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Чит-файл для Cricket World Cup '99

Cricket World Cup '99

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Creative Assembly
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 21 мая 1999 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Sport (Cricket)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в мае 1999 г.


Информация актуальна для
VERSION 1.0917
17 September, 1999
Other FAQs are available at FAQWorld - http://www.rocknet.net.au/~nwest
Best viewed at 800x600 in Notepad with Word Wrap on


1. Introduction
   1.1 What's New?
   1.2 Why do a FAQ?
   1.3 What have you done before?
   1.4 Versions
   1.5 Disclaimer/Copyright
   1.6 Contributors
   1.7 Contact Information
2. Game Information
   2.1 What is Cricket World Cup 99?
   2.2 Who developed CWC?
   2.3 So what happened to Beam?
   2.4 Is it the sequel to Cricket 97?
   2.5 What are the minimum requirements?
   2.6 But it says on the box that you need a gamepad for the 3D accelerated
   2.7 Can I play over the Internet?
   2.8 What modes are there?
3. How Do I Play?
   3.1 How do I bat?
   3.2 How do I bowl?
   3.3 How do I field?
   3.4 What is the best controller to use?
   3.5 What features are in the game?
4. General Questions
   4.1 I thought [insert southpaw here] was a left-hander!
   4.2 Why does the weather or pitch conditions never change?
   4.3 Why can I bowl no-balls and wides?
   4.4 So which is better, Shane Warne Cricket, or CWC?
   4.5 Where can I buy the game? How much does it cost?
   4.6 Who is on the cover of the box?
   4.7 Where did they hide the test match function?
   4.8 Who are the commentators?
   4.9 Who's going to win the World Cup?
   4.10 Who won the World Cup?
   4.11 Which cricket grounds can you play on?
   4.12 The player models look just like Adam & Ben Hollioake!
   4.13 What/Where are the live updated rosters?
   4.14 Why couldn't they have the correct rosters? Gee, the game came out after
play started.
   4.15 How do I fix the problem with fonts mentioned in the readme? (Riva TNT
   4.16 Why are there dots in the sky?
   4.17 When is it coming out on the PlayStation?
   4.18 How do I cheat?
   4.19 Is there a practice facility?
   4.20 What happens after you win the World Cup?
   4.21 What are some of the "features" everyone is complaining about?
   4.22 What bugs are in the game?
   4.23 Where can I download the demo?
   4.24 What are some good sites to go to?
   4.25 What has happened to the EA Sports website (.au)?
5. Patches
   5.1 What patches have been released?
   5.2 What was the original plan for the patch schedule?
   5.3 Does the patch improve gameplay?
6. The End
   5.1 Coming Up Next

1.1 What's New?
    * Updated - Patch Information
    * Brand New Grand Theft Auto 2 at FAQWorld
    * Fixed silly spelling mistakes
    * Final version of FAQ unless ground breaking news appears (Cricket 2000?)
    * Thanks notice at the end of FAQ
    * Minor additions to the Playstation and Pricing sections
    * Still waiting for Yahoo to list my old site
    * Fact - This was the longest period between FAQ updates

1.2 Why do a CWC99 FAQ?
    Well for starters, there are a lot of questions cricket fans have out there
about CWC99. So I thought, why not make a FAQ answering as many questions as
possible, hopefully destroying all false rumours. Plus, it makes my web counter
go up! =)
    There is some information that is not provided in the manual, and can often
be found in this FAQ. If you would like a question added to this FAQ, then email
me at the usuall address.
    While it started out small, it has grown bigger since its first release.
Hopefully, even though the World Cup is over, I will update this FAQ regularly
until the next cricket game comes out.

1.3 What have you done before?
     This is my second FAQ. The other one I have done is for Need For Speed 3:
Hot Pursuit. As I know of, it was the only one for the PC version. Although it
isn't as detailed as this FAQ, it is more popular due to the larger player base.
You can find it at http://www.rocknet.net.au/~nwest .
     1.0730 Update - Need For Speed 4 FAQ available at above site.
     1.0917 Update - Grand Theft Auto 2 FAQ available at above site.

1.4 Versions
    This is the sixth version of the CWC99 FAQ (1.0730). Previous versions are
available via email. (1.0515/1.0524/1.0619/1.0630/1.0730)
    I have made up the version number using the following guidelines (1.0515 as
an example) -
1   - The year it was written (1999 is 1, 2000 is 2, 2001 is 3 etc.)
.05 - The month it was written in (eg. 05 is May)
15  - The date of the month it was written on.

