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Читы для Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

Чит-файл для Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

Dark Sun:
Shattered Lands

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Издатель:Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:RPG / Top-down

Даты выхода игры

вышла в октябре 1993 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
1-4  Change Leader to Char #
5    Break Party Into Formation
6    Collapse Party Into Leader
F1   Save  (not during combat)
F2   Load
F3   Exit
F4   Music On/Off
Esc  Exit
O    Overhead Map
I    Inventory
H    Center View On Leader
E    See Current Spell Effects
C    Cast Spell/Use Psionic
U    Cast Spell/Use Psionic

G    Guard
     (stand there until there's somebody to hit next to you)
W    Wait  (hold's your action until the end of the turn)

In main view -
Primary   :  Do Whatever the icon shows
Secondary :  Cycle through Move/Attack/Look/Item
Note: if the icon has a red line through it,
      you can't do it then.

Overhead map view -
Primary   :  View centered on that area
The blue dot is you.  Orange dots are other guys.
One tip is that whenever you enter a screen for the first
time, look at the map, then look wherever there are orange
dots.  You can usually figure out the places to avoid, and
where the good loot is, since you can see everything.
Look for chests and bags.
Note: if the mouse cursor shows that you can do something,
but clicking does nothing, then it means that you probably
need to talk to someone or do something else before you can
get that stuff.  However, just looking around can get you
tons of stuff.  Check whenever there is a skeleton, corpse,
wardrobe, or even hole in the ground or wall.

Primary   -  Select Item (it becomes cursor)
Secondary -  Look at Item

When the cursor is an item (you've picked it up), you can
drop it into another character's backpack by secondary
clicking on his picture on the left.  Also, identical
arrows can be combined by clicking on each other.
I recommend getting all the arrows you can - no weight to
worry about and when you get cool bows you can do tons of

Click on Info Button - Tells you who can use it - by name
Secondary on spell effect (if there is an icon) - gives you a
description of the spell/power)
Primary on spell effect - use item
Note:if an item says "unknown" for an effect, then try
equipping or using it.  if it is a scroll, then it probably
just has a message.  Also, to learn a spell from a scroll,
just use the spell while looking at it.  It will say "XXX
Learned the spell".

Clicking on an effect will cancel it.  If it's a spell, then
you'll have to cast it again.  If it's from an item, then
simply re-equipping the item will bring it back.

If you're in combat, then only the character whose portrait
is surrounded by a yellow box can cast, during peace time
anyone can.  When something effects a character, a gold
star will flash over his portrait.
Notes on psionics: when the cursor is over a power, it's
name and two numbers are listed at the bottom.  The first
is the power check number needed (out of 20) to use the
power.  The second is the number of psionic strength points
needed to use the power.  This charge is one time and it'll
last until you rest (i think).

Primary Click will cast a spell/psionic.  Some can only be
used on the caster, while others can be used on anyone.
If it can be used on anyone, then the cursor will change
into an icon of the spell.  Click on a character portrait
to cast it on them, and click on the little sun icon in
the bottom right to cast it on someone/somewhere else in
Note - if it's an area effect spell it will give you a
circle/rectangle of dots showing the area of effect.
For a wall spell, you will have to anchor one end before
it will show an area of effect.  Also, a white box will
surround everybody who will be effected by the spell.
Use this to make sure that you're getting all of the bad
guys and none of yours with the fireballs .

Secondary Click will bring up a info box on the power.

Clicking on the Mage/Priest/Psionic will toggle between
the options available for that character.  Level/Type Of
Power will cycle through available levels for spells,
or through a discipline for psionics -

If you use a power and it says "Power check failed",
then you lose half of the psionic points that were needed
to run the power, the second #.  You can learn new powers
and increase power check #'s by going up levels.  When you
go up a level, there will be a list of available powers,
a toggle for the discipline, and an exit button.
The number between the buttons will tell you how many
powers you can learn at that level.  It will be either
1 or 2.  When you move over an icon, it will either say
"learn XXX" or "Increase XXX to XX."  Increase will improve
the power #, while learn gets you the new skill.
Another way to learn a power is to get a psionic bracelet.
These look like giant rings without gemstones, can only be
used by a psionicist, and are used the same way as scrolls.
You can only have one psionic power running at a time.
If you try to use another one, the previous one is canceled,
and you'll have to re-start is and spend points again.
If you don't have anything better to use, do Mind Blank,
which costs nothing to use, and will protect you from some
mental attacks from other psionicists.

