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Читы для Command & Conquer: Generals

Чит-файл для Command & Conquer: Generals

Command & Conquer:

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Electronic Arts Pacific
Издатель:Electronic Arts
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 5 февраля 2003 года
Жанры:Strategy (Real-time) / 3D
Похожие игры:Age of Mythology, Emperor: Battle for Dune
Multiplayer:(8) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 11 февраля 2003 г.


Информация актуальна для
Copyright 2003 Chris Dietsch

What:Command & Conquer: Generals FAQ
Who: Chris Dietsch (and people on the GameFAQ message boards)
When: February 19, 2003

E-mail with questions/comments are encouraged if you have any. My email is
jdietsch@attbi.com. Please put something like "Command and Conquer","Generals"
or "FAQ" in the title, so that I don't delete it.  Typos, grammatical errors
and anything else of the like are greatly appreciated.

Version .50

--------------------------------Table of Contents-----------------------------

0] Table of Contents
1] Version History
2] About Command & Conquer:Generals
   A] Story
   B] What is CCG?
   C] Sides
   D] System Requirements (not that I followed them...)
   E] Modes of play
   F] How is CCG played?
      1) Building
      2) Power
      3) Money
         3a) Power bar (not the food -_-)
         3b) Money bar
      4) Veterancy
   G] Interface
      1) Battle Window
      2) Command Bar
3] Walkthrough (Coming)
      1) Chinese Campaign
      2) GLA Campaign
      3) USA Campaign
4] Structures
   A] USA Structures
      1)Structure Upgrades
   B] Chinese Structures
5] Units
   A] USA Army
      1)Unit Upgrades
   B] Chinese Army
      1)Unit Upgrades
   C] GLA Army
      1)Unit Upgrades
         a) Unit purpose descriptions
6] Generals Points + Strategy (Coming, Strategy idea thanks to Syphadeus)
7] Superweapons ( -_- ) (Coming)
8] Multiplayer/Tips (Developing)
9] Multiplayer/Skirmish Medals
   A] Skirmish Medals
   B] Multiplayer Medals
10] Strategies/Tips (Coming)
11] Thanks to...
12] Legal Stuff

-------------------------**1** Version History--------------------------------

Version .25- February 19, 2003. This is the first version of the guide. I have
started to do the things in numbers 2 and 3 in the Table of Contents. More
will come tomorrow. Stopped after US Unit Upgrades.

Version .40- February 20, 2003. Today I finished allll the units and unit up-
grades. Coming up next will be the Generals point strategy, then Structures,
then Superweapons. Also added a few things like the Where Buy for the unit
upgrades and other stuff.

Version .45- February 21, 2003. Got a few e-mails that pointed out some dumb
mistakes that I made doing all the units at once. Let http://www.neoseeker.com,
http://www.cheatcc.com/, and http://www.planetcnc.com/ use the FAQ. Also fixed
incorrect spelling of"missle" to "missile". Never would have known that one....
Also added myfirst Multiplayer Tip from Tory Kean Hau. I would love more of
these, because I wont be touching MP for awhile. Also did the USA structures
and the ONE upgrade.

Version .50- February 22, 2003. Got a ton of fixes from emails, will only
be doing these tonight as I had a All-State track meet, and Im wiped. A lot
of thanks to Calvin, for he came up with by far the most things for me to
work with and helped a ton. Also, the new unit categorization, kudos to him.
Also added Skirmish Medals, thanks to Crayon! Also, added a new Interface
YOU!!!! Keep the Emails comin!

Also, I thought this was pretty funny, an email I got..

hello Chris Dietsch ,
i saw your faqs about C&C; Generals and i wonder if you already owned or played
the game. if you do please give me your CD serial number/ game serial number. i
really need it.i would be grateful if you would reply to me back.

thank you.

^_^... if your reading,I may have misread it, and you might be asking for it i
I were already done, but either way, im not giving my key out.

February 23, 2003. Got an email today, Im wiped after a Monster Jam show....
it was awesome.. huge headache tho. So im simply adding in the tips I got.

------------------**2** About Command & Conquer:Generals----------------------

Welcome to the Command and Conquer Universe!

The following is taken DIRECTLY from the Command & Conquer:Generals
(Hereout know as CCG) instruction manual, page 0 (?)*

"Security Council Sub-Committee (Resolution 1379) on Global Liberation Army

Report to Security Council: Situation Report (SIT REP) on GLA Activities.

Distribution CLASSIFIED

Hotan, China

For several months, observers have expressed convern over the activities of
the Global Liberation Army (GLA). A loose federation of freedom fighters and
terrorists, the GLA has established several strongholds in the republics of
Central Asia. By distributing forces and leadership across the borders of
these developing nations, the GLA has thwarted efforts to engage in meaningful
dialogue. Last year, this group without borders crossed into Western China and
began building popular support for an independant state in this remote region.
GLA funding continues to grow from unknown sources, and its leadership remains
a mystery.

For the Beijing governemnt, this incursion along its western border could not
have come at a worse time. The reforms in China's "Modern Way" program have
produced new civil liberties and excellent growth in Chinese exports,
particuarly in light manufacturing and agricultural products. Beijing has
repeatedly stated that these changes are here to stay, a position that
does not sit well with the GLA.

Last week, the GLA struck a military depot at Yechung, stole thousands of
rounds of munitions, and destroyed a nuclear power plant. Dangerous levels of
radiation have been detected over 100 kilometers downwind. The Chinese
government is furious and has refused to allow observers to mediate
discussions with the GLA. Several divisions of the Red Army have established
positions in the province along major roadways and rivers.

While the United States continues to provide orbital reconnaissance to the
Security Council, it has failed to contribute troops to the peacekeeping
efforts in the region. The Council's refusal to support United States counter-
terrorist initiatives in the Middle East in recent years has not been
forgotten. USA military forces have remained in port and on base, venturing
out only to secure its coastline.

Scattered intelligence reports arriving from Europe and Asia indicate that the
GLA has establisged and fundhed sleeper cells to further spread its sphere of
influence. If China succeeds in forcing out the GLA, it is difficult to
predict where the group will resurface. The United States would be the logical
choice to buttress Chinese efforts to contain the GLA, but the United States
continues to maintain its non-involvement in the clain that eventually the GLA
will cross paths with USA forces in Asia or elsewhere in the world.

The sub-committee recommends to the Security Council that it continue to
maintain an open channel with the GLA, to establish a clear set of boundaries
for Chniese activiy, and to communicate the need for the USA participation in
peacekeeping initiatives before the Council loses its influence on the

--What is Command & Conquer:Generals (CCG)?

