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Читы для Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest

Чит-файл для Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest

Blaze & Blade:
Eternal Quest

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Conspiracy Entertainment Europe
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 21 апреля 1999 года
Жанры:RPG (Japanese-style) / 3D
Похожие игры:Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy VII, Grandia II

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.


Информация актуальна для
FAQ  v0.01
Written by Endymion (aka ChibiEndy)

Do not post this guide without my consent.  The last FAQ I wrote I had people
coming to me telling me how they got it off my web page and such, interesting
since I don't have a web page.  It's not hard to get my consent, just email me
(address in the credits).  But please don't take credit for something you
didn't do... though I find it hard to believe someone would WANT to take
credit for this.

	Table of Contents:
		1. Introduction
		2. Classes
		3. Spells
		4. Areas
		5. Items
		6. My Requests
		7. Credits

1) Introduction
	Not much to say... Just despite all the terrible reviews and such I see
for this game, I LIKE IT.  And so do you most likely if you're reading this.
^-^  If you don't know about it, Blaze and Blade is a four-player simultaneous
RPG for the PC.  It plays similar to Secret of Mana, just 3d (nothing
special), and lacks much of a plot (except for Harbinger).  For most it's not
their cup of tea, but there aren't many multiplayer RPGs, and even less that
have the cuteness and anime-style of Blaze and Blade.  It's only $30 anyhow.
	This is a very shoddily written FAQ, but it's the only one there is, so
this way I figured there'd be at least SOMETHING available on the game out
there.  I hope this is useful to you all.. I'll do what I can but there's a
few difficulties.  One is that you can't do certain things twice... so I'd
have to play through again.  The other is that there's a LOT of things to do
in the game.  I didn't do them all and most likely never will. ^^
	I did include my email... but I don't like work.  If I get sent any
questions requiring answers longer than 10 words, you probably won't get a
response. =)  It's mainly there for any contributions to be made or >>S I M P
L E<<
questions.  Sorry, 12 units and a job is enough work for me. ^^
	Lastly, along the lines of what I said in paragraph two... This is
*points up* v0.01.  As in development doesn't even begin to describe it.  Just
uploading it since nothing is there yet.  I'll try to update this at least a
little bit before I let it die (unlike my Deep Dungeon guide, see Final
Fantasy Tactics ^-^).

2) Classes
	I'm going to consider the male and female versions the same class, for
obvious reasons. =)

	Warrior: Close combat expert.  Seems to do the most damage in melee,
obscenely powerful later on.
	Priest(ess): Healing expert.  Healing/defensive spells are extremely
useful, anti-undead is nice too.
	Wizard: Attack Magic expert.  Very weak in this game, but with enough M-
AT can be devastating.
	Dwarf: Close combat expert.  Seems to have more health than the warrior,
but weaker weapons.
	Elf: Warrior/Wizard.  Generally weak, but can open seals.  Also, can
cast Striking, a VERY nice spell.
	Rogue: Speedy lock-opener.  Very weak, but there are a lot of locked
doors later on.  Speed is useful.
	Hunter(ess): Ranged attack expert.  Love this class.  High damage ranged
attack without mana.
	Fairy: Support magic expert.  Still not sure about this class.  I
haven't played it much.

	More depth to come, maybe. ^^

3) Spells
	Section not yet written.

4) Areas
	I'll do this as I can.  Lot to write though... and a lot to sit through
to write these guides.

