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Читы для Caesar 3

Чит-файл для Caesar 3

Caesar 3

в России известна как

Цезарь 3

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:Цезарь 3
Разработчик:Impressions Games
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Локализатор в России:1C
Издатель в России:1C
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 30 сентября 1998 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:Strategy (Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / Isometric
Похожие игры:Caesar 2

Даты выхода игры

вышла 16 мая 2003 г.
вышла 30 сентября 1998 г.


Информация актуальна для
Caesar III (PC)
by Sierra and Impressions
Warfare Guide/FAQ

Copyright  06/22/2001  (Version 1.2)
Copyright  06/19/2001  (Version 1.0)

Created by Tim "Sheepy99" Maurer
Contact Info: Sheepy99@Yahoo.com

Version 1.2
Fixed some typos
added Contributer section
added one more enemy & solution
added another tip/trick
added another FAQ

Version 1.0
First public release of Caesar 3 guide

I. Intro
II. Military
III. Defense
IV. Enemies
V. Strategy/Tips/Tricks
VII. Conclusion & Contributers

Caesar III, long awaited sequel of Caesar II, came out in 1998 to the joy of
many Empire Builders fans everywhere. Caesar 3 Improved upon the battles aspect
of the game which Caesar 2 had fallen short (among other things).
For those who haven't played the Caesar series, the basic concept is that
you're an up and coming Roman Politician who must prove your worth to Caesar
himself. Caesar will hand you goverining assignments in which you will take a
bare strip of land and turn it into a robust city. Now there are some
similarities to the SimCity series but you also must grow food for your
citizens, trade with your neighbors, and defend against attack. Oh and if you
piss Caesar off he sends his national guard to raze your city and take you back
to Roma(Rome) in chains.
Now I realize that there are a few Faq/guides out there for this game but few
really focus on the military area of the game. So this guide will assume you
have read most of them and will teach the user how to use the Military to their
most effectiveness.
II. Military
Ok, so you have some reports that some enemies on their way to burn you city to
the ground what do you do first? Let's hope you said raise a legion, because
stonewalls don't fight back very well. I use to think the first thing I needed
was a wall for my city then to build a legion but, this tactic has one small
problem, you tend to run out of money to fast. So build the legion first.

The three types of armed units:
Legions (Foundation of Roman Military, reminds me of a wall with legs)
Javelin throwers (guys with an infinite amount of spears)
Calvary (guys on horses who tend to die way to much)

Other Military
Tower with Ballista (Big Arrow)
Wall Guards

Non-Military (if attacked will put up a good fight)
Lion Tamer

If this is your first time in a "dangerous" providence the game will do an ok
job telling you how to raise your first legion, but i'll put the steps to
building a legion incase you need to print it out or something.

Steps to raising your first legion on a new map:
1. Check your map for Iron (go to the raw materials and see if you can build
iron mines), if you don't have iron then check the World Map for weapons or

If you need to import iron or weapons read this otherwise skip to the part
where you build your own.

IIa. Importing Iron/Weapons

2. Establish a settlement near some yellow tuffs of grass so you can produce
some food.
3. Build 2-3 farms, a granary, and a market.
4. Build additional housing to support every job in the city
5. Build a Warehouse and tell it to except only iron or weapons.
Do step 6 if you are importing Iron
6. Build some workshops to produce weapons
7. Tell trade advisor to import Weapons/Iron.
8. Make sure every job is filled
9. Build Barracks
10 Build Military Academy (Optional)
11. Build Legion Fort on edge of map but not to far from the city.

IIb. Building Weapons
Once in a while you'll have a situation where your iron is on one side of the
map and the food is on the other. Build your settlement near the food and then
follow the steps below.

2. Establish main settlement near food and use gatehouses to keep people in
3. Establish mini settlement near Iron and use gatehouses to keep people in
mini settlement.
4. Build 2-3 farms, a granary, and a market.
5. Build additional housing to support every job in the city.
6. Build some workshops in the main settlement to build weapons
7. Build a warehouse and have it accept only weapons.
8. Make sure every job is filled in the city.
9. Build Barracks
10. Build Military Academy (Optional)
11. Build Legion Fort on edge of map but not to far from the city.

III. Defense

You should only build walls when you have a profitable trade route open and
flourishing. The main concept behind your defenses should be slow the enemy
down while at the same time reducing their ranks. So all your Legions and
Auxillarys have to do is just clean up house.

There is such a thing as bad defense like:
One layer thin wall around the city.
One 10 thick wall around the city.
Gate houses missing on some sides of the city.
Understaffed Towers.

