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1997 .

Solution [ENG]

(Previously entitled "Granny" and afterwards "Armed & Delirious")
Len Green. ---- 19 September 1997.      

 With grateful appreciation to Eyal Kaduri who made the excellent original
version upon which this was (almost completely) based ; to Tom Feiner for
advice & help; and to other members of "Makh-shevet" for their assistance.


"Dementia" is a unique Quest/Adventure Game from several points of view
and well worth the effort of playing through to its conclusion. It is
almost completely open-ended and there are six Main-Worlds to explore
(almost all containing many Sub-Worlds). "Dementia", as its name infers,
is pretty wacky, and hence somewhat difficult for all us sane (??) gamers
to follow ! Anybody who manages to do so absolutely 100% without ANY
walkthru, cheat-sheet, hints, or help from anybody REALLY deserves a prize
--- maybe the Distributors will send you one......ha ha !?!?!?!? But some
lesser mortals may want just a little (or maybe quite a lot of)
assistance. To that end there are TWO walkthrus :-

For experienced Quest players who only need a small amount of help here
and there, there is the "Bare-Bones Walkthru". This walkthru tells you the
BEST order in which to proceed without having to revisit Worlds and
Sub-Worlds any more than essential (and saves quite a bit of time since
they are spread over the five CD-Roms, which have to be changed

It also tells you all the inventory items you must collect at each site
(and there are several dozen altogether). However, it does NOT tell you
how or exactly where to get them or (in any way) how or where to use them,
so it doesnt completely rob you of the satisfaction of doing your own
thing ! If, at a particular site, you are still stuck (and there are
several pretty tricky places like this), and you havent got the time or
patience to solve the problem yourself, you can always go to the identical
numbered section of the "Full Walkthru" which tells you in clear detail
exactly what to do.

If, however, you do not wish to play the game completely without any
assistance, nor even waste time with the "Bare-Bones Walkthru", there is
the "Full Walkthru" which is a VERY greatly amplified version and which
tells you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO DO (and more !! --- and in extremely
great detail).

IMPORTANT NOTE :- You can of course visit all the Worlds and Sub-Worlds in
ANY order you choose. You can always move ahead, but generally only up to
a certain limited point, since you are probably missing an essential item
you need from somewhere else. So you often have to do quite a lot of
superfluous going backwards and forwards (you have to do quite a lot of
this anyhow, even using either walkthru !).

However, if you stick exclusively to either walkthru, you will definitely
be able to finish the game, and via the most efficient path : But, you
will miss quite a large number of comic antics and a lot of amusing
dialogue --- these frequently are of a partially random nature and hence
do not necessarily repeat themselves identically each time, but often vary
according to your previous actions (and those of Granny !). So feel free
to go your own way !

Its worth mentioning that even these two walkthrus are not the VERY
minimum you need to do in order to finish the game. At many of the sites
it is hinted that whilst you (Granny !) are there, you may as well want to
do something which turns out to be not actually essential to continue the
game and finish it, [ e.g. :- at (097) "Observe Grannys reading habits
and note......" !! ]. Even though such actions are redundant to the
final outcome of the game, youll miss some fun if you dont perform them
whilst youve been forced to go to the trouble of actually getting to
these places (and youll only shorten your wanderings by a very few
percent !!). Incidentally, you can usually guess when such superfluous
suggestions occur since they are generally incorporated into a section
where there is something you HAVE TO DO in order to continue (and every
single action you MUST do does have its own individual numbered section).


As written in the booklets and walkthrus of most Quests ; pick up every
item you can that is not actually nailed-down --- youll need it all
(almost) later on. In BOTH walkthrus, all the inventory items you obtain
are highlighted in bold-blue and underlined. In the "Full Walkthru" only,
the ones you use are in regular blue and dotted-underlined. (You are NEVER
told which items to use or where in the "Bare-Bones Walkthru".) In this
game, Granny stores all her inventory items in her bra !@#%$*&&?. So from
here onwards, your inventory is referred to as your BRAVENTORY !!

As in all Quest/Adventure games save VERY FREQUENTLY ! You never get
killed in this game (thank goodness !!), but you can VERY easily get
lost. Unlike many games, "Dementia" is fully adapted to Windows 95, and
so there is absolutely NO limit to the number of Saves you can make. If,
as some do, you favour longish descriptions of your Saves :- no problem
--- they can be almost unlimited in length (there are some restrictions
imposed by Windows 95, e.g., no front or back slashes, and no colons or
asterisks, etc. --- but they are very few and very easily spotted and
avoided !). There are a few places where the timing is fairly critical and
you may have to repeat a few times before getting it right --- before
these special situations arise, you're recommended (in green) to S A V E !
There are also a (very) few places where the actions are somewhat complex
or unclear, and going back involves the bother of changing back to
previous CD-Roms ; and hence it may be advisable to save -- these places
are marked (in green) s a v e !

In "Dementia" there is a gimmick practically unknown in any other
Quest/Adventure. You very frequently have to drag an object in a special
direction or to a certain place. The "Bare-Bones Walkthru" does not tell
you what to drag, how, or where ; but since you might overlook this
action, every site in which you do have to drag something is marked in
BOTH walkthrus with a red asterisk, {e.g. drag*}, and also the
instruction section number is highlighted in bold red { e.g. (007) }.

The tape recorder gives you some demented hints at many of the sites you
visit. You can rewind, fast-forward, play and stop, as desired. In some
screens you are informed that the tape recorder is not functioning
("intentionally" --- those programmers !!!) for one reason or another :-
obviously you get no info from the tape recorder in those screens !

Whenever you right-click on a braventory item, you obtain a large mobile
illustration of the item and a (usually zany) written description of it
&/or its use. These descriptions often contain (obscure) hints as to
where/how you will have to use the item in the future !

Usually it is very clear, both visually and audibly, whenever you obtain a
new braventory item. Occasionally, however, you can pick up something
without being aware of it ; so to avoid repeating actions and wasting
time, check Grannys braventory from time to time. The opposite can also
happen (albeit rarely) and you imagine that you have obtained an item
whereas in reality you havent. This can be very annoying, since, at a
later stage when you actually need the braventory item you may have to
return to another World and Sub-World and often have to change CDs twice
in the process. Bottom line :- WHENEVER you have got (or hope to have got)
a new braventory item, it is well worth the extra few seconds to check to
make certain --- and also to view it in close-up !

