
instance, can be supplemented by carrying rocks around.
Speed is increased by running laps around the island. This doesn’t directly
raise the creature’s
speed, but lowers his fatness, which in turn raises the speed (but lowers his
battling ability).
Proficiency in Battle is based upon a number of factors. One, how strong he is
and how easily
he gains strength. Two, how quickly and how powerful his actual attacks come
off, and ease of
use in battle. These can be tough to judge, but I’ll do my best and any help is
My e-mail’s at the end of the FAQ. Proficiency out of battle is based on how
quickly he learns,
how much he cares for the Villagers, how likely he is to wander off (partly
based on training,
but Creature has a factor in that too), etc. These won’t be numerical values,
but detailed
(as detailed as I can, anyway) descriptions. Finally, an overall view at the
Creature. Whew,
finally, you’re saying, the good stuff!

1. Creature Name: Ape
   How to Unlock: Chosen at beginning of game
   Natural Alignment: Evil
   Appearance as Neutral: An orange monkey. Looks pretty neat when it's fat.
   Appearance as Good: A happier orange monkey.
   Appearance as Evil: A red and blue monkey.
   Dance: A macarena looking thing
   Relative Strength: 3/10
   Relative Speed: 6.5/10
   Relative Intelligence: 9/10
   Proficiency in Battle: Not bad. The delay time on his moves is
        average but the Special Move is excellent (almost an instant
        hit). His Range is OK but he just isn’t strong enough for it
        to be much use.
   Proficiency out of Battle: May not be so good, as the Ape supposedly
        has a tendency to wander off or be distracted and not feed
        himself properly. However, he does learn pretty quickly, so it
        might be a worthwhile trade-off.
   Overall: The Ape is probably the best Creature to start off with if
        you’re playing good. It learns miracles (and how to use them)
        really quickly, which basically balances out any of its
        personality problems.

2. Creature Name: Brown Bear
   How to Unlock: Completion of “Pollution Clean-up” Challenge in Land5
   Natural Alignment: Evil
   Appearance as Neutral: A brown bear.
   Appearance as Good: Coming Soon
   Appearance as Evil: Coming Soon
   Dance: Disco Inferno! See the Winamp plug-in.
   Relative Strength: 7/10
   Relative Speed: 5.5/10
   Relative Intelligence: 6.5/10
   Proficiency in Battle: One of the best battlers. His moves look
        surprisingly reminiscent of martial arts for a bear; I’d have
        expected wrestling moves. I haven’t seen the Special Move, but
        the rest seem pretty good.
   Proficiency out of Battle: Slightly above average. He learns Miracles
        at a moderate rate and if you train him a little he will watch
        after your Villages. Really there aren't any glaring deficiencies
   Overall: An excellent all-around Creature. Pretty smart, very
        strong, and great in battle. No real problems here.

3. Creature Name: Chimp
   How to Unlock: Bring the witch in Land 3 a child
   Natural Alignment: Neutral
   Appearance as Neutral: Um.. A chimpanzee.
   Appearance as Good: Coming Soon
   Appearance as Evil: Looks like a little gremlin. I imagine some of the more
        gods would like this.
   Dance: A macarena looking thing
   Relative Strength: 3.5/10
   Relative Speed: 7/10
   Relative Intelligence: 10/10
   Proficiency in Battle: Put bluntly: terrible. He has a very short reach,
        the moves have quite a bit of delay, and it's nearly impossible
        to get him up to full strength. Probably THE worst.
   Proficiency out of Battle: Probably THE best. He learns Miracles the
        fastest of any Creature. He can pick up Water in 2 showings;
        Water Increase in 4. He learns MegaBlast at 1% each time! If you
        equip the Learning Leash while doing something, he'll always pick
        it up after one try! What more do you want?!
   Overall: Coming Soon

