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Читы для Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Чит-файл для Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Command & Conquer:
Red Alert 2

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Westwood Studios
Издатель:Electronic Arts
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 24 октября 2000 года
Жанры:Strategy (Real-time) / Isometric
Похожие игры:Command & Conquer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Multiplayer:(6) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 26 октября 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\-----COMMAND & CONQUER--------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


____The whole world must fall to the Soviets, and nothing will stop the
rage that we unleash...

Version Information
I added some stuff from Scott Batass (aparently, he's a veteran player).
also finished up the advanced strategies for the Allied Forces and the
Soviets. Please mail any strategies/hints/sugestions/junk you have to me at
bloodfreak@hotmail.com (can't say it enough).
I will also make a walkthrough for the game with a lot of different
from a lot of people (at least I hope there are people out there who want to
cooperate). This way I want to make sure that everyone finds the strategy to
his liking.

Version 1.2.
Well, I added the first big part of my Allied Walkthrough, and added a
complete Allied Walkthrough from Scott Batass (it's real good, a must read
I can say so myself). I'll add the finishing parts of mine in the next
weekend, in school we have some last minute tests before the exams. Also,
I am
waiting for anybody else who wants to see his mission walkthroughs in this
FAQ. Just send them over to bloodfreak@hotmail.com, and you'll earn an
honorable place withing this document, and you'll earn credits of course
(ahem). I hope to sttart the Soviet Walkthrough in the next update, and
it before my exams; I hate to leave something unfinished for long. After the
walkthroughs, I will get back to the main point of this FAQ, strategies. I
have some stuff to add, but I really am running out of time, but when the
vacations kick in, you may certainly expect a lot of updates to thsi FAQ.
ya next time.

Version 1.3.
So, looks like we see eachother again for another update to thsi FAQ. I said
I'd wait for the walkthrough to be finished completely before moving on with
other sections, bt I just oculdn't resist the temptation to start writing
things as well, which lead to a BAD test result in school, but I don't mind
anyway. Okay, so I finished the Allied Walkthrough, and I'm getting through
the Soviet one, I will try my best to finish it in the next update.

Version 1.4.
So, exams are finally done, and as you may notice, I've become even worse in
English since the exams, even though it was my last. Now, aditions include:
- Continuing of the walkthrough for the Soviets.
- Added a guide from Red Alert 2 Den (and yes I got permission!)
- Read the FAQ to take out some severe errors. It's certainly not
but it is a little better now.
So, since it's Christmas, it means I'll have 2 weeks vacation, so I'll
be working a little further, but you have to know that Red Alert 2 is not
only game that I play. I'm also deeply in love with Diablo II (I've
a bizarre manner of playing, but it helps heaps. I'm not going to write a
guide for it, but it is still a good game, good enough to play it. Now don't
worry, you'll still get your updates, and my quest continues to finish up
Soviet walkthrough. There's also a Naval War section coming up. I'll come up
with more unique multiplayer mode strategies, aswell as updating the
ones. So, as you can see, I'm still not finished with things. And as the
doesn't stand still, I'll come up with new things, I've still got to add
stuff that I forgot/overlooked, aswell as (here comes the interesting part)
add all the strategies I received by mail, which will happen next update.
See you all in a short while!
PS: Since it is vacation, I'm going to buy a new game, maybe two. I'm not
which one, but it will probably be an action game. I'm considering the spy-
shooter No One Lives Forever, but I need someone that has played the
Technology Demo, because for some reason, the game ran so damn bad, and the
colors were so fluffy, I couldn't get far! I want to know if everybody had
this, aswell as knowing if this is better in the full version (of course it
is, but better be safe than sorry). On the other hand, Project IGI looks
but it seems to be less atractive in my point of view, I just like the
Powers-style game that NOLF is, it'snot all funny (some scenes have that
school jokes in them), but it is just cool when someone compliments you by
saying "You're new here aren't you? If you weren't, I'd certainly remember!"
His wife was a little upset but still. There are a lot of conversations, and
riding on a motorbike or snowmobile sounds kind of cool. Three months ago,
say that my buy would be Renegade, but since it is delayed again, I'll have
wait some more. I'll certainly buy it though. So, anyone willing to give me
some info and talk about with me, please mail me at bloodfreak@hotmail.com.
But this is a Red Alert 2 FAQ right? So, let's get to work now.

1) Introduction
2) What is Red Alert 2 - Game Features
3) Allied Units/structures/specials
4) Soviet Units/Structures/specials
5) Tactical information on units/structures/specials
6) Main defensive tips for Allies
7) Main offensive tips for Allies
8) Main defensive tips for Soviets
9) Main offensive tips for Soviets.
10) Advanced strategies
10.1) Allies
10.2) Soviets
11) Mission Walkthroughs
11.1. My Walkthroughs
11.2. Reader Walkthroughs
11.2.1. Scott Batass' walkthroughs
11.3. Miscelanious walkthroughs
12) Unholy Alliance strategies.
13) Contact Information
14) Credits

1) Intorduction.
Hi guys, here's a strategy guide for the awesome game Command &
Conquer: Red Alert 2. For the
moment you can find all the things you need to know about Red Alert 2,
and how to strategically make your enemies angry, paranoid, distracted
and the like. Never forget: Your best defense is offense, but don't
compromise your defensive strength because you want to attack. Try to
take your time and hope the enemy isn't too quick about it either. If he is,
make an efficient attack force, and strike back (just to scare him or to
damage him in the early stages of the game).

You can use strategies in this guide in the campaigns, but certain missions
only give you certain units to build, and strategies listed here mostly use
types of units, so in the first mission, you won't be able to do a lot with
these missions. I'm sure there is/there'll be a good guide for this, in the
mean time, I'm working on one of my own. You may be sure that there'll be
a Primagames Unofficial strategy guide, or one of those superb Game
Guides of IGN!

I hope you like this FAQ, if not, tell me what's wrong. Also, if anybody
wants to contribute to this FAQ, you are more than welcome! Just mail your
additions to: bloodfreak@hotmail.com, and use Red Alert 2 FAQ as you
subject, thank you. I'm trying to make this guide as big and as precise as
possible (well that Walkthrough should help a bit). Okay, so without further
addo, let's start.

2) What is Red Alert 2 - Game features.
Alright, here's the section where the newbies will find some info about this
game, and of course my personal review. Also I'll go a little deeper into
game features of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

First we need to look back a bit, to the very well-known Red Alert, the
original. It begins when Einstein and an assistant make a time machine to
teleport back in time, and prevent WWII from happening. They suceed in
killing Hitler, but instead of WWII, there is an even bigger threat about to
overrun the world: The Soviet Empire commanded by Stalin. Their tanks
roll into the nearby countries and take them over without problem. Allied
powers know that they have to act against this threat. There's only one
problem, they lack the firepower to pose a big threat to the Soviets. The
Allies rely on long-range assaults and quick air strikes, while the Soviets
to demolish the Allies with brute force, even with atomic weapons. After a
long strugle, the Allies manage to kill Stalin and end the war. They choose
a dictator, Romanov, to control and rebuild the Soviet remains. However,
Romanov builds up the Soviet army and makes it stronger than ever. He
plans on striking directly in the United States. Using his Cloning Vats he
makes new soldiers faster than ever. They quickly overrun the surprised
Allies, and they have to rely on newly developed technology to defend
themselves...   And that's where the game starts. Are you up to it?

So what are some cool features of Red Alert 2 you ask? Well, first off, the
camera is zoomed in much closer than in Tiberian Sun, which means
cooler gameplay, and better graphics. On a sidenote, I was impressed with
the minimum system requirements for a Command & Conquer RTS....
Anyways, you'll fight in real-life locations now, no more "Where the hell am
I?????"-quistions. You'll be able to fight in New York, Paris, Texas,
Chicago, Washington, somewhere in Germany I believe (I'm not that far
yet...), and Siberia. Sounds pretty cool. Add to that, there's cars, a lot
buildings, and better gameplay rules if you ask me. I'll get to that a
later. The sound has gotten a lot of improvement, you'll now hear "sounds
of the enviroment", which means birds, tanks, infantry marching, cows
making that anoying noise and so on. Multiplayer has gotten some
improvement as well. First you've got "Unholy Alliance", which gives you
both an Allied and a Soviet MCV. VERY NICE. Here you have to be kind of
strategic, since where for example the Allied lacks heavy armor, the
Soviets make up for that nicely. So you'll have to work with deceptions and
direct assaults while your enemies are occupied elsewhere. I'll cover this
the appropriate sections. Further more there are modes like naval war
(you're left on a small island and you're enemy is on an other island", Land
Rush (you start in a completely revealed map) and Meatgrinder (you can
mainly use infantry and tanks). And IGNPC gives it a 9.3, so what are you
waiting for (they won't lie about it...).

3. The Allied Forces
GI Soldier
Description: A well-trained infantryman with a powerful machinegun. He's
more than a match for the Russian Conscript. He can deploy his
machinegun and hold is ground, or you could place him in a building
(yeah!!! Why not the McBurger Kong in the first missions?). When you
"garrison" your GI, he will stay in the building and fire at anything that
passes. This adds to the already massive strategic planning you need to
do. This is especially handy as your infantrymen can take potshots at the
marauding enemy forces, weakening them before they reach your base.
And they aren't too expensive as well. What I'm trying to say is: DO NOT
Weapon: .50 Caliber Machinegun

Attack Dog
Description: These are the infantry killing machines. One attack and even
Tanya will be toast. They are pretty fast compared to most infantry and they
can sniff out spies for you (assuming your enemy is Allied or you are
playing Unholy Alliance). Always keep some in your base. They'll kill the
Engineers that try to sneak in and capture some buildings. I've had it
happen once and it isn't pretty (lucky enough for me he took only my Power
Plant, I was able to kill his 4 companions).

Description: You can call these guys the Jump Jet infantry of Tiberian Sun,
they're only a lot cooler if you ask me. I only found them useful in one
department: to weaken approaching attack forces. Soviets mostly send
heavy tank assaults to make you shiver. Just send a dozen Rocketeers to
them, and half of them will be destroyed when they reach your base. Their
weapons aren't impressive if you ask me, they're just good help.
Weapon: Light Machinegun

Chrono Legionnaire
Description: This one can be a real pain in the butt. What he does is wipe
the enemy units you target from the map. The only problems are that he
ain't strong and that he doesn't fire fast. So, keep these guys safe and
victory might just be much easier...
Weapon: Chrono Rifle (or something like that)

Description: This goon returns to the party, with some nasty upgrades. He
hasn't gained the speed yet hehe, but he can do a butt load of things.
First, he can take over an enemy building and turn it to your side.
Secondly, he can repair your own structures. Just send him inside and he'll
repair it for you.
Thirdly, he can repair a destroyed bridge. You'll have to send him into the
bridge control station. Once that is done, it will be safe to move along
Also, he can capture Tech buildings (airports, Oil Derricks, Outposts,
hospitals, etc.), to help you in your efforts. This can prove very useful in
heat of battle. By supplying you with a steady flow of cash, paratroopers,
free healing, repair etc. you could easily turn the tides on the enemy and
him off. You can also capture normal houses and other civilian buildings.
Lastly, he can defuse bombs. He has a Defuse kit with him to defuse any
explosive threats that you might encounter. This makes him the ideal
weapon against Crazy Ivan's terrorism.
The only drawback is that you will lose your engineers in most of these
cases (except for the bomb defusing that is).
Weapon: Defuse kit

Description: Your ideal special agent, Tanya will perform her duties quite
nicely. She has a woopin' amount of firepower with her, and she can handle
infantry attacks very well. Just don't use her against armored units, she'll
probably die. Structures however, are very popular targets for Tanya. She
just plants a C4 charge and destroys it in one blow. VERY EFFECTIVE. If
you are lucky, the AI won't have much of defenses, and when the time
comes that he threatens to destroy/harm you, just send Tanya in and clean
out the super weapons. I've actually done it several times and it performs
Weapon: Dual Colt45 pistols and C4 charges

Description: This one is vital to your strategy. In Red Alert, your spy
do a handful of things, but in my opinion it is much harder to discover a
in RA2 than it was in the original. Still the best defense would be to place
your dogs in Guard mode. A spy can do much more this time. Here's a
1) Get him into a refinery and he will steal some cash for you!
2) Get him into the Power Plant and he will shut off the power for 1 minute
(VERY useful)
3) Get him into your enemy Radar Tower/Air Force Command HQ and he
will reset the shroud.
4) Get him into the Barracks/War Factory and he will make your units
5) Get him into the Battle Lab and he will offer you a new unit to build.
6) Get him into a super weapon, and he will reset the countdwon (VERY,
VERY useful!)
Just don't come to close to enemy Guard Dogs, as they will sniff out your
spies pretty quickly.
Psychic units, such as Yuri can also detect spies, aswell as the Psychic

Chrono Miner
Description: Without this, you'll die. That is the simplest description that
can give you. For old-school Command & Conquer players, you can call it
the Harvester, but with extra teleportation ability. It has to drive to the
fields but it can teleport back to your base. This spares a lot of time, and
you don't have to build that many to have a steady flow of cash! It doesn't
have any weapons like its Soviet counterpart. It can crush infantry of

Grizzly Battle Tank
Description: This is the main armor unit of the Allies. It has heavy armor,
good strength and good firepower, however the Soviets Heavy Tank is
better in every aspect but speed. It will certainly be the bulk of your
in the whole game. In my opinion, it goes pretty fast for a tank. The nice
thing is, because of its cheapness, you can send wave after wave of them
to assault the enemy base. While you're first wave is attacking, you start
building another wave. It should be almost or even completely finished
when your tanks are destroyed. You must make sure that you have a
constant flow of cash though. Capture an Oil Derrick, or build a bunch of
extra Ore Miners to give fast money.
Weapon: 105mm Cannon

Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
Description: Just your plain old APC. But this time, there are some special
forms of the IFV. First of all, it can only carry one infantry unit. It's
a nice
sports car for your men hehehe. You can produce regular IFV that you pump
full of
infantry. These have some weapons (including the infantry's weapons of
course), but you can also produce a Repair IFV, which functions a little
the MRV in TS. You send it to a unit and your IFV will repair it. It has its
uses, but personally, I'd go with the Chopper. Just for those who can't
it out, you have to put an Engineer in the IFV to make it a REpair IFV.
Also, I've received some very nice tips from Scott Batass about what you
can do with an IFV (I usually only use them to transport infantry to the
destination, unload and then use them as support fire). He has the following
- IFV +Tesla Trooper (if you can manage it) =Tesla Tank (acording to him, it
has better range, but I didn't really feel like that, anyaways..)
- IFV + Crazy Ivan/SEAL (campaign only!) =Demolition Truck (YEAH
- IFV + Yuri =IFV taht fires a Psychic wave (not all that useful)
- IFV + Desolator =fires radiation weapon (good anti-infntry weapon,
otherwise its just crap!!)
- IFV + Flak Trooper =Well, I'd like to call it the Goalkeeper. It fires
quicly, and it gives the feeling of having a real anti-aircraft weapon that
used on Carriers (yeah! Where's the Goalkeeper on the Carrier for the
- IFV + Chrono Legionaire =Chrono IFV. They fire the Chrono Rifles and
indeed fire a little faster then the normal Legionaires.
- IFV + Attack Dog =These kill spies you know, looks like those dogs have
good noses hehehe.
Major thanks to Scott for this one!
Weapon: Missiles +infantry fire

Prism Tank
Description: You could describe it as "a Prism Tower on wheels". It isn't
very strong, but it is very destructive. They are best used as heavy
defense, or as supporting unit in the assault on the enemy base. They pack
quite a punch, but heavy units can still destroy it.
Weapon: Mobile Prism Cannon

Mirage Tank
Description This one is pretty interesting,  I like to refer to it as the
shifting Tank. It can mask itself in things like a tree for example. This is
best ambush-unit in the game in my opinion. Just have a group of them
mask themselves, let the enemies strike force go by and do some
backstabbin'! It's gun is quite powerful, but I didn't find its offensive
capabilities very good. They can be used as a last line of defense if you
want. Still, they're very good against infantry and can destroy light
a few shots (good against those V3s!). If ou can mass some together, it will
be safe to attack heavier tanks and even apocalypse tanks, which will give
you some quick elite tanks. They're also ideal against Terror Drones, they
can take them down in one shot, so be sure touse them.
Weapon: Mirage Gun

MCV (Mobile Construction Vehicle)
Description: This slow but strong unit is something you wouldn't want to
lose in the beginning of a match. It probably won't happen but it is still a
very painful thing... thrust me on this one. It is wise to build a second
and even a third, just in case the enemy turns nasty. The best thing is to
make multiple, individual bases. I had an interesting strategy for TS. I
haven't had a lot of time to test it here, but I think it will work out just
fine. I'll
cover it in the appropriate section.
Weapon: NOTHING!!!

Air Units
Description: Ahhh, one of my favorite units in the game. They are pretty
fast, they are very destructive and the Flak Cannons sometimes have a
hard time shooting at 'em. They are the Harriers. To ensure your success
you'll have to build a ton of them. A full squadron of 12 would be
you never know what kind of resistance you run into. There Air-to-ground
missiles are very powerful, bringing a structure down in about 2 hits. Be
sure to break your squadron in groups of about 4, and let them attack
individual targets. This works most of the time, for me at least. Follow up
your air strike with a large taskforce and your enemy will be powerless.
Weapon: Maverick Air-to-Ground missiles

Night Hawk Transport Helicopter
Description: My favorite transport. I usually attack approaching vehicles
with them, as they have unlimited bullets, and in packs they can pack quite
a punch (man I'm getting sick of that "pack"). They can hold up to 5
units and deliver them anywhere you want (if he can land anywhere near it
that is). This is handy if you want to give your enemy a "Tanya Rush". Just
load her into the Chopper together with some GIs or Engineers, deliver her
just outside the most undefended part of your enemy's base, and blow
up/capture some stuff!  Be advised however, as there seems to be
something wrong with the game. Once I attacked an enemy group of
Conscripts and suddenly they began to fire at me. It is logical that people
with machineguns can fire at helicopters, it just never happened to me in a
Command & Conquer game yet.
Weapon: Blackhawk Chaingun

F/A-18 Hornet
Descriptions: You won't actually be able to control them, but they will be
your best friends on the battlefield. You'll have to build an Aircraft
(assuming there is water on the map you're currently on), and give it a
target to attack. The Carrier will launch its Hornets, and they will move to
target at a nice speed, and demolish it. It is best if you have multiple
carriers, because the hornets have to return and rearm before you can
launch them again. You can target their Construction Yard and Service
Depot at the same time (probably destroying them), making your enemy
mad. He will not be able to build another MCV (if he didn't do that
Weapon: Some kind of Rocket Pots.

Naval Units
Amphibious Transport
Description: A must-have if you are stuck, having to sail over ships to
your enemy. They're not incredibly fast like in the original Red Alert, but
they can deliver wave after wave of tanks, that if co-coordinated well, will
eventually destroy your enemy. This combined with support fire from your
warships, will without a doubt destroy your foe(s). Not that they're not
over land. They're just as useful. It's just not remarkable, I just
them the first few times I could build them!

Description: I overlooked these at first, but they're ideal when fighting
water. They can destroy Giant Squids and subs easily, but are also ideal
for freeing ships of the grip of the Squids. They have a weird sonic device
that you could resemble a bit with the Disruptor from TS.
Weapon: Sonic Pulse

Description: This is your basic warship. Or not eh. It has a heavy cannon
and to combat those annoying typhoons, the Destroyer is equipped with
anti-submarine warfare helicopters. These do the job of killing the subs
quite well if you ask me. It is a good vessel to assault defensive
as well as infantry. I found it less effective against tanks and heavily
armored units.
Weapon: 155mm cannon +ASW helicopters

Aegis Cruiser
Description: This one can be very effective. It fires SAMs in a rapid rate,
has good strength compared to the Destroyer, too bad it has no other
weapons. I found it both handy in destroying marauding Hercules planes,
bringing those paratroopers, as well as destroying those tough Airships.
This is a must have to protect yourself from long-range Soviet missiles.
You can destroy both V3 rockets and the missiles of Dreadnoughts.
Weapon: Surface-to-Air missiles

Aircraft Carrier
Description If there is one thing I build after my Shipyard is deployed, it
this baby. It is strong, and it has some impressive friends on its decks.
Look at the description of the F/A-18 Hornet to find out what I mean. You
can attack both ships and ground units/structures with it, no air units
where the cruisers come in). This is the command vessel for your fleet.
The main thing you will want to do is to destroy any flaks in sight with
Destroyers, while the Hornets destroy any heavy defenses with their deadly
weapons. The Cruisers meanwhile, defend the Carrier from any assaults
from both V3s and Dreadnoughts, not forgetting the airships of course.

Construction Yard
Description This is the main building of your base. Be unfortunate enough
that an enemy destroys both your Construction Yard AND your Service
Depot, and you're screwed. This building allows you to construct the
buildings that you'll need. When destroyed you lose the ability to build any
more defenses, go further up the Tech Tree and reduces your chances of
winning the game. Defend it at all cost. Also, be sure to make a second or
even a third Mobile Construction Yard so that you are sure that you are
playing on the safe side. Take my advice boys and girls, you'll need it.

Ore Refinery
Description: This is where all the ore is stored and where the Ore Miner
docks to deliver the harvested ore. This is the second most important
structure in the game, the first being the Construction Yard. Do not leave
undefended, it is expensive to rebuild, and if you are unfortunate to not
have enough funds for it, you might end up having to sell off important

Power Plant
Description: You cannot survive without a few Power Plants. They supply
your whole base with power and most importantly, they power your
defensive structures as well. The superb strategy is to first destroy the
enemy's Power Plants and then destroy him, taking advantage of the
absence of his heavy defenses. Using a spy to shut of the base power,
while a special unit (like Tanya) moves through the base and destroys
anything of importance, is crucial. If you just built a structure which
a lot of power and you lost main power until you can build another power
plant, there may be occasions where just then, the enemy decides to
attack. This is very painful, as your Ore Miners could just be busy while
your enemies are pouring into your base. The best strategy to do (the
fastest btw) is to sell off the power-sucking building. Base power will be
immediately restored and your heavy defenses will rip apart the
unsuspecting enemy, hahahahahahaha!

Description: This is very simple: BUILD and ENJOY. This building is used
for the creation of infantry and is also required to build the War Factory.
is pretty cheap for a building eh.

War Factory
Description: This, in my opinion at least, the third most important building
the game. It is used to build the heavily armored units, not the advanced
ones. Things like tanks and heavy transports are built here.

Air Force Command HQ
Description: This is a multi-role building. Firstly, it is a radar. It gives
you a
main view on the map. However there is a second function. This building is
used to build the Harriers, and is needed to build the cruisers.

Service Depot
Description This is very important to build fast and to maintain. "Why?!"
ask? Well, it is very useful to repair your units, and the most important
is this: in the event that your Construction Yard is destroyed, you will be
deep shit. However, if you have a service depot, you will be able to build a
new MCV. Let this be your first priority once your main structures are up.

Battle Lab
Description: This building allows you to build the advanced structures/units
and gives you access to the super weapons... NICE, I hear you screaming,

Gap Generator
Description: You can take this as your average Stealth Generator, but that's
incorrect. They hide any structure and unit in its radius in a big shroud.
and structures that fire at enemy units will "decloak" so that they can open
fire. Keep your power above nominal, or everything will shut down (NOT
NICE!!). It can be pretty handy in the earlier stages (remaining hidden from
your enemies), but don't really use it when your enemy has already scouted
out your base, a good super weapon strike will still be imminent.

Ore Purifier
Description: Not all the ore you mine is usable to convert into cash. But
now there is a solution to this problem: the Ore Purifier. They allow you to
get all the resources you harvest into cash, this gives a huge bonus. The
Allies already mine faster than the Soviets, now they even get more credits
than them. Great, you gonna need it.

Spy Satellite Uplink
Description: This little bastard allows you to unveil the whole map which is
pretty useful if you ask me. Just be sure you have enough power, or the
whole thing will shut down... And at that moment, an enemy invasion force
arrives. You laugh at them, typing in the chat window "YOU WILL NEVER
GET BY MY 15 PRISM TOWERS!!!", when you suddenly discover that
they aren't working at all! Be warned!

Description: The chronosphere has returned once more, and he's better
than ever. First off, this structure sucks out power, so be warned.
Secondly, it is actually kind of tricky to use IMO. When charged up to full,
allows you to teleport a certain unit/group to a location of your choosing
HOWEVER, they will only stay there for a few minutes, so good planning is
crucial! This can be handy to send swift attacks, or to reinforce your main
taskforce with some extra supplies. You can't send infantry into an enemy
base, but if you put them in an IFV, there shouldn't be any problems.

Weather Machine
Description: One of my favorite super weapons ever in the world of RTS.
This Weather Machine creates a lightning storm, which approaches the
targeted area. It is very deadly to enemy structures and infantry. This is
course the superb moment to bring in your heavy forces (NO! Not while the
storm is busting them up!!!), or even chronoshifting an IFV with Tanya
inside, hoping most of their defenses are destroyed/their power is down.

Description: This is my favorite defensive structure in the game, especially
the sound is very cool! What this is? Well, it is a bunker with a machinegun
inside, firing at any incoming forces. While it is pretty strong, it is the
weakest of the Allied defensive structures, and it is also the weakest  of
them all. You will always find them in my defense though... They are real
infantry shredders, they aren't really effective against vehicles.

Patriot Missile System
Description: This is another of my faves, it's just so damn powerful...
the right stuff. It fires the famous Patriot surface-to-air missiles (for
who know them), they will knock every V3 and Dreadnoughts missile out of
the air. You know that the Kirov Airships are very heavy. Just place enough
systems and they will destroy them. Don't even dear to attack these
systems with Harriers or Hornets, they will be knocked out of the sky
before they even reach their base... units aren't really balanced to fight
themselves you know...

Prism Tower
Description: These are the armor shredders for the Allies. They fire some
weird type of laser. They are stronger than Pillboxes, but they aren't as
strong as Patriots. They are essential to your defenses, never leave any
base without them.

Fortress Wall
Description: These are the standard Concrete Walls. They are needed for
your defensive needs. They'll keep out those pesky Terror Drones, as well
as prevent any direct engineer attacks.

Special Allied Multiplayer forces
Americans: Paratroopers
Description: All of you Americans get free paratroopers. This is pretty
as GIs are a pain in the butt!!! They can take out tanks themselves, and you
better get Flaks up fast, so that you can take out the Hercules planes down
before they can drop off the troops. However, if you are one of the Allies,
you can easily take 'em down with a few Patriots! Beware though, these
planes are slow, but they can take some punishment (this is especially for
the Soviets). Keep dogs within your base, so that your doggies can kill the
infantry before they can do some damage.
Weapon: .50 Heavy Machinegun (probably a Browning type)

British: Sniper
Description: I haven't been able to test these yet, but my guess is that
are a little like the Sniper in TS. I will post a good description once I
the time to test them out.
Weapon: Arctic Warfare Pistol

France: Grand Cannon
Description: These guys rock man!!! They can destroy marauding Soviet
tanks like I eat candy (not that I'm fat or something). They are a little
expensive, but it is worth the money.
Weapon: Heavy Cannon

Germany: Tank Destroyer
Description: I haven't been able to test these as well, but I'm dying to get
my hands on these! I'll just have to finish the missions yet (man! I'm stuck
at the Soviet campaign! I cant believe it!!!!!).
Weapon: SABOT Canon

Korea: Black Eagle
Description: These are the Superharriers, but I do notlike them that much.
They go a little slower tha the original, have stronger missiles though and
can sustain more damage. Just be sure that you have several of these, as
one will still do minor damage. They are good for the "Air Strike without
warning" strategy (see further below in section 7).
Weapon: Maverick air-to-ground-missiles

4) Soviet units/structures/specials.
Description: These soldiers are weaker and less trained than the GI, but
they are cheaper. They cannot deploy themselves and I miss that here
(you can bet I'm not a fan of the Soviets!). They are oh so easy to kill
dogs and their guns aren't as spectacular as well! So, why would you buy
these nerds??? Well, you can still garrison buildings with them, so it is
good to use them for defensive purposes. If you need some support to kill
infantry, use the Attack Dogs, they are much better (they kill much faster
well hehehe).
Weapon: M1 Carbine assault rifle (you wouldn't say it if you see those
wimpy weapons)

Attack Dog
Description: These are the infantry killing machines. One attack and even
Tanya will be toast. They are pretty fast compared to most infantry and they
can sniff out spies for you (assuming your enemy is Allied or you are
playing Unholy Alliance). Always keep some in your base. They'll kill the
Engineers that try to sneak in and capture some buildings. I've had it
happen once and it isn't pretty (lucky enough for me he took only my Power
Plant, I was able to kill his 4 companions).

Description: This goon returns to the party, with some nasty upgrades. He
hasn't gained the speed yet hehe, but he can do a buttload of things.
First, he can take over an enemy building and turn it to your side.
Secondly, he can repair your own structures. Just send him inside and he'll
repair it for you.
Thirdly, he can repair a destroyed bridge. You'll have to send him into the
bridge control station. Once that is done, it will be safe to move along
Also, he can capture Tec buildings (airports, Oil Derricks, Outposts,
hospitals, etc.), to help you in your efforts. This can prove very useful in
heat of battle. By supplying you with a steady flow of cash, paratroopers,
free healing, repair etc. you could easily turn the tides on the enemy and
him off. You can also capture normal houses and other civilian buildings.
Lastly, he can defuse bombs. He has a Defuse kit with him to defuse any t
explosive threats that you might encounter. This makes him the ideal
weapon against Crazy Ivan's terrorism.
The only drawback is that you will lose your engineers in most of these
cases (except for the bomb defusing that is).
Weapon: Defuse kit

Tesla Trooper
Description: If you want tank zappers, than these are your men. They use
electricity to zap enemy units however, you can use them to power Tesla
Reactors to give them that extra boost (never done this though...). It isn't
that useful against infantry, as these units tend to miss smaller targets. I
not use these troops often, actually I do not use a lot of Soviet infantry,
Flak Troopers sometimes to protect my forces from those Rocketeers and
Weapon: Electric bolt

Flak Trooper
Description: Okay, these are actually useful. They can fire at both Ground,
sea and air units. They are essential to your offensive capabilities, unless
you want to stick with the Flak Track. They are vulnerable to other
so please give them some Attack Dog cover (if you would use the Flak
Track, those Grizzlies would blow them to smithereens).
Weapon: Flak gun (both ground, sea and air units can be attacked)

Crazy Ivan
Description: I like this guy because of his fancy speech! "I've lost the
bomb, do you have it?" The first time I heard that I was laughing until my
parents came asking what was wrong. No, seriously. This guy, if used right,
will make the life of the enemy very hard. You'll have to protect him well,
I assure you it is worth it. It is tricky, because you will have to keep
someone kill the engineers who try to defuse the bomb, but if you can
achieve this goal as well, the units/structure you bombed will be toast.
Weapon: Dynamite

Description: Yuri is one of the most impressive units I have seen in
Westwood games that I've played (that excludes the Dune series). He can
mind control any unit your finger can click at. From grizzly Battle Tanks to
bite happy alligators! This allows you to do the cow Rush (see appropriate
section). But that is not all. He can do a Psychic Wave that kills all
that are near him. An all-around interesting unit to have AND to use of
Weapon: Psychic Wave

Rhino Heavy Tank
Description: NOW we're talking! Make a mass of these, and crush the
opposition. It has a heavy cannon, I'm a little disappointed that the 2
barreled tanks haven't returned. Those were really cool! Take a look at the
original Red Alert if you want details on this baby. Anyways, this tank
bad or something, they are just....... a little less cool. They are very
effective against Tesla Coils, especially if they are in packs. They aren't
very effective against Prism Towers however, Prism Towers are effective
against THEM. The point of being Soviet is to start up your base
immediately and build as many as you can, as fast as you can. Then, rush
the enemy and hope they are overwhelmed (if you did it quick enough that
won't be a problem really).
Weapon: 120mm Cannon

Apocalypse Assault Tank
Description: Have fear of the Apocalypse. Twice the strength of the Rhino,
heavy armor and impressive firepower, this is what a Mammoth Tank is all
about, baby. Not only can it fire at ground targets with its dual heavy
it can also fire missiles at aircraft. Scared yet? No? Well, just imagine
a dozen of these tanks could do to your base... They'll completely destroy
it, unless you can retaliate appropriately. This is why my theory on the
forces is the following: The best defense, is a good defense of course!
And that's more than true if you take a close look at the Apocalypse tank.
Throw everything you have at it, assault it from the sea if you can,
carriers help a lot here, as their hornets might be able to get through its
missile defense, and will give it a nice beating.
Weapon: Dual 120mm Heavy Cannons and SAM missiles

Flak Track
Description: Nothing special, only meant for scouting means, nothing more.
It has some flak guns on it that can target both air and ground units, still
nothing special, as it has spiffy armor and is incredibly weak.
Weapon: flak guns

V3 Rocket Launcher
Description: I already hear you guys saying "And what don't you like about
this, you foolish nerd, well to give you an answer: it is much to difficult
get it working right. The only way you could do it a bit easier is by
outgunning the patriots, and still, the Allies will come and screw your V3s
up. Soviets are much more prone to V3s (spiffy air defense, anyone???).
What you'll want to do is bring them in if you're absolutely sure that the
coast is clear, and that brings me to my next problem: Aegis Cruisers.
They are a pain if you ant to V3 something. They have a lot of rockets
onboard, and they will shoot your rockets out of the sky before they are
even launched... well not quite so but still.
Weapon: V3 rockets

Terror Drone
Description: Do you really want to know what this is? Well, build one and
test it out on your Ore Miner (the worst unit you could ever test it on).
will conclude that some way or another, your miner was completely
destroyed, eaten you could say. That's exactly what the terror drone does:
EAT, EAT and EAT. Nothing else. The AI tends to send some of these
pests to your base, hoping they will make it through your defenses. Even
with all your defensive structures and garrisoned infantry, they sometimes
slip through and eat your miner. VERY PAINFUL. AVOID THIS AT ALL
was very surprised btw, when a group of Terror Drones approached my
base. I sent out my infantry to destroy them. With a smile on my face I
watched as the two groups approached each other. However, something
very disturbing happened. When my infantry opened fire, the enemy
drones came in and killed them all!!! I managed to kill a bunch of them, but
all my GIs were killed! I never heard this happening to anyone before...
Weapon: errrrrrrr, some kind of teeth I guess, or claws...

MCV (Mobile Construction Vehicle)
Description: This slow but strong unit is something you wouldn't want to
lose in the beginning of a match. It probably won't happen but it is still a
very painful thing... thrust me on this one. It is wise to build a second
and even a third, just in case the enemy turns nasty. The best thing is to
make multiple, individual bases. I had an interesting strategy for TS. I
haven't had a lot of time to test it here, but I think it will work out just
fine. I'll
cover it in the appropriate section.
Weapon: NOTHING!!!

Air Units
Kirov Airship
Description: This is the one and only Soviet air unit. It is impossibly
but oh man this is powerful. It drops bombs at its targets, which will
explode after a few bombs. It is not too hard to defend against if you know
how, however, you'll have to keep shooting at it and still stay alive
somehow, as this bastard repairs itself when it is damaged. A few Aegis
Cruisers work fine, but be sure to have a nice amount of Patriots around
when they do get to your base. Once, I played against an AI opponent (I
was Russia, he was Cuba) and he somehow managed to destroy my
construction yard. I was really mad and began massive production of tanks.
Suddenly however, Lt. Zofia kicked in saying the enemy had a Nuclear Silo.
I quickly had an airship, which I already built earlier, get there. I only
one minute remaining before the nuke was shot. The thing was able to fly
there in time (lucky enough for me) and I was able to destroy his whole
base with my lonely Kirov. Oh yes, he had about 5 Flaks but they couldn't
stop me from destroying building after building, eventually killing the unit
producing structures and the power plants eh Tesla Reactors of course.
The only stupid thing was that I was playing on a map which was meant for
8 players, so I had to scout all over the place to find those last
infantrymen. Just to say: defenses aren't really made to stop their own
Weapon: Bombs

Naval Units
Amphibious Transport
Description: A must-have if you are stuck, having to sail over ships to
your enemy. They're not incredibly fast like in the original Red Alert, but
they can deliver wave after wave of tanks, that if co-coordinated well, will
eventually destroy your enemy. This combined with support fire from your
warships, will, without a doubt, destroy your foe(s). Not that they're not
useful over land. They're just as useful. It's just not remarkable, I just
overlooked them the first few time I could build them!

Giant Squid
Description: These are really annoying. They grab the target ship with their
tentacles and
play with it until it blows. The only way to remove these pests are
with their sonic waves, the squids will have to release the ship. they are
submerged so it is possible to target it, but not very easy. Use these
as you can rip apart the enemy fleet before it reaches your bases (if you're
fast and there are no dolphins around).
Weapon: Tentacles

Typhoon Attack Sub
Description: These are very stealthy units, the only problem is that they
aren't very useful against a well co-coordinated fleet. Not that good in
defense in other words, but very good assault ships. Just destroy their
heavy vessels (carriers and cruisers) while your other dreadnoughts and
Sea Scorpions take care of the destroyers (be sure to assist them with
your subs though, it is very hard for a destroyer to fight submarines and
normal ships at the same moment. If you come in masses they will be
destroyed immediately because their helicopters aren't fast enough). Then,
bring in your transports full of lead and watch as their base falls before
Weapon: Torpedoes

Description: The heavy attack ships of the Soviet navy. They have
devastating missiles that, when clear of air defenses, will destroy enemy
units very quickly. So, is that all? Well, they are strong to say it this
you want the strongest and most deadly Soviet vessel in the navy, this is
for you. If you'd rather stick with the swift and deadly sea scorpions + the
subs, go on ahead.
Weapon: Long-range missiles

Sea Scorpion
Description: These annoying little ships are your naval air defenses.
They're a rather poor excuse for an equivalent for the cruiser, but they are
handy in destracting destroyers, not killing them though. They are also
handy to keep those Hornets at bay, aswell as Harriers and helis.
Weapon: Flak guns

Construction Yard
Description This is the main building of your base. Be unfortunate enough
that an enemy destroys both your Construction Yard AND your Service
Depot, and you're screwed. This building allows you to construct the
buildings that you'll need. When destroyed you lose the ability to build any
more defenses, go further up the Tech Tree and reduces your chances of
winning the game. Defend it at all cost. Also, be sure to make a second or
even a third Mobile Construction Yard so that you are sure that you are
playing on the safe side. Take my advice boys and girls, you'll need it.