When you get the map, you can travel to the different Worlds and
Sub-Worlds. In order to save time later, here are some general notes and
the appellations used (it is well worth while drawing your own simple
rough circular diagram for easy reference --- you will need it during the
whole of the game, and the couple of minutes it takes to draw will save
you very much more time later in the game !).
On the map, the Worlds are situated on a circular track and Granny always
travels in an anti-clockwise direction. In the following description, the
numbers inside the curly parentheses {} refer to the serial numbers of
the CD-Roms concerned (not really necessary !). Grannys villa is pretty
obviously situated in the middle of the left hand circumference of this
circle. Travelling anti-clockwise from the villa, the other 5 Worlds are
marked in violet thus :- A, B, C, D, & E. The villa itself {1}, A {2}, & B
{1}, dont contain any Sub-Worlds. The last 3 only, contain Sub-Worlds as
follows :-

           C consists of :-
C1 {4} which is the right-hand square trapdoor (closed and with a
C2 {3} which is the large double swing-doored (orange coloured) vent
C3 {5} At the extreme right end of the platform (right-hand bottom corner
of the screen).

           D consists of :-
D1 {2} which is the black-hole (just below the centre of your monitor
D2 {2} which is the satellite (at the top, near the left side of your
monitor screen).

           E consists of :-
E1 {5} which is the rock (to which is attached a balloon), on the upper
left of the platform.
E2 {4} which is the tree, in the middle of the upper surface of the
E3 {3) which is the wheel to the right of the upper surface of the
E4 {3} which is the sphere to the right of the lower surface of the

There is always at least one exit icon from every frame (screen) to get
back to a previous frame, a Sub-World, a Main-World, or to return to
the Map itself !

If you do not wish to use the "Bare-Bones Walkthru" of DEMENTIA :-


(001) After the introduction, the game proper starts with Granny in the
kitchen of her villa. Click twice on the pink thing on top of the cupboard
--- Granny cant reach it !
(002) Click on the chair on the right, dont let go of the button, and
move the drag cursor* to the far left of the screen (wherever in the game
you find a drag icon, you have to decide where to drag that specific
item ) --- she moves the chair towards the cupboard.
(003) Now click again on the pink thing on top of the cupboard --- you get
a snorkel.
(004) Now click on the bottom left of the screen ( youll see an exit icon
); you are now in the hallway.
(005) Click on the stairs at the bottom middle of the screen; you are now
in the attic.
(006) Click on the green bottle on the table --- you get a bottle of
(007) Now drag* the pole (middle-rear of the screen) to the right. A
trapdoor opens in the ceiling and a bucket falls on Grannys head.
(008) Click on the bucket --- your cursor will change to a bucket icon
(whenever this happens in the game, it means that this particular item is
used on something/someone in that SAME screen). Use the bucket icon on the
running worm until you catch the worm --- you get color worms in a bucket.
(009) Now exit the attic (lower left edge of screen); you are now in the
bathroom. The mad cow (no...NOT Granny !) is helping herself to Grannys
treasured sun tan lotion. She seems a bit short sighted, but able to avoid
the hole in the floor !
(010) Whilst the cow is otherwise occupied, drag* the trash can near to
the carpet.
(011) Click on this cloning carpet, and click the carpet icon over the
hole in the floor. The cow continues to luxuriate in her bath.
(012) Now click on the trash cans lid. Mrs. Cow tries to get to the
bathroom cabinet again, but WOW, Granny gets her sun tan lotion !!
(013) Now go back to the hallway. Click on the left exit at the bottom
left hand corner of the screen (at the side of the stairs); you are now in
the dining room. Click on the various objects there.
(014) Click on the remote control on the desk and then click on the coffin
in the left bottom corner --- you get a flying casket.
(015) Also click on the drawer on the floor underneath the table --- you
a porno magazine (which somebody will doubtless be keen to read
sometime/somewhere !).
(016) Click on the exit under the stairs (left side of the screen, near
the bottom); you are now in the bedroom. Click a few times on the portrait
& hear something of the bio of Grannys first husband !
(017) Drag* the portrait upwards.
(018) Click on the jar of pills behind it. Granny cant open the jar !
(019) Use the jar icon on the huge footprint on the floor and leave the
elephant to do the rest --- you get Grannys essential anti-dizziness
(020) Now click on the trash basket in the bottom left corner of the
screen. Click again, and you get a new exit icon.
(021) The abovementioned exit brings you to Georges secret room. Have a
nosey around :- look at the photograph, the left hand closet door marked
X, the square gadget on the rear wall to the right of the two doors, etc.
(022) In particular, click the weird looking device at the bottom right
hand corner of the screen (cut out scene !). The telephone is a pain in
the neck, but it wont hurt to answer it a few times !
(023) Click on the second drawer up, near the left of the screen and
notice that the bottom middle drawer opens !
(024) Take Georges tape recorder --- THIS ITEM IS IMPORTANT, since
Georges recordings will give you clues (albeit obscure clues !) later on
about many, although not all, of the screens youre in. Now click on the
trapdoor in the floor and return to the bedroom, the dining room and
finally the hallway.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder from time to time in the (many) different
places you visit and listen to Georges "diary". If you havent done so
already, view all items in your braventory (mouse:- right click) & read
the written captions below them - they may contain wacky hints ?
(025) Click on the safe on the right, and Granny will indulge in some
petty larceny. However, theres nothing for her to get except
a plunger (with a bell).
(026) Drag* it to Granny. Now go the exit door to the left of the main
front door; you are now in the washroom.
(027) In here, investigate the different objects, e.g. the taps, the
vessels on the shelf above them, the tool box, the items on the shelves on
the rear wall. In particular, click on the very end of the rails (cut out
scene !) and the
rail-sleepers in the middle of the bottom of the screen. Click on Grannys
unique washing machine vehicle --- what a toy !! Click on the brown vase
on the top shelf --- and see what happens !
(028) Click on the white object that was in the vase (a bit tricky this
one, sometimes !) --- you get an electric button.
(029) Now click on the whitish object clipped to the top of the drawer ---
you get two braventory items this time; a coat hanger and a scarf.
(030) Now click again on the rail-sleepers in the middle of the bottom of
the screen. Grannys braventory is now heavy enough to keep the rails
levered up ! ( if the rails dont remain up, check that you have all of
the following items :-
a snorkel ; color worms in a bucket ; a bottle of brandy ; sun tan lotion
a flying casket ; a coat hanger ; and a scarf ).
(031) Now click on the washing-driving machine.
(032) F u l l T h r o t t l e ......................... Drag* the
incredible flying machine to the door on the right. You now get cut out
scenes of Agent Rabbit, one of his henchmen, astronaut-Granny in orbit,
finishing with a map of the Worlds with Granny in her washing-flying
machine at the villa. .......... and so :- "into the great beyond" !!
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).

(033) See the end of the Preface.

