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Читы для Command Adventures: Starship

Чит-файл для Command Adventures: Starship

Command Adventures:

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Merit Studios
Издатель:Future Visionary
Жанры:Adventure / Simulator (Space) / 3D / Privateer/Trader

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1993 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
        The Year is 2127 galactic standard time, at the close of the Galactic
Wars, one of the bloodiest on record. Government lacked resources to continue
the war, so the 12 known civilizations gradually worked out some of their
differences. As with any war, the Galactic War created heroes on all sides--
those who acheived the most victory and prestige.

        You are the "Hero" of your race. You accumulated many honors and
commendations. You made many friends and bloodthirsty enemies. With the war
over, you are honorably discharged from military service. Always, in the back of
your mind, are the memories of the bloody battles that earned you your
reputation and vengeful enemies--enemies that will stalk you and hunt you down,
relentlessly, until their dying days.

        Though the war is over, the peace may not hold. The other civilizations
may erupt into violence at any moment. The universe is full of pirates and
bloodthirsty alien beings who kill without a second thought.

        You are given a large pension as a reward for valiant fighting. With
this money, you purchased a starship. You feel it is your duty to make the
universe safe for your civilization. You also want to make money on the side.
What the future holds for you, Hero, is up to you. The time now is to bravely
go forth, to explore and seek your fortune!

        When visiting starbases, it is easy to find those that will follow you
in pursuit of adventure and exploration. A basic crew is easy to assemble.
However, you must be meticulous about choosing those who serve in key positions
under your command. Your objective is to find those with the best skills at
each position to ensure that ship, crew, and--most of all-- you survive galaxy
hazards. If you select the wrond person, or alien, for a key position, you
might be inviting an assassin on board, someone destined to take your life. In
such a case, a well armed crew and personal assault team should provide pro-
tection. Or will it? You don't know. This, however, will not stop you in the
pursuit of the unknown. Your objective is to acquire the biggest and best ship
you can, because you never know what you will encounter.

        Twelve civilizations took part in this universal war. Some fought as
allies, others as bloodthirsty enemies. The twelve civilizations are:

* The Deakuns, Weapons makers
* The Rogs, Pirates
* The Takedians, Thinkers
* The Maconians, Scientific investigation, via torture
* The Terrans, Universal do-gooders
* The Dorians, Unifiers
* The Urachians, Strategists
* The Marthins, Curious beings
* The Ibians, Propulsion systems
* The Chordians, Slave drivers
* The Rionites, Shield systems
* The Benalius, Field armor

        There are roughly four types of individuals that you will encounter in
your travels: merchants, military police, raiders, and your type -- explorers.

The Merchants roam with relative ease between the known civilizations. The cargo
hauled by the merchants is usually ladened with rare metal alloys and elements.
The merchant vessels are well armed and have highly developed denfensive
strategies. The cargo they hold is the merchant commanders' only possession.
They will fight to the death to protect it.

Military Police:
The military police consist of decommissioned war-time military forces. These
police are financed and supported by the governments of individual civiliza-
tions. They are well armed. Strategy is important to them. The military police
usually stay within their own territorial boundaries. Most of the commanders
will not bother passing ships unless they are not in good standing with the
civilization that supports them. On occasion, a police vessel will plunder
a ship-- for personal gain and the wealth of their government employers. These
actions are isolated since the military police are there to keep an unsteady
peace in a fragmented universe.

Raiders are bad news. Should you encounter a raider while exploring, they will
usually attack if they believe they can board and overrun the ship. They use
light attack craft with light weaponry. Strategy is one of their strengths.
Raiders will sometimes travel alone; however, they prefer to travel in groups of
two to three.

Explorers are groups of individuals who believe there is more to learn about the
galaxy and want to search out the unknown. As they travel, they look for fame
and fortune. They are driven by the same curiosity that fueled the original
intergalactic space expansion. Explorers rarely carry expensive cargo. Most of
their resources are put into propulsion systems and weaponry. After all, they
want to protect themselves and reach the farthest planetary systems.

Now let's go and see what's waiting for us in the outer reaches of space.

