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Читы для Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Чит-файл для Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf

Desert Strike:
Return to the Gulf

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Gremlin Interactive и Speedlink Communications
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Жанры:Arcade (Shoot'em up) / Isometric

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
A very complete player's guide  -  By Simon Burrows

Campaigns One and Two.


After  recently going into my local computer dealer, I was really
surprised, and  quite  excited,  to see that the ever popular and
excellent Apache helicopter 'sim', Desert Strike, was  out on the
PC.  After playing  it for  several days, and  getting completely
hooked on  it, I  finally managed  to  complete  the game.  Since
then, I've  gone back  over the  game to discover  extra secrets,
and now  I've decided  to put my success into words, and  produce
this complete  player's  guide  which will  hopefully aid  you in
completed the game too.

This document  is  split  into  many  parts.  First  there's  the
General tips  section below.   This  covers the very general tips
that apply  to all  campaigns.   Next comes  a small section that
includes the level codes needed to skip to  campaigns 2, 3 and 4.
After this  there's a  section  for  each campaign.   Included in
each one  of these  is  first  an introduction  to  the  campaign
indicating what  you  will  be doing,  and why,  then  there's  a
general hints section covering  general tactics and locations for
that particular  campaign, then  mission by  mission  help  which
details the best ways to accomplish  each mission.  At the end of
each campaign section there's  also a  last bit which indicates a
good way to finish off the campaign.

You may find that my tips get  a little better as you get further
through the guide.  This is because I am  playing as I type, so I
will get  better too.   Also,  you may  find that  the tips are a
little  less  detailed  near  the  end.  Sorry  about  this,  but
because the game  gets harder, it's more difficult to explore and
learn the secrets without getting mangled!!

Oh yes,  just one  thing before  we  start:  This  document  has
taken me about 40 to 50 hours to do from  first playing the game
to having  the finished  text-file. I  ask  whether  you do  not
steal this  file  and  pretend it  is your  own, or  in any  way
reproduce it. If you find it of use, why not sit down as I  have
done and  type a similar document for another  popular  game  so
that others  can learn from your skill and knowledge!

               *               *               *


Here are  three level codes that you can  use to get to campaigns
two, three  and four  easier.  The codes store  information about
points and your current co-pilot, so you will find  that they all
have three  lives, and  are using  the co-pilot "Aussie", with  a
fairly high score.

Campaign 2: Scud Buster    -  CNMYSMMMV
Campaign 3: Embassy City   -  CNNG#MMMP
Campaign 4: Nuclear Strike -  CNB9TNMMT



First of  all, here  is  a  load of  general  tips  covering  all
aspects of the game. Some, of  course, are much more obvious than
others, and they're all only in the order  I think of them in:-

 ж  Right  at the  start of campaign one, choose 'Aussie' as  you
    co-pilot.   In campaign  three, so long as you saved him from
    the F15 crash in campaign two, choose Carlos Valdez as he's a
    real stunner of a gunner and a winch-man!

 ж  Always  keep  a  good  check  on  your  helicopter's  status,
    especially  looking   out  for  low  fuel,  armour,  or  ammo

 ж  Whenever you come across ammo crates, always check to see how
    much ammo  you have  in your chopper at the moment.  If it is
    low, collect  the crate,  if not,  leave it  and remember the
    location, because  you cannot  have more  than  your  initial

 ж  Always pick-up  friendly  troops when  it is  safe to  do so,
    because if  you take  these back to the white cross, you will
    increase your  armour.   If you  have a very low armour level
    six troops should suffice in returning it to maximum.

 ж  During  the four  campaigns, you  will find  several missions
    where you  have to  pick  up  friendly  or  enemy  troops  or
    civilians.   On these,  the mission is complete when you have
    picked up the required total, not when you have picked up and
    then dropped  them off.  That means  that you can pick up the
    men, but  not drop  them off at a landing site until you need
    the bonus  armour points that this move gives you. Having the
    men in  your chopper  can be  a real  god-send when armour is

 ж  On  each campaign, there is at least one extra life & a quick
    ladder to collect.  These  are usually  hidden in  buildings.
    Each  time  you play  the  game, these  will be  in the  same
    place, so if you remember the locations, even writing it down
    if necessary, you can collect them every time you play.

 ж  The 3 types of shots can all destroy everything, although, of
    course, the  weakest will  take far longer to destroy targets
    than the  hellfires would.   This  means that you can use the
    chain gun  on anything  where you  are  in  complete  safety,
    because although  it will  take a  long time  to destroy  the
    target, you will save on the bigger weapon's ammo.

 ж  If  you cannot see something, it cannot see you either. This
    means that  if you  are being shot at, just go out the screen
    and you're  safe.   This also  means that you can approach an
    area with  many defenses  and shoot  one at  a time  by  only
    getting one in the screen at a time.

 ж  Never  fly right  into the middle of a heavily guarded area,
    then shoot  like mad  in hope  of killing everything. Use the
    above tip  to pick  each defence off one at a time, otherwise
    you will be blasted away like mad.