Why are all those examples of bad defense? Well for one they waste city funds,
and two they are a false since of security. Defensive walls should be built to
allow a little breathing room for expansion of your city. There is nothing more
wasteful then build a wall only to tear it down a year later because you need
to expand. Gatehouses should be on atleast one side of every wall you have
because at some time an enemy may show up and your troops have to run farther,
and thus the enemy may actually damage something important.

Examples of good Defense:
Two layer thick wall with towers that are well staffed which have gatehouses on
all sides of the wall.
Mini settlements of Towers around the providence.
Areas of wall with Towers that are not part of the main city.

These defenses all delay the enemy while at the same time reducing their
numbers. When an enemy attacks every second counts. Walls slow down their
movement or redirect their attacks, which allows time for your own troops to
get into position.

III.a Making a mini-settlement
This part will teach how to make a mini-settlement for towers and walls that
are not part of the city.

This is your city and the enemy attacks here:
Enemy "X"
Fort "F"
I		X	I
I			I
I	_______		I
I	I     I 	I
I	I cityI		I
I	I     I		I
I       ~~~~~~~    F    I

Say your legion is taking to long to get over to your city to defend it. A
"Mini" fort is what you need to slow down and thin out the on coming enemy. Or
you could build another Fort but even then a mini fort right next to a Legion
will still help.

City with Mini-fort
mini fort "f"
Little road to fort "|"
I		X	I
I	  f|f		I
I	___|___		I
I	I     I		I
I	I cityI		I
I	I     I		I
I       ~~~~~~~    F    I

1. Put a gatehouse in the wall on the side that you want to build the mini
2. Put a road out from the gatehouse to a point where you want.
3. Build another gatehouse in the middle of the road so you can build a mini


gatehouse "=="
road "|"
I			I
I	 |  		I
I	==		I
I	 |		I
I	 |		I
I _____	== _________	I
I I                 I   I

4. take the wall curser and build a tiny section of wall just big enough to put
a tower on.
5. make a little room for some tents and build a Prefect and Engineer (to keep
the tents from falling down or catching fire)

Tower "T"
tiny settlement "+"

I			I
I	T|T		I
I	+|+  		I
I	==		I
I	 |		I
I	 |		I
I _____	== _________	I
I I                 I   I

6. as long as the road is connected, the towers will be staffed with guards
from the barracks. That's pretty much all there is to a mini fort.

IV. Enemies

The Enemies in Caesar III range from the man-eating wolves to Barbarians. Below
I will talk about the types of enemies and how to beat them.

A. Wolves - Only a problem with northern Territories of the Empire. Wolves are
almost the worst enemies in the game because they are on the map to start out.
When your first settlers try to pitch their tents they usually get eaten by the
wolves on their way over to your site. More Settlers will come to replace him
but they too usually get eaten. This slows your progress down and can cause
problems if you take to long trying to put up your first legion or the wolves
start eating all your cart pushers, priests, little boys with baskets, etc.

Solution - Try to wall the wolves up with the wall icon (cage them up) until
your ready to send your legions out to kill the wolves.

B. Natives/Barbarians - Technically Barbarians is anyone who wasn't a Roman but
I refer to the armed kind. Sometimes you'll be asked to settle an area with
natives already there. If you build on a Natives land expect trouble.
Barbarians Look like the Natives and are armed.

Solution - Build a Legion early and put some Mission Posts by the Native
Village. Avoid putting up building on a Natives land (check the Overlays menu
to see where the threats are). Sometimes you have to build on their land so
expect trouble.

C. Roman Legions - What's this? Sometimes you can be your own worst Enemy. Well
they aren't your Legions but they are Legions of the Roman Empire sent by
Caesar to capture you and burn your city down.

Solution - Don't Piss off Caesar (i.e. raise your relations with Caesar by
sending him gifts, or meeting his requests). See Tips and Tricks for dealing
with Roman Legions.

D. Gladiators - Once in a while the game will have the gladiators revolt and
they go about causing destruction until they calm down and go back to beating
up each other.

Solution - Keep a Legions close by, but other then that you can't really
prevent it.

E. Rioter - Guys who carry fire with them and have a tendency to burn things.

Solution - When Unemployment is high or you're out of food or the crime rate is
high, these guys show up. Keep Unemployment around 10% or lower and be sure to
fund all your Prefect stations.

F. Carthaginian - Rides on Elephants, Leader of the Carthaginians is Hannibal
Lect.. er I mean "the Cannibal". See them in the Alps and Carthago Missions.

Solution - well-trained troops with spearmen should win the day.