                              Playing Starship

Your mission as a starship commander is to conquer all 50 planets located in
your corner of the universe. To accomplish this daunting task, you must lead
your forces though treacherous space and ground combat compaigns. You will begin
the game with 2 million credits with which you must be extremely wise in select-
ing your ships, crew, engines, shields, ship weapons, and hand weapons. You can
earn additional credits through successful conquests in the space combat and
ground combat segments of the game, and use those additional credits to acquire
a more powerful arsenal for use in future space and ground assaults.

Space Combat:
The primary objective of space combat is twofold: 1) You must navigateto each of
the 50 planets in your sector of the universe; 2) you must attack and disable
alien ships that you encounter in space, and whenever possibe, board those
disabled ships, destroy their crews, and capture weapons, ammuntion and medical
supplies to add to your arsenal.

Ground Combat:
The primary objective of ground combat is to secure all 50 planets for your
home world. To do so, you must send an Away Team to each planet to destroy all
alien beings in the area and build an isolation barrier to fully secure the
planet. While combat is occurring on the planet, you should obtain weapons,
ammunition, and medical kits which may be added to your inventory or sold at the
local starbase.

Beginning Starship

Systems Operation - Main Menu:
A cinematic introduction will begin after Starship is loaded. If you wishe to
skip the subsequent introductions, press any key on the keyboard. Following the
introduction, the main menu will appear. At the main menu you have the option to
simply begin a New game, Resume an old game, or Exit Starship.

Copy Protection:
After you select an option from the main screen, the Commander Certification
screen will appear, displaying a set of four graphic symbols. Follow the on-
screen directions for locating one of these graphic symbols on the copy protec-
tion sheet which is enclosed in the Starship package. After you have located the
correct symbol on the sheet, click on the identical symbol on the screen. If
your response is correct, a second set of graphic symbols will appear. Repeat
the same procedure for the second series of graphic symbols. The correct
response will enable you to continue to the Systems Operations Menu.

        Note: If your response is incorrect, you will exit the game and return
        to the DOS prompt.

Commander Registration:
At this screen you will select a commander from one of the twelve worlds. Keep
in mind that each commander has specific characteristics which affect game play.
Your ship's operation and abilities also depend on the commander you have
selected. Click on the scroll arrows to scroll through the profiles of the
commanders that are available. Click on ACCEPT to register the commander you
have chosen.

Starbase Menu
After selecting your commander you will be taken to the Starbase menu where you
will purchase a starship, and at least one engine, one shield, and one space
weapon. You will also hire your crew, and buy hand weapons from the starbase
        Note: You will not be able to exit the Starbase menu if you are not
        equipped with the items outline above.

Move the cursor to any of the objects in this menu and click on the object to
make your selection.

Ship Editor and Damage Control:
Select this option when you wish to purchase, sell or repair your starship and

The Ship Editor and Damage Control screen consists of four quadrants.
Initially, the two quadrants on the right-hand side of the screen will be of
interest to you because all ships and related hardware are purchased here. The
top right quadrant shows pictures of the starships that are available for
purchase. Use the scroll arrows located below the picture box to scroll through
the available ships. To the left of the picture box are the stats for any ship
in the picture box, including name, cost and damage of the ship. If you have
sufficient funds to buy an available ship, you can click on the BUY button
located in the lower left-hand side of the quadrant.

The lower right quadrant shows pictures of any available options. Along the left
side of the picture are the stats on the option's name, cost, power level, and
ammo. You may flip through your current inventory using the scroll arrows above
the picture. You may purchase options by clicking on the BUY button.

        Note: You must complete this operation for ALL required items
        before you may leave the starbase.

The two left-hand quadrants show stats on currently own ships and options.

The top left quadrant shows a top-down view of your current ship, its name, its
resale value, and its damage level, as well as a REPAIR/RELOAD button, which
repairs your ship and shields, and reloads weapons. A button is also provided to
sell the currently owned ship. When you click and hold the left mouse button
over the REPAIR/RELOAD button, damage is repaired and weapons are reloaded a
little at a time, enabling you to specify the amount of money spent repairing
and reloading the equipment. Your available funds appear betweem the top and
lower left quadrants and increase or decrease as items are sold, purchased,
repaired, or reloaded.