4. Creature Name: Cow
   How to Unlock: Chosen at beginning of game
   Natural Alignment: Good
   Appearance as Neutral: A brown cow.
   Appearance as Good: A black and white spotted cow.
   Appearance as Evil: A red, bony, bull-looking animal.
   Dance: A River Dance!
   Relative Strength: 2.5/10
   Relative Speed: 4/10
   Relative Intelligence: 6/10
   Proficiency in Battle: Coming Soon
   Proficiency out of Battle: Pretty good. He's naturally nice to Villagers
        and learns Miracles pretty decently. Plus the good form looks a lot
        better than the evil.
   Overall: Don’t be fooled by the low stats. Though the cow starts off
        with low stats, he has the potential to increase rather
        rapidly. This coupled with an above-average intelligence (and
        inherent lovability) makes him a pretty good all-around

5. Creature Name: Gorilla
   How to Unlock: Downloadable, then see Creature breeder in Land 1/4
   Natural Alignment: Evil
   Appearance as Neutral: Hmm... I dunno, this is a stumper. A gorilla, maybe?
   Appearance as Good: Eww, it looks like a flower.
   Appearance as Evil: A silverback! Looks pretty cool.
   Dance: Disco Fevah!
   Relative Strength: 8/10
   Relative Speed: 6/10
   Relative Intelligence: 3/10
   Proficiency in Battle: The Gorilla’s a pretty good fighter. Besides
        the inherent strength, its attacks are pretty good. They have
        some delay but are powerful, long reaching, and will stun the
        enemy, either knocking them to the side (aim for the legs, it’s
        great for disorienting a human opponent), away, or stunning
        them in place. Not to mention the very fast Special Move. An
        excellent choice as a fighter.
   Proficiency out of Battle: Below average. He learns miracles slowly,
        won’t be very happy moping around the house, and has a knack
        for over-eating; when the sheep runs out, bye-bye Villagers.
        Keep him on the offense. Besides, the good incarnation looks
   Overall: One of the best fighters and attackers. Not too good as
        a town-watcher though. A pretty good Creature overall.

6. Creature Name: Horse
   How to Unlock: Downloadable, then see Creature breeder in Land 1/4
   Natural Alignment: Good
   Appearance as Neutral: A blue and grey horse.. Sorry, I'm not up to date on
my horse
   Appearance as Good: A unicorn with the same color scheme as the neutral
   Appearance as Evil: An ugly, filthy, smelly donkey.
   Dance: An Irish tap dance
   Relative Strength: 4.5/10
   Relative Speed: 9.5/10
   Relative Intelligence: 7/10
   Proficiency in Battle: The Horse isn’t really that good of a
        fighter. His strength needs to be worked on pretty often to
        keep it high, and his attacks aren’t very powerful. The Special
        Move is a double kick with the hind legs, but the first kick
        does no damage, so it’s much too slow to be of any use in a
        fight. His other attacks come at a pretty average rate of
        speed, but nothing special. Note he has a good sweep (target
        legs at medium range) that can pretty easily be followed up
        with a step forward and a few close-up attacks. He may be able
        to hold his own against some of the Creatures, but it’ll take
   Proficiency out of Battle: This is where the Horse really shines.
        After a little bit of training, you can let him off his leash
        and he will wander about healing Villagers, supplying the
        Village Store, all the while managing to keep himself in good
        health. It’s perfect for leaving on overnight, if you have no
        qualms about missing 10 years of your Creature’s life and/or
        being a cheater.
   Overall: The Horse is an excellent all-around Creature. It’s best if
        used defensively, as its VERY high speed allows it to get from
        Village to Village quickly, and he will automatically have a
        caring and compassionate nature. Mediocre in a fight, it’s
        probably best to teach him some good offensive miracles and
        have him keep his distance from the enemy’s Creature. A great
        choice overall, though, I don’t understand why it’s not more

