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Читы для Dame Was Loaded, The

Чит-файл для Dame Was Loaded, The

Dame Was Loaded, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Жанры:Adventure / 1st Person

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Before you start, I feel like I have to tell you something. The Dame game has
a timer element in it. Most sane adventurers will save games constantly to
prevent unnecessary gameplay. To do this in The Dame, you have to return to
your office all the time which takes too much valuable time. Not going to your
office saves you time but might force you to play the game several times over
again when you might fail. The one thing bites the other!
Whatever style you want to play, I mentioned every unnecessary locations or
action as a 'note'. You can decide for yourself whether you want to do this or

By the way, on my second cd, the demo of this game was included. Make sure you
check this too, cause it's fun watching.

                               DAY 1; JULY 29th


Start from your office. A note at the beginning; every time you enter your
office, you'll throw your hat at the hat-rack. If you miss, pick it up! Don't
ask why, I'll explain it later. Just do it! The game starts with a knock-out.
Miss Klein enters your office and although she's good looking you're able to
pick up fragments of her story. Her brother, Dan Klein, disappeared. His last
address was 224 Mason Street but that's been knocked down in May. Miss Klein
asks you to investigate the matter, gives you a picture of Danny boy and the
requested amount of cash and wiggles out the door. Wake up, you only got 3
days to solve the case!


Go behind your desk. Pick up the fountain pen from the left of your desk. Get
the camera and the photo of Angela. Move the cursor on the desk light and move
forward. Get your hat. Try to leave the office and meet the landlord. Use your
wallet and pay the man $50 to keep him satisfied.

Note: Maybe you wanna give the landlord more money. This way, you^Tll owe him
less money later which can come in handy when finances aren^Tt going too well.

Get the plunger from under the wash-bowl. Get the cigarette from the package
on Ralph's desk. Leave the office and get in the car. Turn the radio on and
open the glove compartment. Get the map and point out this location:


Get in the chair and the shaving will begin. Mention Mack saying 'Tigers
Revenge, race 4, 10 on the nose' on the phone; he's placing bets on horse
races! Look at the newspaper to the right and read today's news. Mention you
can get some hair from the floor but leave it for now.

Note: As Mack knows most of the gossip, visit him every morning for the latest
news and gossip!


Go to the diner and look at the menu on the wall. Choose coffee and donuts.
Eat one donut and slurp that black liquid which seems to be the coffee you've
ordered. Get the second donut and put it in your inventory. Use the bill to
pay it and leave the dinner.

Note: The donut you take will be for Denton. If you carry it along too long,
it^Tll become stale and Denton, gourmet as he is, will refuse it. This way you
never gonna get some info! So make sure donuts are fresh n^T crispy!


Meet Denton and talk to him about today's news. Give him a donut and he'll
leave for a refill. Check the box to your right and find a raid roster. On
august 1, a joint run by some Jacob Turner (known to you as Jake) located on
Dog Alley number one will be the target. Get the roster before Denton returns.
Ask Denton about Dan Klein. Not much info. Show him the picture of Dan. Denton
knows him as Dan Small. How obvious; Klein is Dutch or German for Small. Well,
well. Fake names! A man with an alias is a man with a secret! Ask Denton about
Dan Small. He'll tell you the guy hangs around with low life.


Meet Franky Henderson, one of your many old girls, and talk about stuff. Use
the morgue to get info on Dan Small. Knock on the door and give the name by
using the phone. Watch what happens. Leave. Au revoir. That's French for 'see
ya later!'


Go to the office and talk to Ralph. Get some sleep on the couch. As you're
here, you might save the game. Remember; coming back to save the game takes
valuable time.


Leave the office and take the car to Jake's. Knock on the door. Give the raid
roster to the man behind the door. Grateful as he is, he'll let you in. Play
poker with the guys around the table. Click on the pile of money on the table
and you'll get your cards. Click on as many of your cards you want to throw
out. You'll get some new ones and the game begins. Whoever wins the game, you
get to ask one questions (as longs as you don't drop your cards!). When the
game is over, ask about Dan Small. You'll get info on a guy called Freddy

Note: You might not be a pokerface. If you are, there's no need for extra info
on the game. Play along Poker Pat! If you don't know the first thing about it,
remember two things. One; always play with one dollar and never raise.
Sometime someone else wins and you get to ask a questions. Two; never quit,
always stay. If you quit, you don't get to ask questions. Staying prevents you
from loosing too much money.