1.5 Disclaimer/Copyright
    (This is off the box) -
    EA SPORTS CRICKET WORLD CUP (c) Copyright 1999 Electronic Arts. EA SPORTS
and the EA SPORTS logo are trademarks of Electronic Arts in the U.S. and/or
other countries including Australia. All rights reserved. 1999 ICC Cricket World
Cup England 1999 (c) 1997 ECBTM. TruSpin is a trademark of Electronic Arts.
Windows is either a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United
States and/or other countries.
    Information in this FAQ is correct to the best of my knowledge. However,
errors occur. If you find something wrong in here, or have something to add,
please contact me at the address below.
    This FAQ is the property of Nathan West. You may freely distribute this FAQ
as long as the content is not changed. Feel free to include this FAQ on your
website, although your URL would be nice. (C)1999

1.6 Contributors
    Nathan West (west_nathan@hotmail.com) - FAQ Author
    Grant - General Information
    Rob Alexander (manutd@connectfree.co.uk) - Box Covers
    Ahmad Hussain (ahmad_h@usa.net) - Bug List
    Fremen - Bug List
    Nazeel (saazeel@ihug.co.nz) - Bug List
    Girish Patangay (girish@coolmaps.com) - Bug List

1.7 Contact Information
    You can contact me at west_nathan@hotmail.com . I try to respond in a few
days, but have been known to respond after a few weeks. If you do not get a
reply after one week, try emailing me again. Please use the subject CWC99, as I
am still getting email about my NFS3 FAQ. If possible, email me first before
contacting any of the contributors.

2.1 What is Cricket World Cup 99?
    Cricket World Cup 99 (CWC99 or CWC) is the official game for the World Cup.
No, not the soccer one, but the cricket edition. The countries Australia, India,
Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, New Zealand, Zimbabwe,
Bangladesh, Kenya and Scotland all make their way to England (also playing) to
hit balls around an oval with sticks.

2.2 Who developed CWC?
    CWC is a joint venture between EA Sports Australia, and Creative Assembly.
Both were involved in the making of AFL 99, a game based on the sport called
Australian Football League. I also believe that the two are currently creating
an official Rugby Union game, which will be based on their World Cup. Creative
Assembly are based in England, which would have made things a tad difficult
because of the distance. They also have a website, but I do not have the address
on me at the moment.

2.3 So what happened to Beam?
    Beam were the makers of Cricket 96 & 97 (along with the other hybrids). I
don't have the official word why they were not given the rights. But my personal
guess is that EA were not satisfied with their efforts in C97. Not to be
confused with Bleem!, the Playstation emulator (not that it has yet).

2.4 Is it the sequel to Cricket 97?
    Thankfully, no. The only similarities between the two are -
a) produced by EA Sports
b) Ritchie Benaud  =)

2.5 What are the minimum requirements?
    This is from the box -
With Graphics Accelerator - P200, 32Mb RAM, 4Mb 3D Video Card, 8x CD ROM, Sound
Card, DirectX 6
Without Graphics Accelerator - P166, 32 Mb RAM, 1Mb Video Card, 4x CD ROM, Sound
Card, DirectX 6
Hard Drive Space - 140 Mb

    Both Direct3D and Glide are supported by CWC. I have not heard of any
critical problems with the main accelerators (Riva TNT 1/2, Voodoo 1/2/3).
Performance with other cards is unknown.
    The game was written using DirectX 6, although any newer versions will work.
However, newer versions do cause some corruption in the menus, and minor
graphics glitches in the game. These are not serious, and are hardly noticeable.
If you have no reason to upgrade to DX6.1, then leave DX6 installed.
    Windows compatible gamepads (4 buttons) are also suppported.

2.6 But it says on the box that you need a gamepad for the 3D accelerated
    Yeah, but you don't. Just like some of the other printing errors on the box
(don't ask), this information is wrong. I guess they were supposed to add the
gamepad bit to the empty box below this section. Trust me, you can play with
either the keyboard or the mouse.

2.7 Can I play over the Internet?
    In one word, no. It was promised before the game was released that you would
be able to play modem to modem, network, and Internet play on the EA server.
However, no multiplayer facilities have been built into the game. There is no
patch to allow this, as it would be difficult to introduce if it was never in
the game to start off with.