CCG is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game made by EA. An RTS game is one where
you do everything, usually in an army or military based setting. In CCG,
which is unconnected to the Red Alert or Tiberian Sun storylines from
previous C&C games, You can control either the US, Chinese or GLA armies. The
3 armies are vastly different, and arguably make up the most balanced CnC game
to date. There are also 3 different box arts, mainly themes of the 3 different
sides of the game. Also, if you preordered, you got a special "Officer's Club"
code, and a few things will be there because you pre-ordered. Someone please
tell me what exactly you get for being in the Club.


Whew... there you have it. That is the background information on CCG. That
intro brings in 3 distinct sides that you will be picking between when you
play CCG, the USA, China, and the GLA. The USA are the precision, high-tech,
look before you leap group. The Chinese are the vast, powerful, and relativly
cheap army that uses its obvious strength to its advantage: power in numbers.
The GLA are the junkyard dogs of CCG. They make do with what they can, but can
upgrade their technology with parts from destroyed enemies. The GLA uses crude
methods, doing whatever it takes to defeat their enemy.

I will be going over each sides units later, in section 3, the
structures avaible to each side in section 4, the superweapons in section 5
and also strategies and tips in the 6 different possible matchups (US v US,
US v China, US v GLA, China v China China v GLA, and GLA v GLA.)in section 8.
Also I will have the Generals points section, with tips for different types of
players for how they should spend their points.

--System Requirements--
"Minimum" System Requirements

Command & Conquer:Generals System Requirements (Taken from CCG box)
OS: Windows XP/Me/2000/98 (Windows 95/NT not supported)
CPUT: 800 MHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
RAM: 128 MB
CD/DVD-Rom Speed: 8x
Hard Drive Space: 1.8 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games,
Windows swapfile, and DirectX 8.1
Video: 32MB AGP video card using the Nvidia GeForce2, ATI Radeo 7500 or more
recent chipset with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Required for Multiplayer
265 MB RAM (3-8 players). One set of game discs per player. Disc 1 and Disc 2
cannot be used simultaneously for multiplayer games.
Internet (2-4 players) 56 Kbps or faster direct Internet connefction
Internet (5-8 players) Cable, DSL, or a faster direct Internet connection
Network (2-8 players) TCP/IP compliant network


1.8 GHz or faster Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon processor, 256 MB or more
RAM, Nvidia GeForce3 or more recent Direct3D capable video card.

Now dont take these verbatum, because I have a
P3 600 MHz, 640 Ram GeForce 3 Ti 200 comp, and it runs pretty well.

--Modes of Play--

There are 3 main ways to play CCG. There is the single player, consisting of
3 7-level campaigns, one campaign for each army. There is a skirmish mode with
up to 7 computer players with any customizable team preference that you want.
There is also the multiplayer, where you can have up to 8 players.

--How is CCG Played?--

CCG is played as if you are the General of the army of the units that you are
commanding on-screen. There are a few things you must understand to play CCG.

1) Building(s)

In CCG, you build buildings by using either a Construction Dozer (USA/China)
or a Worker (GLA). To build a building, you must have selected the worker unit
(hereout, worker unit means Worker OR Dozer), and then at the bottom of the
screen will be pictures of buildings available for you to build. When you hit
the button of the building you want to build, first you will pick the location
of where you want the new building. If you want to rotate the building, hold
down the left mouse button at the area you want it to be built. When you let
go of the mouse button, the infrastructure will be automatically built, and
the worker unit will make its way over there, and it will start building. Only
one worker unit can build a building, not like in previous RTS' where it was
possible to have many worker units build at once.

2) Power

Power. The force that drives all armies. Right? WRONG. The GLA are the odd men
out in CCG, because for some reason, their buildings dont require power. This
section will be for the USA and Chinese armies. To supply power for these
armies, you will need power plants. The USA uses "Cold Fusion Reactors". The
Chinese use "Nuclear Reactors". The Chinese Nuclear Reactors can be set on
"Overload" to provide more power, but damage the reactor itself. This is very
useful for instances when you accidentally go over the power limit, but you
need your defense structures working until you get a new power plant up.

3) Money

Money. The root of all evil. Especially shown in a few GLA missions, money is
the driving factor of the CNC universe, and no different in CCG. The way money
is collected for the 3 different armies are very different. For the USA Army,
the method of collection is Chinook helicopters deployed from the Supply
Center. The Chinese use Supply Trucks deployed from the Supply Center to pick
up supplies from the Supply Stash. *Whew!* -_-. The GLA are unique yet again,
because they use slave labor to collect supplies. The trick is that the amount
collected is different for each side. The USA gets $600 per trip from the
Chinooks. The GLA gets a measly $75, but you can send more Workers for a much
better profit. The Chinese get $300 per truck load.

3a) Power Bar

This secion is not about the nutrious snack, but about the bar that shows your
power needs. This is fairly simple. The green/yellow bar shows how much power
your power plants are producing at any given time. The triangle at the bottom
shows how much power your buildings currently require. If the triangle goes to
the right of the bar, certain buildings (defensive weapons, superweapons) go
offline. Quickly build a new power plant, or if you are China, put a reactor
into Overload, meanwhile building a new Nuclear Plant.

3b) Money Bar

This is the easiest section. This bar simply shows how much cash you have
available at any given time. Buy something, watch the amount go down the tube.

4) Unit Veterancy

Unit Veterance plays a very large part in CCG. The changes that occur when a,
say, flame tank,= goes from a "rookie" to a Heroic unit are drastic. There
are 3 levels of veterancy. They go Veteran, Elite, and Heroic. The Veteran
status is displayed with a single chevron ( < )near the unit. The Elite status
is shown with 2 chevrons ( << ). The Heroic status is displayed with 3
chevrons ( <<< ). Each unit gains many more things when it grows in rank. The
usual things that are upgraded are unit range, rate of fire, and ability to
auto-heal for a while.

--Interface-- (Thanks to Calvin).

It is vital to understand the CCG interface to succeed in crushing your foes.
I will break it down into 2 sections, the Command Bar and all of its windows
and options, and the Battle Window, where you see your units and select them
and the like

1) Battle Window

This is where all the action takes place. Here you see the units, structures,
and also what is called the "Fog of War" and "Shroud". The Shroud is for
single player games only. This is eventually peeled back as you explore with
your units. When your units are no longer in the area, the Fog of War is put in
place, and this only lets you see what you last saw, and to see what, if
anything, has changed, you have to go back.