Ore Refinery
Description: This is where all the ore is stored and where the Ore Miner
docks to deliver the harvested ore. This is the second most important
structure in the game, the first being the Construction Yard. Do not leave
undefended, it is expensive to rebuild, and if you are unfortunate to not
have enough funds for it, you might end up having to sell off important

Tesla Reactor
Description: This is the Soviet version of the Power Plant. The only
difference is that this version gives less power than the Allied one.
However, you can use Tesla Troopers to power these Reeactors up, so
that you will have some extra power to your base. Think of them as Power
Turbines in TS, only difference is that they're living people, who are
powering the plant (always knew these Soviets were crazy!). You are better
off with a Nuclear Reactor, but they are good reserves for when a
super weapon strikes.

Nuclear Reactor
Description: This is what I like about the Soviets. This power plant gives
you about ten times as much power as a regular power plant (Allied
version). They aren't that expensive, but you save a LOT of money for it.
Just imagine you had to build more than 12 Tesla Reactors, that would be
expensive. The only trick is that when you are relying on this plant only, a
super weapon strike on it will make your whole power drop to zero. This is
why you should keep your Tesla Reactors. On a sidenote, you must take
full advantage of the enemy's mistake of selling his old reactors and
replacing it with the Nuclear one. Strike with a super weapon and imediately
bring in your strike force. You won't have to fight those pesky little tesla

Description: This will be your first unit-producing structure. It can and
only produce infantry units, but, acompanied by a Construction Yard, will
also build the defensive structures for you. It is cheaper than the other
high-priority buildings and you will call upon it more than once.

War Factory
Description: You must be dying to get your hands on this one. Oh no, don't
try to hide it. The veterans of the original already know why they should
build this imediately (certainly when fighting the Allies) and newbies will
out soon enough, I just need to have the guts to describe this one. Well, it
is a building... a building which will build all the armored units for you.
build the oh so famous Soviet tanks, as well as others. Also, you need this
building to create all the armored units. So even when you have a Service
Depot but your enemies destroy your construction yard and your War
Factory, you will be toast. This is the second most important building you
should guard, people tend to overlook the Service Depot, so don't be too

Radar Tower
Description: This gives the Soviet commanders among us, a better view of
the map. It is basically the Air Force Command HQ of the Allies, but it
doesn't allow you to build aircraft, for the simple reason that the Soviets
not have that much of aircraft. I hoped there would be a Hind Transport in
the game, but they must've deleted it from their schedule, or IGN was lying
about it... NOOOOO! IGN never lies! Enough stupid talk. That mainly all
there is to say of the Radar Tower, for the veteran RA1 players, this is
a Radar Dome.

Battle Lab
Description: This allows the soviets to build their advanced units and
defenses, as well as their super weapons. Oh no, now they can build those
nuke silos!!!!! It isn't really that important to defend. It is however
to have the necessary power before you deploy it, you wouldn't want to
come into contact with a Allied taskforce, right when those superb Tesla
Coils are offline!!!

Cloning Vats
Description: This building is evil........ very evil. It allows the Soviets
replicate or "clone" in other words, infantry. This is not all however. What
you'll want to do as a Soviet commander, is to build a Yuri unit,
an infantryman, send it over to the cloning vats and you just have your new
GI infantry or whatever you cloned. This is superbly good. This way you
can replace those pesky Conscripts with the superb GIs. Hey what about
replicating Tanya??? Oh yes, you heard me right. Get Tanya in your
forces... two of 'em.

Iron Curtain
Description: This is the good thing that you'll want to have. It allows you
make a unit (with armor, no infantry) invincible for a short period of time.
This can be used as a defensive structure, for example:
Your Construction Yard is absorbing shell after shell of tank fire. Make the
Construction Yard invulnerable while you make repairs, and bring in a tank
force to get those Rhinos out of the way. Or you could use it for offensive
uses, for example:
Your Kirov is getting close to the Patriots of the Allies and it will be
destroyed unless you do something about it. Activate the Iron Curtain on it
and you will have some spare moments to bomb those patriots and the
Construction Yard to bits, followed by the War Factory and you're safe. Of
course, the enemy AI never seems to use this to its full potential, and your
buddies will do everything to destroy your own and with Tanya, it could be
destroyed before you even noticed something.

Nuclear Silo
Description: NOW we're talking. This nuke is expensive, but it works. If you
manage to pay everything and protect it well, everything will be fine for
Launch it at your enemy base and watch in enjoyment as buildings are
reduced to ruble and infantrymen are crushed by the shockwave that the
nuke produces (quite a cool effect if you ask me hehehe, cool sound too
hehehehehehehe). Westwood said they wannit to avoid violence, well
every would-be terrorist who wants to ever bomb the US with a nuke will
enjoy himself here...

Sentry Gun
Description: These are good anti-infantry defenses, they are a little like
Pillboxes but only the Pillboxes are much cooler (IMO). These are robotic
machineguns that fire at anything that comes in range. Tanks should be
able to handle these but it is still probable that a Sentry Gun will destroy
Grizzly Battle Tank. They are good because they don't require any power,
and if you place a lot of them, they'll be able to hold the enemy's advance
until you can put the power back online/place some Tesla Coils.

Flak Cannon
Description: These are the Soviets air defense. They aren't really accurate
but they are pretty powerful. Harriers and Rocketeers are easily shot down
by them, as well as the Hornets, further than that, they haven't got that
importance. I'm not saying that they aren't important! Place these around
your important structures and the Harriers of the enemy should be repelled.
If only they were a little more accurate...

Tesla Coil
Description: Okay, let the electricity flow!!! These guys can destroy most
tanks in one hit and are also effective against infantry. The only problem
that they take a while to charge, and sometimes they tend to miss their
target for some odd reason. This gives your tanks time to destroy them
(they aren't that strong). Reinforce them with Sentry Guns and you can also
use Fortress Walls to make their lifespan a little longer.

Special Multiplayer Forces
Russia: Tesla Tank
Description: The Tesla Tank returns again with some new sh*t in it. It's
basically a Tesla coil on wheels, only this thing is especially useful
buildings, they'll rip 'em appart! I don't use these guys too often myself,
they have some interesting power to exploit.
Weapon: Electric Zappin'

Cuba: Terrorist
Description: Now this is exciting. Finally, we can play with the famous
Terrorists in a Command & Conquer game! Sneak these guys into the
enemy base, and let them blow stuff up. Be VERY wary of the attack dogs,
as they aren't really strong compared to other infatnry. Keep them safe and
they'll do the job just nicely alright?
Weapon: C4 Bombs, Disguisable

Iraq: Desolator Infantry
Description: These are rather annoying. They are very effective against
infantry, in fact, they can take out whole squads of them without them even
dying by any oposition infantry. They use some kind of radiation, but they
imune to it themselves. They are useless against units with armor though.
Weapon: What name could you give to this one? The rules say "Eruption
Beam". But what the hell is that?

Libya: Demolition Truck
Description: Sorry, haven't been able to test thhese yet. Feel free to send
your own opinion/strategy on anything you see btw. See the contact info for

And we're true with introducing the units and structures, onto the

5. Tactical Information On Units/Structures/Specials (MAJOR THANKS TO
that right?)


Cost: 200
Weapon: M60 heavy machine gun (deployed) and Parabellum pistol
Strength: 125
Armor: None
Sight: 5
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, firepower and
rate of fire.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 1

Cost: 500
Weapon: Bomb defusing kit
Strength: 75
Armor: None
Sight: 4
Speed:  4
Veteran abilities: None
-------Elite abiliti-es: None
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 1

Cost: 600
Weapon: 20mm mini machine-gun
Strength: 125
Armor: None
Sight: 8
Speed: 9
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks and Air Force Command Headquarters
Tech Level: 3

Cost: 1000
Weapon: Make-up kit (disguise)
Strength: 100
Armor: Flak
Sight: 9
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Tech Level: 5

Cost: 1000
Weapon: Double pistols and C4 charges
Strength: 125
Armor: Flak
Sight: 8
Speed: 5
Veteran abilities: stronger, ability to scatter, increased sight, rate
of fire and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 9

Cost: 1000
Weapon: MP5 machine gun and C4 charges
Strength: 125
Armor: Flak
Sight: 8
Speed: 5
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, ability to scatter, increased
sight, rate of fire and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, faster, increased firepower and
rate of fire.
Prerequisite: Barracks and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 1

Attack dog
Cost: 200
Weapon: Teeth
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Sight: 9
Speed: 8
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, ability to scatter, increased
sight, rate of fire and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 2

Chrono Legionnaire
Cost: 1500
Weapon: Neutron rifle
Strength: 125
Armor: None
Sight: 8
Speed: instantaneous teleportation
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Tech Level: 10

Chrono Commando
Cost: 2000
Weapon: Chrono MP5 machine gun
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Sight: 8
Speed: 5
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: infiltrate the Spy into an Allied Battle Lab
Tech Level: 9

Cost: 1000
Weapon: Mind Control and C4 charges
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Sight: 8
Speed: 5
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: infiltrate the Spy into a Soviet Battle Lab
Tech Level: 9


Grizzly Battle Tank
Cost: 700
Weapon: 105mm cannon
Strength: 300
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 8
Speed: 7
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech Level: 2

Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
Cost: 600
Weapon: Hover Missiles
Strength: 200
Armor: Light
Sight: 8
Speed: 10
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech Level: 3

Mirage Tank
Cost: 1000
Weapon: Mirage gun
Strength: 200
Armor: Light
Sight: 9
Speed: 7
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 9

Prism Tank
Cost: 1200
Weapon: Comet laser beam
Strength: 150
Armor: Light
Sight: 8
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 8

MCV (Mobile Construction Vehicle)
Cost: 3000
Weapon: None
Strength: 1000
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 6
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory and Service Depot
Tech Level: 10

Chrono Miner
Cost: 1400
Weapon: None
Strength: 1000
Armor: Medium
Sight: 4
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory and Ore Refinery
Tech Level: 1

Cost: 1200
Weapon: Maverick air-to-ground missiles
Strength: 150
Armor: Light
Sight: 8
Speed: 14
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Air Force Command Headquarters
Tech Level: 3

Night Hawk Transport
Cost: 1000
Weapon: Black Hawk Cannon
Strength: 175
Armor: Light
Sight: 7
Speed: 14
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech Level: 7

Amphibious Transport
Cost: 900
Weapon: None
Strength: 300
Armor: Light
Sight: 6
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: Naval Yard
Tech Level: 4

Cost: 1000
Weapon: 155mm cannon and ASW helicopters
Strength: 600
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 7
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Naval Yard
Tech Level: 4

Aegis Cruiser
Cost: 1200
Weapon: Medusa ground-to-air missiles
Strength: 800
Armor: Light
Sight: 8
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Naval Yard and Air Force Command Headquarters
Tech Level: 7

Aircraft Carrier
Cost: 2000 and 2500 (for Americans in multiplayer)
Weapon: Hornet jet planes
Strength: 800 and 1500 (for Americans in multiplayer)
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 7
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Naval Yard and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 7

Cost: 500
Weapon: Sonar amplification device
Strength: 200
Armor: Light
Sight: 4
Speed: 8
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Naval Yard and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 5


Construction Yard
Cost: 3000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 8
Power: 0
Prerequisite: None.
Tech Level: 1

Power Plant
Cost: 800
Strength: 750
Armor: Wood
Sight: 4
Power: 200
Prerequisite: Construction Yard.
Tech Level: 1

Ore Refinery
Cost: 2000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Wood
Sight: 6
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Power Plant.
Tech Level: 1

Cost: 500
Strength: 500
Armor: Steel
Sight: 5
Power: -10
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Power Plant.
Tech Level: 2

War Factory
Cost: 2000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Wood
Sight: 4
Power: -25
Prerequisite: Construction Yard, Power Plant and Ore Refinery.
Tech Level: 2

Naval Shipyard
Cost: 1000
Strength: 1500
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 10
Power: -25
Prerequisite: Construction Yard, Power Plant and Ore Refinery.
Tech Level: 4

Air Force Command Headquarters
Cost: 1000
Strength: 600
Armor: Steel
Sight: 5
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Ore Refinery.
Tech Level: 3

Service Depot
Cost: 800
Strength: 1200
Armor: Wood
Sight: 5
Power: -25
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and War Factory.
Tech Level: 6

Battle Lab
Cost: 2000
Strength: 500
Armor: Wood
Sight: 6
Power: -100
Prerequisite: Construction Yard, War Factory and Air Force Command
Tech Level: 8

Ore Purifier
Cost: 2500
Strength: 900
Armor: Wood
Sight: 5
Power: -200
Prerequisite: Construction Yard, Ore Refinery and Battle Lab.
Tech Level: 10

Spy Satellite Uplink
Cost: 1500
Strength: 1000
Armor: Wood
Sight: 5
Power: -100
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Battle Lab.
Tech Level: 9

Fortress walls
Cost: 100
Strength: 300 and 450 (for France in multiplayer)
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 1
Power: None
Prerequisite: Barracks.
Tech Level: 1

Cost: 500
Strength: 400
Armor: Steel
Sight: 7
Power: 0
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Barracks.
Tech Level: 1

Prism Tower
Cost: 1500
Strength: 600
Armor: Steel
Sight: 8
Power: -75
Prerequisite: Construction Yard, Power Plant and Air Force Command
Tech Level: 6

Patriot Missile System
Cost: 1000
Strength: 900
Armor: Steel
Sight: 10
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Barracks.
Tech Level: 4

Gap Generator
Cost: 1000
Strength: 600
Armor: Wood
Sight: 5
Power: -100
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Battle Lab.
Tech Level: 7

Weather Control Device
Cost: 5000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 5
Power: -200
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Battle Lab.
Tech Level: 10

Cost: 2500
Strength: 750
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 5
Power: -200
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Battle Lab.
Tech Level: 10



Cost: 100
Weapon: M1Carbine rifle
Strength: 125
Armor: Flak
Sight: 5
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 1

Cost: 500
Weapon: Bomb defusing kit
Strength: 75
Armor: None
Sight: 4
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 1

Attack Dog
Cost: 200
Weapon: Teeth
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Sight: 9
Speed: 8
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, ability to scatter, increased
sight, rate of fire and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 2

Tesla Trooper
Cost: 500
Weapon: Electric bolt
Strength: 130
Armor: Plate
Sight: 6
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech Level: 5

Crazy Ivan
Cost: 600
Weapon: Dynamites
Strength: 125
Armor: None
Sight: 6
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks and Radar Tower
Tech Level: 5

Flak Trooper
Cost: 300
Weapon: Flak gun
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Sight: 5
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks and Radar Tower
Tech Level: 1

Cost: 1200
Weapon: Mind control and psionic wave
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Sight: 12
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 10

Chrono Ivan
Cost: 1000
Weapon: Dynamites
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Sight: 8
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: infiltrate an Allied Spy into their Battle Lab
Tech Level: 9

Yuri Prime
Cost: 2000
Weapon: Super mind control and psionic wave
Strength: 200
Armor: Flak
Sight: 8
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: infiltrate an Allied Spy into a Soviet Battle Lab
Tech Level: 9


Rhino Heavy Tank
Cost: 900
Weapon: 120mm cannon
Strength: 400
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 8
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech Level: 2

Apocalypse Assault Tank
Cost: 1750
Weapon: 120mm cannon and Mammoth ground-to-air missiles
Strength: 800
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 6
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 7

Flak Track
Cost: 500
Weapon: Flak track gun and flak anti-aircraft gun
Strength: 180
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 8
Speed: 8
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech Level: 3

V3 Rocket Launcher
Cost: 800
Weapon: V3 rockets
Strength: 150
Armor: Light
Sight: 7
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory and Radar Tower
Tech Level: 3

Terror Drone
Cost: 500
Weapon: Drone jump
Strength: 100
Armor: Light
Sight: 4
Speed: 10
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech Level: 4

MCV (Mobile Construction Vehicle)
Cost: 3000
Weapon: None
Strength: 1000
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 7
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory and Service Depot
Tech Level: 10

Cost: 1400
Weapon: 20mm machine gun
Strength: 1000
Armor: Medium
Sight: 4
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory and Ore Refinery
Tech Level: 1

Kirov Airship
Cost: 2000
Weapon: Blimp bombs
Strength: 2000
Armor: Light
Sight: 8
Speed: 5
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 10

Amphibious Transport
Cost: 900
Weapon: None
Strength: 300
Armor: Light
Sight: 6
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: Naval Yard
Tech Level: 4

Typhoon Attack Sub
Cost: 1000
Weapon: Torpedo
Strength: 600
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 4
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Naval Yard
Tech Level: 2

Cost: 2000 and 2500 (for Russians in multiplayer)
Weapon: Dred rockets
Strength: 800 and 1500 (for Russians in multiplayer)
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 7
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Naval Yard and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 6

Sea Scorpion
Cost: 600
Weapon: Flak weapon, flak track gun and hover missiles
Strength: 400
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 8
Speed: 8
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Naval Yard and Radar Tower
Tech Level: 6

Giant Squid
Cost: 1000
Weapon: Tentacles
Strength: 200
Armor: Light
Sight: 5
Speed: 8
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: stronger, increased firepower and rate of fire.
Prerequisite: Naval Yard and Battle Lab
Tech Level: 9

D. Soviet structures

Construction Yard
Cost: 3000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 8
Power: 0
Prerequisite: None.
Tech Level: 1

Tesla Reactor
Cost: 600
Strength: 750
Armor: Wood
Sight: 4
Power: 150
Prerequisite: Construction Yard.
Tech Level: 1

Ore Refinery
Cost: 2000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Wood
Sight: 6
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Tesla Reactor.
Tech Level: 1

Cost: 500
Strength: 500
Armor: Steel
Sight: 6
Power: -10
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Tesla Reactor.
Tech Level: 2

War Factory
Cost: 2000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Wood
Sight: 4
Power: -25
Prerequisite: Construction Yard, Power Plant and Ore Refinery.
Tech Level: 2

Naval Shipyard
Cost: 1000
Strength: 1500
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 10
Power: -20
Prerequisite: Construction Yard, Ore Refinery and Tesla Reactor.
Tech Level: 2

Radar Tower
Cost: 1000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Wood
Sight: 10
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Ore Refinery.
Tech Level: 3

Service Depot
Cost: 800
Strength: 1200
Armor: Wood
Sight: 5
Power: -20
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and War Factory.
Tech Level: 6

Battle Lab
Cost: 2000
Strength: 500
Armor: Wood
Sight: 6
Power: -100
Prerequisite: Construction Yard, War Factory and Radar Tower.
Tech Level: 7

Nuclear Reactor
Cost: 1000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 5
Power: 2000
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Battle Lab.
Tech Level: 9

Cloning Vats
Cost: 2500
Strength: 1000
Armor: Wood
Sight: 5
Power: -200
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Battle Lab.
Tech Level: 9

Fortress Walls
Cost: 100
Strength: 300
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 1
Power: None
Prerequisite: Barracks.
Tech Level: 1

Sentry Gun
Cost: 500
Strength: 400
Armor: Steel
Sight: 7
Power: 0
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Barracks.
Tech Level: 1

Tesla Coil
Cost: 1500
Strength: 600
Armor: Steel
Sight: 8
Power: -75
Prerequisite: Construction Yard, Tesla Reactor and Radar Tower.
Tech Level: 5

Flak Cannon
Cost: 1000
Strength: 900
Armor: Steel
Sight: 5
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Barracks.
Tech Level: 4

Psychic Sensor
Cost: 1000
Strength: 750
Armor: Wood
Sight: 10
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Battle Lab.
Tech Level: 10

Nuclear Missile Silo
Cost: 5000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 4
Power: -200
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Battle Lab.
Tech Level: 10

Iron Curtain
Cost: 2500
Strength: 750
Armor: Concrete
Sight: 4
Power: -200
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Battle Lab.
Tech Level: 10

E. Special Multiplayer Forces

America = Paratroopers
Cost: None
Weapon: M60 heavy machine gun (deployed) and Parabellum pistol
Strength: 125
Armor: None
Sight: 5
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, firepower and
rate of fire.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of

France = Grand Cannon
Cost: 2000
Weapon: None
Strength: 900
Armor: Steel
Sight: 10
Power: -100
Prerequisite: Construction Yard and Air Force Command Headquarters.
Tech Level: 7

Germany = Tank Destroyer
Cost: 900
Weapon: SABOT shells
Strength: 400
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 8
Speed: 5
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory and Radar Tower
Tech Level: 2

Britain = Sniper
Cost: 600
Weapon: Sniper rifle
Strength: 125
Armor: None
Sight: 8
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks and Air Force Command Headquarters
Tech Level: 1

Republic of Korea = Black Eagle
Cost: 1200
Weapon: Maverick2 air-to-ground missiles
Strength: 200
Armor: Light
Sight: 8
Speed: 14
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: stronger, increased firepower and rate of fire.
Prerequisite: Air Force Command Headquarters
Tech Level: 3

Russia = Tesla Tank
Cost: 1200
Weapon: Electric bolt
Strength: 300
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 8
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower.
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: War Factory and Radar Tower
Tech Level: 10

Cuba = Terrorist
Cost: 200
Weapon: Make-up kit (disguise) and C4 charges
Strength: 50
Armor: Flak
Sight: 9
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Tech Level: 5

Libya = Demolition Truck
Cost: 1500
Weapon: Mini Nuclear bomb
Strength: 150
Armor: Light
Sight: 5
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory and Radar Tower
Tech Level: 10

Iraq = Desolator
Cost: 600
Weapon: Radiation (beam and eruption) weapon
Strength: 150
Armor: Plate
Sight: 6
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, rate of fire and
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of
Prerequisite: Barracks and Radar Tower
Tech Level: 8

6. Main Defensive Strategies for Allies
Alright people, let me say one thing first: Defense is KEY if you are
the Allied Forces. No matter what you do, defend, defend and defend
some more until you have the strength to retaliate. Otherwise, don't do a
thing but building defensive structures/units. And if you do not know wy
some odd reason I guess), try it without significant defenses. If you have
good anti-ground but not a good anti-air defense, the Soviets will cripple
you with their airships. If the opposite happens, they'll send a few of
Apocalypse tanks, accompanied by Rhinos, to your base and completely
destroy it. And do you want to lose the match you're playing? NO OF
COURSE NOT. Well, read on, I've tried to put together the best of things I
could think of. Of course if you have better strategies e-mail them to
bloodfreak@hotmail.com with the subject "Red Alert 2 FAQ" and you will
be placed in the credits section and your strategy will be placed in the
appropriate section. Alright, let's get started shall we?

Are you lucky today???
If you are lucky enough to play on a map with water, then it is time for
celebration. Allied forces have the best naval ships you could hope for.
This first section will focus on the good luck you have. Alright, first
you'll want is to deploy your base close to the water, so that you have
access to it. Now, blow up every single bridge you see to force the enemy
to find alternate routes to your base. If there aren't any (which is
but unlikely, or your enemy is to lousy to look for one) you'll have to get
good defenses close to the shore. As soon as you have built a shipyard,
begin building destroyers and Aegis Cruisers, they are your first line of
defense. Your destroyers will hold off all ships while the cruisers will
destroy those missiles of the dreadnoughts. Okay, now build Prism Towers
and a lot of them. On a side note, playing against the Soviets has one rule:
SCATTER YOUR STRUCTURES. In the event that the Soviets launch a
nuke, it is best that you have no 2 buildings at the same spot. This
ensures your lifespan. Defensive structures will be difficult to spread, but
do every effort you see thick to do so. Now, begin building patriot missile
systems. In the event that there are units that manage to destroy the
cruisers, you will have some defense against missiles. The best defense
against super weapons is the offensive, but I think you already knew that,
but you'll want it as cheap as possible. So, build Tanya and maybe a spy as
well. Sneak her in and in case you brought a spy along clear the immediate
area of dogs. Beware however, that normal people spot spies faster than
computer opponents. The AI has to sniff out the spies, while humans can
normally just know it when they try to select that unit but it won't happen!
SNEAK, don't just walk in and say your prayers, the enemy will find out
about it. Or you could just run like hell and hope you'll make it (which
sometimes works if the enemy realizes it too late). But on to the defensive
again. If you read my structure descriptions, you'll know that I love the
Pillboxes, but I am sorry to say that they aren't as good against infantry
the Prism Tower. I know it sounds weird but that's the way it is. Also, you
should garrison structures all over the map, in case the enemy is going to
do a sneak attack on your base, via a route that you didn't know, but we
know much more than he thinks we know. In fact, his few Engineers
escorted by those tesla troopers will be toast. Garrisoned infantry rock and
that's NO LIE. They can take out whole platoons of armored units. Just
keep the structures you garisone repaired and you'll be fine.

Man! You're Out Of Luck!!
That's right! There's a high probability that your stuck on land, and that's
real bad thing. The AI Soviets will kick your butt unless you find a way to
stop them in their advance. First off, build some GIs and let them garrison
any structures that are on the route to your base. Also, set up a lot of
towers and build lots of prism tanks. Than, and only than, start building
Grizzlies, they'll be your last line of defense against the Soviets tanks.
else fails, bring these in. Also, you'll want to set up a few patriots,
you won't have the support from the cruisers this time around. I can
guarantee you: you'll miss 'em. Another problem is the Terror Drones.
These pests will harass you until you fall for it. The enemy just loves to
send a whole group of these to your base and let them target the Miner. Do
everything in your power to stop them. The best thing is to wall off your
base. This will keep them out of your base. Also, keep your miners in your
base until the terror drones are cleared. Destroy them at any cost, target
them with harriers or how about a Night Hawk (it goes pretty slow but it
works superbly).
I use a very unusual defense strategy (at least I think it is unusual). I
my base and make sure it is fairly large. Than I wall off my base, but not
with walls. I wall it off with Prism Towers. This gives a good protection
all sides. And began this wall is an other surrounding wall of patriots. It
impressively expensive, but if you can pull it off, you'll thank it. The
the enemy will get through is by nuking the place, but w e will not allow
We will strike swiftly, sending wave after wave of Prism Tanks until their
Nuke silo is destroyed. Or you could send a scout to see how well-
defended it is. If the site is pretty prone to attack, send in a full squad
Harriers and destroy the silo. It worked for me several times. Or, you could
do the Tanya rush, but this isn't very useful against human opponents. AI
opponents tend to leave certain parts of their base relatively undefended,
or they place Flaks on one side, while the less important side is defended
with Sentry guns and Tesla Coils. Still if you are new to the game, you
should let your enemy nuke you once to see the cool effect of it... no
scratch that!

Unforseen problems!
Sometimes, terrible things happen. Just imagine the consequences of
missfiring your Lightning Storm. What should you do to recover from such
mistakes. Well, you can almost be sure that the enemy will notice your
problem and attack with everything he has, strategically very well planned
of course. Now that is the thing we don't want. Lightning Storms are more
lethal to structures than to armored units, so you should have most of your
armor columns still alive. Throw them all at the marauding enemy and if it
isn't enough, hope that the most of your Prism Towers survived and pull
back to them. The remaining armor of your enemy should be weakened or
even completely destroyed. If this for some odd reason doesn't work,
bring in the infantry (if you still have a lot of them). Deployed GIs are
effective at demolishing tanks, just make sure that the tanks don't run over
them. Also, try to slow the advance by conveniently placing walls, they'll
probably go and destroy them, giving you some extra time to build up
some tanks. And if all else fails, bring in your aircraft. If you have a
total of Harriers left, there's a good chance that you will take out the
remenants. That's all I can give you for advice, good luck! Above all, avoid
these accidents at all cost, you don't want them, especially not if you're
playing the Allied Forces.

Not all Soviet Commanders are rushers...
That's right, not all about the Soviets is rushing with tanks; That's why it
imperative to your defensive strategy to keep Attack Dogs in your camp,
especially when fighting multiple enemies (I'll go deeper into this later).
You'll want to do this because the Soviets sometimes send some sneak-
engineers to keep you occupied. And there's nothing more annoying then
an engineer attack. Imagine that suddenly your power shuts down. You
can't understand why and then you remark that a few of your power plants
have changed to the enemy's color. And that is not all, before you can even
react, all your structures are under fire by Apocalypse tanks. I think you
the picture? This is something you must absolutely NOT allow to happen.
Therefore, we will place about 4 to 6 dogs in our base. They will also sniff
out the spies that want to annoy you. Another nice sneak attack of the
Soviets is their subs. They are very stealthy and if you do not defend
against them, they will annoy you until you die by it. They can bombard your
structures with their torpedoes and will probably destroy them unless you
come up with something good. You should have a lot of destroyers around,
escorted by Dolphins who will take care of the Squids for them. If you
happen to face an Allied enemy (which I hope you don't, the match is so
much more fun when you face the opposite faction), you'll have to try to
have the most ships. This is your only chance of really dominating the
match. This is, of course, assuming you are fighting on land. Otherwise,
you'll have to be king on the ground and in the air. Build as many Prism
Tanks and Harriers as you can to make sure that you can attack your enemy
without too much fear.

Tech Buildings
Another good thing to do if you're put on the defense, is to capture tech
buildings, especially the Airport an Oil Derricks. The Airport will give you
additional reinforcements when you need some, and the Oil Derricks sup
my good cash for capturing them. And keep giving cash of course. Now
that you have the Tech Buildings, give them some defense as well,
because the enemy will want to capture these as well, especially the Oil
Derricks? You can also make him angry by parachuting wave after wave of
GIs into his base. But this will tempt him to find and destroy/capture your
airport. The Hospital is a good Tech Building if it is close to your base,
otherwise, I wouldn't recommend taking it. Don't forget to keep your Tech
Buildings repaired. In the next section, I'll go a little deeper into this.

In the Middle of a Fight
If you are playing a match with multiple opponents and no allies, there may
be some problems here. It could happen that you have one opponent on
each side of the map, and you're right in the middle of it. This will
the enemy's interest in you, you could be a good stop for repairs and such.
Or another terrible thing could happen, the two guys are fighting right by
in your base. If this happen, choose a side, I'd say the side which is
the current battle and overpower the other. Once that is done, 2 things
could happen:
1) The guy you helped will form an alliance with you (would be nice of
2) The guy you helped turns on you and tries to destroy you. This shouldn't
be a problem, because they had lesser forces than the other (hint, hint!),
so you should be able to contain them. If the option is enabled, you could
repack your MCV and go elsewhere, setting up a new base and keeping
the old one as a good unit producing base. Try to defend the old base for
as long as possible.

As long as you can keep the enemy armor out of your base, you can wear
off any sneak attacks and you can deal with the super weapons of the
enemy, you'll do fine. On a sidenote of super weapons, the best way to
avoid a severe loss is to repack your MCV when the Super weapon is
launched. For example:
DarkNUrt (your enemy) attacks FullBurst41 (you) with a nuke.
FullBurst41 waits until the nuke is launched (when the fancy alarm starts)
and repacks his MCV and places it at a safe distance. He takes as many
units with him as he can.
NOTE: If you want the MCV to get out of there a little faster, quicly load
into a Transport and get the hell out of there. The Amphibious Transport
goes quite a bit faster than the MCV itself.
Another thing to do is to make your Miners go into the Transport just a
minute before the nuke is ready. This will make it easier to escape. Once
nuke takes off, get in your MCV and you'll be sure to save all/most of your

The missile impacts on your base where your
Construction Yard used to be. This limits the chance of a severe loss and
he will be in for a surprise. Hopefully, he won't take your War Factory or
Refinery with him. I say that most people target the Construction Yard, but
some have other means of attack, be warned. To help with this, build an
extra War Factory and Refinery and place them far from the original ones.

That's it for this section. If you have a good strategy or a note to these
above, feel free to mail me at bloodfreak@hotmail.com place "Red Alert 2
FAQ" as subject and I will place your strategy where it belongs and your
name and possibly your e-mail address in the credits section. I hope I
helped you with somethin'.

7. Main Offensive Strategies For Allies
We will be using sneak attacks to scare are enemy a little. What you'll want
to try is to force the enemy into defending parts that are not of vital
importance to your offense. We will do this with Tanya's and spies. Tanya
+a spy or two is really vital. If you can keep the dogs busy with Tanya,
have to somehow kill the Spy with force firing. The key here is to keep the
spy moving. NEVER let him stand still. If you are a little lucky, he'll make
through without a scratch. Now shut of the power and bring in Tanya. Ignore
the tanks and concentrate on the structures. If you have multiple Tanya's,
it's even easier. Let one Tanya kill off all infantry threats, while another
Tanya's destroy buildings. The only problem will be the tanks. Not their
cannons but their ability to crush you. Try to avoid it. The primary
you should target are the Construction yard, War Factory and Refinery(s).
Once you have taken care of these key structures, try to destroy as many
reactors as you can. If there is only one Nuclear Reactor, it is a breeze.
Destroy that one, let your Tanya's kill off the rest of the infantry,
Barracks and get them out of there. If you can pull this one off, the enemy
will be very confused and crippled. Bring in all your Prism Tanks and
destroy the pest. If you encounter Yuri, kill him FAST. If he manages to
mind-control your Tanya, you're toast, or not. Try to kill the
version as fast as you can but target Yuri first. He will go down in a

The AI isn't really smart...
There is a nice trick that sometimes leads to a big AI smackdown. In most
maps, there is a bridge somewhere. It happens often when you are on one
side of the bridge while the enemy is at the other, meaning this is the
only/one of the routes to your base for ground units. Well, we will destroy
bridge. Here comes the interesting part. The AI doesn'tseem to notice this
happening and if he doesn't, he won't build a Naval Yard to make ships to
defend his base. This makes him very vulnerable. Make a shipyard yourself
and start mass production of ships. Go and attack the enemy. He might
notice that you have chosen another method of attack, but he is far too late
to prevent us from destroying him completely. In the few skirmish matches
I've played with a bridge-to-the-enemy situation, it always worked for me.
Keep in mind though that you may not leave your base undefended now, the
enemy will send small attacks from another route if he can find one. They
include sending over a tank or two to harass you. If you don't have any good
defenses/tanks, you might even loose an important structure to the enemy.
This still is a good and easy way to defeat the AI. Still note that this may
work too often.

Lightning Storm Created! Yiiiihahahahahaaaaa!!
Westwood has been balancing Super Weapons, but they overlooked this
one a bit. And this gives us a little advantage over the Soviets. Just
the place you want to see totally wiped out, and you will get your wish. Too
bad this storm isn't too good against armored units (good against infantry
though). He will probably be seriously crippled. Now, send in the cavalry,
destroy the armor (if you're up to it). If he is so smart to set up a
Yard and a War Factory right beside eachother, he'll be toast. Build up/send
your army to destroy the enemy's units. Now everybody says "Thank you
Wetwood Studios, we all love you!". Good boys/girls, now all sing in

Firezone Confirmed!!!
If you are going with a straight armor assault, take the Prism Tanks. They
can take out Tesla Coils from miles away and are nice tank killers. Just be
sure to build lots of them, they aren't very strong compared to the Heavy
Tanks of the Soviets and certainly not the Apocalypse Tank. If you can
destroy some things with the Tanya Rush first, you'll be very happy when
you see the Victory message flash across your screen.

FEAR the Soviet army!
Do not tend to send wave after wave of Grizzly Battle Tanks if the enemy
has an impressive amount of tanks himself, your tanks will be demolished.
It would be better to back them up with Prism Tanks to help out. Split them
up in two groups, if the enemy goes for the Prism Tanks, do a full assault
with all your Grizzlies and they'll be forced to attack your tanks. Now
the Prisms and destroy their key structures to make life easier. If your
army is big enough (I'm talking about 50-80 tanks here), you'll be able to
destroy the enemies. The best thing to do is to let all your tanks target
unit at a time. If you have that many tanks, it will be instant death for
Each unit you destroy is one cannon shell less that your tanks have to deal
with. If there is an Apocalypse around (which is very probable), give it
everything you've got, including the Prism Tanks, it won't be able to handle
that much. Ff you succeed in all this, you may call yourself a good platoon

Don't let the Construction Boys stop!
This is KEY to your survival, especially when fighting multiple enemies.
When you send a big taskforce to attack an enemy, the other one could be
in for an assault on you himself. If this doesn't happen, it is imperative
you still do it because you'll have backup forces in case that your first
couldn't push through. If the battle takes long enough, you'll have built up
another massive taskforce to finish them off.

Naval Warfare
It is time for some real fighting. If you can destroy an enemy from the
waters, you'll have a good advantage. What we will do is very simple.
- First, build a lotof destroyers and force an opening in the enemy base.
Support them with Carriers and Cruisers. The Cruisers will destroy any
missiles that are launched from the Dreadnoughts, while the Destroyers kill
them off. It is imparitive that you build some Dolphins. Not only do they
fancy sounds, they can also remove those annoying Squids, otherwise your
Destroyers will be killed off like flies by spiders. The dolphins will also
help to kill the nurdy Typhoons. We will crush them under the iron fist of
FullBurst41 rule.
- While you have sent all your ships to attack, build a lot of Amphibious
Transports, tanks, IFVs, GIs and Engineers. Build as many as you can. Now,
place a few Engineers in one of those IFVs so that it becomes a Repair IFV.
These will be handy for you. Stock up the rest of the IFVs with GIs. We will
deliver them in the enemy base. To speed up destruction later, we will train
few Tanyas for quick building destruction. This will be vital, we want to
destroy the enemy quickly.
- Once you have the opening, bring in all your transports and unload them on
the shore of your enemy. Protect them from any submarines and other
ships and give the enemy everything you've got. Once you have cleared all
ships, let them help with the units and destroy the base defenses that you
reach. If your initial assault dies off, let your carriers destroy any
of oportunity. Once you have cleared out their base, bring all remaining
forces home and rally there. if you were only facing one enemy, take a light
vehicle, like an IFV, an stock it up with infantry. Let them scout out whole
the map, and give them an Amphibious transport if needed. It is likely that
there are some troops garisoned in some houses (this only aplies to AI
oponents, humans will probably surender directly instead of sending all
last resources just to watch them die).