(034) Granny goes to B, but due to age and dizziness, quickly falls off
--- but somehow she acquires a chit in the process !
(035) Return to B. The inhabitants appear to be a man and a pig. If you
talk (click) on them both, the former seems to be only interested in
bartering items, and obsessed by food and particularly corn flakes ! Some
objects that you will find in the future have to be swapped by the guy in
the van, for different
objects ! For now, just click on the elastic band on the left --- you get
rubber band. Try to catch that obnoxious chicken ?!?!
(036) Now click on the twirling object on the right (above one of the
clouds ) --- you get a half a compass.
(037) Now click on the left tire of the van and get a dream maker capsule.
Now use the exit icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

D & D1.
(038) Granny goes to D and then direct to D1. A giant toilet !! There is a
dark brown spherical boulder on the lower centre area of the screen. Try
picking it up. OK --- need a different way ! --- drag* it to the right.
(039) Click on the very large needle in the rubbish barrel on the left and
position it on the rim of the toilet --- a path ! (for the ants ??).
(040) Now click on the shovel to the right of Granny and put it into the
trash can (on the right of screen).
(041) Click on the shovel 3 times --- something flies and sticks into the
hole in the toilet lid.
(042) Now click on the golden coloured metallic thing just sticking out
from behind the rubbish barrel (left middle of the screen). Whilst the
marching ants are not on screen, place it on the ground directly in
their regular path (near the bottom, mid screen). Yo-ho --- an angle iron
! The ants have a feast --- and clear the path for Granny !! Exit centre
(043) You are now in an eerie forest, which has several exits. Take the
exit near the top left corner of the screen.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(044) Weird !! Two louts (Bo & Chuck) minding a baby, with a kangaroo
jogging round and round in circles. Granny wants the babys carriage (but
not the baby !). She can try the rope ladder, the red button, the triple-X
sign, etc. (better not to explore the exit just to the left of this sign
at this stage --- youll be going there shortly anyhow !!). Click on the
wedge shaped golden coloured object on the ground and place it a little
left of the base of the tree (with the red button
on it).
(045) Now click on the plank closest to this wedge and put it onto the
wedge itself.
(046) Click on the left side of the plank and Granny will stand on it ---
a seesaw ??
(047) Wait until you see the kangaroo approaching from the left and click
on the red button. You may misfire once or twice, but when you get the
timing just right you get a baby carriage.
(048) Exit middle or top left side of the screen to the forest --- then
bottom middle to the ex-/-toilet bowl site --- then top right corner to D
--- and the same again to the map.

(049) Go again to B to find our turnip-head guy fishing. Give him your
baby carriage (from braventory) and you get a hammer and music notes. You
also find yourself back on the map again.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).

D & D1.
(050) Return as you did before to D1 and to our kangaroo still jogging
around in circles (ignore him --- at least for the present !). This time
DO take the exit just left of the triple-X sign.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(051) Oboy ! A bit of S&M going on here !!! Granny can browse here a
little and try to help the green elfin creature to get his/her turn. Click
on the wooden block at the end of the railings. This removes the buffer
and the cart goes crashing into the pedestal causing the green creature to
fall to the ground.
(052) Give him/her the hammer and music notes and it GETS its turn.
(053) Attention is drawn away from Granny who is now free to go to the
right hand wall (a little above the head of the larger bluish masochist)
and pick up the green object --- you have got a blow-dryer !

(054) Back again all the way to B. This World seems to have entered
another ice-age. Also, apparently theres some sort of frozen plate in the
sky. Thaw out either the plate or the guy using your blow-dryer --- youve
got a china plate !

(055) Go to C and then to C2. Proceed through the centre screen exit and
enter into the Pinball-Park.
(056) There are 4 exits from Pinball-Park, as follows :- near the centre
of the screen, and from left to right, [i], [ii], & [iii] ; and the
return exit at the top right hand corner of the screen... ... ... Go to
(057) Granny, indiscreet as ever, stumbles into a steamy session in a
weapons shop. The proprietor is making whoopee with his girlfriend
offstage ! Granny noses around, finds noodles, and takes earphones.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(058) She gets fed up waiting and rings the bell twice. The owner appears
(059) She tries out the right hand automatic weapon. !!@#$%&?? . She wants
to use the rifle but must provide her own target.
(060) Granny gives her china plate to the owner. BOOOOM ! Granny only
needs a bullet.
(061) Exit the weapons shop (bottom left corner). Grannys braventory is
snatched, but she soon gets the better of the mugger !!
(062) Granny enters [iii], a bar, and investigates its facilities. She
puts her
coat hanger on the coat rack ( to the left of the toilet door ).
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder from time to time in the (many) different
places you visit and listen to Georges "diary". If you havent done so
already, view all items in your braventory (mouse:- right click) & read
the written captions below them - they may contain wacky hints ?
(063) Click on the toilet door and when it opens up click on the coat
hanger. S A V E !
(064) Click on the glass of beer on the counter. The woman who drinks it
goes to the toilet (Granny had a hand in this !). As she starts to zip
up and get out, click on the coat hanger --- you may have to do this more
than once till you get the actions and timing right ! The woman gets
trapped inside.
(065) Click on her empty seat and take her place in the card game.
(066) Click on the cards.....shuffled.....chaos.....you get the translator
...............and o u t !!!
                        s a v e !
(067) Exit Pinball-Park. Go to C3 (cut out scene).....Look around, try the
toilet, walk forwards and backwards, etc. ..... The very first door on the
left (to the left of the ash-tray/spittoon) is the exit from this
underground corridor.
(068) Take a step forward. What a strange floor !!!
(069) Click between Grannys shoes and drag* upwards --- the top layer
of the floor flies upwards and Granny can now progress !
(070) Click on the first ("new") door on the right --- the one with the
metal grille and a video camera above it.
(071) Click on the FLOOR and make Granny jump a little to the left and
back to the door again, a couple of times --- the video camera goes
(Be careful not to click on the entrance-icon to the orange coloured door
next to the prison door).
(072) Enter the prison door ......... Interrogation ......... Thrown out
into the corridor again.
(073) Enter the prison again and suss around. The Guard is busy on the
phone (clues ?). Get the scarf ready, & when he bends down, strangle him
(074) Use the control panel to access the cell with the telescope, as
follows (there may be other ways ?!) :- There are 3 columns of different
types of switches (the left hand column has a blue box at the top ---
ignore this !). Press the switches in the following order (and different
partitions move !) :- Top middle column ..... Bottom right
column......Bottom left column..... Bottom right column......Middle button
of middle column.
(075) Click on the prison bars and drag* in the direction of the manhole
lid. The prison bars open !
(076) Grannys in ! Click on the telescope/rabbit. Whoooops!! Youve got
a telescope.
(077) Click on the entrance icon to the manhole lid.....(cut out scene).
(078) "The hairdresser and the hedgehog" ...... Granny interferes, and
touches whatever she can lay her hands on.
(079) Drag* the circular lid on the floor, upwards. --- a hole !
(080) Click on the mauve couch. Granny sits down.
(081) Click again on the couch whilst Grannys crossing and uncrossing her
legs (you may have to do it a few times to get the timing right). The
effeminate hairdresser walks backwards admiring his artistic handiwork
.......... and falls down the hole !!!
(082) Click on the hedgehog. Granny jumps into her chair and taunts her by
comparing her red shoes with Grannys.......Exit hedgehog in a hurry !!
(083) Drag* Granny into her (right hand) mirror image. Whoooom!!.....the
wall disintegrates and reveals an entrance to the plants --- underground
command centre ! (Granny may want to do a bit of sweeping up and general
pottering around ???).
(084) Exit via the new staircase into the fan-chamber.
(085) Drag* the right hand side of largest fan (ventilator) cover to the
left. The cover opens.
(086) Drag* the tip of the fan itself to the right. ( You may have to
repeat this more than once ). Granny enters the plants underground
command centre.
(087) Put the plunger (with a bell) onto the circular manhole near the
bottom right corner of the screen.
(088) Try exiting and entering a couple of times. Listen to the plants
words of wisdom.
(089) Click on and get the double mirror. Chief-Plant will insist on
briefing Granny (clues ??).
(090) Use the translator on the device at the bottom left of the large
(091) Now you are free to take a pendulum (not the large hanging pendulum
but the small standing metronome thing !).
(092) Now travel back the way you came ( fan-chamber ; hairdressers
salon; prison ) to the corridor.
(093) Granny wants to enter the library, but its closed from 12:00, to
11:59 or maybe even 12:00 !! There is a notice saying that it has moved to
other, completely unspecified, premises ! A bit difficult hey ??
(094) Two weird creatures emerge from the first door on the left (gold
coloured and to the right of the ash-tray/spittoon). They look very
vaguely rather like a large distorted fly sitting on a strange sort of
snail. Apparently their names are Yellow and Brick-Road. Converse with
them. Eventually they will tell Granny to "Follow the yellow bricks road"
!!                                                S A V E !
(095) This is a bit tricky. You have to follow their small circuit
clicking on FOUR floor tiles just after they have moved on and away from
them. When you click correctly, the floor tile turns from purple to
yellow. It takes a bit of practice, but is not as difficult as it seems at
first. The first tile is the second one, directly outside the gold
coloured door --- you only click when the finger-icon turns to a sort of
hammer-icon. There is no limitation to the number of tries you get. The
trouble is that if you go wrong you have to start the whole performance
again from the beginning ! When you succeed, the library is open for
Granny !!
(096) Enter the library --- the fourth door on the left (whitish in colour
and just to the left of an oval mirror).
(097) Observe Grannys reading habits and note the large crack in the
What taste in literature Granny has !? Drag* the large bookcase to the
left and see what happens.
(098) Now a new exit opens up at the bottom left hand corner of the screen
--- click on it.
(099) Drag* the screw downwards. You get a screw.