Advice: One little tip from daddy. If you've got marvelous cards, for example
3 kings, raise your bets. You can hardly loose but it'll make some good money
for ya! Remember; you can always start again cause you've saved the game just
before you went to Jake's. Play along, kids!


As the night is still young you'll have to catch some Z's till the next
morning. You might even want to save the game again. If you already got some
sleep earlier this day, just turn your watch to 7.05.


                               DAY 2; JULY 30th


Get a shave and read the newspaper. Get info on Creel's dead in the crusher
from Mack. This Creel guy is getting interesting.


Go to the diner and look at the menu on the wall. Choose coffee and donuts.
Eat one donut and slurp that black liquid which seems to be the coffee you've
ordered. Get the second donut and put it in your inventory. Get the fork and
spoon. Use the bill to pay it and leave the dinner. If you choose the
newspaper office as your new destination, Franky's not there yet. Put your
watch on 9.00 hours.


Go talk to Franky. Ask about Freddy Creel. This is old news. Use the morgue
for info on this Creel character. You'll get some info on his wife Louise
Creel and Thumbs McKenzie. Ask Franky about them. McKenzie is old news too.
Louise is closed like an oyster so there's not so much to tell about her. Ask
the Morgue again for some info on McKenzie. Leave. Ciao! That's Italian for
'close the door behind you'.


Use knocker on door. Ask Louise about Freddy, McKenzie (Freddy owns him
money), Dan Small (partner of her husband) and Angela Donald (her sister,
different dads and didn't like each other). Then show her the pictures of
Angela and Dan Small. Go to the left of the room. Click on the bottle on the
left side of the mantelpiece. Louise tells you to pour a drink while she gets
the ice.

Note: The next event will be timed so you gotta be kinda fast!

Go back to the couch and open Louise's purse. Get out the hairpin. Move back
to the left side of the room. Get the painting above the mantelpiece and get
closer to examine the vault behind it. Put the painting back on by clicking on
it. Move back to the right side of the room and wait for Louise to come back.
This might take some time, so be patient!

When she's back you tell it's thanks but no thanks for the drinks and she'll
leave again. Move to the left side of the room again and open the lock of the
glass cabinet with the hairpin. Get the cigar box and move the cursor down
till you see the arrow pointing down. Click button and put the cigar box on
the cigarette stand left of the closet. Examine it and find the pictures of
Louise in front of the First National Bank. Get the cigar box and put it back
in the closet again. Move to the right side of the room again and wait for
Louise to come back. She won't miss the hairpin and you'll be able to leave
like a gentleman. Before you leave you ask Louise about the First National and
the diamond robbery over there. She's afraid dear old Frederick has got
something to do with it...

Note: Make sure you don^Tt take the keys as Louise will miss them and won^Tt
be best buddy^Ts no more^+ let alone something else^+


Meet Thumbs McKenzie and give him the cigarette. This makes you his friend and
loosen his tongue. Ask him about The First National Bank robbery and every
person in your book. Find out Angela was Dan Small's girl (ouch!) and that
Thumbs was set up and that he's taking the fall for someone else.


The end of the day is near which means some places close down. Open the trunk
and get the tire iron out to save some time. Now go to the O'Brien's Foundry.
You should be able to squeeze in before it closes. If you're late, leave it
till tomorrow and go to the Police Station (see: day 3).


Go to the foundry and find the crusher. Look under the cage and see something
red you can't get to. Go to the crusher and open the cage. Put the tire iron
in and close the cage. Press the button and open the cage. Get the flat tire
iron and use it on the opening beneath the cage. Get the red pencil from the
Palm Tree Motel. Go back to the car and put the tire iron in the trunk again.
Get the wrench from the trunk. Notice you feel sleepy.

Also use the forklift. Open it^Ts seat which exposes some wires. Use the fork
and spoon to reconnect them. Now close the seat and climb into the forklift.
Turn the ignition near the steering wheel and lift some metal. This will show
you Carl Brewer^Ts body. You can take his money, gun licence and private
investigator^Ts licence. Those can be used at the Palm Tree Motel.


You might go to Jake's to play a game of poker again. Ask about McKenzie. By
the way; this action isn't necessary to finish the game but it won't take any
of your precious time as it is the only joint open at this time.


