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Читы для Chronomaster

Чит-файл для Chronomaster


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:DreamForge Intertainment и IntraCorp, Inc.
Издатель:U.S. Gold

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Call Nizzim Rochtar
Reason with her
Try using Flattery
Call Clia T'rifit
Reason with him

Go to Urbs
Go to Sculpture Garden
Pick Up Rocks
Talk to statue
Reason with Statue

Go to Fort Battlefield
Use bottled time on Missile Loader
Push button to activiate it
Walk to center of the battlefield where control panel stands
Aim with left button until target sight is full of circles
Fire the missile with the right button
Take Urbs trooper uniform
Put on uniform

Go to War Memorial Museum
If you forgot to pick up the crowbar, the Force Rod setting on the UT will
remove lid.
Use polish on rag with polish on shield.
Use polished shield on generals bars.
Cross to the Fort's interior wearing the uniform with the generals bars
Use polished shield on Firing Squad
Take the file
Look at it in your inventory to read it.
Reason with Higgins, then Truth
Use PDA on Touch Pad to open Elevator

Urbs World Key Puzzle
The only path to get you out of this encounter is Bluff then Respect

Magnetic North
Try to take bottle to Jinn
Honor Jinn
Pick some fruit
Take animal carcass at the edge of clear
Give any fruit, when iinn falls, take turban
In clear area, set up Resonance Tracer
Take the bottle and the flying carpet
Use Direction Finder

In Canyon, use bottled time on rocks one at a time
Ketter Beast Canyon--Go to Right
Apply bottled time to carcass and toss it to monster
Search the nomad's body

Take mosaic tiles
Take nomad's turban

Skull Bridge Canyon (to the left)
Reach in to touch gold glittering object
Put hand inside to find golden needle
Take the needle

Go to canyon to the right
Take the feather to use as a fan

Go up to desert, leaving canyon where you found feather
Pull out the UT
Set it for magic wand
Use the wand on the sign
Talk to sign

Twister Canyon--leave sign go to right
Speak to 4th nomad (who wears colorful turban)

Plateau Landing
Arabou the Trader
Go up to blind man playing flute
Take the gold
Arabou says he will trade for goods or for information
Take magic sandals for flying carpet
Trade for information
Tell him about Ketter Beast at the canyon oasis
Take flute as reward
Take rocks near edge of plateau

Plateau Oasis
The Caverns
The Spider's Cavern
Take rocks from avalanche
Set UT on magic wand and use it on web
Set UT on hammer, pound some rocks into dust
Toss dust in front of you to coat the sticky web
WARNING: A second spider bite is automatically fatal
Use magic wand on web when it is in your inventory

Beginning of the Maze
take the one on Korda's left
Take the next on Korda's left
Following the left passage will take you to everything
of significance in the caverns

The Transportation Pool
Take small piece of cloth and put it in your pocket
DO NOT take water from the pool at this time
Walk around the pool

Cavern with Aurans and Urbs Symbols
Dust and mud is covering symbol
Rub cloth on Aurans symbol to try to clean it

Use water on cloth
Use wet cloth on symbol

Exit room through upper left (screen) entry to illuminated door in the rock
Open door

The Nomad's camp
Select Assist when offered Assist or Advise
Use the feather on the fire and receive reward
Use turban on Korda
Talk to tough guy
Exit screen through left side
Talk to spider
Choose Retreat
Use flute on Korda
Talk to Belly Dancer

Go across camp to gold-clad nomad
Truth and Confront lead to duel
Use sword from inventory after Dwistor takes his first swipe
Claim prize from Belly Dancer
Talk to Belly Dancer

Walk back to where you battled Dwister
Exit passage on upper left
Speak to scout
Choose Trade
Choose trade
Use UT Magic Wand on Veil
Put veil on

Walk toward palace (down)
The Poor Woman
Buy a bowl for one gold coin

The Wealthy Oracle

The Strange Magician
Pay a coin so he will conjure up a green pig in a red cape
Pick hand bet yes
Doubie or nothing, yes