 ж  If  you fly  into an  area  with a weapon aimed at you, leave
    immediately. If  possible, now  fly around the target & enter
    from behind.  The weapon  will now be pointing away from you,
    so if  you shoot it down whilst it turns  (which most weapons
    do very slowly)  you should get away without any reduction in

 ж  The  M3VDA 20mm Cannons  (the armoured  cars that patrol each
    campaign)   are very  dangerous because they can easily sneak
    up on you and attack fast with their double barrel guns.  The
    best way  to deal with them is to leave the screen the moment
    you see one, because, that way, they will drive off, and when
    you return a few seconds later, they should be gone.

 ж  Because  things can  get hectic later on  with fuel, ammo and
    armour all  running out,  it's best  to reveal  these  things
    earlier in  the mission   (by  blowing up  buildings) so that
    they will be ready to pick up quickly, and, more importantly,
    be shown  on the map so you know exactly where they are in an

 ж  If the opportunity  occurs, get  the other side of a building
   to a  weapon, and it will fire at you.  Unfortunately for it,
    there's a building in the way, so it will soon do the deed of
    destroying that building for you!!  Just get ready to move it
    as soon as the building is destroyed though, otherwise you'll
    get hit.

 ж  Because of the slightly naff hit  control in this game, it is
    sometimes difficult  to know  whether, or not, the shots from
    your chain gun are hitting the target. The bast way to decide
    is to  check what colour the little explosions the shots make
    when they  hit are.   If  they are yellow, you aren't hitting
    anything worth  hitting, it  it's grey, then you are right on

 ж  In some of the missions from  campaign one onwards, new enemy
    defences will  suddenly materialise  from nowhere  as soon as
    you complete the mission. This is very unrealistic, and quite
    annoying, but,  because of this, you must get out of the area
    as soon  as the  mission is  complete, otherwise  you'll  get
    hammered!!.   (Examples of  this is  mission two  of campaign
    two.  There, when you have picked up all four men from two of
    the three jails, new ZSU tanks will appear and attack you!)

 ж  One of the only ways to destroy the  dangerous defences is to
    keep moving,  making wide circles around the danger, and only
    attempting a  shot when  it is  safe  to  aim.  If  you  ever
    approach it  and its  weapons are  pointing towards  you, fly
    around and  try to  get behind  it to  shoot in safety. Don't
    worry about  taking a  long time  to destroy it if that's the
    way it  goes, because if you rush into it you'll get hit much
    more than if you take it carefully.




    This first  campaign is  certainly  not a walk-over. In fact,
    since it  IS the  first campaign,  you would  have though  it
    would be  a lot  easier.   It consists of five missions, each
    one, as  the briefing  says, should be completed in order for
    the best chance of success.

    Mission one  is to  destroy two  radars. The  destruction  of
    these will  reduce the  range of  enemy  weapons,  making  it
    easier to  keep out  of their way. They are both protected by
    two easy-to-destroy  weapons, so  aren't  very  difficult  to
    destroy at all.

    Mission two involves destroying the power-station. Completing
    this will leave your enemies having to use manual aiming with
    their weapons,  which greatly  reduces their hit success.  It
    does, of  course, seem  easier  to  shoot  down  one  of  the
    electricity pylons  so  that  the  electricity  made  in  the
    station can't  go anywhere.  However, this  doesn't  seem  to

    Mission three involves  destroying  the two air-fields in the
    area.  Each one has: two hangers, six plains  (I think!)  and
    one ATC tower  (or at least, that's what I think it is).  You
    must destroy  all of  these things  on both  airfield to have
    completed the  mission. The  reason for this task is to cease
    the possibility of an air-attack in future campaigns.

    Mission four involves  blowing up one of  two command centres
    so you  reveal the  commander, then,  chase after and pick-up
    this commander  with the  winch. The  point of  capturing the
    commander is so intelligence can acquire information from him
    as to the whereabouts of the Secret Agent.

    Finally mission five is to go in and rescue the secret agent.
    He  holds  valuable  information   about  nuclear  bombs,  or
    something, so must be re-captured from the Madman's clutches.

General hints:

During the mission you should run out of hellfires at least three
times because  there  is  plenty  of  firing  down  well  guarded
building etc.   There  are plenty  of new  crates available,  and
these should  be obtained as soon as you run out of hellfires, by
checking the  map for  their location, then getting out there and
finding the crates.

If, at  any stage, you are running low on armour, fuel, and ammo,
you should return to the white cross on the coast.  Here you will
find one load of fuel, one crate of ammo, and, if you return with
some friendly troops to drop off, you will have your armour fixed

Further fuel  dumps are  scattered merrily around the area. These
can be  found by  checking the map.  The two that come to mind as
the easiest  to get, mainly because they are in a simple location
to get to, and because they are not guarded in the slightest, are
the two  on the  coast, north and south of the white cross. These
are about  half way  between that  white cross  and the  top  and
bottom of the level, one above and one below respectively.

