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Читы для Curse of Enchantia

Чит-файл для Curse of Enchantia

Curse of Enchantia

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

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Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
This solution is copyright, but may be freely distributed as long as the
copyright notice below remains intact.

(c)1996 Philip M Reynolds and The Adventure Workshop

You start in the dungeon, hanging by your feet from the ceiling locked in
chains, shout "Help" and the guard will come in, shout at you to "Shut Up" and
then leave in the process he drops a key. Get the key and unlock the chains.
Go to the bottom right of the screen and look behind the pillar, get the coin
then move to the back wall. Look and push the wall, the wall will fall away,
look again and get the paper clip. Go across to the door and unlock it with
the paper clip, leave the dungeon and you're in a corridor with a monstrous
guard. Go to the door and look through the keyhole to see another guard beyond
the door, move to the goldfish bowl and get it, the guard will then go off,
travel along the corridor avoiding the swinging maces of the suits of armour
by stopping just before you reach each one, ( there is a small dot on the
floor just before each suit stop at this point ) wait for the mace to fall
then go past. Along the corridor are five jewels to be picked up these are
between each of the sets of statues and all are visible except the last one
which is after the last statue behind the boxes at the bottom of the screen.
There is also a coin to be collected, this is on the table in the middle of
the corridor. When you reach the end of the corridor go out through the door
and you fall from a ledge to land in the water and sink to the lake bed.

Wear the goldfish bowl on your head, to prevent yourself from drowning then go
to the bottom right of the screen and look behind the rocks, get the coin then
go over to the fish stuck in the railing and pull it free. Proceed left a
short way and you'll see a dark patch, have a look at it and you will find a
worm, get this and while your doing so the fish you freed from the railings
will return and drop an oyster, get the oyster then continue left to Mr Fish's
stall, give him the worm and he'll let you fill your 'goldfish bowl' helmet
with air from the tank. Continue left until you meet up with a barrier of
electric eels, above it is swimming a large turtle, give the oyster to the
turtle and it will swim down, allow you get on its back and carry you across
the barrier. Get the cattle prod that's lying in the seaweed where the turtle
drops you, then move left a couple of paces, wait here until a shark comes
into view then attack it with the prod to drive it off. Continue left to the
clam and wait until it closes then jump over it, continue left to a giant plug
and insert the cattle prod into it, this lifts it and you will be sucked down
the hole and end up in a small cave.

Move across to the large boulder and look, get the seaweed then move left to
the wall between the boulder and the blocked passage, look and press the
button to open the passage then move into the passage. You are now in a system
of caverns, scattered around these caverns are a number of rocks, eighteen in
all, six each of large, medium and small. Wander around the caves and pick up
as many as you can then go to the Rock Basher Meditator's cave at the eastern
end of the lower large cavern (ignore the mud monster it can't hurt you) and
give all of the rocks to the guru there. Get the rest of the rocks that you
missed the first time and return here to give them to the guru also. Once you
have given him four of each size he will give you a ball a string, make sure
you give him all eighteen rocks to score the maximum points. Leave the Rock
Basher cave and go to the western end of the large cavern and go into the
tunnel, continue east and then go down at the entrance just before the rock
fall, as you enter there is a coin just to the left of the entrance, get this
then go east and into the cave here. Look in the middle hole and a small
creature will pop out of another hole, look in this hole and the same will
happen again, keep doing this until you find a branch in one of the holes then
get the branch. Leave the cave and go to the western end of this cavern then
enter the cave here. Look in the hole (to see a coil of wire) then get the
computer monitor. Return to the rock fall and go to the western end of this
cavern, enter the northern cave and get the plank. Attach the plank to the
rock then throw the monitor to be catapulted onto the ledge, get the magnet
then jump down.

Return to the cave where you saw the coil of wire and attach the string to the
magnet and insert the magnet into the hole to get the wire. Travel back to
where the mud monster keeps appearing and attach the wire to the rings, wait
for a monster to pass then get the mud that it leaves on the wire. Enter the
tunnel just left of here then continue into the cave on the opposite side of
the cavern, there is a wishing well here. Throw the coin into the well and a
game show host will appear and offer you a choice of three wishes, bags of
money, a gorgeous girl or a hard hat. Get the hat then go to the rock fall and
wear the hat to pass through it, enter the tunnel here and you are beside a
bucket at the bottom of a well. Attach the mud to the seaweed then attach the
resultant mess to the branch, jump into the bucket then wear the resultant
messy mask. The bucket is wound up a you are grabbed by a monster at the top
of the well which instantly falls in love with you, your mask falls off and
the monster jumps down the well in terror when it sees what you really look
like. Follow the path away from here and you will come to a point where a
rather inept bandit will jump out to attack you, he trips on a rock and falls
flat on his face with his sword stuck in the ground next to him, get the sword
then attack the bandit with it. The bandit disappears and a bag of money is
left in his place, get the bag and continue along the path to the town. Go
west at the cross-roads and into "Sally Seeall's", give her some money and she
will give you some clues as to what to do next. Proceed to the Mage's shop
north of the cross-roads and give him some money, he then transports you to a
ledge on the edge of the world.