To control your units, all you have to do is left-click on the unit you want
to control, and left click somewhere on the Battle Window to have him move
there. To select many units, hold down the left mouse button to drag a box
around the units you want to select. Moving them is handled in the same fashion
as a single unit. To select a structure, simply left click it. Also, you can
create control groups by having a group selected, and holding Control and then
pressing a number key. Now you can just hit that number key to select all the
units you had in the group when you assigned it to the Control Group.

2) Command Bar

The Command Bar is where you give all your units and structures commands for
what to do. You aren't called General for nothing!

To build a structure with your builder unit, click on the building you want to
build, money allowing. Now if you move your mouse pointer over the Battle
Window, you will see a shadow of the building you are going to build. If
there is something blocking the building, or the terrain is too hilly, you
will see the shadow in red. If the building is able to be built there, the
shadow will be white. You cannot build buildings in areas you have not yet

To order structures to research upgrades, simply left-click on the structure,
and left-click on the upgrade you want to research.

To order units to apply certain abilities (the Ranger's Flashbang), select the
unit, or if all the selected units have the ability, units, and then left click
the Flashbang icon to switch weapons to the Flashbang. Clicking back on the
Machine Gun icon will re-equip the Machine gun.

Next up is the radar. This is a very important piece of hardware. To enable the
radar, a few things are required. If you are the USA, all you need is a Command
Center. If you are Chinese, you need to buy the Radar Upgrade for the Command
Center for $500. If you are the GLA, you need to buy the Radar Van from your
Arms Dealer. The radar should be watched very closely for enemy troop movements
across the map, giving you early warning.

Next is the power and money bars. These have been covered in their respective

Next is the simple picture of the unit/building selected, possible upgrades
in gray, and applied/researched upgrades colored in.

The buttons on the Command Bar are as follows.

The far-left 3 buttons from top to bottom are the In-Game Menu, the Idle Worker
selector, and the Generals Communicator.

-The Menu shows all the vital options including saving/loading a game, options,
restarting your game, exiting your game, and returning to the game.

-The Idle Worker button selects and centers the camera on a worker unit that
currently is doing nothing. Make him collect supplies (GLA) or build something
if you can.

-The Generals Communicator is where you see all messages given to you, and
in blue the current Mission Objectives.

Off to the right, the 2 big buttons are the Show/Hide toggle, and the Generals
Ability Menu.

-The Show/Hide simply shows or hides the entire command bar.

-The Generals Ability Menu is where you spend your Generals points. As you gain
higher ranks and are given more points, you unlock the 3 different teirs (1, 3,
and 5 Star Generals). Be careful, in single player games, only certain amounts
of experience (used to gain ranks) are available. Spend your points wisely.

------------------------------**3** Walkthrough-------------------------------

Coming Soon!

PS.... If anyone would be able to tell me what is said before each mission
somehow, either record the briefing or type it out for me, that would be a
huge help.
-------------------------------**4** Structures-------------------------------

Cant get very far in the game without some of these...

----NOTE: As pointed out to me by Calvin, all Defensive structures detect
stealthed units.

--USA Structures--

Command Center
Cost: 2000
Requirements: None

The Command Center is the heart of your base. You build your Dozers from here.
The Command Center is where you will launch many of your Generals Abilities,
and also has the Radar cabailities of your base.

Cost: 600
Requirements: Command Center

The Barracks is quite simply where the infantry is trained. _All_ Infantry type
can come back to the Barracks to get healed. The Flash Bang and Capture
Building Upgrades are bought here.

Cold Fusion Reactor
Cost: 800
Requirements: Command Center

The Cold Fusion Reactor is the USA's power plant. The plant produces 5 units of
power. To get more power, build more or buy the Control Rod Upgrade.

Supply Center
Cost: 2000
Requirements: Cold Fusion Reactor

The Supply Center is where your Chinooks gather Supplies. Each load is worth

Patriot Missile System
Cost: 1000
Requirements: Cold Fusion Reactor

The Patriot Missile System is a very useful base defense system. Units can
be linked together for a network of anti-air and ground units. The Patriot
is vulnerable to Infantry.

War Factory
Cost: 2000
Requirements: Supply Center

The War Factory is where you pump out your tanks. It also can repair vehicles.

Air Field
Cost: 1000
Requirements: Supply Center

The Airfield is where you build up to 4 airplanes at once. You also repair
your airplanes here, too. The Comanche does not need an Air Field for resupply.

Strategy Center
Cost: 2500
Requirements: War Factory or Air Field

The Strategy Center is a vital building to the advancement of your troops. It
lets the most advanced of buildings to be created. Also, you can use on of 3
battle plans. These are

*Search and Destroy: This increases all units' sight on the battlefield. Also
reveals stealth mode.
*Hold the Line: This improves all the armor of your vehicles. The Strategy
Center becomes entrenched and is twice as strong.
*Bombardment: This increases the firepower of all your units, very useful.

Supply Drop Zone
Cost: 2500
Requirements: Strategy Center

This useful building brings in money periodically by plane. This is the Chinese
hacker and the GLA Black Market equivalent, which all are needed when the map's
resources run dry.

Detention Camp
Cost: 1000
Requirements: Strategy Center

The Detention Camp is where you can use the Intellegence ability, which reveals
everything the enemy sees for a period of time.


1) Structure Upgrades

There is only one structure upgrades for the USA.

Control Rods
What Buidling: Cold Fusion Reactor
Cost: 800

This upgrade gives the Cold Fusion Reactor 100% more power output.

----------------------------------**5** Units---------------------------------

There are a combined total of 46 units in CCG (Thanks Syphadeus). That number
includes the worker units for each army.

*The purpose of all the units are from the CCG instruction manual*

--USA Army Units--

The US. The Power. The Dominance. These are things that you think of when you
hear "The United States". These are all displayed thoroughly with the US's
style of attack and offense.

From the instruction manual: "The best weapons in the world have "USA" stamped
on their side. The United States has the most sophisticated arsenal. From its
well-equipped and expertly trained Rangers to the top-secret Particle Cannon,
the USA side is rarely caught at a technological disadvantage. However, some
believe its isolationist policies have softened its war machine. Everyone
agrees, though, that it costs plenty of money and power to jeep the USA wheels
moving forward"
"No side can match the USA advantage in the air. Its Comanches provide
outstanding close air support (CAS) for ground forces, and its Stealth Fighter
can deliver heavy ordance deep behing enemy lines"

Now, onto the units!

Non-Combat Units:


Missile Defender
Colonel Burton


Aurora Strike Bomber
Stealth Fighter



Non-Combat Units
Construction Dozer
Purpose: Builder
Cost: 1000
Requirements: Command Center

The Dozer is the vehicle of the USA and Chinese that is used to build all the
buildings in the Army.