2.8 What modes are there?
    There are three modes (not including the practice function explained in
4.18). They are -
* One Day International
* World Cup Competition
* World Cup Super Six Competition

    The One Day International mode allows you to choose any two sides for a one
day game (5 overs or more). You could probably say it is a quick/friendly game
function, because you choose your sides, the match conditions, and the stadium,
and away you go. The match has no influence on the World Cup competition.
    The World Cup Competition mode is exactly what it says. Choose which sides
you would like to control, and the World Cup begins. The matches are the same as
the ones in the World Cup, including the location of the game. As I have not
finished this mode yet, I can not say what happens at the end.
    The World Cup Super Six Competition joins the top six teams from both groups
(A & B) as the battle for the Cup really begins. I have completed this mode, and
a movie is played at the end depending on what team you used. See question 4.19
for more information.

3.1 How do I bat?
    *Note* - I play using the mouse, and all controls will therefore be
referring to the mouse

    There are three ways to hit the ball - playing a normal stroke (Left-Click),
a defensive stroke (Right-Click), or a power stroke (Both Buttons). Before the
bowler starts, hold the right button down to position the cone (the blue arc) in
the direction where you roughly want to hit the ball. Once the bowler is bowling
his ball, position your batter, and wait for the cone to flash red. Once it
flashes red, then hit the ball using one of the strokes listed above.
    If you time your clicking correctly, then the batter should hit the ball.
The length of time that the cone flashes depends on the ability of your batsman.
It can be difficult to judge when to swing the bat, and I like clicking when the
ball hits the yellow circle.
    If you wish to run, click on the left button, and start double-clicking to
sprint. Once you have completed the number of runs that you feel are necessary,
stop clicking the button when the batter is about to return to his crease. To
make sure they are in, click the right mouse button. This may be necessary if
you have missed the ball, and our out of your crease (possible stumping chance).

3.2 How do I bowl?
    First of all, select which side of the crease you would like to bowl from
(double click the right button to change position). Move the mouse to select
where you would like the ball to bounce. Hold the right button, and move the
mouse to select what type of ball you would like to bowl, and how much seam/spin
is applied (see manual for more details).
    When you are ready to bowl, press the left mouse button when the little
diamond in the bowling control panel is close to the center. Once the power
meter is at the appropriate level, click the left mouse button again, and wait
for the bowler to bowl the ball.
    If you wish to change the speed of the ball after you have delivered it,
quickly double click either the left or right mouse button (left - increase,
right - decrease).

    If you need more information, please consult the manual first before asking
me any questions.

3.3 How do I field?
    All fielding is controlled by the computer, so you can sit back and watch
your fielders scramble for the ball. Fielding was originally going to be
controlled by the player, but was changed soon before the game went gold. The
manual even contains some information on how you were supposed to field.

3.4 What is the best controller to use?
    At first, I started out using the mouse, as this was the controller
recommended by most fellow players. The mouse is the best controller to use for
bowling, as you can move the circle around more accurately, and it is easier to
judge when to start your run-up.
    As an experiment, I tried using the keyboard for a change. I discovered that
the keyboard was the better controller for batting, as I had had trouble batting
with the mouse. It is much easier to line up the batsman, and press the two keys
together to hit a power shot. It is often difficult to hit both the mouse
buttons at the same time.
    I do not have a gamepad, so I am unable to comment on whether this
controller is better than the rest. If anyone has a gamepad, and wants to share
their views, then give me a yell at the usual address.
    If it were possible, I would use the mouse for bowling, and the keyboard for
batting. But because you can't, then I would have to go for the keyboard.
Bowling is just as easy on the keyboard as the mouse, and you get a better
batting controller thrown in for free.

3.5 What features are in the game?
    Statistics, replays, camera selection, and fielding settings can be found in
the game. As well, you can control whether the computer takes over, and
generates the score for you. This feature will not be explained here (see the
manual for further details).
    During play, you can access statistics using the menu brought up using the
ESC (escape) key. Here you can find the four options listed above. This is a
basic rundown of the these four options. For more information, read the manual.

* Statistics - there are eight tables or charts than can be viewed after
choosing this option. They are Batting & Bowling Scorecards, Partnership Scores,
Partnership Graph, Batting & Bowling Charts, Run Graph, and Team Statistics. You
can use these to view the shots used by the batsman, where the bowlers are
pitching the ball, run rates, and other important details. Try experimenting
with these statistics to find the ones you like

* Replays - here you can view a replay of the previous few moments. To save
memory, the computer only records about half a minute, so ensure that you view
the replay soon after the incident occurs. The camera selection can be changed
during the replay, although this often remains the camera selection in gameplay.
Clicking, holding and moving the left mouse button changes the camera angle, and
clicking, holding and moving the right mouse button zooms in on a target. The
dial on the right can be adjusted so you can control the speed of the replay.
Replays can be saved and viewed at a later date.

