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Читы для CyberMage: Darklight Awakening

Чит-файл для CyberMage: Darklight Awakening

Darklight Awakening

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Origin Systems
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Scene-by-Scene Tour

You burst out of the strange. tube-like device and into a cave, where a
beautiful mystic calling herself Earth mother tells you something of your
powers. You make your way out of the caves and find yourself in a secret
research lab during the final stages of a raid by NeCrom's Troopers. Most of
the Mung techs who manned the Laboratory are dead, but you are greeted by a
communicator message from a surviving senior Mung who explains more about your
background and powers. The Mung's message is interrupted by NeCrom's Troopers,
and you must fight your way through them and their light recon Drones to
rescue the Mung. Once released, the Mung sends you on to the command center to
await further instructions.

You discover the route to the command center is crawling with NeCrom's troops,
but you steal a small tank and blast your way through the defenders. You're
contacted one final time by the Mung, who tells you your only way out is
through the sewers, to an old abandoned subway tunnel. In the sewers, you face
more of the strange giant

Sluggs, as well as horribly disfigured subhuman Ghoulies. You discover two
psychic Ghoulies with the terrifying power of Electroscism, but if you survive
this strange aback, you find that you too have gained that power. You must
search for a missing part to return a broken bridge over the sewers to working
order-once the bridge is working, you can escape through the subway funnels up
into the city Slums.


Emerging from the sewers you find yourself in the Slums, a virtual penal
colony where the city confines its most dangerous occupants. Word is out that
NeCrom has placed a substantial price on your head. and virtually the entire
population of the Slums is out kill you and claim the reward. However, one
lone streeldweller who calls himself Rook offers you encouragement and advice.

You prowl the alleys and rooftops of the Slums, looking for a way out. You
encounter the Mongos-strange mutant gladiator-clones-who are also after your
head, as well as some of NeCrom's Troopers. You pass a public news kiosk that
brings you up to date on current affairs, including an extremely biased
account of your own recent escape.

On your second meeting, in a festering tenement, Rook reveals that it's
possible, for $2,000, to buy the right to fight for your freedom in the arena.
After accumulating the necessary funds in the dog-eat-dog world of the Slums,
you are able to gain end to the arena where, if successful, you can earn your
right to enter the city.


On your way out of the arena, you are accosted by a Metapolice officer who
asks you to help the Metacops resist NeCrom's efforts to take over the city.
He reveals that NeCrom has gained control of the Metacop aircar fleet and
Metabot security robots, and that most of the force is being held prisoner in
Meta Station. Emerging from the arena into the main business district of the
city, you discover the last remnants of the free Metacops in the process of
being overrun by NeCrom's Troopers and Metabots.

Fighting your way through a city overrun by NeCrom's army, you take refuge in
a small tavern, where a Noxie recognizes you and tells you that a girl named
Lana, who works at a club called Bliss, is looking for you. After finding Lana
she tells you to rendezvous in the city park with a group of Metacops who are
planning to borrow an Aircar from somebody named Pawn, and raid Meta Station
to release their comrades.

However, when you reach the park, you find that the Metacops are being
slaughtered by ambushing Troopers. You can't save the cops, but you can avenge
them. Afterward, a dying Metacop tells you you can still find the mysterious
Pawn and use his aircar to reach Meta Station. He tells you to look in a place
called The Nex."

The Nex turns out to be a cavernous, high-tech disco, but you manage to find
the Pawn, who loans you his aircar for his own inscrutable reasons. You soar
over the barricades to the main entrance of Meta-Station.


In the Metacop station, you discover a holding cell where a lone surviving
policeman tells you to go look for his Captain. Finding the Captain upstairs.
you learn that the Metabots in the station can be wrenched from NeCrom's
control if the right software can be found and loaded, and that the rest of
the surviving cops are being held in the maximum security block on the other
side of the station's Jump Jet training course.

Locating the software that activates the stored Metabots and restores their
normal programming. you load the software into the station mainframe just in
time to give a large ambush by NeCrom's men an extremely unpleasant surprise.
But your quest for the Maximum Security Block is stymied by a lift with a
burned-out fuse. To find a replacement part, you're forced to venture down
into the dark and deadly Genno kennels.

With the Jump Belt in your possession at last, you're ready to brave the
training course. It eventually leads you to the maximum-security complex.
which is guarded by a company of NeCrom's Troopers under the command of an
officer of NeCrom's elite Legion of Doom. Freeing the prisoners, you discover
that one of them is indeed Lana's "friend" Lance. He tells you of rumors about
a top-secret weapon being developed in SARCorp that can perhaps destroy

Your work at the station done, you return to the City.


After your triumph at Metacop headquarters, you return to Bliss, where Lance
has just left to rejoin the rebels, and Lana and Maxi are preparing to follow
him. Lana sends you to talk to a woman named Vanni, at a club called

At Liberty's, you get a startling, but ultimately harmless surprise. Vanni, in
addition to other beguiling promises, tells you she's set up a meeting with
somebody who can get you into SARCorp. You make the rendezvous and are
presented with the necessary SARcard pass. immediately after which you are
ambushed by Stynx and more Aircars. You fight your way through to the entrance
to SARCorp.


In the luxurious SARCorp building, you fight your way to an executive rotunda,
but the building's security system will not allow you to enter the offices. On
a lower floor you discover a series of force-fields and gun emplacements that
seems impenetrable, until you figure out how to use the security measures
against one another, allowing you to obtain the security pass you need.