Note: the clerical "turn undead" power will do 1000 points
of damage to any enemy undead (zombie, shadow, anything
that looks really evil).


Note: You rest by looking at the little fire pits (look like circle
of stones.)  These are scattered all over the place.  Also, you
regain hit points and psionic points slowly over time.  The only
way to regain spells is through rest, though.

When creating characters (gender doesn't matter), make a Half-Giant
gladiator, an elven Thief/Psionicist, a human cleric, and a human
preserver.  For the cleris's sphere, fire is good for combat, water for
healing, etc.  Remember to max out your guys stats and Hit points as big
as they'll go.  This is necessary to survive in combat.  Click on the
little grey boxes by each stat.

You start out as slaves in the gladiator pits.  I reccomend
fighting several matches in the pits each time.  Set the
difficultly to Easy (in game options, click on the sun in the
top corner of the screen.  Leave it on easy for the whole
game (all this does it make the enemies have less hit
points).  Remember to pick up the $$ when it's thrown into the
pits.  You don't have to wait until the end of a combat to
get $$, just click on it with to "look" icon.  The same goes
for looting bodies - get the stuff as you kill them.  This
makes it a lot easier to keep track of whose stuff you've
already gotten.  Anyway, keep fighting so that you get up
several levels.  Don't worry about casting spells or using
powers too much - just go up and beat the crap out of
anybody.  Equip anybody who can take it with 2 weapons, plus
missile weapons as you find them.  When you go back to the
slave pits, first rest, then kill the two gangs.  They have
some partially useful stuff, at least until you escape.  Talk
to the chick laying on the straw mat, and make sure you ask
her about escaping (she'll get a headache).
Talk to trustee - the guy walking around the pens - and tell him
you want to see the guy in the lower rooms (the chef).  Get
the pot from one of the rooms and now go to the arena and
fight.  When you go back to the pens, go to the southern door,
the trustee will open it for you.  Go to the east (right)
room, and use the empty water pot on the water trough to fill
it.  Smash (attack) the grain pots in that room, too, and get
the gem (you won't really need it, but it's worth $$).
Another fun thing to do in the pens is to go into the rooms
that are just left and then down from the door - a zombie will
come out.  Just use turn undead (your cleric) on him, then
search the north wall for a button to open the secret door.
Loot these rooms, too.  When you're ready to escape, go back
to the south rooms (the chef's rooms), then go through the
west doors, to the fountain room.  Kill the guard here (he
won't be able to sound an alarm - too much noise from the
water).  Now keep walking west to the leader's room.  Bargain
with him, but when he is walking past you to lead you out,
kill him (he was going to betray you anyway).  Remember to
loot his room.

IMPORTANT TIP: Get all the bags and chests you
can.  Each takes up only one space, but holds six spaces
each.  You should be full of them by the time you are through
the sewers.  Since it can get complicated when you try to sort
through them, i reccomend having them sorted by type - fruit
in one, gems in another, etc.

Continue to fight you way through the place, killing and
looting as you go.  Remeber to search through the wardrobes
several times each, and get all the grain from the storage
room in the west center wall.  Eventually work your way to the
northwest corner and use your biggest guy to rip open the
grate.  Now you're in the sewers.

