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Читы для Dark Side of the Moon

Чит-файл для Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:SouthPeak Interactive
Издатель:SouthPeak Interactive
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 5 декабря 1998 года
Жанры:Adventure / Int.Movie

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
There are hundreds of ways through the game. This is only one.

1. Shuttle. Talk to the Shuttle Attendant. What's that light blinking on your
VDA? Incoming message from one of your least favorite people in the world. While
you're in the VDA, check the other messages in V-Mail. That one from your
attorney contains the video last will and testament of your uncle. The Shuttle
Magazine has some articles that contain helpful background information.

You might want to DOUBLE-CLICK on any inventory items of interest. The picture
your uncle will trigger a flashback to happier times. You also have the
necessary to establish your ownership of his claim. Take a look at your bank
card. Not much money. You'll need more to survive on Luna Crysta.

You can take the complimentary laser scanner in the holder on the back of the
seat in front of you, if you like. Talk to Kit, the charming young lady to your
left. Notice her friendly attitude and heed her words. You'll then talk to the
gentleman seated directly in front of you by the name of Whistler. You can try
talk to either of your fellow passengers again, if you like. Why not take a look
out your window? It's time to land.

2. Customs. Whistler sure looks like he's up to something. And that's the second
time Kit has looked nervous when Security was mentioned. I've always thought
better not to mess with Customs Officials. It's up to you though.

3. Terminal. Why was Whistler hanging around? There's a video telephone to your
right as you enter. You can check for messages, and make some calls, if you have
enough credits. When you do get enough credits, call your sister, if you like.
And your girlfriend. Both have left messages for you. Check out some of the
numbers. It may seem like a lot of dead ends, but there are actually clues
scattered through all the answering machine messages.

Over at the observation deck you can see your shuttle taking off. Looks like you
won't be leaving anytime soon ...

There's a piece of synth-lumber lying conveniently near the laser saw.
Unfortunately the laser saw doesn't work. Click on its maintenance hatch to see
that somebody's obviously in the midst of repairing it. The only problem is
magnet will fit, but it's easy to figure out. Wrap the wire around the smaller
magnet, and put it in the slot. There's still wire left over. You'll need
something to cut it.

In the doorway to the elevator lobby a Cepheid boy will almost run into you. He
hides under the laser saw as a beefy security guard shows up looking for him.
Turn the kid in if you want to.

In the elevator lobby you'll find a basic Ion Stream Wirecutter propped up in a
booth intended for a vidphone. Just the thing to snip off that trailing wire on
the laser saw. Put the lumber on the saw and press the button. You'll get a
warning. Ignore it. You don't want two nice pieces of lumber, you just want the
dregs. Push the button again. Synth-lumber dust, but no way to carry it. Leave
behind for now, and head for the elevator.

4. Welcome to Level 2, Administration. Straight ahead are some elevators that
will take you down to the Ore Processing Center. Ignore them for now. To your
left is the main Administration Office. To your right in order are Security, the
Claims Office and finally General Outfitters.

Go into the Administration Office. Eliot Neame, assistant to the man who runs
this entire moon, is there. You can get directions, learn about his boss, Howard
Janous, even make an appointment to see Mr. Janous if you'd like. If you hang
around long enough. Eliot will leave. You can scan an interesting memo on his
desk and use his vidphone (for free!). Click on that security monitor for a
surprise: Whistler was apparently lurking right outside the office. Watching

Head for Security. You'll run into Kit again on her way out. What is it with her
and Security? In fact, she seems to have a number of conflicting emotions. And
who's watching from down the walkway? Whistler.

5. In Security you'll run into the surly security guard again, O'Kale. He
you to go talk to his chief, Einar Grice. If you refuse, O'Kale will give you
bum's rush into Grice's office.

Grice has a firm grip on this wild mining colony. The mystery surrounding your
uncle's death has him puzzled and annoyed. He'll show you a security camera shot
of your uncle's last moments. No one has been able to identify the Cepheid who
ran off right before he died. He'll give you a copy of the recording for your
VDA. If you didn't make an appointment to see Janous, he'll want to see you.
Grice will give you the necessary instructions. Ask him about a security pass to
get into the mines. He'll ask O'Kale to make one up for you.

After you get the security seal from O'Kale, go back out on to the walkway. If
you're dying to go down and explore the Ore Processing Center this early in the
game, feel free. You may get run off by O'Kale for not having the correct pass,

6. Go see what Janous wants. Eliot is gone. He's left a cup behind. You can
borrow it, or you can find one later in the casino bar. Up to you. Dial "55" on
the vidphone on his desk to let Janous know you're here. He escorts a combative
old lady out of his office, then invites you in. Janous seems mainly concerned
that you don't blame the Brave Hope Mining Corporation for your uncle's death.
also doesn't appear to think you'll make it out of the mines alive.