Purpose: Veterancy Transfer
Cost: N/A

The pilot comes out when a titanium-plated vehicle is destroyed. It keeps its
last vehicle's level of veterancy.  You can put him in a new vehicle to keep
the veterancy.

Purpose: Supply Collector, Building raids with Rangers
Cost: 1200
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: Supply Center

The Chinook is unique. It collects supplies, $600 at a time, but also can drop
8 Rangers onto a building to raid it and clear it from enemies garrisoning it.

Purpose: AI (Anti-Infantry), Urban Terrain Acquisition
Cost: 225
Upgrades: Flashbangs, Capture building
Requirements: Barracks

The Ranger is the fighting man of the USA. He can put up a good fight against
other infantries, and even better, can use his Flashbang grenade upgrade to
clear garrisoned buildings. It is also noteworthy to know that the Ranger can
only use either his rifle or flashbangs at one time. (Thanks Calvin).

Missile Defender
Purpose: AT (Anti-Tank), AA (Anti-Air), Urban Terrain Acquisition
Cost: 300
Upgrades: Laser Missile
Requirement: Barracks

This is your basic, and ONLY anti-tank infantry. This unit is special, and
unique to each side. Its cost effectiveness means you can have a lot of them
to defend against Chinese air strikes (GLA has no air units).

Purpose: Scout, AI
Cost: 600
Upgrades:  N/A
Requirements: Barracks, General Ability point

The pathfinder is the utlimate sniper. It has a great range, and a good rate
of fire. Its greatest advantage is that when the pathfinder is stationary,
it is cloaked.

Colonel Burton
Purpose: Scout, Base Infiltration
Cost: 1500
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: Barracks, Strategy Center (only one on the field at once).

Colonel Burton is a Commando. He is extremely effective against infantry units
He is armed with a sniper rifle, a knife, and demolition charges. Burton is
also a stealth unit. Also, he can climb cliffs. He has 2 different tupes of
charges, timed and remote.

Purpose: Base/Unit Assault, Scout
Cost: 1400
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: Airfield

The Raptor is a famous jet fighter. It has great performance and speed, which
makes it one of the best jets in the world.

Aurora Strike Bomber
Purpose: Base Assault
Cost: 2500
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: Airfield and Strategy Center

The Aurora Strike Bomber an unbelievably fast jet. On its attack run, it
at speeds faster than the speed of sound, and nothing can hit it at that
speed. After it drops its bombs, the jet slows down, leaving it vulnerable.

Purpose: Base/Unit Assault, Scout
Cost: 1500
Upgrades: Rocket Pods
Requirements: Airfield

The Comanche is a devastatingly awesome aircraft. It has a 20mm chain gun that
is extremely effective against infantry, 4 missiles to damage armor also.
The strength of the Comanche is that it never has to return to the airfield
to resupply its weapons! Problem is that the Comanche cannot defend against
other air units, and has to wait for all its rockets to reload before it
can fire again. (Thanks Calvin).

Stealth Fighter
Purpose: Base Assault
Cost: 1600
Upgrades: Laser Missiles
Requirements: Airfield, General Ability point

The Stealth Fighter does just what you know it does, it is in stealth while in
flight. It is great against anti-air targets. Its 2 drawbacks are that, it
takes 2 seconds to lock on to a target. After that, its bombs away, but after
it releases the bombs, it loses its stealth ability.. sad really...


Purpose: Clears Toxin, Healer
Cost: 600
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: War Factory

The ambulance is what it seems. It can heal infantry units. Its invaluable
ability is that it can clear poison or radiation that can kill infantry. Also
uprgradable with Drones. (Thanks Crayon).

Crusader Tank
Purpose: Tank/Structure Assault
Cost: 900
Upgrades: Scout/Battle Drone, Composite Armor
Requirements: War Factory

The Crusader is the American tank. It is a very quick tank and very durable.
It can use Battle or Scout drones, just like the Humvee.

Purpose: Transport, Quick Hit Attacks
Cost: 700
Upgrades: Scout/Battle Drone, TOW Missile
Requirements: Humvee

The Humvee is the American troop crawler. It can carry 5 soldiers at once.
It is fast, but also not puny. The Humvee allows all people to shoot out the
windows. It can be upgraded for a Battle or Scout Drone. It also uses TOW anti
tank missiles.

Paladin Tank
Purpose: Tank/Structure Assault
Cost: 1100
Upgrades: Scout/Battle Drone, Composite Armor
Requirements: War Factory, General Ability point

The Paladin is a high-tech tank. It can auto-target enemy missiles with a laser
that is very slow. Scout and Battle drones apply.

Tomahawk Missile
Purpose: Siege
Cost: 1200
Upgrades: Scout/Battle Drone
Requirements: War Factory, Strategy Center

The Tomahawk Missile is a ground-to-ground missile. Its strength lies in its
range. Battle and Scout drones available.


1) Unit Upgrades

Advanced Training
Buy Where: Strategy Center
Affects What: All Units
Cost: 1500

This upgrade makes all your units gain veterancy 2 times as fast as normal.

Flashbang Grenades
Buy Where: Barracks
Affects What: Rangers
Cost: 800

The Flashbang is effective against infantry. It is also used to clear out

Battle/Scout/Drone Armor Drones
Buy Where: On Tanks + Ambulance Drone Armor at Strategy Center (Thanks Crayon)
Affects What: Tanks
Costs: 300/100/500

These Drones do exactly what they sound like they will. The Battle Drone helps
in battles, The scout drone Scouts, and the Drone Armor gives 25% more armor
to the Drones.

TOW Missile
Buy Where: War Factory
Affects What: Humvees
Cost: 1200

The TOW Missile is effective against both air and land enemies.

Composite Armor
Buy Where: Strategy Center
Affects What: Crusader and Paladin Tanks
Cost: 2000

The Composite Armor increases the armor on the Paladin and Crusader tanks by

Rocket Pods
Buy Where: Air Field
Affects What: Comanche
Cost: 800

This upgrade gives the Comanche the ability to launch a barrage of
rockets upon a target area, quickly devastating it. When used by groups of
Comanches, this upgrade allows the Comanche to perform surgical strikes
against supply gatherers, defensive structures, or any ground units that
can't fire back.

Laser Missiles
Buy Where: Air Field
Affects What: Raptor and Stealth Fighters
Cost: 1500

The Laser Missiles allow the Raptor and Stealth Fighters to do 25% more damage.