Air Strike without Warning
Always give random air strikes. This is crucial to keep your enemy on his
toes. What he might think, is that you will send planes untill he falls for
it. For this he will place massive amounts of Flak Cannons, troopers and
Tracks around his base. But while you are doing this, build a massive
of Prism Tanks and a few Tanyas. What we will do is simple.
- We will continue to strike with Harriers and still try to take things with
it. What you could try is to lure the enemy fire away with some Rocketeers,
then quickly strike their key structures. The Rocketeers should target the
Flak Tracks. They will probably replace every Flak they lose. Now when you
have massed all your Prism Tanks (build about 50), send them and your
to the enemy base. Let your Tanya-squad take out any Flak Troopers while
Prism Tanks take out the Tracks. Once you managed to destroy these,
target the
Tesla Coils that are present from afar (Note: Targeting from afar is
You don't want to lose any units to the Tesla Coils!!!). Once the defenses
out of the way, let Tanya move in while the Prisms take care of any Rhinos
the area. Let Tanya destroy the key structures that are left. Your enemy
be forced to flee (if he has a second base, otherwise he's toast).

Try to perform these strategies as good as possible. If you don't destroy
enemy, you will seriously cripple them and remember, first build up your
defense, then your offensive power.

8. Main Defensive Strategies for the Soviets
Now this gets exciting. It's not easy to organize a good defense for the

Close off all the entrances to your base
There'll be multiple holes in your base entarnces. You should build as many
defensive structures by eachother, and leave some space for units to move
BUT we will do something else. The open spaces will be filled with
Tanks. This way, you'll keep those spies away from you. They will also
assist in the defense against tanks. If you see Prism Tanks aproach your
intercept them before they can wreak havoc among your defenses.

Lightning Storm Created!!! (certain death)
It seems that Westwood has been overpowering the Lightning Storm a little.
They tend to take out your whole base! So what can we do against it? One
thing would be to build a second base and keep that one hidden for as long
as possible (or scatter your buildings of course). Make the ilusion that
everything you have is in there while you're
building lots and lots of Rhino Tanks at the other base. Once the Lightning
Storm hits, send in all your tanks while you're preparing a nuke. You
should've made a lot of tanks already so they should give the enemy a really
hard time. If the storm does not wipe out your original base, see what
defenses you have left, bt I would recommend to evacuate it, sell off the
Refinery so that the Ore Miners you had there will start working for your
newer Refinery(s). Once all the units have arrived at your base, the enemy
will probably send something to find any remaining "straglers". Your nuke
should be finished by now. Launch it at the enemy base and they will know
the deal. If your original tank assault took out the enemy base, that's good
for you. Now sell off all the buildings of your crippled base and use the
for your reinforcement tanks. The enemy is probably angry now and will start
to think of a good assault. NOTE: LAUNCH THE NUKE AT THE WEATHER
the whole map out until he finds you, giving us some spare time. Once you
have some tanks, you should be thinking about that second nuke strike
right? I'd say, target the scouting group (if they haven't found you yet) or
base again. If you're going for their base, hope that he has massed his
power plants together and target that place. With a little luck, the power
go off. Send in all the tanks you have (produced and evacuated) and fight
your way through the Pillboxes. Destroy their advanced defenses so that he
won't be able to use them when the power gets back up. Get a Yuri along to
help in the attack. Turn enemy units against themselves you know. Once you
have this done, you should be able to desroy the enemy base.

Tesla Setup
Something you should know is that the Tesla Coils work best when you put
them in a triangle. This will allow the Tesla Coils to protect themselves
enemy attack, something pretty important for Tesla Coils if you ask me.
Place these triangles all around your base, making sure you have a few
Nuclear REactors sticking around to power everything (DO NOT BUILD
BE DOOMED). Do not rely on your coils alone, use tanks to
intercept/weaken enemy units en route to your base. Or, if it is a real big
force, send your airships to kill off most of the enemies.

Intercept, intercept, intercept!!!
Once you have the option, build a Kirov Airship or two (one will usually do,
just to be sure...). Once you see the enemy armor aproaches your base, go
bomb them. They will not survive for long. The nice thing is that the Allies
don't have a lot of anti-air units. They can use IFVs, but they are easily
crushed by your bombs. I found this strategy to work pretty well. Just don't
send any tanks with it, it will be destroyed by the bombs of your Airships.
Now you tell me "So what if my enemy uses this tactic against me, I can't do
thing? What kind of idiot are you!". Well, it is indeed a close call. My
advice is to build as many IFVs as possible and bring them along. Or use
Chrono Legionaires as your attacking units, they will be able to outrun the
Kirovs easily. See the advanced Strategies Section for the Allies for more
details on the Legionaire Rush.

Using Sentry Guns wisely
Sentry guns may not sound very impresive but it can be handy. I prefer to
build about 6 to 10 at each side of the base. This will be more effective
placing only one or two for your base. If you have placed them all, they'll
you some valuable time to build some extra Tesla Coils or something else.
They'll keep out limited amounts of forces for you, especially infantry.
Another good tip I can give you, is to place Sentry Guns around your
important buildings. The main reason for this is because the Chrono
Legionaires can warp past them and if there is some space between the
perimiter of your base and the key structures, they'll easily wipe out your
structures. This works very well against the AI (the Legionaire Rush I mean
especially on Easy Difficulty. LOL!). This Sentry Gun defense can also help
against Tanya attacks, as they will find holes in your base defenses easily
and slip through.

9. Main Offensive Straategies for the Soviets
Josh would like to play!!
Description: If you have acces to monkeys on the map, use Yuri to gather as
many as possible and stick a few bombs on 'em. Now, hury to the enemy
and let them fry the enemy. Hope you get there in time eh. Let the monkeys
go to the construction yard and let it blow! Send some dogs to kill off any
Engineers that might be around.

The AI isn't really smart...
There is a nice trick that sometimes leads to a big AI smackdown. In most
maps, there is a bridge somewhere. It happens often when you are on one
side of the bridge while the enemy is at theother, meaning this is the
only/one of the routes to your base for ground units. Well, we will destroy
bridge. Here comes the interesting part. The AI doesn'tseem to notice this
happening and if he doesn't, he won't build a Naval Yard to make ships to
defend his base. This makes him very vulnerable. Make a shipyard yourself
and start mass production of ships. Go and attack the enemy. He might
notice that you have chosen another method of attack, but he is far too late
to prevent us from destroying him completely. In the few skirmish matches
I've played with a bridge-to-the-enemy situation, it always worked for me.
Keep in mind though that you may not leave your base undefended now, the
enemy will send small attacks from another route if he can find one. They
include sending over a tank or two to harass you. If you don't have any good
defenses/tanks, you might even loose an important structure to the enemy.
This still is a good and easy way to defeat the AI. Still note that this may
work too often.

Frosty is angry!
Description: You can do the same thing with a Polar Bear, Frosty! Just be
careful not to come too close... He'll be found on the arctic maps and is
to have around. Try the same strategy or try to look as friendly as possible
and scout out the complete enemy base. If you happen to find yourself in a
fight, test them out on the infantry (Frosty seems to be very hungry today
You could also do the famous "Cow Rush", but I think nobody falls for this
anymore. There has been so much publicity for it months before the game
was released, and everybody who was planning to buy the game knows
this is or can guess.

The Standard But Effective Rush
Build about two dozens of Apocalypse Tanks and build some aditional (no
sorry, a LOT of aditional) Rhinos to assist with th Apocalypse. I'd say
building about forty or something around that number. Now build some dogs
and let them come in behind the tanks. On a side note, try to render this
with the Unreal Tournament engine, and I can assure you that you will have
a very SLOW framerate. Yes, even you GeForce users. Okay now, rally your
forces and move to the enemy base. Let the Rhinos wait for the
Apocalypses. We're planning on a mass attack. Your 64 tanks will slowly
advance to the enemy base. This looks cooler IMO.
NOTE: You could say (these guys go too slow, I want some transmorts".
This is correct, but you'll have to build about 13 Transports and that gives
you some extra cost to attend to.
Once your force reaches the enemy base, the Prism Towers will start
zappin'! Fire with all tanks at the same target, meaning instant death to
enemy you target. Try to hold off any Air Attackers with your Assault Tanks.
Demolish defensive structure after defensive structure. You'll eventually
clear out everything. Let your Rhinos assault the Grizzlies. They'll be
much toast with all this. Once you've taken care of all the Prism Tanks
aswell, begin targetting key structures. Destroy the Construction Yard, War
Factory and Barracks. Also, the enemy will do a desperate move by
letting lose group after group of GIs. Well, you didn't forget to bring all
dogs did you? If you did, you may be in for a little fight. However, I
you brought them along and we will now kill off leagons of infantry. After
biting spectacle, bring in your tanks and destroy the Battle Lab, any
defenisve structures that may still be here, destroy any super weapons and
destroy the refinery(s). The Miners will just sit there, waiting to be shot
your tanks. Relieve them of their painful thoughts and destroy any and all
remaining units/structures of the enemy. If you didn't win yet, gather your
tanks and move. You should've only lost a few tanks (if you brought the dogs
of course).

The Kirov Rush!!
This will work just fine. Build a whole squadron of Airhsips (that means 12
those who aren't at home at those terms) and let them move to the enemy
base. I agree when you complain "But they go so slow!", but you'll have to
put up with that. What you're about to witness is very spectacular and very
irritating for the enemy. When you arrive the Patriots will start firing.
them first. Once they are out of the way, fire at any IFVs that may be
you. Now that this is out of the way, target their War Factory tne their
Barracks and Battle Lab. The enemy might think you're overlooking his
Construction Yard but that ain't through. We are NOT. We're just sparing it
for last. Target it and fire. Now shut off the power by targeting all the
Plants and destroying them. The enemy might be smart enough to flee now.
If he isn't, so much the better. Destroy any unit that leaves behind, then
in your Rhinos and attack any Grizzlies that are fleeing the Kirovs. This is
another very hard strategy to defend against, but it is possible. Hey did
ever try to bump your helicopter into that thing? I never tried it, but it
apeared in my strategic thinking. I'll test it out, probably won't work.

10. Advanced Strategies

10.1: Allies
The Legionaire Rush
This may sound a little odd but it is effective as hell! Build a dozen or so
Chrono Legionaires. I know it is expensive but you'll get there eventually.
Once you have the Legionaires, scout out his complete base by continiously
teleporting out of the range of enemy weapons. We'll search a relatively
undefended area. If you can find one, the enemy will probably send tanks or
infantry to attack you. Let them com to you and teleport away when they're
going to attack you. Don't go too far and the enemy might be stupid enough
to send them after you. Wait until they come back to you. Now go back and
destroy any structures you can mange in the time you have. With 12
legionaires, you should be able to destroy some. If there are Power Plants
here, errase them from time and try to power down the base. Move into the
heavily defended area (probably where the important buildings are). Target
your discretion and fire at will (consentrate your fire on one building at
don't use one legionaire to attack alone). The tanks will have a harder time
shooting at you. If it gets hot for one legionaire, teleport him out of
These guys are very handy to avoid the enemy Kirov Airships. So the Kirov
can destroy everything, but he isn't fast enough for your Chrono
Another advantage of the Chrono Legionaire is that you can scare the
enemy, giving the feeling you're at two places at once. You can split up
Legionaires and strike at two different points. The enemy will have a little
fear, especially humans tend to get mad and smash on the computer screen
"Stop screaming, it's hurting my ears. He's NOT cheating, you're the one
who is too slow to react to it!"

Don't stick with your original base too much
This was the key strategy I used to overcome the enemy in Tiberian Sun,
and the way I have tested it, it works pretty good in this game aswell.
What is this? Well, we will just make multiple bases to make our life
>From the beginning of the match, start building your base. Get up your
barracks and start placing defenses; Follow this up with the War Factory and
build about 5 extra ore miners. You should be getting a good flow of cash
this way. Get up your power plants a little and begin building Air Force
Command so that you have a radar. Build a Battle Lab so that we can build
the advanced defenses. Start placing Prism Towers and some Patriots
aswell. Build a Harrier and search for a few Oil Derricks that might be
around. If you can find some, build a couple of engineers, a helicopter, and
get them in there. Capture the Oil Derricks so that we'll have even more
cash. Also, search for some crates, if you're a little lucky, you'll find a
money crates to keep up the good cash flow. Once you are ready with all
your defenses, build a Service Depot. Once you're ready with that, start
building a dozen or so Prism Tanks, so that you can withstand an attack for
some time. Build some extra Grizzlies if you want, but it isn't really vital
existence. Build an MCV and find a good place to place your new base.
Begin building a Gap Generator while you're getting your MCV there. Once
the Gap Generator is ready, deploy the MCV and the Gap Generator right
beside it. Build some Power Plants right there. Build up a Barracks here,
aswell as a Refinery and a War Factory. This base will be independent, but
for the moment, there'll be no unit-production here, except for the extra
miners of course. Once you have a War Factory, begin building about 5
extra miners so that you'll have an income for this base independently. Now,
at your original base, start building lots of GIs and get them into
that they will defend your the route that they're stationed near. Build some
Attack Dogs for quick Infantry-killing. Once you have those defensive units
ready, it is time to place some defenses by the second base. To minimize
power requirements, I'd stick with the Pillboxes for the moment; Once you
have a total of 8 Pillboxes standing there, start building up some tanks in
your original base. If the enemy waited this long to attack you, he's
preparing a massive attack, or he's lazy. Let's say that he is preparing a
massive attack on your base. Make about 50 Grizzlies to be certain. Now,
build some more power plants at the second base, build up your
Chronosphere and Weather Control Device at your second base. Once you
have these, it is time to see what the enemy is doing. If you are American,
you got your hands on an Airport, get some paratroopers in there to scout
out the plae. If not, build a spy and sneak him into the enemy base. Once
you have some info on the enemy, you can infiltrate a structure (War Factory
or Battle Lab are recommended) and you'll have a little advantage over the
enemy. Alternatively, you could build a Spy Satelite Upling to get info on
eemy. Presuming you took the War Factory, build another platton of tanks
(consisting of about 30 to 50 tanks). You should be ready for the enemy now.
There is a slight problem still. If the enemy gets to you with his Kirovs,
cannot let him destroy your entire base. To combat this, we'll be forced to
find him after he has left their base. If you were lucky enough to be
far from your enemy, you'll have some spare time to get your people there.
Build Rocketeers 'till your base is full of 'em. Rush the Kirov with all
Rocketeers, and he'll die pretty quickly. Once you've taken out the Kirocs,
gets easier. If the enemy managed to reach your base and your Rocketeers
can't hold them off, get all your tanks, infantry and any other unit you
have out of there, to the second base. You should be able to save most of
them, as your tanks go faster than the Kirov. I hope you have some IFVs
around there so that you can get the infantry out quickly. Otherwise, use
Helicopter. If your Patriots somehow get rid of the Zeplins, lucky you. This
where I have to look at two situations:

1) You were able to stop the Kirovs. We're back at our base with a nice
of tanks in here. Build a Tanya, find a little hole in the enemy's defenses
sneak inside. Destroy as much as you can, killing off all infantry. Be
of any Yuris around there, as they're pretty deadly... Once your Tanya is
crushed/killed/whatever, build up some Chrono Legionaires. Get them inside
aswell and start wiping out buildings (or at least try). Once you've lost
Legionaires, launch a Weather Storm in there. Once the storm has stopped,
bring in your complete tank force and demolish/cripple your enemy. If this
wasn't enough (although very unlikely), you must build aditional tanks while
you're attacking with the first wave. Once you've lost your first wave, do a
desperate move in destroying them all. If this fails aswell, launch a
Storm at him. With a little luck, the enemy will not have known about your
second base while you were using it as a support for your original one!

2) The Kirovs were able to destroy you, bring all the tanks you have to your
second base, and sell off any remaining building so that you have some
extra money. The miners you had should start working for your second base.
Put your Battle Lab down in your second base (there isn't a lot of choice
right). Build a Spy Satelite Uplink and aditioonal power plants if needed.
Now, start making a Service Depot. I wouldn't order you to build another
MCV, but if you want to, go on ahead and continue the little game, or you
could show your real face to the enemy now and go to kill him. We'll show
our face. First, uild up more advanced defenses, build a lot of Patriots for
next time the Kirovs would find you. Try to keep your cloak good. The Gap
Geerator should be able to mask you enough. Go and garison some GIs in
buildings throughout the map. The enemy might think this is a move to slow
the game, as you might be searching for valuable crates. Once that's done,
you should already have a Weather Storm ready for an hour or so. Launch it
at the enemy, and he'll no the deal baby! This makes the enemy panic, he
doesn't know what's hitting him! He'll sit there asking himself how he
could've missed those super weapons. He'll send out his scouts, and if he
passes a garisoned building, the scout passing will probably be destroyed
(best for scouting are the Flak Tracks, so that isn't a problem).
an IFV with Tnyas in his base and start woopin' his ass! Blow things up
every Tanya and the IFV are dead. Build up Harriers, a lot of them.Launch
them to deliver air strikes at the enemy. Take potshots at them, and try to
scare the hell out of 'em. He'll know for sure there's another base
somewhere. Build up as many tanks as you can manage. I'd try to reach a
group of 100 tanks, but you don't have to build that many. Once you have a
big group, smash it at the enmy, who will be increasing his efforts to find
Before he knows our exact loacation to fire a Nuke at us, we'll give it to
Destroy them all. Before the tanks attack, you might aswell strike with your
weather again, then with the harriers and finaly with the tanks (this will
saving tanks hehehe).
If the enemy uses this strategy against you, you are Allied so you can bring
up your Satelite, or you can quickly scout out things with your Harriers or

The more complex Base Strategy...
This may sound crazy (and it is...) but it is a lot of fun to do. I will not
you will win a match with it, it's just a lot of fun you know.
NOTE: Make sure you meet the folowing requirements to make sure the
strategy can work to its full potential:
- Play on a map suited for 8 players so you have a lot of space to build.
- Do this match with only oneof your friends, again to conserve space
- Hope that you're kind of far from the enemy
- Try to make sure that your enemy is Soviet not Allied (I just keep
the same thing man!)

Start by setting up your base. Build a Refinery, Power Plant, Barracks, some
GIs, a Pillbox or two, War Factory, 4-7 Chrono Miners, a bunch of Grizzlies,
Air Force Command HQ, 4 Harriers, Battle Lab, some Prism Towers, some
Patriots, aditional Power Plants, Service Depot and a new MCV. Move the
MCV to a position further from your base (preferably away from the enemy
hehe). Deploy it and start building a lot of Power Plants. Once you have
about 20 that's good. We'll place them in the new construction area. Scatter
them around as much as possible. Build a Barracks here too and set up
some Pillboxes in this base, aswell as training your GIs here for a moment.
Build about 30 GIs here and deploy them. Build some dogs here too. Once
all this is donee, switch back to the original Barracks. Make sure you have
about 50 GIs here, all deployed. Once you have it done, it's time to place a
Refinery at the newer base. We should have a good defense now, but if iyou
feel unconfortable, feel free to place some extra Prism Towers or Patriots.
Oh, and if you're interested, we'll call the new base the "Power Grid". You
should see where I'm aiming with this strategy now, right?
Once the new REfinery is in place at your second base, build some extra
miners at your original base to make the Cash Flow even bigger. I'd say
buildig about 5 extra miners isn't bad. Once you have a lot of cash in your
grasp, start to worry about the enemy for a minute. If the enemy already
showed his face, I'd say we find him, and show we are here aswell. Send
something to gain some recon info. Once that is done, replace your lost
unit(s) and start worying about your bases again.
If the enemy didn't attack you yet, I think it is time to build a Gap
We'll have enough power for now so don't worry. If you would need any more
Power Plants, build them at the Power Grid, to keep things right. Once the
Gap Generator is up, we can be sure the enemy will have a hard time to find
If the enemy spotted you or not, we are going to have to defend ourselves
against their Super Weapons. To do this, we will do sneak attacks. First,
build some Attack Dogs. STation them by your important structures to keep
out any spies (if you're playing against Allied Enemy of course). Build a
Tanya unit and four Spies. Build a Helicopter and place them all in it. The
enemy won't detect your helicopter so don't be woried. Bring in your Spies
and infiltrate the following: War Factory, Barracks, Battle Lab and Power
Plants. Teh Power will be down and your Tanya will be able to blow up the
Tesla Coils in her way. Destroy any and all super weapons that you can
detect. When she dies, build up another 30 GIs and anotehr 30 when that is
finished. You should have about 100 GIs at your original base. You can
march them to the enmey base, or you could make a Rally Point and bring
all your GIs there with the Helicopter (it will take some time of course).
the most undefended place of their base and strike their. move your GIs into
position and deploy them. Detroy any defensive structures you see. OMve on
destroying tanks with all that machine gun fire. Deploy your people around
their Constrruction Yard and demolish it completely. Since we want to play
with the enemy, we'll move out all our troops back to the base. I like to
my way through the other side of the base, instead of turning them around.
One more thing, if you're playing against Iraq, don't even bother using this
strategy alright? If you happen to play against IRaq, do the same thing but
then with tanks. Destroy the weakest defended part of the base, and
demolish their Construction Yard.
Now that the enemy felt the power of our forces, replace any GIs/Tanks that
you lost in the initial assault. It is time for the next step in our base
scenario. Build a new MCV and place it somewhere far from your base. This
will ba the Air Base. Put down the truck and start building a Refinery
Build a Barracks. This place must be guarded well, so we'll place a lot of
Prism Towers here. let your Harriers take off from the original base and
move them to your newer stronghold, wait there a minute. Sell off the
Air Force Command HQ, and build a new one here. Land your Harriers in
there and build about 5 more HQs here. Once that is done, stock them up
with Harriers (oooh, expensive baby!). Now that we have two squadrons of
Harriers, we'll have a good air base. To make things look cooler, build
another 5 Miners at your original base. Alright, now that you have so many
miners at your disposal, we can slowly begin to destroy the enemy, or not
Launch a harrier and let it fly around to find some tech buildings that we
capture. If you can locate an Oil Derrick or two, that's great. an AIrport
bad aswell. Build as many engineers as there are TEch Buildings and
capture them. Good work Commander, time for some extra bases. First,
build some new Power Plants (about 5) at your POwer Grid. If you left the
enemy's Service Depot and War Factory standing, then it is very likely that
he will have built up his base again. I recomend to leave that standing, to
keep the match a little fair aliright? Build a new MCV and deploy it
somewhere. Dump a REfinery next to it and a Barracks aswell. Build about
30 GIs here and dump some Pillboxes and Prism Towers in the base. Build
a Battle Lab here, sell off the old one. This makes your original base the
main Tank-producing facility. Now that we have the Battle Lab at our other
base, build some Prism Tanks there. This base will be our "Advanced
Production Facility" (fancy name hehehe). Now, place Patriots in all your
bases, in case the enemy begins to send its Kirovs. If your radars detect
one, get all the anti-air units you have to its location and smash it,
bring it down. Now comes an optional part. If you can locate a river of some
sort (probably with a bridge), bring your tanks there and smash down the
bridge. Build  a new MCV, once it is ready, begin building a Prism Tower.
Once you have set your MCV, dump the Prism Tower by it, to give some
first-aid cover if needed. Imediately begin building more Prism Towers and
Patriot Missile Sytems to help out with the Dreadnoughts. It is good to
Tanya and send her this way, so that she can help destroying enemy
vessels. Build a REfinery and Barracks as usual, train some GIs (the regular
30) and build a Naval Yard. Start cranking out Destroyers and Dolphins.
Once you have about 4 Dolphins and over the ten Destroyers, build a few
Cruisers to destroy the missiles of Dreasnoughts and help take down any
Kirovs there may be. Of course, ifthe enemy isn't using Naval capabilities,
this will be a little stupid to use, ut it adds ot the overall feel of the
Back to the building stuff. Crank out some Carriers and some extra
Destroyers. Now, move your ships a little closer to where you think the
enemy is and see if you can strike with the Hornets from here. If this is
possible, hold here for a moment. Keep tabs on the enemy to see if he
begins to make his Naval Yard, it is vital that we know. Now it is time to
us that bt of advantage in harvesting. Build an Ore Purifier in every base
have. And while you're at it, why not build another five Chrono Miners???
Good! I knew you would agree. I won't even calculate how much ore you get
with all those miners (man, you'll have to switch ore fields quite a lot
hehehehehe!). Now comes a pretty important base for us: the Intel Base.
Make your MCV and start building a new REfinery while you're busy. Whe
the MCV is ready, deploy it somewhere and place the Refinery right beside
it. Make a Barracks, some Prism Towers and make about 50 GIs and bring
some tanks that you built here aswell. Once that is done, build a Spy
Uplink. Now, you'll have a much better look at the enemy. Good, now that
we have intel on the enemy, there is only one remaining thing we have to
take care of. Build the last MCV and build a REfinery. Place the MCV and
the Refinery. Place 2 Ore Purifiers, one for each base. Build a Barracks and
build as many GIs and Prism Towers as you can manage. Build a
Chronosphere and a Weather Control Device. Build some Chrono
Legionaires and bring all of them together at the enemy's base. Warp them
intto a relatively unprotected part of the base and take out some buildings,
just to keep the enemy scared. Once all the super weapons are ready, build
as many tanks as you can in the ten minutes the super weapon is charging.
Gather all the GIs out of all your bases and let everybody rally en route to
enemy base. Hit the enemy with a Lightning Storm then try to attack enemy
targets with your vessels you have in there. if the enemy's structures/units
are in range, launch your Hornets to make short work of them. Once you've
picked off all targets of oportunity, bring in all the tanks and GIs you
(man! That'll be a lot!) and rush the enemy. Target defenses first, let the
deploy and concentrate at any tanks there are. Let the tanks worry about the
structures and let the dogs take on the infantry of the enemy. Once you have
destroyed everything, scout out the rest of the map to find any remaining
stragglers. Once that is done, you will be victorious.
The advantage of this strategy is that you can send reinforcements from
other bases if another part of your infrastructure is under attack. I hope
is a good strategy for you. It works for me most of the time, especially
against humans, because they actually get confused of situation, while the
cold-blooded computer is so cold to play against...

10.2) Soviets
Well, there is only one good strategy that I use often with the Sovets (with
taking the "good" word in its relative form ehum). Build up your base as
usual. Find a good place (preferably close to the water) to build a Naval
Shipyard. Once that is done, start mass production of Dreadnoughts,
Submarines and Sea Scorpions. Once that is done, move your massive
armada of ships to the other side, trying to get a shot at the enemy's base.
Try to find his base within range of the missiles of a Dreadnought. Another
thing you can do, is to build a Dreadnought as early as possible, even if it
means delaying a Refinery. Once you have one, send him over to bombard
the enemy base. If you were fast enough (and the enemy was slow enough
hehehe), he won't have a Patriot Missile Launcher (or bad placed/not
enough of them). If you can spot a Patriot that is lonely, destrooy it
target at your discretion. Try to keep them out of the range of enemy
defenses (pillboxes in this stage of the game). If you can succeed in this,
then you will probably be able to smash the enemy to pieces. The wisest
thing to do when you find yourself in such a situation, is to
your MCV and move away of the field, while selling off all your buildings
taking your units with you.
Another thing you could do, is to quicly build a Barracks, a Tesla Reactor
and the War Factory. Build a bunch of Terror Drones and move them to the
enemy base. If you are fast enough, the enemy won't have a lot of a
response against it. You can wipe out both Infantry and vehicles with them,
so use that to your advantage. All this only works if you have luck. It is
sometimes a little dangerous to use such a strategy.

Long live the Soviet Union.
Well all the above is a little crappy, so let's see if I can't give you a
"build-a-base-and-destroy-the-enemy" strategy.
Build up your base (I'd keep away from the water as your Soviet and I find
the Soviet Navy a little weaker then the Allied navy, it's jsut that feeling
my vessels can't do a thing right!). Start up infantry production fast. This
kind of important, because the Allies have a good advantage in infantry,
while your men can easily take down their tanks (well GIs can do the same,
but the conscripts seem harder to hit which would be logical in keeping the
balance higher). I know the number 200 is quite impressive, but it is
possible. I'd say this: build your War Factory first and build as many War
Miners as you can. Harvesting goes very slow with the Soviets, so it is
imparitive to find Oil Derricks to give you a steady flow of cash. Let's say
find and capture a few. We now have 200 Conscripts ready for action. Once
that is done, build some Attack Dogs (about 5 or 10) to help kill off those
sniff out Spies and assist in killing any Tanyas. Once that is done, try to
even more War Miners, oh yes, we want a lot of cash to work with. Build
your Radar Tower to give you a little overview. It is very much possible
(especially for the Online players) that there are multiple enemies. The
enemy will probably roll in some tanks to bugg you. Group your men together
(yikes!) and target one tank at a time. They'll probably die instantly.
tank after tank and you'll be fine. I have to warn you however: it is okay
keep your soldiers close, but scatter them once the tanks roll in, we don't
want to make this look like Carmagedon or GTA right?.
Once you have your soldiers standing by, build up defenses first. Build lots
Tesla Coils and Flak Cannons. We'll place the sentry guns around our
buildings for protection. Use some walls to protect your defenses for
Once you have a good number of Telsa Coils and all the passages to your
base are walled off and defended, begin production of tanks. Build lots of
Rhinos. Once you have about 50 or so, start building some extra Flak
Tracks/Flak Troopers to help with any attacks the enemy might send. Build
some Tesla Troopers to keeep your defenses running if base power falls
down to 0. Now that our base is safe for a little while, build a bunch of
Apocalypse Assault Tanks and a few Kirovs. Let them move to the enemy
base. Let the Apocalypse tanks try to destroy the patriots and any other
that is threatning your Kirovs. If you can do this, then you will have a
chance of destroying the oponent you're attacking. If you are playing a
skirmish game against one computer oponent, then the game is over now!
However, if you're playing online and you are probably facing multiple
enemies, there is still some work to be done.

The second thing you have to worry about is super weapons. We must
absolutely prevent any Lightning Storms from killing us off. Nukes aren't
to have incomming, but lightning storms are still worse. Build a few Yuris
send them over to the enemy. Mind control a bunch of units and run them
back to your base. Use this tactic to get as many units as you can. What we
are looking for is an IFV. If you can snag one, build a Crazy Ivan, put him
and get him to the enemy. Give him some extra support. Now we have a
nice demolition truck at our command. Get the IFV (errr demo truck) into the
enemy base and keep it a little covered. Once you have it inside, ward off
any incoming infantry/tanks so that you are safe. Bring the truck to the
structure you certainly want to wipe out, be it super weapon or construction
yard. You could always try to destroy more with your forces that you brought
along, but it is very much possible that the enemy has too much defenses for
this. A cheaper way to completing the "destroy the super weapon" goal is the
- Take an IFV (by capturing a Allied Structure or by mind controlling one)
bring it to your base.
- Build an Iron Curtain. Once it is charged, send your IFV to the enemy.
When it begins to take fire, make it unvulnerable. Double-time it to the
enemy's super weapon/construction yard and DETONATE!!! (just run into it
We now have to start mass production of Apocalypse Assault Tanks. Once
you have a good number (40 is good enough!), get a Yuri unit in there (or
Yuri Prime is even better) and steal some units. Try to snag as many IFVs as
you can, or some big boomers from the enemy. If you can get about 10 IFVs
that's good. Put Tesla Troopers in them and have some very nice Tesla
Tanks. Let them be grouped on unit 2. All your Apocalypse Tanks should be
grouped on 1. Once you have that, see how many Rhinos you've got and
build some extra. Build as many as you see thick and group them at 3. Now,
build about 5-10 V3 Rocket Launchers and group them at 4. Move your
Rhino tanks first. Let the Apocalypse follow but keep some distance. Keep
the Tesla Tanks right behind the Apocalypse tanks. Your V3s should stand
by a little moment. Once your Rhinos have reached an enemy base, let them
attack it with everything they've got. If you built a lot of them, you might
them all in there. If the enemy is able to retaliate your Rhinos
bring in the Apocalypse, followed right by the Tesla Tanks. Let the
Apocalypses mop up as much as they can handle. Move your V3s to the
place of chaos and let them fire on the enemy buildings, assisted by the
Tesla Tanks. If this somehow fails, regroup everything that is still
and head home. Send over any Kirovs you may have and destroy the enemy
base completely (well that should've been a hard hitter for the enemy!). You
should've built a Nuke Silo by now. Nuke anything that is moving in the area
of the base you just attacked. Now, focus your attention to the possible
other enemies, and try to keep yourself out of the fighting for awhile. If
are already in a big conflict, then that's FANTASTIC. We can build up forces
without problem. If the remaining enemies are allies with eachother, that's
something else. Considerthem to be allies. You'll have to bring up more
defenses quicly, while building LOTS and LOTS of Kirov Airships. if you can
manage it, try to build about 20. It is expensive, but it will work, I
you. Once you have those Kirovs fly them over to the enemy's bases and
destroy them. If someone survives, smash some tanks at them and try to
destroy them by doing that. Another thing would be to build even more
conscripts after your big group of 200. March them to the enemy and destroy
them completely. I garantee you 250 conscripts will kick the enemy's ass
quite nicely.

Hope I helped!

11) Mission Walkthroughs
11.1. My Walkthroughs
11.1.1: Allied Walkthroughs
Mission 1: Loone Guardian.
Briefing: It would apear that the Soviets have invaded America. They are
rushing through our cities like mad idiots. We must stand our ground, even
in thsi disorder.
You'll start by getting New York out of the iron grip of the Soviets. They
haven't taken the city yet, but they will if we don't act fast. Buildings
already in ruins, ships are aproaching and threatning to destroy us all, and
you are going to stop them... That's right, YOU. With the help of Agent
Tanya of course. She's an expert in her class, don't leave her for the
jobs Commander.

Main Objective: Get to Fort Bradley and regain control of the city. Also,
should keep Tanya alive at all cost!

This is kind of simple. You'll see several Dreadnoughts firing missiles at
statue of liberty. Aparently, the Patriot Missile Systems aren't quite
hold the missiles form hitting their target, so you better work fast. Let
take a swim and attack some C4 to the ships. Once you were able to sink
them all, make her understand that you have to get on the Manhatan Island.
Once she made it on, assist the GIs with those lame Conscripts. They'll
make it anyway, but you'll see Tanya's pistol skills, and it's worth it,
Tahter your GIs and hold ground for a moment. there'll be a second wave of
Conscripts soon. Once you've taken care of them, move further on the road,
you'll see a lot of things burning hehehehehe. You'll soon encounter a few
more GIs that are just sitting there shooting at Conscripts. I'm sorry to
this, but it is a long time since I played it, and I'm a little busy (whihc
means i
do not know exactly where the next thing is). You'll have to search around
the city. You should find 3 Grizzly Battle Tanks to give you a little extra
firepower. Move Tanya past the MCBurgerKong and the Gas Station. You
can take the GIs with you if you want, but it isn't necesary! The Fort is
defend itself, but the AI who is controlling it, seems too dumb to build new
units or more defenses. Just send Tanya inside and you'll gain control of
base. Directly after you get control, move your Grizzlies to the fort and
to build a lot of GIs (say 30 or so) and send them to the enemy base,
sending the Grizzlies with them. Let the Grizzlies take care of the Sentry
defense and let your GIs pour into the base. Let them kill all the V3s that
inside and destroy the Soviet Structures by blowing up Barrels and finishing
off the buildings when needed. Once you've wiped out the base, it's Mission
Acomplished for you my friend!

Mission 2: Eagle Dawn.
Briefing: General Vladimir is moving fast, very fast. He has sent a group of
tanks to secure our air base in Colorado. This one is to vital importance to
us. You must get back the Air Force Academy before the Soviets can make
this position unpenetratable. Tanya will also be at your service in this

Main Objective: Recapture the Air Force Academy and destroy all the Soviet
Forces in the area, before they gain too much ground here.

Get Tanya up and about and elt her kick some butt will ya!
You'll see a few conscripts around here. I sugest taking them out now, you
know why right? Once that is done, you can take an Armor Crate here
somewhere. Once you've found it, you can find another one under the house
next to it? You'll soon get a message from Luitenant EVA, saying that a
group of Rocketeers has arrived to assist you. Get them and assign them to
a number on your keyboard. Move Tanya further and you'll see the Air Force
Academy on the map. Clean out everything that you may or may not
encounter. You'll reach a fork in the road. When you find it, move Tanya
the captured base and kill off the Conscript here. You'll see some Flak
Cannons sitting here. This is what is preventing you from destroying the
Sentry Gun defense with your Rocketeers. I'd say only one thing: "Chuck
some on it!"! Once you've blown up the Flak Cannons, move in the
Rocketeers and destroy the sentry guns. Once you've acomplished that,
you'll get some Engineers dropped off. Get them to capture the buildings of
yours. Once you have captured the Air Force Academy, the aircraft will take
off, and give you some recon on a base to the east. It isn't that easy this
time, so don't jst send 10 GIs in there hehe.
First, build some extra chrono miners (three will do) and foritify your
make it easier, we'll send in Harriers first. Let them destroy key
on easy the Flak Cannons shouldn't do too much to the planes (they'll
probably miss!). Once you have destroyed some structures, you'll get some
GIs from somewhere. Deploy them and destroy anything in sight. Let any
planes you have ready destroy Sentry Guns so that the GIs will have a better
chance of surviving. Once you have this base destroyed, your mission will be
over. If the wave of GIs doesn't destroy the base, send in some Grizzly
Tanks to finish the job. Once that is done, it's mission acomplished for

Mission 3: Hail to the Chief.
Briefing: Back to the heart of America. Something terrible has happened, the
Soviets are using their feared but until now unknown technology. This
technology is known as a Psychic Beacon. What it does is send out signals
to the brain to American soldiers and citezens, telling them to join the
Soviets, and since we have no protection against it, we'll have to remove
them one by one. There is a slight problem. They have placed a Psychic
Beacon within Washington DC. They have "mind-controlled" the President,
and even General Carville himself, so Luitenant EVA will have to give you
the briefing. It apears there are stilll some forces in the area that are
unefected, you will rendezvous with them and destroy the Psychic Beacon.
Do not allow our citizens to be forced to be slaughtered!

Main Objective: Build a base, find the Psychic Beacon and destroy it.