7. After your discussion with Janous, head all the way around to the far side of
the shaft (you'll pass the Claims Office and General Outfitters on the way).
Double clicks will move you five times as fast if you get tired of the scenery.
Eventually you come to the spot where your uncle killed himself. The twisted
metal blocks your passage in that direction. But looking at the blast site (move
forward a couple paces) will trigger another flashback, but the reality of the
explosion will bring you back to the present. There's a small figure on the
side. It's the Cepheid boy. You'll learn his name, if you haven't already:
Londie. He's an interesting kid. Find out all you can.

Londie is scared off by the arrival of Whistler, who finally admits he's
interested in your uncle's claim. He wanders off, promising to be in touch. Tilt
down. Try the bent walkway. The metal groans, but won't bend.

Backtrack a couple paces, and head for another bank of elevators. On the way
there will be a spot you can long down into the main shaft. Wow, that's a long
fall ... The elevators will take you up to the casino, down to ore processing,
and even farther down to the bottom of the main shaft. Go up to the casino.

8. In the casino, the first thing you'll notice is how empty the place is. One
drunk asleep at the bar. Look around the bar area. You'll find a broken sonic
piano. Look down, there's a sonic tuner that emits a high-pitched screech. That
other sound was a glass shattering somewhere thanks to the tuner's pitch. If
that's how the piano is tuned, no wonder somebody broke it. Check out the drunk.
He's dead to the world. That's an interesting gadget attached to his belt: an
gun. Might as well borrow it, he won't be using it any time soon.

At the front of the bar is a holographic bell. Ringing it will summon Hunter,
casino's manager. Hunter knows lots about how this mining colony operates. He's
good source of information. He'll offer you a deal. Listen to the terms. My
advice is to take it. You'll have to sooner or later, if you want his
cooperation, but it's up to you. He'll buy any ore or crystal you find. All you
have to do is send it to him through the specially equipped vidphone down in the
center pit area. Good thing to know, if you get low on credits.

As long as you're at the casino, you might as well track down Kit. Don't let the
slot machines distract you. You don't have enough credits to gamble them all
away. And you'll find the only operating Gravity Dice room has been reserved for
Alberto, the mining claims clerk.

Find the only open Blackjack room. Kit is there, dealing to two off-duty guards.
Don't bother them too much. If you do, well, you were warned. After the guards
stalk off, convinced you brought them bad luck, you can play blackjack or talk
Kit. If you choose to talk to her, you'll become closer, but don't push too
If you return later, and she trusts you enough, she could tell you the truth
about why she's here on Luna Crysta.

When you play blackjack, you'll discover an amazing thing. No matter what cards
you get, you always win! Or at least until a suspicious Hunter appears. Kit was
cheating on your behalf. Why? Anyway, she won't anymore. Better take your
winnings and run.

If, at any time while Kit's on duty, your credits get low, you return here and
tip her, she'll let you win the next hand. If your credits get so low you can't
even tip her, stick your interstar card in the slot, and she'll advance you
enough. Keep tipping her, and keep winning, until you build up your credit
balance again.

Now that you have some spending money, head for General Outfitters. On the way
you might notice a couple chunks of low-grade ore you can pick up to send to
Hunter. Before you can enter, you'll run into Gilly Ansidine, the lady who was
arguing with Janous when you went to see him, and who has to be the oldest
miner on Luna Crysta. Turns out she was a friend of your uncle's and has been
keeping an eye on his claim. She tells you to come see her when you get down in
the mines. You will.

9. In General Outfitters, put your ID card and interstar card in one of the
machines. Even though the stock is depleted, these machines, and those in the
clothes booths, are a wealth of information about items you might find elsewhere
on Luna Crysta. Here you'll find descriptions for the wirecutter, sonic tuner,
something called a rock fillet, something called a rock cop, and lots of other
stuff. The General Outfitters, like the vidphones, is part of the hint system
the game. Use them. Interested in what your uncle was doing on that section of
walkway? If you could repair it, you might get a clue. Hum, here's a portable
smelter. Just the thing for heating metal walkways so they can be bent. Of
they'll be too hot to bend with your bare hands. While you're here, why not buy
fusion sprayer and rock cop as well. It'll save you a trip later.

Next go into the vacant clothes booth. In this machine you'll find some mittens
that should protect your hands from the hot metal. Buy them. Also, why not pick
up a pair of syn-skin gloves? They'll come in handy. On your way out, look at
wall. Interesting graffiti: Alberto is mindless cog 1387.

10. Back at the blast site, put the gloves on by clicking them on the figure on
the interface that represents you. Now tilt down to get a good look at the
walkway, and apply the smelter to it. Ah, a satisfying glow! With the gloves on,
bending the walkway down is easy, and it quickly cools. Go into the room
ahead. Here's the machine your uncle found so interesting: some sort of oxygen
generator. You'll have no more luck with it than he did. But while you're here,
pick up the elevator key labeled SITO from the rack, and notice the other rack
for magnetic vent keys. Too bad it's empty.