The lower left-hand quadrant of the Ship Editor screen shows pictures of any
add-on options that have been purchased. Along the right side of the picture
are stats on the option's name, resale value, power level, and ammo. You may
flip through your current inventory using the scroll arrows above the picture.
Options may be sold by clicking on the SELL button.

Click on the red "close" gadget in the upper left-hand portion of the screen to
exit the Ship Editor screen.

Select this option to hire and fire crew for your starship.

Click the scroll arrows in the AVAILABLE OFFICERS box to scroll through the
profiles of the various officers. The cost of each crew member is displayed in
the lower right-hand portion of the screen.

Click the triple up arrows in the AVAILABLE OFFICERS box to purchase the crew
member whose profile is currently being displayed. your newly hired crew member
will appear in the CURRENT OFFICER box, and the amount of the purchase will be
deducted from your total amount of credits.

        HINT: Engineers are essential in building isolation barriers in
        Ground Combat.

Click the scroll arrows in the CURRENT OFFICERS box to scroll through the
officers that you have hired.

If you wish, you may place the new crew member is command of a particular
station, such as Navigation or Science. Click on one of the station names
(NAVIGATION, TACTICAL, etc.) located in the upper portion of the screen to place
the officer currently located in the CURRENT OFFICER box in the CHIEF OFFICERS

        Note: The chief crew which are placed in command for your ship, DO
        affect the overall speed, repair, and operations of your starship.

To dismiss a member of your crew, click on the scroll arrows in the CURRENT
OFFICER box in order to locate the crew member you wish to dismiss. Then click
on the triple right arrows which point to the box in the lower right-hand corner
of the screen.

Click on the "close" gadget located in the upper left-hand portion of the screen
to exit the Crew screen.

This option enables you to purchase ground assault weapons for your crew.

Click on the scroll arrows in the SHOP CARGO box to scroll through the avail-
able ground assault weapons. Notice that the cost of each weapon is displayed
in the box next to the triple arrows. Click on the triple arrows to purchase the
currently displayed weapon. The cost of the weapon is deducted from your total
credits, and the image is displayed in the YOUR CARGO box.

Click on the scroll arrows in the YOUR CARGO box to scroll through the weapons
that you have purchased.

After you have purchased each weapon, the resale value of the weapon is
displayed in the box next to the triple right arrows. Notice that the resale
value is less than the original cost of the weapon. Click on the triple right
arrows to sell a purchasd weapon back to the starbase shop.

Click on the "close" gadget located in the upper left-hand portion of the screen
to exit the Shop screen.

Select this option to proceed to the bridge of your starship.

        NOTE: You cannot proceed to the bridge unless you have purchased a
        starship, at least one engine, one shield, one space weapon, hired
        your crew, and bought ground weapons.

Select this option to access the files menu. To load a file, click on the file
you wish to load and select the LOAD button.

To save a game in progress, move the cursor to the next available line in the
list of filenames, click the left mouse button, enter the filename, and click
on the SAVE button.

Click on the "close" gadget located in the upper left-hand portion of the screen
to exit the Files screen.

Main Menu:
Select this option to return to the main menu.

The Space Combat System: Bridge Menu
This menu enables you to select from the various options that follow during
actual real-time combat and space exploration.

Selecting this option enables you to chart your course in your quest to conquer
all 50 planets in the current sector of the universe. Initially, only a small
portion of the Navigation map is revealed to you, but as you continue to explore
the universe, the areas you have explored will appear on the map.

While exploring the universe, you will encounter several classifications of
planets, as well as a starbase indicator, to let you know what is in the general
vicinity. To travel to a particular location, simply place the cursor in the
area where you wish to travel. Your objective here is to locate as many of the
gold "unknown" planets as possible.

When you have selected your destination, click the ENGAGE button, and an
animation sequence will begin. When the animation sequence is complete, you will
be returned to the navigation screen once again. At this point, you may choose
to journey to another destination or you may exit the Navigation scren by
clicking on the "close" gadget located in the upper left-hand corner of the
screen. When you decide to exit the Navigation screen, you should choose the
Tactical option from the Bridge Menu. From the Tactical screen you will explore
the current destination which you selected in the Navigation screen.