*From the instruction manual*

"The Chinese forces have a resource that cannot be matched: population. Built
to rely on the pride and nationalism of its people, the Chinese can overwhelm
the opposition with sheer numbers. Red Guard after Red Guard, Battlemaster
after Battlemaster, the Chinese war machine wins by attrition. Feuled by a
strong sense of teamwork, the Red Army is a force for the 21st century"

"Armed with a simple rifle and adequate training, a Chinese man can be turned
into a fighting machine for very little cost. Vehicles are cheap, too. However,
results in the field suggest that quality is not a big concern for Chinese War

--Chinese Army Units--

Non-Combat Units:

Supply Truck

Red Guard
Tank Hunter
Black Lotus




Troop Crawler
Nuke Cannon

Non-Combat Units

Construction Dozer
Purpose: Builder
Cost: 1000
Requirements: Command Center

The Chinese Construction Dozer is the same as the USA Construction Dozer.

Supply Truck
Purpose: Supply Collector
Cost: 600
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: Supply Center

The Supply truck is the basic supply collector. It holds less than the USA


Red Guard
Purpose: AI, Urban Terrain Acquisition
Cost: 300
Upgrades: Horde Effect bonus when in groups of 5 or more, capture building
Requirements: Barracks

The Red Guard is your basic infantry unit. He can capture structures, also.
When he is close the the enemy, he can use his bayonet.

Tank Hunter
Purpose: AT, AI, Urban Terrain Acquisition
Cost: 300
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: Barracks

The Tank Hunter is the Chinese anti-tank infantry, like the USA Missile
Defender. The difference is that the Chinese unit has a TNT Charge attack
which can be put on a vehicle, disabling it immediatly.

Purpose: Collect Funds, Neutralize Enemy Structures
Cost: 625
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: Barracks, Propaganda Center

The Hacker is a unique unit. The Hacker can use his laptop to disable enemy
structures, which also affects its dependant units and sructures. Also,
this is the Chinese "backup" economy, for when the map's funds run out, the
Hacker can use his ability to steal money from the Internet.

Black Lotus
Purpose: Scout, Base Infiltration
Cost: 1500
Upgrades: N/A
Reqiurements: Barracks, Propaganda Center (Only one on the field at once).

Black Lotus is the utlimate hacker. She has the ability to capture enemy
structures, disable vehicles, and steal up to $4000 from the enemy supplies.
She is in stealth all the time, unless using an ability.


Purpose: Base/Unit Assault, Scout
Cost: 1000
Upgrades: MiG Armor, Black Napalm
Requirements: Airfield

The MiG is the sole Chinese airforce unit. Each MiG has napalm missiles. A
of MiGs (4) creates a Firestorm, useful at continuing to damage infantry in the


Battlemaster Tank
Purpose: Tank/Structure Assault
Cost: 800
Upgrades: Horde Effect in groups, Uranium Shells, Nuclear Tank
Requirements: War Factory

The Battlemaster tank is the basic Chinese tank. Versatile and quick, but also
strong and powerful.

Inferno Cannon
Purpose: Siege
Cost: 900
Upgrades: Black Napalm
Requirements: War Factory, Propaganda Center

This is a long-range artillery cannon, which shoots napalm.

Dragon Tank
Purpose: AI, Clear Garrisoned Structures
Cost: 800
Upgrades: Black Napalm
Requirements: War Factory

The Dragon tank is a very useful weapon. It is extremely effective against
enemy infantry. Its arguably best ability is to clear a garrisoned structre
very quickly.

Troop Crawler
Purpose: Transport, Detect Stealth
Cost: 1400
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: War Factory

The Troop Crawler does exactly what the name says, it... ok.. it dosent crawl
the toops. It is a troop carrier that can hold up to 8 Red Guards. It can also
detect enemy stealth units, a very useful characteristic. The Troop Crawlerc
comes full with 8 Red Guards, also. (Thanks Crayon).

Overlord Tank
Purpose: Tank/Structure Assault
Cost: 2000
Upgrades: Bunker, Gattling Cannon, or Speaker Tower. Uranium Shells and Nuclear
Tank also available.
Requirements: War Factory, Propaganda Center

This huge tank is the powerhouse of the Chinese Army. Its high price makes up
for it with its unbelievable power and versatility. It can be upgraded with
3 different attachements. A bunker for 5 troops, a Gattling cannon, and a
Speaker Tower.

Gattling Tank
Purpose: AI
Cost: 800
Upgrades: Chain Gun
Requirements: War Factory

The gattling tank is a great anti-infantry unit, well worth the price.

Nuke Cannon
Purpose: Siege
Cost: 1600
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: War Factory, Propaganda Center, Generals Ability point

This awesomely powerful weapon is expensive, but can pay for itself if used
effectivly. It takes time for the Nuke Cannon to plant itself in the ground,
and has a slow rate of fire, but each shell does its job.


1) Chinese Unit Upgrades

Uranium Shells
Buy Where: Nuclear Missile Silo
Affects What: Battlemaster and Overlord tanks
Cost: 2500

This expensive upgrade will pay for itself with all of the destroyed tanks that
the Overlord and Battlemasters destroy. They increase the firepower of these
tanks by 25%.

Nuclear Tanks
Buy Where: Nuclear Missile Silo
Affects What: Battlemaster and Overlord tanks
Cost: 2000

This also expensive upgrade is invaluable to the strike force of your Army.
This upgrade increases the speed of your incredibly cumbersome Overlord tanks
and already speedy Battlemaster tanks. It increases the speed by 25%.

Black Napalm
Buy Where: War Factory
Affects What: Inferno Cannon, Dragon Tank, MiGs
Cost: 2000

This upgrade makes the Inferno Cannon, Dragon Tank, and MiGs 25% stronger. As
many have pointed out to me ( =) ), this effect is useful because it makes the
MiG Firestorm very, very powerful, making this upgrade worth it. Thanks all!

Chain Gun
Buy Where: War Factory
Affects What: Gattling Tank/Gattling Cannon
Cost: 1500

The Chain Gun upgrade is a great upgrade because it increases the max speed
and damage of the gattling weapons to a point where concentrated fire will mow
down the enemy infantry. The upgrade increases the speed and damage of Gattling
weaponry by 25%.

MiG Armor
Buy Where: Air Field
Affects: MiGs (duhhhhhhhhh 0_o)
Cost: 500

This simple upgrade increase MiG armor by 25%, invaluable for making those
attack runs behind enemy lines.

Buy Where: Propaganda Center
Affects What: All units affected by Horde effect (Red Guard, Tank Hunter,
Battlemaster tank)
Cost: 2000

This upgrade makes the alredy useful Horde effect even more potent.