11. (Claims Office) Time to tackle Alberto in the Claims Office. All the file
cabinets are locked. Call him on the monitor. Your attorney has stated that you
have all the documents you'll need. What could go wrong? Plenty. Open the bin,
put the documents inside, and close it to send them off. Alberto accepts the
documents, but he is a law unto himself. At best he'll keep you waiting for
days. At worst, if you irritate him, he could leave you hanging for weeks. There
has to be a faster way than waiting on this petty bureaucrat.

12. Make your way back up to the casino and talk to Hunter again. Whistler's
nosing around. No longer very surprising. And, as luck would have it, Alberto
come over to the Gravity Dice room to try out his system. Go watch. Alberto's
system seems to consist entirely of playing the same four numbers over and over
again: 2867. Not much of a system. Try to talk to him, but I warn you, you'll
only succeed in lengthening the time it'll take him to process your claim. No
wonder people hate this guy. But now at least you know some things about him.
Remember that keypad back on his door? Could he be that stupid?

13. Entering 2867 into the keypad allows you access to the empty claims office.
And 1387 gets you into his inner sanctum. There you'll be able to unlock the
cabinets. Find your file folder in the WG-WR cabinet. But your Proof of Claim is
not there, only a memo from Janous asking Alberto to send it to him via inner
office mail. Inner office mail? There was a box by the front door. Sure enough,
there is an envelope on its way to Janous with the Proof of Claim inside. Take
it. It's rightfully yours. But what else is here? A long report on the effects
oxygen on the Cepheids, complete with a chart of all the oxygen generators. It
looks like the company is deliberately using oxygen to drug the Cepheids and
them mindless slaves. And your uncle ran to an oxygen generator before he died.
Was he trying to help the Cepheids?

14. You exit the Claims Office only to run into Whistler again. You'll learn
he was hired by Corinne. He wants you to meet him in the Ore Processing Center
discuss how he can acquire your uncle's claim. He gives you a pass stolen from
the drunk at the bar. If you'd rather explore the mines now that you have what
you need to get past the Center Pit gate (Proof of Claim, Security Seal and
personal ID), go ahead. But eventually, even though you may not want to admit
Whistler seems to know more than you do about the claim. Go meet him, but watch
your back.

15. Take either of the main shaft elevators to the Ore Processing Level. Sure
enough, the pass opens the door to the center. Look around for Whistler. This is
a huge place. He could be anywhere. Far from the entrance you'll find an unusual
belt and a key hanging on a hook. If you saw the belt in the General Outfitters,
you know that it is designed for magnetic attraction. Take them both and start
back the way you came. There's Whistler off down that center aisle! But he seems
to see somebody else. And that unseen person blasts him with a laser! Before you
can get to him, Kit appears from the opposite direction. She runs off. She must
have seen who did it! You race after her!

Kit runs out of the OPC and ducks out of sight. Here comes Grice, O'Kale and
other guards, converging on both doors. They think you killed Whistler. You
get out the doors. How will you escape? If you lock the doors, that'll buy you
some time, but you need another way out. Not too far from one of the entrances
a control panel for the huge magnetic conveyor system that carries ore
the system. Open the panel. Here is a map that can be set to process ore in
various ways. Most of them would be nasty for a human being: acid baths,
crushers, grinders, etc. But one seems to simply be a pile the ore is dumped on.
You're out of options. Give it a try. Program the route ore carts take by
clicking on switches. When you think you have a safe route, press the button
marked ACTIVATE. Beware, the one "safe" route shows the cart being dumped part
way along. Maybe that magnetic belt will help keep you in the cart. Slip it on.
Next to the panel is a gate opened by the key you found with the belt. Open it,
and climb down into the waiting cart. The rest of your trip is automatic.

However, if you didn't lock the doors, you won't have time to program the cart's
route. Or if you ignore the control panel, and just hop in, the cart will roll
off with you inside. You'll have to use the arrow controls on the front of the
cart to each change switch as you approach it. There are directional holograms
over each switch to show you how they're currently set, but even so, it won't be

16. Whichever way you choose to ride the cart, you'll get dumped down a chute
that deposits you on a slag heap at the bottom of the main shaft. There are a
couple chunks of ore here to send to Hunter. Pick them up if you like. Go
the gate. There'll be another gate a few feet away. This is the entrance to the
center pit. You'll need the security seal you got from O'Kale, the Proof of
Claim, and your ID to get in here. Once you've held each up to the security eye,
open the gate. A security alert goes off! You've been identified as a fugitive!
The gate starts to close. Quick! Get through the gate! Whew! Just made it! Open
the big door ahead of you, and pass through.

17. This is the staging area of the Center Pit, the massive strip mine run by
Brave Hope Corporation. But before you can really explore, Londie appears. He's
heard the security alert but knows you're not a bad person. He gives you a soft
yellow crystal he calls "itacha." You can eat it. When you do, you'll be able to
use the Rivers of Light, the preferred mode of transportation for Cepheids.
energy paths run all through the moon and will take you places faster and more
safely (considering you're wanted by security) than traditional means. Eat the
itacha. Tasty, huh? A sparkling hallucination will tell you it's working its
chemical magic on your body.