* Camera Selection - the camera can be changed at any stage during the game. The
views available are Director, Wide, Midwicket, Delivery, Reverse Delivery,
Batsman, Fielder, Ball, Nursery End, Pavillion End (the names of the previous
two change), Batsman Stump, and Bowler Stump. The functions keys (on the top of
the keyboard) can also be used to change the view without interupting the game.

* Fielding Settings - without going into too much detail, this option allows you
to change the "aggressiveness" of the field, either by moving a slider or
positioning the fielders manually. These changes are saveable so they can be
recalled at a later date.

4.1 I thought [insert southpaw here] was a left-hander!
    Well they are. However, EA released the game with no left-handers, either
bowlers or batters. They were aware of the "bug" before its release, but time
restraints probably caused it to be left out. EA will release a patch soon after
its release to allow left-handers. But, as a right-hander, I couldn't care less!
    1.0630 Update - Left handed players added, see question 5.1.

4.2 Why do the weather or pitch conditions never change?
    Before you begin the game, you are able to choose the weather conditions
(either wet, dry or random). This causes the pitch to be soft, damp, hard,
grassy etc. However, this does not seem to affect play conditions, and you
certainly can't see the snow/rain coming down. Even if it did start raining,
play would be stopped. Correct me if I am wrong.
    The weather/pitch conditions do not change *during* play, and this may be
corrected with a patch, along with all the other annoying bugs.

4.3 Why can I bowl no-balls and wides?
    Yes, a common mistake. You have actually put the CWC CD in your drive
instead of the Shane Warne Cricket CD. Now, instead of bowling perfect balls,
you can actually bowl it towards the square-leg umpire! Also included in CWC -
stumpings, and walking down the pitch to hit the ball. You are unable to bowl
no-balls caused by overstepping the delivery crease.

4.4 So which is better, Shane Warne Cricket, or CWC?
    Well, I can't really answer that. I have only played the SWC demo, and the
full version of CWC. From reading other players responses, it seems to be about
50/50. Personally, the ground textures in the SWC demo (on my RIVA TNT) kept on
disappearing. That doesn't mean CWC is better though.
    Although the graphics and interface are great, it is near impossible for the
computer to get a score over 50 runs. Pitch the ball in the right place, and you
are just about guaranteed a wicket. Once the problem with the left-handed
players is fixed, then the game will improve. At the moment though, it does get
boring when you/the computer are 6-11 (or 11-6 if you're not from Oz).

4.5 Where can I buy the game? How much does it cost?
    CWC is currently available in good software stores all around the world. It
was released in NZ on the 7th, before any other country. All explanations why
this is can be kindly emailed to me. If you live in a country where they don't
sell CWC (such as the US), you can order it at http://www.eastore.ea.com .
    A software retailer in Australia has advertised CWC99 for only $48.70 (gawd,
what an ugly price). The game cost approximately $70 in New Zealand. Pricing
seems to be more expensive in other countries than Australia. Even though the
World Cup finished many months ago, the price has not fallen, and is not
expected to do so for another few months.

4.6 Who is on the cover of the box?
    As I know of, there are four different players, depending on where you buy
the game. The player on the front of the box does not affect the game. Here is
the most up-to-date list. If you know any more, please contact me.

New Zealand - Stephen Fleming
Australia - Ricky Ponting
England - Alec Stewart
South Africa - Shaun Pollock

4.7 Where did they hide the test match function?
    They hid it in their original version. Remember, there are no test matches
in the World Cup. It would be wrong to include such a feature when it is not
possible in real life. Maybe when they release the next version they will have a
test match function.

4.8 Who are the commentators?
    The commentators are Richie Benaud and David Gower. Benaud is the king of
cricket commentators, and has featured in previous EA games. Gower has been
described as a bit too boring in this game though, so don't get too excited when
he starts talking. Personally, I think he sounds pretty good, and does not speak
as much as Richie. Although the commentary is good, it seems to be a bit
repetitive some times, and nearly a whole over can go before they decide to say

4.9 Who's going to win the World Cup?
    Why, Australia of course. Apart from being an Aussie, there is no bias what
so ever. I will probably have to add another question when the series is over
    Update - maybe I should reconsider my choice if we can't beat New Zealand or
    Update #2 - well, at least we made the semi-finals.
    Update #3 - see next question.

4.10 Who won the World Cup?
    Yes, it is true, I am the world's greatest cricket tipster. AUSTRALIA WON
THE WORLD CUP!! We are now the greatest one-day side, and possibly the greatest
test side in the world. Although many doubted Australia could get into the super
six, they were wrong, and we smashed Pakistan in the final. Here is the result -

Pakistan - all out for 135 after 39 overs
Australia - 4 for 135 after 20.1 overs

    I believe Australia won 7 games on the trot to win the World Cup.