7. Creature Name: Leopard
   How to Unlock: Downloadable, then see Creature Breeder in Land 1/4
   Natural Alignment: Evil
   Appearance as Neutral: I need help on this one!
   Appearance as Good: Coming Soon (I really do need help on this one..
seriously guys)
   Appearance as Evil: Somewhat like a puma, but more evil looking.
   Dance: A break-dance!
   Relative Strength: 7.5/10
   Relative Speed: 8/10
   Relative Intelligence: 2/10
   Proficiency in Battle: An excellent fighter. He has a pretty nice
        reach on most of his moves (shoot for the back-flip, it’s
        great). The Special Move, which is sort of like a jumping
        slash, doesn’t go forward very far but can be used to jump over
        sweeps if you know they’re coming (like if you’re fighting a
        cheapo who does one move over and over).
   Proficiency out of Battle: Avoid putting him in this role. He's not as
        dumb as the Tiger (please don't e-mail me with insults over this
        comment!), but still pretty dumb. He'll pick up Miracles very slowly
        and won't take training very well. If you really want a good Leopard
        it'll take quite a bit of work.
   Overall: The strength and speed are enticing, but it simply isn’t
        worth the lack on intelligence. But you could get around this
        by training an earlier Creature and switching to him. Besides
        the lack of Intelligence, a very effective Creature.

8. Creature Name: Lion
   How to Unlock: Complete the Land 5 Lion Puzzle, where you must guide
        a blind lion to its meal of mutton.
   Natural Alignment: Evil
   Appearance as Neutral: Beats me... a male lion, perhaps?
   Appearance as Good: A happy male lion.
   Appearance as Evil: An angry looking, evil male lion. (I say male because of
the mane.)
   Dance: Coming Soon
   Relative Strength: 8.5/10
   Relative Speed: 7/10
   Relative Intelligence: 6.5/10
   Proficiency in Battle: Coming Soon
   Proficiency out of Battle: Coming Soon
   Overall: The lion is arguably the most powerful Creature. He learns
        relatively fast, has an excellent Strength stat, and is pretty
        fast. However, good luck getting him...

9. Creature Name: Mandrill
   How to Unlock: Downloadable, then see Creature Breeder in Land 1/4
   Natural Alignment: Neutral
   Appearance as Neutral: A baboon! Well, actually, there's a difference
between a mandrill
        and a baboon, but to keep it in layman's terms, I'll say baboon.
   Appearance as Good: Coming Soon
   Appearance as Evil: Coming Soon
   Dance: A macarena looking thing
   Relative Strength: 5/10
   Relative Speed: 6/10
   Relative Intelligence: 5/10
   Proficiency in Battle: Another average score. His attacks have a
       delay, and don’t do too much damage, but they don’t do too
       little damage either. The Special Move comes off very quickly
       but is short range.
   Proficiency out of Battle: Yet another average score. It'll take him
       a little while to pick up Miracles but he trains rather well.
       An all-around Creature.
   Overall: Purely average. With work, though, he can become very
       powerful (also looks pretty nice).

10. Creature Name: Ogre
   How to Unlock: Hack him
   Natural Alignment: Evil... very Evil
   Appearance as Neutral: A one-eyed green bearded caveman.
   Appearance as Good: A slightly taller one-eyed green bearded caveman.
   Appearance as Evil: A slightly shorter one-eyed green bearded caveman (lazy
   Dance: From what I can tell, it's none. Apparently we aren't supposed to use
the Ogre.
        When I had him dance for a crowd he just started shaking (stage fright
:). My guess
        is that since the AI Ogres will never dance Lionhead felt no need to
program a dance.
        If anyone else has had different results please tell me.
   Relative Strength: 6/10
   Relative Speed: 5.5/10
   Relative Intelligence: 4/10
   Proficiency in Battle: Pretty good. You can usually guess what he's going to
do because
        most of the moves are natural human moves, which makes him pretty easy
to control.
        I haven't tried the Special Move yet but some other useful ones are his
sweep (aim
        for legs at medium range) and sidekick (aim for torso at medium range).
Also, I dunno
        if this is just from lack of training, but when I took him into battle
and gave him
        a command to attack he just shuffled back and forth for a few steps
before attacking.
        Any more info would be appreciated (e-mail me and I'll send you a map
to switch to
   Proficiency out of Battle: Not so good. Mine would never be good. I'd leash
him to the
        Town Center with the Compassion Leash and he'd just sit down ("Your
Creature has
        nothing to do so he is sitting down.") Keep him on the offense. I
imagine he'd be
        much happier kicking things in (like me :).
   Overall: I'm still in the preliminary testing phase with this one. From what
I can tell
        he's a pure offense Creature with average stats. Any assistance would
be much