After Londie disappears, where can you go? All sorts of places. Notice the
vidphone on the other side of the staging area. This is the one you can use to
ship ore to Hunter. If you try to call him, he may not be in. You'll only get
bored Gravity Dice croupier. But keep trying whenever you pass the phone,
particularly if you haven't agreed to his deal yet. Make the deal! He'll be much
more cooperative. Have you been calling home regularly? Shame on you! Call
Corinne now, if you like, and tell her what happened to her man Whistler.
a River of Light, too, that will take you to Level D. Ignore it for now.
go to the far side of the staging area, and go into the Test Tunnel past the

18. In the Test Tunnel, you'll come to a gate that's been soldered shut, but
isn't much of an obstacle for the smelter. As you continue you'll hear a scream.
Looking through a hole in the rock wall, you'll be able to see down into a
chamber being actively mined by Cepheids, and guarded by a security man. A dead
Cepheid lies on the ground, is checked by another Cepheid, then ignored. At the
end of the Test Tunnel is an oxygen generator. Brave Hope's plan is clear: drug
the Cepheids with oxygen, and let them work themselves to death.

19. Let's check out your uncle's claim. The Proof of Claim locates it on Level
Go left from the point where you spoke to Londie. Go all the way in that
direction. Open the door and enter. This is Level A. Go to the end of the short
tunnel, and take the elevator there down two levels to C. Go all the way to the
end of C, and you'll find what's left of the door to your uncle's claim.
forced their way in here. Push the doors open and enter.

There's a housing unit straight ahead. Go on in. The place has been ransacked.
There's a shirt lying on the bed. Take it. You'll notice something strange. It's
been torn and stained, but the destruction appears careful and deliberate. You
may notice something else strange if you compare it to the Proof of Claim. The
map of your uncle's claim looks surprisingly like the shirt. Underneath the
is a body lamp with a broken bulb, and no spares in sight. On the floor behind
you is an air cartridge. Pop it into the air gun. Now you have a working air
So what?

Outside you'll find a deposit of crystal. Help yourself if you have something to
dig it out with; it's legally yours. On the wall opposite is the rough painting
of a sunflower above a dark crevice. Sunflowers. If you looked at the
or your uncle's will, you'll know sunflowers are significant as a good hiding
place. It might pay to see what's in that dark crevice. Too bad the bulb's
on that lamp.

There's another tunnel here that leads to a ledge with a ladder attached to it.
If you climb down the ladder, you'll find another nice patch of crystal, but
don't go any farther into this lower level of your uncle's claim. There are some
nasty creatures on this moon, and if you go any farther you'll meet one. You'll
need to be better armed before you do. Head back up the ladder. You'll pick it
automatically once you reach the top.

There are deposits of crystals and ore through the lower levels of the mines and
in natural caverns you'll discover. I won't attempt to locate every one.

20. There's a number of things still to check out up on the administration
and since you're now a fugitive, you won't be able to take the elevators. Time
try out the Rivers of Light. Near the elevator on Level A is one entrance to a
River of Light. Go into it. You'll find yourself up on Level Two near the blast
site. So that's where Londie went after talking to you! But if you try to stroll
around the walkway, you'll find a guard ready to laser you and ask questions
later. You'll need a sneakier route. Opposite the River of Light are some ladder
rungs. Climb them.

You're now on a level with the huge light grid that hangs above the main shaft.
support cable is right over your head. Do you have anything in inventory strong
enough to support your weight? (Try the shirt if you want, but I wouldn't
recommend it). Toss the magbelt over the cable, and get a good grip with one
hand. I hope you've been pumping up. Turn to face the pipes behind you, and with
your other hand get the air gun. Shoot it at the pipes. On this low gravity
that's all you need to be propelled backwards to the grid. There are a number of
other cables. The one you want is to your left. You can see it passes the other
elevators and hooks into the rock wall there. Use the same method to propel you
along that cable. You'll arrive on a tiny maintenance platform. Turning around,
you'll find an oxygen vent with a circular hole in it. Remember the empty key
rack that said MAGNETIC VENT KEYS? That larger magnet you have left over from
laser saw looks like it's about the right size. Try it. It fits, and the grate
swings open!

21. Climb into the vent, and down the ladder. Now crawl to the first
intersection. Turn left. Crawl to a vent and open it with the magnet. Step out
into ...

22. ... Janous's office! Careless man, he's left his ID on his desk. Pocket it.
It will give you access to free phone calls on all pay vidphones. Open the file
drawer, and take a look at the files inside. Janous is really suspicious of
Grice, isn't he? And there's a interesting report on the fate of some miners
killed deep in the mines. Grice suspects that particular tunnel might lead to
some Cepheids not under the corporation's control. Before you leave, check out
the cabinet on the other side of the curtain. Ratmat fluid? Yum, perfect for
headache pain, it says. Don't drink it, just take it with you. Climb back into
the vents.