        NOTE: You engine's efficiency and power level will determine the
        distance you may travel in space. In other words, the larger the engine
        you purchased, the greater the distance you will be able to travel.

Tactical View:
Select this option to access the tactical real-time mode of the Space Combat
system. Tactical may be used in two ways:

1) To maneuver your starship to a planet or starbase
2) To engage in combat with enemy ships

Using Tactical to Navigate to a Planet or Starbase:
After selecting a planet or starbase as your destination from the Navigation
screen, you must access the Tactical screen to maneuver your ship to your
chosen destination. In order to land on a planet or starbase, shut off your
engine, and select the "close" gadget located in the upper left-hand corner of
the screen.

        NOTE: If you encounter alien ships while maneuvering to a planet or
        starbase, you will not be able to land until you destroy all of these
        ships. If you attempt to leave the Tactical screen at this point, the
        following message is displayed: Sector not secure!

Using Tactical to Engage in Space Combat:
You will obtain credits during space combat by first destroying each alien
vessel and then selecting the docking option to dock with the ship. After
eliminating all alien crew members, a salvage buoy will be deployed and a
message will appear informing you of the amount of credits which you have
earned. The ship is then tagged with a salvage buoy and later removed from play.
When combat occurs on the alien spacecraft, you are able to obtain weapons,
ammunition, and medical kits which may be added to your inventory or sold at the
local starbase.

        NOTE: In order to dock or engage an enemy starship in combat, you must
        maneuver your ship alongside the enemy ship and maintain his EXACT

        When you board an enemy ship, the space combat interface is the same as
        that found in Ground Combat. Please refer to the section entitled, The
        Ground Combat System for more information.

If you are unsuccessful in commanding your ship in space combat and you are
destroyed, the following message will appear:

Your Ship's a total Loss! Command Privileges Revoked!
Report to Starbase for Retraining.

You will then be returned to the Starship Main Menu, where you will have the
option of starting a new game, resuming a previously saved game, or exiting

Landing Control:
Selecting this option allows you to dock with a starbase, planet or starship
when in range, and issue landing orders to your crew. The following screen will
then enable you to select the crew you wish to take to the captured starship or
surface of the planet.

To select your Away Team crew, simply click on a member of your crew and select
the right arrows to the shuttle area. You may also select from the current
weapons list and equip each member of the landing party with up to 10 individual

When selection is complete, click the LAUNCH button to initiate the landing
animation. After the animation is played, depending on your current location,
you will either return to the starbase menu, or you will begin a ship-based or
ground-based combat assault.

Tactical Interface:
The tactical interface screen is conposed of a play area, damage status, radar
screen, 6 weapons stations, 3 active weapons, shield direction strength, and
ship speed.

Play Area: This is where the action takes place. All visual movements of both
your ship and the enemy's ship are displayed here.

Damage Status: This bar indicates the level of damage inflicted upon your ship.
As your shop is damaged, the indicator will change from green, to yellow, to
red. Should your indicator reach maximum damage, your ship will be destroyed.

        NOTE: Your starship will repair itself, depending upon the skill of the
        engineering officer you placed in charge.

Radar Screen: This screen shows the objects in your current area. The
appropriate dots indicate the following:

        * Brown:        Planets, Starbase, ship hulls or space debris
        * Red:          Enemy ships
        * Green:        Navigation pointer

Weapons Status: Depending on the ship purchasd or acquired throughout the game,
each ship has the capacity to handle from 6 to 18 weapons stations. Arming each
station will produce a different weapon depending on your inventory, weapons
purchased from the starbase, or acquired from exploration.

Shield Direction Strength: By selecting various positions and direction of
shield strength, you may alter the direction of your shields. If you wish to
adjust the shield strength, simply slide the shield bar to the right or left.
F9 causes your shields to be turned off. F10 sets the shield level to maximum.

