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Читы для Blade Runner

Чит-файл для Blade Runner

Blade Runner

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Westwood Studios
Издатель:Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
By TheBlade   (filip.perneel@ufsia.ac.be)

Hi, the name is Roy 'Slim' McCoy. I'm a blade runner (n- BR61661). Or at
least I was. I've killed enough reps that decisive day to buy myself a new
dog (Sidney price) and enjoy the rest of my days outside in the kipple (5
billion tons of it around the city). Let me tell you my story. Holden once
did three in one day, I did four. But fame is not everything. Maggie is
dead. Hell, even Crystal is dead. All what's left are some photographs.
It is a cold, damp world but it is the only world I've got.

It all started at Runciter's Animals. Some lunatic had killed all the
authentic animals (worth a billion of chinyen Guzza said). What kind of
person would do such a thing? No human kind of person if you ask me. It
just is the one thing people didn't do. Outside I picked up the chrome
debris and looked at the red pole. Looked like an accident. No way this
could happen to a spinner. A ground car definitely. Nothing in the trash
can though. I looked at the crowd and asked the policeman to question
everybody. After checking the door I talked to Runciter. It was of no use
to talk to him the hard way. Row the boat gently down the stream is my motto.
Maybe Lucy, a fourteen-year-old girl, knew something about it. After picking
up the shells, the candy bar, the toy dog and the chopstick wrapper I looked
at the poster and the camera and asked Runciter for the videodisc. After
examining everything (KIA) I talked to the officer again and he informed
me that a big, limping man was last seen with the girl. Interesting indeed.
The wrapper came from Howie Lee. I decided to take my lunch there.

Chinatown is a good place to eat. The people are a little strange if you
talk to them though. Nobody listens, nobody cares. Even Gordo is no
exception. I talked to Lee. His cook, Zuben, is new in town and he is a
big, limping man, so I decided to interview him in his own kitchen. Bad
idea. Threatening didn't help much and he definitely didn't want to be
(Voigt-Kampff) tested. If I hadn't jumped away in time I would have tasted
more soup than I wanted to. After a mind-blowing hunt I tracked him down in
an alley. He was rambling through the garbage. This was far too simple. I
nearly shot down a poor guy who asked for a little chinyen. Hell it was almost
Christmas and shooting down reps earned a good bonus. I forked out the money.
In the trash I found a license plate. (NOTE: if you shoot down the guy, you
automatically become more rep-minded. You will get away with this one after
receiving one hell of a speech. If you give him money now he'll be more
talkative later on).

Zuben, the son of an android, had escaped. He wasn't in the warehouse and
the door was locked. Damn. I lost money that day. (NOTE: Zuben attacks at
two places: in the corridor and at your roof. If he attacks in the corridor
you're rewarded with a photograph and additional information. Gaff awaits
you outside. If he attacks on your roof you get nothing. Gaff awaits you at
your roof).

With all the information I had it was time to visit my second home, the police
station. The first thing I did was putting all the information into the
mainframe so that the lab could test everything. Maybe the images could tell
me something. I've never been an expert at using ESPER but hell there must be
something on those pictures. I found 3 images worth enlarging on photo 1(Lucy,
Lucy's shoes, sushi menu) and 4 on photo 2(face, boots, license plate, car).
Then I tested my shooting skills. On the monitor I saw that the score to beat
was 64(Steele). The ice woman would love me to death if I ever cracked that
score. After chatting with Jack I took out my piece and shot 4 mothers and
4 innocents after taking multiple hits and received the grand score of -4. I
finally figured out how to progress through the screens though. (Screen 1:
middle window: if woman goes from right to left; always shoot. If she goes
from left to right; never shoot. Left window: always shoot)(Screen 2: falling
guy always with gun, woman on the left also)(Screen 3: always gun behind right
barrel and behind front mother, watch out for gun on extreme right)(Screen4:
always gun to the right). Even with my supreme knowledge I never broke the 64.
But even Steele should be impressed with my 62. Jack said that our undercover
agent spends a lot of time training at the shooting range. Looking at the
ashtray, she also had the all-time high score 'Lucky Strike smoking'. Not
even Chief Bryant, a notorious smoker, could hope to beat her. The posters
didn't say much though. Time for a talk with Dino at the lab. He'd analysed
all the things and I expressed my gratitude by letting him work. So it was a
black Sedan. That was the last time I saw Dino alive. Before talking to Guzza
I interrogated Grigorian about the factory bombing. He appreciated my kindness
(Steele had beaten him up thoroughly. God I loved that woman). It was the moment
of my first VK-test on duty. What a feeling. I asked him ten questions and
foundout that he was human. On the ground floor I talked to Guzza, my superior.
It was a unique moment to watch him sit there without food in both his hands.

