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Читы для Déjà Vu 2: Lost in Las Vegas

Чит-файл для Déjà Vu 2: Lost in Las Vegas

Déjà Vu 2:
Lost in Las Vegas

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Альтернативное название:Ace Harding: Lost in Las Vegas
Разработчик:ICOM Simulations
Издатель:Mindscape Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Похожие игры:Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1990 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
     DEJA VU II: Lost in Las Vegas is a sequel to ICOM Simulations' DEJA VU: A
Nightmare  Comes  True!, and uses the same windowing system. Because DVII is a
sequel,  playing DVI first is helpful (e.g., it's nice to know some areas that
you  will  be exploring, in this case, "Joe's Bar" and its vicinity). But it's
not an absolute necessity.

     Moves  are  made  by  choosing  from  a  set  selection  of  options  and
pointing/clicking on the option. Some of the commands serve multiple purposes.
For  example  OPEN not only serves to open items, but also means search (as in
OPEN  BODY).  When  you open an object , a new screen window appears and shows
the  contents.  Objects  are moved by pointing and dragging from one window to
another.  Your inventory is always an open window, while your current location
is  another.  I  played  on  an  Apple  IIgs,  and  the game used the built-in
windowing  abilities.  On  other  systems,  this  support  is simulated by the
program  itself  and  may  work  slightly  differently.  Read  your manual and
experiment  (as  the  manual directs) to see how your implementation works. In
movement  directions  in  th  is walkthu, I will identify the correct exits by
reference  to  the  exit  boxes in the EXITS window (which shows all currently
visible exits).

     You  are  a private detective (and former boxer) in the early 1940s. In a
prior  case  (the  one  in DVI), you were framed for the murder of Joey Siegel
(underworld  type). It turns out that Tony Malone (his boss) is blaming you fo
the  disappearance  of  some  Mob  money that Joe was responsible for, and has
kidnapped you and given you a limited amount of time to find/return it. He has
assigned one of his men (Stogie Martin) to keep you under surveillance.

Bathroom, Hotel Room, Casino (1st Floor)

     First,  drag  the trench coat and pants into your inventory. OPERATE each
on  the  YOURSELF  icon  in  the  upper  right of your screen. This causes the
program  to  cause  you to "wear" them (see -- a multiple meaning command with
almost  the  first  move of the game) . Now click on the trench coat twice (or
click  on  OPEN  and  the trench coat -- there are alternate ways to issue the
same  command)  to  see what is there. Looks like a pack of cigarettes. If you
OPEN  it,  you  will  find  that you are all out. There will be no way to find
another pack, and periodically you will get the urge to light up, but you know
that  smoking  is  bad  for  your  health [the preceding is an (anachronistic)
Public  Service  announcement from the Surgeon General]. Close the trench coat
window  to  kee  p the screen clear and (more important) to speed up the game,
since it takes time to maintain and scan all the open windows.

     Go  through  the  same  OPEN procedure with the pants. You will find your
house key and your wallet. OPENing the wallet reveals two newspaper clippings,
$12 in bills, and a quarter. If you want, you can explore this room, but there
will  be  nothing  that  will  be needed to finish the game. Open the door and
exit. Looks like you have a visitor. It's Stogie Martin, with a warning and an
ultimatum.  He then leaves (but leaves behind something on the floor). Examine
it,  and  you will discover it is a cigar band. Dra g it to your inventory. On
the  dresser is a folded object that turns out to be a train schedule. Opening
and reading it informs you that the cost of a one-way ticket to Chicago (where
you  must  go  to investigate) is $20. Add the schedule to your inventory . If
you  want,  you  can  examine/open  the  ashtray (on the dresser), the dresser
itself,  the  night  stand, and the wastepaper basket. None will produce items
that  will be needed to finish the game, but some (such as the Bible moving to
your  inventory  or bein g read) produce interesting (and non-fatal) responses
from  the  game.  Exit  the  room  to the left and enter the Casino though the
casino door.

     You  are  now in the Lobby. Look at that picture and remember its subject
and  description.  Exit  left to the cashier. Since chips are $5, buy two with
your $10 bill. Move left to the first 21 table. That dealer looks familiar, so
check  out  his  name  tag. Yes , it's Rudy your old sparring partner (you did
read those clippings, didn't you?). Note: It is possible at times for the game
to  place  Rudy at a different table, so keep heading left until you find him.
OPERATE  the clipping on him (i.e., show it to him) to get a smile and a wink.
Bet your $10 and draw cards until you have 16-21, then stand. Save before each
round  in  case  you overdraw. Rudy will draw and either bust or get less than
you.  Move  one  chip  on  the  table to show that you are betting the full am
ount  in  the  next  round. After you win three times, you will draw some heat
from the pit boss, and Rudy will take a break to be replaced by a blond-haired
dealer.  Take your $80 and cash it in your chips. Return to the Lobby and exit