4.10 Which cricket grounds can you play on?
     In total, there are 21 stadia. This was increased from the original 6 that
was announced at the start. The first version of this FAQ stated that there were
only going to be 12 grounds. EA have decided to include all of them. The grounds
are  -

* Amsterdam
* Bristol
* Canterbury
* Cardiff
* Chelmsford
* Chester-Le-Street
* Derby
* Dublin
* Edgbaston
* Edinburgh
* Headingly
* Hove
* Leicester
* Lords
* Northampton
* Old Trafford
* Southampton
* Taunton
* The Oval
* Trent Bridge
* Worcester

4.11 The player models look just like Adam & Ben Hollioake!
    Well spotted! Adam and Ben were plasted with golf balls and made by EA to
dance around for the motion capture sessions. As reported by the EA Sports
website -

"England team members Adam Hollioake, and his brother Ben Hollioake, were used
in extensive motion capture sessions, with over 550 accurate moves recreated in
this game. Dynamic batting, fielding, and bowling actions, as well as the many
of the expressions of emotion that characterise the highly charged emotions of
the final overs of a tense international one-day clash, help to immerse the user
into the pressure cooker world of international cricket."

    Sounds rather exciting, doesn't it?

4.12 What/Where are the live updated rosters?
    The live updated rosters were planned by EA to allow players to download
teams, injuries, current form, news and weather conditions to provide a
realistic playing experience. Once downloaded, they would change the way games
were played, either in single-player or multiplayer.

    This feature is not available in the game, although mentioned on the game
box. Of course, the weather conditions would be useless, and there is no
multiplayer facility. During the World Cup, no rosters were released on the EA
website, and the only updates made to the rosters was in the current patch.

4.13 Why couldn't they have the correct rosters? Gee, the game came out after
play started.
    OK, its time to defend EA. There are some issues in the player rosters and
statistics that are totally incorrect and not up-to-date. A lot of people are
complaining that the game came out *after* the World Cup started, which means
that the rosters should be the same as the real ones. Now I get mad.
    (anger) On the 2nd of May, the game went gold. This means that the final
version of the game was completed, was beta-tested, and a master copy of the
game was produced. This was the same game that was sold to the general public.
Before this date, the team were testing the game, and fixing any bugs that they
came across (although it wasn't the best testing ever performed). Anyway, on
about the 5th of May, the copy was sent to Singapore for mass duplication, and
the CD was packaged with the manuals and box.
    The retail version first appeared on the 7th of May in New Zealand. By, the
15th of May, the game had found its way around Australia in most good stores,
and was on its way to other countries. The game had been released around the
    Now correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the World Cup start on the 14th of
May. As you can see by my facts above, this is after the game went gold.
Therefore, EA Sports would not have known who was playing for certain in the
World Cup, as it hadn't even started yet. The game had been completed more than
two weeks before the tournament had begun. Therefore, EA Sports should not be
attacked because their player rosters are wrong. They did not finish the game,
write the manuals, design a box, and burn their own CDs on their personal Kodak
CD-R the day before it was released in your software store. (/anger)

4.14 How do I fix the problem with fonts mentioned in the readme? (Riva TNT
    The readme states that there should be a fix or patch available at the
website for the problem with disfigured fonts when using the Riva TNT chipset.
At the time of writing, no such fix is available, and there is not even a
mention of the bug on the website. Although not confirmed, it may be fixed in
the patch.
    I have a Diamond Viper V550, which is a TNT card, and the text in the menus
is often difficult to read when the size is small (particularly in the statistic
tables). You can still read them, although it may be hard to distinguish between
certain letters/numbers.
    1.0730 Update - There is no fix in the second patch, but I have discovered
how to fix the problem. The same bug affects Need For Speed: High Stakes, and it
seems that the Electronic Arts department hasn't told the EA Sports department
how to fix it. So here it is -

* Note - You must be using the detonator drivers provided by nVidia.

Go to - Start, Settings, Control Panel
Double-Click on Display
Click on the Settings tab, then Advanced
Click on the Riva TNT tab, then Additional Properties
Click on the Direct3D Settings tab, then Advanced
Change the Texel Alignment slider to 7 (Upper Left Corner)

     I may write to EA Sports Australia and see if they can add this fix to
their support page.