Go back to your office and talk to Ralph. He offers to call Louise and give
her the insurance salesman play next time you visit her so you'll have enough
time to snoop around. Get some sleep or turn forward your watch if you're not
feeling sleepy. Put away some stuff from your inventory; camera and tire iron.
Put them in the drawer.


                               DAY 3; JULY 31st


Have another shave and gossip update by Mack. Read the newspaper for the
latest news. Is there? When you're back in your car, get the wrench from the


If you were on time at the foundry yesterday, go to the Police Station and ask
Denton about the First National robbery, the Creel family and Thumbs McKenzie.
If you've already been to the LAPD, visit the foundry now. For details; see
yesterday's report.


Show Dan's photo to the desk clerk. He doesn't remember seeing Dan. Give him
$2 and his memory will come back. Dan's been here on June 15. He left his
luggage and forgot to pay his room. Pay $14 and get the luggage. In the
suitcase are a photo of Dan and Angela and a stethoscope. Get them. The guy
wants to tell you more but you gotta jog his brains some more. Give him
another $2 and he tells you another P.I. was looking for Dan. From the
description you can tell this P.I. was Carl Brewer.

Note: You can use Brewers P.I. liscence by showing it to the guy who answers
the door when you knock on it. He still punches you. The clerk did see Brewer
earlier but he didn't get anywhere.

Go up to use the bathroom and knock on the door of room 11. Show your P.I.
I.D.-card and get a smacker on the head. For this result you can also use the
camera. It'll get damaged but as there's no further use for it, that's okay.
Whatever way you choose, it'll end up with 2 hours of unconsciousness. Grab
the key from the reception desk (it'll cost you another $2) to get in room 11.

Note: For entrance you can also use the hairpin. Remember that this hairpin
can only be used 3 times. You already used it once in Louise apartment.


Enter room 11 and switch on the light (lightswitch in on the wall to your
right). Move to the left and move the bed. Examine the light and get the
Railway Station locker key. Then switch the bathroom light on (switch is right
to bathroom entrance) and enter bathroom. Use plunger on wash-bowl and hear a
tinkling sound! Use the wrench on the pipe beneath the wash-bowl and find a
diamond! Get downstairs and drop the key at the reception. Leave the hotel and
go to the...


Use the locker key on the second drawer from the left, upper row. In there
you'll find a pocket book with secret vault codes. It's Dan's. Get this book.
Look at the funny codes. F.C means Freddy Creel and the rest is his safe
combination. L-5 R-8 L-1 means as much as 5 times left, 8 times right and 1
time left. You already know where his safe is, so it might come in handy. You
might even want to store things in this locker. As your inventory limit is 15
items, you might want to put the following stuff in the locker because there's
no need for them in the rest of the game.


Use the plunger on the door window and use the diamond to cut the glass to
enter Brewer's office. This saves the hairpin! Examine the closet and find a
tuxedo. Put the dress from the laundry in the closet. Click on the dress with
the left mouse button and choose the left of the two icons appearing (the
'wear' sign). You'll find Franky's notebook. Then click on the tux with your
left mouse button. Wear the tux. Examine the cabinet and find a hip flask.
Leave and hear about the Brewer evidence...

Note A: This evidence box really is at the Police Station. If you can get
Denton out of sight, you can open this box. It contains two objects; Brewer's
notebook and his wallet. In his wallet there are three things; money (to the
left), his gun license (right, down) and his I.D.-card (right, up). If you
already took this from the foundry, it won^Tt be necessary. If you pick
something, Denton throws you out but you get to keep the thing you've
snatched! If you are in desperate need of money, you might try this. None of
the other objects is necessary to finish the game.

Note B: You can also skip the Brewer office. The tuxedo can be found somewhere
else too and the hip flask is not necessary to complete the game.


Go to Louise Creel's apartment. Knock twice to make sure she's not home. Open
the door with the hairpin. Go to the vault and open it by putting the arrow on
the left of the wheel and click 5 times, then put the arrow right of the wheel
and click 8 times. Last you click one time on the left. Check out the jewelry
and insurance papers in there.