Back in the executive suites, you discover a series of video diaries made by
your mysterious patron M. Katt. You play back these tapes in a secret lab,
learning much about your creation, your powers, and your enemy NeCrom.

You make your way to the central core of SARCorp, methodically bypassing the
building's security measures as you go. You come to a giant chamber, where the
SARCorp guards switch on an ultra-high-tech field that cancels out your
Darklight powers, forcing you to rely on more prosaic defenses until you find
the switch to cancel the fieid.

After exploring several SARCorp research laboratories, you come on one lab
totally unlike the others, as is the researcher who occupies it - a member of
the alien SriFeng, whose Darklight mastery rivals your own. He's guarding the
secret Damma-Chron weapon you came to obtain. You discover that the device is
constructed in the form of a helmet.

With the Damma-Chron now in your possession, you find and activate the
Auto-Distruct program, and make your way out of the building with only seconds
to spare.


On your final visit to the city, you return to Liberty's. On the way, you
discover that the final remnants of NeCrom's occupying force have consolidated
themselves and are waiting for you in a group. In Liberty's, Vanni sends you
to talk to Pawn.

The Pawn tells you that mysterious "importent friends" have made arrangements
for you to keep your faithful Air Car, and use it to escape the city. Pawn
promises a Sky Patrol escort. to take you somewhere safe. Before leaving, you
return to Liberty's one last time, where "Vanni's Box" is at last presented to

At the agreed-upon rendezvous, you are dismayed but not surprised when
your"escorts" turn on you and shoot your air car out from under you. With
nowhere else to turn, you resolve to seek out Katt's rebels in the savage DMZ.


As you enter the blasted landscape of the Dead Man's Zone, you hear the door
to civilization crash shut behind you. Your first major obstacle is a
heavily-defended high point occupied jointly by NeCrom's Troopers and the
paramilitary fanatics called "Gang X."

Once past the first hill, you again encounter the Rebel Lance, who directs you
to Katt's main camp. Fighting your way through enemies on foot and in tanks,
you come upon the camp just in time to aid its defense against an armored

After the battle, you're finally brought face to face with M. Katt, who tells
you his plan for destroying NeCrom with the Damma-Chron. Using a secret,
underground Rebel route, you set out on your mission.

You come to an underground fortress blasted out of the rock by NeCrom's
forces. An abandoned tank helps you take out the heavy turret guns surrounding
the perimeter. You clear out the tunnels of the fortress, finally coming upon
the hidden garage of a second tank. You drive off down a rocky mountain poth,
under heavy fire from snipers and gun emplacements. When both your faithful
tanks are finally destroyed, you fight on afoot. At last you come to the ruins
of a pre-war town, huddling against the walls of yet another mighty fortress.

Finding a way into the fort, you are faced with the hovering figure of NeCrom
himself. You unleash the Damma-Chron against him, but the effect is less than
you hoped. NeCrom flees the field of battle, shaken but still very much alive.

You fight your way to the very highest tower of the fort, where you find the
switch that opens the fortress doors and allows Katt's Rebels to sweep in and
take the Fortress. With M. Katt at your side, you and the Rebels liberate the
final cache of NeCrom's supplies.

Katt tells you that you must seek NeCrom in his own lair, which lies somewhere
deep in the toxic Unholy. You set out through the crumbling ruins of an
ancient subway tunnel on your way to the heart of your enemy's power.


You leave the smouldering war zone at your back, descending into the old
transit tunnel system. Since the end of the Unholy Wars, the land above the
tunnels has been contaminated with nuclear and biological toxins, making the
overland route to your destination Impassible. This leaves the tunnels as the
only way to proceed. The passages are filled with decaying wreckage. Strange
things live here, slithering about in the damp mud, blinking in the absolute
blackness, and drinking from the stagnant subterranian pools. Fighting
claustrophobia, you pick your way through the darkness, trying to find a way
out before you go mad.


You emerge from the tunnel, thankful for the fresh forest air. An overgrown
garden awaits you. Scattered monuments and statues lie hidden within the
leaves and thorns. Others thing can be found here as well; you have to stay on
the move as you battle giant insects, fire-spitting serpents, and shadowy
ghouls to reach your goal. Eventually, you spot the temple's irregular
silhouette. The balcony is lit by the flickering fires of those who worship
your enemy. You can hear a low chant as you advance.


The Fire Mother, Darklight sorceress, is the mistress of all those who dwell
here, You emerge from the dense thicket and proceed to climb the weathered
steps leading up to the dark, archaic structure. An ancient temple, this place
now serves as the focal point for a cult of Darklight zealots who are utterly
convinced that by wearing the alien Darklight gem you have defiled their
religion. You must now face enemies with an entirely different arsenal-mystic
energy attacks similar to your own. Dodging bolts of eldritch lightning and
sizzling spheres of flame, you fight your way deeper into the crumbling ruins.


An eerie composite of alien technologies and enchantments, this is the eye of
the storm--strangely quiet and devoid of life. At the center of his dark
complex NeCrom is waiting for you. There is nothing else to do but face him.

Written by Chris McCubbin, Chris Plummer and Harvey Smith.

Copyright 1996 Origin Systems, Inc.
Used with premission

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