10. Creature Name: Polar Bear
   How to Unlock: Complete the boat Challenge in Land 1 and they’ll
        get marooned on Land 5 complete with the Polar Bear.
   Natural Alignment: Evil (not too sure)
   Appearance as Neutral: A polar bear (for those who lost their memory since
buying Black and
        White, it's a white brown bear)
   Appearance as Good: Coming Soon
   Appearance as Evil: Coming Soon
   Dance: Disco Inferno!
   Relative Strength: 6.5/10
   Relative Speed: 7/10
   Relative Intelligence: 4/10
   Proficiency in Battle: See Brown Bear
   Proficiency out of Battle: See Brown Bear
   Overall: Should be pretty much like the Brown Bear. I’ve only tested
        him once, so any help would be appreciated.

11. Creature Name: Rhino
   How to Unlock: Hack him until Lionhead releases a patch
   Appearance as Neutral: A rinosirus! (Me smart.. ME WANT FOOD!!!)
   Appearance as Good: It's light blue, it's happy... it's stupid!
   Appearance as Evil: It's dark red, it's spiky... it's awesome!
   Dance: Coming Soon
   Natural Alignment: Coming Soon
   Relative Strength: 7/10
   Relative Speed: 6/10
   Relative Intelligence: 1.5/10
   Proficiency in Battle: He's basically a slower, more powerful Horse. Expect
the same
        average moves but with MUCH more strength. Just never use the Special
Move; it's
   Proficiency out of Battle: Coming Soon
   Overall: These are preliminary estimations on my part. I've only used
        him once and haven't had time to do extensive testing. Any help
        would be much appreciated (e-mail me and I'll send you a map so
        you can switch to him).

12. Creature Name: Sheep
   How to Unlock: Complete the Sheep Challenge in Land 1
   Natural Alignment: Good
   Appearance as Neutral: A sheep/goat (depending on the fatness).
   Appearance as Good: A golden lamb.
   Appearance as Evil: THE MOST AWESOME CREATURE IN THE GAME!!!!! Picture
Resident Evil..
        now picture that Lambchops puppet show! YES!!! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!
   Dance: Coming Soon
   Relative Strength: 3.5/10
   Relative Speed: 6.5/10
   Relative Intelligence: 7/10
   Proficiency in Battle: Don’t be fooled by the low strength! The
        sheep can bring it up fast, so don’t worry about that. As for
        his moves, the Sheep rivals the big cats and the Turtle. His
        Special Move comes off very quickly and is very powerful,
        leaving the enemy stunned and wide open to a long-range low
        kick. At close range he has a very effective jab which comes
        off almost instantaneously. Just be careful not to click to low
        and do the uppercut! Really, the sheep can stand up to just
        about anything they can throw at you.
  Proficiency out of Battle: Another strong point for the Sheep. A
        pretty good intelligence stat means that this Creature will
        learn miracles rather quickly, and learn to use them well too.
        He’s naturally good and will watch after your Villagers without
        you having to tell him. The Villagers love him, too! What’s
        not to like? Oh, yeah, if you can, you should avoid letting
        him go good. Put bluntly, THE EVIL SHEEP IS AWESOME!!!
  Overall: The Sheep is an excellent Creature. It looks cool, learns
        fast, fights well... He’s the perfect Creature! Well, he does
        have a minor problem with not eating right, but that can be
        fixed by a good bout of training or even hand feeding if you
        have the time. Pick the Sheep! It’s the best! (In case you
        haven’t noticed, the Sheep is my favorite Creature)