Talk to Franky and ask her about Carl Brewer. You tell her you've got nothing
to do with his death... Well, did we already know this? Now we do! You can ask
the morgue about him, but you won't get any wiser by it. Ask pretty Francine
about the First National heist. She wrote a story on it. The morgue will give
you some info on this topic so check it out. Then Franky thinks it's been
enough and she kicks you out! She's got a deadline! Is she up to something?
Outside, two goons are waiting for you. They knock you unconsciousness and
take you to a warehouse.

Note A: You can ask Franky to marry you and give her the engagement ring.

Note B: It happened to me whilst playing the game that the goons wouldn't
catch me at this point. They should when you've seen the vault and the cigar
box and found the diamond but it seems to be it doesn't happen every time.
Solution? Make sure Franky kicks you out by visiting the newspaper office
again or go to your apartment (save your game!) and leave again. At this
point, time doesn't matter for a while...

Note C: The game should start automatically in the warehouse. Sometimes it
didn't. If it doesn't, press the 'continue' button while cd 2 is in the


Once you've regained consciousness, the goons want you to point the location
of the sparklers. Send them to Carl Brewer's place; that's not an obvious
trick like, for example, pointing out the Police Station. But you can also
send them to the Palm Tree Motel, the railway station, and probably even the

Note: It doesn^Tt matter where you hid the diamond because it will be gone
anyway after you escape. What does matter is that you DO hide it, cause when
the thugs see it on you, they try to kill uou!

With them having a look-see, you have little time to escape. So hurry! Hop
over to the fire alarm and 'use' the glass. Try this three times till the
glass breaks. Look at your lap and get the glass piece from your right knee
and cut the rope. Free! Move the crates, open them and find some whisky
bottles. Grab one bottle. Leave the warehouse and go to your office.

Note: Somehow, time passed during your state of unconsciousness, that day 4,
August 1 is present day.


                              DAY 4; AUGUST 1st


Ralph is shocked by the looks of you although there's no pretty stuff damaged
cause, in his opinion, it's never been there in the first place. Some pal!
Find the note from Louise Creel in which she asks you to come immediately.
Ralph tells you the Granger case, the reason you've been working your bud off
to get there on august 1st, has gone to the Pinkerton Agency. He also tells
you there's been a burglary at the office. All stuff from your drawer has been
removed. Luckily you didn't keep anything valuable in it, like the diamond!


Can you resist the cry of a woman in help? No gentleman can! So go to her
place and find it smashed. She thinks Joel Jones, a businessman, has arranged
it. Ask her about the diamonds and Jones. He's been stalking her and is the
worst kind of businessman. Look at the glass cabinet and find the cigar box
with the happy snaps is missing. Use the safe. The insurance papers are gone.
Are they stolen or is Louise hiding them? Examine the painting for some witty
reviews. Look at the sofa and blush! Go through the door and enter her bedroom
(if you in some form use the word 'finally' here, you'd better turn your
computer off and do something else) which is as messy as the livingroom.
Louise leaves so you can examine the room. Get the sewing kit from the right
of the bed. Pick up the photo of G-G and Freddy at the Race Track. Leave the
bedroom and ask Louise about G-G. He's an associate of her husband. Leave the


At the table you'll only find Mickey and G-G. Ask them about Big Joel Jones.
He's the big man in town. One on three crooks is working for him. He runs
everything. Ask 'm as much as you like about the rest of the subjects but you
won't learn a lot. Only thing is, when you ask about Angela, that questions
like that won't bring her back but might help you join her...
Last but not least, show the picture you found in Louise's bedroom to the
guys. G-G is being very defensive about his friendship with late Freddy.
Surely hit a nerve there!


                              DAY 5; AUGUST 2nd


When you arrive, have some shuteye on the couch. When you wake up, you'll find
a ransom note delivered. By the way, if you fancy Louise, the girl they
mention, is Francine. You've got 5 days to get the diamonds back if you want
to see her back alive. Belief me, you want to. Put the tux in the closet.


Have a shave and read the newspaper. Find out McKenzie's been slashed in jail.
Now you should get the hair from the floor.


Get a donut. You know how to do that by now...


To keep the game going steady, you might skip the Police Station as the things
you learn here aren^Tt that important.