*From the instruction manual*

"Information has begun to trickle in on the organization and strategies of the
Global Liberation Army.A loosely aligned network of terror, the GLA prizes
speed over destructive force. Relying heavily on the dedication of fanatics,
the GLA sends soldiers into the teeth of its enemies and always has an escape
route for its hardcore veterans. Built to hit and run, the GLA is poorly suited
for direct, large-scale battles. Generals of the GLA seek advantages in the
terrain. Without official backing of any national government, the GLA have
become expert in making do with whatever is at hand. GLA units have been known
to scavenge resourcces from the field of battle. Through its network of tunnels
GLA forces cann appera at locations all over the map. If they are succesful in
defeating their enemies, GLA units earn money from the cause's unknown backers"

"The GLA fighting units tend to be lightweight and low-cost. However, the most
effective of them self-destruct, making a sustained campaign against the enemy
difficult for GLA to maintain. The GLA has become expert in scavenging weapons
dated from the Soviet era. Through Arms Dealers and the Black Market, it can
assemble squads of tanks and Technicals which, when rapidly deployed, can put a
dagger through unsuspecting enemy defenses.

--GLA Army Units--

-----NOTE: All GLA Vehicles are affected by the Junk Repair upgrade-----------
-----NOTE 2: Details on scavenger upgrades:
For Quad Cannon and Marauders: 3 Levels of weapon upgrades
Techinals: Takes weapon of destroyed enemy (Flames, too!)
All else: Cash or veterancy.
(All thanks to Calvin). -_-

Non-Combat Units:
Radar Van


RPG Trooper
Jarmen Kell
Angry Mob




Scorpion Tank
Rocket Buggy
Toxin Tractor
Bomb Truck
Quad Cannon
SCUD Launcher

Non-Combat Units:

Purpose: Builder, Supply Collector
Cost: 200
Requirements: Command Conter

The Worker is the GLA's Construction Dozer. He does the basic building for the
GLA. He can collect supplies, too. Also, his best feature is the ability to
remove bombs on a structure.

Radar Van
Purpose: Radar, Surveillance
Cost: 500
Upgrades: Radar Scan
Requirements: Arms Dealer

The Radar Van is the GLA's only way to have radar. The van can be hidden, also.


Purpose: AI, Urban Terrain Acquisition
Cost: 150
Upgrades: AP Bullets, Camoflauge, Capture Building
Requirements: Barracks

The Rebel is the basic infantry unit. He carries a rifle, that's it. 0_o.

RPG Trooper
Purpose: AT, AI, Urban Terrain Acquisition
Cost: 300
Upgrades: AP Rockets
Requirements: Barracks

This is the basic anti-tank infantry unit for the GLA.

Purpose: Anti-Structure (AS), AT
Cost: 200
Upgrades: Not really an upgrade, but can capture cars.
Requirements: Barracks

The Terrorist is one of the GLA's most fanatic fanatics. He has a lot of C4,
and not much can stop him. They can commandeer cars for faster assaults.

Purpose: Anti-Vehicle (AV)
Cost: 400
Upgrades: N/A
Requirements: Palace, Generals Ability point

The Hijacker does just what it sounds like he does, he hijacks stuff. When not
moving, he is blended in to the crowd. He can't take Elite or Heroic vehicles.

Jarmen Kell
Purpose: Scour, Base Infiltration
Cost: 1500
Upgrades: AP Bullets
Requirements: Palace

Jarmen Kell is an awesome ally. He is a stealth sniper. He can fire off many
lethal rounds quickly to dispatch groups of infantry. He has a great ability
where he can kill the driver of a vehicle, rendering it neutral to Rebels or
Terrorists to take for their cause.

Angry Mob
Purpose: AI, AS
Cost: 800
Upgrades: AK-47s "Arm the Mob"
Requirements: Palace

The Angry Mob is a bit of a funny, but powerful unit. The Mob starts as 5
people, but quickly grows. They are very effective against infantry and
structures, using their molotov cocktails.




Purpose: Transport, AI
Cost: 500
Upgrades: AP Bullets
Requirements: Arms Dealer

The Technical is a fast, versatile troop transport. It can hold up to 5 GLA
Rebels. It has a mounted machine on the back of the truck, which can be
upgraded by scrap found from enemy carcasses.

Scorpion Tank
Purpose: AS, AT
Cost: 600
Upgrades: Scorpion Rocket, Toxin Shells
Requirements: Arms Dealer

The Scorpion Tank is not the best weapon against heavy weaponry. The tanks are
fast and not very armored, but for the makeshift GLA, they do whats needed.

Rocket Buggy
Purpose: Siege
Cost: 900
Upgrades: AP Rockets, Buggy Ammo
Requirements: Palace

The Rocket Buggy is an extremely fast and powerful unit. It can zoom right up
to the enemy, launch all of its powerful rockets, and then zoom away without
getting caught. It is very useful if used correctly.

Toxin Tractor
Purpose: AI, Clear Garrisoned Structures
Cost: 600
Upgrades: Anthrax Beta
Requirements: Arms Dealer

The Toxin Tractor is a very deadly weapon. The Tractor is extremely effective
against infantry. You can use an ability to constantly poison the ground. It
is also very good at clearing enemy structures, like the Chinese Dragon Tank.

Bomb Truck
Purpose: AS
Cost: 1200
Upgrades: High Explosives, Bio-Weapon.
Requirements: Palace

The Bomb Truck is a fearful unit. It can be disguised as an enemy unit, but a
better strategy is to disguise it as one of your own, and during your attack,
just send that the disguised Bomb Truck into something and watch the delicious

Quad Cannon
Purpose: AA
Cost: 700
Upgrades: AP Bullets
Requirements: Arms Dealer

The Quad Cannon is the GLA's mobile anti-air unit. It can also attack ground
units, but are not very effective. This, like the Technicals, can salvage
upgrades from the field.

SCUD Launcher
Purpose: Siege
Cost: 1200
Upgrades: Anthrax Beta for Anthrax bomb
Requirements: Palace

The SCUD Launcher is a revered weapon. The SCUDs are ground-to-ground, and are
very effective at that.

Marauder Tank
Purpose: AS, AT
Cost: 800
Upgrades: Toxin Shells
Requirements: Arms Dealer, Generals Ability point

The Marauder is basically a beefed up Scorpion tank. It can also salvage
upgrades like the Technical and Quad Cannon.


1) GLA Unit Upgrades

Buy Where: Palace
Affects What: Rebels
Cost: 2000

Camouflage is a useful ability, it hides Rebels when they are not shooting.

Arm the Mob
Buy Where: Palace
Affects What: Angry Mob (duhhhhhhhhhhh 0_o)
Cost: 1000

Arm the Mob gives any Angry Mobs "Ak-47's for all!"