There are a lot of structures that you can repair, but I acomplished the
mission without repairing a single one of them, so I don't conisder it
Start by building up your base. Once you have GIs ready to build, build
30. You'll see a bridge to "The Other Side", where the enemy is staying. Let
the GIs garison themselves in the buildings around here, especially in that
one by the bridge. The Soviets will ocasionally send a lot of Conscripts and
inocents to attack you. It's pretty fun to see those Civilians get
(at least in my opinion!). Get a War Factory up and running. Get some
money if you really want, by repairing structures. Most of them holds a
with money, so that could help if you want. Build extra miners 'till they
to annoy you by their numbers. Suffice to say that you should at least build
of them. Once they are ready, start building Grizzly Battle Tanks fast.
get ocasional reinforcements. They'll consist of IFVs (about 4 or 5 if I
remember correctly). Build an Air Force Command HQ, especially for those
of you who want to repair things. Now, build 4 Harriers and give the enemy a
first strike. They'll be located across from the bridge, by the soccer
is only a small base, so this won't be too much of a problem. Destroy
everything with your aircraft, while you keep up your tank profuction. Once
you have an amazing number of tanks, roll them across the bridge and move
to the Washington Monument. You'll spot a Soviet stronghold. Roll your
tanks in and destroy the defenses. Keep everything away. Now, build some
engineers and capture this base. Try to keep the War Factory living so that
you can capture it. And Scott Batass has given me the oportunity to do a
good fight here. Capture the War Factory, Barracks and REfienry if you can.
Place Pillboxes all over the place! Make about 10 Tesla Tanks by using the
IFV and putting a Tesla Trooper in it! once you have that, build a second
Force Command HQ. Build Harriers to fill it up, and start striking the base
the Natural Museum. Try to take out as much as you can. Build a lot of
Rhino Heavy Tanks at the captured base, it will help you in the final
Build a few V3s if you want quick destruction. Now assemble all forces at
your captured base and rush the enemy for the final assault. You should be
able to destroy everything quite quickly. The enemy won't have a lot of an
answer to your Tesla Tanks hehehehehehehe (Thanks Scott, you made
it even easier!). There's only one more thing that needs to be handled, the
Psychic Beacon. You'll find it in the North East corner if I'm correct (it's
somewhere near anyways). Target it and fry like hell!!!!! That was a pretty
easy one right? I think it is time to celebrate, you've jsut played out 1/4
Allied Campaign, no big deal, as you ain't seen nothin' yet!!!!

Mission 4: Last Chance.
Briefing: It is worse than we thought. The Soviets are far from finished,
we have to handle them the hard way. Even as our war effort continues,
there is something very important that MUST BE DONE AT ALL COST. If
we cannot achieve the goal I'm about to give you, we will all turn into
of the Soviets. Your destination is the city of Chicago. The city is heavily
fortified, so you'll have to do an amphibious landing. you'll have to locate
device called "Psychic Amplifier". The Soviets are preparing themselves to
use it. Our scientists have calculated that this device, when activated,
mind control whole of North America. If this happens, we are doomed to lose
the war. Make sure you can find and destroy it. It is imparitive that we
halt to this psychic attack of the Soviets.

Main Objective: Find the Psychic Amplifier and destroy it before it gets
and takes control of the US.

Alright. You'll have a bunch of destroyers, a few transports, and some
Rocketeers in the opening stage of the mission. First thing you'll want to
is to destroy the cannos on the shore, without them, we can safely land our
troops in Chicago! Let your Destroyers clear a path by destroying anything
that you may encounter. Destroy all the Soviet units and
defensive/production structures right here. There's a high chance of
SubMarines here, so protect your transports from them, or it's BYE BYE to
your shore landing! Once you've cleared out the place, move your transports
in. Unload them all. In one of them, there'll be an MCV. Deploy it and
receive a transmission from Luitenant EVA, who gives you some tidbits of
info on the Psychic Amplifier. Once the talking is over, you'll notice a
pay close attention to it, if you're running out of time, rush the amplifier
everything you have and try to destroy it (target it with everything and
Soviet Forces, so that you can give it a buttload of damage in one bam). DO
Reinforcements will arrive. There'll be a few transports with tanks and GIs
onboard. Deploy them all and let them join your forces. Begin setting up
base now. If you left alive the soviet Construction Yard, capture it now.
I didn't do it myself, it probably made it harder because of the better
they have. Well, it's just a stupid detail, so if you just destroyed it, I
understand it. It's so much fun to blow up a Soviet Construction Yard!!!!
Build up your Refinery, Power Plants, Barracks. Build about 20 GIs and then
start working on the War Factory. Build a bunch of extra miners to increase
Once you have a lot of miners, start building Grizzly Battle Tanks, or
if you did capture the Soviets things. Start pumping out a lot of them! When
you have a good group, mass everything together that you have. Build some
more GIs (20 again I'd sugest), and move north. You'll see a bridge, but
you'll need to repar it. Train an Engineer at your Barracks and send him
to the Bridge Repair Hut. Fix the thing and move along. You'll come to see
an island, where the Psychic Amplifier on it. Let your tanks fire on it,
the GIs you have massed will ward off any Soviet armor/infantry that might
interupt. Since the GIs are good against both of them, this will be kind of
easy for you! Once the Psychic Amplifier is destroyed, the mission is over,
and you get to see a very confusing ending scene. Premier Romanov is
sitting there, making himself angry (man, he should watch his heart!), and
will target Chicago and say something like: "Behold the Powerrr of
Rrrrrussia!". BAAMMMMMMMMMMMM! Nuke has hit Chicago and it isn't
pretty to look at!

Mission 5: Dark Night.
Briefing: It apears the Soviets are overpowering us. We must get help from
anyone who would want to. We can NOT LET THE Soviets take control of
the US. If we do, the Europeans will not be able to stand for themselves.
We're trying to convince the Europeans to join forces with us and help take
care of the Soviets. There is a slight problem however, the Soviets have 2
Nuclear Silos on the border between Germany and Poland. The Europeans
are afraid that the Soviets will launch the missiles once they have formed
alliance with us. That's why we will remove this threat, and ensure a good
alliance with the European countries. To acomplish the task quickly, we'll
deploy Tanya and a handful of spies for you to use. You must locate the 2
Nuclear Silos in a Battle Lab, and take care of them. Beware that the enemy
will have good guard against your attack, so use the spies well.

Main Objectives: Find and destroy the 2 Nuclear Missile Silos that are
threatning Europe.

Disguise your spies and take care of the Conscripts on the road with Tnaya
(she's a hotshot isn't she!). The plan is simple: We'll destroy all forces
may prevent our spies from reaching their destination, and we'll clear out
path, so that we don't have to fight too much when you need precious timing.
Send Tanya to the northeast. Shoot everything you see, especially all the
guard dogs. They must be killed. Not only do they threaten the spies, but
they also threaten Tanya, so you must ABSOLUTELY kill them, before they
get a chance to attack Tanya, otherwise it's game over for you! You'll
eventually come to a fork. You'll eventually come to the entrance to the
Soviet base where we must locate the bastard nukes! Fire at anything in
sight (be it oil barrel or soldier) and stay out of the range of the tesla
but destroy any that have barrels next to them. It is safer to find an
route however. Go to the farm nearby and free those cows (you can use
them, but I personally didn't). You'll see a barrel standing by a wall.
the barrel, and TADAAAA! A hole! You can pick off soldiers through here
easily, so do it. Take a Spy or two here. Let the first one enter the Tesla
Reactor and the power will be shut. Destroy all the Tesla Coils in here. Now
send in your Spy and let him infiltrate the Battle lab. Your map should get
expanded and you will get the location of the two Nuclear Silos that you are
searching for remember? Before you do ANYTHING ELSE, find some
barrels in the base and shoot them, to make another opening in the wall. Go
and follow the path to the path further. You'll see a crashed ariplane. It
apears something terrible has happened. You'll see a group of GIs and
Engineers. Get them out of there, and they'll tell you that they were on
plane but were shot down by Soviet air defenses (hmmmm, I don't
remember any flak in the area, oh well). They claim there are more survivors
around here somewhere (and they are right, I just don't use them, because
they aren't necesary at all). Bring them along to the base you've "defused",
and send the Engineers to capture both the Barracks and the War Factory.
Train aditional Engineers to capture the rest of the base. Once you have
everything there was to grab, and start building more War Miners, because
harvesting goes a lot slower with the Soviets. Once you have a good total of
harvesters, start building Rhino Heavy Tanks. Get a permanent production
started. The first wave will consist of 15 tanks, while we are building more
replace thme. Once you have them, send Tanya with them to destroy any
and all infnatry that might be around here. If you want, you can use the
to see exactly where there are tesla coils and all that stuff. Roll your
wave of tanks to the first nuke silo, and attack. You shouldn't have too
of a problme, target the Tesla Reactors first, and destroy them as quicly as
you can. Once they ar offline, destroy the Tesla Coils, or you could
the Tesla Coils, while Tanya blows the Reactors. Once you have cleared out
the base of its defenders, destroy the wall around the nuke silo and destroy
it. Now, wait for your second wave of tanks to be ready, and send them to
rendezvous with your original tank group. Once you have them ready, move
your butt. Attack the second nuke base. If you are taking Tanya along, be
sure to watch out for Guard Dogs, because they are very common and
annoying here. Apply the same tactic as usual, and destroy the second nuke
silo. Looks like you have persuaded Europe to help, now let's crush the

Mission 6: Liberty.
Briefing: We're back in Washington DC for an important mission that was
given to you by good ol' General Carville: "TAKE MY OFFICE BACK". We
are pushing away the Soviets of our soil, and we must continue to rally and
destroy their forces as fast as we can, because we mustn't give them a
chance to regroup and strike hard again. The main idea is to attack the
Soviets and take back the Pentagon, aswell as destroying all Soviet bases in
Washington. It isn't an easy task now, but I'm sure you can do it. Also,
made contact with the mad Doctor Einstein. He has given us the plans for
the new Prism Towers. We belive they will be most useful in your strugle.
Use them by all means, because we want the Soviets killed and that means,
we want you defended from any harm they will intend. Einstein is working on
several projects at this moment, so more of his work is expected soon
enough. Get over there commander, and settle the score once and for all.

Deploy the transports at the Pentagon. It's under attack already, but the
Prism Towers will do the job quite nicely. Establish a base. The first thing
we'll want to do is to make a superb and unpenetratable defensive
infrastructure. To do this, we will want to build more Prism Towers, wall
our base, and garison troops in the buildings by the Pentagon (VERY
IMPORTANT). Also, we will back our soldiers in the buildings up with some
Set up your base. Build a Refinery, Power Plant, Barracks, War Factory,
Battle Lab, and then we're up and running for some time. Build Prism
Towers, and place them by the ones that were already there. This will be
vital to your survival, as the Soviets will attack frequently with tanks.
the attack has been countered, repair all damaged defenses. Build an Air
Force Command HQ. Build 4 Harriers, and then start working on lots of
Chrono Miners. We'll need the resources hard, so make sure you have at
least 8 miners running your refinery all the time. Build about 10 tanks to
up the garisoned TIs. At some point, the message will come that the Soviets
have released their Terror Drones. Try to destroy them before they can
attack themselves to anything, and build a Service Depot to remove any
drones that are attached to your units. Also, don't just attack it with a
infantries, as they will kill your men without any doubt. Also, build lots
Fortress walls at key places, so that the enemy will have trouble using his
terror drones. Now that we have good defensive power, it is time we began
doing something about that Soviet annoyance in the city. Build more Air
Command HQ and fill them up with Harriers, until you have a squadron
(which means you'll need 3 HQs and 12 Harriers). Also, there's an easy way
of making your life less frustrating. The first strike your planes do,
on the bridge that leads to the first Soviet Base (which isn't too big). Let
planes reload and strike again if the first attack didn't take it out
Once the bridge is destroyed, and your planes are rearmed and ready, let
them strike the small base. Flak will be moderate, so you can easily take
them down. Target key structures and keep on striking 'till they have no
more structures to speak of. let all your planes reload, and move on to the
next base. Do as much damage as you can, and then build about 40 GIs.
You still have those transports right? Gather all the GIs you have and build
IFVs so that they all are seated in one. Put them in transports and move the
hovercraft to the other side of the broken bridge. Move your soldiers
and kill anything that is remaining of the enemy base (a bunch of tanks if I
can guess right). Maybe the second base still has defenses if so, build
20 tanks and transport them all over to the battlezone. Let them take care
the defenses you see.
Now, it's time to mop up the whole thing. Build even more tanks. Build about
15 and transport thme over. Let them demolish any enemyies you encounter
on the map (there's probably still a base out there, so take care of it
Once you have destroyed every base on this map, Washington will be yours.
It is quite thrilling. I found this mission very easy, because once you have
defenses up, it's all just building up a force of your own and destroying

Mission 7: Deep Sea. (what a pointless mission name!)
Briefing: We are winning the battle for the United States! We have fortified
our positions and are moving the Soviets away very quicly. In no time, the
Soviets will be evacuating and will be returning to their homes in Russia
hehe. However, there is a situation that requires your attention. We have
detected a large Soviet fleet heading to Pearl Harbor. This is their
attempt to increase morale of their troops, to get another victory. But we
not allow this. Prepare your own navy and strike back. It is likely that the
Soviets will deploy a base when they arrive. Destroy them all. Remove them
from American soil once and for all. Once we have driven them from this
place, we'll be able to strike them when we please. Beware that the Soviet
fleet is not to be underestimated. Our reports say that they took lots of
Submarines with them, so be on the lookout. Also, try to protect the base on
the island. It is probable that the Soviets will destroy that to make a
and build a base of their own.

Main Objective: Locate the Soviet fleet, destroy it and the base that they

There's no time to lose here, believe me! Start building Destroyers like
you've never done before. Crank out as many as you can manage before the
Soviets arrive with those stupid Sea Scorpions and submarines (oh DAMN, I
don't like the Soviets). Once they arrive, attack them with everything you
have. Move all your destroyers and carriers to the place of attack and wait
there and you will be attacked. Let the Destroyers worry about the
Submarines first. Let the Carriers try to destroy the dreadnoughts, the only
problem is Sea Scropions. Leave the Cruisers at your base, as the
Dreadnoughts have the annoying stupidity of targeting your structures. The
Cruisers will make short work oftheir missiles, so that isn't a problem.
you have destroyed every ship here, you may start to breave normally
again... at least for now. Get your cash flowing by building a lot of Chrono
Miners, and maybe a second Refinery if you want. Soviet paratroopers will
be coming in pretty often. See those houses close to your base? Well, we'll
just train GIs (LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM!) and garison them in those
houses, don't you think that's a good idea? Once that is done, train an
Engineer and transport him to the norht, where you'll find a Tech Airport.
Capture it now. Train some attack Dogs and send them over there to defend
against any infantry that might try to take over. (the enemy often tries to
capture it with Engineers if you leave no defenses) You could also place
some Prism Towers and Pillboxes at the Airport if you want! Start building
more defenses at your own base now. Place lots of Prism Towers and
Patriot Missile Systems at your base, with a few Pillboxes to help shred the
infantry faster. Once you have defenses up and running, see that you have
good power, so that a minor attack on your power plants won't just shut
down the whole thing. Now, start building a Service Depot. I'll tell you
The enemy AI has the annoying plan to often transport attack into your base.
They may include Engineers, but most annoyingly, Terror Drones(!). We
MUST NOT allow the enemy to harass us with his stupid drones. Make sure
they get destroyed before they even reach a vehicle, or the vehicle can
reach a Service Depot quicly. If you want, you could build a second base at
the airport, I did once, just to make it feel cooler (HAHAHA, the Soviets
win hahaha!). All paratroopers should just come to your base. We won't
them in an attack on the enemy base right? They're just costless infantry.
Now, it's time to build up a strike force to give the enemy a hard time.
off, see how many destroyers you have. A few were probably sunk by the
Soviets, I'd sugest building another 10 or so. Once that is done, start
a lot of Aircraft Carriers. Also, there's one thing that you must remember:
Build up Grizzly Battle Tanks and a lot of them please. Once you have a
of impressive numbers, group each ship type together. Keep them at your
base for the moment, but they'll play a large role in our attack in a few
moments. If the enemy manages to get a Nuclear Silo up and running right
now, hit him hard. First target the Silo, then target at your discression.
Destroy all targets of oportunity. There'll probably be a few subs, and a
bunch of Sea Scorpions around. Let the Destroyers concentrate on the
ships, while your Carrier Battle Group launches wave after wave of Hornets.
There may be flak, but they can't hold off all of them, belive me freely.
you've destroyed everything you could possibly destroy from this position,
quicly build a few transports and get everything you have ready at the
moment over there. The main idea is to certainly destroy all the Tesla Coils
that the enemy has placed. These are very unwelcome targets. Also, try to
destroy the Sentry Guns from the sea. Destroy all unit-producing structures
+Construction Yard (from sea or land) and you'll get the "Mission
Acomplished" message in no time! Good work commander, I'd say you
deserve a little rest right... RIGHT?

Mission 8: Free Gateway.
Briefing: Well, looks like your rest is already over hehe. We are really
the Soviets bad, and they are retreating on all fronts. Our intel believes
be able to drive the Soviets from America in a few days. So now you ask:
"Why the hell did you have to bother me?!". Well, you may have heard that
our primary suply-line at Misouri is in Saint-Louis. We have received
from Agent Tanya and the other forces in the area. It apears the Iraqis have
made their attempt to give us a blow in the face. Therefore, they have
invaded Saint-Louis, and they are readying a Psychic Beacon. They are
wanting to cripple our suplylines, and regain control. Agent Tanya is
assembling a strike force and we will have to destroy the Psychic Beacon
quicly, it's about to come online. Also, once this is done, drive off all
Soviet forces from the city. We mst give the Soviets an answer to their
attempts to win this war, by treachery and unfair warfare. This will turn on
them, you'll see soon enough.

Main Objective: Find, and destroy the Psychic beacon at the small soviet
base, then drive them off of the map!

Okay commander, we have Tanya and a bunch of GIs and engineers, ready
at your service. Our objective will be to find the small fortification where
Psychic Beacon is, and destroy it as fast as possible. You have about 20
minutes before the Beacon will activate, and there is absolutely no time to
Alright, assemble your strike team right away, move to the highway and
follow it until you reach the Soviet base. First thing you'll want to do is
the base from different angles. Let the GIs and the engineers go through the
back, while Tanya sees what she can do. The main plan is to find and
destroy all the Tesla Reactors, so that it is safe to destroy the Psychic
Beacon without getting fried by the Tesla Coils. Find and destroy all the
Reactors, kill any troops that you may find, and destroy all the Tesla Coils
afterwards. You'll notice the Psychic Beacon, ready and waiting to be
demolished. Move Tanya in and watch in joy as the whole thing blows!
That's the first and easiest part of this mission. The reinforcements will
with an MCV and some stuff. You should also get control of a bunch of
civilians, who apparently got an M1 Carbine assault rifle from the Soviets.
Wander how that happened hehehe. they're good cannon fodder IMO.
Watch out for the Desolators (the Iraqis brought them along hehehe),
because they will send your infantry to hell in an instan. It easy for them
butcher your soldiers, they can't do anything good against tanks though
(phew!!). There'll be a few of them in the soviet base already. They'll
harassing you, so dispose of them quickly. Oh yeah, after you destroy the
Psychic beacon, there will be a crate of money there. It always helps to
some extra cash. Also, watch your miners carefully, because something very
odd happened when I played the mission. Harvesting was pretty smooth, as
the fields are pretty close to your base. Everything went fine, until the
didn't show up anymore. No "Ore Miner Under Attack" notice, nothing! They
just disapeared to nowhere. I don't know how this was caused, I can only
warn you to keep your eyes open!
Okay. Start up your base now. Build refinery, power plants, barracks, a War
Factory. now, start producing lots of Chrono Miners. You'll also notice that
few new tanks have come to play: the famous Prism Tanks. They are very
well. They can take care of buildings from a long distance (handy against
Tesla Coils) and they aren't too weak aswell. Grizzlies are stronger, but
Prisms have much better firepower. You'll receive reinforcement of four of
these tanks, use thm wisely. Once your cash flow is nice, start building a
Battle Lab. Once that is up, build a bunch of Prism Towers for defensive
means. Once that is done, there is something I need to confess: I used a
rather ilogical strategy to complete the mission. I didn't cheat, but I just
did it
a little different then you should do it. What I did, is build about 15
Battle Tanks, roll them to the enemy base, and while they were busy
I built the second group of 15. I let my first group attack, but I couldn't
much, because of the Tesla coils. My second group made a big hole. Then, I
sent everything else I had, together with a good number of trained GIs. This
was the way I killed the enemy off. However, there is a much better way, by
using a big group of Prism Tanks. they won't suffer the Tesla Coil problem,
and they are suprisingly good against infantry aswell, just like the Prism
Tower. I have to say Einstein is a good guy, he builds good units anyway.
Let's hope there will be more of these goodies.

Mission 9: Sun Temple.
Briefing: The Soviets are desperate of keeping foot on american soil, but
that is easier said then done. Their forces are desperately trying to regain
control of cities, failing without glory. They still have a hold on Mexico,
they are counting their last hours. It won't be too long before we retake
place. There is only one thing we must absolutely prevent. The Soviets have
captured some Prism Technology, and are researching it at that base. We
believe they may already have a few prototypes of defenses, but we are not
sure of that. Most of our forces are comited elsewhere at the moment,
therefore the general has granted you a SEAL team, they will perform their
duties smoothly. Your mission is to find and capture or destroy any
versions of our Prism Towers, and destroy the complete base itself. Once
that is done, we can totally remove the Soviets from America. This mission
is vital to our succes Commander, don't let us down now.

Main Objective: Find and destroy/capture any versions of our Prism Towers
and destroy the research base.

Alright, we're working with a real SEAL team now. I must say that although I
do not like most limited forces missions, I liked this one very much,
especially because of the SEALs. they have cool guns, some kind of Hekler
& Koch MP5 Sub-Machinegun, which rocks against infantry. Tanks also
have a hard time shooting them (in my experience, it took a few Rhinos at
least 4 minutes to kill one SEAL, while he was mopping up the whole base,
only the Refinery remained, hehehehehe!). Just don't let them be squished,
or your SEAL is goodbye! Okay, like you could expect, these guys can swim,
so there will be water in this mission (DUH!!). Let your SEALs swim up to
main land. You'll come to a handful of Conscripts and Attack Dogs. "WHO'S
YOUR DADDY! Drrrrr, drrrrrr, drrrr! "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.
Ahem, okay. Suffice to say that those troops are dead meat! You'll see that
you just liberated a village. You'll have a few Grizzlies and GIs, while a
helicopter brings in five Engineers. Stick one Engineer in the copter and
to the west side of the map. Search around until you find the airport. If
are unfortunate to find some soldiers in the area, mow them down with the
copter, or bring a SEAL along. Be warned though: if you attack them with the
copter, be careful of staying at a good height. The Conscripts have an
annoying ability to fire on your chopper when it flies low (nice feature
by Westwood). Once you have taken over the Airport, send some SEALs to
defend it for the time being. We're not expecting any attacks, jsut to be
the Airport stays with us. Leave the rest of the SEALs in the village,
with all your forces in the village.
Now the mission gets really simple, just wait until you have massed a lot of
GIs by the Airport, group them together with the tanks and SEALs, and move
everything to the enemy base. Let the SEALs take care of defensive
building, aswell as unit producting structures, while the GIs and tanks
concentrate on any enemy units. If you can, let one SEAL concentrate on the
infantry units. Destroy the whole base, and if you get another paradrop,
them into the base to help out. If you want, you can capture the producing
structures and refinery to serve as your own. Destroy every tanks and
structure, together with all the infantry, and you're done for this mission.
There is another way to complete this mission though. Here it is:
Do the same with your SEALs. Let them liberate the village. Load the five
SEALs in the chopper and bring them close to the base. Do the same with
the Engineers. Let the SEALs lead the way and take care of any infantry that
might pose a threat to the engineers. Then, capture the prototype Prism
Towers, together with a Tesla Reactor. The Prism Towers look like pyramids
if you don't know, and there are two of them; Capture a Tesla Reactor for
each pyramid, and let the SEALs take care of all the infantry. Once you have
these Prism Towers, lure the tanks with you to the Prism Towers, and watch
them getting toasted. Also, you can let the last Engineer take over the
Construction Yard if you want, build a Barracks, train aditional Engineers
capture the rest of the base. Destroy anything that is still here and you
should also complete the mission with ease. The second is a more risky
way, but it is worth it, just to watch those Prism Towers destroy those big
tanks, it's just iresistable!!!

Mission 10: Mirage.
Briefing: Congratulations are in order commander. You have driven the
Soviets out of the United States for good now. They still have a hold on
Cuba, hwere they have a strong position. The Russians have pulled back in
Europe, and are beginning to strike there. Since their attempt of
our Prism technology, they have began searching other ways to get their
hands on it. We thought hey would do anything to find Einstein's laboratory,
and we were absoloutely right. They have invaded Germany, pouring deep
into the Black Forest, where they hope to get control of Einstein's
Teh Germans have contacted us, confirming that they are not strong enough
to face the Soviets alone. They have requested our help, in repelling teh
Soviets initial assault, aswell as removing them from German soil. Watch out
for new Soivet technology, we suspect that they have developed new tanks,
as people refered to as the Apocalypse tank. We do not know the full power
of this tank commander, but hope that you're not the first to find out.

Main Objective: Ward off, and thereafter remove all Soviets from the Black
Forest, nd protect Einstein's laboratory at all cost!

As you could see in the intro movie, General Carville gets wasted by a Crazy
Ivan standing in front of his dor. Think he's dead? Well, you'll find out
I know this is bad German, just trying. Okay, you'll get an animation where
Einstein shows his new invention: the Mirage Tank. I think they are best
against infantry, and if you can group a lot of them togehter, the vehicles
target will go down smoothly! Especially the V3s are a joy to target with
Mirage Tanks. We start a little outnumbered. We have a small fortification
near Einstein's lab, you get an extra MCV, and you will notice a German
Base, which will come under attack shortly, and will be demolished without
problem. Place your MCV at Einstein's lab, start making some extra Prism
Towers imediately! Now, build GIs fast. Build about 20-30 if you have the
time. The Patriots should be able to hold most of the missiles off while you
take care of the rest. Now start building Grizzly Battle Tanks. The Soviets
should've destroyed the German base already, so they're coming in. In the
front, there'll be about 10 or so Rhino Heavy Tanks, followed by a mass of
Conscripts (and I mean it, there are seemingly endless guys in there, well
not that many, see for yourself). Your Prism Towers should take care of the
Rhino Heavy Tanks smoothly. The infantry, however, should be handled in
the following method. While the Rhinos are being slaughtered without mercy,
build about 4 to 6 Attack Dogs. Hold them here, and when the infantry starts
to engage, let them lose. you'll be through with them pretty quicly. There
be a Flak Trooper/Flak Track or two acompanying the battle. Once that wave
is done, you'll notice the V3s shooting rockets at you, your Patriots doing
everything in their power to stop them. Take care of these pests by using
your Grizzlies for now. Good, now that this is done, start production of a
of Chrono Miners. Once money flow is steady, start building aditional
defenses if you need them, but I can say you that the worst is over. In
the Soviets didn't even bother attacking me after the third time anymore,
Seems like Einstein has trouble keeping his hands off of controls and stuff,
let's hope he doesn't make an internal error occur! LOL!
Build a Battle Lab as soon as possible, and start working on a Spy Satelite
Uplink and an Ore Purifier. While this is happening, you'll get word from
Einstein, saying where the next attack is coming from. It's a really feeble
one, a bunch of tanks. Your Prism Towers will make Fish and Chips of them,
hehehehehe! (NOTE: I am NOT from England or any British country if
anybody wonders ahem.)
Once that is done, you should be finished with your things. You will need
aditional power, so keep an eye out for that too. (I can tell you that the
problem will not exist anymore, once we are through with our first attack,
curious yet?) Start building about 5 to 8 Mirage tanks, and group them
together, we'll need them in a moment or two. While you are waiting for the
second Soviet wave, let's start building up our forces. Train 4 SEALs, an
Engineer (if you were so unlucky to lose the one you got at the beginning)
and mass production of both Grizzly and Prism Tanks. Once the third and
last serious attack comes, send your Mirage Tanks to investigate. There are
a bunch of V3 Rocket Launchers in there. We don't need them to fire on our
base, so target them one by one with all your tanks, and demolish. They
should go down in one strike.
Now that this is settled, build a Night Hawk chopper. Once it is ready, take
look at your Spy Satelite. You'll notice that there are three bases on thsi
map. We want to do something with one of the smaller bases. You'll notice
that defenses are rather weak. You'll also notice a Nuclear Reactor sitting
there, acompanied by a complete base. This is what I do.
Alright Commander, time for your first covert mission in this area. Delta
Force (SEALs) is ready to go. Our Engineer must be protected from any
harm, compris?
Okay, load all 4 SEALs and the Engineer in the chopper. We can't just land
in the middle of the base, because there are a bunch of Flak Cannons sitting
there. You'll have to land at the perimiter. Once your troops are landed,
the SEALs take care of the few Tesla Coil(s) that there are here, while your
Engineer gets in to take over the Nuclear Reactor. While your people are
underway, it is best to start construction of a Prism Tower. Once that is
wait until your Engineer has finished the job, and smack it down right next
it. It should start firing at any Tesla coils that remained. (if you want to
SEALs, try to sneak the Engineer in alone, if you're a little lucky, the
Coil will fire too late.) Start Building more Prism towers and place them
the Nuclear Reactor. All buildings in sight will be destroyed without
Since the Tesla Coils don't have power, they'll be stuck there. The AI will
start training Conscripts like a mad man. Let your SEALs take care of them
(they are even better then Tanya if you ask me) and let them take care of
Barracks, Construction Yard and the rest. Also, the miners will start to
the Prism Towers/Nuclear Reactor, but your Prism Towers will cut them to
pieces.  One base destroyed, two more to go, YIIIIIHAAAAA!
Now, it's just mop up work. Build about 10 prism Tanks and move them to
the other bases. The Tesla Coils will fall instantly, I even destroyed one,
while he was charging up to fire, looked cool!
You might want to bring the Mirage Tanks with you, just to handle the War
Miners better. Also, if you have a couple of elite Prism Tanks, you will
the hell out of the enemy!
Once you have destroyed every and all bases on this map, the mission is
over. Now, do you dere to tell that this mission was hard? If you do, then
next mission will beat the crap out of you, because that one can be a little
Oh, and I will just spoil this one for you, General Carville didn't survive
Crazy Ivan attack, looks like the cool guy died. It's just better to hear it
me than from that EVA thingie ahem.

Mission 11: Fallout.
Briefing: Alright Commander, General Carville may have died, but we are not
stopping this war, no matter how you may feel, I think you will agree that
have to move on and make the Soviets pay for all the harm they have
caused so far. Mister Einstein has just contacted us with some interesting
news. We have waited long for the Chronosphere to become operational,
and now that moment is finaly here. We have to place this machine in the
Florida Keys. What this does, is to transport vehicles in the blink of an
to another location. So, now that we have found the perfect spot, build the
Chronosphere as soon as you can. However, there is a small big problem.
The island we are placing you on, is very close to Soviet controlled Cuba.
We MUST protect our Chronosphere device from any harm the Soviets may
pose. You must eliminate the Nuclear silos, otherwise we will never be able
to use this teleportation device without fear. Get on it commander, I know
you can do it!

Main Objective: Build your Chronosphere and destroy the Nuclear threat
posed by the Soviets.

Now, as I said, this isn't a cookie, especially if you do it my way, it is
exciing though.
Alright. The mission will start and you'll get a message from Luitenant Eva,
telling you about the Giant Squids and the remedy, the Dolphins. Use your
Dolphins to kill the Giant Squid attacking the vessel. Okay, this area is
to get VERY hot. Start building some Destroyers fast! also, start building
LOTS of Grizzly Battle Tanks, and extra Chrono Miners. Sell off the lonely
refinery you yhave on the small island, where the Soviets will land their
troops. Once the Soviets attack, use everything you've got to destroy ships
they send to attack you. Now, destroy the bridge, and KEEP IT
DESTROYED AT ALL COST!!!!!! We don't want to get our hands on those
Apocalypse Tanks right now. You'll get message from Romanov, threatning
you with his Nuclear missiles. A twenty minute countdown will start. Now,
usual strategy everybody uses, is to build a Chronosphere and shift in Prism
Tanks to destroy the Silos or the reactors themselves. But we will do
something drastically else! Don't waste your money on the Chronosphere.
Build Dolphins and Destroyers +some cruisers as well. See if your Chrono
Miners are checking out, they tend to have a little problem, when they just
don't shift back because they are attacked by a lonely Rhino Heavy Tank.
Send some Grizzlies to destroy it anyway. Now, build more and more
Miners 'till they stick out of your butt. Do you know the cool thing? The AI
tends to target your dolphins if there are too many in the water! Or they
target another naval vessel, but NOT your base, and even if they do, it's
usually a minor assault. Now, I'll already warn you, there is a point in the
mission, where the AI sends seemingly endless flows of planes to attack
you, and they all hold Engineers. Train some SEALs and send your Cruisers
to the part they are assaulting. They should be shot down each time, and
even if they drop, the SEALs will take care of them, and with those
Engineers, you'll have Elite SEALs in no time! Now, make sure you have at
least 3 Air Force Command HQ and build 12 Harriers. Build a Spy satelite
Uplink, and you'll see a relatively light defended Nuclear Reactor. Send
planes to destroy it, you should only lose a few.
Once that reactor is out of the way, start building 10 Choppers. Once they
are ready, train 10 SEALs and 40 GIs. Load everything in them. Once they
are all stocked up, start building a LOT of tanks. Once you have about 40 or
so, build 8 transports. Build even numbers of Grizzlies and Prisms, leave
Mirage Tanks you built at your base to help deal with any paratroopers you
may encounter. Now, start transporting the Infantry over. Land them, deploy
the GIs and take care of any tanks that are here, they should also distract
the Tesla Coils, while your SEALs blow them up, aswell as a second reactor.
While this is busy, start moving your Transports in, escorted by all your
destroyers and Dolphins, bring in some Carriers to help take care of any
forces in range. Destroy the Naval Yard as fast as you can. There'll be a
of Squids in the water so keep your Hover Craft clear, using your Dolphins
systematically kill them. Once this is done, land your tanks, and start
assaulting the Nuclear Silo base. Destroy all three of them, using your
Tanks. You'll get a message from Premier Romanov, he's about to fire his
missiles at you, but then he realizes that something's wrong, the silos seem
to be disabled, he has no more controls for them, he can't acitvate his
missiles! An emotional scene to say the least, HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!
He tries to convince you that "YOU WILL BE CRUSHED!!!!!!!". Ignore him,
don't let it get to you, please don't. If you do, you'll certainly fail the
last, and
sometimes IRRITATINGLY hard mission to give a very acurate strategy for.

Mission 12: Chrono Storm.
Briefing: After General Carville's death, it is up to you to take us to
commander. The Soviets are doomed to lose this war, and still they won't
give up. Einstein has given us the ability to push right into Moscow without
any oposition the enemy's might give us. You, Commander, will have a small
SEAL team at your disposal. Find a good opening for our Chronosphere to
teleport in new reinforcements. Once they arrive, build a base inside
Moscow and destroy the Soviets from the inside out. Beware that they have
Nuclear warheads locked onto you. Be cautious in your strategy. Leave
nothing of the Soviet army standing, and infiltrate the Kremlin. Once Tanya
is inside, she'll find and capture Romanov himself, which will end this
and vicious war. It didn't look good in the beginning commander, but our
citizens will finally be safe.

Main Objective: Destroy the Soviet Black Elite Guard around the Kremlin.
Capture Premier Romanov.

This is the mission where I actually felt really bound to my orders. I said
myself "Now I'm going to kill the Soviet Union! THIS IS FOR GENERAL
CARVILLE!!" It was the first time I really felt that in a game, really! The
memorial service helped a lot to the feeling, it really told me, that those
bastards killed the guy that I actually liked the most in this game, and
would pay back a personal det to him. Okay, so this mission isn't exactly
hard, but it could give you people a hard time, so here's the strategy that
used, and I actually won with it!
Okay, so just to tell you, you do NOT have to engage the normal Apocalypse
tanks, only those with Elite status! That said, let's get on with the
airplane will come in and drop off 3 Navy SEALs. Kill the Soviet Conscripts
who will attack you. Blow up the Tesla Reactor to shut down all the Tesla
Coils here and there. Chronosphere reinforcement will chronoshift in, with a
ton of IFVs and an MCV. Destroy all the offline buildings with the SEALs and
the IFVs (shoot the Oil Barrels!). Also, I'd recomend for you angry players
destroy the Soviet flags aswell. I felt a little better when I did that.
your units are busy destroying things, start setting up your base. Build a
Power Plant, a Refinery, a Barracks and about 60 GIs. Use a SEAL to shott
some Oil barrles to free GIs and a few Engineers. Capture Oil Derricks with
them. Train more Engineers to capture the remaining 2 OIl Derricks. Once
you have them, fortify the first 30 GIs into the bunkers you have in your
The rest of them should stay deployed. Build a War Factory and some extra
Chrono Miners. Don't worry about Chrono Miners too much, as the Oil
Derricks will give you a lot of cash. Build 7 Air Force Command HQs, that's
right! SEVEN!!! You'll see some other Oil Derricks too, they aren't far from
your current position, so capture them and place 1 or 2 PillBoxes by each.
Also, you should find an Airport somewhere. Capture it and place some
defenses. Now, build a Battle Lab, Ore Purifier and a Spy Satelite uplink.
Also, if the enemy manages to snatch a Nuke off already, brace for impact,
he didn't, build a 2nd War Factory and place it somewhere else. Also, you
should make sure that the War Factory isn't around important buildings or
something, if this is the case, sell it off and build it somewhere else. The
enemy AI should always target a War Factory of yours, and you don't want to
slow down unit production. Build about 8 Mirage Tanks, because the first
waves of enemy attack are very heavy, and if you don't have enough tanks
killing units, you'll die anyway. Also, after the first wave of tanks, the
will start sending Terror Drones 'till he gets sick of them. Teh Mirage
will take care of them nicely. However, there is one thing that you must be
careful of. The enemy usually sends groups of 4 Terror Drones to your base.
Now here's the problem. He can make Terror Drones invincible with his Iron
Curtain device. This means that they will make your life worse then it
be. I'd say, move your Mirage tanks into trees and build a bunch of Prism
Towers, we'll need them later. Once the Iron curtain wears off, detsroy the
Drones. Now, build 28 Harriers, so that your Air Force Command HQs are
stocked up. Now, target the Nucleear Missile Silo, and blow it to
smithereens. Once he's out of the way, get back all Harriers that are still
alive. If you somehow screwed up and the silo still lives, rebuiuld your
Harriers and stand by a moment. Build a Weather Control device. Once you
do this, you'll get word from Eistein explaining what these are. While you
building this thing, look at the map. You'll see certainly two completely
undefended Nuclear Reactors. Split up all your Harriers into two groups, and
destroy them both. Once this is done, start building more tanks for
means. Gather all your Prism Tanks, and get some Mirage Tanks with them.
There are 2 small bases not too far from you. Demolish/weaken them
severely, so that they won't pose any threat anymore, it will be much easier
this way. Once your first Weather Storm is ready, target one of the War
Factories that are on this map, and blow it up. I'd say going for the one
to the Kremlin first. Once you destroy them both, you may be sure that there
will be no more Terror Drone assaults (for some odd reason, the ore miners
of the Soviets take ore, but the enemy doesn't rebuild his structures
hehehehe). Now, gather all your fighters and strike the Iron Curtain, he's
using it anymore anyway. Once that is out of the way, you can see what's
next. If you couldn't destroy the Nuke Silo somehow, do it now, by launching
a Lightning Storm first, and completely destroying it with air planes. If
already did destroy it (which shouldn't have been too difficult), target
Construction Yard. Once thatis destroyed, rebuild any destroyed Harriers,
the rest reload, and go for the two more defended Nuclear Reacotrs. Right
about now, the black elite guard should start pushing forward. Build lots of
Grizzlies and Mirage Tanks while they are advancing, and destroy them all!
(you should've already got some skirmishes with some of them, and they
should've been destroyed already). Once all the Black Elite Apocalypse
Tanks are out of the way, power down everything by taretiing the other
Reactors with your Harriers. Once the power is down, move your aircraft in
and destroy the Sentry Guns that are standintg there, aswell as the Flak
Cannons. Once you destroy them, the Black Elite Guard around the
Kremling will be completely destroyed. A bunch of Conscripts will yell out
you, saying they will never surender to you. Now follows a nice scene, where
your Prism Tanks demolish buildings pretty fast. Once that scene is over, an
IFV will arrive with Tanya on board. She will move into the Kremlin.
She shoots up some things, and somehow doesn't find Romanov, until she
realizes that Romanov is disguised, hehehehe. Now soldier, it's time to hit
shower and get to the President for your congrats!