23. Go back to the intersection and turn left. Check the map in your VDA if you
get turned around! Go to the next intersection. It's a ways. Remember to double-
click for some really fast crawling. Turn left again, go a ways, then right.
Eventually, you'll come to another grate. Open it with the magnet. You're in
Grice's office now!

24. Security Offices. In Grice's office, check out the note and memo in his desk
drawer. The note will explain why the information you got from the memo on
Eliot's desk is useless, and the memo suggests a good use for Roar Two. You'll
also see a couple of guards carting off a dead Cepheid on one of the security
monitors. Life, particularly Cepheid life, is cheap on Luna Crysta. You'll need
password to access the security computer.

Go out to the main office. Look through the books on O'Kale's desk for a
code that hasn't been changed. 1117 will get you past Janous's front door. Also
check out the wanted posters on the back desk. A particularly nasty-looking
specimen has an interesting note scrawled across it. MIRU? Password? For the
security computer? Check it out.

Once you're into the security computer, you'll notice some of the more prominent
citizens on the moon have a higher than average security clearance, and each
provides full handprints. Handprints ... Several locks are handprint readers,
keypads. One of those is the customs tube. Wouldn't it be nice to get in there
and get a look at that Roar Two recipe? First, find the record of the customs
official, Toni Rich. Scan her handprint. Next, soften the pair of syn-skin
with the smelter. Finally, etch the prints on to the glove with the scanner.
Looks like the surly customs official has given you a hand.

On the second pair of syn-skin gloves, etch Janous' prints. Combined with his
they'll allow you to get anything still left at General Outfitters for free.
you turn away from the computer, your eye will catch a tragi-comedy event on one
of the security monitors: the two guards you saw playing blackjack haul away yet
another dead Cepheid.

Back out in the main office, check the key rack near the water cooler. Darn, no
key for the bathroom, but take the one for the cell. Open the cabinet near
Grice's door, and take the key hanging there. Lock? Dissolve? What kind of key

Use the cell key to open the cell door. Inside, attached to the wall, are a set
of binders, the 21st century equivalent of handcuffs. You can't take them, but
try that strange key on them. Wow! If you ever need to dispose of binders, it'll
come in very handy.

25. Next stop: Customs. Just exit the front door of security. You've done enough
crawling around for awhile. In the terminal stop and use the fusion sprayer
(better) or the cup to scoop up that dust you left behind. Make sure you're
wearing the syn-skin gloves with Toni's prints on them, and activate the
handprint pad on the door to customs. At the desk pull the computer around so
can see it. Another hand from Toni, and you're in. Only one digital confiscation
listed. Select it. Click on MASK to see what the computer saw, then EXTRACT to
get an easier-to-read translation of the recipe that you can scan to save.
got two of the ingredients already: the synth-lumber dust and Ratmat fluid. Now
to find the ore and crystal.

26. Retrace your steps through the most convenient vent (you can use Janous's
door now since you've seen the code). Travel the light grid cables, and return
Level A via the River of Light. From the A tunnel, cross the Center Pit, passing
the main door. Be careful whenever you cross the Center Pit now that you're a
fugitive. There are various guards patrolling; O'Kale is around. You may catch
him boasting to another guard on his walkie-talkie that he's programmed all the
mining drones to consider you a chunk of high-grade ore. So you'd better keep an
eye out for unfriendly drones. You may also catch glimpses of the mysterious
shadow-like creatures who chased your uncle at the beginning of the game. They
seem to be searching. For you?

In the corner, behind some boxes, you can see another door. Shift one of the
boxes. On the floor is a small piece of crystal someone has dropped. Take it. If
you have the Rock Cop, you'll learn you've found some founeme, one of the
ingredients in Roar Two. Cross the Center Pit again to the Terrace Tunnel

On your way, check out a scoop that contains one-half of a very useful tool
called a rock fillet. Remember its description from General Outfitters? You'll
able to use a functioning rock fillet to dig small chunks of ore or crystal to
send to Hunter, or to use for other things ...

27. Descend in the Terrace Tunnel elevator. Explore to your right when you
emerge. The second half of the rock fillet! Combine them in inventory to create
working tool. Go through the Terrace Tunnel door. You'll come to a gate with no
obvious means of opening it. If you check your maps, it should become clear that
beyond this gate is the chamber you saw the Cepheid's working in from the hole
the Test Tunnel wall. Ignore the gate for now. Pivot to your right to discover
another River of Light entrance. Take this River of Light up to the OPC.

28. In the OPC, turn left and follow the aisle toward the front. On your left is
a chunk of mineral. Take it. If you have the Rock Cop, it will identify it as
veniris, the last of the ingredients in Roar Two.

The rock crusher is just around the corner from the veniris ore. Put either the
veniris ore or the founeme crystal inside and press the CRUSH button. A little
door in the machine will open. Put the sprayer there, and press EXTRACT. The
crushed mineral will drop into the sprayer. Follow the same procedure for the
second. Then in inventory pour the synth-lumber dust (from the cup) and the
Ratmat fluid into the sprayer. Congratulations, you're now ready to spray Roar
Two on any Rock Parasite you run into.