4.15 Why are there dots in the sky?
    During wide shots of the ground, you may be able to notice rows of black
dots in the sky. Although not a huge graphical problem, they do look a bit
unsightly. The dots are caused by DirectX 6.1. If you are currently using
DirectX 6, then you will not be able to notice the problem. If you wish to
remove the dots, then you have to downgrade from DX6.1 to DX6. This is often as
easy as removing Internet Explorer from Windows 98.

4.16 When is it coming out on the PlayStation?
    It isn't. To start off with, EA had planned to release CWC on both the PC
and Playstation, roughly about the same time. Once the game was restarted due to
reasons unknown by me, all time was spent on developing the PC version. There
was no time to create a Playstation version. However, I remember reading some
time ago that EA were going to release a special version on the PSX, not related
to the World Cup, some months after the release of CWC. This version will more
than likely find its way to the PC. At the time of writing, there had been no
announcement with relation to a newer Playstation version.

4.17 How do I cheat?
    I do not know any cheats for CWC, and there may not be any. I would like a
"hit a six every ball" option though.
    In the file c:\\[your CWC99 directory]\\front_end\\text_strings\\hints.txt,
it is mentioned that pressing the asterix key [*] would cause the game to have
an unlimited number of overs. The file is dated 1/12/98, and if I remember
correctly, this was before the game was overhauled and restarted. I have not
managed to get this working, but if anyone has, don't hesitate to tell me.
    As well, there are also picture files saved as LBMs in the c:\\[your CWC99
directory]\\ front_end\\gfx\\loading screens\\  directory that are from AFL 99
(possibly the demo).
    If you manage to find any other cheats, don't forget to tell me.

4.18 Is there a practice facility?
    Yep. EA Sports have provided a set of virtual cricket nets which allow you
to practise your bowling and batting. Some EA bashers have said that this is the
best part of the game. You are able to choose any batter and bowler (from the
same side) to use in the nets. I particularly like the effect where the bowl
hits the back of the room and rolls back towards you at an increasing speed. It
seems that the nets were built on unlevel ground.

4.19 What happens after you win the World Cup?
     *Spoiler* Don't read this if you don't want to know what happens at the
end. After you win the World Cup, Ritchie gets as excited as possible (ie. not
that much), and a movie is played depending on the country that you played as.
Remember the Cup seen in the intro movie? Well you get a few more shots of that,
with some colourful music, and the camera zooms in on the base of it where the
previous winners have their name engraved on it. Your team's name is engraved on
the trophy for 1999. You can view this movie again using the Movies option in
the main menu.

4.20 What are some of the "features" everyone is complaining/celebrating about?
    The features hated by many -
* Dumb AI
* Installation problems
* Disappearing balls in the outfield when hitting fours (fixed in second patch)
* Unrealistic scoring
* Computer getting run out because they have stood just out of their crease
after hitting the
  ball, and not bothered to get behind line (I wouldn't call it stumping though,
because often
  they have plenty of time to get back.) This was "fixed" in the patch, but it
seems to occur as
  often as before.
* LBW decisions suck. I was once hit in the chest by a full toss which is
usually given as a no
  ball. Instead, I was given out LBW, and the ball would have missed the stumps
by about a metre.
* Something I have noticed - the computer hits a good shot, and doesn't bother
running because it
  looks like it will go for four runs. However, it pulls up just before the
rope, so the computer
  misses out on three/four runs.
* Aluminium bat sound effect (although I think it sounds alright)

    The features loved by many -
* Commentary
* Opening video
* Menu music
* Bowling/Batting techniques
* Ability to seam/spin the ball realistically
* Great graphics
* The clapping in by the crowd as the bowler, umm, bowls

    Feel free to add to this list, but please don't send any "CWC Sucks Poo"

4.21 What bugs are in the game?
     The previous question is only a guideline to what features are "broken" in
the game. Here are the bugs (although many are features we would like to see)
that have been found by players -

Note - those marked with a # have been fixed in version 1.1.0.