Bully your way through the rat-men who want money.  Walk north
and talk to the leader there.  Trade your grain for $$ (the
armor is too much trouble to haul around, and not worth much
more).  Now kill all the rat men here (lower warrens).  To
open the grates, turn the wheels near them.  A few open by
just looking at them, a few need to be forced, and for the broken
ones you need a bone crank (you can get it from the temple).
Now go to the grate with the other ratmen on the other side.  Tell
him you want to see the leader, then agree to rescue the
leader's daughter.
To rescue the guy's daughter, go the the temple, break
through the grate, kill the rat men, open the next grate, kill
the leader (remember to loot), then get the bone crank (looks
like a leg bone, on the north wall), and open the broken door
in the north.  Loot the room, then untie the girl.  Take the
girl to the leader, then agree to defend skull temple (it's in
the high warrens, on the other side of a grate with a broken
wheel).  After this fight you'll get the helm of
contemplation (useful magic item).  Now go to the skull temple
(the thing that you just saved) and talk to the skulls.  After
a little pestering, they'll give you a bunch of stuff.  Now
look in the little hole in the north wall of this room and get
the staff and stuff in there.  If you have a thief, go to the
northwest corner of the sewers (there's a river of sludge in
there, you'll know that you're going in the right direction
when you cross it.  Walk at the base of the cliff with you
thief as leader.  Climb up the cliff (if you don't have a
thief, you'll never make it.  forget it).  Kill the guys and
look at all the skeletons and in the holes in the wall.  There
should be a magic axe somewhere in this area.  If you don't
have a thief, don't worry about it.  Instead walk along the
northern path along the river, looking in all the holes.
Toward the east end, one of them should have a lever in it.
Pull the lever (watch for traps)(it'll open a secret
passage).  Now go to the northeast corner of the sewers and
use the Staff of Passage (the one from the hole in the skull
temple).  Go in here.

Dagolar's Lair.
Not really complicated.  Just follow that guy who agrees to
help, and kill everything else.  Some cool loot here,
including a +3 dagger and some other stuff.  Plus having
killed Dagolar will be useful when you're talking to other
guys later in the game.

The sewers (again).
This time go through that secret passage.  This puts you in
the slave fields.

Slave Fields.
Walk east till you get to the part of the bone wall that's
sticking out some.  Kill the guards and then break through the
wall.  Now escape by walking east.  You are now in the broken wagon
area.  If you fought through the guards at the main gate then you're at
the dead messenger area.

The wilderness.
Here's a map of the entire wilderness.  From an area there
will sometime be exits to one or more of the compass
directions.  None of them have more than one working exit in
each direction.

A straight line is when you can travel from place to place by simply
walking off the edge of the map.  It will then ask you if you want to
leave the area.  A diagonal line is when you need to find a special
entrance, such as a cave opening, grate, etc.  These are not always
located at the edge of the map, so you'll just have to look around.
Also, the sea of silt is located off the north edge of the map.

                  Captured     Giants
                  Gladiators   Statue
                    ж          Mage
                    ж            ж
                    ж            ж
                  Gedron       Slaver       Elven
                  Village      SSaurans     Caravan
                  Obelisk      Ruins        Obelisk
                    ж            ж            ж
                    ж            ж            ж
                  Hot          Bulette      Elven
                  Springs------Combat ------Slavers
                    ж                         ж
                    ж                         ж
                    ж                         ж
                  Guarded      Tequiki      Oasis
 Wyvern           Oasis        Village      Butterfly
 Castle             ж          Obelisk      Wings               Wyrm
    \               ж            ж     wastes ж                 Castle
     \              ж            ж    /       ж                 /
      Cerdrite    Painted      Dead  /      Red Sands    SSauran
      Village ----Dragon   ----Messenger----Mesa     ----Tribe
      Obelisk     Dust Devil     ж          Obelisk
                                 ж            ж
                                 ж            ж
        N                      Slave        Broken
        ж                      Fields-------Wagon
      W-+-E                   /
        ж                    /
        S                 Sewers
                         /      \
                        /        \
                     Slave      Dagolar's
                     Pens       Lair

A description of the areas, and what to do at each:

Broken Wagon:
Go talk to the guys at the wagon in the center.  Then go kill the Magera
(from now on i'll just call them giants) that are guarding the
prisoners.  There are two groups.  Now go talk to the guy again.  Not
much else to do here, so go north.