Ship Speed: By changing the level of the indicator, this causes the ship's speed
to increase or decrease. To alter your ship's speed, simply slide the power
level up. Pressing the keyboard keys 1 thru 10 will also increase or decrease
ship speed.

Maneuvering: Place the pointer anywhere on tactical screen and press the left
mouse button. This will cause your starship to navigate towards the green
crosshairs located on the radar section of the display. You may also hold down
the left mouse button to manually navigate your ship.

To view different areas of the tactical sector in which your ship is located,
position the cursor over the radar box and drag to the proper locatio. To center
your ship in the viewing area once again, simply press the SPACEBAR. You may
also move the radar box by pressing the following keys:

        U  I  O
        J  K  L
        M  ,  .

Firing Ship Weapons: To fire the selected weapon, simply place the cursor over
the target and press the right mouse button. The selected the weapon will fire
in that direction.
        NOTE: You must take into account the enemy ship's speed and direction
        during combat. Your accuracy also depends on the officer you have placed
        in charge of tactical.

To change weapons, simply click the cursor on the apporpriate station or press
the following keys:

        Q  W  W
        A  S  D
        Z  X  C

The Ground Combat System
Upon landing on the planet surface, your Away Team has three areas of respon-

        * To dispatch Engineers to each corner of the planet map to successfully
          activate an isolation grid

        * To destroy all alien creatures who are defending the planet

        * To obtain weapons, ammunition, and medical kits which may be added to
          the Away Team's inventory, or sold at the local starbase

Ground Combat Interface:
The ground combat interface screen is composed of a play area, crew member
status, crew member damage, ground radar, a ground weapon inventory, active
weapons, and crew member action buttons.

Play Area: This is where the action takes place. All visual movements of all
crew and enemies are displayed here.

Crew Member Rank and Action: This indicates the status and action of the current
selected crew member. The possible actions are move, attack, defend, pick up
item, and drop item.

Crew Member Damage: This indicator shows the current damage of the crew member
selected. Conditions are green for normal, yellow for injured, and red for

Ground Radar: This screen shows the objects in your current area. The appro-
priate dots indicate the following:

        * Light Blue:   All outside ground Areas. - Artic, Lunar, Volcanic,
                        Martian Desert, Tropical

        * Red:          All enemies

        * Light Gray:   Base Tiles, enemy installations

        * White:        Your Crew

Ground Weapon Inventory: This section allows each member of your crew to carry
up to 10 different weapons. By clicking the arrows you may scroll between
various items in your inventory.

Moving Weapons From Inventory to Current Use: You may move any three weapons
from the inventory section to the current weapon section by clicking the left
and right arrows. First, select the weapon from the inventory list and the light
will turn green. Then, click on the right arrows to move to the current weapon.
To remove the current weapon from the list, click the left arrow to return it to

Weapons in Use: To select or activate the current weapon, click on the buttons
on the left side of the active weapons area.

Switching Weapons: To switch active weapons, click the appropriate green button.
        NOTE: Only 1 weapon may be active at any time.

Maneuvering: To select a member, click on the character with the left mouse
button. Then select the action which you want the crew member to perform.

        * Click ATTACK or press A to Move to a location and then attack.

        * Click MOVE or press M to Move to a location and then stop.

        * Click DEFEND or press D to Stay at location and defend.

        * Click PICK UP or press P to Move to a location and pick up an object.

        * Click DROP or press R to Drop the currently selected weapon.

Firing Ground Weapons: Crew members will automatically fire if not manually
controlled. However, when the current crew member is selected, you will have
full control over firing speed and accuracy. To fire your weapon manually,
select the character, place the cursor over the targer, and then press the
right mouse button.

Building the Isolation Grid: The primary objective of ground combat is to secure
each planet by erecting an isolation grid. To do so, you must dispatch your
Engineers to the four corner sections on the planet map to begin construction.
Completion of the isolation grid will proceed automatically, provided that your
Away Team is successful in their quest to destroy the enemy on the planet.