(100) Leave C3 and C. On the map, go to A.
(101) Try the door at centre screen a few times ..... Aliens Arggh !
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder from time to time in the (many) different
places you visit and listen to Georges "diary". If you havent done so
already, view all items in your braventory (mouse:- right click) & read
the written captions below them - they may contain wacky hints ?
(102) Click on the large toothed-wheel/screw device just above that door.
(103) Drag* the steps to this wheel. Where to now ?
(104) Click the button on the base of the steps until the opening on the
large screw is accessible --- a new entrance-icon !
(105) Click on this entrance-icon. How to get past that parading guard ??
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
S A V E !
(106) Click on the swing doors just as the guard approaches Granny, this
will knock him out. (You may have to repeat more than once, but its
actually easier than it sounds --- as is the following action !).
(107) Click on the circular chandelier (or whatever) on the ceiling until
the second guard is neutralized.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(108) Take the right exit and enter a strange garden with a peculiar
flying creature hovering in the air.
                                   S A V E !
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(109) You need to be pretty destructive here !! ...... Drag* the cannon
(the end of its muzzle just protrudes from the right side of the screen)
to the left, up to the middle path.
(110) Click on Granny. Centre the cross-hair onto one of the nine pillars
and click on Granny --- the pillar is blasted away. Repeat for the other
eight pillars.
(If your cross-hair reverts to an ordinary icon, simply click on Granny
again to restore it !).
(111) Click on the two vertical retaining walls (at the extreme right and
left of the screen). The roof falls in and squashes the flying critter.
Take his corn flakes.
(112) Exit to the left. Click on the mirror near the middle-left side of
the screen (just to the right of the unconscious guard on the stairs).
Exit to the map and return to B.

(113) In Grannys braventory, pour your bottle of brandy onto the corn
flakes and cook up some spiced corn flakes !
(114) Give the spiced corn flakes to the pig (if he doesnt accept them
first time, he will the next time !). You get an air bubbling pig (of all
things !!).
(115) Hypnotize the chicken with the pendulum (metronome). You get
an airy chicken (What next ??).
(116) The guy is reading something. Give him a telescope to help his
vision, and he gives you the worms poster he was looking at (what a lousy
deal !!).