11.1.2: Soviet Walkthrough
Mission 1: Red Dawn.
Briefing: Ahhhh, Comrade General! Welcome! join us while the Americans
are still living in peace in Washington DC. If you're still wondering, this
first target. This invasion was well planned, and will lead us to the
which should've been in the hands of Stalin, so many years ago. Yet now,
we will prevail. To be fair with you general, Stalin didn't use strategy, he
relied on his brute power to take over complete Europe. Europe is not a
cause of problem here, it is America who is. The Europeans won't just join
a war they aren't fighting, the Americans will have to bag for their help,
then it will be far too lat! We will have control over most of America,
Psychic Beacons everywhere in the continent. My advisor Yuri, who is the
founder of the Psychic Beacon, will give you these special assignments.
Please note comrade, that you're not alone, fighting on American soil. More
important then you ever will be, is General Vladimir. We have never known
such good strategists. He is all we could hope for. You however, will have
prove yourself and to Yuri. This first assignment will be your first test.
Like I
mentioned before, you're traveling right into the heart of the Americans,
Washington DC. Once arriving, you will imediately push forward into the
and destroy the Pentagon. We have dreamed many years of destroying this
wrath. This will be especially a psychological blow to the US military.
talk comrade, destroy the Pentagon, before I set Vladimir to the task!

Main Objective: Enter Washington DC and destroy the Pentagon at all cost.

This is the first mission I played in Red Alert 2, and it was amazingly
which was a very big surprise to me. You would think that the Pentagon is
better guarded then that. Especially in the final stage, when you even get
tanks! Those Allies don't even have good defenses to slow you down! Oh
well, it's a very fun mission, it's a Soviet mission, which means SHOOT 'EM
In the introduction, you'll see several planes drop off paratroopers, while
lovely Luitenant" gives you some extra rememorization of what you're
suposed to do: Destroy The Pentagon!
Once the Construction Yard is deployed, start by building a Power Plant.
Your soldiers will shoot up women, men and cars. VERY COOL! There's a
parking lot in this mission, where you can do a lot of shootin'!!! Build a
Refinery and a Barracks. Train about 30 more conscripts (it isn't necesary,
but it's oh so fun!). You can train an Engineer already, you'll need him in
next stage of the mission. Move all your Conscripts to the left. After some
more sexy women killin', you'll get a message from Luitenant Zofia,
informing you that enemy GIs have been detected. Well, you shouldn't lose a
single Conscript. Once all those GIs are wasted (there are 2 groups of them,
just to remind you), move further to the left, and a little to the north. If
search a little, you'll stumble upon an Allied base; It's a real stupid
a couple o' GIs and a pillbox or so. And know this. Westwood is so
concerned about you, they send even more paratroopers. Hopefully they'll
get dropped off before the Patriot shoots them down (how about destroying
that thing now?). Now, jsut for fun, buiild another 30 Conscripts at your
and rendezvous at your other people's location. Oh and, you should've
destroyed the base alright! Train another 30 Conscripts, just for fun! Now,
bring all your 30 extra soldiers and your engineer to the rest. You should
an annoying message that you have found a destroyed bridge. Don't wait too
long to repair it, it's really annoying to hear Zofia repeat her long
about 10 times! Send the Engineer in the Bridge Control Station, and a
miracle will happen. The bridge will be repaired! Just move your people
across before the bridge changes his mind, LOL! Now, garrison your people
in those buildings here, to take out the Pillboxes to destroy them without
losing anyone, we wouldn't want that right? Go and attack all the GIs that
may be here, and you'll receive a massive reinforcements, which includes
some Engineers. Take the Airport and the Allied barracks, and just for fun,
train as many GIs as you have Conscripts, I'm not joking. Once that is done,
move your LEGION or troops further. If you even manage to get a "mission
failed" message, then I'd advise you to quit trying to waste your time with
Red Alert 2, why even bother playing games, if you can't beat a simple
mission like this one!
Okay, now that we are ready, move everybody across the bridge. You'll
encounter a group of GIs and some Pillboxes. Destroy them all, and open
fire on the Pentagon. And even as we speak, an IMENSE reinforcement
arrives. It holds a lot of conscripts and even tanks! And if you somehow
yourself now, F*CK YOU!
After the Pentagon goes down, it's that for this mission, on to the next
which isn't more difficult than this one, it's actually more fun in my

Mission 2: Hostile Shore.
Briefing: Good work in Washington General. I think you may be a good
adition to our forces. You are however, no oposition to General vladimir's
superiority. But I guess I already told you that. comrade, we have a
at the Florida Coast. We have detected an Allied fleet in that sector. You
must give the Americans the feeling of pain as fast as you can comrade. Do
a shore landing in florida, and wipe the americans from this sector. Don't
afraid General, you are not alone on this miission, I'm sending General
vladimir and his fleet with you. General Vladimir himself will be in his
personal Dreadnought, supervising the operation. You must clear out
Constal Defneses so that he can strike to his willing, ohterwise the stupid
americans will pick his rockets out of the sky, and that's not a pretty
when you are so close to winning a war, in fact, America's fait has already
been decided, they will be DESTROYED!

Main Objective: Do a shore lnding, and destroy all Allied Forces in the

Okay comrade, this is an easy one! There'll be some defenders at the shore.
Punch your way through them, and a transport should arrive containing your
MCV. Once you have this one, place your base and build everything you
need. Build Tesla Reactors, Barracks, Refinery, War Factory, LOTS of
Rhinos, some Sentry Guns, a Naval Yard, LOTS of submarines. Let your
Rhinos fire at any Destroyers that come in range, also I hope you placed
your Construction Yard far enough, otherwise you'll get shell after shell of
destroyer fire, and that's not a good thing, believe me. You'll get more
Conscripts and tanks, aswell as some submarines. Once this happens,
gather all your Submarines, and sail them around, you will eventually
stumble into a group of Destroyers. If you gathered enough Submarines, you
should be able to destroy them easily. Once the Destroyers are finished,
start moving your Rhinos out of your base, and into the Allied territory.
will stumble into a small fortification, which is your only objective
There'll be some Pillboxes, some Grizzlies and a group of GIs. Watch out for
the GIs, as they may take care of your tanks quite icely if you don't take
Target the tanks first, then the GIs and lastly the Pillboxes, they won't do
lot to your tanks. Try to draw the ground forces away from their base and
of the range of the Pillboxes, so that you don't have to take that bit more
Once this base is destroyed, you should be done with this short and easy

Mission 3: Big Apple.
Briefing: Today General, you will not receive your orders from Premier
Romanov but from me, his advisor Yuri. As you know, our invasion is going
as planned, but the powerful tanks is not all we posess. We have the most
dangerous technology in the world, called "Psychic Technology". It sends
messages to the enemy unit's brain, so that you can take control of them.
Some people, like me, are experts in "mind controlling" people. However, we
think that you have to find something to dominate whole cities, even
continents (while we still not have that technology). Today comrade, you
place a Psychic Beacon in New York City, to show the americans the
through meaning of soviet power. There is a slight problem. We will need an
American Battle Lab to finish the job, otherwise, otherwise it is
You will infiltrate the already burning city of New York, and you will
an American Battle Lab. After this, you will build and defend a Psychic
Beacon for about 5 minutes, so that the beacon can power up and activate
itself, after which you will have complete control of every civilian/soldier
New York City. Get to it comeade, convert the Americans!!!

Main Objective: Build and defend a Psychic Beacon at all cost.

You'll receive word from Luitenant Zofia, showing you the location of the
American Battle Lab that we want. There's no hurry, so don't rush it before
you're truly ready. After this, Yuri will bother you, giving you 4 of his
friends, called Psi Corps Troops. There will be ocasional assaults by Allied
units, so turn them against their American fellows, so that you can build up
forces quicker, it's really handy! You'll notice a few Oil Derricks close to
base, capture them to give yoy extra cash. Build Sentry Guns around the
Oil Rigs, so that they will be protected from any harm, especially engineer
attacks. Start pass production of conscripts right now, we want a sizable
force, and you'll see why when the end of the mission kicks in! Start making
Rhino Heavy Tanks as fast as possible as well as extra War Miners ASAP!
Once that's done, prepare your complete tank force, making sure there are
at least 30 tanks. Train an Engineer and make him follow from a safe
distance, while keeping him safe with some conscritps (train them
aditionally). You'll come across some garrisoned buildings, full of GIs.
each building with all your tanks, 'till it blows. Crush the GIs! Move
down the road, and destroy the Pillboxes stationed here. You'll see the base
now. Fire your way through the defenders and destroy all the buildings
except for the Battle Lab. Bring in the Engineer and capture the battle Lab,
which will result in a timer starting. You now will have to dfend your bases
from heavy assaults. Place a Barracks next to your Psychic Beacon and
train Flak Troopers and Conscripts. I'd also advice you to make Sentry Guns
and place them here aswell. A lot of Rocketeers and GIs, assisted by some
tanks will attack you. Let the Flak Troopers take care of the Rokceteers
whcih will go smoothly. Once that is done, let them help with the troops
give you a hard time. I'd say the infantry, as the Grizzly Battle Tanks
be taken care
of by the Rhinos. at your original base, train some more conscripts and more
Rhinos to help out, because there are a lot of Grizzlies coming here. Once
the timer expires all the troops will turn mad and choose to join you, very
nice isn't it? I got to hand it to Yuri, he's a real genious. By the way,
mission is acomplished now hehe.

Mission 4: Home Front (man, they have taken that mission title from DS9!!!
Briefing: Comrade, the Koreans have made an unexpected move. We knew
they would be allying themsleves with the Americans, but attacking us in our
own land! This is growing far faster than we thought it would. We have
detected a large fleet of Korean ships moving to Wladivostok. It is our
that they want to destroy the Soviet Union from the inside out. We must not
allow this to happen, at all cost, stop them! They will without a doubt try
a shore landing, we must destroy their base and wipe them off of Russian
soil. I would've liked to send General Vladimir to do this task, but since
Warhero, he needs some rest, and is off duty until further notice. You
comrade, will take his job and destroy the Korean forces in the area, good

Main Objective: Find and destroy the Korean fleet and base completely.

Okay, quicly build up your base. Once you have built a War Factory, a
message should come in from Luitenant Zofia, telling you about the new
anti-armor unit, the Terror Drone. These will come in handy later, so train
about 6 of them. Build LOTS of tanks right now, followed by a Naval Yard
and a lot of submarines too. Scout out the map and build a Radar Tower to
get a more clear view of the situation. Once the ten minute counter expires,
Amphibious Tranpsorts will start there landing operation, and a lot of
will start coming your way. Move your tanks forward, pushing back the
invaders taking the Terror Drones with your forces. If you can make it
through fast enough, you will be able to come right on time for the MCV to
land. Send your Terror Drones to attack it, and if you were not too late,
will eat it up, and it's almost over for you. If you were too late, don't
Destroy the humble beginnings of the base, and you'll have the same result.
Now, let your Subs sail out to see where the rest of the fleet is. Once you
have found the destroyers, build a satisfying number of subs and destroy
them! Once the Destroyers are finished, it's mission over for you. Here's an
alternative way for the people who like to do missions slowly:
Set up your base right away. Build defenses as soon as possible. Build
Sentry Guns for the GIs that will come, and use Rhino Heavy Tanks to
defend your base from the Grizzly assaults. Also, it is very important to
a bunch of Flak Cannons around. The Black Eagles of the Koreans can
really annoy you. They mostly target your Power Plants, and if you don't
air defenses, they will actually destroy them! Okay. Build up your base with
defenses, right? Now, build about 20 Rhino Heavy tanks to be sure the
Grizzlies won't do you any harm. Build about 4 Sentry Guns to the position
the enemy attacks, if you are not sure just build a lot of them around your
base, they aren't too expensive. Once that is done, the ten minute counter
should've expired already, and you'll get a "SAY YOUR PRAYERS" from the
Korean Commander. He's a real lame guy, as he is so stupid thinking that
we are just sitting there doing nothing! Also, a dozen of Terror Drones
wouldn't hurt, they eat through infantry and destroy tanks quite nicely
that's where they were designed for). Once you have killed off their first
of assaultance, the most noticible thing that they'll do, is send Blakc
to attack you. In adition to the Flak Cannons, you can train some Flak
Troopers to help out (if necesary of course). Once this is done, start mass
production of Rhino Heavy Tanks imediately. Once you have an unbeatable
force, move in for the kill. Once that is done, make sure you have a Naval
Yard and start cranking out Submarines. Find and destroy the remenants of
the Korean Fleet, and that's it for this stupid excuse for a mission

Mission 5: City of Lights.
Briefing: The Western Europeans have allied themselves and they have
gathered their forces at the German-Polish border. It apears they are less
cowardous than we thought. However, they made a big mistake in leaving
the French capitol of Paris undefended, which we will attack without a
you will start with a small but effective strike team, which will consist of
Conscripts. Use good strategy to systematically destroy the Allied
Secure the whole city, and once that is done, start moving your troops to
Pris Eifel Tower. Charge it with Tesla Troopers, and you will have a brand
new Tesla Coil at your disposal. Destroy all the forces in Paris, and show
French how we handle our enemies!

Main Objective: Destroy all forces in Paris, and charge up the Pris tower
three Tesla Troopers, so that you can help your strike team establish their

You'll start out with a good number of Conscripts. Train about 10 more of
them and join forces with your original group. The first threat that you'll
encounter are a bunch of deployed GIs. Garrison all your soldiers in the
nearby building and waste them. Don't worry, as there are more than enough
buildings to place your people in. Note that your base was attacked in the
first stage of the mission, but the GIs were wasted by a Tesla Coil
Nest target is a bunch of GIs, acompanied by a Pillbox. Destroy both
(shooting the Oil Barrels will help you, force attack on them to make
destrouction even quicker!). If your building gets wasted, change house and
continue the attack. (oh man, I miss my tanks!). Another few road blocks
need to be removed, that mostly consist of Pillboxes or GIs, or even some
Grizzly Battle Tanks, which you can even destroy without garrisoning
anything, just to make your Conscripts promoted! You should be able to
secure a passage to an Oil Derrick. Train an Engineer, and capture it. Now
you'll have a steady flow of credits. Garrison about 10 Conscripts in
by the Oil Derrick, because the AI will destroy it if you don't defend it.
Train a
LOT of Conscripts, about 20-30. You won't be in credit-need, so that
problem si solved anyway. At some point, Crazy Ivan will show up and you'll
be able to train those too. Also train about 10-20 Tesla Troopers and leave
few to overpower the Tesla Coil, which will come in handy later. Take the
rest of your troops to join at the last target (near the Oil Derrick).
across more Grizzly Battle Tanks and more Road Blocks! Destroy everything
and make yourself a way to the Eifel Tower. Destroy all nearby direct foes,
and then move in some Tesla Troopers. You'll know if you have not enough,
because a cutscene will show a trooper ordering you to gather Tesla
Troopers to charge up the tower. Once you have the tower, it will start
at any nearby GIs/tanks. Once those are destroyed, pull everything back to
your little foothold. You'll see a bunch of GIs and about 2 or 3 Grizzly
attack your base, it all depends on how many units you killed. The
overpowered Tesla Coil will take care nicely of every unit, but if something
actually succeeds in destroying it, kill them with your Tesla Troopers and
backup Conscripts. Once you have destroyed all Allied forces in paris, the
mission will end!
Romanov looks a little ill if you ask me, I'd advise some bedrest
hehehehehehehehe. MAN! I really get the creeps of Yuri, I'd really like to
a bullet in his F*CKIN' head!

Mission 6: Sub-Devide.
Briefing: The Americans are bagging for mercy, as if we don't know they are
stupid cowards, who will strike us if we grant them only a little bit of
breevingroom. The Allies are desperately trying to sort things together, as
their European allies are a little crippled at this moment, after our recent
assault on Paris. We can still expect heavy resistance from Korea though,
so stay alert.
Today, you will have to destroy a fleet, stationed here in Pearl Harbor. We
will do a shorelanding and build up our own navy, afterwhich we will destroy
the Americans in their own wellknown harbor.

Main Objective: Destroy the Allied fleet at Pearl Harbor, and watch out for
any Korean interventions.

Saw those Apocalypse Tanks on the bridge in the scene? I only wished that
they didn't stop the program! Seeing that helicopter go down with a few SAM
hits from the tanks, would be real cool! Well yeah, shame for the violence-
limits. Now, on with the mission, which is kind of easy. First off, look at
opening scene, where a bunch of transports come in to deliver the lead
onboard. Some Conscript and stuff, together with an MCV. Deploy it and
start building Tesla Reactor, Refinery, Barracks, Radar Tower, some Tesla
Coils for defense. Since the last few missions, I really realized how good
those overpowered Tesla Coils are. Train a bunch of Tesla Troopers.
Overpower all the Tesla Coils that you build, aswell as building some extra
Tesla Reactors. If you want, you can overpower these Reactors aswell, to
make sure that you can place some more Tesla Coils without having to build
more of those reactors. Now, build a Naval Yard, followed by a ton of
Submarines. I'd say about 10 in the first stages will do. You might aswell
build a few Sea Scorpions to quilcy scout out things. Once you have some
recon data on the enemy base and fleet, sail around some more. Eventually,
you'll get a Dreadnought reinforcements, consisting of two of these
behemoths! Build some more Dreadnoughts, we'll use them later. From this
mission on, the Allies can build their feared Prism Towers. It is best to
out of range and bombard with your Dreadnoughts. Although there are one
or two Cruisers in the emidiater area, together with some Patriot Missile
Systems, one or two, or even more missiles will get through. they will
the Prism Towers without problem. Cover your Dreadnoughts with your subs
and Scorpions to defend against Carriers and Destroyers. The Korean
reinforcements should start to arrive about now, so start attacking them.
They consist of some Destroyers and 2 Carriers. Take out the Destroyers
first, together with your Dreadnoughts, start bombarding the Carriers.
Destroy the whole fleet, and if it somehow doesn't work out, build more subs
to finish off the job. This fleet is nothing compared to the complete Allied
fleet at their base, so don't just feel good once you destroy the Korean
Also, keep some Scorpions around at all times, because they will destroy all
the enemy hornets (or at least most of them), so that your bigger ships
together with your subs won't be harmed. Now, build a War Factory, we're
going to do this my way! Build about 30 Rhino Heavy Tanks. Build 6
Amphibious Transports. Also, build one more transport, five Flak Tracks,
and put them full of infantry. Stock up the Transport with everything that
wants to enter it. Now, sail over everything, making sure the Prism Towers
are destroyed. Avoid all ships and land your troops on the shore. Destroy
Pillboxes and Patriots, and let your Dreadnoughts help in destruction.
Destroy all the units. Iredicate the whole base, take everything that
back to your home base. Now that we won't have to worry about any shore
defenses, start firing your dreadnought missiles at the ships. Build a lot
subs if you want, because we'll need them in a minute or two. Move your
subs to all the cruisers and destroy them systematically. Once they are
destroyed, let your Dreadnoughts do their magic. Let your Scormions destroy
all attacking Hornets, or they'll mess up your Dreadnoughts, and, if they
detect them, your subs. Once you have destroyed all the ships that form the
Allied fleet, the mission will be acomplished!!! Also, there is a money
hidden in the waters, it might com in handy, especially when you're starting
pumping out tanks and stuff!

Mission 7: Chrono Defense.
Briefing: Even as our victory is coming nearer and nearer, Premier Romanov
has fallen ill, and has turned over command to his advisor Yuri. Not
everybody is so happy about that, but it will have to do for the moment.
intel has become aware of Einstein's development project on the
Chronosphere. It appears that a first Chronosphere is already constructed,
before we could harm it. We have localized the Chronosphere's first target,
is in the Russians mountains of Ural. There's a small village nearby. Our
main new research project is being completed there, the new Apocalypse
Assault Tank. This is the most powerful and unstopable tank in the whole
world. We can not allow to lose this research data, which will be vital in
making our war effort much easier. Also, Einstein has been working on the
new Allied tank, the Prism Tank. You are no doubtly familiar with the Prism
Tower, which you have experienced in your last mission. You must not allow
these Prism Tanks to destroy our Battle Lab in the area, or we will be
doomed (especially if Einstein builds any more of this stuff). You, General,
are being sent to the region and you will defend against all teleported
from the Allies. Good luck!

Main Objective: Defend your Battle Lab at all cost, from all kinds of
chronoshifted Allied Attacks.

Start off building Refinery, Radar Tower and a Barracks. First thing to do,
to build some Tesla Coils and overload them. Build more Tesla Reactors if
necesary. Once that is done, start training a lot of Conscripts, and build a
War Factory. Start mass production of Apocalypse Tanks. You should get
message that an Allied Propaganda Truck is spreading capitalist information
to the villagers nearby. Now, build two Flak Cannons. The first attack will
arrive now, consisting of some IFVs, GIs and Rocketeers. you should take
care of the IFVs with your Apocalypse Tanks, aswell as the GIs (they
shouldn't form a big threat). The Flak Cannons will take care of the
Rocketeers nicely. If they need some help, let the Apocalypse Tanks fire
their SAMs at them. They can do both jobs simeltaniously, so that's pretty
cool. Roll your tanks a little out of your base, and destroy the truck now,
up the crate it leaves and return to base. The enemy Sniper they sent should
died already, if he didn't, crush him with your tanks (literaly, just to a
move over the Sniper, for those who don't know!). Keep Attack Dogs at your
base at ALL TIMES! The enemy will try to infiltrate them in various
your Radar or Power Plants mostly. Build some more Apocalypse Tanks.
The second assault will be a little like the first one, but with no
if I
remember correctly. Also, build aditional Flak units/structures to help in a
few moments. The enemy often sends 4 Harriers to attack you. The assaults
will start to get harder, they'll start to bring in Grizzlies and Prism
Watch out for these, as they can level your structures before you know
where they are! Send a few Apocalypse Tanks to destroy them, and you'll be
fine anyway. Now, you should get a few spare moments! Capture the Oil
Derrick nearby, and destroy a little Allied foothold nearby, it's nothing
just let the double-barreled tanks do the job, and you'll be fine. Now, the
assaults will start kicking in. A lot of Spies will start to come, but your
should be able to kill them. Once, my dog attacked him too late! He was just
infiltrating the building when he performed his attack! Weird, but it
happened. Also, more Prism Tanks will start coming, so watch your six
there. Now, it is time to finish this. you'll get notified of the last
by Luitenant Zofia. More IFVs, Prism Tanks and a Sniper will come in. Kill
them all, and watch as your Attack Dogs jump in the air of joy!!! WE HAVE

Mission 8: Desecration.
Briefing: General, I am sorry to report that Comrade General vladimir has
turned on us. He has killed Premier romanov and has fleed to a for now
unknown place. Oh, wait... We're getting transmission from our intle
General Vladimir is belived to be in Washington DC, we belive he is in the
White House, counting his last numbers. You are our only General that we
can count on to do the job, go out there General, destroy the whole city if
must, but campture the White House and find General Vladimir. Yuri will
take care of the rest. Now that we've lost Premier Romanov is dead, killed
by the bastard General Vladimir, the difficult falls on Yuri's shoulders, to
the soviet Union to its greatest victory in Soviet history, where Pother
will take the most of the credit. Oh, wait... receiving transmission from
Iraqi General. They say that their special Desolator troops will be at your
disposal in this mission, they will kill all kinds of infantry for you, with
radiation spreading weapons, but our uneffected by the radiation
themselves. Use them wisely General, they will be very handy in the heat of
battle. One more thing. It is believed that General Vladimir is trying to
convince american troops to join him and assault you. He does this by using
a Psychic Beacon. Use caution, and destroy it as soon as you can, they
wukk turn against Vladimir, but stay alert, as they may attack you aswell!

Main Objective: Invade Washington and capture the White House.

Iemdiately start up your base using the normal techniques. You should be
pretty familiar with the layout of the city (surely if oyou played the
Campaign), so you won't have too much trouble finding certain things. First
things first. There'll be two waves of enemy Conscripts, brought in by
Vladimir, who seems to be confident that you'll turn against Yuri (well, we
don't have much of a choice for that matter, not yet anyway). Use your
Desolators to kill them off quicly. Now, first thing you'll want to do is to
build a
bunch of Flak Cannons. Once you have both a War Factory and a Battle
Lab, start mass production of the Apocalypse tanks. Vladimir sends
ocasional assaults by V3 Rocket Launchers. The Desolators work very well
against them (which surprised me at first, I didn't know they could kill
that quicly). Also, he'll send ocasional assaults by Tesla Troopers and
dogs. Again, your Desolators in guard mode will toast them, before they can
even get a shot/bite off! Also, a few overloaded Tesla Coils wouldn't hurt,
the time when Vladimir's tanks try to punch through. Once you have about 5
Apocalypse Tanks ready for duty, let them destroy the first monument that
you spot, because each time you destroy one, you get a cash bonus from
Moscow! Nice huh? The Washington Monument also holds a promotion
crate. Take it, and your tanks should go veteran. Now, slowly move forward,
pushing through the White House. Also, send a Desolator with them, to
quicly kill off Conscripts and such. You'll come across small footholds,
protected by Sentry Guns. This is a good spot to get some fast promotion.
You should try to get at least 2 Apocalypse Tanks Elite status, as those
cannon shells really hurt the enemies you'll encounter. Your Desolator will
get himself promoted quite quickly, as there are a lot of conscripts to
aswell as dogs and Tesla Troopers. You should get across more Sentry
Guns. Destroy them systematically, aswell as the few tanks that may be
here. Get yourself some extra promotion. Let the unpromoted tanks attack,
so that they can gain experience (man, this game is getting a little
no offense, I love Diablo II! It's just weird for a C&C game). Oh and by the
way, if defense isn't going really slick, just garrison a bunch of
the houses by your base. Also, you might want to brake off course and
snatch the few monuments with you, just for the cash and the rest of the
crates that they leave behind. Now, we'll make some preparations for when
the timeis right. Build a Flak Track and a Soviet Engineer, so that you
have to wait until the slowpoke gets to the destination. Put the Engineer in
the track and move him to a safe place. Also, you may have noticed that the
ore fileds are running dry. Once that happens, your War Miner and Vladimir's
one will start shooting at eachother, really funny to see! Okay, time to
further. Oh and, if you really want to get your last Veteran Apocalypse
that little more points to become elite, target houses and destroy them.
Civilian building is worth 5 points of experience. Now, it's time to move on
the dirtier work. MOve your tanks further, acompanied by the Desolator,
unless he died underway hehe. Now, you should eventually come to a group
of GIs starting to attack your tanks, right? Kill the GIs and destroy the
Psychic Beacon, so that Vladimir's threat is finally completely
or almost neutralized. MOve further, and you'll come across another few
Sentry Guns. Do the same, and keep your Desolator away from it. Now, the
heavier things will start coming. enemy tanks will come as you come near
the White House. It is protected by Tesla Coils, so you should watch your
ass. Your Elite Apocalypse Tanks won't have that much trouble with it, it's
just making sure you don't lose them. Once all enemy structures are out of
the way, destroy that annoying War Miner, always shooting at yours! Once it
is dead, claee the imediate area around the White House, and bring in the
Flak Track and unload the Engineer. Direct him into the White House and
the mission is over!!!!!!!!!!
Comrade, don't listen to Yuri's lies! AAAAAAARRRGGHHHH!
Oh man, I wish I could choose which path to folow!

Mission 9: The Fox and the Hound.

11.2. Readers Walkthroughs
11.2.1. Scott Batass Walkthroughs (anybody else interested in joining the
list? I bet you do.)
Mission #1
Grab Tanya make her unit 1, kill boats. Duh
Have Tanya help kill the Conscripts. Then have her stand there and kill the
new batch of Conscripts that are being air dropped. Keep the GI's deployed.
After the conscripts are dead make the GI's unit 2 and undeploy them move
Tanya and the GI's to the left, following the bridge. Then have Tanya move
and to the right. Help the to GI's by killing the conscripts then move her
and to the left. You should find a crate. Grab it. As this is going on, move
your GI's from unit 2 to your 2 new GI's. Make them one unit and move them
and to the right till you find a McBuger Kong.
As this is happening move Tanya to the right and up till you find another
crate. Grab it and move to the McBuger Kong.
Have your GI's go into the McBuger Kong, then into the gas station to the
right of it. Leave them there and any conscripts that are air dropped there
will die.

Now have Tanya goto the Fort. As soon as it becomes yours send the attack
dogs to where the Soviets drop there troops, just to make sure your chrono
harvester will not come under attack. Then build a barracks.

When the barracks comes online, train two engineers, then 15 GI's. Have
first engineer fix the bridge.

Then move Tanya across and kill any troops in your way. Shoot the barrels,
then move toward the warehouse. Leave the sentry guns alone.
Use Tanya to clean out a path to the Soviet war factory and the bottom left
of the base. Send in your engineer to one of them, take it over.
Use your GI's to kill the V3 rocket launches, all that you can.

After you take over the war factory, build tanks. Use attest 2 to 3 tank and
destroy the guns. When they are gone, kill the last V3, then have Tanya
destroy the base.


Have Tanya kill the conscripts. DO NOT PICK UP THE CRATE!!!!!!
When the rocketeers show up, move them to the far bottom left of the map.
There you will find two more.

Then move them to the top let of the map. Kill the 3 conscripts and the
attack dog. Move Tanya and crew to pick up the crate. It's money.
Move the rocketeers to the top right of the map.

After Tanya and co pick up the crate, move them to the top right of the map.
As they are moving, move the rocketeers down and find an ore patch. Have
kill the ore miners there. Then move them down to find some conscripts and
tank. Kill them.

Move Tanya to the ore patch, then down to the lake. Do not run it to the
sentry gun. Have her swim across the lake, kill the lone conscript, then
her into the base to destroy the flack guns.

After the flack guns are gone, move in the rocketeers to destroy the sentry
guns and guard house. Don't let them shoot the base.

Move in the rest of your troops, and as the engineers are being paradroped,
start taking bake your base.

Build a power plant, 4 chrono mines, and 15 rocketeers.

After the miners are built, start building tanks. Lots of them.

When you have 20-25 tanks, group them into a group and move them move
back to the starting point. Grab the crate. Remember to keep building tanks.

Then move the tanks the right. You will find a group of three trucks.
them and pick up the crates.

Move them to the right again, up till you get to the far side of the Soviet
base. You should find a group of barrels next to the wall. Stay there.

Move your rocketeers down till you find an ore patch that the Soviets are
using to mine. Kill the miners.

Back to the tanks. Shoot the barrels. Move in and destroy the MCV, them
power plants. Then move in your rocketeers and kill everything.


Build a power plant. Garrison the building next to the bridge. Then move the
rest of your GI's to the next bridge and garrison the building next to it.

Build a barracks. Train 3 engineers and fix the three buildings that you
GI's into.

Build an ore refinery, then a war factory. Build 5 chrono harvesters.

As the harvesters are building, train 20 rocketeers. When they are built,
them to shoot up anything that comes at you. Build an Airforce Command

Start building about 25-30 tanks, followed up by 20 IFV's.

As the IFV's are building, train 15 GI's and 5 engineers. Use them to fill
your IFV's.

Scout out the Soviet base with the rocketeers. See the Soviet barracks.
your ground troops are ready, you need to grab it. All of the other
would not hurt too.

If you grab the Soviet barracks, train 15 Tesla troops and build 15 IFV's.
Fill the IFV's with the TT's. Otherwise build tanks, lots of them. If you
use Soviet tanks do so.

Go past Washington Monument to the red Soviet base. Shoot a path though
the Psi Beacon. Kill it. Have fun. :)


Let the Rocketeers destroy the cannons.
Move the Destroyers into the bay to clean out a spot to land your troops. Be
on the look out for subs.

Deploy your Mcv, and use your ground troops to kill anything that shoots at
Try to take over as much of the Soviet stuff as you can. Build as normal,
build attest 4 miners.

Now there are two ways two do this.
#1 Build lots of tanks, move over the bridge to the right. You will see the
target. Kill it.

#2 Build Destroyers, go up the river. Kill subs and flack tracks and guns.
Find target. Kill.

Mission #5
Battle Lab part:
Disguise your spies.
Move Tanya up and to the left. BABY STEPS! Let her shot anyone that
comes in
here way. Go as far as the barrels next to the fence with the cows. Save the
cows the go to the right. You will find a farm with barrels next to it. Go
right down and follow the road. After the Tesla Trooper the road will end.
Still go that direction and you will find some GI's.

Go up and follow the terrain till you wind up at a Tesla Coil that you can
destroy by shooting the barrels. Go into the base watch out for Tesla Coils,
and you will end up at another Tesla Coil that you can destroy by shooting
the barrels. Make sure to kill all of the attack dogs. You should have
all of the attack dogs by now, so it is now safe to move your spies into the
base. Move one spy into a Tesla Reactor and then have Tanya destroy the 3
tesla coils at the top of the base. Then do the same again, and destroy the
one at the bottom of the base.

Now before you send your last spy into the Battle Lab, send Tanya to the
barracks at the middle right side of the base. You will see barrels. Shoot
them and then wall through the opening. Follow the path to the south and
will run into 2 engineers and some GI's. Have one of the engineers take over
the barracks, the other take over the war factory.
Build 2 more engineers and take over a tesla reactor and an ore refinery.
Then build 2 ore harvesters, then 3 more engineers, then start cranking out
tanks. LOTS OF THEM!

Send spy into battle lab. As Tanya goes through her thing, go down to were
you first started to grab your new set of spies.

Nuke base #1.
After the map resizes, send Tanya up, following the road. Make sure you
disguise your spies as the new area has different color men. Kill everyone
that gets in your path.
After you find the opening and see the Tesla Coils, got to the left
the wall of nuke base #1. You will see some barrels. Shoot them. You can
go into the base. You will see another tesla coil, but this one has barrels.
There are also barrels next to the wall around the nuke silo. Shoot both. Go
in and destroy the silo. After you know that you have killed all of the
attack dogs in nuke base #1, send in the spies. Take down the power and
destroy the remaining tesla coils. Send in your engineers and take over one
war factory, one barracks, and one ore refinery. Move your tanks up to the

Nuke base #2
Move your tanks up and to the left. There is a road to follow, so that
help. You should run into 2 tesla coils at the front of the base. Now take
Tanya and go in the back way. hehehehe. Follow the river down and to the
right, the hug the ridge that the silo is setting on. You should run into a
farm. Follow that path up, kill everyone that gets in your way, and you
should see a fence on you left. Kill the guards and shoot the barrels and
will get one grizzly tank at sarge and some more GI's. Then take Tanya to
wall and follow it up. Go past the barrels to the opening. Walk in and start
shooting. Now take the grizzly and shoot the barrels. Go in and shoot the
telsa reactor.
Now remember your fleet of Soviet tanks. Move them all in to the base,
destroying all of the tesla coils that get in your way. Go and don't stop
till you shoot the nuke silo.

mission #6
Make sure to move your transports to the back of the Pentagon, and to fix
your base defenses as needed.

Deploy MCV. Build barrack, then ore plant, then war factory, then repair
then Airforce Command Center. If you feel you must, build a battle lab.

You are going to want to place GI's around the Pentagon. Look at were the
first Soviet attack happened. Place GI's in the hole in the wall they made,
and to the upperleft all the way to the water in a line. You are also going
to want to place them down right from the hole, along the ore patch. This
will stop tanks, infantry, and terror drones. Start small, work your way up.
Also, attack dogs and rocketeers work go as well. The dogs help weed out
conscripts and the rocketeers are good for helping to stop tanks and killing

Place the GI's from your landing party in the buildings behind the Pentagon.
They will help to stop Soviet forces from getting to you from behind. But it
will not work forever. Add a group of at lest 15 GI's to the back, deployed.

Place power plant along the far right wall going down till you can put
defenses in the hole that the Soviets made. You are going to need at lest 3
more Patriots, 4 more pill boxes, and 2 more Prism towers. Place as
If you can, put a power plant down were you can put pill boxes near the ore
patch. This well help to stop terror drones from getting to your harvesters.

Have your harvesters mine ore from around the Pentagon first. It's easier to
defend them.

When you think you have the Pentagon guarded well, train about 20 GI's
and 1
engineer. Walk them up the coast, till you find a hospital and a bridge.
the GI's deploy at the mouth of the bridge, and take the hospital. Build a
barrack, war factory, and service depot and place them next to it. Build
rocketeers and more GI's to watch the bridge.