The Conclusion of a Successful Ground Compaign: If you should successfully win
control of the planet, an animation showing the activation of the isolation grid
will occur. A screen will then appear allowing you to name the planet as well as
the amount of credits which you have received as a result of victory. After
which, you will be returned to the bridge of your starship where you may launch
your next ground or space combat assault.

Termination of an Unsuccessful Ground Campaign: At the start of each ground
campaign, your crew will be placed on the shuttle landing pad. If your crew is
unable to capture the planet, or unable to do so because of manpower or lack of
weapons, your remaining crew must return to the landing pad and return to the
starship bridge. Failure to place the crew members on the landing pad will
result in their immediate termination upon arriving on the starship bridge.

Appendix A: Commander Information

Dorian: Beings of high moral consciouness and intelligence, the Dorians feel a
great need to unite the civilizations of the universe. This unification they
believe, will strengthen their position as a superpower, and usher in a new era
of peace and prosperity.

Terran: A universal militaristic force of intergalactic do-gooders who believe
it is their job to save the universe from itself. This highly despised species
cruises the galaxy in search of chaos and mayhem in order to satisfy their
desire to become universal heroes.

Marthain: One of the oldest species in the galaxy, the Marthains are also the
most curious creatures. When other species were playing with fire, the Marthains
were perfecting space travel. One peculiarity of this species is its bad habit
of leaving large crop circles and doodles on the surfaces of planets.

Deakun: These descendants from a race of conquerors -- which confined themselves
to their home world for a reason which has been lost over the centuries -- have
discovered a knack for weapon design and production. The Deakuns now are best
known as weapons merchants, but they save the best weaponey for their own use.

Maconian: The scientific loonies of the universe, they are obsessed with the
thorough research of anything and everything. After generations of research and
scientific investigation, the Maconians have developed scientific equipment that
is far beyond other civilizations.

Takedian: Highly intelligent beings that spend most of their lives pushing their
minds to the limit through any viable outlet. They view space travel as a way to
experience new ideas by discovering different cultures and the unknown depths of

Ibian: The introduction of the Ibians to space travel by the Terrans awakened a
massive interest in space travel and trade. The Ibians found out that their
skills in personal defense systems could make them highly valued beings.

Rog: Rogs are scrawny, evil, sneaky, maniacal, chaotic, revolting, sleazy,
creepy, hateful, annoying, fiendish, self-righteous, repulsive, pirates whose
sole purpose in life is to create havoc throughout the universe -- until
they find something better to do in their spare time.

Chordian: The Chordians are oppresive intergalatic slave drivers who scour the
galaxy for slave labor to work in mines on the worlds that they control. If any
personnel aboard your vessel is captured by a Chordian ship, they will look
forward to a life of slavery.

Benalius: The Benalius are known across the galaxy for their exquistite body
armor, and highly trained ground troops. The Benalius are exploring space in
search of new territory and technology to add to their possessions.

Rionite: After being held back from progress by a barren home world, the
Rionites, with their advanced shielding and laser systems, are ready for action
and adventure in search of a new home world.

Urachian: A race of formidable strategists, the Urachians are not to be trifled
with. The study of strategy and conflict is a passion for every Urachian. They
live their lives in search of new strategies and will always exploit a chance to
try out new formulated strategies on other civilizations.

Appendix B: Space Weapons

Partical Cannon
        Code Name:              PART CAN
        Damage Inflicted:       150
        Range:                  L
        Ammo:                   50

Mini Missiles
        Code Name:              MIN MISL
        Damage Inflicted:       30
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   90

        Code Name:              ROCOID
        Damage Inflicted:       60
        Range:                  L
        Ammo:                   80

Quark Missile
        Code Name:              QRK MISL
        Damage Inflicted:       200
        Range:                  L
        Ammo:                   200

Shock Waver
        Code Name:              SHK WAVR
        Damage Inflicted:       200
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   20

Point Defense System
        Code Name:              PT DEFSE
        Damage Inflicted:       40
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   90

Light Laser
        Code Name:              LT LASER
        Damage Inflicted:       35
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   90

Pulse Blaster
        Code Name:              PLS BLST
        Damage Inflicted:       70
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   70

Magno Mineannon
        Code Name:              MAG MINE
        Damage Inflicted:       200
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   20