G. Egyptians - Rides on Camels. Meet them when you get assigned missions around

Solutions - Same as Carthaginians

H. Gaul (ian?) - (Ancient France) Gaul natives don't want to become Roman

Solution - Gaul Natives remind me of ants. They are lots of them but they cant
fight worth beans unless they stay together. 3 Legions Max unless you are like
me and build Legions for the fun of it.

I. Greeks - Like Egyptians without the Camels.

Solution - Walled City, with Legions, and Spearmen should hold them.

J. Judeans - Shepards that inhabit Judea (Israel). Armed with only Basic

Solution - Judeans aren't strong fighters and a few mini-forts + legions should

K. ************ More to Come *************

V. Strategy/Tips/Tricks

The area of the guide that I put things that I felt didn't belong anywhere
else, sorry no Cheat Codes.

Calvary = 16 dead guys on horses - They just aren't strong enough to warrant

Natural Barriers are good Defense - Enemy troops can't move through rocks,
forests, or water. So save some Denari and incorporate Natural Barriers into
your walls.

Roman Legions Cornerstone of the Empire - A good battle tactics is to think of
Legions as a "Roman Wall" on feet, and Spearmen as huge cannons. You put the
Spearmen behind the Legions for a reason!

Home Turf - Usually you can choose where the battle between your troops and the
enemy takes place. A wise General Fights near the mini-fort with the Ballista.

Prosperty rating getting you down? - Can't move on to the next mission because
of the Prosperty rating? Try playing the missions that involve more military.
Caesar realizes that you will be spending most of your time beating the local
natives around and lowers his expectations until the end of the game.

Heavenly Help - If you don't think you can get a legion up in time you can
build a few more temples to Mars (God of War) who will send his protective
spirit on you city. You shouldn't rely on Mars to much though.

********** The Ultimate Challenge **********
Want to see if you've mastered the game? Take on Caesar by pissing him off on
purpose and watch him send his troops after you. At first he sends 1 Legion
after you and if you beat that he sends 5-6 Legions after you. It is possible
to beat 6 crack Legions, but it involves many mini-forts, and some crack
Legions of yourself. He doesn't give up so keep beating him until you get


Q. My Imigration stalled what happened?
A. after a few hundred citizen have moved in, they start telling their
relatives that there isn't any food in your city and it impairs immigration. So
build 2-3 farms, 1 granary, and 1 market around 200 citizens in your city.

Q. Aren't Calvary good for something?

Q. Why doesn't my mini-fort have a big arrow?
A. First make sure you have a connect road between your Tower and your Barracks
in the city. Also when you first build the tower it takes a while for the guard
running the Ballista (Big Arrow) to get to the tower from the Barracks.

Q. I want to help contribute or I found a problem with your guide
A. Contact me at Sheepy99@Yahoo.com

Q. I have a question that deals with another part of the game will you help me?
A. Maybe, but don't expect and answer on anything except military.

Q. How do I win the Carthago Mission?
A. First tear down any buildings on the natives land. Build a Mission Post. Put
up some gatehouses on the road so people won't wonder off. Start building up
Industry and Trade for weapons. From there you need to establish some
mini-forts and get atleast 1 legion ready for the enemies that will be coming
for you.

Q. Why isn't Mars helping me?
A. Mars will only help you if 1. You have the God effects turned on and 2. Mars
is Exaulted by the large number of Temples/Festivals in his honor. God effects
are automaticaly on if you didn't download the patch.

Q. I heard that there is a custom map program somewhere, where is it?
A. Sometime ago Sierra made a fun add-on where you could build your own maps
and play on them. Check out Sierra's Website for the map utility.

Q. Where do I find a copy of Caesar 3?
A. Since the game is so old it's like selling for $15 or less in bargin bins.
Check Babbages/Software ETC or other stores.

Q. Didn't I see a sequal somewhere?
A. Caesar III is the latest installment to the "Caesar Series", and that was
released in 1998. You may have seen the "Zeus" game by (SSI?), or "Age of
Empires" which is in stores. Those games are very similar to Caesar, but are
not an offical sequal.
VII. Conclusion & Contributers

I would like to thank Impressions and Sierra for producing this game. I look
forward to more games from these two companies.

If you like Caesar, check out Zeus, Age of Empires, Pharoah (& Cleopatra).
These games are all very close to the gameplay that makes Caesar III fun.

* Thanks to Kurt Linsenbardt for suggesting Pharaoh & Cleopatrah expansion.

This is a copyright work by Tim "Sheepy99" Maurer. No part of the guide my be
altered, changed, charged for, re-written, set fire, eaten or otherwise altered
without expressed written consent from myself. If you want to use this for
personal usage you have my permission. Just give me credit, don't charge anyone
$$$$, and follow the rules of Gamefaqs.com

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