Zuben thought he could butcher me on the roof of my apartment. I executed him on
the spot with my gun. (NOTE: Aim your gun at Zuben, then withdraw it. He escapes
and you earn less money and get yourself a rep-utation. Lucy then thanks you on
the phone when you enter your apartment). Gaff, the origami-hero, congratulated
me and went on with his business, whatever that is. In my apartment I played
with Maggie, she's a real dog by the way, gave her food, looked if there where
any messages (of course that wasn't the case), watched TV, pondered outside and
finally went to bed. The day ended and the nightmares started.

Waking up I heard that there'd been an accident at the Tyrell building. I
listened to Guzza's message and read the crime scene notes (KIA) before entering
the Tyrell Building. It seemed like Dr. Marcus Eidenduller, a heavyweight off-
world physics scientist, had taken a permanent leave. The officer gave me an
all-round description and a videodisc. I took the elevator to the place of the
crime. Before entering the gravtest-zone I saw something lying on the floor. I
took the earring and the sales brochure and examined the screen (NOTE: Only
examine it ONCE. If you check it three times you will be logged off by security.
After examining the videodisc and reading the name Nikki you can examine the
screen a second time and get the DNA). Inside I talked to the photographer,
examined the body of Dr. Marcus (detonator wire), the take out box and the dogs.
I also took the dog collar. The day started off well with three dead animals.
The dogs reminded me of Maggie. I made a mental note that my dog would eat her
favourite food that night (a mixed assortment of artificial bones). I talked a
bit to Steele before I interviewed the security-officer. Maybe he could arrange
a meeting with Dr. Tyrell. He couldn't but I knew the perfect guy who could.
(NOTE: It is now very important to talk to Guzza, the walking food-dispenser. If
you don't do this you waste the ONLY opportunity to talk to Dr. Tyrell and
This has to be done in act 2. This is the reason why a lot of game players never
had the chance to see Rachael).

At the police station I wasted no time. I used ESPER to look at the Tyrell photo
and found 4 images (Kingston take out, bomb, face, collar). I had a hunch that
the name on the collar was going to be very useful to me. I talked to Guzza on
ground floor and he gave me some money and a meeting with Dr. Tyrell. What a
I wonder what the envelope on his desk was for though. I left for the Tyrell
Building but not before having talked to Jack about a weapon delivery and
at the box on the floor. He gave me all the information I needed. It looked like
Guzza was planning his own war.

At the Tyrell Building I had an interview with the man himself, Dr. Tyrell,
DNA scientist, and his lovely assistant, Rachael. (NOTE: This was the only time
in the game that I spoke to her). Too bad I couldn't test if she was a replicant
or a lesbian. I also used the code 'Rikki' on the screen to get the Markus-DNA.