Star Mine
        Code Name:              STR MINE
        Damage Inflicted:       150
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   25

Heaker Missile
        Code Name:              HKR MISL
        Damage Inflicted:       200
        Range:                  L
        Ammo:                   20

Antimater Torpedo
        Code Name:              ANT TORP
        Damage Inflicted:       250
        Range:                  L
        Ammo:                   15

Loopfire Laser
        Code Name:              LP LASER
        Damage Inflicted:       80
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   70

Small Laser Pod
        Code Name:              SM LRPD
        Damage Inflicted:       35
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   90

Twin Fire Laser
        Code Name:              TF LASER
        Damage Inflicted:       80
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   70

Barrage Laser
        Code Name:              BR LASER
        Damage Inflicted:       200
        Range:                  L
        Ammo:                   20

Jammer Laser
        Code Name:              JM LASER
        Damage Inflicted:       70
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   70

Trac Laser
        Code Name:              TK LASER
        Damage Inflicted:       40
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   90

Plasme Duo
        Code Name:              PSMA DUO
        Damage Inflicted:       150
        Range:                  L
        Ammo:                   30

Plasme Cannon
        Code Name:              PSMA BST
        Damage Inflicted:       100
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   35

Bone Toaster
        Code Name:              B TOAST
        Damage Inflicted:       200
        Range:                  L
        Ammo:                   20

Twin Light Laser
        Code Name:              TW L LSR
        Damage Inflicted:       40
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   90

Rail Gun
        Code Name:              RAIL GUN
        Damage Inflicted:       40
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   90

        Code Name:              RASBLAST
        Damage Inflicted:       80
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   70

Impact Mine
        Code Name:              IMP MINE
        Damage Inflicted:       90
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   60

Fusion Laser
        Code Name:              FS LASER
        Damage Inflicted:       30
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   90

        Code Name:              MIN PSMA
        Damage Inflicted:       80
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   70

Budget Laser
        Code Name:              BD LASER
        Damage Inflicted:       25
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   90

Sneak Mine
        Code Name:              SK MINE
        Damage Inflicted:       70
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   70

Mini Mine
        Code Name:              MIN MINE
        Damage Inflicted:       50
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   80

Delta Missile
        Code Name:              DLT MISL
        Damage Inflicted:       60
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   80

Assault Missile
        Code Name:              AS MISL
        Damage Inflicted:       110
        Range:                  L
        Ammo:                   50

Spear Missile
        Code Name:              SP MISL
        Damage Inflicted:       150
        Range:                  L
        Ammo:                   25

Hammer Head Missile
        Code Name:              HAMMERHEAD
        Damage Inflicted:       80
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   70

Avenger Missile
        Code Name:              AVG MISL
        Damage Inflicted:       50
        Range:                  M
        Ammo:                   80

Minimax Missile
        Code Name:              MM MISL
        Damage Inflicted:       40
        Range:                  S
        Ammo:                   90

Appendix C: Starship Engines and Shields

Engine Small
        Ver:                    1
        Power Output:           100
        Efficiency:             75
        Damage Points:          50
        Maximum Move:           6

Engine Small
        Ver:                    2
        Power Output:           125
        Efficiency:             80
        Damage Points:          60
        Maximum Move:           6

Engine Medium
        Ver:                    1
        Power Output:           150
        Efficiency:             85
        Damage Points:          70
        Maximum Move:           8

Engine Medium
        Ver:                    2
        Power Output:           175
        Efficiency:             90
        Damage Points:          80
        Maximum Move:           8

Engine Large
        Ver:                    1
        Power Output:           200
        Efficiency:             95
        Damage Points:          90
        Maximum Move:           10

Engine Large
        Ver:                    2
        Power Output:           225
        Efficiency:             100
        Damage Points:          100
        Maximum Move:           12

Shield Small
        Ver:                    1
        Power Output:           100
        Efficiency:             80
        Damage Points:          60

Shield Small
        Ver:                    1
        Power Output:           120
        Efficiency:             85
        Damage Points:          65