Train Stations, Cab
     Now, go right to the Las Vegas Train Station. Enter it and you will be in
the Waiting Room. Gates are numbered clockwise (from the left) 6-9, and in the
lower right is the Baggage Office. Examine the Lower Board in the Baggage Area
to  get the Departure G ate for Chicago. If it is not listed, examine it again
and  it should then be there. Go to that gate. If the train is not there, exit
down  and  reenter;  otherwise enter the train on the right or left. Trying to
cross  the  track  to the upper exit when no tra in is in the station will get
you  run  over  as  the train enters the platform. You will be confronted by a
conductor  asking  for  the  $20  fare to Chicago, so drag a $20 bill onto his
hand.  Waste  some  time  (until the train pulls out) by examining the window,
seats,  etc.  The game will go on automatic until you get to Chicago, so click
on CONTINUE when needed.

     You  are now on the Arrival Platform in Chicago. Exit down to the Chicago
Waiting  Room.  Since you have been away, you should catch up on what has been
happening. Buy a paper from that blind newsdealer. Warning: His seeing-eye dog
moonlights  as  a member of the K9 section of the Chicago Police, so first pay
the  newsdealer  (use either your quarter or a $1 bill). Take a paper, read it
(looks  like  there  is  a  gang  war  on  or something), and store it in your
inventory. Exit down and enter the cab.

     The  driver  is  an  ex-client  and friend. As noted by the game, he will
drive  you  anywhere  in  Chicago for free. His name is Gabby (so, as is usual
with  na  describing an ex-basketball star as "Shorty," a fat man as "Skinny,"
and  a  hirsute  fellow  as  "Baldy," the cab driver is deaf). Thus, the SPEAK
option will do you no good. What will you do now? If you give up, why not just
try  SHOWing  him  something with an address? The first place you should go is
home, so show him your driver's license (OPERATE LICENSE o n DRIVER). Exit the
cab from the left (the right door is smashed shut).

Home, Joe's Bar, Sugar's Home

     Enter  the building and use your house key on the upper (i.e., far) door,
th  enter.  Looks  like someone has been ransacking your house (and this cigar
band on the floor says who). OPEN the suit on the wall an get your gun and the
money.  On  the  floor is a d rawer, so OPEN it and then the box. Now OPEN the
gun  and  drag  the  six bullets from the box's window to the gun's window and
close the gun. You are now armed; this is not required, since there will be no
use  for  the  gun, but why not look the part of a PI? Drag the flashlight and
knife  into  your inventory (and if you want, the two keys). Exit. If you took
the brass key and want to see your mail, OPERATE it on the right-hand mailbox.
Read  your  mail  (nothing there is going to be useful). Exit and reenter th e

     Use  the  other  newspaper clipping to go to Joe's. Once there, enter the
alley  and  climb the fire escape. EXAMINE the boards and you will notice that
one  is  loose.  OPERATE it and you will create an opening that you can enter.
Enter  the  opening  and OPEN the wall phone. Get that odd-shaped key. Go back
out  the  window  and  down  the  fire  escape.  Go  further into the alley by
selecting  the  bottom  box  in  the  EXITS  window.  While there are items to
investigate  here  (such  as  the trashcans and that carton), they will not be
required.  EXAMINE  that  door. The game says the lock should be easy to pick.
OPEN the knife and try to pick the lock with it. It works! Enter the door.

     It  is  pitch dark. Looks like your flashlight is going to come in handy,
so  turn it on. Enter the bar via the door and go into the cellar via the door
to  your left. On your left is a wine rack. On the right side of the wine rack
is a bottle in its own com partment. Examination reveals that there is no dust
o  it, so OPERATE it to open the secret door. Enter and go through the door on
the  left.  Use  that  odd-shaped  key  from  the  phone  in the office on the
right-hand  slot machine. Open it and examine the conte nts. Looks like a list
of  payoffs  and a card from an ex-girlfriend. Take them and return to the cab
(turn off the flashlight when you get to the alley; you may need it again).

     Show  Gabby the card to get to Sugar's Home. Exit and try the door in the
basement  (that bum is a red herring and there is no way to get past him). Her
door is locked, so try out your lockpicking skills again to get the door open.
You  can  investigate  the room, but the important location is that dresser on
the  left.  Open  it to reveal a police uniform. Remove (but keep) your pants,
and  put  on  the  uniform.  Now for a very important step. Scroll the dresser
window  to  see the right side. On the bottom row is a vacuum cleaner. Open it
and  try  to  open the bag inside. It will not open, so use your knife for its
real  purpose  by  cutting  the  bag  open. Inside is an envelope. Examine the
envelope and then open it. Read the letter to find out some vital information.
C  lose  the  envelope and move it to your inventory (with the letter inside).
Examine that newspaper to find out that someone important to Sugar has died.