Armor-Piercing Bullets
Buy Where: Black Market
Affects What: Rebel, Technical, Quad Cannon, Jarmen Kell
Cost: 2000

AP Bullets are a great, albeit expensive, upgrade. They add 25% more firepower
to the Rebel, Technical, Quad Cannon, and Jarmen Kell.

Armor-Piercing Rockets
Buy Where: Black Market
Affects What: All Rocket Units (Rocket Buggy, Scorpion Tanks, RPG Trooper)
Cost: 2000

The AP Rockets increase all Rocket units effectiveness by 25%.

Rocket Buggy Ammo
Buy Where: Black Market
Affects What: Rocket Buggy (.........)
Cost: 1200

The Rocket Buggy Ammo upgrade adds 25% more ammo to one Rocket Bugyy rocket

Scorpion Rocket
Buy Where: Arms Dealer
Affects What: Scorpion Tank (.............)
Cost: 1000

The Scorpion Rocket is a very useful upgrade, adding a destructive missile to
every Scorpion tank.

Anthrax Beta
Buy Where: Palace
Affects What: Toxin Units (Toxin Tractor, SCUD Launcer w/Anthrax bomb, Scorpion
and Marauder Tanks IF they have Toxin Shells)
Cost: 2500

The Anthrax Beta makes all Toxin Units 25% do more damage. (Thanks Crayon).
Toxin Shells
Buy Where: Palace
Affects What: Scorpion and Marauder Tanks
Cost: 1000

The Toxin Shells upgrade gives all the shells of the Scorpion and Marauder
tanks a small amount of Anthrax.

Bio Bomb/ High Explosive Bomb
Buy Where: On the Bomb Truck Context window
Affects What: Bomb Truck
Cost: 500 apiece

These 2 upgrades can both be used in tandem, to wreak some utter havoc. The Bio
Bomb throws some toxins into the blast site. The High Explosive Bomb simply
doubles (100% more) the explosiveness of the Bomb Trucks blast.

Junk Repair
Buy Where: Black Market
Affects What: All GLA vehicles
Cost: 2000

This great ability makes all GLA vehicles auto-repair.

Radar Scan
Buy Where: Black Market
Affects What: Radar Van
Cost: 500

The Radar Scan lets the Radar Van scan for stealthed units and reveal selected
map areas.


--Unit Purpose Listings--

Thanks to Calvin with this idea, Im going to explain what I mean by "Purpose"
on each unit, so here is a rundown of what each one means.

Builder: A builder is the army's... building unit. It builds all the buildings
for it. Whew...

Anti-Infantry: Just as it sounds, this unit is effective at killing infantry.

Urban Terrain Acquisition: This means the the unit can garrison unoccupied

Clear Garrisoned Structure: This means that in one way or form (Ranger-drop
from Chinook w/Flashbangs, or Dragon Tank simply shooting the building), the
unit can easily clear a garrisoned building from enemy troops.

Anti-Tank: Also another obvious one, this unit is effective at destroying

Anti-Air: This means that the unit is good at shooting down enemy air units.

Anti-Structure: This means that the unit is good at destroying structures
easily, like the GLA Terrorist.

Scout: These units mean that they are good at scouting out one way or another,
with either long range vision, stealth, or a combination of both.

Base Infiltration: This is up for grabs on how you want to interpert it, but
basically means is good at destrying a base, or making a way into a base.
In the case of Colonel Burton for example, he is adept at both.

Clears Toxin: This is for the Ambulance. What it means is that it has the power
to clear away toxin on the battlefield with a speical foam, rendering the toxin
neutralized, and making the ground safe for infantry.

Healer: Also for the Ambulance. This means that it heals nearby soldiers.

Transport: This means that the unit can carry a number of units inside of it,
and carry them across the battlefield. Transport units are usually fairly fast.

Quick Hit Attacks: I believe this is solely for the Humvee. What it means is
that it has the speed to move up to a target, let loose some shots, and get
away with out being hurt much.

Tank/Structure Assault: This means that the unit (usually another tank) is good
at destroying not only other tanks, but at damaging structures.

Siege: This means that the unit has the ability to damage enemy structures,
usually defensive structures, from outside that unit/structure's range, making
it a perfect counter to that structure.

Supply Collector: Quite simple. This unit collects supplies.

Base assault: This means that somehow the unit is adept at avoiding enemy
defenses (Stealth Fighter), and attacking enemy bases.

Unit assault: This means that the unit can attack a unit and usually get away

Collect Funds: This means the unit has an ability to collect funds,
somehow making it a profitable unit.

Detect Stealth: This is obvious, it means the unit can detect stealthed units.

Veterancy Transfer: This is for the Pilot. What it means is that if the Pilot
goes from one Heroic, destroyed Titanium-plated vehicle, and put into a new
rookie vehicle, he upgrades the new vehicle to Heroic.

--------------------**6** Generals Ability Listing and Strategies-------------

Coming Soon!

--------------------------**7** Superweapons----------------------------------

Coming Soon!


We have our first tip from Tory Kean Hau.

**Multiplayer Tips**
From the clue: there is never enough Supply Drop Zone
(for USA) & Superweapons. (From Multiplayer
Tips displayed in generals.ea.com)

Remember last time, we can only build one(1)
Superweapon. Now, we build superweapon(s). Every time
I play online, since the resources are limited, the
number of oil dericks, supply drop zone & superweapons
you have will make the difference in the later game.
Normally, I build at least 2 x Particle Cannons and
take off their fight force supply buildings (barrack,
war factory, air field) and force them to approach me.
This is the time they will face my garrison buildings
with rochet soldiers, patriot missiles, and I just
positioned strategically to gain the experience.
I found most of the player only build one superweapon
and stay in guard (defend) mode. The is some reason,
maybe they can't attack the opponent base yet.
(because of the garrison buildings with rochet
soldiers, patriot missiles) Since they didn't spend
their money in "bumping" out tanks (because of the
losses), why not build one more superweapon?! This
will scared the opponent and force them not to "camp"
in the base and try to think the way to destroy the superweapon, opps, sorry,

**Multiplayer Tips 1**
--Swarmed by Red Guards--
When opponents drive in 4 to 5 Troop Crawlers and try
to rush you with mass red guards. There are 5 x 8=40
Red Guards and if you try to shoot them one by one
even with anti-infantry vehicles (example,
Humvee)though, that is impossible. You can't stop them
early coz even though you destroy the Troop Crawler,
the red guards will automatically "pop" out.
Here are some tactics I used, in Command & Conquer:
Red Alert 2, it is hard to knock out the infantry with
the tanks, but now in Generals, you can pratically do
this, DRIVE THROUGH THEM, it instantly kill them in
one hit.
For USA, since Patriot Missiles are not very efficient
dealing with infantry. Upgrade most of your tanks with
Battle drones, although it cost, it will help you to
turn the tide of the battle. Paladins with Battle
drones upgrade now become merely a anti - infantry
vehicle too.