Animoid Row was a fine place. Always lots of things to do. The fish lady told me
of the insect shop further down the road. The shop was 'hidden' in the
I looked at the scorpions once. The second time I'd got bitten but survived the
bites. (Rep?) Now I'm immune to them. (NOTE: Believe it or not but letting the
scorpions bite you changes the storyline further on. If you only look at the
once, a woman (Dektora) will buy the scorpions later on. She then can be seen on
the McCoy-photograph. You can find the scorpions on the chair in EasyQ's office.
If you sit down you die, if Early-Q sits down he dies). I talked to the Peruvian
lady and bought a collar. (NOTE: wearing the collar only adds a few lines of
to some remarks). After I showed her my earring-collection she send someone on
lookout. Hasan, the snake-seller, was quite upset. It seemed like Bob Gorsky,
weapons-dealer, was harassing him. Maybe Bob knew something about off-world
Our Bob seemed like a tough guy, but he was best OK and definitely human. The
test showed no doubts about that. He sure knew his guns and sold me some ammo.
(NOTE: VK him immediately before talking about Hasan. The reward is a
a device that scrambles the police-mainframe. Clicking right on an item in the
does not transfer the information to the mainframe. So, theoretically, if you
want the other blade runners (Steele) know about Lucy, you can erase all her
when downloading to the mainframe. I say theoretically because in reality it had
effects whatsoever on gameplay). I quickly changed ammo (KIA) because I thought
was going to need it. After visiting Kingston Kitchen and buying some excellent
Jamaican stew, I talked to Izo. I don't know if it was my fault or not but he
definitely wanted to take my picture and run away. I took the 2 images, shot the
lock in true blade runner-style and followed the beast into its lair. When I
around the weapon cache I found some radiation goggles on the ground.  (NOTE: if
there are no goggles then Izo is definitely rep. If there are goggles you don't
yet). In the sewers I could go up or I could retrace my steps. I retraced my
and caught Izo in the back. Before I could arrest him Steele came, saw and
by shooting the poor guy in the back. She's definitely my kind of woman. (NOTE:
you take the ladder Izo will talk and die if he is a rep. If he's human, he'll
arrested and you can question and VK him. If you retrace your steps Izo will
run away and be arrested if he's human. If he's a rep then Steele shoots him.
can walk in her line of fire to save Izo. Only then will he escape. No use
him). Bob, the goggle specialist, told me that reps don't use goggles.

DNA Row was my next destination. I went to Dermo Design first. To my big
Moraji, chained to his desk, looked straight at the perfect clockwork of a bomb.
With great skill I shot the chain and ran outside. The blast killed Moraji
He gave me a few hints and then died. The master cook would never cook again. An
officer took care of things. (NOTE: You can save Moraji by shielding him from
blast. There's one catch though; you are killed in the process.  But Moraji
happily hereafter). Up the stairs I found the home of the twins Luther and
They weren't there but I tapped their answering machine, examined their Zenith
vidphone and operated the dolls. Why would Runciter talk to two genetic
I wondered? On the street I met Gordo Fizz. (NOTE: this is optional). He invited
to come see his show at Tally Lewis. Chew was all eyes when I told him his
Moraji had died. He told me that Sebastian lived at the Bradbury hotel. At the
Bradbury hotel I took the stairs to his apartment. The chickenhead wasn't at
Before going up the stairs I looked at the dolls, the chess game and the eggs.
printer gave me the Sebastian-DNA. The roof was accessible after breaking the
I knew that was a bad sign.

I don't know what happened to me next but I found myself conscious at the Yukon
hotel, talking to Lucy. After she left I rubbed my bonds against the woodwork.
I picked up the cheese (illegal stuff!), the Hysteria Hall-token, the doll and
Moonbus picture I took the front-exit. When I aimed my gun at the hostile man he
let go of the hotel-owner and talked his way out. The face looked familiar
He resembled an actor from an old Terra-movie. The owner lay passed out on the
The room at the back yielded two items; a scale and a badge. To my surprise it
Dave Holden's badge. What was the badge of the greatest blade runner of us all
in a sleazy hotel room? Interesting. Outside I examined the car (registration
and took the lichen dog wrapper. Isabella and Murray should know more about

Back at the police station I ran the Moonbus picture through the ESPER and found
images (Clovis face, Sadik face, McCoy face, reflection). Impossible, that
had to be a fake one. The Hawker's Circle photo had 1 image on it (snake scale).
Or Dektora's face on it). The China Bar photo had one image (security camera's).
car turned out to be registered under the name Dektora.