29. Next, return to the Mining Claims elevator, and go to Level B. The first
claim on your right belongs to Gilly Ansidine. Ring her doorbell. You'll get a
lot of information from her. Just ask. That wall of green aquatite that you can
see at the back of her claim looks valuable; ask her about it. Oh, worthless,
huh? Sure looks pretty, though. She'll also warn you about rogue miners, outlaws
wearing long coats and fancy hats, who roam the mines robbing other miners.
Luckily, she has a couple of spare body lamp bulbs she'll lend you! Uh oh! That
sparkling light! The itacha has worn off!

If you continue farther along the Level B tunnel, you'll encounter a crystal
wolf, one of the more dangerous creatures on Luna Crysta. Remember the
glass in the casino bar? Whip out that sonic tuner, and try it on the wolf! The
tuner's sound is lethal to the crystal creature. Explore a little farther, but
you'll find the tunnel blocked by a river of molten lava. If I were you, I
wouldn't go wading.

30. Fix that body lamp and wear it. It'll come in handy in a couple of places,
but first, head back to your uncle's claim and check out that crevice beneath
sunflower. More itacha! Chomp that down. Doesn't taste any better, does it?
There's something else in there: a datapac chip. Take it. You'll see the last
message your uncle left for you. It will explain a lot, including the fact that
he was really your father and Corinne isn't your sister after all. Also, it's
clear he died to protect a secret about Luna Crysta. You now have two main
missions: find out what happened to Kit, and find out the secret behind your
father's death.

31. Head for the entrance to the old tunnel you found behind the crates (where
you picked up the founeme). Open the door (Aban Tunnel), and enter. Pitch dark.
Possibly you're still wearing the body lamp, in which case you can look around.
If not, put it back on. Notice the word FREE painted on the wall. Gilly can tell
you a story about that, if you go back and ask her. Continue down this obviously
abandoned tunnel. Pop! The bulb went out! Lucky Gilly gave you two. Replace the
bulb, and continue to the elevator at the end of the tunnel. It's broken. But
look at the name on the panel: SITO. Same name as on that key you picked up so
long ago! Unlock the panel with the key. Obviously a number of wires are
A good time to use that wire you had left over from repairing the laser saw. But
you still need more. Use the wirecutter to clip the metal chain from the
seal, and try it. It fits! Now you have a working elevator.

(You could have snipped the wires from the other SITO elevator (the Terrace
Tunnel elevator) and used those here, but you'd then need to repair that one.
Either set of wires will work in either elevator.) Ride the elevator down.

32. Natural caverns. The first sight the meets your eyes is wrecked equipment
blood-spattered walls. This must be where those miners died that Grice mentioned
in his report (also mentioned in Gilly's story). Search the mostly useless
equipment. A storage compartment opens to reveal a pair of boots. If you've read
their description in General Outfitters, you know they're cold boots. Perfect
wading in lava.

Continue on along the passage. Another crystal wolf. Sonically tune him to
Farther along you'll find Londie waiting in a small cavern. You're right on the
edge of Cepheid territory now. That's why the miners were killed. Tell Londie
about the report on oxygen you read. He wants you to tell his mother, Aurlaessa,
queen of the Cepheids. If only you could sabotage the oxygen generators and save
Londie's drugged and enslaved people. Londie tells you a generator was being
built in this cavern before the miners were killed. Some tools might have been
left behind. After he goes, explore. You'll find a special wrench that looks
right. Time to throw that wrench into Brave Hope's plans.

33. Check the scan of the report. It shows you where all the generators are
located and indicates a design flaw that can be exploited, if the generators are
sabotaged in the correct order. Start with the generator up on Level Two. One
turn of the wrench will do it. Next, tackle the generators in the Center Pit,
Level D. You can use the elevator, or the conveniently located River of Light in
the Center Pit. On Level D, look at the elevator. To one side is a monosoa
crystal. Grab that. Try the Rock Cop on it. Power focusing, huh? Could be
dangerous ...

Next, head back to the Test Tunnel. Sabotage the final generator there. As you
pass the hole, you'll see the effects of your sabotage is almost instantaneous.
One of the Cepheids stops working and is shot by the guard. But another Cepheid
blasts the guard with his laser drill! You've just started a revolution!

34. Head back to the Terrace Tunnel. The Cepheids have vanished. Even the
body is gone. Pick up the goggles left behind by Cepheid who shot the guard. As
you start to go, you hear a shout. O'Kale is up in the Test Tunnel hole. He
spotted you! Time to get out of there.

35. Back in the Level B tunnel, put on those cold boots and cross the lava. Your
toes didn't even get warm. Follow the tunnel as it opens into a large natural
cavern. You'll find yourself at the top of a ledge, looking down on a
housing unit. Take Jacob's ladder, and find a suitable rock to hang it on.