Travel along the ledge to where it is blocked by a boulder, picking up the
rubber gloves along the way, push the boulder then jump over it and continue
along the ledge. You will see a boulder perched on the cliff top above the
ledge, stop just before you reach it then carefully edge forwards until the
boulder falls, hopefully missing you. Continue along the ledge to a ravine,
there are four buttons on the wall here, push buttons one, two and four from
left to right and a bridge will extend across the ravine. Cross the bridge and
continue until you find a rope, get this then proceed on until you see a blue
man wait about four of five paces to the left of him until the next rock fall
ceases then creep up behind him and wear the gloves to push him over the edge.
Move back and wait for the next rock fall to cease then move forward and into
the niche in the rock wall, get the small rock here and then wait for the next
rock fall to cease. Move on to the next niche and wait again for the rock fall
to end. Continue swiftly to the next ravine where a large boulder is suspended
above it and where a single rock falls, wear the small rock on your head to
gain a bigger rock then throw this at the boulder to make it fall bridging the
ravine. Proceed to the next ravine the throw the rope across it, jump onto the
rope to swing across then continue along the ledge. You will see another
boulder perched on the cliff top above the ledge, stop just before you reach
it then carefully edge forwards until the boulder falls, hopefully missing
you. Continue on to the end of the ledge and look at the writing, move back to
the niche and say "open sesame" to enter a small cave. Say "hi" to the wise
old bird to get some clues, you then turned into a frog that leaps up through
the roof.

Your now in the abandoned Joke shop back in the town. Go to Benn's costume
shop, east of the cross-roads, and give him some money, get the dress then go
into the back room and wear the dress to open the door here. Go through and
you are on the ice wastes, a snow monster will be in the process of eating a
small green creature here, go over to the snowball, get it then throw it at
the monster, who get annoyed and charges at you, fortunately it trips and
falls, regurgitating the little creature. Go north to a large ice cube, ignore
this for the moment but get the aerosol can lying on the snow nearby, wear the
aerosol ( this will stop the Eskimo running off when you meet him ) then
continue north then west and get the plank lying in the snow. Go south again
to a hole in the ice where a fish keeps leaping out, throw the plank over the
hole to stop it from falling back in and get the fish then go east to the
igloo and Eskimo, give him the fish and he will run off leaving his rod
behind. Get the fishing rod then return west and south to the large ice cube
where you found the aerosol. Attack with the rod, and you break it using it to
start a fire that melts the cube freeing the creature it was trapping. Get the
ashes from the fire then proceed east until you meet a walrus, say "hi" to him
to make him bored then go west as far as you can then north until you see the
walrus's back bridging a gap between the mainland and a small island. Cross
over the walrus onto the island and shout for help.

The creature you released from the ice cube will cut a hole in the ice wall
and beckon you in. You enter the hole and end up beside a expanse of water,
sitting by the shore is a small boat, go over to this and jump into it. You'll
start out across the water, but the boat will sink and you swim back to the
shore. Throw the ashes into the water and a large friendly 'Loch Ness' monster
will rise from the water and give you a lift over to the other side. You're
now standing outside the main door of an Ice Castle, to the right of the door
are a number of icicles, and while your here four penguins will waddle across
the scene. Pull the icicles in the same order as the penguins, ( i.e. longest
to shortest ) to open the door, and enter the castle. Get the broom from the
left side of the room then go over to the table and get the dice. Throwing
these will open a number of doors in the corridor beyond the door at the top
of the screen. There are six doors, three each to the left and right of the
corridor and depending on what number you throw a combination of these doors
will open. Throw the dice and go through the door into the corridor.

The doors from here lead into rooms which each contain an item you will need,
starting from where your standing the left hand doors lead into rooms
containing, a jack, a pistol and an ice cube. The right hand doors lead into
rooms containing a magnifying glass, a megaphone, and an icicle. Go into each
of the open rooms and get the object it contains, then return to the dice
table. Get the dice and throw them again, repeat this until you have collected
all six items from the rooms. To get the gun from the second left room, attack
the shelf with broom, and to get the icicle from the third left room attack it
with the broom. Once you have the gun insert it into the holster hanging near
the start of the corridor, this lowers the bowl and enables you get the two
items it contains, a prism and a bottle of sun tan oil. Once you have all
these items, walk down the corridor towards the window and on the floor just
before you reach it you will find a whistle, get this and attach it to the
megaphone. Attack the window using this object to break it then jump through
the window. Your now in a room with a door to the right protected by a beam
that comes down from the ceiling. Attach the magnifying glass to the hole in
the ice under the beam, follow the beam and attach the ice cube to the next
hole, repeat this with the icicle and prism to deflect the beam back on itself
destroying it. Go to the door and insert the jack under it to open it and pass
Move left as soon as you enter to avoid being hit by the ice witches bolts,
then position yourself just left of the rocks at the bottom left of the
screen. Now the tricky part, click at centre of the base of the steps to the
left of the witch then as the witch is about to unleash a energy bolt, jump
up. If your timings right you should jump over the bolts to land at he bottom
of the steps which you'll climb to sit in the throne and be catapulted out of
the room. You'll now find yourself in an empty room but as you try to leave a
giant hand will swoop down and grab you. Wear the suntan oil to slip out of
it's grasp then leave the room, you now travel through a series of empty
rooms, when you reach one with two doors tae the right one and you should see
a box of matches lying on the floor, take these then continue on until you
reach a room where a large green troll is guarding a fire extinguisher.
Position yourself behind the pillar out of sight of the troll and it will
eventually fall asleep, go over to the troll and insert a match between its
toes, if it wakes up again go back behind the pillar again until it falls
asleep. Attack with the matchbox to light the match and inevitable will happen
with the troll leaping through the roof. Get the extinguisher and Benn will
appear to transport you back to his shop in the town. Return to the Mage's
shop and give him some money, he will then disguise you this will let you get
past the guard outside Sally Seall's shop.