In front of the Hysteria Hall I talked to Isabella and Murray, the old couple.
recognised Lucy as a frequent visitor of the Hall. They also knew something
the illegal cheese and the lichen dog wrapper. Inside the Hall I saw my girl
She was unaware of my presence. I knew this was a decisive talk so I put away my
runner looks and talked to her as a friend. She really appreciated it. After
her for Steele she ran away. (NOTE: This is a key moment in the game. If you try
to VK
her, she runs away in the mirror maze. You can catch her there and talk nice to
but the damage is already done. It is important that you sweeten her right from
start. If you are too rude or if you kill her (what a waste) you miss TWO
endings). Next to the Hall I found 'Crazy Legs' Larry's Used Cars. Crazy
offered me the help I wanted. (NOTE: If you touched the scorpions once, you have
Dektora's picture and Larry recognises her immediately)(Don't show your blaster
Crazy because he'll 'ride' away. This is of no importance if you killed Lucy
a waste) or tried to VK her).

Before going to Nightclub Row I went to Animoid Row. The fish lady recognised
scale as that of a snake. Of course Hasan was nowhere around. The Peruvian lady
me that the dragonfly jewellery was bought by a nightclub-owner and the Jamaican
woman at Kingston Kitchen was happy enough that I didn't arrest her. From that
on there would be no more cheese in the stew. I immediately confiscated her last
portions. The China Bar owner gave me a disc when I confronted him with the
(Image of Izo and Guzza). So far so good.

At the Bradbury hotel I talked to Sebastian, the biogenetic designer. Showing my
did no good and I found nothing new in the apartment. For a chickenhead he sure
that I was a blade runner.

Nightclub Row is definitely my kind of place. You name it they have it. Before I
could put Early-Q on the roster I talked to Gordo Fizz at the Tally Lewis
I noted that there was a videophone hanging on the wall. While Gordo was
performing I
took his lighter on the bar and listened to his show. And what a show it was. It
with him running away. Damn, maybe he's a rep. I found him back on the streets
me to shoot. This was all too easy so I put my piece away and talked to the guy.
drooled a bit too much and I didn't want to waste a bullet on this guy. Reps
want to die; they want to live. (NOTE: if Gordo shoots immediately after you
the Tally Lewis he's a rep and you can' t shoot him fast enough). I let him go
of letting him have his 15 minutes of victory in the VK-room. Warning the enemy
the true sign of a blade runner. It made the job more interesting and the game
nervous. Then it was time for a portion of sex at Early-Q's. I'm maybe a blade
but I'm not the man of Steele. When I entered this temple of joy I immediately
saw the
seats at the back turning 180 degrees. Fascinating. Hanoi wouldn't let me take a
though so I fixed my attention on the S.M. girl. This distracted Hanoi and I
used the
seat. Before I talked to Early-Q I ordered a Venus Flytrap. I felt 'big, slick
and hard
as a brick' now. Early-Q admitted that he was the man who bought the dragonfly
collection (earrings, ankle bracelet and belt). He didn't recognise Lucy. Before
could ask more questions he announced Dektora. (NOTE: It is likely that you'll
to wait a bit at this point for Early-Q to leave). After the show I decided that
was the best time to 'visit' his office. Inside I looked at the camera's (the
took the collection receipt and sat on the seat. (NOTE: If I'm not immune to
bites I die). After I took the videodisc Early-Q entered his office. Now things
complicated. After threatening me I showed him my big, slick piece and he took a
(NOTE: If I don't draw my gun he offers me a drink. This results in me losing
the disc
and being thrown out)(If I draw my gun and he takes a seat he is killed by the
if, and only if, the scorpions were bought by Dektora). He made a deal and I
took it.
I returned the videodisc and he gave me a photo (1 image: Lucy) and some
(NOTE: If you kill Early-Q Hanoi kills you)(You can also keep the videodisc.
There are
2 images on it (Early-Q with Lucy, scorpion-cage)). I found Dektora in her
dressing room.
I looked at the flowers and then talked to her. My VK skills came in handy,
the medium and high intensity questions (my favourites). (NOTE: You can also
warn her
about Crystal but this doesn't change a thing) (It is important to VK her so
there is
no doubt whatsoever she was rep when you shoot her). Unfortunately she thought I
a pervert, a sexual deviant (she was right) and called for the police. A man
came and
knocked me out. I should have read the 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep'
When I woke up I found myself in the sewers. The Phil Resch-character whose
smelled like he wiped his ass with his teeth wasn't happy at all. Electricity
in the air. Luckily, my best friend Steele showed up and killed the bastard.
was dead before he knew it.