(117) On the map, go to E and then to E1.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(118) Drag* the handle of the well to the right, once.
(119) There is a bent pipe with a lever on it near to the left corner of
the screen. Drag* this lever to the left.
(120) Drag* the bucket to the lever.
(121) Drag* the well-handle to the right again. A new exit-icon appears
(alongside the well).
(122) Take this new exit. You are in an underground cavern with a lagoon.
Browse around a bit but dont exit yet.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(123) Click on the mauve items floating towards the rear right of the
screen (close to Granny). They turn into a sort of fishhook --- hang it
onto the left hand large dangling hook and it turns into a mauve coloured
mobile !
(124) Click on the bluish semi transparent box in the water. You get a
fish tank.
(125) Exit lower left. Granny arrives into a pastoral scene (and music !).
Converse and look around.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(126) Drag* the middle pair of fruits (on the right) downwards. A lake
(127) Release your color worms in a bucket into the water.
(128) Click on the hole beneath the bobbing green creature. You get
a round green creature.
(129) Return, more or less the way you came, to the well (with the
handle). From there take the exit to the gas-station (to the rear left of
the well).
(130) Sniff around. Pick up the supply nozzle !?
(131) Click on the triple-wheel-counter & see what happens (Quite a show
(132) Repeat this TWICE more and the Jack-in-the-box/worm remains out of
its box.
(133) Give him your worms poster. You get a baseball cap (a bit better
exchange than last time ?!).
(134) Return to the well and take the exit at mid left of the screen. WOW
! some huge guy --- a real giant in fact !!
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder from time to time in the (many) different
places you visit and listen to Georges "diary". If you havent done so
already, view all items in your braventory (mouse:- right click) & read
the written captions below them - they may contain wacky hints ?
(135) Give your bullet to the giant --- this keeps him occupied !
(136) You take (click) a giant belt.
(137) Amongst other things floating in the sky is a coloured balloon
supporting a pagoda-like house. This is your next exit. Take it and you
arrive in a sort of Einsteinian chamber with a pseudo-cosmonaut floating
around in space. s a v e !
(138) Granny herself is encapsulated in a large transparent cylinder with
a lid that opens and closes periodically and automatically. (Apparently,
every time it opens, bubbles of air are transmitted to the cosmonaut guy
and keep him going !). How can she get out ?? Close to her is a device
with three levers. Drag* the left hand lever upwards. This diverts the air
and causes the cosmonaut to lose consciousness.
(139) Pull (drag*) the left lever back down.
(140) Pull (drag*) the right hand lever upwards and diagonally to the
right. This causes the lid to remain fixed open (and the bubbles of air to
escape !).
(141) Drag* the guys helmet to the right. Granny gets out and dons his
helmet !
(142) Use the air bubbling pig on the cosmonaut. He revives and gives
Granny some "hints". Granny discards the pig (its fulfilled its
air-raising purpose apparently !?!).
(143) Click on the device at the bottom centre of the screen (with two
megaphones or whatever). Something starts happening.
(144) Click again. You get a memo (echo) machine.
(145) Granny exits (at least she gives the guy back his helmet !!)....back
past the giant.....the well.....exit (right side of screen) to E. Go to
E3. Phew --- what pollution.....what a stink !
                                     s a v e !
(146) Get moving pretty quickly :- If Granny stands there too long she
gets literally carted away back to E. To avoid her getting asphyxiated,
click on the laundry on the washing line just behind her -----> Peg-Nose
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(147) Exit bottom left corner. Take a look around the broken conveyer-belt
(148) Exit centre (or left) screen. You arrive at a smelly pool with
grandpa tied up in a large transparent blue plastic sack --- (nuclear
waste ??).
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(149) Click on him, and get old grandpa moving !
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(150) Exit lower left corner and return to the conveyer-belt machine. Loop
your rubber band onto the lever (middle left side of screen).
(151) Put your giant belt between the cog wheels of the conveyer machine.
(152) Place your fish tank on the (repaired ?) conveyer belt --- a cut out
scene, finishing with the old man still in his bag, on the ground !!
(153) Click on grandpas head and you get grandpa in bag --- (Hey there !
--- what a thing to possess !! --- in Grannys braventory ??).
(154) Exit bottom left ; right ; then just above mid screen (dont take
the right hand exit just yet !) to E. From there go to E4.
(155) Click on the bench. Granny rests her weary limbs and resents those
grungy kids on their roller-blades, especially the ones with dynamo
operated head-lights that dazzle !!
                         S A V E !
(156) Drag* one of Grannys legs upwards (this can be a bit tricky --- but
"if at first you dont succeed ; try, try, try again !") so that she
deliberately trips up one of the girls who goes flying into the fountain
--- nasty, nasty, nasty !!
(157) Granny uses her snorkel to rescue the girl in the fountain !!??
(158) Click on the object that just flew out of the fountain. You get a
(159) Drag* the bus to the left. W--O--W ! Can old grannies REALLY do that
(160) Click on Granny. She regains consciousness --- or maybe just wakes
up ?!
(161) Drag* the green hosepipe (top, towards the right of the screen) down
to the orange coloured face to the right of the steering wheel --- could
be the wipers-lever ?!
(162) Click on the windscreen wipers. Granny jumps out to operate them.
(163) Whilst shes on top of the bus, grab the light bulb. (you may have
to repeat this more than once --- but its not very difficult !). Youve
got a light bulb.
(164) Exit the bus (the exit icon is on the stop sign --- well where did
you expect it to be ? ). Enter the last house on the right.
                    S A V E !
(165) Wait until the empty trolley stops on the left (close to Granny).
Dump poor old grandpa in bag into the trolley. When the trolley stops at
the right, click on the dumpster below (right hand bottom corner of the
screen) and grandpa gets tipped out with the rest of the rubbish -- is
that all HES worth ?
(166) Now click on the handle just above the dumpster. Grandpa obligingly
pulls it ( I wouldnt !! ).
(167) Click on the exit-icon just above the middle of the left edge of the
screen. Granny goes downstairs where three antiquated goons are sitting
round a table, drinking and nattering.
(168) On the round table is a bone to which is attached a heart shaped
balloon. Click on the bone and whilst it is in the air click on the
tablecloth --- You may have to do this more than once !. You get a
(169) Click on the skeleton and take his glass of old liquor.
(170) Exit at the top left hand corner (from someones old parents house
(171) Now go to the end house at the very end of the road, facing Granny
! Whether you like it or not, you get a slide show of the games credits.
(Some gamers cant be bothered wasting their time with credits --- can you
blame them ?? If youre one of these, simply right-click them into
oblivion !). Whether you appreciate credits or not, you get a metal
(172) Exit bottom middle ; bottom middle/right ; to E. From there go to
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder from time to time in the (many) different
places you visit and listen to Georges "diary". If you havent done so
already, view all items in your braventory (mouse:- right click) & read
the written captions below them - they may contain wacky hints ?
(173) Listen, talk, and generally socialize with the tree (and its
friend). But how to get past it ??
(174) Click on the pebbles in front of the tree (near the bottom right of
the screen). Throw the pebbles again whilst the tree moves its limbs.
(If this doesnt work first time, you can repeat it as often as you need
(175) Now click on the bike (on the left) and youre off.
       S A V E !
(176) Click on the car battery. Granny kicks it and jumps on it. It
disintegrates. Lights Out !
(177) Click on the wooden bridge (near the right hand bottom corner of the
screen). It caves in !
(178) Click on the shrub near to the bridge. It camouflages the gap left
by the bridge !
(179) Click on the envelope which is lying on the table (near the bottom
left corner of the painting on the easel). A weird postman cycles up,
doesnt notice the bridge-gap, and crashes !
(180) Click on the postmans abandoned (half a) bike. Granny moves it into
position !
(181) Use your light bulb on the empty socket (its a bit difficult to see
it, but its hanging down from the roof and near the top left of the
painting). Granny plugs it in. But :- No battery --- No light !!
(182) Use your dynamo on the bike. Granny cunningly improvises ! ---
" ............... and there was light !"
(183) Click on the back of the painting. You get folding steps !!
(184) Exit right and return to that revolting tree !
(185) Click on the skateboard and travel to the woodland.
(186) Take the path at the middle of the bottom of the screen and get to a
tree (a musical-conductor, complete with baton), with a gabbling crowd
in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(187) Try to take the top box (at the right of this tree) .... BUT....
apparently, "no singing --- no prizes" !! Jump (i.e. click) into the crowd
and they disperse immediately.
(188) Place your memo (echo) machine on the ground just to the left of
this tree. This appears to appeal to its sense of musical appreciation !
(189) Now click on the top box to the right of the tree. You get a
(190) Exit bottom right corner ; then near bottom left corner. You arrive
at a strange terrain where a never ending stream of Humpty-Dumpty like
tree characters on skateboards seem intent on committing suicide !
   S A V E !
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(191) Kick (click) on the wedge of cheese. It blocks the skateboarders
path ..... but they dislodge it every time they speed past. How to fix it
in position ?
(192) Click on the boulder (just below centre screen). It anchors the
wedge in position permanently.
(193) Click on the signpost to rotate it. Then click on it a second time
and it points to the wall at the right hand side of the screen.
(194) Drag* the painting (near the right hand edge of the screen) a little
upwards so that it resembles the opening of a tunnel in the blank wall !
(195) Click on the cheese again. W H A M ! The tree is immobilized.
(196) Hes got a screw-loose so give him your screw. Watch what goes on
inside his head ! He flies away happily, leaving behind for you, a horn.

