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Читы для Crime Wave

Чит-файл для Crime Wave

Crime Wave

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Access Software
Издатель:Access Software
Жанры:Arcade (Virt.shooting)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1990 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

 Reassign the "jump" key from + or ENTER to a key closer to that of the
"duck key." For example, on my extended keyboard, I had TAB as "crouch," so
I assigned "jump" to the "1" key, allowing me to go from "crouch" to "jump"
with ease.

 Crouching is a good way to move, and makes surviving a whole lot easier.
Please note that you cannot enter a door while crouching.

 Shooting barrels, crates, and boxes (among others) reveals special items
worth points, as well as Energy, ammunition, weapons, and lives.

 Try shooting everything at least once. You never know what can blow up
unless you try.

 The Evil Ninja's weapons have the ability to "home in" on you. Crouching
and moving behind walls, etc. are a way of avoiding these weapons.

 Enter the BONUS ROOMS some of the time. They have needed supplies and items.

 Note: The manual claims that wall-mounted cannons can be destroyed by
jumping and shooting, but this never worked for me.


 Throughout this area, men are up in the trains shooting at you. I have
found that, compared to the other enemies, they pose little threat and are
best left alone.

 To conserve ammunition, a good move is to shoot at every few barrels. As
you progress in the stage, you will find a brown "shack." Blowing this open
reveals a few packages of drugs worth 2000 points each. This "shack" is
right after the sign, but before the exit. Blow up the last barrel before
the exit.


 You are now on the streets of the city. Blowing up newspaper machines
should be your main priority here as they all contain Energy. Move past the
exit, blow up the newspaper machine for an extra life, and collect the
missiles. This is your typical "shoot everything that moves with no real
danger" stage.

 The subway provides extra missiles, three Five-Shot Machine Guns, Energies,
and two extra lives. Blow up the Coke machines and collect the drugs.

 Look out for the Ninjas. Crouching helps to avoid the ninja-stars. (Notice
the MEAN STREETS posters? Nice advertisement, huh?)


 In the ghetto, take advantage of all the doors. The lasers inside have
patterns, so take the time to observe the pattern instead of blindly
charging through. In these bonus areas, always go past the exit and the
last laser. Doing this causes an extra life and other goodies to fall. Blow
up some cans and get all the goodies you can.

 Crouching is a good way to defeat the knife-wielding, grenade-tossing
baddies. Blow up the can right after the sidewalk is blocked for the first
time to receive an extra life.

 As you approach two doors almost right next to each other, go in the second
one. Inside are three Energies and more items. Blowing up fire hydrants
reveals Energies, and at the bottom of the screen near the exit is a Ball
Blaster Gun. Don't waste bullets _or_ missiles on the car.


 The crate at the top far left of the screen at the very beginning of the
stage contains a Ball Blaster Gun. Blow up the missile racks and cannons.
The enemy will have a blast!! Don't forget about barrels, as destroying
them yields an extra life or two. If destroyed, many crates yield weapons.
It is easier to kill the creatures resembling Tiny by using the missiles.


 If you enter doors, observe the floors. Each one has a pattern. Watch for a
"free guy from the sky" sometimes falling down. As always, walk past the
exit door, since extra lives and other items fall down. Blow up barrels and
crates. They have extra lives, weapons, and Energy. Don't walk on the red
circles that inhabit the floor.


 Hurry through this one. It's potentially the most dangerous area so far.
The blue disks falling from the sky can end a life quickly. Most objects
here can be blown up to reveal an item, but it's best to just keep moving!


 Avoid the red circles (again!) and wall holes! The circles are still deadly,
and the holes shoot explosive balls. Stay low and blow up crates and
barrels whenever possible.

 Make sure you have an ample missile supply. Soon you will reach the
toughest character in the game so far: K-909. When you reach K-909, make
sure you are lined up with him, and then jump and fire missiles at his
"eye." The crate at the top of the screen in this area contains missiles.


 This area is simple except for the floating blue balls, which should be
avoided at all cost! Crouching works best, and the main object here is to
destroy the red vats and tubes, which contain King Pin's drug supply and
equipment. You should now be heading for the final areas and the showdown!


 Again, crouching works! Avoid the missiles flying out at you at all costs,
and don't walk in a straight line for too long! Blowing up benches yields
Energies and extra lives. Do not waste ammunition on the trees and bushes.
Try to get as many missiles as you can (walking past the exit causes three
to fall)...you'll need them!


 For an extra life, blow up the large unit (it resembles a desk/armoire)
near the entrance to the area. Blow up chairs to get Energy. Use bullets on
them (about 5 per chair should do it), and don't waste the missiles on them.
Shoot as many as you can and also try to collect more missiles.

 You can't go through the doorways blocked by lasers, so don't go near the
beams. Walk past the only open doorway to get three missiles and then go
through the doorway to get to....


 Crouch down and move forward (sticking close to the wall at the top of the
screen is good). As the little robots approach, move around, but _don't_
waste missiles! They can easily be dispatched with bullets.

 Proceed through these "buggers" (a few lives helps a bit), and finally the
hallway clears. Stand up. Proceed onward, readying your fingers on the jump
and missile keys.

 A large robot approaches. It's King Pin himself, coming to handle you! Line
yourself up, jump, and fire missiles at the black hole. After the explosion
(if you survive to see it ), walk over to King Pin's body. Now, sit back,
take a deep breath, and watch the endgame. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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