36. Climb down the ladder. The housing unit door is locked, but through a crack
in the back wall you spy Kit, hands and feet tied with binders and watched over
by somebody in a long coat and fancy hat. He lovingly sharpens a wicked-looking
knife. But as you watch, he steps into the light. Rogue miner?! It's O'Kale! Guy
sure gets around. Explore the cavern, and you'll find a shaft leading up. This
shaft is filled with aquatite. Hanging on a nearby gate is a tool that looks
a huge can opener. Hey, you know the old saying: any tool in a game. Take it.
one thing it works just as well for gouging small chunks of ore and crystal from
the walls as the rock fillet. And the housing unit even looks like a can, and
that crack in it ... But don't mess around while O'Kale is present. If you do,
don't say I didn't warn you.

37. Climb back up the ladder. It automatically goes back into inventory. As
you're making your way back along Level B, you'll get a page on your VDA from
Hunter. Better find a vidphone. The closest one is up in the center pit.

38. Call Hunter. Tell him about finding Kit. But now is also a good time to put
few clues together. They all seem to point to Gilly being in on Kit's kidnaping!
Hunter will try to reach the cavern where Kit is being held via Gilly's claim.
You'll go back the way you did the first time.

39. But when you arrive back in the rogue's cave, you see O'Kale sticking a time
bomb on the door to the housing unit! No time to wait for Hunter! After O'Kale
walks off, go down the ladder, yank that can opener from inventory, and widen
crack in the housing unit enough to slip through. Inside, use the strange key to
dissolve the binders. Wake Kit up, tell her to climb the ladder as fast as she
can. After she goes, look around. Only thing not broken in here is that chair.
Take it. Who knows, maybe you'll want to sit down after this is all over.

Head back through the opening. The can opener will be collected again
automatically. But before you can reach the ladder, O'Kale appears, knife ready.
Okay, so maybe you won't have time to sit down. Whack him with the chair. He
falls back into the housing unit. Things start to move fast now. You make it
up the ladder. Kit is there ahead of you. You watch as O'Kale dives out of the
housing unit and the building explodes. O'Kale thinks he's safe, but he's not. A
stalactite takes care of O'Kale. And here comes Hunter. Better late than never.

When Hunter and Kit are reunited, it becomes apparent they were made for each
other. If Kit didn't confess to you in the casino, her gratitude for you saving
her life will compel her to confess now that Grice allowed her to come back,
told her to let you cheat at blackjack. She doesn't know why. Hunter and Kit
realize Luna Crysta may not be the safest place for them anymore, and set off to
leave the moon.

40. Go back to the abandoned tunnel, and enter the River of Light entrance near
where you saw Londie.

41. You come out at the top of a cliff high above an immense underground cavern,
but the itacha has worn off again. How will you get back? Head on down the long
and winding road to the floor of the cavern. It's a maze of canyons, so check
your map often. Eventually you'll come to a Cepheid shrine. There's a piece of
itacha there. Eat it. As you leave the canyon where you got the itacha, make a
hard right, and follow that passage to a River of Light. Enter it.

42. You find yourself in a chamber filled with crystal. There's a stone door at
the far end. As you approach, Aurlaessa appears. Talk to her, show her the rover
image of your father's death. He obviously meant a lot to her. Londie will join
you, and you have much to talk about. But before Aurlaessa will help you or
believe you about the oxygen, you'll have to pass a test. Bring her the spike
from the tail of an "omian," the creature the miners call a scorpicine. You'll
find scorpicines in the vast cavern you crossed to get here. The Cepheids call
the Plain of Sand.

43. Back in the Plain of Sand, you don't have to go searching far for a
scorpicine. One finds you. Run to your left and up some stairs carved from the
rock. On this higher level you can maneuver, and the scorpicine can't reach you.
You can try toppling a rock on it with your bare hands, but the rock is too
heavy. But a lot of stalactites have fallen from the ceiling. Find a good-sized
one, and use it to lever the rock down the cliff onto the scorpicine. But it
barely harms the creature. Enraged, it scrambles up the cliff after you!

Suddenly Londie is there, a crystal knife in hand. The boy leaps fearlessly on
the back of the scorpicine and stabs at it. But the scorpicine's tail hits
Londie. One final stab delivers a mortal blow to the creature. But Londie falls,
also dying. Before he dies, he whispers "Noansae Sha ... kiashae ... you must
kiashae ..." There's nothing you can do for him. Take the spike from the
creature's tail.

44. In Aurlaessa's crystal chamber, tell her what happened. She'll reveal that
kiashae, while it won't bring Londie back to life, will give him a new life. In
return for the spike, she tells you Jacob's last words to her were about his old
torn shirt. She and her people go off with the body of her son. Something has
fallen from Londie's pocket: a package wrapped in scorpicine skin and bound with
that creature's tough cartilage. Cut the cartilage. Inside is a strange-looking
device. On the skin is a last message from your father, written to Londie.

You've already noticed the skin resembles the map to the lower level of Jacob's
claim, remember?

45. Head for your father's claim (you can use a River of Light on the floor of
the Plain of Sand to skip the long climb up).