There is one experience I faced in MP game, the
opponent approached me with 5 Troop Crawlers (40 Red
guards). In the particular instance, I quickly upgrade
all my tanks with battle drone (it will take seconds
only for the upgrading). I destroyed three of them for
stopping them to approach the heart of the base, which
is not defended by patriot missile and make it
difficult for the tanks to kill them. Click all the
tanks and drive over them, about half of the infantry
died, actually there is no time for the opponent to
drag them out. With a few battle drones and Humvees I
left, I finished them off. And meanwhile, the opponent
have to change his tactics already.

**Multiplayer Tips 2**
--Make use of Comanche--
Here is the tactic I used, first reactor, barracks,
and supply centre and then go for air field. Quickly
"pump" out at least three Comanche with Rockets Pod
upgrade. Defend your base with Rocket Soldiers before
you do this. Go for the opponents Supply Dock (depends
on the map) or the Oil Dericks which is geographically
near them, try to sneak in. They seldom guard their
Supply Dock which is "too" near them with anti-air
units. You can most probably destroy their supply
center before they react. Then destroy their Oil
Dericks, they seldom guard their dericks which is far
from their base with defenses (example, patriot
missile, gattling cannon). *Beware of those stationary defenses,
never go
against them. 4, 5 rocket soldiers is beatable by the
three Comanches with the
rockets available. Most probably only one Comanche will get
down.* When the supply line for your opponents have
broken down a while and their oil dericks are in fire,
the task for the Comanche is almost over. The
objective for the Comanche in this case is for
sabotaging only. With the uneven economy sources they
have, you know what to do next, right?!

**Multiplayer Tips 3**
--Hero Units--
There are only 3 stealth-detect vehicles (Tanks with
scout drone upgrade, Troop Crawler, Radar Van)in
Command & Conquer: Generals, each for the three sides.
(if not mistaken) And players seldom produce them for
the purpose stated above. Make use of the hero units,
send them to bomb and capture main buildings. You will
always success for doing the first building (if apply correctly). And, if lucky
the second building. They will "shock" that you are using hero unit, meanwhile
they are searching the hero or still finding the solution, you can use the
time to plan something you cannot do before. *Beware of mines, stationary
defenses, bunkers, garrisoned buildings that nearby, while you can
bombing/capturing the building.* I almost success everytime in using Hero unit,
only two times, one died by hidden mines, another one killed by pathfinder.
(The pathfinder can notice the hero???? But why the hero cannot notice him?!)
The main purpose is to sabotage your opponent, and force them to search for
the hero or build something else to avoid the incident happen again. Then,
you have "extra time" than the opponent. Have you ever use your hero unit to
 scout their base? Tracking every movement and what your opponents are doing?


--------------------**9**Multiplayer/Skirmish Medals--------------------------

Thanks to Crayon, the Skirmish Medals are ready, I need a little more info
on the Blitz honor, email me for details.

--Skirmish Medals--

Chinese Campaign Honor
How to Obtain: Complete the Chinese campaign on any difficulty.

GLA Campaign Honor
How to Obtain: Complete the GLA Campaign on any difficulty.

USA Campaign Honor
How to Obtain: Complete the USA Campign on any difficulty.

Air Wing Honor
How to Obtain: Build 20 or more Aircraft units. The aircraft units DO NOT
include helicopters. That means you'll need at least 5 Airfields.

Battle Tank Honor
How to Obtain: Simply build 50 or more tanks. Sounds simple, eh?

Endurance Honor
How to Obtain: This medal requires exactly what the title implies, endurance.
To get it, you must beat all the Skirmish mode maps. If you beat them all
against Normal computers, you get a bronze medal. If you do it against hard, a
silver medal. Against Brutal (!), you get a gold. Good luck!

Apocalypse Medal
How to Obtain: This is a toughie. To get it, I believe you must start as GLA.
After that, you have to steal each side's builder unit using Jarmen Kell and a
Rebel or a Hijacker. This means 2 Dozers, a US one and a Chinese one. Now,
simply build a SCUD Storm, a Particle Cannon, and a Nuclear Missle. Also easier
said than done, but a sight of beauty when accomplished.

Blitz Honor
How to Obtain: You must beat the computer under a certain time to get this
medal. I believe that if you beat the computer in under 10 minutes, you get
this medal in bronze (???). This is specualtion, but I believe that if you beat
the computer in under 5 minutes, you get silver, and dare I say it, if you beat
the computer in under 3 mintes, you get gold. Confirmation would be greatly

Streak Honor
How to Obtain: This is fairly straightforward. If you win 3 matches in a row,
you get the bronze version of this medal. If you get 10 wins in a row, you get
the silver. If you get 25 wins in a row, you get the gold!

--Multiplayer Medals--


----------------------------**10**Thanks to...--------------------------------

This is the section where I will thank people who give me information/tips for
the FAQ.

Thanks Syphadeus for # of units in the game, and the Generals skills idea.

Thanks Crayon, for pointing out a bunch of stuff I missed when doing alllllll
the units at once. Also, for the Skirmish Medals

Also Thanks to Don "Gamera" Chan for a spelling mistake I never would have
caught. Heres his contribution page

Tory Kean Hau gave me the first few Multiplayer tips. These are strongly
reccomended since I wont be touching MP for a long time.

Calvin, for a HUGE number of fixes/tweaks to the guide to make it much better!

-----------------------------**11** Legal Stuff-------------------------------

This unofficial Command & Conquer:Generals guide is copyright 2003 Chris
Dietsch. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and  in part
in any form. Command and Conquer, Generals, EA, The EA Logo are all registered
trademarks of Electronic Arts. The author is in no way affiliated with
Electronic Arts.  Author's consent is required to post this guide on or in any

This Guide is written by Chris Dietsch, who holds all copyright for this
document, in whole or in part, or for profitable use.

You may download the file  through a  web browser onto  a single computer for
your  personal, non-commercial  use only.  You may not permit anyone  else to
modify the file or use it for any  commercial purpose, display, performance,
sale or rental.  It absolutely cannot be decompiled, disassembled, modified,
or create derivative works based on the documentation in whole or in part. Do
not remove any copyrights.

If you would like to host my guide on your site, simply ask. The list of sites
that can host this guide are as follows:


HUGE Thanks to AdenalineSL, I HEAVILY used her Legal section as a basis of
mine, from her Chrono Cross guide. I hope you don't mind Stephanie! I ain't no


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