Being a wiseguy? Go there! Tell Denton about the diamonds and he promises to
check it out. Give him the donut so he'll be off for a while. Get the raid
roster from the desk. This time betting shops are the target and Mack's shop
is one of them. When Denton comes back ask him about Jones. He's got friends
amongst the Police force! Ask him about Thumbs McKenzie. He'll tell you all
unpleasant things about Franky's article being a death warrant and throws you


Franky's not there. Sit behind the desk and open the drawer. Use the make up
to cover your bruises. Get the gun and the laundry ticket. Use the phone for
some info from the morgue. Ask about:
1. Joel Jones. He's the big man in town and you get the addresses from his
club Blue Angel and his mansion.
2. Then ask about Franky. She left with 2 guys, one big, one small, in a green
sedan. They were talking about some exclusive and the small guy mentioned
fresh mountain air before they drove off.
3. Ask again about Joel Jones. There's been a story about him being snowed in
at his cabin written by Franky.
4. Ask about the diamond robbery. Story written by Franky. No new leads since
then. 5. Ask about Angela. She was the key witness after the fire destroyed
the Sweet Dreams Night Club where she was a torch singer. Police couldn't
prove arson. When Angela was killed, her boss, club owner Josef Wierzcski put
a reward on the killing.


Give laundry ticket to the man behind the counter and receive Franky's dress.
Return to your car. In the back of your car, Mickey is waiting to warn you.
G-G and red are acting jumpy and they're probably hiding something... You
should watch your back! You can ask him 5 questions so ask about:
1. Franky: she irritated some people that run the town and the major isn't one
of them.
2. Joel Jones: cops eat from his hands, the 2 goons that beat you up are his,
they're both named Charlie.
3. Diamonds: they should be out of the country, man in brown got the diamonds.
4. Angela: Big Joel Jones 'ordered' her death and hired the goons that shot
5. Dan Small. There must be someone with a line to him!

So, Red Randal Hannah is missing and G-G McPherson is hiding. And you got the
name of the one who killed Angela!

Note: The whole sequence to get a clean tux is meant to get in the Blue Angel
nightclub later on in this game. If you didn't visit Brewer's place, you're
too late now! To get a tux after all, they left the following option which is
much quicker also than ^TThe Brewer Way^T;

Look at the laundry ticket; the '10' is written in red ink. When you collect
Franky's dress, you can see another tux hanging on the rack. Get the notebook
from the dress and bring the dress back to the laundry. Receive ticket number
10 again (costs you a quarter). Go to the newspaper office and fill your
fountain pen with red ink from the bottle in the middle of three bottles on
the right of Franky's desk. Put the laundry ticket on the desk and use the pen
on the notebook. Choose '20' from the options and adjust the '10' into a '20'.
Go back to the laundry and collect the tux with the number 20 ticket. Okay,
it's not a day- to-day solution, I know. But it might help you.
By the way, I owe some thanks for this note to Dave Timoney; in his
walkthrough I found this possibility.


Sit behind the desk and use the hair you took from Mack on the pot of glue in
front of you. It'll make a great fake mustache.


Back at the office, make sure the hat's on the rack. Ralph leaves and gets
shot. Get his keys. Leave the gun. If the cops find it on you, you're stuck!
Hide Franky's gun in the drawer on your desk. Act quickly; after picking
Ralph's keys, move up the stairs and wait in the office. The cops take you and
you spent 2 hours at the Police Station. Back in the office, you'll empty
Brewer's hip flask and wake up next morning.

Note: You can also use the whiskey. This means you^Tll be out longer!


                              DAY 6; AUGUST 3rd


Put Franky's dress in the closet and take the tux out. Do this by clicking on
the tux with the left mouse button and select the 'pick up' icon. Do the same
with the dress but now choose the 'wear' icon. Find Franky's notebook. Take
Ralph's keys to open his cabinet (you can only do so when you are/ were
drunk). There's some info in it which is interesting: take the Angela Donald
file. She saw an unfamiliar man with red hair leave the scene when the Sweet
Dreams nightclub burned down. That's why she was the main witness.

Go outside, where Ralph was shot and move the garbage cans. You can pull a
bullet out of Sal^Ts door.

Note: In Dave Timoney's walkthrough I also found something I didn't (need to)
do during the game. Maybe you walk into that situation, so I'll give it to you
as well. Here it is:
Put the tux in the closet and try to wear it; the trousers need to be stitched
up. Using the sewing kit from Louise', it's done in a snap.


Get a shave, read the newspaper and pick up some hair from the floor.


Get a donut... I won't tell you again! Take a knife this time!