(197) Exit lower right side of screen ; again lower right ; upper right
corner to E. Jump off onto the map. Go to C and then to C3. Take a single
step (click on the exit-cursor) forward.
                                       s a v e !
(198) Enter the second (red doored) room on the right. You are in some
sort of workshop/laboratory. A strange professor receives a communication
via the system of tubes on the rear wall. A mad boat race (??) crashes
in and out of the room !
(199) Talk to the professor !? Turn (click) the red handle (middle right
side of screen). The weird animals go berserk and scamper off --- If you
wish to punish Granny for her behaviour, get her to touch (click) the
small box just above the handle !
(200) Drag* the end of the transparent air tube (just below the bottom
right hand corner of the clock) to the opening of the suction machine
(just a little to the right and below the exit of the air tube).
(201) Put your round green creature onto the brown conveyor belt and watch
it travel along the tubes until it attacks the prof who exits pronto !!
(202) Click on the device above the nozzle of the cylinder. You get a

(203) Exit via the closet ; Step backwards ; exit through the first door
on the left to C. Jump off onto the map. Go to D and then to D2.
              s a v e !
(204) Click on the switch a little to the left and above Grannys head ---
all sorts of things start moving !
(205) Click on the green shutters.
(206) Click again on each half of the shutters separately.
(207) Click on any 2 of the 3 fawn coloured triangular windows just to the
right of the shutters.
(208) Notice that there are 4 green plungers near the middle right side of
the screen :- from left to right ; [a], [b], [c] & [d]. Click on them as
follows :-
[a] once, [c] twice, and [d] three times.
(209) A new door opens up (right of middle screen). Exit via this door.
You enter a room where a supervisor is scrutinizing a TV set and
frequently answering a phone. A mouse emerges periodically from a wide
tube into a box below ! Granny would like to get near to the TV set, but
........no go !
(210) There is a cover panel along the right side of the door with
yellowish electric light bulbs. Click this panel.
(211) There is a black electric cable to the right of this panel. Connect
(drag*) the cable to the live panel. When the supervisor answers the phone
next, he is electrocuted !! NOW Granny can proceed !
(212) There is a pair of switches just to the left of the TV screen. Press
(click) the right hand switch, which lights up red. The travelling mouse
gets frozen at the top of the box !
(213) Click on it and you get a mouse.
(214) Go through the (lit) door into the dressing room. Look around and
get to know the striptease artiste.
(215) Drag* the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to the strippers (golden
coloured) shoes.
(216) Click on the clothes-rack (on the left) which swivels round.       S
A V E !
(217) Get your mouse (from braventory) ready. When "Zink Flusik" goes
behind the curtain to shower, QUICKLY throw (click) the mouse over the
shower curtain ......... and ......
(218) A very quick drag* (ha ha) --- QUICKLY drag the vacuum cleaner
nozzle upwards. She trips over the tube and makes a really crashing exit
!! (You may have to repeat this 2 or 3 times).
(219) Pick up (click) the models clothes.
NOTE. If you havent done so already, view all items in your braventory
(mouse:- right click) and read the written captions below them --- they
may contain wacky hints ??
(220) Exit the dressing room and back to the (prostrate) supervisors
                                                  IMPORTANT .......... S A
V E !
(221) Press the left hand button which lights up yellow, and only for a
short time a new exit opens up (near the bottom left hand corner of the
(222) Quickly take this exit. Granny finds herself in a fork &
shopping-cart contest !
(223) This short game can be troublesome. It can best be won by using
the four arrow keys on the keyboard rather than the mouse. Granny has to
avoid being killed by either the fork or the shopping-cart. She has to
move left, right, forwards (up) etc., with her pursuers following each of
her moves. The object is to lure the shopping cart into bumping into the
wheel. Once she has done that she can then climb over the top of the now
stationary shopping cart and over the wheel without hindrance (since the
fork is also immobilised). You may do it first time, or it may take you
many attempts --- but dont give up if you find it somewhat tedious ---
youll succeed sooner or later !!
(224) For all your efforts, you get the bottom part of a hang glider ---
of all things !!
(225) Click on the top of the screen and then take the main door to return
to the platform with those shutters, etc.
(226) Click on the central rotating object and you are transported to an
electrified room. Try entering the laser room --- serves Granny right !!
(227) On the wall (near centre screen) are 3 knobs or whatever. The
outside two are red and the middle one fawn coloured. You can try them
all, but the one that will do the trick is the centre one. Granny uses it
to make a sort of stepping stone.
(228) Click on this again and Granny succeeds in stepping into the room
but becomes invisible !!
(229) Near the right hand corner are 3 pairs of transistors (or maybe
vacuum tubes ?). At the top right of the window (with expanding circles)
are a pair of wire endings. Click on the middle pair of transistors and a
rod descends from the ceiling.
(230) Quickly, before the rod retracts, click on the wire ends. The window
opens into a new exit !
(231) Exit to the rabbits residence. Poke around things there ---
particularly the candy machine and the bubble-gum machine. In Grannys
braventory, combine your whistle and your horn and obtain a horn connected
to a whistle.
(232) Use this horn connected to a whistle on the bubble-gum machine (on
the right). The residence door opens and the rowing-boat/chariot makes
another brief appearance.
(233) Granny reverses backwards to the invisible-electric room. A smelly
cigar has emerged, near the middle of the screen --- take it !
(234) Examine the circular entrance into the house, and then the square
trapdoor. You get inside the place. Mr. Rabbit himself ..... .....
scampers away before Granny can get to him ! Look around and about.
(235) Click on the squeegee. It flips up and away and finishes up at the
bottom of a mud bath together with Granny. Granny gets out (remarkably
clean ?!#$%&!?) but not with the squeegee !
(236) Click on the tap.
(237) Drag* the spout of the tap vertically downwards into the mud bath.
(238) Click and you get a squeegee.
(239) (Young ???) Granny ........ aerobics ....... on the trampoline.
(240) Whilst in mid air she grabs the pair of gymnastic rings,
somersaults, and finishes up inside the transparent cubicle and astride
the exercise-bicycle !
(241) Click on the cycle wheel. A door opens automatically and Granny
enters a weird red vacuum room.
(242) Click on the red-eye on the rear wall near centre screen. The
eyelids close !
(243) Pull (click) the handle beneath the green box (middle right edge of
screen). The machinery stops.
(244) Turn (click) the hand-wheel to the right of the rectangular shaped
main machine (a bit to the right of centre screen). This disconnects the
tube from the bellows.
(245) Close (click) the open circular hatch to the left of the green box.
(246) Click on the seat in the left bottom corner of the screen. Granny
sits in it and straps up her seat-belt.
(247) Click on the open hatch near the middle of the ceiling. Granny is
hoisted up and closes the hatch. She is lowered again, still strapped into
her seat ! S A V E !
(248) Click on the grey button near the top right of the main machine.
(249) VERY QUICKLY Click again on the seat. If you get the timing right,
the whole room contracts and expands ; Granny is swivelled to the left ;
and you get a Master key. You may be lucky and succeed first time or you
may have to repeat a few times. (N.B. You may not notice that you actually
GOT the key, but if the abovementioned phenomena took place, then you DID.
But its very well worth while just checking Grannys braventory to make
absolutely sure --- you dont want to have to make the very long journey
specially all the way back to here again, and then have to repeat ALL of
this again, some time later in the game !!).
(250) Exit near bottom right corner ; middle left ; middle bottom ; middle
left ; middle left again. Jump off onto the map. Travel from D to A. Go
back into the room with the two slumbering guards.