We wasted no time. At Early-Q's I examined the vase (Dektora's card) and went
After shooting the projector I followed Dektora to the attic. Now I had
solutions. I could kill her on the spot or let her be killed by Steele. Or I
simply talk to her. This was no easy choice. I took the middle road. I first
to her and then killed her. Even Steele was impressed. (NOTE: Killing her or not
you less or more of a rep-lover. If you kill her she tries to kill you too, so
shoot her a second time). I found myself outside Nightclub Row without a
Steele got the message to apprehend me. It looked like I killed Izo. (NOTE: This
a fault in the scenario because in this case Steele had killed Izo and she
respond at all to the accusations). She let me escape because at that time I
worth a chinyen to her.

(NOTE: there is a random cop-generator at this stage of the game. Every room you
enter could have a cop waiting for you to blow you to kingdom Terra).

After an identity crisis I smelled the lovely perfume of the sewers. It was very
important that I got used to the underground network. I had no spinner so the
sewers where the only means of getting around in the city. The first thing I did
was to pull the lever at the centre of the tube system. I went south and
Lucy. She wanted me to give her the VK-test. I already knew that she was a rep,
but what the heck, she insisted. After she left I entered the weapon cache and
noted a few things. It looked like Guzzo, that dirty cop, had set up a
and used Izo. So it was Guzzo himself who framed me. The puzzle became clearer
and clearer. To the north of the lever I met two very angry cops. They were too
much so I ran like only a blade runner can run. To the left I found the way to
my apartment.

There was another man in my apartment and Maggie was gone. I couldn't even get
to the roof. After he shoved his gun up my ass I went back to my new home, the

Back in the sewers it seemed that I was not alone. The beggars wouldn't even
to me though. I felt very lonely and scared. It made me think about Lucy, the
girl. It was time to confront the two cops. But they weren't there so I took the
elevator down into the sewers. I had a very interesting talk with the beggar. He
not only talked about the reps but also about Guzzo. (NOTE: You can shoot the
beggar). He wanted something to drink. It was a 'Chтteau du Pape 1843' I
(NOTE: You can buy something to drink from the China Bar). To the right was a
wooden plank. It looked ideal for a trap. When I approached the exit; out came
a toxic rat. Luckily for me I had already drawn my gun. I shot it between the
eyes. The rat was definitely not a replicant. (NOTE: If you shoot the rat in the
middle of the bridge, it will collapse. You have to shoot the rat at the
of the bridge so it can be the perfect counterweight for you while crossing the
bridge). Finally I met the twins. I talked to them and we made a deal (I recover
the Tyrell-DNA and they give me the Guzzo-files). It seemed like the twins were
reps. Bet Tyrell didn't like his creation. I exited through the far-left door
and climbed the ladder in pure blade runner style. Another ladder and I was high
and dry in the Tyrell-building. There was no time to waste and I got past the
guard, took the elevator, salvaged the DNA and got back into the sewers before
the alarm went off. (NOTE: If you have already visited the Tyrell-building via
the sewers then you're in trouble. Four out of five that the next time there is
an officer waiting whom arrests you. If you wait too long an alarm does go off
or the security-officer sees you). I gave the DNA to the twins and they gave me
the papers. I re-entered and the twins weren't there. Now it was time to check
their computers. I retrieved the DNA-file. The only thing left for me to do was
to contact Guzza. Didn't I see a phone somewhere?