When that is over, build about 30 tanks and 15 IFV - GI combos. Kick butt.
You may also want to build 5 IFV- engineer combos. Attack over any of the
bridges, but I find it easier to go to the top one and then attack. Repair
monuments for more money as need. If you can, try to grab a Soviet
to do the IFV- Tesla Trooper combo, it will make taking out the next base
that much easier. Taking out construction yard, war factory, and barracks
will sometimes make the Soviet force in question quit.

mission #7
Start by building 4 chrono miners, 10 destroyers, and lots of GI. Your going
to need them to the left of your barracks at the foot of the hill to stop
tanks. At the left again of your barracks along the coast to stop them. In
the houses next to your naval yard to stop them. At the ore patch to the
upper right of your naval yard. At the lighthouse on the upper part of you
island. And at the McBuger Kong.

You may need to add 2-3 IFV GI combos to help at the ore patch.

After all of that, train 5 rocketeers to help were needed.

You are going to need to build destroyers fast to stop the Soviet navy.
that, build at lest 10 destroyers and 6 Aircraft Carriers. Move them to the
far lower left of the map, then up to the Soviet base. If you are fast, you
can get there before the nuke silo is built.
After the first wave of your navy is up and running, build 2 carriers to
1 destroyer, and set the rally point to the Soviet base.

Take out the nuke silo first with the carriers, having the destroyers attack
any ships that attack you. Then go after it's naval yard, power, and
construction. Take out any mobile flack you can with the destroyers. Then go
after it's barracks, war factory, and second naval yard. If you knock out
of those and most of it's power so that it's flack cannons are off line
at the tesla coils ), the computer will fold up shop and quit. You win.

mission #8

Move Tanya and crew down left till you find the Arc. Garrison it.
Move Tanya and the Engineers down left again till you find an ore refinery
and a war factory. Send the engineers in. Going into the war factory will
give you a time bonus. Build 1 chrono miner, 1 IFV, and 2 tanks. Put Tanya
into the IFV.

Move the tanks up right till you get to the back of the stadium. Use them to
destroy at lest one of the Tesla reactors. Use the IFV to kill any troops
that get in your way. Then move it up the side of the stadium till you see
the barrels. Shoot them, then move Tanya in to take out the rest of the
reactors. Then after the power is down, destroy the psi thing. Grab crate
then send her back into the IFV. Drive the IFV and the tanks back to the
were there will be tanks, GI's, a MCV, and transports.
Grab the crate in front of the arc, and deploy your MCV.

It's a good idea to sell of the ore refinery and war factory you picked up.
One shoot to the barrels next to them and they are gone.

Build as normal, your know. Power as needed, refinery at lest two, barracks,
war factory two is helpful, Airforce command center, battle lab.
You will need Patriots, pill boxes, and Prism towers. Place them were you
need them. Rocketeers also help, as you can destroy the V3's, and pick off
anything you can with them. I use about 7- 10 of them for this mission.

You will need Prism tanks for this level, and about 20 is a good number to
attack the soviets. After you have that many, go ahead and attack. Make
to use there range to your advantage, and the fact that they can shoot over
walls. That should be about it.

Mission #9
Too me this is one of the most fun of all of the levels. It will teach you
how to use the S.E.A.L.s. When you use them, try to think like them. No less
then 2 in a group, and cover yourself at all times.

Move the 5 seals to the left, so that you can free the local units. Some
and 2 grizzly tanks. After you do that, a helicopter will show up with 5
engineers in it. Put them back into it. Take one seal and have him watch the
right side of the village, and one of the left, with one watching the back.
Move the tanks to the left. Send two seals and the chopter to the upper left
of the map. There you will find a tech airport. Take it. Move the GI's to it
on deploy them so that no soviet engineers can retake it. The first wave of
airborne you get should also be dropped there. As you are waiting for that,
put one seal into the choper with the 4 engineers and move it the far upper
right, then the lower right of the map.

When you have your second wave of airborne, move the helicopter to the
of the back entrance of the base. Drop off the seal, repack the engineers
send the copter back over the water. Drop the airborne next to the seal. You
will use the GI's to take on armored units so that they will not take out
your seal.

Now move the unit up and around following the cliff. You will be able to
sneak the seal into the base around the wall that way. From a safe distance,
shoot the barrels to destroy the telsa reactor and the wall. Then move down
to destroy the next reactor. Watch out for tanks and flack tracks. If they
show up use the GI's to take them out.
Now move up the right side of the base till you find more reactors. Take

Now you can go on One of two ways. You can destroy the base with seal, or
can take it over. Ether way, use the Blackhawk to take out the sentry guns,
The GI's to take out armored units, and the Seal for troops and buildings.

When you take over the soviet prism tower or destroy them, you will get 2
Seals and 1 engineer airdrop to you. And do not forget to drop your airborne
as soon as you get them.

If you take over the base, I recommend starting with the construction yard.
It's always been easier for me to start there.

Also when the power is out, you can move you other 3 seals and your two
grizzly tanks down to help.

A small note. I know on earlier levels I left out crates. I never need
All of the par times for the walkthroughs so far that I have give you
for me have been no more then half of the time given. Some of the later
missions (10 and 11) were par times at about one forth of the given times.

Mission 10
Start by building an ore refinery, 15 GI's, 5 grizzly tanks, a prism tower,
and move your MCV to Einstein's base.

The Soviets will hit you hard, so use your tanks as needed, deploy GI's as
needed, and build whatever defenses you can. At lest 2 towers, 3 pill boxes,
and 2 Patriots are needed.

After you have fought off the soviet forces, start building chrono miners.
You'll need about 4 or 5. Deploy the MCV next to his base.
You'll want to build your battle lab and ore purifier next to his base. You
may also want to ring his base with power plants, so that you can build
defenses around his base. You may also want to build an ore refinery,
barracks, and war factory at his base. 4 to 6 prism towers at the front, and
a ring of patriots will do the job. If you hit the soviet forces that are
trying to get to his base hard, the cpu will think twice about attacking

When you can, build a spy sat uplink and 4 spies. Look for the base that has
a conscript just standing there, then disguise your men and move in.
Grab money, promotions for the units you build, and the psi commando.

Now for thing on the map that will help you.
Above his base is a tech outpost, above that is a crate with money. You will
need a SEAL to get it.
Below your main base is a burning ore refinery. Send in an engineer to fix
and it's yours. It will then spit out a crate. Grab it and it will become a
free chrono miner.

Now you can destroy the soviets in one of two ways.
Way one
Build about 3 to 10 IFV engineer combos. Build 20 to 40 mirage tanks. Goto
one of the soviet bases on the side, and take everything you can.
Have fun rolling over the rest of them with there own units, or any combo of
units you might like to do. Crazy Ivan and the IFV makes nuke demo trucks.

Way two
Build a butt load of prism tanks, and kill kill kill. They should only last
about 10 minutes.

Oh just one more thing. Watch the cinema and take this mission personally.

Mission #11
Do the following as soon as you can!
Build a barracks and place it next to the ore refinery to the north. Pump
1 SEAL and 15 GI's asap!
Build 5 destroyers, and move 2 of your flipper to just below your Airforce
command center.
Build a war factory. As soon as it's up build 5 grizzly tanks, then 5 chrono
miners. When the tanks are up and running, go after the building to the
of your ore refinery at your main base and destroy the building that has
soviet conscripts garrisoning it. Then fix it and garrison it your self.
You are also going to want to build 3 to 6 mirage tanks and place them
the bridge.
Build at lest 2, I do 3, patriots and place them around your Airforce
Move some GI's from you base and place them near your ore refinery in your
main base.
Build GI's at your second barracks, the one to the North, and garrison at
lest three buildings. One near the bridge, and two so that paradroped
will be killed.
Build 2 prism towers and put them at the ore refinery to the North, facing
the water. They will stop some of the soviet forces attacking you.

Train about 5 or so rocketeers at you main base so you can take on the
dreadnoughts when they come.

Build 1 SEAL and 2 engineers on the north mini base and send them to the
left. You will run into a gem patch. Keep going left and you will find two
tech oil rigs. Use the SEAL to kill any gators that come your way.

Build a third barracks at the ore refinery to the south, the one on the
island. Also build two naval yards to the left of the island ore refinery.
Start building at lest 10 destroyers, 6 aircraft carriers, and 5 SEALS. Also
build 5 GI's to garrison the lighthouse, 10 for the beach, and 5 for the
barracks. Also 1 or 2 SEALS would not hurt. Place 2 partriots, 2 prism
towers, and 3 pill boxes down there.

Build a spy sat uplink and a service depot. When the depot is up and
build 1 MCV, 1 mirage tank, and 1 prism tank.

Hopefully at this point all you have to do is wait for the map to resizes
for what's his name to go on about how he will destroy you. What a dumass.

When the map resizes, start building a chronosphere. Then send your navy
the bottom right of the map. If you have the spy sat uplink, you will see a
Nuclear reactor. Use your carriers to take it out, and use the flippers,
SEALS, and destroyers to protect them. Start building a large number of
destroyers and carries, one for one, and set the rallypoint for off the
of the soviet base.

Now look to the bottom left of the soviet main base. You will see another
Nuclear reactor, but this one has barrels next to it. Have your aircraft
carriers shoot the barrels. The Nuclear missiles are now off line. :)

Have your carriers take out the soviet naval yards (there are two), then go
after the war factory, ore refineries, tesla reactors, and barracks.

You can chrono shift your MVC in at the far right side, but I normally don't
unless the navy is not doing it's job. I will use SEALS to mop up, with the
carriers to cover them. It's just to much fun.

OK here it goes, the last mission.
I'm going to brake this one down into parts. It's just easier for me to do
that way.

Starting out.
Grab the SEAL in the middle as soon as he lands, and send him after the
reactor. Let the other two do there thing. When the soviet troops are gone,
use the SEALS the take out the Tesla coils so you have room to build. Free
the troops by shooting the barrels. Send the two engineers in the two of the
tech oil rigs, and send the GI's in the one of the bunkers and the bottom
right of your new base. Deploy the mcv as soon as you can.

I go power, barracks, refinery, factory, Airforce command center, power,
battle lab, power, ore processor, depot, power, barracks, refinery, factory,
Airforce cc, power, battle lab, depot. Always have two of your main
and always try to have too much power. It helps after the nuke hits. Spread
you buildings out. Remember that you can build off of your tech buildings.
Don't forget to build power plants as needed.

>From the armory tab I go 2 spy sat uplinks, chrono sphere, then weather
control device. I build defenses as needed. Mostly after a nuke attack to
fill in the holes made by the blast or to guard tech or captured buildings
not inside the main base.

>From the barracks, I build 2 engineers to take the oil rigs in the base. I
then start training GI's (about 75 of them) to garrison the bunkers at the
lower part of the base, and the buildings at the openings to the top of the
base. 4 total. I then pump out 7 spies, 4 SEALS, and 10 Rocketeers.

>From the war factory. 5 chrono miners. Then about 15 mirage tanks. Then
1 for
1 mirage/prism. Also a MCV somewhere in there.

Tech buildings other then the 4 oil rigs.
There are tech oil rigs outside of the lower openings to your base. Don't
worry about them yet. Take them after you have destroyed or taken the ore
refineries near them. Build defenses around them so that they are not
or destroyed by the soviets. See below for recommendations.

There is a tech airport and two more tech oil rigs to the upper right of
base. The rigs are side by side, the airport has a sentry gun guarding it.
Grab them as soon as you can, but one at a time. Airport or oil rigs first.
Build your defenses around them fast. I recommend 3 prism towers, 4 pill
boxes, and 2 Patriots. Also garrison the buildings around them, just for
added affect.
There is a tech outpost to the left of your base. Grab it when you are
but don't compromise your base doing it. Build defenses as above.

In total, there are 8 oil rigs, one outpost, and one airport.

Using the spies.
Send them in to the ore refinery to the bottom left of your base for money,
if there are no attack dogs there.
When your first spy sat uplink is up and running, look at the bottom left of
the map. If you look really hard you will see that there are NO attack dogs
guarding the soviet barrack, factory, Tesla reactors, and battle lab in that
area. Send spies into all of the buildings listed, and have a steady supply
of them going to the Tesla reactors. If you shut down the power, the CPU
cannot use the nuke or Iron Curtain, and there time counters will stop as
long as the power is off. It also helps to have to power off to shut down
Tesla coils. duh

Taking over soviet buildings.
I strongly recommend taking as much of the top left mini base and bottom
right mini base as you can. MAKE SURE TO TAKE AND HOLD THE
RADAR!!! This,
with a soviet barracks, will let you train Crazy Ivan's. IFV + Crazy Ivan's
Nuke trucks. They will help to soften the soviets up.
If you can, take the construction yard at the mini base at the bottom left
the map. You can then build everything but a soviet radar. That is why you
need to take the radar in the top mini base. Without it, no Crazy Ivan's.

Stopping the Nuclear launch clock.
After rolling over the mini base at the top right, send forces to the
reactors to the right side of the map. You will see them if you have a spy
sat uplink, or you can just follow the path. Destroy them. I normally use
Seals for this job. One seal, one reactor. Or you can just take them over
with engineers, just defend them, or they will be retaken from you.

Then the Nuclear reactors at the bottom right of the soviet main base can be
destroyed by sending seals along the right side if the map, and then down
around the buildings and warehouses. You can walk one right in and take
out a
reactor. Do this one at a time.

For the two reactors at the left of the main base, use the chrono sphere to
teleport in 3 prism tanks. Take out the one on the left first. If you do it
at a safe distance, you can use them again to take out the other one right
next to it. Also you can use chrono legionaries for the job, or as back up.
Taking out all 6 Nuclear reactors will stop the nuke and iron curtain
and shut down the Tesla reactors.

Using the weather control devise.
Use it as you see fit. I normally take out the barracks and war factory to
the left of the Kremlin first.

Using the choro sphere.
After taking out the Nuclear reactors at the left of the main base (see
above), I use it to do surgery on the soviets. SEALs in IVFs, Crazy Ivan's
IFV's, prism tanks, Engineers in IFV's, etc. You get the picture. Try to go
for the construction yard at the main base, if you can.

Breaking out if you main base.
Take out the soviet ore refineries at the bottom openings of your base, and
destroy any soviet miners you can. Don't worry to much about the tells coils
at the landmark. If you feel you need to take them out, use prism tanks.

Move to the mini base to your upper right. Take it out or take it over, then
go after the Nuclear reactors as above.

Move over to the mini base and your bottom right. Take it out as you see
Destroy or takeover.

Then go after the main base.
If you have Yuris or Psi commandos use them to take over what ever you
As above, Ivans in IFVs will help a lot!

The units I normal use are 1 for 1 mirage/prism. Mirage for ground units,
Prism for buildings. Engineers in IFVs don't hurt. Use the Blackhawks to
your engineers that you want to use to take over buildings. If you can get
soviet troops, Ivan, Yuris, and tesla troops in IFVs will help you a lot.
Ivans I have already told you about, Yuris will make an IFV that will do
there psi wave and kill all troops in there way. Tesla troops in an IFV is
always a good idea.
Psi commandos and Yuris are good for taking things over. Like the black
apocalypse tanks. hehe
SEALs will stop troops, but so will tesla troops or Yuris in an IFV.

Watch your harvester closely. If they are under attack, have them go back to
your refinery. They will shift back to them, so that they will be out of
harms way.

11.3. Miscelanious walkthroughs.
This section is reserved for site walkthroughs that are posted on the web
are (if authorized) put in the FAQ to help the people, because I have to do
many things, and some people have mailed me telling me about their problem
with a Soviet mission I haven't walkthroughed yet. So, here is a complete
walkthrough for both sides from Red Alert 2 DEN (Thanks to Lion, he's the

RADEN Mission Walkthroughs.
            Mission 1: Operation Lone Guardian, New York
            The Soviets have made an amphibious landing into New York
City. The
            latest reports indicate Fort Bradley is still operational.
            Unfortunately your cut off from the fort, and there has been no
            recent communications. Using Tanya, you must reestablish
            with Fort Bradley. Tanya must also survive the mission.
            Objectives: Destroy the Soviet Dreadnoughts, make contact with
            Bradley, keep Tanya alive, destroy the soviet supply base.
            Here we go: This mission starts with reports of Soviet
            attacking the Statue of Liberty. Your troops in the area can't
            them. But you have Tanya. As soon as you gain control of the
            mission, have Tanya swim out to the Dreadnoughts and plant
bombs on
            each one of them. That takes care of the threat to the Statue of
            Liberty. A Soviet transport will drop off a group of Conscripts,
            the soldiers surrounding the statue can easily handle the
            Tanya approaches the Statue of Liberty, Soviet paratroopers
            and take out the Statue. You won't be able to prevent this.
            your soldiers have killed the Soviet paratroopers, take them and
            Tanya and head to the bridge to your west. When you cross the
            you'll find a V3 Launcher. Destroy it. As you leave the bridge
            find a couple of your GIs under attack. Kill the conscripts
            attacking them. Now head north to the next bridge. Keep moving
            until you run into another group if Soviet paratroopers. Kill as
            many as you can. Some will flee to the East. Follow them. You'll
            find some buildings you can garrison you troops in. This will
            you kill off the Conscripts. Garrisoned GIs are very strong. Now
            head to the ore fields. Keep moving Tanya further east and on
            Fort Bradley.
            In the base: As soon as you enter the Fort, start building a
            barracks. Placed it, then build a dozen GIs. Now move south of
            base. Send an Engineer into the bridge repair hut. This will
            the bridge so you can cross it. Now take Tanya and your GIs
over the
            bridge and into the Soviet camp. As you cross the bridge, a
            part of the shroud is revealed. You now get a very good look at
            Soviet base. It's guarded by a few Conscripts and a Sentry Gun.
            Shoot any of the barrels that is within your range of fire. This
            will blow up any enemies close by. Move your GIs into the
            building. Now move Tanya into the base, south of the building
            just garrisoned your GIs in. Now have Tanya target all remaining
            Conscripts in the base. Then have her blow up all the buildings.
            Watch those Sentry guns. Don't get Tanya near the. Have a
group of
            GIs take them out. After all the Soviet buildings are destroyed
            mission ends.
            Tip: Have Tanya grab the two power-up crates next to the
            building. One will heal her and the other will increase her
            Tip: Also, Tanya won't take any damage from her own
explosions she
            set off on buildings, but be careful of destroying buildings
            fuel barrels, which could trigger other explosions that could
            or kill her. Have her shoot any barrels first so this danger is
            gone. Then let the C4 Gal do what she does best!

            Mission 2: Operation Eagle Dawn, Colorado Springs
            Soviet tanks have gathered near the Air Force Academy in
            and the Russian military has taken over. You must take back the
            base. Tanya is in this mission and will help.
            Objectives: Recapture the Air force Academy, destroy all Soviet
            forces, keep Tanya alive.
            Let's get started: You start off the mission with Tanya, a
            GIs, and three Engineers. You should place your forces in
            Use CTRL 1-9 to number your groups. Make Tanya #1, GIs #2,
            Engineers #3. makes it easier select them. Ok, lets move north
            our starting position and take out the first group of Conscripts
            coming down the road. You'll also see a power-up crate. Have
            get the crate. It gives her an armor upgrade.
            Reinforcements: A group of Rocketeers will be joining you
about this
            time. Move them further north to the crossroads and wait for
            Conscripts coming down the road. The Rocketeers will take
them out.
            Then head for the base. Caution must be used near the base.
            are Sentry guns guarding the base. But because Flak Cannons
are also
            in the base, you can't use your Rocketeers to destroy the Sentry
            guns. Here's what you do. Have Tanya enter the base via the
            (Tanya swims). Move Tanya in, take out any Conscripts she can
            first, then have her destroy the Flak Cannons. Now you can let
            Rocketeers take out the Sentry guns safely. After you destroy
            Flak Cannons you receive more reinforcements. Six Engineers
            dropped into the base. Two of them will automatically take over
            Construction Yard and Air Force Chapel building. Use the other
            to take over the Power Plant, Barracks, War Factory, and
            Use another Engineer you got in the beginning of the mission to
            over the Air Force Command structure. When you do this the
            Jets will take off and reveal the location of the Soviet base
            need to destroy.
            Now start building up your forces a bit. You must destroy all
            hostile forces in the area to complete this mission. You'll need
            build another Chrono Miner to help gather ore, and tanks and
            Have your Rocketeers uncover the ore field west of your base
and use
            them to guard this area for a brief period of time.
            After you've built a small army, take your Rocketeers you had
            guarding the ore field down the left side of the map. You'll
find a
            couple more Rocketeers waiting for you. Now look for a small
            of Soviet Conscripts guarding some trucks south of the Soviet
            base. Destroy them with your Rocketeers. The trucks each have
            pwoer-up crate!
            Now take your force you have created. You should have tanks a
            of GIs. Head to the Soviet base. Take out the War Miners mining
            in the fields. Next, move to the back of the Soviet base. Do not
            attack from the front. The back is much easier. You should also
            destroy the Flak Cannons so your Rocketeers can be used to
take out
            the Sentry guns. Go ahead and destroy everything. You'll also
get a
            massive drop of GI paratroopers into the base. The mission
ends when
            all Soviet forces are destroyed.
            Tip: It's much faster to take over the buildings with Engineers
            to destroy them. When you are in the Soviet base, have an
            take over the barracks and crank out Engineers and have them
            over the Soviet structures.

            Mission 3: Hail to the Chief, Washington, D.C.
            The Soviets have placed a Psychic Beacon near the White House.
            it they have taken over the mind of the President of the United
            States. You must act fast and destroy the beacon and rescue the
            Objectives: Destroy the Psychic Beacon. Have fun =)
            Let's go: You start with lots of GIs, one Engineer, and a
            Construction Yard. Garrison all but one of your GIs into the
            surrounding buildings. Have your Engineer move into the
            memorial and repair it. When you repair any of the damaged
            in this mission you get power-up crates filled with money! So
            throughout the mission keep this in mind. It's a great source of
            cash. Now build up you base as quickly as possible. Create many
            and more Engineers to start with. You should use these to
            all the buildings to the east and south of your base. The
            are used to repair these buildings. You can't garrison buildings
            that are damaged in the red. Since the Soviets drop paratroopers
            your area all thru the mission, garrisoning these building now
            take care of them. Also, build some Pillboxes and use Grizzly
            and IFVs to reinforce the area around the buildings. Just want
            note that some of the civilians are mind-controlled and may
            you also. Build more GIs and have them scout out the map. Also
            some GIs to guard the ore fields where your Chrono Miners will
            gathering ore to protect them.
            You should also build two Air Force Command buildings and fill
            with Harrier Jets. You can use them to destroy buildings
            by Soviet troops, and destroying Soviet War Miners. Rocketeers
            the best unit to use when scouting the map for the enemy. In the
            southeast corner of the map is the Smithsonian Museum, and in
            north the Lincoln Memorial. If you repair these two buildings
            will get money crates. Near the center of the map is the
            Monument. Same deal here. Repair it and get more money crates.
            All thru the mission you'll be fighting back Soviet forces and
            mind-controlled civilians. At some point in the mission you need
            take out the smaller Soviet base just over the bridge from your
            base. This will cut down on the flow of Soviet troops. Use
            and IFVs for this task. You should also put a few Engineers in
            this will make you repair vehicles that will keep your tanks,
            repaired. After the smaller Soviet base is destroyed you can
            to concentrate on building a large assault force.
            Now lets get started. Build ten GIs, and move them across the
            near the center of the map. Garrison them inside one of the
            near the Washington Monument. Remember to have an Engineer
            this Monument to receive more money crates! Now take a second
            which should consist of Grizzly tanks and a good number of IFVs.
            Don't forget to place a few Engineers in the IFVs so you have a
            couple repair vehicles to repair your damaged tanks. At the same
            time the IFVs give your Engineers extra protection heading to
            front lines!
            Take this second force to the center of the map and take out all
            Soviet forces. You should wipe out the forces around the
            Monument first. Now keep pushing towards the Soviet base.
            everything. Use your Engineers to capture buildings, then sell
            real quick. Much faster to capture buildings than to destroy
            with your units. Either way is ok though. Just destroy
            Just a little tip here: If you capture the enemy barracks, crank
            Engineers from there and use them to take over other enemy
            Finally, move towards the Psychic Beacon, take out the Sentry
            guarding the Beacon, then blast through the wall and destroy it.
            Once the Beacon is destroyed and the mind control is eliminated,
            President and two aides leave the White House and get on a
            You have saved the President and your mission is over.

            Mission 4: Last Chance, Chicago
            The Soviets have deployed a Psychic Amplifier in Chicago that is
            much more powerful than the Psychic Beacon in mission 3. Your
            mission is to destroy the Psychic Amplifier before it goes
            You will be making an amphibious landing and will have to
            a beachhead and build a base.
            Objectives: Establish a base, destroy the Psychic Amplifier
            In the beginning: You start the mission with a group of
            and some transports loaded with troops and an MCV. You also have
            some Rocketeers (unless your playing hard mode) to use. You need
            use these Rocketeers to clear the shoreline before you move in
            transports. As you move near the beach, watch out for enemy
            Subs. If you encounter any, have your Destroyers take care of
            first. The have the Destroyers shell the shoreline, taking out
            Naval Yard and any enemies near shore. Take out the V3 rockets
            or they will destroy your ships! Take out the Sentry Guns too.
            this is done you can move your transports on shore and unload.
            Quickly start constructing your base. Don't full around here
            you will be attacked! Build a Barracks right after your build
            first Power Plant and build Engineers to capture any remaining
            Soviet buildings near your position. If you capture the Soviet
            Service Depot, you can use this to repair your vehicles.
            Against the clock: You are working on a time clock in this
            Once you land on shore the time clock starts. Your mission must
            complete before the time runs out! So don't mess around. Get
            base built, place some Pillboxes in the north and west ends of
            base. As soon as you can, start pumping out tanks, IFVs, and
            For now place these units around your base for defense, but
            them (CTRL 1-9) in case you need them quickly in any certain
            It's always a good idea to place units in groups. That way you
            have to select a number on  your keyboard instead of using your
            mouse to select individual units.
            You will get reinforcements several times throughout the
            When your reinforcements come in by Transport, unload them and
            move the Transport back into the water so they are out of your
            Tip: If you garrison the Sears Tower that is in the north
section of
            the city, the entire map will be revealed to you.
            Time to move! Ok now, it's time to make our move on the Soviet
            forces. Get a large force of tanks and IFVs and move them
            of your base to the bridge that is destroyed. Have an Engineer
            repair the bridge by going into the bridge repair hut. Now move
            tanks and IFVs across the bridge. Move past the Soviet buildings
            start destroying everything you can. Take out the Sentry Guns
            then the Tesla Reactors. There is one Soviet garrisoned building
            this area that will cause some trouble. Best way to handle this
            have your tanks move to the building, and while the garrisoned
            Soviet Conscripts are firing at your tanks, have a group of GIs
            garrison the building next to it, then have them fire on the
            garrisoned building. It will soon fall. If course, you could
            charge at the building, but be prepared to lose a lot of units.
            Garrisoned troops are very strong.
            After this are is secured a large group of Rocketeers appear in
            northeast. Carefully explore the area around them. Just be
            of any enemy Flak. This is deadly to the Rocketeers. Do not get
            near any Flak weapons. Now move your tanks northwest towards the
            of the map. Take out any Soviets on the way. You will soon
            a bridge leading into the Soviet main base. Just park your tanks
            right on the bridge to fight back the Soviets. Also, take out
            Sentry Gun on the small island. The large strange looking
            behind the Sentry Gun is the Psychic Amplifier that you need to
            destroy to complete this mission.
            To take out the Amplifier, move your GIs into the building just
            northeast of it and have them fire on it. If you garrison 10 GIs
            this building, it only take a couple seconds to destroy the
            Amplifier. You can also use your Rocketeers to help destroy it
When the Amplifier is destroyed, 			your mission will be over.

            Mission 5: Dark Night, Polish-German Border
            Objectives: You start this mission with Tanya. You'll also see a
            NightHawk helicopter drop off three spies for your use in this
            mission. You will need to get one of these Spies into the Battle
            located to the northeast of your position. Once the spy
            the Battle Lab, the location of the Missile Silos will be
            to you. Your main mission is to destroy the Soviet Missile
            Also, you must keep Tanya alive in this mission or it will fail.
            To start off this mission, disguise your spies as Soviet
            To do this select your Spy, then select a Soviet soldier and
            Spy look like him to the other Soviets. Just remember though,
            can't be fooled, and they will kill Spies! Just use Tanya to
            the Spies from the dogs. You will be fine. Move slowly while
            the Soviet base. Lots of dogs and Conscripts in the area. If you
            move to fast, a dog will kill Tanya. You must keep Tanya alive.
            Again, the best way to move is to create two groups. One for
            and the other for the Spies. Keep Tanya in front. Just follow
            road. It leads to the Soviet base. Always have Tanya kill the
            first since they are the fastest and most deadliest.
            TIP: Always look around the battlefield. On this particular
            you'll find the wreckage of an Allied plane near the first
            base. A group of Allied GIs and Engineers will join Tanya if you
            find these. Also at the very beginning of the mission, if you
            the road down before you head up to the first Soviet base, you
            find another group of GIs sitting around a campfire.
            Move up the road until you are near the Soviet base where the
            Lab is located. The base is heavily guarded with troops and
            Coils. Now you can't go walking in the main entrance, so don't
            bother attempting that. Move west of the base and travel along
            side of the base. You'll see fuel barrels along side the walls.
            Tanya shoot them. This will open up the walls and give you
            entrance into the base. Inside the base you'll see another Tesla
            Coil with fuel barrels beside it. Shoot the barrels to destroy
            Tesla Coil. Now have Tanya stand guard and take one of your
            into the Soviet Battle Lab. This will reveal the location of the
            Missile Silos you need to destroy to complete the mission. Now
            need to exit this base. You are blocked by two more Tesla Coils
            the back (north section) of the base. Just take another one of
            spies into the Tesla Reactor (power plant) just north of the
            Lab. This will shut down the Tesla Coils for about a minute. Now
            take Tanya and your third remaining Spy and get out of the base
            before the power comes back on. If you want to, you can kill the
            Conscripts and blow up the Tesla Coils on your way out.
            Something to note here: If you should lose all your Spies before
            completing your mission, another helicopter will bring in more
            you. You never run out of Spies, so don't be concerned with
            Just don't lose Tanya!
            Now head north up the road and across the bridge when you get to
            Now leave your Spy on the bridge and take Tanya west along side
            Soviet outside base wall. You will spot some barrels along the
            Shoot them to destroy the wall. Also take out the barrels next
            the Tesla Coil. Now move into the base slowly and target any of
            dogs first since they are the fastest, then target any
            After this is done, have Tanya blow up the Missile Silo. Now get
            your last Spy from the bridge, send him into one of the Tesla
            Reactors to shut down the power, then have Tanya destroy
            in the base.
            NOTE: A helicopter will drop off three more spies when you use
            your last one. You'll have to bring them up from where they land
            where Tanya is. Do this first because you will need them.
            Now head onto the final base and the last Missile Silo. The
            to this base is guarded by a pair of Tesla Coils. You've got to
            one of your Spies here. Get the Spy into a Tesla Reactor so the
            power will go off-line. Be careful of the dog at the entrance.
            it so the Spy heads thru the entrance when the dog turns to go
            other way. Once the spy gets into the Tesla Reactor, move
            with Tanya and destroy the Tesla Coils at the base entrance. Now
            have Tanya take out all the dogs and Conscripts near the
            Move in your other two Spies. When the power comes back online
            again, have another Spy go into another Tesla Reactor. Now move
            Tanya quickly to destroy the other Tesla Coils leading to the
            Missile Silo.             Once the last Missile Silo is
destroyed your
mission is over.

            Mission 6: Liberty, Washington D.C.
            Objectives: Take command of the Allied forces at the Pentagon,
            destroy all Soviet forces in Washington, D.C.
            Time to start fighting back in this mission and reclaim part of
            America again. You start off the mission with the Pentagon under
            attack. But it is well defended with Prism Towers and Pillboxes.
            the beginning of the mission you'll get reinforcements that
            by transport. Move them into the Pentagon area as soon as they
            arrive. Immediately start repairing any damaged defense weapons
            Now unload your transports and get things rolling. First take
            GIs to the northeast corner of the base and dig them in. Now
            your MCV and start building your base. You don't need power
            right away, but you do need a Refinery, Barracks, War Factory,
            Air Force Command. Then basically what you need to do is build
            adequate defenses for both the front and back of your base. The
            Soviets will constantly pound you with attacks from both
            Concentrate on defenses using more Prism Towers, Pillboxes,
            etc. Make sure your defenses are in place before even beginning
            think about fighting back and going on the offense.
            Just want to note: You will also be attacked by Soviet V3
            When they come near your base take out a couple Grizzly Tanks to
            destroy them, then move your tanks back into your base. Do not
            your tanks outside the base. Soviet Terror Drones are roaming
            area and will destroy your tanks! Keep them protected for now
            your Prism Towers. Don't forget to keep your defensive
            repaired while under attack. Cheaper to repair them than to
            With your base well defended its time to build an army. You will
            need lots of cash and lots of tanks, IFVs, GIs, etc. Also, make
            Harrier Jets for your Air Force Command. A second Air Force
            is a good idea as well. Don't forget to place some Engineers in
            that will give you a means to repair your tanks in the field.
            cheaper to repair your units than to make new ones.
            Now its time to start going on the offense. Make some Rocketeers
            use them to scout out the map. Watch out for enemy Flak troopers
            Flak Tracks. Look for enemy War Miners and take them out if you
            This will cut off their money supply. Take out any isolated
            Refineries too, and any Sentry Guns that may be guarding these
            structures. Send a couple groups of GIs north and garrison the
            buildings. They will help to take out advancing Soviet troops.
            may need to send along Engineers to repair these structures
            Also, capture the Hospital as well. The closest enemy base just
            across the bridge should be taken out first. This is a different
            base than the main one you'll be targeting last. Take out the
            Construction Yard with your Harrier Jets. You should have at
            eight of them built by now. Go ahead and take out the entire
            Use Spies and Engineers to infiltrate and take over any soviet
            buildings in this base. Now repair the Lincoln Memorial and all
            civilian buildings in the area. Load them all up with GIs. This
            section will now be fully secured and you will be able to handle
            Soviet troops that try to make their way through here.
            Tip: Whenever you run across any building garrisoned by enemy
            troops, use Rocketeers to destroy the building and force the
            out of the building.
            Now take about a dozen tanks (or more) and five or so IFVs and
            them across the northern most bridge into Soviet Territory.
            close to the top of the map. Look for a Soviet wall. When you
            it, blast right through it and move on in. don't even worry
            the Tesla Coils or enemy units. Keep moving and look for the
            Construction Yard and take it out. Ignore anything else. This is
            your priority. If you lose everything in the process don't
            The Construction Yard is a fair trade-off. Plus you will prevent
            further buildings from being constructed. Now move more units
            (tanks, IFVs, etc.) up north and take out everything else. If
            want to, use some Engineers to capture buildings. If you capture
            Soviet Barracks for instance, you can crank out troops from
            their base.
            Just move fast and hit hard and your mission will end in no

            Mission 7: Deep Sea, Pearl Harbor
            Objective: Destroy all Soviet forces.
            You start with a fully functional base with this mission. You
            still need to build a Service Depot and Battle Lab, but just
            everything else is included. But before you build any further
            structures, you need a few other things. First, you need Prism
            Towers for base defenses, more Power Plants, ships, and at least
            more Chrono Miners.
            Battle at sea: As soon as the mission starts you will be hit by
            massive Soviet fleet by sea. You must deal with them quickly or
            will lose much of your base. First, move your Aegis Cruisers in
            position to deal with the Soviet Dreadnought missiles. Also,
            your Aircraft Carriers attack the Soviet Sea Scorpions first so
            have air superiority. Then use your Carriers to attack and
            the Dreadnoughts. Your Destroyers should be able to handle the
            Typhoon Sub threat. Replenish whatever ships you lose in the
            attack and repair damaged ships at the Naval Yard. Then for now
            your ships near the USS Arizona Memorial.
            On land, the Soviets will drop in paratroopers around your base.
            a good idea to build a couple Patriot Missile Systems. Also,
            out for enemy Engineers who will attempt to take over your
            structures. Keep a couple Engineers around just in case so you
            recapture your building in the event this happens to you. Now
            producing GIs and have them garrison the buildings to the north
            take care of paratroopers coming through that section to your
            Also take some GIs and garrison some of the building to the
            Soviet paratroopers land there also.
            The Soviets earlier in the mission have taken over the small
            of Niihau and set up a base there. If you don't stop them they
            build a Nuclear Missile Silo and use it on your Naval Depot. You
            will need to move against this base as soon as you can.
            First, make 10 GIs and one Engineer and a transport unit. Send
            north to the Tech Airport and capture it. Go ahead and garrison
            buildings around the airport and build some defenses for this
            Build a Refinery, a Barracks, more Power Plants, and some Prism
            Towers. Use the Barracks to build more GIs and load up all the
            surrounding buildings with them. Now get your Navy ready to go.
            need Aegis Cruisers, Destroyers, and Aircraft Carriers. Try to
            a second Naval Yard at your base you just built in the north at
            Tech Airport and make new ships here. You'll need your ships at
            main base for protection. Also, take a transport loaded with GIs
            from your base in the north and head west to the Soviet base.
            them, move the transport back into open water, and use the GIs
            explore the area around the soviet base.
            One note here: If the Soviets do manage to build a Nuclear
            you can take a Spy and infiltrate the Nuke structure. When you
            this it resets the timer and will buy you more time. Just watch
            for dogs, else they will have you for lunch!
            Now have your Destroyers pound the shoreline, taking out Flak
            Cannons and Flak Troopers, then have your Aircraft Carriers
            the structures inside the Soviet Base. If they did build a Nuke,
            target this first! The hit the Construction Yard, and then power
            plants and refineries. You can also use your paratroopers with
            attack. Drop them just south of the Soviet base and have them
            in. Once they take care of troops in that area, move them on
            the base and start destroying the buildings, etc. Once you are
            your way to destroying the Soviet base, have your Navy head
            north and take out all remaining Soviet ships and subs, and then
            their Naval Yard.
            Once all the Soviet structures are destroyed the mission ends.