* score a run, but not recorded on the scoreboard
* commentators say the wrong thing (eg. medium pacer comes on, but Ritchie says
its a spinner)
# the fielders catch the ball backwards
* the ball magically appears in the catchers hand
* the same number is on the back of several players
* LBW decisions are often ridiculous (eg. ten meters down the pitch, and you get
given out)
# the ball does not bounce higher than the waist
* the crowd does not get excited about England playing, a six being hit, the
last overs etc.
* the commentators do not mention hat-tricks or the score reaching 100, 200 etc.
* there are no third-umpires, or ducks that walk across the screen
* the computer is pretty easy to dismiss
* the computer is never run out (except stumpings)
* the stumpings that do occur look like runouts, as the wicketkeeper never keeps
the ball in his hands and hits the stumps. He always throws the ball instead.
The same applies for throws from the outfield
# overthrows are common, and can occur twice with the same ball
* players on the boundary often take a shot at the stumps, and sometimes succeed
in hitting them
* fielders disappearing, then reappearing the next ball
* the umpire stands in the way of the bowler
* the ball disappears in the outfield
* the fielders teleport to the ball
* the closest fielder to the ball is not always the one that fields it
* the ball floats horizontally due to the invisible dome
* mistime a six, and it will usually go to the two fielders either side of the
# bowl around the wicket and the batter occasionally remains in the same
* uniform switching when viewing a saved replay
* found a bug you hate - send it in!

4.22 Where can I download the demo?
    No demo has been released at the time of writing. A demo has been planned,
and will be available sometime after the release of the full version. Keep an
eye on the download section at www.easports.com.au .
    1.0730 Update - The demo can be downloaded from www.easports.com.au, and is
about 30Mb in size. This is the aim of the demo as seen on the website -

"You are playing concluding stages of a game between England and India. India is
batting and need 33 runs off 4 overs in order to beat the English total of 102.
England need to get the last 5 Indian batsmen out in 4 overs. Either way, both
sides have their work cut out for them!"

4.23 What are some good sites to go to?
    Cricket isn't the most popular game in the world. So there aren't that many
sites around. Here a few to choose from -

* Caught-Behind (http://cricket.ga-sports.com)
The best site to get up-to-date news on CWC and SWC. Has a forum (or message
board) which allows you to ask questions to fellow players. With the release of
CWC, this site will grow, and already has several downloads.

* Cricket Games .com (http://www.cricketgames.com)
Features every single cricket game known to man. Contains less information about
CWC due to the number of other games included at the site. If you don't like CWC
and want to find another game, then this is the place to go. Updated regularly.

* EA Sports Australia (http://www.easports.com.au)
The home page of EA Sports Australia (obviously). Not updated as often as hoped,
but has improved since the game went gold. Find the official word on patches and
other information here. As well, you can find information on other in-house
games such as AFL99 and the upcoming Rugby game, and games produced overseas by
Electronic Arts, Bullfrog and Origin.

* EA Sports Europe - CWC99 (http://www.ea-europe.com/cricket99)
The European official site for CWC99. Brand new, but will probably include the
same information as the Aussie site. However, always look here after the Aussie
site for further news.
* EA Sports Africa - Cricket '99 (http://www.ea.co.za/newrelease/cricket99/)
The African official site for CWC99. Opens with some rather unusual music/sound
effects. A mixture of bar music and tenpin bowling is close to describing what
it is. Anyway, this is the official African site for CWC99. It has a different
look than the other two official sites, and has information that can not be
found on the other two. Seems to be updated less than the others though, as
there is no mention of a patch.

* EA Sports Clubhouse (http://www.easports.com/clubhouse.cfm)
A recent edition to the EA Sports website, it allows you to discuss EA games on
a web based discussion board. Included are all the Australian games, as well as
the other American/Canadian games (Fifa, NHL, Madden etc.). Moderators control
the site, so you have the opportunity to ask an EA employee any question you
want (within reason). Registration is required, although you only have to
provide a user name and password.

* Cricket Zone - (http://cricketzone.cjb.net/)
By Nishant Kumar.  Not updated as often as the other sites, but still has some
good information. Has found what Java/JavaScript can be used for, and
created/copied some little programs/games/annoyances for your enjoyment. Should
become a good site with more updates and information.

* FAQWorld - (http://www.rocknet.net.au/~nwest)
Yes, I know. I can mention my website as many times as I want. It is my FAQ
after all...
Only recently opened, FAQWorld was created to join the two CWC99 and NFS3 FAQ
sites together. Over time, I will write reviews for other FAQs, and upload these
to my website. The Best of the Best. =)

* Sites where you can download my FAQ -
  + plus various other FAQ hosting sites

4.24 What has happened to the EA Sports website (.au)?
    The website was down during the middle of June for about a week. IE5 would
time out, and complain about not being able to connect to the server. Since
about the 16th of June, the site has been back up again, and has been working
    They have updated the graphics once again, and this occurred just before the
site went down. Information on other games can be found using the drop down
menu, and selecting EA Australia. Here you can find contact details and recent
    1.0730 Update - Once again, they have updated the graphics on the site, and
is much cleaner and brighter. The layout is similar to its American cousin.
There have been no problems with the web site or server.