(251) Click a few times on the mirror just a little left of centre screen.
Phew ..... filthy !! Clean (click) it using your squeegee on Grannys
image in the mirror. Click the mirror again a couple of times.
(252) You now see an image of the back of the safe (which was not visible
before). Click on the grey coloured handle of the safe and you get a
--- scintillating !
(253) Exit bottom centre ; top right hand corner (what :- another alien
?!) ;
out onto the map. Go to E and from there to E2. Youre back at that drowsy
tree again.

(254) When the tree yawns, click on its open mouth ..... another room !
(255) Click on the table.
(256) Click on the chair.
(257) Drag* the rope hanging down from the ceiling to the left. WHAT....
yet another room !! Wander around.
(258) Click on the chair (bottom left hand corner) a few times. Apart from
a possible clue, this gets you nowhere.
(259) Use your smelly cigar on the chair --- it panics, and you NOW get
a long sheet of paper.
(260) Exit bottom right hand corner ; middle right of screen ; back to the
yawning tree.
(261) Click on the skateboard. Back to the woodland again.
(262) Drag* vertically upwards on the tree immediately behind Granny. She
is in the Rabbits (Alice in Wonderland type) stock exchange.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder from time to time in the (many) different
places you visit and listen to Georges "diary". If you havent done so
already, view all items in your braventory (mouse:- right click) & read
the written captions below them - they may contain wacky hints ?
(263) Click on the judges desk --- what a nerve !
(264) Click on the largest (left hand) monitor.....smash the Rabbits
secret device for rigging the market !
(265) In Grannys braventory, combine your diamond with the double mirror
to create an illusion of diamonds. (A crafty way of multiplying one
diamond into many --- a stock exchange gamblers mirage !!).
(266) Give an illusion of diamonds to the trader in the white shirt at the
right of the screen ......... and see what happens !
(267) Pick up (click) the box just in front of him. You get exploding
(268) Exit Bottom right hand corner ; the same again ; exit top right hand
corner ; out onto the map. Go to D and from there to D1. Go back to that
eerie forest again.

D & D1.
(269) Take the exit at the bottom right hand corner. You come upon an old
geezer merrily snoring away despite the fact that he has an axe embedded
deep in his head !?!? Examine the terrain.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(270) Click on the axe. A bubble of thought emerges from his open
(271) Again on the axe. The old guys head remains open.
(272) Slip in your dream maker capsule and just see what happens !!
(273) Exit lower left hand corner of screen. The next actions have to be
done pretty quickly !
                         S A V E !
(274) Click on the right hand top corner of the screen. Granny appears at
the far end of a semicircular tunnel. AS SOON AS YOU CAN, click on Granny
and she ducks down behind the tunnel. Again, AS SOON AS YOU CAN, click
near to the right hand bottom corner of the screen, and Granny edges her
way around without being seen, to the front end of the semicircle and
waits there. The laundress fills a trolley, which first tips out its
contents (dirty washing ?) in one spot, continues, and picks up things
(clean washing ?) at a later spot. AS SOON AS it comes to rest next to
Granny, click on the trolley and Granny jumps aboard. It carries on
(unseen) through the tunnel. Here comes the (mildly) tricky part. The
laundress is poking the contents of the trolley with a stick, and if she
pokes Granny, youve had it ! To avoid this, click quickly just to the
left of Granny and then just to the right of her. (You may see Granny
feint in one direction and then the other). If you dont do this
correctly, you start over again --- but its fairly easy and you get as
many tries as you want. When you DO complete it O.K., the trolley carries
on and dumps Granny down the dirty washing chute --- which is apparently
what she (you) wants !
(275) Granny would like to get to the guy in the chair but the billy-goat
isnt having any !
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(276) Click on the white bone on the cabinet just right of centre screen.
This keeps the goat busy !
(277) There is a basket being pulled up and down from the roof. Click on
the basket (when you can get to it) and Granny jumps over the rope
(278) Keep on clicking on the basket (as often as you can) until Granny
grabs it, removes a hand grenade from it, and lobs it at the chap. -----
Boy ; does he deserve it !! He literally starts smoking !!! After this, it
gets a bit chaotic, but if you keep on clicking youll succeed (N.B.
Sometimes, when Granny is close to the guy, it goes better if you move her
anywhere away from him !).
(279) Use your baseball cap on his head.
(280) Use your glass of old liquor on the tankard on the table to the left
of the fellows chair.
(281) Click on his legs (maybe more than once).
(282) Click on his chair (maybe often). Eventually hell rush off.
(283) Continue to click on the chair and Granny will occupy the chair,
gyrate around, get the shakes, etc. Eventually she gets a pair of
(284) Click on the dart-board.
(285) There are 3 concentric circular rings of several colours. When you
click a colour, the ring rotates until that colour finishes up on top.
From the inner to the outer rings :- click yellow ; then blue ; and
finally brown {since there is more than one brownish colour in the outside
ring, the one you need is between the blue & red, and the black & green}.
Bulls-eye :- the darts go flying into the board !!
(286) Exit bottom right hand corner. The microwave is now open.
(287) Click on the microwave and enter. You are now in a place where a
workman is using a pneumatic drill on a giant snail.
(288) Granny keeps shaking and falling down. She needs (so give her) her
anti-dizziness pill.
(289) Click on the giant snails head.
(290) Click on the snails shell, very close to its tail.
(291) Click on the workman with the drill.
(292) Pick up (click) a mushroom.
(293) Exit via the new-exit at the top of the rope ladders at the rear
(mid screen). You are now in Melanies room. Roam around ?!?
(294) Use the metal crowbar to lever up the triangular wedge on the floor
(just to the right of the glass aquarium). It ends up in front of the
(295) Up-end this wedge by clicking on it, and it becomes a serrated ramp.
(296) Click on the toaster ; and again; keep on clicking on it. With each
click, it moves. ......... Continue until the toaster is poised at the
top of the wedge-ramp.
(297) There are two small bug-like creatures bouncing up and down over the
two hot plates of the stove. Click on each bug in turn until both are
inside the toaster.
(298) Click on the lever of the toaster. A toasted bug flies up and gets
speared beneath the ceiling fan.
(299) Repeat exactly for the second bug.
(300) There is a black box just to the left of the circular disk that
rotates Melanie. Use your Jack-in-a-box on this black box. Bingo !!
Melanie deigns to get up !
(301) Use the underpants on Melanie. Shes totally hypnotized into
(302) Click on the opened closet. Granny somehow gets to the creature in
the aquarium, and takes a family album.
(303) Drag* the vacated circular disk to the left. It rotates and Melanie
to ........... ?? .......... ??
                        s a v e !
(304) Exit :- bottom left corner ; upper right corner ; upper right screen
; upper middle screen ; lower left corner ; bottom middle screen ; upper
right corner ; out onto the map. Go to the Villa.