13. Creature Name: Tiger
    How to Unlock: Chosen at start of game
    Natural Alignment: Evil
    Appearance as Neutral: A tiger. Looks REALLY dumb when it's fat.
    Appearance as Good: A lighter colored, shiny Tiger.
    Appearance as Evil: A hunched over, vermilion tiger with big claws.
    Dance: A break-dance!
    Relative Strength: 7.5/10
    Relative Speed: 8/10
    Relative Intelligence: 0/10 (yes, 0/10)
    Proficiency in Battle: He’s probably pretty good but I don’t like
         the style. His moves have a pretty short delay but not enough
         reach to be safely used. He does do quite a bit of damage,
    Proficiency out of Battle: OK, due to popular demand, I am updating
         this. Apparently the Tiger isn’t so bad as I once thought.
         I’ve received 40+ e-mails about why the Tiger is good (some
         helpful and constructive, some not...) so I’ll say this. A
         lot of people don’t like the Tiger because he’s too dumb.
         Apparently, though, many say that he learns just as well
         as the Ape. Though I must disagree with that, I admit he’s
         not as bad as I said. He’ll only eat 1 or 2 Villagers before
         getting the hint and if raised correctly will watch after
         your towns. Well, tell that to my old Tiger!
    Overall: I’m upgrading the Tiger to average. He’s pretty good in
         battle and will usually listen if you want him to be good.
         I guess it varies pretty badly, though, ‘cuz mine doesn’t do
         anything I tell him. Best I can say if you want the Tiger is
         good luck.

14. Creature Name: Tortoise
    How to Unlock: Helping boy guide fish into net on Land 4
    Natural Alignment: Good
    Appearance as Neutral: An ordinary turtle.
    Appearance as Good: A rainbow turtle.
    Appearance as Evil: A spiky, dark red turtle. Yes, I know the difference
between a
         turtle and a tortoise.
    Dance: Another break dance (from what I've heard)
    Relative Strength: 4/10
    Relative Speed: 5/10
    Relative Intelligence: 8/10
    Proficiency in Battle: The Tortoise is one of the best fighters.
         His attacks, though lacking brute strength, come out lightning
         quick. Against smaller Creatures he has an overhead kick
         which, if you want to be cheap, can be used over and over in
         an infinite-hit combo. Against larger Creatures, he has a
         sweep which is almost an infinite hit combo. The only real problem
         is the slow dodging speed. You pretty much CAN'T dodge, though
         this can be circumvented by quick blocking. If you wanna win
         and don’t really care much about your own personal likes and
         dislikes (or fun, for that matter), go with the Turtle.
    Proficiency out of Battle: This is where the Turtle is SUPPOSED
         to be good, but Lionhead gave him REALLY unbalanced moves so
         basically he's great in both areas. The Turtle naturally watches
         after Villages, impressing them, dancing, etc. He picks up Miracles
         very quickly and trains pretty well. Only possible
         problem is a low speed. Another *sigh* great point for the Turtle.
    Overall: The Turtle, despite its weaknesses, is still pretty cheap. A lot
         of people like it (and for good reason, the evil form looks pretty
         and it's THE best battler. I recommend against it though. There's no
real reason,
         I'm just tired of seeing Tortoises in multiplayer!

15. Creature Name: Wolf
    How to Unlock: Hack him... lol
    Natural Alignment: Evil
    Appearance as Neutral: The best of the 3.. Looks like an omnipotent timber
    Appearance as Good: Eww... A purple chihuahua.
    Appearance as Evil: A black doberman pinscer.
    Dance: Break dance!
    Relative Strength: 8.5/10
    Relative Speed: 8/10
    Relative Intelligence: 6/10
    Proficiency in Battle: After working with my Wolf a bit more, it appears
         he's actually a pretty good fighter. He has an excellent strength
         stat and dodges with more agility than most Creatures (besides the
         Horse). Avoid getting too close as it's dangerous. Instead stay at
         medium range and use his sidekick move (aim for torso) or backflip
         (aim for head). Also the Special Move is very useful for jumping
         over sweeps and countering enemy Special Moves. He also has a swipe
         which only works up close but is useful for pummeling a blocking
    Proficiency out of Battle: Average here. He learns miracles pretty
         quickly and won’t eat villagers (unless you tell him to, but
         that’s up to you...), but has a natural tendency to.. um..
         kick things. Plus the good form looks terrible.
    Overall: An above-average Creature overall. He’s still probably my
         second-favorite, though. Now how about a normal Dog Creature?
         C’mon, Lionhead, get it together! How could you leave out a
         plain Dog when you have a Wolf?