5.1 What patches have been released?
    A patch was released on the 22nd of June to update the game to version
1.1.0. This patch fixes many gameplay bugs and adds a few more features to the
game. The number of fixes was quite large, and these are the main ones (the rest
can be viewed at www.easports.com.au) -

* left handed batsman and bowlers
* wicket keeper no longer disappears for the first ball
* the keeper pretends to catch the ball from the field even though it is in his
* fielders don't catch backwards
* fielders make mistakes (drop the ball, misfield)
* less overthrows
* shape of NatWest Media Centre at Lords fixed (very important, and good name
* bouncers added
* computer player gets stumped less often
* throws are flatter, especially between close fielders
* sunblock, wide-brim hats, and sunglasses added to players (cooool!)

    The patch can be downloaded at the official website, and is a total of
13.18Mb. The only server that currently has the patch is the EA one, so bad luck
to all those who live outside Australia. Living in Australia, and connected at
48000bps, I was able to download the patch in 59 minutes. The download time will
vary depending on your location and connection speed.

    The second patch was released on around the 22nd of July. However, although
the file has been updated on the EA server several times, the self-extracting
zip is corrupted. After clicking on the executable and selecting "Setup", the
zip self-extracts, and produces an error message as it tries to unzip the main
setup file. So far, this has not been rectified, although hopefully EA Sports
will soon fix the problem.

    Update 1.0917 - The second patch was released "officially" soon after its
announcement on the official site, and does not suffer from file corruption. The
patch is less than 2 Mb in size, and a separate file is available that installs
both the first and second patchs.

    The following list is the bugs that are fixed in this patch. They were
provided by the EA Sports website -

* All player stats updated to reflect their performance during the World Cup
* AI batsmen should now 'read' bouncers better, and cosequently hit them more
often/varied ways
* The occasional 'too many wides by the AI team' bug fixed
* Bouncers not working properly from one end of the field fixed
* Ball scaling as it goes into the distance so it remains more visible on 4's
and 6's
* Fixed bug that made it easy to bowl batsman out from one end with certain
types of deliveries
* Batsmen walk instead of running when changing sides for bowler
* Batsmen running between the wickets improved
* Slight slowdown that occurred in LBW situations has been fixed

5.2 What was the original plan for the patch schedule?
   EA were originally going to release three separate patches during and after
the World Cup. The patches were only going to fix the incorrect rosters, and
left-handed players bug (along with other unmentioned bugs). On the 27/5/99,
this appeared on the EA Sports site -

* JUNE '99 Update 1 - error corrections for player stats* and bug fixes
including left-handed batsmen and bowlers. (* will still only feature the
provisional squads of 20 players as used in the original release of the game as
the final 15's were announced too late for inclusion.)
* JUNE '99 Update 2 - we are currently hoping to coincide with the Super 6's, if
we can get it done in time - it will update all squads to the ones actually used
in the CWC along with the relevant; stats,batting orders,player profiles and
photos, plus additional commentary of the new player's names from Richie.
* JULY '99 Update 3 - to coincide with the finals if we can get it done in time,
will feature all player stats updated to reflect their performances during the

   This schedule was scrapped, and rolled into one patch (which has been
released). EA are supposedly releasing a patch which changes the batting
interface, although this has not been confirmed on their website.

5.3 Does the patch improve gameplay?
   Well, yes and no. With both right and left handed players, the game has
gotten more varied, with different batting and bowling styles to take into
account. Most bugs mentioned in the readme have been fixed, although some seem
to have worsened. For example, I have played several games where the bowler
continually bowls a wide ball, usually along the side of the pitch. If left
alone, you get a wide. If you take a shot at it, the computer thinks that the
bowl was OK, and doesn't think it is a wide. It sounds rather funny when Ritchie
says the the ball had perfect length when it was pitched towards third slip.
   The game has crashed twice, and play seems to lock up on rare occasions. You
can still access the menus, but you are unable to continue play.
   This patch has certainly improved play, and I am liking this game more over

6.1 Coming Up Next
    This is the last version of my Cricket World Cup 99 FAQ. Unless a very
important piece of information surfaces, there will be no more updates to this
file. However, when EA Sports announce their next cricket game, be sure to find
information either here, or in a new FAQ.
    Thanks to all those who have contributed to and/or downloaded the FAQ, and
provided helpful hints during the development of the FAQ. Thanks especially to
Caught-Behind and Cricketgames.com for announcing when the FAQ was updated, and
to EA Sports for producing a good, although buggy, cricket game. If you have any
questions about the game or anything in general, feel free to contact me at
west_nathan@hotmail.com .

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