(305) Enter the villa. Go to the washroom. Use the long sheet of paper to
reach the sphere on the uppermost shelf. You get a ball filled with water.
(306) Exit the washroom and the villas front door. Go out onto the map.
Go to C and then to C1.

C & C1. --- (The Upside-Down World).
(307) Granny falls down the elevator shaft. She is in a sort of foyer
outside an elevator. There are all sorts of things she can do here (some
quite amusing !). Try as many as you wish.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder from time to time in the (many) different
places you visit and listen to Georges "diary". If you havent done so
already, view all items in your braventory (mouse:- right click) & read
the written captions below them - they may contain wacky hints ?
(308) Remove (click) on one of the retaining screws on the panel (near mid
screen) and see what happens.
(309) If you havent already done so, try tickling the protruding foot
(near bottom right)...Serves Granny right !! Drag* the foot towards the
mirror on the left. Now something really starts to happen. The foyer turns
upside-down (or at least twists 90 onto its side).
(310) Again try various things to see what happens. If nothing works, do
as follows :- There are four vertical buttons near the centre of the
screen (for the four floors of the building). Click, say, the second from
the bottom and see what happens.
(311) Pull (i.e. click) the left hand red knob just left of the buttons.
{N.B. Dont click the right hand red knob --- this is your exit icon
!!). You can now explore (say) the second floor.
(312) You will find that there is nothing much of great significance on
any of the floors except the top (fourth) floor. So repeat the previous
actions and go there.
(313) Click in front of Granny (centre screen). Granny meditates and
then hides whilst one of Rabbits agents noses around.
(314) There is a triangular shaped swing-barrier barring her progress.
Drag* the pointed tip of this barrier to Granny. Shes through !
(315) Enter (click) the last door (on the right) in the corridor. Shes in
a REALLY upside down room now --- Grannys upside down too !! The rabbit
follows her and smashes her through a (thin) wall !
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(316) Get to know the place. Near to the middle of the left hand side of
the screen is a back to front staircase. Try to use it !?@&#$% Drag* the
stairs to the left and a reversed door materializes.
(317) Click on this exit door!
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(318) You are now in a room whose stairs are arranged crazily. George and
a dog rush in and out --- George is trying out some newfangled magnetic
dog-catcher device. Explore as much as you want. Granny wants the
half-compass floating near the middle of the screen. Try to get it !?@#&$%
Use your folding steps on the gap in front of Granny.
(319) Now you can put (click) your half a compas (from braventory) on the
floating half. The resulting full compass points somewhere --- look up at
the ceiling !
(320) Wait until the dog is sitting next to its kennel, doing whatever
dogs do (if it refuses to appear, exit the room and re-enter it !). Show
the dog your photos of Fritz in Grannys braventory family album. The dog
goes down for the count !
(321) Georges magnetic device pulls and attaches him to the dog. Drag*
them both up to the skylight window.................... and get rid of
them both !!
(322) Exit bottom right corner. Click on the creature on the
ceiling/floor. Converse with the creature.
(323) Put your ball filled with water on Grannys feet. Whatever happened
to Newtons law of gravity ?
(324) Click on the hole created in the floor/ceiling. Darkness !!
(325) Near the bottom middle of the screen there is a faint orange glow
(in the same position on the screen where the creature was). Click on
this. Granny will be back, upside-down, in the upside-down room. Notice
that the lampshade has fallen down onto the table below/above !
(326) Click on it and you get a lampshade.
(327) Put your electric button into the grey circular button-panel (near
middle-right of the screen). It fits !
(328) Click on the service-elevator just to the right of the electric
button (holder). Granny goes travelling.
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder from time to time in the (many) different
places you visit and listen to Georges "diary". If you havent done so
already, view all items in your braventory (mouse:- right click) & read
the written captions below them - they may contain wacky hints ?
(329) She is in some sort of machine room. As always, poke around and keep
your eyes and ears open. N.B. Keep a half an eye on the cat and the
goldfish (near the top of the screen towards the right). Hanging from the
pipe is a sketch --- not exactly Picasso, but.......! Click on it and see
what happens.
(330) Click on the drawing a second time. You get a blueprint.
(331) Turn (click) the wheel underneath the drawing.
(332) Near to the bottom right corner is a large machine with 2 brown
handles and a grey button between them. Pull (click) one handle. What
happens ?
(333) Pull (click) the other handle. What happens this time ?
(334) Click the button between them.
(335) Now go to another grey button a little to the right and below the
(remaining) drawing. Click it. This time something unusual really does
happen !
(336) There is some sort of cavity near the bottom left corner of the
screen. Click on it. NOSEY !! You get a weird fish ! (Check Grannys
braventory to see youve really got it !).
(337) Exit bottom left corner. Exit again near mid screen and you are back
in the fourth floor corridor. Click on the bottom ledge of the first
entrance on the right. You are now in A VERY STRANGE ROOM INDEED !!  Some
crazy architect has somehow split it horizontally along the middle ---
goodness only knows how or why ?!? This time, have a very good look around
(if you want to make ANY sense of what is to happen ??). Granny can also
take a shower if she so wishes !?
                                    S A V E !
NOTE. Operate the tape recorder again (hints !?).
(338) There is a round metallic looking knob on the floor near the bottom
middle of the screen. Click on it --- anything significant happen ? Drag*
it to Granny.
(339) There is a crack in the floor in front of the chest of drawers (near
the left bottom corner). Click on the crack and a trapdoor opens on both
levels. For some really weird behaviour, click on the trapdoor, and the
two drawers of the chest and its counterpart on the upper level !!
(340) If you dont succeed, click on the upper drawer on the upper chest.
(341) And THEN click on the lower trapdoor. Granny has made it to the
upper floor (talk about "split level" !). Granny would like to get to the
right hand side of this floor but the artist wont let her ....... it
spoils his concentraaaaation!
(342) From his talking and singing,



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