Give tuxedo to get it cleaned. Receive laundry ticket number 16.


Ask Denton about Ralph. You suspect a connection because both Ralph and Angela
were shot in the alley. Give him the bullet and Denton will pass it on to
ballistics. Denton has a file on the Angela Donald killing and leave to get
it. Use this to look into the evidence box. Read the letter in it. There's
also some charcoal and a matchbox in it. if you're quick, you should be able
to get all three of them. If you doubt, just look a the letter. There'll be
more time.

When Denton gets back, the Donald file tells you that Angela was shot in the
throat from thugs in a green sedan. Three .44 bullets were found at the crime
scene. A policeman saw a women in a silver fox fur and with a large hat run
away from the scene... Seems a lot like Louise!

Give Denton the donut and when he's left again, open the evidence box and get
the stuff you didn't get/ see already. The matchbox can't be taken. When
Denton returns, ask him about Mickey Murphy. He was killed in the Tenement
fire with 5 other people. A street level window was broken and the fire was
started by a gasoline bomb. A matchbox was found. A man with red hair was seen
at the crime scene and Jones seems to be involved.


Ask the morgue about Mickey. Fire started in the basement and circumstances
are suspicious. Get a mustache by using the hair from Mack's on the glue on
the left of the desk.


Give the number 16 ticket and get the tux back. It takes about two hours to
clean it, so, if you're early, put the clock forward with 30 minutes at a time
and try again till you get the tux back.


Go to the closet and wear the tux. Put the clock forward, to approximately
18.00 hours. Although you're tired, don't sleep! This will make your mustache
stick to the pillow. Leave.

Note A: To enter the Blue Angel Club, you should have had you shave today,
wear the tux and the fake mustache. Either one of them missing? No entrance!

Note B: Important thing: make sure the bruises on your face are covered with
make up before you go in!


You're probably early, so put the clock forward to 20.00 hours. Leave the car
and enter the club. Dumb Charlie will guide you to rehearsal room. Open the
closet and get the overall out. Close the closet and examine the black panel
in the middle of the room. Charcoal again! Go through the door and meet Big
Joel Jones. He thinks you're the cleaner and you'll be left alone. Look at the
pics near the window, there's one of Jones' mountain cabin. Open the cabinet
(not locked!) and read the files on:
1. Angela; she worked in the Sweet Dreams nightclub, which started losing
money and only earned some on night Angela was singing.
2. Franky; Jones doesn't like her because of many articles she wrote on him.
3. Randal; there's a receipt for services rendered, called 'consultancy'...
wonder what that means!
4. GG; real name is Ashley...
5. Thumbs McKenzie; he isn't on the payroll!

Examine the notepad from the club wall or from the evidence box. Use the
charcoal on the notepad and a note will ^Tcome up^T saying "Perriwig 8th"
(Perriwig is the slowest horse on the track but the race is fixed by Joel


Go to G-G and give him the charcoal note. He^Tll tell you to wait untill the
next day and he^Tll give you some info if the message is legit. It will turn
out to be legitamit and he^Tll tell you about Freddy Creel being in Hotel


Make sure you throw your hat on the rack. Someone shooting at you but the
shadow of your hat and coat distract him and you'll live! Use the knife to get
the bullet from the wall. This bullet will match Jones^T hunting rifle and
he^Tll stay in prison. Have some sleep.


                              DAY 7; AUGUST 4th


Get shave, read the newspaper and give him the raid roster.


Ask the morgue about Jones. Jones bought the mountain cabin about a year ago.
The classified has the address of his mountain cabin and the add itself. It
takes some time to look through last year's adds so you have to be here early!


On your way there you crash! When you wake up, you'll find yourself tied in
one room with Franky and Smart Charlie. When Charles leaves the room, grab
Franky's hair. Get her hairpin to open the handcuffs. Get the bear trap from
the wall and smash the window with it. Step behind the door (arrow on the
right side of the door). When de hood comes in, a fight starts which ends by
Franky shooting Charlie. Luckily, this police matter can be handled smoothly
and everyone can get back to work.

Note: Day 7 passes quickly while you were spending the night with Franky in
the cabin...


You receive another letter from Louise Creel. She's outta town for a couple o'
days. Besides that, she tells you to go to room 78 of the Seville Hotel (maybe
you already knew?) when you're lonely. Hmm... Well, better get some sleep


                              DAY 8; AUGUST 5th


Get the dress from the closet and leave.