            Mission 8: Free Gateway, St. Louis
            Objectives: The Soviets have planted another Psychic Beacon in
            the St. Louis area. Your mission is to destroy or capture the
            Beacon, keep Tanya alive, and then eliminate all Soviet forces.
            Here we go: Your team starts with Tanya, five GIs, and two
            Engineers. You have 20 minutes to get to the Beacon and capture
            destroy it. Again, as in past missions, but your units in groups
            they are easy to command. Put Tanya in group 1, the GIs in group
            and the Engineers in group 3. Then start moving south. Watch out
            dogs in the area. Have Tanya target them first. Also, while your
            slowly making your way south, keep checking your rear for dogs
            Conscripts sneaking up behind you. Just south of your starting
            position you'll see some buildings. Continue moving southwest of
            them till you run into the St. Louis Gateway Arch. You can't
            it. It's quite large. Once you reach the Arch, head west until
            find the Hospital. Be very careful when going under the bridge
            the Hospital. You will run into Soviet troops you can't see.
            your GIs in first and take them out. then bring Tanya and the
            Engineers. When you reach the Hospital, cross the street to the
            northwest and have your GIs garrison the building. Keep Tanya
            the Engineers away from this building. It will be attacked from
            several directions by enemy troopers. Stay put until your
            GIs kill all the enemy, then have them target the barrels next
            the Soviet Barracks. You can hit the barrels from the building
            are garrisoned in. If not, you are in the wrong building! The
            explosion will take out the Barracks, the Soviet troops, and a
            section of the base wall.
            Now move Tanya and have her destroy the two Tesla Reactors she
            safely reach. This will disable the two Tesla Coils guarding the
            Psychic Beacon. Now have Tanya blow up the Beacon. After this
            up you will receive your reinforcements so you can build your
            Reinforcements will arrive at the Gateway Arch. Start building
            base and concentrate on getting defenses up as soon as possible.
            few Pillboxes at first and a Patriot Missile site to handle the
            Rockets that will be coming at you. Also make tanks and IFVs
            whenever you can and use these as part of your base defenses.
            rely totally on just defense structures. Also put a few
Engineers in
            IFVs to create Repair Vehicles and keep your damaged tanks

            You'll be fighting off attacks from the Soviets for awhile, but
            stick with it and keep building up your forces. At one point
            concentrate on making GIs and start garrisoning whatever
            you can closer to the Soviet base. That will relieve some
            on your main base. Your garrisoned GIs can pick off some of the
            Soviet troops before they get to your base. Also, if possible
            out the Soviet War Miners to hurt their production of units.
            moving GIs into buildings. The more the better. Eventually you
            turn the tides of battle.
            Tip: When building up a force of tanks or whatever units you
like to
            use, build lots of them. Then when you attack, combine your
            firepower on one target at a time. It only take seconds to
destroy a
            target, then move to the next.
            Time to crush the enemy: By now you should have an army of
            and Prism tanks and IFVs built. Now take your units and go to
            Soviet base. Make a dash for their Construction Yard and destroy
            This will stop any further structures being built. Then take out
            everything else. Get the War Factory and Barracks so no more
            can be produced by the Soviets. Then all that's left is mopping
            If you made any Harrier Jets, you can use these against Soviet
            Sentry Guns and Tesla Coils. Don't forget to destroy any
            you may have left in Busch Stadium where the Psychic Beacon was
            Your mission is over after you destroy all Soviets.

            Mission 9: Sun Temple, Tulum, Mexico
            You are now winning the war, but its far from over. A Soviet
            research station has been located in the Yucatan Peninsula of
            Mexico. In this facility the Soviets are trying to duplicate
            American Prism technology. This can't be allowed.
            Objectives: Your mission is to capture or destroy this facility,
            then take out all Soviet forces in the area.
            At the start of the mission, a transport plane drops off five
            Doesn't sound like much, but that's all you need to begin with.
            them northwest up the slope, and then head due west. You will
            encounter little resistance. And what you do run into are taken
            of quite easily. These SEALS are tough! Now move the seals down
            the camp, taking care of any enemy troops you encounter. In
            words, eliminate them. When you do this a NightHawk helicopter
            enters at the top of the map and drops off three Engineers. If
            want, you can keep the Engineers inside the helicopter till your
            ready for them. Keeps em safe for now.
            In the small camp you see two compounds holding GIs and tanks.
            are guarded by Soviet Conscripts. Take them out and the tanks
            GIs are yours to use. Now put five GIs each in the two huts
            to the compounds. That will take care of troops coming into the
            camp. Use the tanks to help with defenses too.
            NOTE: In the top left corner of the screen is a tech airport.
            must protect it from Russian engineers or they will use the
            paradrops against you. Take over this tech airport if you can
            use paradrops against the Soviets. If you can't capture it,
            Ok, time to go after the research facility. Take two engineers
            three SEALS and put them into the NightHawk Helicopter. Head due
            east over the water to the side of the map. Now turn south and
            for the corner of the map. Now head west till you see land. Set
            helicopter at the back edge of the high ground near the enemy
            field. You will probably see War Miners in this area. Use
            here. Remember, the SEALS and Engineers cannot defend
            against Soviet vehicles. You must sneak in at this point
            It's not that hard if you follow these instructions carefully.
            Here's what you do: Wait until the Soviet War Miners are either
            unloading at the Ore Refinery or in the south end of the ore
            Now head in the back of the base. Send one of your Engineers
            the structure that looks like a modified Prism Tower just inside
            where you enter the base. Have one of the SEALS blow up the fuel
            barrels next to the east wall. This takes out a few Soviet
            structures and vehicles. Now have your second Engineer capture
            Tesla Reactor. When you do this, the modified Prism Tower you
            captured activates and destroys any Soviet units that come near
            This also triggers another air drop and a SEAL comes down right
            the middle of the Soviet base. Now take your SEALS and start to
            up the Soviet structures. Get rid of all the Tesla Reactors
            Also, shoot any barrels you see. This helps to destroy other
            in the base. There is also a second Prism Tower. You can move an
            Engineer in and capture this or have one of the SEALS destroy
it. Up
            to you. Your SEALS have a long firing range. They can take out
            Sentry Guns without being shot at.
            Also want to note here: You can use the tanks that are in your
            to the north to help with the final attack on the Soviet base.
            The final part of the base you need to destroy is at the front
            entrance. This is a bit tricky, but not that hard to do. There
            two Tesla Coils that are being charged by Tesla Troopers. Best
            to handle this is to have your SEALS drop the Tesla Troopers in
            their tracks. This shuts down the Tesla Coils and allows you to
            them up.
            Once all units are destroyed the mission ends and the Prism
            Technology is saved.

            Mission 10: Mirage, Black Forest, Germany
            Your in Germany in this mission. You are called to protect
            Einstein's lab located in the Black Forest. As the mission
            ends, General Carville is killed by a Soviet Crazy Ivan who was
            waiting outside the General's office. Your on your own now...
            Objectives: Protect Einstein's Lab,  destroy all Soviet forces.
            At the start of the mission, Einstein tells you about his new
            invention, the Mirage Tank. Move these units back to Einstein's
            as soon as possible. You should also move your MCV near
            Lab and deploy it there. Now start building a Refinery and
            Prism Tower. Place the Prism Tower on the outside of your main
            on the left or right. The Refinery should be placed near your
            Construction Yard. Before you build anything else, you need
            Chrono Miner, three Prism Tower on each side of your base, and a
            more near the top center of your base. You'll need to build
            power plants to run them too. Just build these items first and
            worry about units for now. You will need these base defenses.
            will have three Soviet bases attacking you constantly with
            breaks in action. The more Prism Towers you have the better. You
            can't have too many. Just remember to keep repairing them as
            get damaged. You also need to build a group of Rocketeers to
            against any Soviet V3 Rockets that attack your base. You can use
            them to reveal the terrain surrounding your base as well.
            Tip: It's also a good idea to build a few Patriot Missile Sites
            shoot down Soviet V3 Rockets.
            Tip: In the South part of the map there is an Ore Refinery you
            capture for additional money if you find yourself low on funds
            during the mission.
            You should also build a Battle Lab when you get time and money
            so. This will then allow you to build Spies, an Ore Purifier,
            the Spy Satellite Uplink. The Ore Purifier will give you more
            from the ore your Refining, and the Spy Satellite, once built,
            reveal the entire map and let you see what your up against. Now
            start building Air Force Commands. You'll need three at least.
            them with Harrier Jets. Now make some Spies and send them to the
            northwest. Make sure you disguise them first.
            Now take one of your Spies and have him infiltrate the Nuclear
            Reactor to shut down the power. Now attack with your Harrier
            If they don't destroy it on the first run, do it again. Once
            destroyed, this takes out the power at the Soviet base for a
            time and gives you a little break from all the attacks on your
            Just to note that the Soviets will build a new Nuclear Reactor
            replace the one you destroyed. Best thing to do is take out the
            Construction Yard after you destroy his power, thus eliminating
            further building. And by killing the soviets power, you
            the Tesla Coils. Now use tanks, etc. and take the rest of this
            And keep using the Harrier Jets to target Sentry Guns, etc.
            You can use this same basic strategy on the other bases too to
            the job done. Don't forget to use your Spies. Have them
            Soviet Refineries and steal their money! And put them into power
            plants to shut down the power.
            When all Soviet forces are destroyed your mission ends.

            Mission 11: Fallout, Florida Keys
            Objectives: Build a Chronosphere, neutralize the Soviet Nuclear
            threat in Cuba.
            This mission is one of the hardest you'll encounter. You're
going to
            be kept real busy for awhile in the beginning of the mission.
            start with a base already built, but you'll need some more
            First build a War Factory and a Patriot Missile. Then build
            each of the Aegis Cruiser and the Destroyer. You will also
            a new Soviet unit in this mission, the Soviet Giant Squid. You
            use your Dolphins (yes flipper is here) to get the Giant Squids
            your ships. Your Destroyers will then kill the Squid. Once this
            taken care of, look back to your base again.
            Send eight of your GIs south across the bridge and deploy them
            southwest of the Refinery here. You can also send four GIs east
            have them garrison one of the hotels on the beach. Now build two
            SEALS and a dozen or so GIs. Send the SEALS south to the beach.
            send some GIs north and have then garrison one of the structures
            the island in the northwest corner of the map.
            Near your Air Force Command, place the Patriot you built to the
            south. Build another one and place it here as well. The soviets
            be attacking soon. Your units will be kept busy fighting them
            But the troops you should have garrisoned in the buildings will
            care of the attack. The Soviets will also move in near your
            Yard. Watch out for the Squids. Have your Destroyers target them
            before firing on the Typhoon Subs. Soon after all that action, a
            group of Soviet Dreadnoughts is down south and starts pounding
            base. Remember the SEALS you should have down there? Now take
            out for a swim and destroy the Dreadnoughts! Just get them back
            land quickly so they are not devoured by any Squids in the area.
            Now it's time to start building an army. Crank out Grizzlies and
            IFVs for awhile. You'll also need a Battle Lab, more power
plants, a
            Spy Satellite Uplink, and a Chronosphere.
            ATTENTION: When you build and place your Chronosphere, you will
            alerted to the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba. You now have
            minutes to shut down the missiles or their power before the
            launch. One thing is in your favor though, the Chronosphere
            up in half the time it takes the Nuke Missile Silos.
            Ok...lets create a group of units. You will need a few Prism
            a few Grizzlies, and several IFVs. Put Spies in your IFVs. When
            Chrono comes online, Chrono them to the southwest corner of the
            near the first Soviet Nuclear Reactor. Once you arrive, have one
            your Spies go into the Reactor. This shuts down the power for a
            minute, so act fast here. Have your Grizzlies and IFVs destroy
            Reactor. Keep your Prism tanks back. Now this is a low blow to
            Soviets, but it doesn't completely take out all their power.
            You must take your Prism Tanks east and have them shoot the fuel
            barrels behind the walls. This will take out all of the Soviet
            Reactors in the area. Now have another Spy run into one of the
            Silos. This will reset the timer and buy you some more time.
            The Soviets will keep building Tesla Reactors to replace those
            destroyed. Just keep using the Cronosphere to send more units to
            knock out Soviet power and keep sending along Spies to reset the
            Use your Navy: The trick to shutting down the Soviets for good
is to
            use your Navy. Start building ships. Destroyers and Aircraft
            Carriers are the preference here. Once you have your Navy group
            ready to go, head south and slowly inch your way in. When your
            within range, have your Carriers take out the Soviet Naval Yard
            the west while your Destroyers and Dolphins stand guard. After
            naval yard is destroyed, turn your Aircraft Carriers loose on
            second Nuclear Reactor here. If you destroy this, the power goes
            down for good.
            Your ships can hit the missile silos from the water too. Also
            your Harrier Jets to pound away at the Missile Silos. You can
            Chrono over Prism Tanks to help in this attack. Just concentrate
            destroying the three Missile Silos, nothing more. Once they are
            destroyed, take out the Construction Yard. Once that is
            the Soviets can no longer replace the Silos.
            The mission ends. You have won.

            Mission 12: Chrono Storm, Moscow
            Here it is...the final mission. Tanya needs to get into the
            to capture Romanov. You are outnumbered. The Soviets are armed
            both an Iron Curtain and a Nuclear Missile Silo. And don't
            the Kirov Airships...Good luck!
            Objectives: Clear the area so Chrono reinforcements can arrive,
            eliminate Romanov's Elite Black Guard around the Kremlin. Do not
            destroy the Kremlin.
            The mission starts with a trio of SEALS dropping in around a
            fortified Soviet area. When they land they'll take out all the
            Conscripts in the surrounding area. Use the SEALs to destroy the
            Tesla Reactor. This will trigger the arrival of your MCV and a
            couple IFVs. Deploy the MCV right where its at. Now move your
            throughout the area and have them blow up all remaining Tesla
            You can get a few infantry units by knocking out the fence in
            top left corner.
            Build base: Now start making your base and build up as fast as
            can. Just use whatever base building techniques you've learned
            the past eleven missions. You should know what to build by now.
            thing you do need to do as far as placement of buildings in your
            base: Put one Power Plant to the left of your Construction Yard.
            Then place all the other structures you build to the west and
            of this. In other words, keep everything except that first Power
            Plant away from the Construction Yard. NOTE: You'll understand
            you need to build it like that later on in the mission.
            You'll need four Engineers to take over the four Tech Derricks
            the area. Capture these for additional money. You also need to
            garrison the four bunkers outside your base with GIs. Two in the
            south and two in the east. These bunkers will give you added
            defense. Each bunker holds four GIs. Continue building up your
            as usual. Don't forget about air and ground defenses. Build more
            Chrono Miners so you can get money faster. Also crank out a
            IFVs. You'll need these to defend against the Soviet Kirov
            that will be attacking you.
            Now take an Engineer and 10 GIs and head out the northern end of
            your base, then head east. When you spot a Sentry Gun, deploy
            GIs and have them destroy it. Now have your GIs garrison one of
            buildings in the area. Take your Engineer and capture the Tech
            Airport. By taking over the Airport you will get reinforcements
            throughout this mission. Now back in your base you will receive
            reinforcements of both Grizzly Tanks and Prism Tanks. Leave them
            your base so they can help defend it for now.
            Keep an eye on the east. That is where Soviet Kirovs will be
            attacking from. Just make sure you have Patriot Missile sites
            use your IFVs for protection from them also. while your
            to build up your base, make sure you build a Battle Lab as soon
            possible and then build a Spy Satellite and two Chrono
            Keep cranking out GIs and have them garrison all the buildings
            surrounding your base. This will help to fortify the base. It's
            important to garrison any of the buildings you can get at near
            base, at the Airport, and also near the Tech Derricks. All these
            must be protected because the Soviets will be coming in force
            with power! Just want to mention that east of the Airport you
            captured, there are a few more Tech Derricks you should capture
            you get the time. You'll need the extra money.
            Ok...time to get on with this mission. the only way to stop the
            Soviet Nuke is to sneak a Spy into the silo. but to do that, you
            have to get past a PSI-corp Trooper and an attack dog. If your
            attempt to infiltrate the Nuke silo fails, wait for the
countdown to
            get to about one minute. Now move all your units away from your
            Construction Yard. Move in with the Chrono Legionnaires you were
            told to build earlier. Now have one force-fire on the
            Yard, and the other on the Power Plant. (Now you understand why
            were to build your base that strange way?) I hope you followed
            instructions. Now when the Soviet Nuke hits your base, only your
            Chrono Legionnaires will be destroyed. Your structures will be
            Just note here: Timing is important. If your Chrono Legionnaires
            fire on the buildings too long they will destroy them. If you
            unsure about doing this, then just let the Nuke hit. It will
            out your Power Plant and damage your Construction Yard. You'll
            have to replace the Power Plant and repair the CY. You could
            assault the Nuclear Silo by taking a force of eight to ten
            Tanks and four or five Prism Tanks. Take along some GIs too and
            them garrison buildings near the Nuke Silo to help defend your
            tanks. Use the Grizzly Tanks to defend your Prism Tanks while
            are firing on the Nuke Silo.
            Now lets have some more fun! Make a few Spies and send them to
            east into the Soviet base. Send them into anything that's there.
            Concentrate on the Soviet Refinery. Sending a Spy in one of
            steals the enemy's money. Do this every few minutes or so.
            get money every time you do it!
            Taking out the power: Now make five or six Chrono Legionnaires.
            them to the eastern edge of the map. You'll see a small island
            two Nuclear Reactors there. Move the Legionnaires to the island
            have them eliminate Reactors. This won't shut down all the
            power, but it's a very good start. Now send your Legionnaires to
            southeast corner and have them take out the two Nuke Reactors
            too. If you come under Soviet fire, just take one of two
            Legionnaires and kill them while the others continue to
            the Reactors. Finally, send them one more time to the southwest
            corner of the map. Again, destroy the two Nuke Reactors here.
            the Soviet base is without power.
            Final Assault: Now that all the Soviet power is down, send a
            of tanks, etc. into the smaller Soviet base to the east first
            destroy everything there. Now start to slowly head south with a
            assult force of IFVs, Grizzlies, Prism Tanks, GIs, and whatever
            you can grab. Put some Engineers in IFVs too. Keeps your tanks
            repaired. Keep using your Chrono Legionnaires to take out all
            structures along the southern edge of the map. Always mass-fire
            one target at a time. It's also a good idea to airdrop some GIs
            where your Legionnaires are at to help protect them. If you
            encounter any Soviet Apoc Tanks, five Legionnaires can take one
            Don't worry about the Orange base to the west. Just keep units
            around their base and destroy any units coming out of it. Your
            priority now is to get the Chrono Legionnaires into the Kremlin
            Once your Chrono Legionnaires are in the Kremlin area, start
            eliminating the green units and structures. This takes time and
            patience. Start with the Sentry Guns in the back. Then work
            carefully, taking out the Apocalypse Tanks, Conscripts, Tesla
            and Flak Cannons. When all the green units are gone, Tanya drops
            enters the Kremlin, and captures Romanov. The war is over and
            America and the free world are saved!
            Congratulations Commander!  YOU ARE VICTORIOUS!!

            Mission 1: Red Dawn, Washington D.C.
            Your campaign and your first mission starts with the objective
            destroying the Pentagon. You'll be reinforced with troops
            this mission.
            At the beginning of the mission you'll get some paratroopers and
            MCV. The MCV will deploy. Go ahead and start building your base
            right away. Start with a Tesla Reactor, a Barracks, and an Ore
            Refinery. Also, go ahead and make a couple Engineers. Now take
            Engineers and the Conscripts you got with the paradrop and head
            north up the road. Not far from your base your Conscripts will
            encounter a small group of GIs deployed and waiting for you.
            Garrison your Conscripts nearby in a building. then take out the
            GIs. Now continue moving north until you find the small Allied
            Go ahead and send your Conscript into the base and take out the
            there. After that, go ahead and take out everything in the base
            except for the Barracks. Have one of your Engineers capture the
            Allied Barracks. You can now make new troops from this location.
            Just make the Barracks your Primary Buildings by double clicking
            Next, send one of your Engineers into the repair hut at the
            to repair the bridge. Now send your troops across the bridge and
            into the next area of Allied occupation. You'll see two building
            near the Allies. Go ahead and garrison the buildings. The
            are within range to take out the Allied Pillboxes and GIs
            the next Allied Base.
            Now un-garrison your men from the buildings. You also receive
            reinforcements, including some Engineers. Now go into the Allied
            base. Take over the Airport with an Engineer. This will allow
you to
            get paratroopers for the rest of the mission. Also capture the
            Construction Yard and Barracks. Destroy everything in the base
            except what you captured with your Engineers.
            Now look to your west. You'll see another bridge to repair. Have
            of your Engineers enter the repair hut just like you did on the
            bridge. Send two Conscripts across the bridge to scout this
            There aren't any enemy troops here, but as you near the western
            side of this small island you will get reinforcements of four
            Heavy Tanks. Take your tanks and join up with your other troops.
            go ahead and head north towards the Pentagon.
            Use your Rhino Tanks to break through the walls and destroy the
            Pillboxes. Go ahead and use your paratroopers and Conscripts.
            out the GIs and Patriot Missiles. have two Engineers capture the
            Barracks. Now you'll get lots more reinforcements including
            more tanks. Move up near the Pentagon building and destroy
            everything around it. Now start blowing up the Pentagon. There
            four separate sections of this building that you must destroy.
            Once the Pentagon is destroyed your mission ends.

            Mission 2: Hostile Shore, Florida Coast
            In this mission you'll be establishing a base on the Florida
            Once that's done, you'll be moving inland to take out all
            First looks: This mission begins with a bit of excitement!
            Vladimir's Dreadnoughts (you have no control of these
            pound the American defenses along the shoreline, transports move
            with troops and tanks to push back the Allies from the beach.
            your troops and tanks destroy the Pillboxes, then move
everything up
            the beach. Hit the barrels between the two Allied Refineries.
            destroys both of them. Now another transport moves in and leaves
            your MCV. Take the MCV and deploy it near where you blew up the
            Allied Refineries.
            Not long after you've started building your base you will be
            attacked by a large Allied force of tanks. Take the tanks you
            and confront them head-on. Continue to build up your base. Don't
            this distract you. You'll need some Tesla Reactors, Barracks,
            Refinery, War Factory, and a Naval yard. Get them all built as
            quickly as possible. No time to admire the scenery Commander.
            some Conscripts and use them to garrison any of the surrounding
            buildings you can. This will help greatly with defending your
            Check out the area to the west and also to the south. Garrison
            the buildings you see. This is very important. Go ahead and
build a
            second War Miner to help with the flow of cash you'll need for
            the Conscripts you're building. You should also take Engineers
            capture the two Tech Derricks west of your base. This will give
            additional money. Make sure you protect these after you capture
            them. Just send along a few tanks and Flak Tracks with your
            Tip: All of the white hotels contain money crates. Just destroy
            and collect the crates to get the money.
            At some point in the game Vladimir's Dreadnoughts attack the
            Navy, but the Dreadnoughts fail and sail away. You are
            with some Typhoon Subs. Use these and make a few more subs,
            send them after the Allied Destroyers, taking out what you can.
            Ending this battle: Back on land, keep garrisoning buildings
            your Conscripts and  work your way closer to the Allied base.
            here a way to quickly bring this battle to an end. Make a large
            group of tanks and a couple Flak Tracks. Fill one of the Flak
            with Engineers. Now move this group along the western edge of
            map. Move slowly and cautiously, looking out for enemy troops.
            you finally find the Allied base, send in your tanks and Flak
            to destroy the Pillboxes and GIs. Keep the Flak Track with your
            Engineers out of harm way. Now with this area secured, go ahead
            capture the Allied Construction Yard.
            Victory: Capturing the Allied Construction Yard sets off a
            chain of events that quickly brings about your VICTORY in this
            mission. With Allies sell all their buildings and all the GIs
            in to attack you. But since you garrisoned all the buildings
            your Conscripts (you did do what your were told, right?) you
            have no trouble taking out the attacking GIs. The only thing
left to
            do is take out the remaining Allied Naval Fleet. You'll find
them at
            the south end of the map. Use lots of Typhoon Subs and head
            Take out all the Allied Destroyers and the mission is complete.
            Congrats Comrade Commander!

            Mission 3: Big Apple, New York
            In this mission you start the psychic invasion of America in New
            York. You will have to clear the area of Allied units and
capture an
            Allied Battle Lab.
            Objectives: Capture the American Battle Lab, build and defend a
            Psychic Beacon.
            You start the mission with practically nothing. You only have a
            Radar Tower, Tesla Reactor, and a Construction Yard. You should
            start building a Barracks and Refinery right away, and then a
            Factory. You also need to concentrate on building up your base
            defenses. Make a lot of Conscripts and garrison the buildings to
            north and east of your base, near the Tech Derricks. You should
            capture the Tech Derricks with your Engineers. There is very
            ore around your base, so capturing the Tech Derricks is very
            important! Reinforce the area around the Derricks with tanks and
            Flak Tracks. A few Sentry Guns here is in order too.
            You will also be reinforced with a couple Psi-Corp units. These
            units can be used to mind-control a single enemy. For example,
            could use them to control an Allied Grizzly Tank and have the
            scout the map for you or attack their base with their own unit!
            take a Flak Track and explore the area all around your base. You
            will see a large bridge. Don't cross it. Just explore the area
            the left and right of the bridge. You'll see some buildings near
            bridge. Send out groups if 10 Conscripts and garrison all the
            buildings you find. This will help defend your base from
            Allied troops.
            Tip: Most of the buildings are severely damaged and will need to
            repaired by your Engineers before the Conscripts can garrison
            Buildings in the red cannot be garrisoned until they are
            Now keep pushing north and east towards the enemy. Don't forget
            build a few Rhino Tanks and Flak Tracks to protect your base,
            keep repairing and garrisoning buildings as you go along. If you
            into a building that is garrisoned by Allied troops, make some
            Rockets and have them take out the building. Three V3s can take
            most buildings.
            Tip: You can find some Tech Outposts along the western side of
            map. You can capture these and use them to repair your vehicles.
            Just make sure you can defend them before capturing them. You
            garrison nearby buildings if you plan on capturing the Outposts.
            They will help greatly in defense.
            Ending this battle: Time to make the final push towards the
            The best approach is from the northwest, near the second of the
            Tech Outposts you were told to capture above. Build a second
            Barracks here and start churning out Engineers and Conscripts.
            repair the buildings on the hill to your north with your
            and garrison them with your Conscripts. Then send a couple
            Conscripts to scout out the area down the east side of the hill
            leads to the Allied base. You'll find a few Pillboxes here. Use
            V3 Rockets to take them out. Now repair the buildings in front
            the Allied base and garrison all of them with Conscripts. Now
            moving into the Allied base and destroy everything. Use your V3s
            take out Pillboxes and have your Engineers capture whatever you
            want. Get the Allied Barracks first, then start making Flak
            Troopers, lots of them! You can also capture the War Factory and
            make some IFVs. NOTE: Just remember to make your captured
            your Primary buildings so your units will come out of that

            Tip: If you captured the Allied War Factory, you can make IFVs
            place Tesla Troopers inside them. This will get you a vehicle
            fires the Tesla weapon!
            Capture or destroy everything basically. DO NOT TOUCH THE
            BATTLE LAB yet!  Very Important...
            Before you capture the Battle Lab, garrison all the buildings
            the Allied base, or what use to be the base =) Now go ahead and
            capture the Battle Lab. It will change into a Psychic Beacon.
            must protect this until it deploys! The Allies will hit you with
            everything they have. Now you see the reason for garrisoning all
            buildings your were told to earlier. I sure hope you listened!
            the Psychic Beacon deploys, you will receive reinforcements of
            PSI-Troopers via para-drop. Use them to mind control enemy
            that get too close to the Psychic Beacon. If you garrisoned all
            buildings around the Beacon as you were told to, you should have
            trouble handling the Allied attacks. You should also have Flak
            Troopers and Flak Tracks near the Beacon to shoot at incoming
            planes dropping Allied paratroopers near the Beacon.
            Don't worry about any other battles going on. Your main concern
            to protect the Psychic Beacon. That's it. You can also repair
            Psychic Beacon if it becomes damaged. Use your Engineers. Just
            some near the Beacon. You may need them.
            Done Deal: Once the Beacon is fully charged up, it deploys and
            the enemy troops fall under your control. The mission is over!

            Mission 4: Home Front, Vladivostok
            Despite your success in America, there is trouble on the home
            The Koreans have sided with the Americans, and is sending a Navy
            fleet to Vladivostok. You must destroy this fleet and save
            Objectives: Establish a base, defend Mother Russia, destroy all
            Allied forces.
            Getting started: You start with a Construction Yard, a Naval
            and one Typhoon Sub. You need to start building quickly. The
            fleet will be arriving in 10 minutes! You will see the timer
            activated. Make additional subs (5) right away. Also build Tesla
            Reactors, an Ore Refinery (have your War Miner go north to the
            of gems there), and get some Flak Cannons up fast. The Koreans
            attack you constantly with planes from their Aircraft Carriers.
            Place the Flak Cannons near important buildings such as your CY
            Power. When you get enough funds, build a second War Miner. Your
            going to need the money. You'll also need a Service Depot to
            your damaged tanks, etc.
            Once the timer gets down to a few minutes, move your subs east
            they will be in position to strike the Allied transports. You
            also build tanks and place them in the north to protect your War
            Miners working in the fields there. The Allies will be attacking
            that area frequently. You also need to have Flak Tracks and Flak
            Troopers in the north end of your base for defense. Allied
            Rocketeers will attack you in this area. Use the Flak defenses
            protect your tanks which are protecting your War Miners. Get the
            Now take a Flak Track and explore the entire map, concentrating
            mainly on the shoreline. You won't find much in the west and
            parts of the map. In the east you will find the Allied base. You
            should try to uncover at least the edges of this base with your
            Track. You should also take your Typhoon Subs and head to the
            base. Take out the Naval Yard and any Allied ships there.
            Tip: If you can capture an Air Force Command with one of your
            Engineers, you can use the Harrier Jets to help you complete the
            mission. You can also use your Engineer to capture any of the
            buildings in the base. It's much faster than using the tanks to
            destroy them. Just place them in Flak Tracks for protection and
            drive em right into the Allied base. Also, don't forget to use
            Sea Scorpions to shell enemy infantry along the shore.
            Final Attack: Time to end this battle. Once you have enough
            build 10 tanks, a couple Flak Tracks, and some V3 Rockets. Send
            along the southern beach. Push your way into the Allied base and
            whatever you can. Keep cranking out units and send them to the
            Allied base. Keep the pressure on. If Allied resistance gets to
            heavy for you, pull out your forces and regroup. You don't have
            destroy it in one big attack. Just chip away until you weaken
            The most important things to target is the Construction Yard,
            Refineries, and the Chrono Miners. If you disrupt their ability
            produce units, they will soon fall.
            Once you destroy the Construction Yard and stop the flow of
            the Allies, this battle should end very fast. Just keep on
            and victory will be yours.

            Mission 5: City of Lights, Paris
            This mission finds you in France. As a demonstration of your
            you'll turn the Paris Tower into a Giant Tesla Coil. The French
            do what they can to stop you from doing this. Expect very heavy
            resistance from the French people.
            Objectives: Get your Tesla Troopers to the Paris Tower.
            You won't be able to build a base in this mission. What you
            with is a Barracks and a Tesla Coil. You also have several
            Conscripts, some Engineers, four Tesla Troopers, and two Crazy
            Ivans. You have no ore to mine either. Unless you can find some
            additional money, you are limited to the $2,500 you start with.
            There is however one source of income, but you'll need to do a
            little work to get it.
            Where's da money? First, take your Conscripts and head them
            What your going to do is garrison buildings, but not to hold
            What you do is garrison a building, use it to eliminate any
            in the area, and then move on to the next building. Don't try to
            confront the enemy troops without garrisoning. You can't afford
            lose many of your troops since your funds are limited with this
            mission. Keep heading west until you find the Tech Derrick. This
            your source of money. Have an Engineer capture it, then have
            Conscripts garrison the buildings around the Tech Derrick to
            it. Also garrison the buildings around your small base for
            protection. It may take awhile since the money comes in slow.
            you'll eventually have the buildings full with Conscripts. Keep
            making Conscripts throughout the entire mission. You'll need
            Heading north: Once your have the Tech Derrick and your base
            protected with garrisoned Conscripts, take six Conscripts to the
            north and do the same thing you did with the buildings to the
            Garrison a building, shoot what you can hit, then move on to the
            next building. This takes time, but it protects your Conscripts.
            your working your way up north toward the Paris Tower, leave a
            Conscripts in some of the buildings for added defense.
            The Paris Tower: At the northern end of the map you will see the
            Paris Tower. It is heavily guarded with Pillboxes and GIs, and
            some tanks and IFVs. Get as many Conscripts as you can. The idea
            to garrison as many buildings as you can and target all the
            units from the garrisoned buildings. Don't try to fight them
            the buildings. You won't last long. If the Allies destroy one of
            buildings you are garrisoned in, simply go to the next one. Keep
            doing this and you will soon win this battle. About this time
            will be receiving reinforcements by Amphibious transport. You'll
            6 Tesla Troopers. Keep them where they appear and keep cranking
            Conscripts when you can. You need to hit the Allies from both
            to take the Paris Tower and to prevent the Allies from taking it
            after it's yours. So keep garrisoning all the buildings you can.
            Now move a large force of Conscripts up the road next to the
            and assault the Allies west of the Tower. You'll lose a lot of
            Conscripts here, but keep reinforcing them with new Conscripts.
            Eventually you win out and the Paris Tower will be under your
            control. As soon as you take the Paris Tower the Allies will
            to attack it. Hit what you can from the buildings you have
            garrisoned. The deploy your troops and destroy the remaining
            GIs and tanks. When the last GI and Allied tanks are destroyed,
            in your transport that is carrying the Tesla Troopers, and place
            them around the Paris Tower. It will then charge-up and destroy
            remaining allied units.
            The mission is over and Paris is yours!

            Mission 6: Sub-Divide, Pearl Harbor
            This mission takes place on a huge map. Larger than any of the
            missions so far. You start with a small force of a few men and a
            couple ships. This mission centers around your Navy this time,
            don't forget about the power of your ground forces either.
            Objectives: Destroy the Allied Pacific Navy fleet.
            Getting started: Deploy your MCV and start building up your base
            you normally would. by now you should know what needs to be
            Make sure to construct both air and ground defenses for
            your base. You'll be given a countdown for the arrival of the
            (Korean) navy fleet. You'll need to explore the island your on.
            Also, build lots of Conscripts and garrison them in every
            you can find. This is important you do this. Also build some
            Tesla Troopers, and some Tesla Coils. Build some Flak Tracks and
            send them to the southern edge of the island. Build a Naval yard
            make a couple Typhoon Subs to start with. You'll also need a
            Tower so you can build Sea Scorpions to protect your Typhoon
            Go ahead and make some of them now. When your reinforcements
            from the north, move all your ships to the northwestern edge of
            island. The Allied fleet will arrive here shortly.
            Tip: Sea Scorpions are great at destroying small planes that are
            launched from Allied Destroyers. Use these to protect your
            Battle at sea: When the Allied (Korean) Navy Fleet arrives, hit
            with your ships as much as you can. Keep cranking out more Subs
            Sea Scorpions to replace the ones you'll be losing during this
            battle on the sea. You do want to concentrate most of your fire
            power on the Allied Aircraft Carriers. The Allied (Korean) Fleet
            will soon leave. When they do leave, take your navy to the south
            wait in the area just south of your main island. The Korean
            will be meeting up with the Americans so they can attack your
            in force, moving along your southern shore. You might try
            some V3 Rockets along the southern shore. Remember the Flak
            you were told earlier to send to the south? They will come in

            It takes some effort to eliminate the Korean ships. But
            you will. Now lets do something else. Load up an Engineer and 11
            Conscripts in a transport and send them all the way to the
            southwestern corner of the map. Protect the transport with
            Sea Scorpions and subs. Now deploy the men on the small piece of
            land and capture the airfield. This will give you paratroopers
            the rest of the mission. Build some Flak Cannons to protect this
            area. Now move your Conscripts around this area and you will
            four crates that contain money.
            Time to move: It's now time to start moving on the main Allied
            Island. Drop paratroopers on the eastern section of the main
            and send a bunch of Conscripts to the island with your
            Start garrisoning buildings with your Conscripts. Your also
            for a large group of offices and hotels. Garrison these hotels
            all the Conscripts they will hold. Just keep shuttling men with
            transports until you have enough to fill up all the buildings
            hotels. If you explore around this area, you will discover an
            Ore Refinery. Send over an Engineer in your transport to capture
            Refinery. Once you take the Refinery, build a Tesla Coil and a
            Barracks near it. Make this Barracks your Primary building
            click on it). Make more Conscripts and keep exploring to the
            and west. You'll find a small cove that holds one of two Allied
            Naval Yards. Build Tesla Reactors and Tesla Coils to reach to
            naval yard and destroy it and any ships it produces.
            Time to clean up: Now take a bunch (10) Typhoon Subs and explore
            coast of the large island. You will find a narrow inlet with
            Towers. The Prism Tower can't hit your Typhoon subs as long as
            stay underwater. Go ahead and take your subs through this cove
            eliminate all ships and the Naval Yard here. Remember to target
            Destroyers first since they are the most dangerous for you. Keep
            sending in more subs as you need them until everything is

            NOTE: Don't worry about the Coast Guard ships patrolling the
            part of the seas. They do not have to be destroyed to complete
            mission. But you can if you want to =)
            Once you destroy all the ships in this cove and any new Naval
            the Allies may build, the mission ends.