Before I called Guzza I visited Runciter's Animals to confront the guy himself
with the envelope evidence. He refused to talk but wielding my '45 Blaster
enhanced bullet' in front of his nose poured the dialogue out of him. He didn't
have steel nerves. (NOTE: You can shoot Runciter at this point. Lucy wouldn't
mind). Visiting Bob was out of the question. He would shoot me on the spot.
(NOTE: You can also talk to the Yukon-janitor but besides that there isn't much
to do).

I used the phone at Nightclub Row to set up a meeting with 'Dirty cop' (NOTE:
You can also use the vidphone at DNA Row). We were going to meet in the sewers
to the left of the elevator.

Guzza was even dirtier than the sewers. I really wanted to shoot this guy but
I waited. After talking to him and exchanging evidence he said that Clovis had
called me his brother, that I was one of 'them'. Damn that couldn't be true.
Suddenly Clovis spoke to Guzza. I picked up the briefcase and weighted my
I could kill Guzza, or I could run away. (NOTE: If you say that you're clean you
have to run away, otherwise Sadik will kill you. If you say that you are not
you killed someone (e.g. you killed a cop that was trying to kill you) Clovis
will offer you the chance to choose sides. If you waste Guzza you'll also get
this possibility). I ran away not before I saw Guzza kissing his ass goodbye. I
went to my apartment. (NOTE: If you're still not rep-minded then Clovis tries to
kill you on your way outside. Just run away from him. DON'T try to shoot him or
talk to him).

Gazz waited for me outside. He left and I found myself in front of my apartment.
I took the elevator to 88f.

GODDAMNIT. They killed Maggie. Or at least she did. The cigarette was still
burning in the tray. Definitely a sign that I've escaped death. I picked
up the phone and listened to Lucy. (NOTE: You listen to Clovis if you didn't
VK Lucy. If you hear Clovis you miss out two different endings). I had to
choose now. I could pick up Lucy (A, B) or I could meet up with Clovis (C, D).
Difficult choice.

(NOTE: Ending (A) has two trails (A->A' and A''). It all depends on how much
DNA-information you have found. McCoy is positive if you have found the entire
DNA. He is negative if you've only found some of it).

(A) I found Lucy at the Hysteria Hall. She looked beautiful. (NOTE: If you
shoot Lucy at this stage you'll automatically go to (B). But what a waste).
After talking to Crazy Legs he gave me the spinner keys and we went up the
ladder. Steele waited for us. No need reasoning with her. I really liked Steele,
she was straight to the point. But she shouldn't have said THAT MY MAGGIE WAS
NOT A REAL DOG. I shot Steele without hesitation, without... compassion. I
felt like a robot, like a replicant.

With our spinner gone we had to use a ground car. But how? Police waited
outside and in the sewers. Luckily for me Lucy had some plastic explosive (?!)
with her. I pushed the button, Lucy threw the explosive in the hole and we
went into the sewers. I talked to the policeman and to Lucy before I entered
the car. Maybe with all the DNA-material we could find someone who could 'fix'
Lucy. We drove away in search of the 'beautiful garden with the flowers and
the trees'. We drove away from our memories. We knew we had but a limited
amount of time together.

Lucy is dead now. She died one year ago. We lived each day as if it were the
last. I never heard of Clovis and the twins again. Maybe they've escaped, maybe
not. I hope they found a better place to live. Terra isn't a good place for
reps. I've still got Maggie, the toad Lucy found in the kipple. We first thought
that it was a real one but Sidney is never wrong. Turtles are extinct. We never
found the garden Lucy was hoping to see. I was one and a half-year on the force
when I got the job. Two years have passed since then. Maybe I'm a rep, maybe I'm
not. In the best case I've got two more weeks to live. Terra certainly is no
place to live for a rep. And definitely not for a human who has lost everything
but his memories.

(B) ... . I really liked Steele; she was straight to the point. But what she
said about Maggie really confused me. Maggie could not have been a robot. Not
my Maggie. Before I could react Cryssie had already shot the spinner and Lucy.
Oh no no no no. I shot Crystal and it was all over. I bent over to her and she
congratulated me on my shooting. What a waste this all is. I'm no goddamn robot.
I kissed her and then went to Lucy. Lucy had some plastic explosives on her.
I could detonate the whole place in one last moment of glory. But I didn't want
to die. I went down, pushed the button, threw the explosive in the hole and went
into the sewers. I talked to the dying policeman before I entered the car.