Have a shave, read the newspaper. Listen to his story!


Give the dress to have it cleaned and receive a laundry ticket.


Talk to Francine. She's too busy to talk to you, so leave again.


Do the donut thing and for a change read the newspaper here too. BR>


Get behind Franky's desk and put the laundry ticket down. Use fountain pen on
red ink bottle (in the middle of the three bottles to your right). Use the pen
on the notebook. Choose '18' from it and change the number on the laundry
ticket into '18'.

Note: All actions this days could be performed faster, you might think. That's
true, for example the diner stuff. The reason to do it like this is because
Franky has to leave the newspaper office. I played the game twice in this
order and in both games Franky is gone when you follow actions like mentioned
above. Of course, you can also follow your own order of actions and check the
newspaper office frequently.


Give the forged ticket and receive the bellhop costume.


Jack Menzies, the landlord, wants his rent. If you don't have enough money,
give him almost everything you've got. You won't be needing money anymore from
this point on. If you have enough money, pay him. If there's not enough money,
he'll tell you he's out of sympathy and you'll have only three days to pay the


Wait till 18.00 hours and go to Jake's. Red Randall Hannah is there. He's not
afraid because you don't have any evidence of him being involved. Show him the
receipt you found in Joel Jones' cabinet. He's arrested. By the way, this is
not necessary to end the game successfully.


Put the bellboy costume in the closet and wear it. You'll be on your way to
the Seville Hotel. There you receive a pass key to room 78.

Open the nearest night-stand and find a postal receipt. A 2 pounds parcel has
been sent to Oregon two days ago. That must be to Carol Klein's house! Also
find a telephone numbers page opened on the S of Small! Examine the other
night-stand and find some bullets. Then examine the closet and click on the
brown jacket twice; it's the brown coat with leather patches Ralph's killer
wore! Enter the bathroom and hide behind the green shower curtain. Put the
cursor in the middle of the screen and wait till someone removes it. Click on
the button and knock him unconsciousness. Get the shave kit from the wooden
box and use it on the bearded man. It Freddy Creel! Leave the room and Creel
will be arrested. This solves another mystery; if Creel wasn't the one killed
in the crusher, it must have been Dan Klein...

Note: Day 9, August 6th, passes while you're waiting on Carol Klein.


                               DAY 10 AUGUST 7


Two days later, Carol Klein comes to you. Ask her about Dan and hear about his
childhood. Touching... Give her back Dan's picture and the happy snap op Dan
and Angela. Ask her about Angela. The topic will change to Brewer and you'll
learn she hired him in the first place. She never heard of him and that's why
she hired you as well. Show her the postal ticket and she tells you she
received a package full of diamonds. As she didn't know what to do with it,
she took them with her. Then end the conversation. She leaves but the suitcase
with the diamonds is left in your office. Get the diamonds and leave the


As rain is pouring down, you meet Louise Creel in your car. She wants to run
away with you... Well, there have been less nice proposals made! This is one
tall lady with a cool smile! If your libido wins from your P.I. gut feelings,
at least you'll know what the title means; this dame is loaded... and so are
you... with some bullets! So click on the car door and tell her to leave. She
wants to have a last smoke but be quick and grab her purse! She hides a gun
there. Then you've got a choice. Either you take her to the Police Station
(click on the steering wheel) or you let her go (click on the door). I'd let
her go; there's got to be some gentlemen in this world, not? Then go to the
Police Station.


Give Denton the diamonds and tell your story. Gibe him both Franky^Ts gun as
Louise^Ts gun. It will turn out that Franky shot Angela from across the

When you confront her with this, she^Tll admit. You can let her turn herself
in at Denton^Ts, you can marry her or you can just go and leave.


When you decided to leave, go here and see some ending.


Pick a new location from the map; 'to client'. Look at the movie clip... it
says it all.

                                 * THE END *


Copyright October 1997 Fugazi - Last update: June 6th, 1998 - Version 2.0

Thanks to everyone replying to improve the walkthrough. Allthough it^Ts not my
policy I have to make a special exception for Timothy Mattson who did some
thorough screening of my walkthrough and made a lot of good remarks and

Questions, suggestions, remarks or additional info? Just want to let me know
what you think of this walkthrough?
Mail me!


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