            Mission 7: Chrono Defense, Ural Mountains
            The Allies are after your Battle Lab in this mission. You must
            protect it at all costs. The Allies have Chrono technology
            to them and can place troops anywhere inside your base. You must
            prepared for attacks from anywhere. If you keep your wits about
            you'll be ok. Just don't lose your head =) Good Luck Commander!
            Objectives: Protect your Battle Lab.
            Let's get started: Start building up your base as normal. But do
            quickly. The Allies will be attacking soon. Make sure to cover
            entire base with defenses, including Conscripts, Flak Tracks,
            tanks. Also use attack dogs with this mission. The Allies will
            using Spies in this mission and the dogs are the only way to
            them. Also, since Spies like to target your Tesla Reactors, post
            some dogs around them. Don't worry about exploring the map just
            Concentrate on building up your base and forces. And the more
            technology you develop the better. Get whatever is available in
            mission. You should also build four Apoc Tanks and place them at
            openings (choke points) leading to your base. Don't build
            Apocs than that since they are so expensive. Defend these
            with Flak Cannons and whatever else you have too. Never stop
            building defenses. Your going to need all you can make.
            Note: The Allies will be sending in Snipers to take out your
            When you get the chance, explore around your base so you can
            the Snipers. Also, as the mission progresses, the Allied attacks
            grow larger and more difficult to handle. They also send in
            Rocketeers. Use your Flak Tracks, etc. to defend against them.
            defense is important in this mission.
            Here's a good Tip: If you take out the Propaganda Truck the
            map will be revealed to you. You will find the Truck in the town
            west of your base driving around the outskirts of the town. It
            contains a power-up crate and Spy Satellite maps of the area.
            Take the Money: If you continue to explore the map, you'll find
            Outpost and three Tech Derricks. Build four Engineers and put
            in a Flak Track. Send them to this spot and capture the Outpost
            Tech Derricks. Send along 3 Rhino Tanks, 2 Flak Tracks, and an
            Apocalypse Tank for protection. When you capture the Outpost,
            be reinforced by a group of Flak Troopers. Now build two Tesla
            and a Flak Cannon to help defend this area. Now you've got
            source of income, plus the Allies will start attacking you here,
            taking some pressure off your main base and giving you a bit of
            break. You can use the captured Outpost to repair your damaged
            vehicles between battles.
            Tip: At some point during the mission a group of trucks moves
            the north to the small base in the south. Each truck is carrying
            crate. If you can get to these trucks and destroy them the
            are yours for the taking.
            The Allied Prism Tanks are tough to deal with. You don't want
            to get within range of your Battle Lab. Massing fire power
            them is one way to take them out, but you'll lose a lot of
            The Apocalypse Tank is a good unit to use for this task. Two of
            can handle an entire squad of Prism Tanks.
            Final Allied Attack: On the sixth and final attack by the
            they hit you with everything they have and from all sides.
            don't panic. Take care of the Allied Spies and Engineers before
            do anything else. Once you have eliminated that threat,
            on defending your Battle Lab. Just make sure it has plenty of
            defenses around it. It may be a good idea to build a wall around
            Keep your Battle Lab intact after this final attack. The mission

            Mission 8: Desecration, Washington D.C.
            Former Soviet General Vladimir, who has been accused of killing
            Soviet Premier Romanov by Yuri, is hiding out in the White House
            Washington, D.C.  Your mission is to capture the White House and
            dispose of General Vladimir. It's Soviet against Soviet in this
            Objectives: Capture the White House with an Engineer.
            In the beginning: This mission starts out a bit hard at first,
            you should be ok once you get things rolling. Start out by
            your MCV immediately. You also get Desolators to start off this
            mission. The Desolator fires a radiation weapon that is
effective on
            light vehicles and infantry. And when the Desolator deploys he
            creates a large area of radioactivity that obliterates any
            unlucky enough to be caught in his radius. You also get some
            Conscripts and Apocalypse Tanks.
            As you get started building your base, send one of the
            just north of your base, another to the southwest, and the other
            to the northeast. Move all your Conscripts to the northeast
            and garrison them in the bunker and tents there. Also, enemy
            Conscripts under General Vladimir's control drop in at the start
            the mission. You can see the shadows of the Paratroopers as the
            descend. Place a Desolator directly under these shadows and
            him. He'll kill these enemy Conscripts as soon as they land.
            will happen three times. The first is just north of your base,
            second to the southwest, and the third, the largest drop of
            Paratroopers, near the tents. But if you moved your Desolators
            you were instructed to in the beginning of this mission, you
            have no problems handling this attack.
            Time to build: With this early attack out of the way, start
            up your base quickly. By now you should no what to build without
            being told. Always build to defend against both air and ground
            attacks. And build a good mix of units for both offense and
            In this mission in particular, build a few more War Miners (4),
            you can gather lots of money in a short time. Now lets build
            Apocalypse Tanks and some V3s and have some fun in this mission!
            NOTE: Watch your ore field east of your base. When it runs out
            War Miners will wander into enemy territory looking for more ore
            be destroyed. So when this ore filed runs out, take your War
            and park them in your base. Now take a group of Conscripts and
            north until they find the Lincoln Memorial. Have them destroy
            then pick up the crate that appears. The crate contains $8,000.
            will buy you a few more Apocalypse Tanks.
            When you have your Apoc tanks and V3s built and ready to go,
            them to the large ore field in the southeast. Use your Apoc
tanks to
            destroy the enemy War Miners you find there. Explore the enemy
            near the ore field. Use your V3s to take out the Tesla Coils and
            your Apocs for other structures. Leave a couple Apoc Tanks in
            ore field and go ahead and start mining the ore here. Then take
            three Apoc Tanks and a couple V3s and head to the small base
            the ore field. Use the V3's on the Tesla Coils and the Apoc
Tanks on
            everything else. Keep pushing eastward taking out structures
            the way. Use your V3s on any dangerous structures like Tesla
            The final push: In the southwest you'll find a pair of destroyed
            bridges. One of these bridges can be repaired however. Use an
            Engineer, repair the bridge, and send over some Apoc Tanks.
            find a few enemies here, six trucks, and the Jefferson Memorial.
            Destroy everything. What you get in return is crates with cash,
            power-ups, a Tesla Tank, and a War Miner. Not bad, eh? Ok, lets
            this thing. Pump out a bunch of Tesla Troopers and Conscripts.
            them follow your Apoc Tanks east towards the White House.
            all resistance as you go using your tanks, Tesla Troopers, and
            Once you get an Engineer inside the White House, the mission

            Mission 9: The Fox & the Hound, San Antonio, Texas
            In this mission you will attempt to take control of the
President of
            the United States using PSI-Corp Troopers. This mission takes
            around one of the most famous Texas landmarks, the Alamo.
            Objectives: Destroy Allied forces and capture the President with
            PSI-Corp Trooper.
            At the start: This mission begins with a massive airdrop of
            Conscripts around the Alamo. But they are slaughtered by Prism
            Towers and Navy SEALs guarding the Alamo. But this is only a
            diversion tactic used so a pair of Yuri units can also be
dropped in
            the area a few blocks away from the Alamo. The Conscripts were
            sacrificed for the Soviet cause. May they rest in peace.
            One of the PSI Troopers captures an IFV. Go ahead and move it to
            your two PSI units and put one of them in it. Now head north to
            small Allied base. The PSI Trooper that is walking should
            mind-control one of the two GIs you run into. The
mind-controlled GI
            will start to shoot at the other one. If your mind-controlled GI
            gets killed, just use your IFV to kill the other GI. Now mind
            control one of the Engineers in the base. Take over the Barracks
            with him. Now take the other Engineer and take over the Battle
            with that one. This allows you to build Spies, which will be
            to you later in the mission. If you run out of money, you can
            sell the Battle Lab for additional cash. At least for now you
            produce some units. Go ahead and make a couple Engineers and a
            group of GIs (20).  You will be using 2 10-man GI teams to
            accomplish a few goals.
            Make your move: Start moving your GIs throughout the map,
            garrisoning buildings and taking out the enemy resistance. Just
            doing this to whittle down the opposing forces in the area. Pay
            attention to the attack dogs and the GIs walking around the
            of the Alamo. Take them out if you can. next, take the PSI
            that is in the IFV and move him to the northwest corner. Here
            find another small Allied base. In that base is a Sniper, a
            several GIs, a NightHawk Helicopter, a Power Plant, and a Tech
            Airport. First you mind control the Sniper and move him outside
            base. Approach from the north side of the enemy base. Use your
            Trooper to eliminate the GIs first. After the GIs are gone,
            mind-control the Grizzly Tank and destroy the Patriot Missile
            the Pillboxes. Next move the tank away and mind-control the
            again. Now you can capture the enemy Airport with an Engineer,
            you still have the Sniper you can use against the Enemy SEALs
            at the Alamo!
            Now take your PSI Trooper and control the tank. Blast a hole in
            wall with it. Move the tank up and destroy as many GIs as you
            with the tank. Send in a team of GIs to mop up this area. Just
            behind the walls so the Pillboxes don't get you. Destroy the
            Plant and have an Engineer capture the airfield. By capturing
            Tech Airfield, you can now make paratroopers, which you will be
            dropping around the Alamo.
            On to the Alamo: The Alamo is very heavily fortified. Each
            has dogs, SEALs, and Prism Towers. Take some Conscripts and
            some of the buildings outside the Alamo in case the Allies
decide to
            come outside. Have one of your PSI Troopers move into the area
            around the Alamo, staying more to the west. Now take the PSI
            that has the IFV and blast a hole into the back wall near where
            Allied Power Plants are located. If your IFV is destroyed, just
            mind-control one of the tanks in the area and take out the Power
            Plants. You must take out two Power Plants so the Prism Towers
            be deactivated. You can also drop some Conscript Paratroopers
            the compound on the south end of the screen. Have them destroy
            six trucks located here and get all the crates that appear.
            get a pile of cash from these crates. Use them to make more GIs
            your captured Barracks.
            The Navy SEALs are a bit tough to deal with. Fortunately, your
            Troopers can mind-control them out of their range of fire. So
            you do is mind-control the SEALs and turn them on each other to
            clear out the area. Keep destroying buildings in this area. Take
            all the Power Plants first. Once all this is done, It's time to
            the President.
            Move in with one of you PSI Troopers and mind-control the SEAL
            guarding the President. Use this unit to clean up the remaining
            Allies and buildings. The move the captured SEAL away to a
            location near one of the buildings you have garrisoned. That way
            when you release him, your garrisoned infantry will take him
            All that's left to do is have the PSI Trooper capture the
            and your mission is over.

            Mission 10: Weathered Alliance, US Virgin Islands
            In a last desperate attempt to stop the onslaught of the mighty
            Soviet machine, the Allies have developed new technology that
            turn the tides of the war. You must stop this new technology
            being use on the Soviet Army.
            Objectives: Your task in this mission is to capture the American
            Battle Lab and destroy the Weather Control Device.
            Let's get started: When your mission starts you find you have
            little room to build a base, and just a few units to start with.
            the other hand the Allies already have a huge presence in this
            with a large Navy. You will have to work fast to get up to
speed. A
            pair of transports arrive at the start of the mission with some
            Conscripts, an MCV, and a couple of tanks. Move your MCV near
            northern edge of the island near the ore field and deploy it.
            building your base and get a Naval Yard up as soon as possible.
            one of your starting ships south right away and find the
            located there. Now you have a good start on your Navy. Keep
            out ships and Typhoon Subs. You'll also need to make a Battle
            you can create Dreadnoughts.
            On the southern end of the island you have a small base already
            started for you, which includes a Tesla Reactor and a Radar
            Get some Conscripts and Flak ?Troopers there right away, and put
            some Flak Cannons for additional protection. Then for now, keep
            building up your main base and your navy. You need lots of ships
            Next, send a ship east from your island and explore the area
            You'll find a small Island covered with Gems and a Tech Outpost.
            Capture this outpost with an Engineer and build another refinery
            the Outpost. You'll need this ore field because you will run out
            ore to harvest soon back at your main base area. But this ore
            will supply you for the rest of the mission.
            Time for the hunt: Move your Sea Scorpions and Subs north from
            small island. You'll find the Allies Naval Yards there. You need
            destroy both of these Naval Yards and the ships they produce.
            Typhoon Sub is perfect for this job. Use your Sea Scorpions to
            protect your subs from Allied Destroyers. Once the naval Yards
            destroyed, move in some Dreadnoughts to take care of anything
            can reach on the shore. This will take a bit of time, but make
            you take everything out you can reach with your Dreadnoughts.
            NOTE: While your pounding the Allies with your Dreadnoughts,
            are sending in SEALs to blow up your Dreadnoughts. Your Sea
            Scorpions can handle the SEALs who try to destroy your
            fleets. Just make sure you have enough of them to properly guard
            Dreadnoughts. Allied Rocketeers may also move in against your
            Dreadnought. Again, the Sea Scorpions can handle them as well.
            Tip: You won't be able to see every structure you can target
            your Dreadnoughts due to the shroud covering the island the
            base is on. To solve this problem, force fire on the ground you
            see near the shroud. Then when enemy Patriot Missiles target
            missiles, they appear to you briefly. Just target them before
            shroud covers over them.
            When your done destroying all you can on this section of the
            head over to the western half of the island and do the same
            all over again. You can also send over your Apocalypse Tanks to
            assist in the destruction. Explore around the entire island.
            find a large allied base to the west. Leave a couple defenseless
            structures around the Battle Lab like the Air Force Command.
            Now move a few Engineers near the area of the Battle Lab. Take
            the Battle Lab with an Engineer. Also any of the building you
            standing. As soon as you do, the shroud is revealed in the
            corner of the map, and your instructed to build a Nuclear
            Silo and use it to destroy the Weather Control Device. At the
            time the remaining ships from the American fleet sail in from
            western edge of the map and attack your navy. And the Allies
send a
            Weather Storm over your Nuclear Plant. Put a refinery down and
            mining on this huge island.
            Act fast: You can build a Nuclear Silo if you want to, but it
            5,000 to build, and it takes 10 min. before its ready to fire.
            then the Allies will launch another attack from their Weather
            Control Device. So forget about building a Nuclear Silo.
            Here's what to do: Use whatever money you have to build ships.
            Gather up you fleet and send them up the western side of the
            You find that the Allies have a huge base along the edge of the
            island that covers the northern section of the map. It has many
            Power Plants with Patriot Missiles, and lots of Prism Towers.
            use your Navy and take out all the Patriot sites first, then the
            Prism Towers. You need to take out the Prism Tower on both sides
            the inlet that leads to the third Allied Naval Base. Destroy the
            Naval Yard too. Keep moving your Dreadnoughts in towards the
            You can hit the Weather Control Device from your ships.
            Your mission ends when the Device is destroyed.

            Mission 11: Red Revolution, Moscow
            The plot: In this mission your asked to return to Moscow so Yuri
            thank you personally for your recent victories. But you notice
            there's something sinister about the way Yuri appears. Your
            suspicions prove correct when your assistant tells you that
            received a video tape. The tape contains film of Romanov telling
            that Yuri is controlling his mind, and if he dies, Yuri is to
            So it now appears that even General Vladimir may have been an
            innocent victim of Yuri's demented mind. Yuri is waiting for you
            the Kremlin.
            Objectives: Your task is to destroy the Kremlin, with Yuri still
            You start this mission with a horde of Conscripts, some Kirov
            Airships, a Construction Yard, and a couple vehicles. Go ahead
            build all your normal structures. Concentrate on placing Flak
            Cannons in the east and northwest while your building up your
            forces. Start exploring the area with your Conscripts. Head them
            north and garrison the houses you find there. Do the same east
            your base. Capture any Tech structures you find in these areas
            protect them. Keep cranking out Conscripts and use them to
            all the neutral buildings you can get to.
            You will be attacked from both the east and the north. That's
            you were told to garrison buildings in these areas. You should
            concentrate on making some Apocalypse Tanks. They can chew up
            units quickly. You also need Tesla Coils (6), and place them in
            front of your base. Build a Battle Lab and then build a Nuclear
            Reactor to power the Coils instead of a bunch of Tesla Reactors.
            Note: Throughout the mission you will be receiving
            Trouble: Your biggest concern in this mission is the PSI-Corp
            Trooper units. The problem is you can't build Yuris (PSIs) of
            own in this mission. The best way to defend against them if they
            past your troops you have garrisoned in the buildings is Attack
            Dogs. Make groups of Attack Dogs, and whenever you see these PSI
            Troopers moving towards your base, send the dogs after them.
            Get the POWER: The Kremlin is a long way from your starting
            and the passes leading to the Kremlin are very heavily guarded.
            to pull out all the stops. Make a fortified area in your base.
            lots of Flak Cannons and Apoc Tanks here, and then build a
            Missile silo and place it in your fortified area.  Build about a
            dozen Flak Tracks and more Flak Cannons. Place the Cannons on
            side of your base. Make more Apoc Tanks and place them with your
            Flak Cannons.
            Once you place the Nuke Silo a PSI-Corp Trooper will pop in and
            you if you are really planning on using a nuclear weapon inside
            Mother Russia. You are of course, but that's not what the PSI
            to hear. He retaliates by sending in Kirov Airships from the
            and northeast. Now you see why you need all those Flak weapons
            Apoc Tanks. Just keep building Flak Tracks and placing them
            the Kirovs are coming from. This should take care of them and
            them from destroying your Nuke Silo.
            Launch the Nuke: When your Nuke is ready to fire, drop that
            right on top of the Kremlin! It will take out the Kremlin and
            in one single massive blow. The traitor Yuri is dead and the
            military is yours to control. Congrats Comrade Commander.

            Mission 12: Polar Storm, Point Hope, Alaska
            Last mission Commander!
            You have one more obstacle in your way before you can lay claim
            world domination, and that is the American base located in
            The Americans also have the Chronosphere which allows them to
            transport units anywhere they need to in a flash. You will have
            fight hard to earn this victory Comrade.
            Objective: Destroy the Allied Chronosphere and Victory is yours!
            Let's get started: Your mission starts with a small base already
            up for you with a CY, Radar, Tesla Reactor, and Barracks. Build
            Refinery right away and make 5 Flak Troopers. Put these in the
            middle of your island. Keep building up your base as usual, but
            don't worry about Tesla Coils or Sentry Guns yet. Don't build a
            Naval Yard yet. And don't build a second War Miner. One is all
            you'll need. A few Flak Cannons should be built too.  Now create
            some Rhino Tanks (5). Also build a Battle Lab. As soon as you
            the Battle Lab in place, start making a force of Kirov Airships.
            The Allied Attacks: Now while all this building is going on,
            start being attacked by waves of Allied Troops. Groups of
            will appear over the island moving in from the west. Your Flak
            Troopers and Flak Cannons should be able to handle this attack
            easily if you have enough built. Your main concern will be when
            Allies use their Chronosphere and send groups of vehicles onto
            island. There are five different waves of Chrono attacks total.
            First Attack: The first wave will be all Rocket IFVs. They show
            in the ore field to the northeast. Your War Miner and the Rhino
            Tanks can take care of these. Once this attack is over, send
            tanks to the western part of the island and wait.
            Second Attack: Six Grizzly tanks will be Chrono warped in this
            for the Allies second attack. Your Rhino Tanks should be able to
            most of them before they phase back in. Now move everything that
            a weapon and move them to the south and wait.
            The third attack is a single transport loaded with SEALs. The
            thing to do here is destroy the transport before it unloads the
            SEALs. If you can't get the transport before it unloads, your
            will still be able to handle the SEALs. With that out of the
            move everything to the north.
            The fourth attack comes in from the water. It will be two
            Carriers. The Flak Troopers, Flak Tracks, and the Flak Cannons
            handle the Aircraft from the Carrier. You can use Kirov Airships
            take out the Aircraft Carriers. Now move your tanks to the
            The fifth attack, and final Chrono attack is a group of tanks.
            Rhino Heavies should be able to handle this one easily.
            Build your army: You need 6 Kirovs. Then make a Naval Yard if
            haven't already done so and build Sea Scorpions(6), and five
each of
            Typhoon Subs and Dreadnoughts. When your ships are built, send
            Kirov up the right edge of the map to the northeast corner. Now
            in carefully and find the Tech Airport. At this airport you'll
            Kirov Airships. Go ahead and take them with you and move them
            to your base.
            Tip: You can use Sea Scorpions to guard your Kirovs while they
            over the sea in case Allied Rocketeers try to attack them.
            Now take your Sea Scorpions and Subs and move west from the
            Yard. There are about a dozen Allied ships and two Naval Yards.
            important that you destroy the Allied Navy. You need superiority
            the seas to complete your mission. Move along the coast and take
            all Navy ships with your Subs. Use your Sea Scorpions to protect
            your Subs. Once you have destroyed the Allied Navy its time to
            after the Allied land positions.
            Pound the beaches: Use your Dreadnoughts to shell the beach.
            out everything you can see. Make sure you take out the Patriot
            Missiles first and then the Tesla Reactors. While your working
            the Allied base, take your Kirovs to the southwest corner of the
            map. Keep them away from land. If you fly them over the Patriot
            Missiles in the area they will be destroyed. Now move your Navy
            the southern tip of the island and start taking out all Allied
            structures here. Start with Prism Towers and Pillboxes that can
            your ships. Some of the shroud will cover the Allied structures.
            you force fire with your Dreadnoughts near the shroud, the
            Missiles will fire at your Dreadnought missiles. When they do,
            are revealed for a few seconds. Have your Dreadnoughts target
            when you see them.
            When most of this area is destroyed, run your Kirovs up through
            cove and move them mainly north, but bearing slightly east. Once
            see a high concentration of walls, Pillboxes, and Prism Towers,
            the Kirovs in on them. Keep your Dreadnoughts targeting any
            Missiles the Kirovs may have uncovered.
            Main Goal: You should have between six and ten Kirovs for this
            assault. The more the merrier! Your after the Chronsphere
located in
            the center of all those walls and defensive structures. There
            some air defenses around the Chronoshphere, but not enough to
            out all your Kirovs. Move in and destroy it.
            With the Chronosphere destroyed the mission ends, no matter how
            units the Allies have left. The world is once again at peace.
            You are Victorious! Congratulations Comrade General

12. Unholy Alliance Strategies

Okay, this is my favorite mode of play at the moment, because I can't play a
lot online with my crappy modem, so I can't play the World Domination thing,
and no cooperative mode (well that will change in January, when cable
moves into my little village, YEAH BABY YEAH!!). Now you ask: How the
hell are you able to play Unholy Alliance then? Well, for those of you who
don't know, you can change the regular mode of play in a skirmish game.
Here is how it goes:
- Go to your Red Alert 2 directory, which should be c:\Westwood\RA2.
- Find and open the ra2.ini file.
- Get to the section [SKIRMISH] and the first thing you should see is
- To change this mode to Unholy Alliance, for me it was GameMode=4 (I
read on a site it was 3, but that didn't work!).

Good, now that we have set our skirmish mode, let's get down to play.
First, for the people who never heard of Unholy Alliance, it is a standard
battle scenario, where every player starts with an Allied and a Soviet MCV
(the computer seems to get 3 MCVs, very weird!). This means that you can
build everything of both sides, from the Allied Weather Storm, to the Soviet
Apocalypse Tanks, it's all in there! Like it yet? Good. Let's get on with
PS: Just called the cable people, and they told me that I'll have to wait
'till April!!!!!! What the f*ck is this. These f*ckin' people thing I have
endless f*cking patience. Well, I f*ckin' don't!!!!

=========CHOOSING YOUR SIDE=========
Now don't think that because of Unholy Alliance, you also get units of both
sides at the beginning of the match. Say that you choose for the Soviets,
the country of Russia, then you will start with both MCVs, and conscripts
+some rhinos. That's it. No Grizzlies! What I love about this mode, is that
matches can take a long time, and man, I have no LAG!!! duh? Okay, now
let's see what is best to do when you have to choose sides.
I know it goes against my judgement, but I would choose a Soviet country,
just for the main reason that when you start against a lot of computer
opponents, they have the annoying habit to rush you at the very start of the
game. It's not a that big rush, but you can't counter it in most cases. The
Allied tanks lack durability, and if you can distract the tanks long enough,
can recover. Let's get on to the main strategies/tips people!

=========STRATEGIES TO BEAT THE AI=========
Okay, there's no rooom for slowdown now. Set up your Construction Yard
right now. Group all your units together, and watch out for any incoming
assault. WARNING: Be sure NOT to provoke one, we don't want to lose the
game at the beginning alright!
Build an Allied Refinery, and a Soivet Barracks. Start cranking out Sentry
Guns like a mad man. Build at least 8 of them. Build an Allied barracks and
build pillboxes, let's say about 5 of them. Train GIs like you've never done
before! (I hope the ore fields are close hehe) Build an Allied War Factory,
the simple reason that we'll need a lot of Chrono Miners. Okay, we should be
able to withstand a small assault right now. The defensive structures will
hold them busy, while the tanks and GIs will fry them! Build 2 IFVs and 2
Tesla Troopers and place the troopers in the IFVs. BRAVO! You now have a
Tesla Tank viriant. These will help you against any incoming tanks. Start a
Soviet War Factory after you built at least 5-10 more miners. Don't mess up
on the miner thing, if you run out of cash in the heat of an assault, you'll
know what it feels like to stink! Once you have a War Factory, start the
production... you know what production. What did you say? NO????? Ever
heard of Rhino Heavy Tanks? Well, build at least 15 more tanks. Start
building an Air Force Command or a Radar Tower, it's your choice, but right
now, I'd go with the Air Force Command HQ. Build yourself 4 Harriers and
go ahead and strike a building of the enemy, just to make him mad hehehe.
If you were so brave to take the Americans, then you just have survived and
done a great thing, cause those Paratroopers can help you a great deal out
here. Every drop that you get should go to your own base, just for some
cheap GIs. If you can garrison buildings close to your base, then do it. See
your harriers can't find an Oil Derrick or two. If you can find them, take
IFV with some Engineers and go ride them in. Take everything over and
place some sentry guns around them. Build an Allied Battle Lab right now.
Start by placing Prism Towers around the Oil Derricks. Oh yes, you heard
me right, PRISM TOWERS. In this mode, everybody needs them, so it is
vital that you don't just give them up to your oponent. Build an Allied
Barracks there and train about 20-40 GIs and deploy them (setting up walls
here is a good idea too.). Okay, I think it is time to see if there's some
here. I hope you can build there, if not, make sure you can. Once you have a
Naval Shipyard of the Soviets, start cranking out Typhoon Subs and sea
Scorpions as a defensive purpose. Build a few Dreadnoughts, and start
bombarding the enemy base from the water if possible (this will help
so do whatever you can to bombard them). Let the Sea Scorpions take care
of any V3 Rockets that the enemy may fire at your ships (it is the wisest
to do if you have no ships yourself hum). Try to stay out of range of its
defenses for now. Back at your base, build an Allied Shipyard and place it
now. Build an Aegis Cruiser. Let it move to the place of battle to help the
Scorpions (if the enemy is doing the V3 thing). Build a handful of
and let them stand guard to ward of any enemy submarines that are lurking
in the water (or use Dolphins). Build more Destroyers, until you have a
sizable fleet. Start pshing forward, firing with your heavy Destroyer
while building a few Carriers at your Naval Yard. Try to punch a hole in the
enemy defenses right here. Destroy any Flak Cannons/Patriots that you can
touch from here. Bring in the Carriers and fire away! Target key structures.
Destroy all of his construction Yards first, then target the Service Depots
War Factory that he may have. Then the Refineries. Once you have
weakened him to death, build a Kirov Airship and send it over and destroy
anything that remains (have you noticed that it is very easy to make this
thing elite? It's almost too easy!!). Once this base is out of comission,
sure there are multiple enemies, otherwise we shouldn't have been that
hasty in building up our defenses! See if your Oil Derricks are being
if so, build more Prism Towers here. Build a Soivet Battle Lab, while your
Allied Construction Yard builds an Ore Purifier. Once the Battle Lab is up,
build about 5 Apocalypse Tanks to make any tanks that aproach your base
scrap metal. If the enemy is attacking the Oil Derricks, roll them there
imediately and take care of them right now (repair your Prism Towers often
please). If you don't feel safe about the Derricks, place a soivet War
here and start cranking out Rhinos and Apocalypse Tanks here. Now it is
time to build a heavy defense alright? Build Prism Towers and Tesla Coils
as needed. Build a Nuclear Reactor, but place it in a safe place and set up
walls around it, aswell as prism towers and tesla coils. Now build about 6
Power Plants to make sure that whatever happens doesn't black out your
base. Place some Patriot Missile Systems for any harm that could be done
to you. Now it is time to build a Spy Satelite Uplink (unless you were so
to get a Map Reveal Crate), and see where the enemy is at its weakest. If he
has a weak spot, criple him there. The first thing you should look for are
bases without Guard dogs. If you see this, look to the IFV activity. He may
have a trick up his sleeve. He can keep his dogs in the IFV, or a
This way you won't know if he keeps them away from you. If you can't find
any signs of them, send in a bunch of spies (sneak please) and get them
into Battle Labs and War Factories first, then steal some money and get
them into the Barracks or Radar, just to annoy them!! If you can succeed in
this objective, then life will be much easier for you. Increase money flow
now, by building more miners. One thing I must tell you though, is to keep
any Soviet Refineries at bay. The Allies can harvest much faster then the
Soviets, and those miners tend to get themselves into trouble quicker then
Chrono miners (by provocing a fight, while firing on an enemy). Now, it is
time to build as many tanks as you can, preferably Apocalypse tanks,
because they aren't so helpless as in the previous C&C games. You should
get them veteran if you infiltrated your Spy in a soivet war Factory, which
an added bonus of ocurse. Now it is time for a first attack on your enemy.
Roll all your tanks to your enemy's base. Keep all your Grizzly Tanks that
you have, plus the GIs at your base, but send some attack dogs and Terror
Drones with them, for quicker infantry and tank killing. If you can, do an
Strike before your people move in.
Now, we are going to do this strategically. Take the half of your Apocalypse
Tanks and assign them to number 1. Do the same with your second half only
for number 2. But the rest of your units (which should be the Rhinos +attack
dogs and terror drones) on number 3. Once that is done, move. When you
arrive at the enemy base. Let your first Apocalypse group all target the
defensive structure (it should go down in one strike of them all!). Remove
defenses that way, let the second group concentrate on power. Shut it off as
fast as you can. The others should ward off any enemy units that assault
you. If the enemy units brake through your guard, let the Apocalypse Tanks
handle them now. Now, target production structures. Destroy them as you
encounter them. Try to take the whole base out if you can. Once that is
completed, role all your tanks back to your base and celebrate, as you're
step closer to victory. Now it is time to take a look at our present
situation. If
you have the knowledge of enemy super weapons, do anything to stop them.
I'd say, head there with about 6 Demolition trucks (the Ivan +IFV trick
which will be faster and harder to catch. You should at least hit it once,
should mean instant death for that facility, aswell as any infantry that is
playing around (I just LOVE the sound that makes!!). Good, you have just
removed the biggest threat to use at this point. Build a Lightning Storm and
Nuke Silo. If you remember TS, you know that an Ion Cannon strike and
Drop Pods (Firestorm), worked together very well (I always confused the
enemy/won the game with it). You could destroy any building to your liking
with it! Now, we will do something even worse! Wait until all two Super
Weapons are in place, while building an Iron curtain device, and a chrono
Sphere. Let these charge aswell. Build some Power Plants again (about 6
again), so that you can compensate for the used power that the super
Weapons bring with them. Once your Nuke is ready, fire at will! Target the
building you want dead for sure. At the same moment or shortly thereafter,
launch your Lightning Storm at the enemy base. Garanteed destruction!
Now, build all the Apocalypse tanks you can before your super weapons are
ready. Once that is done, use the Iron Curtain on them and Chronoshift them
into the enemy base. Destroy anything now, especially enemy structures
remaining first. All those tanks will not be able to do anything to you for
moments. It is vital that you imediately warp them to the most important
structure the enemy still has, to garantee that this guy is surendering for
(and my experience is that human oponents surender much faster than AI,
which is very ligical ahem). This is the best trick you can do, it is called
Chrono Curtain. After that display of Superiority, let's move on to the
You may have noticed that throughout this FAQ, I only handle one enemy at
a time. This is because, handling two enemies, always gives them an
advantage. Focus your attack on only one, except if you can pay that much
for 2 Attack Forces.
Now, for the last one. Start making a LOT of Prism Tanks. First, see where
the enemy is exactly, and where his important things are. Target
Construction Yard first, only then the super weapons he may have. Beware
of the nasty trick of a good commander, to use the Iron Curtain on the
structures you are attacking at that moment. This gives him vital time to
regroup, but you should move on and destroy anything that isn't affected by
this cowardous trick (oh well, always use it myself though). Okay, now that
you have the reacon, you should be almost ready with your super weapons.
Wait for a good number of Prism Tanks to be ready, Chrono Curtain them, to
the most important buildings in the area, and mow down! Oh, and if you can
manage it, train a Spy first, see if there are any dogs, see if there is any
you could bring him into a Tesla Reactor, and if so, Chrono Curtain your
tanks right at THAT moment. This, will prevent the commander from using
the Iron Curtain himself, as well as disabling heavy defenses (GREAT!!!).
Now, after your Prism Tanks are back/destroyed, use the Lightning Missile
(which means using a nuke +lightning storm combo). Now, you should still
have some Apocalypse Tanks right? Roll them, together with all Rhino
Tanks you have, to the enemy base and destroy anything that remained from
your first assaults.
Start mass production of Kirov Airships. You heard me right! KIROV
AIRSHIPS!! Once that is ready (let's say we need about 15 or something!),
bring them to any other enemy that is on the map, and wipe them off. If you
want, you can ease the job by powering down the base by using a spy or a
Super Weapons assault on his power plants (if he was so dumb to place
them in a group hehe). Once that is done, you will have limited Flak/Patriot
resistance. The only thing you will have to worry about, are the ground
that can fire on you, especially Rocketeers, as there is nothing, and I mean
NOTHING that you can do to stop them. That is primarily why I use
Rocketeers, I first thought they weren't too much of a help, because of
lame weapons, and fast dying rate (man what kind of thing is "dying rate"
anyway). Well, even if you crash, it will give a nice explosion when it hits
something hehehehehehehehehehehe!
Try to destroy as much as possible here, now build MILLIONS (oh no just
kidding) of Terror Drones, and move! Kill all units in the enemy's base,
it infantry or tanks. Destroy all miners that you can. Our mission here is
stop the enemy's economy. Once that is down, we just have to smash 'em
into dust! Just one thing, if the enemy is so smart to use this trick
you, you should know that it is very handy to have a few Service Depots
around. Let all your units fire on them, trying to destroy as many as you
think this: They aren't strong but annoying. Annoyances can be removed
easier than big threats. This isn't entirely true, it's just that Red Alert
handles a lot about Psychological Warfare. If you can scare your enemy hard
enough, he'll start doing stupid things. The same thing applies to you, keep
that in mind please! If you can master Psychological Warfare, and you can
actually use it on your enemy, then that's good for you. Man, I remember the
old days, when I played the original C&C. In this game, you could have a
"stealth" crate, which cloaked your unit permanently, it only decloaked when
the unit performed a action that corresponded with "fire" or"unload/load".
The cool thing was, that you could have a cloaked APC (the C&C version of
the IFV). The main thing was, that if you had one, you could train Engineers
and deliver them right in front of the building, without the enemy even
knowing about it. Unloading your Engineers, which took only a split second,
was the only thing that could decloak your APC. But since your Engineers
were so close to their targets, it was very unlikely that they wouldn't make
Once, I captured the enemy's Construction Yard, Refinery +harvester,
Barracks, War Factory and Technology Center. The whole point of this thing
is the following:
Even if you DON'T have a cloaked APC, it always helps to make the enemy
belive you have. Use a cloaking sound and type in the chat window "There
goes my Stealth APC!!". GARANTEED FEAR!!!! It always works. This just
works as an example to what you can do with Psychological Warfare. Cool

Countering a huge naval assault isn't easy. Since both sides have satisfying
ships, you really have to be good and a little lucky here. First thing
want is a few Dolphins, to remove those Giant Squids if they turn mad!
Secondly, train a Tanya, this is vital to your success. Now, build up a lot
Destroyers and a few Aegis Cruisers. Don't bother with the Sea Scorpions,
build Typhoon Attack Subs instead, they are much better in my opinion. Start
cranking out Carriers, because they are the best to take on ships in my
opinion. Once you have a good "Carrier Battle Group", start building
Dreadnoughts, but keep them behind your main fleet. We will use them to
imediately counter the enemy's assault on you. However, don't do this if you
see an enemy moving in for the kill, that's far too late. Try to do this as
as possible, you don't know if the enemy is out there, but you're better
prepared if you ask me. Also, even if you can't use them to attack your
enemy, and to defend your Naval Yard, you can engage enemy units
attacking your main base with them. Try to use Destroyers and Typhoon
Subs, because the Carriers and Dreadnoughts tend to take out buildings and
units of your own if you're not careful enough.
Also, there's something very important to having a Cruiser. If the enemy has
acces to Paratroopers, using an Airport or being America, the Cruiser will
take out any annoying infantry that the enemies may send at you, and they
will take them out pretty fast!

13. Contact Info
The author (FullBurst41) can be contacted by e-mail by mailing to
bloodfreak@hotmail.com. If you have any contributions, or just want to have
a chat, you can use this e-mail adress. There's only one thing I want to say
to the contributors: Be sure that you are reading the latest version before
throw your sh*t at me. thank You.

14. Credits
First off, I'd like to thanks Nadia Varkovsky to let me "steal" her tactical
information on the units and structures. Common! Where's the
Secondly, I give a big thanks to PsyBorg for his strategic expertise.
Scott Batass is also thanked for his help on the IFV and his walkthroughs,
which you can find in the REaders Walkthroughs section.
Lion from the RADEN site, I LOVE YOU! He's the man that has allowed me to
the walkthrough on his site, so he deserves a standing ovasion!!!!!!!
And of
course all those people who are so nice to give my FAQ a chance THANK

I am proud to present the list you can find this FAQ on (at least may find,
you find it at any other site, give me the URL...................
- GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com (they were the first to ever have it!)
- Games Domain: www.gamesdomain.co.uk
- Video Game Strategies: vgstrategies.about.com
- Game Advice: www.gameadvice.com
- MegaGames - the hardcore gaming experience (how fancy!):
- Gamespot: www.gamespot.com (they said they would "promote" my FAQ,
oh well.)
- DLH: www.dlh.net (German Site)
- RADen (oops! forgot the URL. I'll add it some other time hehehe!)
- The Cheat Empire: home.planetinternet.be/иtwuyts (Belgian site, FOR
COUNTRY!!!!!!!), oh well.
- NeoSeeker: www.neoseeker.com.
- Cheat Informent: www.cheatinforment.com/index.html.
- Actiontrip: www.actiontrip.com.
- Command & Conquer Nation: www.cncnation.
- www.alert2red.com
There are two more sites that are not in the list yet (or some more, I have
recheck it), but to the webmasters of these sites: You have received my
permission to post them, so even if the URL of your site was forgotten, you
can just post it. This DOESN'T mean that all the webmasters of all the sites
must just post my guides now, CERTAINLY NOT.
That's it for now, but I'm still receiving daily e-mail so... Oh yeah and if
have any mission strategies, just type and mail them to

Everybody who would like to contribute to this FAQ can mail me and only
me at bloodfreak@hotmail.com with the subject "Red Alert 2 FAQ". All
your contributions will be read and if qualified will be put in the right

This FAQ and all its contents is Copyright 2000, FullBurst41, the tactical
info (section 5) is Copyright Nadia Varkovsky.
You may not publish my FAQ on your site until you've asked for it, kapish?

That's it. It's up to me and you to spice up this FAQ and make it a good
piece of junk.


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