Red Sands/Mesa:
This area is the 2nd most important one, aside from your home base
village.  There is a sage wandering around on ground level.  Tell him
that you're from the veiled alliance and he'll give you a wand of metal
detection and a gem for an obelisk.  He'll also stay here and identify
any magic items that you get later on.
There's a guy at the lower part of the mesa.  You can go on missions for
him.  The first is to take Pith extract to a guy in Tequiki.  Another is
to get Fire eel tongues, sand howler eyes, and butterfly wings.
Butterfly wings are at the Oasis with butterfly wings.  Attack a
butterfly, then tell the guy that you're sorry, and he'll give you some
more.  Then plant a seed pod (laying on the ground nearby) and he'll
give you more wings (should have about 13).  Sand howler eyes are from
killing a sand howler.  If you leave and return enough, a few howlers
will wander onto this map, on the lower level.  He'll also send you to
get a terror bloom later on.  This is at Cerdrite Village (read about it
there).  You can get money as well as magic items from the guy for
completing missions.  Also on this level is an animal trainer who will
trade his beast (it looks like a giant scorpian) for a bag of salt from
the Painted Sands area.  Although nifty, this isn't really that cool
since the monster will run away if you try to leave the screen.

Note on obelisks:  The large gems with a circle inscribed on them
(almost take up the whole item box)
are for the center of the large stone obelisks.  Some are laying on
their sides (like the mesa) while others are standing up (Tequiki
Village).  If you put a gem in an obelisk , you can teleport there using
Llod's rod (you get it from the leader in Tequiki).

SSauran Tribe:
These guys will trick you into attacking a bunch of shadows, then attack
you themselves.  The castle is the soure of the elven caravan's
problems, but it's pretty tough in there, and i reccomend avoiding the
whole area.

Dead Messenger:
A dead messenger is by the south exit, as well as a place to rest in the
southwest corner.  There is a wandering SSauran here (lizard guy).
After talking to the SSauran chasing the dust devil at the Painted
Dragon, come here and tell the guy about the tribe.

Not a whole lot here, but at the very end of the game
there's a huge battle here.

Tequiki Village:
Your home base, there's an Obelisk, a bowyer, weaponmaker, and an
armorer.  Also, talk to the leaders and then go about and start the
alliance against Draj.  When you come back after getting more allies,
you'll get rewards.  Lots of people to talk to here.  Also, when you
take the Pith here, a guy will make an extract and ask you to take it to
Gedron Village.  You might as well agree, since you're going there

Oasis/Butterfly Wings:
See the mesa area.

Painted Dragon/Dust Devil:
There's a treasure in the eye of the dragon, just use a shovel to get
it.  Chat with the SSauran, then talk to the guy following the pattern
in the northwestern corner about enlightenment.  Follow the path (walk
behind him step by step) until you get the experience points.  It will
give you little messages along the way so you know that you're doing it
right.  Now the guy will sell you psionic bracelets (they cost 9000, but
they are a good way to get a new power).  There's also a guy walking
around the salt flat gathering salt.  Buy a bag from him for 1800 (talk
him down), then trade it for the Mystaurail on the mesa screen.

Guarded Oasis:
There's a bunch of guards and a templar here.  Use your psionicist as
leader for this conversation, and bluff your way through the guards,
then talk to the leader.  Tell him that you have a message from Draj,
from Dagolar, that he is supposed to search the desert.  Show him your
orders, then dominate his mind (it will ask if you want to do it).  It
should work (have you saved your game recently?).  Then when he gathers
his men all into a column, cast a fireball or a wall of fire on them,
and clear the oasis completely.  You get like 4000 experience for this.

Hot Springs:
Here's a crazy templar who's digging for copper.  Just kill him and all
his guards, thus freeing the slaves.  No problem.  Chat for a while
before killing him if you're so inclined.
Bulette Combat:
Look for the orange dots on the overhead map, then look for the lumps in
the sand.  Not a really hard combat.

Elven Slavers:
Tell the guards that you want to see the leader, then when you walk past
the first wall, follow it south and west until you find the leader.
Don't follow the guard, he'll lead you right into the slave pens.
Convince the elven leader to ally with you.  Now you have to kill the
templars and their guards.  The leader will give you a magic weapon, but
you're better off just selling it for the $$, since it's 2 handed and
it's better to use 2 weapons for the extra attacks.

Elven Caravan:
Some cool stuff here.  Kel in the west wagon will sell you some
interesting items, including an obelisk gem (there's an obelisk in this
map, too).  Talk to the chick at the visitor's center in the NE corner.
The wine dealer will try to poison you.  Accuse him of it, then take the
matter before the caravan master, and you'll get some $$.