Morgue, Train Stations, Casino (3rd Floor), Laundry

     Return  to  the  cab  and,  using  the  newspaper you bought at the Train
Station,  go  to  the  Morgue. Enter it, open the gate, and go through the far
door.  Open  drawer 5 and examine the body. It is the bag man from that letter
at  Sugar's. Read and take his toe t ag. Exit and speak to the clerk. Tell him
"Bondwell" to get the property that was on the body. Open the box to find some
keys  and a wallet. Open the wallet and there will be a driver's license and a
claim check. Take the wallet and its contents, especial ly the claim check (it
may be good at the Baggage Claim area at the Las Vegas Station). Close the box
and  return  it to the clerk. Return to the cab and, using the train schedule,
go to the Train Station.

     If  you  want, you can first use Bondwell's driver's license to check out
his home, but there will be nothing of use there. Read the lower board to find
the  correct platform, and go there (they are numbered from 2-5 clockwise). Go
through  the  same  routine as you did in Las Vegas. Go to the Baggage Office.
Give  the claim check to the clerk and get a bag. Open the bag and explore the
clothing.  You  will find a picture and an envelope. The picture is of Joe and
someone else outside Reliant Laundry. The letter is addressed to Tom Malone at
the  Casino.  Opening  it  up  reveals  what  is  going on and where the money
"disappeared" to. Take the picture and the envelope (with the letter included)
and put them in your inventory. Close the suitcase and just leave it ther e.

     Return  to  the  Casino and enter the Hotel Section (to the right). Press
for  the  elevator and enter it. Examine the elevator panel. There seems to be
space  for  a 5th button, but none exists (remember this). Press for the third
floor.  Exit  the  elevator  when it reaches the third floor. Look: There is a
laundry hamper from Reliant Laundry. Let's play Trojan Hamper by hiding in it.
Open it up and climb in. Waste some time by examining the laundry. After a few
moves,  the  hamper will be closed and transported t o the Laundry. Looks like
the Trojan Hamper was a success!

     Oops!  I  spoke  too soon. You have been discovered, searched (some items
have  been  removed  from  your possession), and tied up. From the comments of
those  two  goons,  your  life  expectancy  is not too hot. You must get free.
Examine  the  crate to your left. It looks useful, so OPERATE the ropes on the
crate.  You just got free, but you are not safe yet. Go up the stairs (to your
right),  open  the  door  (on  the left) to make it look like you got free and
escaped,  and  return to the cellar via the door at the end of the hall (top).
Pull  the  Trojan Hamper routine again and wait for the goons to discover your
escape.  This  time it worked. They found the open door, and after finding you
gone (they do not look in the hamper), they assume you left.

     Now  return upstairs, open the gate in the counter, and enter the Office.
Look  at  the tape on the floor (and remember it for later). Open the desk and
get  the contents. There is a box with something inside it and a key. Take the
key  and  open the box. It's a magnet; take it. Exit the office and go out the
open door.

Casino (5th Floor), Secret Office, Endgame

     Head  right until you get to the Casino. Enter and go right and enter the
elevator  again.  This  time,  place the magnet on the top of the panel (where
there  should be a 5th floor button). It worked! Take back the magnet and exit
at 5. Look at the picture on the wall (a Godfather...looks like you are in Mob
territory,  so  watch out). Enter the left door (the right door is for later).
Open  the desk, and get the contents. Try OPENing that desk ornament. It comes
apart! One of the two pieces is a disguised dart ; take it. Exit and return to
the Laundry.

     Use  the  key  from  the  Laundry  office  on the gate on the left of the
building.  Enter  and  go  to the office. Remember that tape on the floor? Try
throwing the dart at the dart board and you will find a secret door. Enter the
Secret  Office  and  look in the des k. You will find (and should recover) the
picture  and  the  letter that were taken from you by the goons. Also take the
real  books.  Now  to implement that idea from the picture in the Casino Lobby
(to get the two to shoot each other).

     Leave a cigar band in the drawer before you, and close it to make it look
like  Stogie (i.e., Malone's Man) removed the items. This will put Malone (and
Stogie)  on  the  spot. Leave (taking the dart back) and close the Secret Door
(not needed, but be neat a nd make it look good). Return to the 5th Floor.

     Now  go  the right Office and open the drawer. Put the following items in
it:  picture  of  Joe  and DV, the real books from the Secret Office, the fake
books from DV's Office, Joe's diary, the letter from Bondwell, the letter from
Sugar's  vacuum  cleaner  (with  envelope),  and the Bondwell toe tag from the
Morgue. Close the drawer. There is some overkill on these items, but I do know
that  some  (for  example,  the Sugar letter) are required. You have now given
enough  evidence  of  what  is happening to tip off Malone and prove it to him
(try  _not_ leaving that Sugar letter and see what I mean...save first!). Now,
your final task is to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Head straight for
the  Train  Station and catch a Chicago-bound (or anywhere else if there is no
Chicago  at  the  station)  train. Once you are on the train and it has pulled
out,  lean  back and watch the fireworks. Turn on your printer and save a copy
of the canceled contract as remembrance.

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