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Читы для Colonel's Bequest, The

Чит-файл для Colonel's Bequest, The

Colonel's Bequest, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Модель распространения:розничная продажа

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1989 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

 Welcome to THE COLONEL'S BEQUEST! This game requires a bit of an
introduction, as it is somewhat different than other Sierra games. You will
probably have to play it twice (at least) to be able to complete it fully.

 THE COLONEL'S BEQUEST operates in a "real-time" mode. The game is divided
into eight Acts, each lasting one hour (not real time!). There are things
you must do in each Act, yet it is possible to finish the game without
completing all you need to do. Some tasks can be performed in more than one
Act; others can be performed only in one of the Acts. There is not that
much that you can control: You cannot prevent most of the deaths; the
bodies don't even hang around too long. You can, however, gather as much
information as possible for clues to who did it!

 There is no score kept during the game. When you finish, you will see a
meter showing the extent of your sleuthing skills. You'll also be shown (if
you wish) a list of hints regarding the items you missed. There are
actually not that many puzzles in this game. Rather, you must interact with
the characters you encounter. A full description of each is available if
you LOOK AT him or her. You must question each about the other, sometimes
telling them information to try to prompt a response, and occasionally
showing them items in the hope of making them comment. This is a very
important part of the game.

 One last note: For some strange reason, time passes much more quickly in
the house than it does outside. Bear that in mind!

 ACT I (7:00 - 8:00)

 Look around your room. Open the chute under the three pictures. I wonder
where that goes? Go through the door at the back of your room. Ethel,
Lillian's mother, is sitting there. Question her about everyone else in the
house. Notice that she has a handkerchief.

 Go back through your room, into the hallway, and up into the bathroom.
Watch Lillian put on her perfume. (For a taste of Sierra humor, try using
the toilet when Lillian leaves!) Look in the wastebasket. It's empty now;
better try that one again later.

 Back in your room, Lillian and Ethel are talking about Gertie, but as you
enter the room, they stop. How are you going to catch what is being said?
Look at the picture on the wall. Why would the eyes have a vacant stare? Go
back out of your room and push the armoire to reveal a secret room. Go in
and look through the two holes in the wall. Every room where conversation
takes place can be spied on in this way.

 Go across the hall to Henri's room. Ooops! Looks like you caught Fifi and
the Colonel! Now to spy on them. Go back out to the hall, push the other
armoir, and look through those two holes. Caught in the act!

 Back through Henri's room into the Doctor's room at the back. Look at the
bag on the bed. Look at the Colonel's cigar. Now to see what's going on
downstairs. Careful not to lean on the banister: It'll fall and you'll drop
to your death! Also, the closet on the top of the stairs is sometimes
empty; other times, it appears to be bottomless, and sucks you to your

 Downstairs, push the clock and mirror on either wall to spy on the rooms
there. Spy on Rudy and Gloria in the Billiards room to find out about her
affair with Clarence, and then on Clarence and Gertie in the Parlor.
Clarence smokes, too, so look at his cigar. Watch Gloria threaten the

 Go into the Parlor and talk to Polly the parrot. Polly wants a cracker.
Well, see if you can oblige. (Actually, there is a treat for every animal
in this game). Back upstairs, look at Gloria asleep in her bed.

 ACT II (8:00 - 9:00)

 Go into Gertie's room. The window is open! Look through it. Something is on
the ground! Quickly run downstairs; pick up the handkerchief from the floor
on the way. Yep. Gertie has fallen out of her window to her death. Or...was
she pushed?

 Go into the Study and examine the weapons collection. Go into the kitchen
and get the soupbone from the refrigerator. Go outside and toss the bone to
the dog. When he comes out of his kennel, search it. You'll find a necklace

 Now, down into the basement through the two doors (you must stand in just
the right place to open them). This is Jeeves's room, and he's in bed. Get
the crackers that are lying on the table. Examine the walls.

 Back upstairs, give one cracker to Polly the parrot. You have seven
crackers; feed one to Polly in each of the remaining acts, and she'll
reward you with a repetition of some of the conversations she overheard.
Spy on Clarence and Wilbur talking outside. Follow them into the dining
room and then go into the secret room to catch what is being said. Watch
Lillian and Celie the cook talking. Watch Wilbur sitting all alone in the

 ACT III (9:00 - 10:00)

 Go to the library. Looks like there's been a struggle here! Pick up the
cane from the floor. Look at the magazine lying on the table. Go upstairs
to the Doctor's room. Notice that his bag is missing. Push open the armoir
and find a cane inside.

 Go outside to the Chapel. You'll find the Doctor's body on the floor.
Search his body. Get the matchbook and the monocle (UGH!) -- it'll make a
good magnifying glass. Examine whatever you find with the monocle; you can
start with the poker. Yep, blood stains! You'll notice a loose floorboard.
It's a pity you have nothing to pry it open with!