Gedron Village:
Here, give the pith extract to the chick in the house with all the beds
and sick guys in them.  Then talk to the mayor (big central house).
Wyrmias will tell you to go get parts of a statue.  Agree.  One part
is possesed by the Slaver Ssaurans, while the other is held by the druid
on the Giants/Statue map.  First free the village's guards from the
slavers on the Captured Gladiators map, then get the statue pieces.
Look at the other parts to tell you how.  When you get back, take the
pieces to Wyrmias, then put them on the statue, kill Wyrmias, then kill
the statue.  Then lead the gladiators back from the pens.

Slaver SSaurans:
Just kill the Ssaurans and take the statue piece.  It's the easiest and
fastest way.

Giants with Statue:
Just kill the giants.  Then search the tents for a grappling hook.  Use
the hook on  bridge, then go the the edge of the sea of silt.  Walk out
and save the chick, and kill the little tentacle things that pop up.

Cedrite Village:
When you first get here, you need to kill the wyvrens and bandits.  Then
talk to the dwarf mapmaker and the leader until the dwarf takes you to
the cave entrance.  First get the terror bloom (for the mesa).  Get a
horn from the floor of one of the rooms in town, and go to the tree in
the northwest corner.  Blow the horn and kill the rampager in the shade
of the tree (he has to be real close).  A terror bloom should appear.
If not, load a game and try again.  Anyway, go through the cave entrance
to the caves.

First talk to one of the guys in the lower center of the caves.  Agree
to clear out the dark spiders in the above levels.  Then go talk to the
outcast on the west edge of the lower tunnels.  He'll help you to get to
the upper levels.  To use the rope, drop it at the edge of the cliff,
then use it as it's lying on the ground (this is the only way to get up
without a thief).  Go up the west cliff, and go into the first room to
the west (there will be a big seal on the ground - don't walk over it).
Break through the brick wall, and kill the guys that appear.  Now loot
the treasure room, and equip the necklaces (give your leader the golden
necklace instead of the other ones).  Now go talk to the queen spider,
and agree to clear out the fungus gardens for her.  Go to the end of the
gardens (east edge of the map, it's got a hole in the floor) and drop
the golden pendant down the hole.  Now go back, but talk to prince
Click-Thunk, and the queen will attack you when she says she's going to
get your reward.  This battle is tricky, since you have to kill all the
dark mages and the queen without Click-Thunk getting killed.  Also,
dark mages won't be revealed until they attack.  The two spiders right
by the queen are mages, so fireball them first.  I reccomend casting all
kinds of protection spells on Click Thunk before the battle (like aid,
barkskin, stoneskin, prayer, etc.) to make sure he survives.  And make
sure that you don't accidently attack any regular dark spiders or you'll
wind up fighting everyone.  After you've negoitated the treaty between
the rebel mindhome and the spiders, go to the outcast and get your
reward, and then go to the castle entrance in the northeast corner.

The bottom level is pretty strait forward.  Go around killing everyone,
looting the rooms, and eventually work your way to the northeastern
corner (the stairs going up.) Don't go to the Southeastern corner (yet).
Also avoid the dark maze (don't cross the sign's glowing in the floor).
Now go upstairs, go to the east end and kill Tara (she'll just
disappear).  Now go to the Northwest corner, kill the earth elemental
(which frees the druid) and talk to him.  He'll give you the wind potion
and the key to the leader's room.  First kill Tara (she'll have reformed
by now.) and use the wind potion to get rid of her for good.  Now go
kill the leader.  The key to the treasure room is under his bed.  Go
back and talk to the druid.  By now you should have the serpend boots.
Go back downstairs and kill the vrock's in the southeast corner (they're
tough, immune to weapons and spells.  you need to use psionics, or i
cast fire shield on my mage, had everyone else back up, and they killed
themselves by talking damage from hitting my mage.)  Go through the
illusionary wall, and get the stuff in those rooms.  The sword here,
El's Drinker, is the best in the game.  Not only is it +2 metal, but it
drains hit points from the enemy and gives them to you!  Anyway, after
completely looting the place you can leave.  By now if you've been
everywhere that you're supposed to, you can return to Tequiki and
they'll say that the army is marching toward you, and the battle will
begin as soon as you leave the gates.