Shield Medium
        Ver:                    1
        Power Output:           150
        Efficiency:             90
        Damage Points:          80

Shield Medium
        Ver:                    2
        Power Output:           170
        Efficiency:             95
        Damage Points:          85

Shield Large
        Ver:                    1
        Power Output:           200
        Efficiency:             100
        Damage Points:          90

Shield Large
        Ver:                    2
        Power Output:           220
        Efficiency:             100
        Damage Points:          100

Appendix D: Ground Weapons

Light Rifle
        Code Name:              LT RIFL
        Range:                  1
        Damage:                 35

Small Grenade
        Code Name:              SM GRDE
        Range:                  1
        Damage:                 40

Medium Grenade
        Code Name:              MD GRDE
        Range:                  2
        Damage:                 70

Large Grenade
        Code Name:              LG GRDE
        Range:                  3
        Damage:                 90

Bow Laser Fire
        Code Name:              BOW LSR
        Range:                  1
        Damage:                 25

Hand Blaster
        Code Name:              H BLST
        Range:                  2
        Damage:                 35

Small Hand Laser
        Code Name:              SM H LSR
        Range:                  1
        Damage:                 20

Double Handed Rifle
        Code Name:              DBL RFLE
        Range:                  2
        Damage:                 50

Sniper Pistol
        Code Name:              SNPR PST
        Range:                  3
        Damage:                 70

Bolt Rifle
        Code Name:              BLT RFLE
        Range:                  3
        Damage:                 80

Bolt Phaser
        Code Name:              BLT PHSR
        Range:                  2
        Damage:                 60

Hand Blade
        Code Name:              H BLADE
        Range:                  1
        Damage:                 30

Friz Bomb Small
        Code Name:              FRZ BM S
        Range:                  2
        Damage:                 70

Friz Bomb Large
        Code Name:              FRZ BM L
        Range:                  3
        Damage:                 90

Friz Bomb Medium
        Code Name:              FRZ BM M
        Range:                  3
        Damage:                 80

Lazer Bow
        Code Name:              LSR BOW
        Range:                  2
        Damage:                 50

Rocket Launcher
        Code Name:              R LAUNCH
        Range:                  3
        Damage:                 100

Heavy Laser
        Code Name:              HVY LSR
        Range:                  3
        Damage:                 100

Medium Laser
        Code Name:              MED LSR
        Range:                  2
        Damage:                 60

Rapid Blaster
        Code Name:              RPD BLST
        Range:                  2
        Damage:                 60

Plasma Medium
        Code Name:              PSMA M
        Range:                  3
        Damage:                 90

Plasma Small
        Code Name:              PSMA S
        Range:                  8
        Damage:                 80

Lob Grenade 1
        Code Name:              LOB GND1
        Range:                  8
        Damage:                 75

Lob Grenade 2
        Code Name:              LOB GND2
        Range:                  10
        Damage:                 100

Plasma Duo
        Code Name:              PSMA DUO
        Range:                  5
        Damage:                 90

Mini Rocket Launcher
        Code Name:              MINI RKT
        Range:                  10
        Damage:                 50

Heavy Rifle
        Code Name:              HEV RIFL
        Range:                  20
        Damage:                 70

Grenade Launcher Small
        Code Name:              GRN LN S
        Range:                  5
        Damage:                 100

Grenade Launcher Medium
        Code Name:              GRN LN M
        Range:                  8
        Damage:                 100

Grenade Launcher Large
        Code Name:              GRN LN L
        Range:                  12
        Damage:                 100

Plasma Bolter Large
        Code Name:              PLASMA L
        Range:                  15
        Damage:                 100

Standard Laser Rifle
        Code Name:              LAS RIFL
        Range:                  15
        Damage:                 40

Light Rifle
        Code Name:              LGHT RFL
        Range:                  10
        Damage:                 40

Medium Rifle
        Code Name:              MD RIFLE
        Range:                  17
        Damage:                 60

Rapid Fire Chain Gun
        Code Name:              CHIN GUN
        Range:                  15
        Damage:                 40

Small Hand Laser
        Code Name:              HD LSR S
        Range:                  10
        Damage:                 20

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