I drove for miles 'till I reached a hill in the middle of nowhere. That is where
my home is now, the kipple. Nobody's going to find me here. I made some friends
Nobody knows that I used to be a blade runner, nobody cares. George Gleason, who
lives next door, says that they use replicants now to clean out the kipple near
city. I don't believe him. He even says that the blade runners nowadays are reps
themselves. They hunt down the Nexus7's. Nexus7 is a warrior type replicant with
the looks of a famous blade runner. They are also called the 'Steele-versions'.
I believed him.

(C) It was time for the final confrontation with Clovis. I could find him where
Moonbus is, way out in the kipple. I entered the sewers, took the door to the
and entered the Zone. Two rats awaited me. They were no match for me. I disarmed
the trap Sadik had laid and went forward. Steele awaited me. She had seen right
through me. (NOTE: If you want to kill the reps, Steele is there to protect
If you are a rep-sympathiser then Steele is there to do her job. Only if you
brilliantly Sadik is waiting for you). If I didn't kill her it was the end of
game for me, so I let her finish her last cigarette. To the left of her I found
power source. I approached the Moonbus, talked to Sadik and gave him the power
It seemed that Sadik wasn't a rep after all. A blade runner killed his wife and
the reason why he helped Clovis. He said that Clovis awaited me. I entered the
All the reps were there. They invited me as their brother, as the sheep who has
returned. Clovis asked me to give him something. I knew instinctively that this
the final test. If I showed them my gun, they would kill me. (NOTE: If you have
Dektora she magically appears at this stage of the game ?!). I gave the
to Clovis. Time was precious to all of us. The twins started the engines and off
we went, to a New World, to a New Life. I sat next to Lucy and knew that my day
had come. For the first time in my life I felt totally at ease. Even Maggie
would be.

"He's a hunter no more. He's come home" - Sadik
"The memories we'll create will be our own" - Lucy

(D) ... . I approached the Moonbus, talked to Sadik and gave him the power core.
I killed him. The bomber wouldn't kill anymore. I entered the Moonbus and talked
Clovis (NOTE: No use killing the rep). Clovis was already a dead replicant.
cheats his destiny. He was lying in bed and reciting a poem. I still remember

"My hands are labour day and night
And ease comes never in my sight
My wife has no indulgence given
Except what comes to her from heaven
We eat little, we drink less
This earth breathing out our happiness
Another sun feeds our life's dreams
We are not warm with thy beams
The measure is not the time to me
Though yet the space that I do see
Me mind is not with thy light array
And terror shall not make me afraid"
- Clovis, that decisive day

Gaff awaited me outside. He was a happy man. Told me that I was ready now, that
Chief Bryant wanted to see me. I even earned myself full retirement bonuses.
that I've done a man's job. That I could buy myself a real dog now.

When I came home that decisive day I could sleep for days. Dr. Tyrell spoke on
vidphone and congratulated me on a job well done. He even heard about Maggie and
offered me a real one. I didn't accept. Instead I opened the phone book and
in the yellow pages under 'animal repairs, electric' and dialled the number. I
turned on the news and listened to Governor Maurice Goldwick. He said something
about reps being brought to Terra in the near future. Something about clearing
the kipple. I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all. I didn't like the way his
eyes blinked.

The end.
(103 rooms to walk in)

By the way

1. Maybe you can shield Moraji from the blast and live.
2. If you show your gun to Larry he rolls away. You never see him again so I
know what happens if you and Lucy enter at the end.
3. Is Lucy always a rep? I doubt it.
4. What happens if you kill all the reps in the Moonbus? I never pulled the
5. What was Holden's badge doing in the Yukon Hotel?
6. What is the exact trigger for Steele to live at the end? The two of us surely
beat the reps in the Moonbus.
7. Read the books of P.K.Dick and K.W. Jeter.

Blade Runner is a trademark of, and is being used under licence from, The Blade

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