After passing the guard your in a location where a pop group are playing, go
west and get the tuft of hair from behind the large pile. Continue west past
the post box and through the volcano's fall out, avoiding it if you can, get
the tray and continue west off the cliff. There is a pile of remote controls
here with a large mouth sitting on top of them, ignore these for the moment
and go to the wreck of the "Marie Celeste" then west to a pile of cassettes,
get the cassette then continue west, get a sock from behind the pile. Insert
the hair into the large nose to the west of here, it will sneeze, getting rid
of itself and the large mouth on the pile of remotes. Get a pen and stamp from
behind the pile of pens then go down the stairs to the right back to the pile
of remotes. Get a remote from behind the pile and go to the wreck, continue
east to a pile of gold coins and attach the sock to the pile to fill it with
coins. Return to the robot at the wreck and attack it with the sock then enter
the wreck and get one of the planks at the bottom left of the screen.

Move to the edge of the water ( there is a small cross on the ground near the
centre of the screen ) throw the plank then get the other plank and move to
the centre of the first plank. Throw the second plank to form a bridge then go
and get the gold foil from the top right of the screen. Return across the
plank and leave the wreck then go west until you see a man with a man with a
ghetto blaster. Travel south back to the band then west to the pile of
letters, get the letter from the ground to the left of the pile and attach the
stamp to it, post the letter then return east to the band. Insert the cassette
into the console and press the remote control to make a recording and retrieve
the cassette. Go south to the man with the ghetto blaster and give him the
cassette, he will then give you a letter containing a pass card. Enter the
cave and shout "help" causing the rocks at the back of the cave to collapse,
get the canister of glue revealed then return to the band. Go to the door (
top left ) and insert the card in the slot to go though. You are now standing
on a cloud, click near the bag and when you stop you automatically slide back
to the centre of the cloud, click near the bag again then as you start to
slide back click on the left edge of the cloud then as you arrive click next
to the bag again this time you should be close enough to get the bag ( of
marbles ). Walk off the cloud and your back next to the band.

Go south back to the pile of pens and a door will now appear enter this and
you're in a room blocked by a portcullis. Throw the canister of glue against
the back wall then push the foil onto it to form a button, press this to raise
the portcullis. Move to the edge of the electric grid and throw the bag of
marbles across it. Throw the tray onto these and you slide across the grid on
the tray. Get the fan then pick the lock on the door with the paper clip to
open it and go through. You're now back on the path where you were attacked by
the bandit earlier, proceed to the town and on to the Mage's shop. Give the
Mage some money and you are again transported, this time to end up buried in a
grave. Get a bone and attack the wall of the grave with it to get out. Once
out move directly behind the pile of earth at the head of the grave, Dracula
with now rush in and in an effort to get to will fall into the grave. Get the
shovel, disc, and cymbals then go east until stopped by Dracula, attack him
with the shovel then get the garlic and bread from where he fell. Get the
crucifix from the top of the steps then move over to Dracula and push the
gravestone onto his foot. Go east until you meet up with Dracula again and eat
the garlic.

Go and get the vacuum cleaner then return to where Dracula appears and attack
him with the crucifix, continue east avoiding the graves until Dracula appears
behind you then creep up behind him and attack him using the cymbals. Proceed
east to the gates and Dracula having had enough will open them as he leaves
the graveyard. Follow him out then go north to some gates, push them open and
continue through and up into the castle. Go left and get the ring from the
floor in front of the fireplace then return to the hall and go right into the
library. Move into the first alcove and push the book there to open a door in
the second alcove, go through this to the final confrontation with the witch.
The first spell she casts is a ghost, attack this with the vacuum, then as she
prepares to unleash a fire ball, push the fire extinguisher to put out the
fire. She now prepares to attack with and energy bolt, before she releases it
attack with the fan to drive it back at her, you then go over to her. Attach
the ring to the witch and she is destroyed and you are transported back to the
basket ball field. Adventure completed.

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