16. Creature Name: Zebra
    How to Unlock: Solve the Indian lady’s riddle in Land 2
    Natural Alignment: Neutral (not too sure)
    Appearance as Neutral: A zebra.
    Appearance as Good: Coming Soon
    Appearance as Evil: Coming Soon
    Dance: Irish tap dance
    Relative Strength: 4.5/10
    Relative Speed: 9.5/10
    Relative Intelligence: 7.5/10
    Proficiency in Battle: I think it’s just like the horse.
    Proficiency out of Battle: Ditto.
    Overall: It’s basically a horse clone. Whichever skin you like

     B. Creature Combat Tips
          Always get stuck being hit over and over? Have a superior Creature
but just
can't seem to win any battles (like me :)? Well, fear no more Grasshopper! Here
a few tips on how to do better straight from the skull of The Masked Moogle.

-Always start the Battle off with a Fireball or Lightning Miracle. I usually
use Fireball
     since the gesture is easier. There's really no defence against this for
the opponent
     if you make sure to pull it off at the beginning stage where the camera is
     around. Expect the opponent to do the same, though. If you get knocked out
of your
     motion, don't worry, he'll catch fire later in the battle from being too
close to you.

-Don't queue up a huge sequence of moves. This is for 2 reasons: 1)If you're
facing an
     inexperienced opponent, it's EXTREMELY annoying and will take all the fun
out of
     the game for both of you. 2)If you're facing an experienced opponent they
can just
     time a block/counterattack and knock you out of it. I usually keep my
queues to a max
     of 3. Also, when you're making a queue if you want to add a sweep be
careful not to
     accidentally click on the ground. With the camera constantly swinging
around in a Battle
     this can be pretty difficult.

-Know your Creature's moves. If he has terrible range but attacks fast, stay in
close! If
     he does a lot of damage but has a big delay on his attacks, then time your
hits until
     you know you'll get it in. If your Creature's great at dodging, utilize
every opportunity
     to sidestep and counterattack.

-Against human opponents and later Lands in the story mode it becomes very
important to
     dodge. You can often get caught in a really annoying flurry of hits when
you block
     and a well-timed dodge also allows a counterattack.

-NEVER FORGET TO HEAL! This can completely save you in a battle. If you're
getting your face
     pounded in, try to get one lucky hit. When he's stunned take a couple
steps back and
     do the Heal gesture. A lot of people have trouble pulling it off quickly;
just remember
     this. Do one half of the heart, pause a second, and go up the other half.
It doesn't
     even have to be very accurate.

     That's about all I can think of at the moment. If anyone else can think of
another one,
don't hesitate to e-mail me! I love feedback! (well... all things in

III. Concluding Notes

     A. CONCLUSION: Well, that’s about it. It’s going to be updated as often as
I can get it,
so check back often. If there’s any other info you want added here, anything I
don’t know that
you do, any feedback, basically anything you have to say send it to me at:
As I said earlier, this is my first FAQ, so any tips will be much appreciated.
I’ll be sure to put you in the credits section. Thanks!

     B. CREDITS: Many thanks to:
Whatnoaaa for help with the Ape and its downsides.
Qualos for help with the Leopard and its downsides.
The Bear for telling me to add the dances, as well as info on the
     Horse’s, Leopard’s, Bears', and Tiger’s dances.
Ryan Romaine for telling me the Cow’s dance.
Haveacigar for help with the Tiger’s good points.
Fallen Angel for help with the Tiger’s good points.
Ruel Flores for help with the Tiger’s good points.
Tim Morcus for “help” (if you’d call it that) with the Tiger’s good
     points. From now on please, only CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
Skeezik for help with the Tortoise's dance.
Darkwater40k for a tip to add the Appearances section.


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