Climb down the ladder in Jacob's claim. Almost immediately you'll be confronted
by a rock parasite. Spray it, and watch it dissolve! There's lots of crystal
for the taking, but this is no time for worrying about getting rich. Just as
Jacob hinted in his last message, the passage indicated by the right sleeve of
the torn shirt promises more revelations. There's a River of Light at the end.
But there's something very odd about this passage. No matter how far you walk
down it, you never get any closer to the River of Light.

Notice the socket on the wall? Try the strange device in it, and turn the device
on. The barrier that prevented you moving down the passage has been neutralized.
Enter the River of Light.

46. Of all the wonders you've seen on Luna Crysta, none is more spectacular than
this chamber filled with crystal. And in its center a huge cluster of kiashae,
the crystal your father died to protect. Cut one crystal free with either the
rock fillet or the can opener. How do you get the living essence inside the
crystal? Only one tool on this moon even has a chance: the laser saw.

47. Make your way via Rivers of Light, the light grid, oxygen vents, and the
terminal elevator back to the terminal where your adventures began. Lucky you
picked up those goggles. The saw won't cut something as hard as this kiashae
unless you're protected. If you're not wearing them, put them on now. Cut the
kiashae. It worked! Even if it destroyed the saw in the process. Now, get back
Aurlaessa's chamber.

48. Londie lies in a crystal coffin in Aurlaessa's chamber. Hold the kiashae
crystal over him so that the few precious drops of liquid touch his lips, then
step back and witness his resurrection. Londie reveals that he, too, is a son of
Jacob. You've lost a sister and a father, but you've found a brother.

He wants to get itacha to the Cepheids working in the mines. The moon is going
be destroyed, and the Cepheids must gather in the kiashae chamber to escape ...
He's too weak, but you accept the mission. He reveals another truth about the
moon. It is a living entity; its vital organs are the very crystals and ore
mined. Too much has been mined, and the moon is now dying. Londie asks you to
the itacha to the other Cepheids as soon as you can, then to return to the
kiashae chamber to say goodbye.

49. Sounds like a good plan, but where are the other Cepheids now that the
revolution has begun? There's a bigger problem. As you return to the Center Pit,
you hear an announcement that the Test Tunnel generator has been repaired! Hurry
there. Yikes! One of the mining drones O'Kale programmed to get you! Even in
death he's after you! Remember what the rock cop said about the monosoa crystal?
Give that drone a blast of his own medicine. Now, disable that O2 generator
again. Luckily, whoever repaired it left the Fail Safe Sensor hatch open. Cut
wire you see there with the wirecutter, or they'll be alerted the generator is
out of commission again and repair the generator again.

50. As you leave the Test Tunnel, you are confronted by the Cepheid miners.
mess with them. They're not the docile creatures they once were. Give their
leader the itacha. Gratefully, they hurry off.

51. Nothing more to do now than return to the kiashae chamber to say goodbye to
Londie and Aurlaessa. But as you head for the River of Light in the lower level
of your father's claim, Gilly appears. She soon realizes you think she's in
league with Grice. But you're not quite right. Before your eyes she morphs into
Grice, and the Cepheid who was with your father when he died. He was responsible
for your father's death, and he also killed Whistler. Grice is an ageless
creature who has been hunting for centuries for the power of life kiashae
He demands you lead him to the kiashae chamber.

52. But Grice has no itacha to protect him. In the River of Light on the way to
the kiashae chamber, he is buffeted by the energy, and disappears down some

53. In the kiashae chamber, watch as the Cepheids begin their exodus, becoming
beings of pure energy who vanish into some new, unknown realm. But as Aurlaessa
starts to transform, she's shocked to see Londie staying behind. She can do
nothing and is gone. Londie then tells you his final secret. He is not only a
Cepheid and your half-brother. Noansae Sha, the spirit of the moon, is also his
father, and he'll join his father in a new form after the moon ceases to exist.
He gives you a kiashae crystal to remember him by, and then he is transformed
into the grandest kiashae crystal of all.

Now all you want to do is get off the moon before it explodes, but Grice steps
into your path. Burned, injured, but still dangerous, he demands the kiashae
crystal Londie gave you. Give it to him or not. Your choice. Either way he'll
decide it's time for you to die. Londie's force will protect you from Grice's
laser gun, but no one else can protect you from the creature he now morphs into:
his true self. Throw the kiashae at him, and watch him die! Now it is time to
off the moon!

54. Make your way as fast as you can to the shuttle. Brave Hope's CEO is also
hurrying to escape. Kit's also running for her life. But where's Hunter? He'll
arrive just in time. The shuttle's almost ready to take off! As you stand inside
the closed door of the shuttle, Janous shows up. Open the door for him, or not.
You can decide whether he lives or dies.

55. The shuttle barely escapes the exploding moon. All that remains is to look
over a few news accounts. Other humans may think it is a disaster. But you know
the truth. Somewhere out there Aurlaessa and her people have found a new life.
And somewhere else Londie has been reunited with his real father. Maybe some day
you'll see them all again. Who knows?

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