Inside the palace
Start with left hand corridor

The bathing pool
talk to man
Use flute
Take some water in a bowl

Fit tiles taken from Ketter Beast Oaisis into place
return to the central corridor to try right hand passage

The Palace Treasury
Take the ruby
take sack of gold coins
Push the pedestal in front of tapestry to one side Push tapestry
Entry is too high so push the slab to beneath the hole Walk on slab
When he enters hole, he will automatically continue crawling through until he
emerges in the Harem
Walk over to one lovely lady, bottled time will awake her, greet politely
Hand the lady the jinn bottle

Fortuna:Take a Chance

Tip of the Pyramid: Fortuna Landing Bay
Greet man in green uniform at the end of the platform
Look at saboteurs' ship
Instruct PDA to interface with the repair
Use PDA on Droid
Use PDA on Droid to stop interference. Lever position makes no difference on
effectiveness, but moving from off to on sends current into repair droid
Take elevator to first floor of casino
Throw coin into fountain to add to Korda's chance of winning at the slots and

The Pink Cadillac Bar and Casino
Select Regata, Purchase and Query for interaction with Bartender
Rabbits foot will help Korda win at slot machines and games
Take the item in question from array behind bartender
Take camera to right off bar

Go Left (screen) from Bar
Try your luck with new rabbit's foot in pocket
Use Probability Driver on Successful Gambler
Take her advice that blue machine is about to pay off
Use probability on slot machine next to lady gambler
Use chip on slot machine a few times then leave
Go down on elevator to next floor

Talk to band
Go to casino section on your right
Go to one of the poker tables
Take Ace of Spades on the floor and put it in your pocket

Go to security desk
At one of the poker tables, a dealer says he will speak to you after his shift
is over. Wait for him.
Speak to the security officer again.
To buy the glifnod or pay the debts, use credits on the guard
If you don't want to pay, use PDA on Security guard, then push the button to
Open the box and take the contents.

Go back to dealer
Talk to dealer
Give glifnod
Take badge on table

Take elevator to final level of pyramid casino
Go to Loading Bay to transportation officer.
Take his picture

Talk to Beggar
Go to Jester
Using the comm unit in the main cabin, contact Tracks
Place bet on Car 88 in Race 4
Click on the Planet
&o Back to Pyramid
&o back to Beggar
Give him his split. You must USE the tip and bring him
his share of the winnings.
Use new Security Badge photo on the Gate and board the train

Wild West Saloon
Sam the Piano Player
Notice the paralysis gun on the barrel to the right of the piano.
Greet the piano player
Take the paralysis gun

Five Card Draw
Go down to players
To Ante Up, USE credits on the Table.
Use Discard and Draw, but if Korda has both Aces, Cheat
Set up Resonance Tracer

Return to Main Casino
Go Up Floor
Go Right (screen)
Walk to further doors
Using the screwdriver setting on Universal Tool, pry off the panel
Climb up ladder

Open floor plate ~ Take particle decelerator Take bucket of blue paint Use PDA
to open elevator doors Look for secret door in corridor wall, it will appear
during the return trip from the elevator Door will open, walk inside

Speak to nervous alien
If you have the photo of the Transportation Officer's badge, choose
rationalize. If not, shoot the nervous alien with the paralysis
Push over waste disposal unit to cover the bomb
untie aliens
Note the vo-decoder on the floor
Use the Probability Oriver on the monitor
Press the button to run the tape. You will hear .'Pasqua Wipeout"
Press the small button on the right of the third control panel which dis the
landing platform. It will open the top of the Pyramid.
Take the vo-decoder on the floor between the second and third panels.
Exit room, qo up

Using the vo-decoder on the elevator at the end of the corridor
Take elevator directly to landing platform at the top of the pyramid
Talk to coded security lock, now that you have password

Open the toolbox
Take the lockpick
Take the main elevator to the second level
Go down tunnels to locked door
Use the Hammer on lockpick twice
Use the bent lockpick-on the Door Panel

If you want to end, arrest Milo at either chance, to continue game, Assist
The sequence begins with one blip, then moves to two,
and so on. Each time you must repeat the pattern in full.