=Cavern of the Fire Dragon=
	This is pretty simple.  Easy salamander enemies.  Walk to the right of
the entrance (if you were just coming in).  Jump across the moving platforms
until you reach the cave, and the treasure chests.  After taking the Amber
Wand and the Robe of Spirits (if you needed them).  Take the left exit.
Prepare yourself as much as possible (DEF/M-DEF power-ups, Regeneration, and
Striking are musts, Extend Spell is nice as well, and if you can think of
anything else throw that on too), then cross the bridge.  Die quickly.
	Okay kidding. ^-^  But don't expect to win this fight.  My friends and I
have lost with level 200ish characters before.  The dragon is HARD, the best
advice is have a cleric repeatedly regen and buff the group memebers while a
warrior or dwarf with high powered weapons runs in slashing.  If you're lucky,
by using this "in your face" approach, you may stop the AI from having the
dragon breath on you.  If you get breathed on... kiss it good bye.  You'll
take at least 2 (most likely 3 or even MORE!) hits for around 150, unless you
have major fireproofing.  It will also cast Meteor Storm on you (these rocks
hit for ~300 points... avoid getting hit at all costs.  They'll kill a level
200 warrior in 2, sometimes 3 hits).  Other abilities he has is an invincible
charge, and the standard melee attacks.  The Dragon has a ton of HP, I would
guess at least 10,000.  He's very difficult but can be beat, most likely the
hardest boss in the game though (even including the Dark Angel and
Harbinger!), and can be worth it.  First time my friends and I defeated him he
dropped the Mistortain (see the weapon's section), a weapon so powerful that
when the "Expert" (indentifier person) saw it, he said something like "Oh my
god!  This... this... can't be!   WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS?!".  Of course, the
second time I defeated him I only found a Fire Material in his treasure chest.
I'll do further research on it at some point, but failed my last two attempts
to slay him (didn't have any friends over, and you know the AIs)

	I intend to do more, really! ^-^

5) Items
	O boy there's a lot of stuff.  I'll tell all I can figure out about
items.  Please forgive the inpreciseness of the stats... items tend to be
altered by use of Material throughout the game.

Sunblade: ~44 ATK.  Fair mid-level weapon, blessed with Light attribute.
Durandal: ~80 ATK. Nice high-level weapon until you can get the Mistortain.
Mistortain: ~110 ATK.  Best sword I've come across, came from the Red Dragon.
Fenris: ???  Mistranalation (should be Fenrir). Best weapon in the game I
believe.  Bought for 99 Luck Coins.

=Elf Swords=
Inferno: ~50 ATK. Nice mid-level weapon, blessed by Fire attribute.  Looks
neato too.

Amber Wand: ~55 ATK.  Terrific Priest weapon for most of the game.
Wand of Justice: ~68 ATK.  Amazing weapon, found after slaying the Zombie
Dragon.  Perhaps the best wand?
Wish Rod: ???  High level Priest weapon, bought for 99 Luck Coins.
Composite Bow: ~82 ATK.  Finding something like this is a good reason to start
a Hunter.
Double Bow: ???  Bought for 99 Luck Coins.  Description claims it can fire
twice.  Looks devastating.

Ouga Axe: ~82 ATK.  Very nice little demonic axe.  Have yet to find anything

Mist Dagger: ~67 ATK.  Cute little trinket, gives the rogue a chance of doing
some real damage.


Earth Shield: ~16 DEF.  High Earth Attribute.  Found off monsters within the
Accursed Place.
Ice Shield: ~16 DEF.  High Ice Attribute.
Guardian Shield: ~24 DEF.  Found in last area.

Robe of the Elder: ~72 DEF.  High defense, high M-AT boost, high stat boosts.
The best caster robe, in my opinion.
Robe of Spirits: 77 DEF.  Weaker version of a Guardian Robe.  Some decent stat
Guardian Robe: ~82 DEF.  Best defensive robe.  Nice, but not a Robe of the
Elder.  Some decent stat bonuses.

6) My Requests
	a) Where are those missing spells?!  I'm dying to get my Priestess that
last spell, and my Wizard too!
	b) Anyone seen any other dragon items?
	c) Is there anything to do except read those tablets and kill the
dopplegangers in the ancient ruins?

7) Credits
	The people you have to thank for this rather useless jumble of
	Writer-		Endymion (endymizuno@home.com), Justin Kudo
	Co-player-	Epyion
	Co-player-	Minion
	Co-player-	Crusader
	Co-player-	Sayian

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