Tequiki (again):
By now you should have allies from the Elven Slavers, Cedrite, and
Gedron.  After getting the stuff in your house (there will be new stuff
as a reward for getting all those allies) and resting, go through the
south gates.  There will be a sandstorm that uncovers a temple.  Go in

The Temple:
Talk to the purlorn at the gate.  Agree to get the genie for him.  Now
go into the temple and follow the trail of blood to the throne room and
talk to the shadow king.  Now go to Llod's quarters.  Now go to the
crypt in the top-center of the map, and talk to the shadow.  Agree to
get his body in trade for the genie.  Go get the fake body (don't worry)
on the western end of the temple.  When it dissolves, walk across the
green square to teleport to the east rooms.  Now walk north and get the
real body (you'll have to kill the purlorns).  Now that you have the
body, walk across the other teleporter, and go back to the crypt.  Put
the body on the middle platform, and get the genie.  Don't worry about
getting the city restored, ask to be healed (wish #1).  Save your game
and prepare for combat by casting lots of prepatory spells.  Now use the
genie again and ask for help in defeating the evil army (with #2).
He'll teleport you to the surface for the final battle with the enemy

Final Combat:
There are two rounds here.  The first has about 10 defilers and
psioncists (make sure that you kill them first, since they'll cast
spells and waste you).  Also you'll get some help from the leaders of
the allies you've gotten.  After you win the first combat, save you game
and use the genie again.  Have him heal you (wish #3).  Now re-cast some
of those prepatory spells, and get ready for the toughest fight.  The
elite guards are tough, and you need to hit the enemy casters first.
Cast a bunch of wall of fire spells, the computer won't see them and go
charging through them, taking damage each time.  If your caster is hit,
remember that you can still use wands, even though you can't cast until
next round.  Anyway, give all the best protection gear and stuff to your
gladiator.  He also needs to have El's drinker.  Have him go charging
off into the enemy, going after spellcasters and the leader.  The only
thing that will keep him alive is the healing from the sword as you kill

Kill them all and you've won the game.  The saved games that you'll need
End - at the start of the temple
East Rooms - undamaged, just after teleporting to the east rooms where
             the hero's body is held
Commander - just before the 2nd battle, to win the game.

Congrats.  l8r

Finished typing this bitch up at 3:41am.


                               Treasure Guide

     The following is a list of magical items found in Dark Sun...


Name                        Attribute                   Location

Drake Leather Chest Armor   Resis Cold, +1 to AC        Upper Castle
Drake Shield                Resist Fire, +1 to AC       Hot Springs
El's Shield                 +2 to AC                    Red Sands Plateau
Grey Scale Arm/Leg Armor    Scale, +2 to AC             Captured Gladiators
Helm                        +1 to AC                    Subterranian Temple
Helm of Might               +1 to Strength              Teaquetzl Village
Helm of Contemplation       Gaze Reflection             Sewers
Shimmer Leather Chest Armor Free Action, +3 to AC       Silt Sea Summoning
Silk Chest Armor            Padded, +2 to AC            Undermountain
Tanelyv's Armor             Chain, +2 to AC             Wyrm Temple


Name                        Attribute                   Location

Bracelet                    Animal Affinity             Cedrilte Village
Bracelet                    Ego Whip                    Nazca Lines
Bracelet                    Energy Containment          Lava Rift
Bracelet                    Graft Weapon                Elven Caravan
Bracelet                    Intellect Fortress          Nazca Lines
Bracelet                    Life Draining               Gedron Village
Bracelet                    Mind Bar                    Silt Sea Ssurran
Bracelet                    Psionic Blast               Nazca Lines
Bracelet                    Share Strength              Teaquetzl Village
Bracelet                    Synaptic Static             Nazca Lines


Name                            Attribute

Apple                           Ironskin
Banana                          +3 to Strength
Blue Pear                       Cure Disease
Corn                            Barkskin
Green Grapes                    Bless
Guava                           Poison
Lemon                           Psionic Restore
Lime                            Dispell Magic
Orange                          Aid
Orange Grapes                   Neutralize Poison
Orange Pear                     Cure Light Wounds
Purple Grapes                   Cure Blindness or Deafness
Red Pear                        Cure Serious Wounds
Star Fruit                      Invisibility to Undead
White Grapes                    Prayer