On the landing platform, talk to Milo
Don't skip the TALK TO MILO option or Korda cannot share his information and
they will lose the race
Use bottled time on Bucket of Paint.
Now you will have a Painted PDA, use it on Transportation Officer Take the
particle accelerator from beneath the floor panel in the Service Corridors and
give it to Milo.

Guessing U is a mistake
Use common consonants like T,R,S
Answer is "Avalon Greer keeps his heart in an egg"

The Witch's Garden
Take the watering can
Take the Rain Bucket
Take Clump of Dirt

The Witch's Hut
Use the Rain Bucket on Watering Can
Use Watering Can on the Cat
Take the Blue and Green Books and scroll first
Look at them to read them
Use Bucket or Cauldron with Clam Chowder
Take Knife
Take Clams
Go Outside
Use Knife on Beehive
Use Knife on Beehive
Pull out Resonance Tracer and set it up
Return to the Jester and set course for planet Forge

Give chowder
Take the key and use it to open door
Go to lower left area for arrow to see king
Greet the king
Set up Resonance Tracer
Use the Hammer Setting in Universal Tool to break them free
On Left Pilar
Go Through Center to leave king, go to upper left area
for arrow to leave mines
Take the burning feathers
Talk to priest(ess)
Tell the Truth
Walk to Temple
Walk to Phoenix

Talk to the high priest
Use magic foci on the scroll
Use spell on the Phoenix
Use Feathers of Flame on Altar (not in bowl)
Talk to Phoenix
Take Feather
Set up Resonance Tracer
Call Milo from the Jester
Set course for GEM

Note Gems in the snow
Take the gemstones
Use gemstones on harp, match color with color
Use knife on the Unicorn to get the hairs
Use hairs on harp
Push harp
Unicorn will vanish, set up resonance tracer
Say Shining Smooth/Shining Bright/Worked by Fire/Heart of Light"
Use Magic Foci on Korda, phrases will appear out of order
Go down path. Speak to the Sprite Queen
Take two crystals from branches
Speak with talkative sprite on left
Talk twice to sprite on left
Make offer

Check navigation console
You will find listing for the Volcano of Glory
Go to Forge Mines
Talk to King
Exchange Resonance Tracer for Bubble Wand
Go to Gem/Volcano of Glory
Use Bubble Wand on yourself
Take Rose from foot of bed (on Chest)
Open Door -
Leave Bubble
Use the Hammer from the Universal Tool on the Crystal

Use the Magic Foci (UT) on the Crnshed Crystal
Use the Command on the Crystal Eye
Either Sleep or Surrender will work here.
Take the Crystal Eye
Use BubbleWand on Eye
Use Bubble Wand on Korda
Talk to Rose
Leave, go back to Jester
Go to Glass/Tower of Avalon Greer
Walk to Tower
Walk into light
Talk to Avalon Greer
Choose Heart
Take crumpled letter
Read letter
Take letter and look at it
Return to Jester
Contact Milo
Set course for Glitter, the Witch's Carden
Use Rose on Garden
Use Watering Can with Water on Rose
Take rose to get geode
Use knife on geode
Use hammer on geode with knife
Use cut geode on garden

Geode Cavern
Use screwdriver to pry yellow-green crystal from the wall
Crush into powder with hammer
Take ladle from floor
Take log
Use on cauldron
Use Magic Foci (UT) on Blessed Feather then on log

The World Key puzzle is very picky. The steps must be followed in order or
Korda will go up in flames. You should quicksave every couple of steps.
After the log is burning under the cauldron, Use the water from the watering
can on the cauldron
Take the ember that breaks off the log
Use the ember on the cauldron
Next, do the Forceful wind spell:
Use lodestone on feather
Use Magic Foci on smashed feather
Use Forceful Winds on cauldron
Use Clump of Dirt on cauldron
Use ladle on Cauldron
Use yellow-green powder (not the crystal) on cauldron
Take the cauldron to have Korda drink

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