 On your way back to the house, stop off at the playhouse. Knock at the door,
and Lillian will let you in. She sure is acting strangely! Back upstairs,
spy on Gloria listening to her music, and then on Henri. Surprise, surprise,
he can walk without his cane! When he's not around, go into his room and
get the brass key from inside the cannon on the fireplace. Use it to unlock
the elevator and rise up to the attic. (It is the only way to enter the
attic until Act VIII).

 Search the attic, open the trunk, and read the newspapers. Watch Rudy and
Fifi fight. See Clarence asleep in his room, and Gloria alone in the
Billiards room. Feed Polly, and then go outside.

 Go all the way to the top right of the grounds to Celie's house. Knock, and
when she appears, give her the necklace. She is very thankful and invites
you in. She'll even mention that she dabbles in voodoo! Ask her for the
carrot lying on the table. Go to the stable and feed the carrot to Blaze
the horse. You can now safely get the lantern.

 ACT IV (10:00 - 11:00)

 Catch Lillian in the weapons cabinet. Now, why would she be interested in
guns? Find the cigar butt in the secret room...hmmm, who smoked a cigar? In
the Billiards room, examine the mud on the floor. There are pink feathers
there, too. Who wears pink feathers? Gloria! Uh oh!

 Go to the gazebo and find Gloria's dead body there, strangled with her own
feather boa! While outside, you'll bump into Ethel (drunk), and see Rudy
and Clarence fight. Catch Jeeves and Fifi in the kitchen. Now, what are
those two up to? Feed another cracker to Polly, and examine the decanter
that is on the bar.

 ACT V (11:00 - 12:00)

 Go to the bottom left of the grounds. You'll find a rolling pin and a
footprint in the mud. Examine both with the monocle. Oh, no! Looks like
another murder has taken place.

 Proceed to the carriage house, and find Ethel's body. Get the crowbar from
in the carriage, and the oil can from the table.

 In the house, watch Fifi get dressed (sorry, this isn't LARRY!) and apply
her perfume. Jeeves is also getting dressed up in his basement (I wonder
why!?). Spy on Henri talking to Lillian in his bedroom. Notice the smell of
perfume in the secret room (who wore perfume?). Notice Rudy eating alone in
the dining room. While you're there, examine the chute. Watch Clarence
drink alone in the parlor. Yes, and give Polly a cracker.

 ACT VI (12:00 - 1:00)

 Search the wastebasket in the bathroom. Look at the bottle, and read the
small print with your monocle. Poison! Go upstairs to Fifi's room, and find
Fifi and Jeeves dead on the floor! Use the monocle to examine their cups
and the decanter. Notice the fingerprints.

 On your way downstairs, spy on your room. Notice Lillian write something
and hide it in her suitcase when you enter the room. Clarence is busy
writing something, too. Give Polly a cracker, and go outside to the back.

 Watch Rudy and the dog. Go to Celie's house and knock on her door. Hmmm,
she sure is scared! Back to the house.

 Look at the armor downstairs, next to the front door. Oil the visor and
open it. (Careful not to use all your oil; you'll need some of it later).
Read the note inside, and get the handle.

 ACT VII (1:00 - 2:00)
 Feed Polly a cracker, then go upstairs to Clarence's room and read what he
has written. There's blood on the floor. More foul play! Go into the
bathroom at examine Clarence's body lying in the bathtub.

 Go into your room and read Lillian's diary. Oh, no! Looks like you have
found the murderer! You suddenly recall Lillian at the weapons cabinet.
Make a quick check to see what is missing. Now to find Lillian.

 She is back at her Playhouse, talking to her dolls again. There is a board
on the wall. It seems to say, "four gone, two to go"!

 Go to the Chapel and pray with Celie. Lift the loose floorboard with the
crowbar. Look at the Bible that is hidden inside. Next door to the Chapel
is the bell tower. Oil the bell, and then pull the rope to ring it. What,
you can't reach it? Use the cane! Be careful, though: Stand on the side; if
you stand underneath the bell, it'll fall and kill you. Examine the bell
and get the crank from inside.

 Go into the hedge garden. With the handle, turn on the fountain. There is a
hole in the base that it fits into. Now, push the statue to reveal a secret
stairway. Light the lantern with your matches, and go down.

 Yuk! Look at those dead bodies. They must have been dumped down the chutes
in the kitchen and your bedroom. Go into the next secret passageway, and
pry open the vault with the crowbar. Unbar the door to get out. Upstairs,
you'll catch Rudy searching Lillian's room.

 ACT VIII (2:00 - 3:00)

 Give Polly her last cracker, then go out front. There's a note on the front
door. Read it. Oh, dear, you'd better run to the Hedge Garden.

 Hmmm, what's going on? Lillian is lying dead on the floor! Get the gun and
the bullet, and place the bullet into the gun. Something is very wrong; go
back to the house.

 There is a noise upstairs. Go up to the attic (the door will be open now).
Rudy and the Colonel are fighting. Quick! You have to save the Colonel.
Shoot Rudy (where did you learn to shoot that well?)...and let the game
take over.

 You can now get a list of hints on whatever you might have missed (well,
not if you used this walkthru, you won't!).

 THE COLONEL'S BEQUEST is published and distributed by Sierra On-Line, Inc.

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