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Чит-файл для Blade of Blackpoole, The

Blade of Blackpoole, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Part One

This is sort of a strange game. There aren't all that many locations, but
there are several red herrings in the game that can slow you down quite a
bit. This includes a number of objects in the adventure which are totally
useless, but look like they may be important. I'll let you know about these
as we come to them. Also, remember to make a map as you go along! Now, let's
get started.

You begin at the edge of a forest near a small lake. Behind you to the
South is the lake itself with a small boat, and to the West of you is a
giant carnivorous plant. You will have to find a way of carrying the boat
with you, as well as getting something to feed the plant. Fortunately, this
won't be too difficult.

Go East (bypass the shield, that's one of the red herrings), then North
twice, and you should be in the Tavern. Go West into the next room, and buy
all the supplies except the knife, which is not used for anything. Go East,
have a chat with the bartender if you like, then make your way South, South,

Oops! You just walked into some quicksand! Good thing you took that Red
Cross course; swim East, then Swim North. You will be on spongy ground, and
will find a vial of white potion. Get the vial, then go North to the swamp,
where you will see a bees nest. Get some bees, then return to the quicksand,
where you now Swim West twice, so you should be at the shield in the forest

From there, go West and feed the bees to the plant. Now, head East, then
South, and you are at the boat. Pour the potion on the boat and pick it up.
Now return to the plant. Since you fed it, it will let you past now.


Ok, just head North and follow the road until you come to the place where
it forks. Drop the honey here (you will be needing it when you come back),
go West into the dense forest, then North....crash!! Looks like you fell
into a pit!

Don't worry, just throw your trusty rope, which will become mysteriously
fastened to a tree and allow you to climb out. Make sure you pick up the
rope after you're out. Brush yourself off, then move along North past the
cliff and West into the tunnel. Light your lamp (handy, that torch), then go
back the way you came. This time, there will be no pit; instead you will see
a small amulet. Pick that up, then continue on along the road until you are
back at the fork where you dropped the honey.

From there, go South, and again follow the road back until you are at the
plant. Then go East, East, North, East (ignore the hammer!), then North to
the tree where the recluse is hiding. Give him the amulet, and he will
recite a strange poem and give you a book.

Now, guess what? You have to retrace your steps once again, this time to
the tavern. Once there, drop something you're carrying (anything but the
moneybelt) and buy a mug of ale. Now you can drop the moneybelt, as you
don't need it any longer, and pick up whatever it was you dropped.

From there, you must make your way all the way back to the cliff (sigh).
When you reach the bottom of the cliff, sing. The bird will hear you, swoop
down, and leave you at the top of the cliff near a strange pad. Step on the
pad, and you will be magically transported across the ravine.

Follow the road North and West to another cliff. Again, your trusty rope
comes in handy: throw it as you did in the pit. Now, you can climb down, and
go South and West to the river. Drop the boat, which will magically return
to normal size, and get in it.

Paddle North a couple of times, and you will come across a giant sea
monster. Fortunately for you, the old dear is a bit of an alcoholic, so pour
the ale into the water, and paddle on by as she flips out on some warm
liquor. Just keep paddling North until you land on the island in the middle
of the lake.


Here you see a statue of a Grud. Give the book to the statue, and you will
get a key in return. That's all you need, so go South, and you will be back
on the lake. Paddle South twice, then Paddle West once, and again you will
be ashore. The only problem is that boulder that's blocking your way.
Or is it? Try going West, and the boulder will disappear! It was only an
illusion, after all! Now you can enter the cave, so go West, West, and get
the helmet. From there, move East and South, which should bring you to a
locked door. Unlock that with the key you got from the Grud, drop the key,
then Go South and get the bow.

Now, carefully, go East three times, South three times, and West once. Pick
up the scroll, then head West, North, North, and East until you are back at
the "Myraglym" sign. From there, go North, North, East, East, and you are
outside the cave. Get into your boat, and paddle North twice, then West
once. You should be over a dark spot in the water.

Ok, time to get the sword! Go Down, and you will be in the lair of a
lizard. Since he isn't terribly friendly, you'll have to do something about
him. Read the scroll, and you will see two spells written on it. The
"Regnilo" spell is dangerous, don't use that one! Say the other one instead,
and an arrow will appear. Drop the scroll, get the arrow and shoot the
lizard with it. Drop the bow.

Go South, get the sword, go North twice, and you will be in your boat
again. Paddle back to the cave. The make-believe boulder is there again, so
go West once to make it disappear, then go West, South, South, West, and you
will be at the altar. Hang in there, you're almost done!

Put the sword on the altar, then say Myraglym. Whoosh! You are magically
transported back to the forest! You still have a ways to go yet, so head on
South, South, East, and you are at the fork in the road where you dropped
the honey. By now (or very soon!) you will be getting hungry. If you don't
eat something, you'll die, so pick up the honey and eat it. Now, return to
the tavern, and the game is over! You have successfully completed "The Blade
of Blackpoole".

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