Name                      Attribute                      Location

El's Ring                 +3 to Dextarity                Ssurran Ruins
Ring of Insight           +2 to Wisdom                   Wyrm Temple
Ring of Steadfestness     +3 to Constitution             White Sands
Storm Ring                Ice Storm (50 Charges)         Subterranean Temple
Wind Ring                 Protection from Normal Missils Upper Castle


Name                    Spell                           Location
Scroll                  Armor                           Fields
Scroll                  Color Spray                     Sewers
Scroll                  Dispell Magic                   Gedron Village
Scroll                  Enlarge                         Sewers
Scroll                  Fire Shield                     Messenger Route
Scroll                  Flame Arrow                     Nazca Lines
Scroll                  Hold Monster                    Undermountain
Scroll                  Hold Undead                     Subterranean Temple
Scroll                  Minor Globe of Invulnerability  Silt Sea Summoning
Scroll                  Minute Meteors                  Undermountain
Scroll                  Mirror Image                    Dagolar's Tunnels
Scroll                  Monster Summoning ][            Wyrm School
Scroll                  Monster Summoning ]I[           Wyrm Temple
Scroll                  Rainbow Pattern                 Silt Sea Summoning
Scroll                  Spirit Armor                    Cedrilte Village
Scroll                  Stone Skin                      Sand Oasis
Scroll                  Summon Shadow                   Subterranean Temple
Scroll                  Turn Pebble into Boulder        Teaquetzl Village
Scroll                  Wall of Fog                     Slave Pens
Scroll                  Web                             Elven Caravan

Swords and Daggers:

Name                    Attribute                       Location

Dagolar's Dagger        +1 to Charisma/+3 to Hit/Damage Dagolar's Tunnels
Dark Flame              Burning Hands, +2               Upper Castle
Draketooth              +3 to Stregth/+1 to Hit/Damage  Wyrm School
El's Drinker            Vampiric Touch, +2              Gedron Village
Hornblade               +1                              Wagon Train
Swiftbite               +2                              Teaquetzl Village
Terror Dagger           Poison, +2                      Wyrm School


Name                    Attribute                       Location

Arrows                  +1                              Slave Pens
Arrows                  +2                              Teaquetzl Village
Arrows                  +3                              Slave Pens
Arrows                  +3                              Teaquetzl Village
Arrows                  +3                              Upper Castle
Axe                     Steel, +1                       Cedrilte Village
Axe                     Steel                           Teaquetzl Village
Balkazar's Staff        Slow, +1                        Wyrm School
Black Mace              Chill Touch, +1                 Palace Ruins
Bow                     +2                              Upper Castle
Cahulaks                Cause Light Wounds, +1          Elven Caravan
Chatchka                Produce Fire, +1                Wyrm School
Great Axe               +3                              Palace Ruins
Gythka                  +1                              Elven Slavers
Gythka                  +3                              Nazca Lines
Mace                    +2                              Subterranean Temple
Phrain's Bow            Melf's Acid Arrow               Teaquetzl Village
Pole Arm                +1                              Elven Caravan
Sling                   +2                              Cedrilte Village
Staff                   +2                              Sand Oasis

Miscellaneous Items

Name                    Attribute                       Location

Belt of Might           Strength Increases to 24        Wyrm School
Chameleon Gloves        Cause Blindness                 Sewers
Dagolar's Wand          Control Body (75 Charges)       Dagolar's Tunnel
Derth's Wand            Lightning Bolt (65 Charges)     Red Sands Plateau
Iron Necklace           Fireball (12 Charges)           Lava Rift
Light of Dawn           Dismissal                       Wyrm School
Living Cloak            Inertial Barrier                Dagolar's Tunnel
Obsidian Necklace       Disintegrate (7 Charges)        Salt Oasis
Quicksilver Gloves      Detonate                        Palace Ruins
Serpent Boots           Displacement                    Upper Castle
Silver Necklace         Biofeedback                     Lower Castle
Wand of Metal Detection Detects the Presence of Metal   Hot Springs
Wand of Missiles        Magic Missiles (50 Charges)     Dagolar's Tunnel
Wildwynd Wand           Confusion (70 Charges)          Undermountain

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