The extra life for the campaign can be located near the bottom of
the fly-zone,  near the  right-hand side.  To get to it, carry on
down the  level, and  when you  reach the  final road, head along
this.   After a  few guns and stuff, the road should fork off and
form a square with some buildings in the centre. Contained in one
of these  buildings is  a crate with a red cross on top.  This is
the extra life.

The quick  ladder is  further up the level than this, and further
left too.  It is  in one of those white buildings, in a square of
road similar  to that which you find the life in.  This square is
joined to  another square, which has more white buildings in, one
of which,  incidentally, has  an ammo  crate in.  From where  the
extra life is  (see above)  it can be found be going up and left,
and taking  the second  road you  come to,  following it  to  the
right. This road will finally fork into a square shape, and there
is another  square above  this which  contains the  ladder  in  a

If you want some action, and want to save some friendly troops at
the same time, head to near the top-right of the level. There you
will see  about four  friendly troops in an open air bunker. They
are being  attacked by  several enemy  troops from all around, so
shoot these  down before  they kill  the friendly troops, and you
can pick  the friendly troops up, and take them back to the white
cross to boost your armour up to perfect, or nearly perfect.

Another little thing you can do is near the topleft of the level.
There you will find a crashed plane (an F-15 to be precise), with
a friendly troop  standing by it which  happens to be the plane's
ex-pilot. If you pick up this man then destroy what's left of the
F-15 with your chain gun  (so the technology doesn't get into the
wrong-hands'), you will be rewarded with bonus armour and points
when you return to a landing site.

Mission 1:

From the  beginning of  the level, head left from your ship, over
the sand  dunes, and  use your map to guide yourself to the lower
of the  two radars.   This, like the other one, is guarded by two
double-barrelled cannons,  which,  although  very  slow,  can  be
dangerous.   The best  way to attack the radar is to fly straight
towards it,  letting off  a hellfire just before you pass over it
- this  will destroy one of the cannons.  After this, turn around
and fly  back to  just before  the wire fence, so you're pointing
towards the  radar again.  Now fire another hellfire, and as long
as your co-pilot's feeling lucky, you should get it.  If not, let
of a few other shots from the same place and you should get it.

Now continue north, and go right a tiny bit too.  When you arrive
at the  other radar  site, do the same by flying straight towards
it, and  letting off  another hellfire  just before  the  target.
This will  destroy one of the cannons, so turn about and deck the
radar.   When you've destroyed it, the mission one complete chime
will ring up.

Mission 2:

Now it's  time to  destroy the  power station.  Fly due east, and
use the  map to  get to  the power station, making sure you don't
fly over  the command  centres or  the air-field  because this is
really dangerous.  When you arrive, make sure it's from the south
west, and  approach the  last few  screens slowly.  When you  get
quite close look out for the very dangerous rapier, and let off a
hellfire as soon as you see it.  When that's destroyed, fly below
the power  station, and  let off  another hellfire  at the cannon
south-east of  it.   When that's  gone too,  turn about, and face
towards the  station.   Now use  your cannon  to destroy the main
building   (yes, this will take a long time, but you're safe) and
when that's gone mission two will be complete.

When that's  done there  are a  few more things you can do before
going on  to mission  3.   Just south of the station in the trees
there is  a much-needed  fuel barrel,  and two friendly troops to
pick-up too.  There is  also an  armour-repair  kit  revealed  by
destroying the  station, but  before picking this up, destroy the
cannon just  north of  the power station otherwise this will make
mince-meat out of you as you hover.

Mission 3:

This is the most difficult mission.  There are two air-fields and
they are  both well  guarded.   Before you get to the first, make
sure you  have maximum ammo, and the best armour you can get. The
first one to visit is west of the power station and just a little
north.   Approach it with extreme caution, and as soon as you see
the first gun, fire it off with a hellfire. Now make your way all
around the  air-field, making  sure you  DON'T go over it. As you
go, destroy  each weapon  with a  hellfire, then continue around.
Make sure you have destroyed every one  (and I think there are at
least six!).   When they are all gone, destroy the buildings with
your cannon  and the  planes with  the hydras. When you think you
have destroyed  everything, look at the map, and if the air-field
is no  longer on  it, it  has all  been wiped  out.   During  the
building-destroying bits,  watch out for rocket-launcher carrying
men who  are left behind to shoot you, and capture escaping enemy
troops before  they get  to the planes, then drop them off at the
white cross for extra armour.

Now head south, and a little east too.  The procedure is the same
for the  second air-field as it was for the first.  Travel around
the outside  and destroy  each weapon  as you go with a hellfire.
When the  whole air-field has been destroyed, you may well be low
on everything,  so  make  sure  you're  topped  up  again  before
continuing onto mission 4.

Mission 4:

This  isn't  quite so  difficult, but  the  command  centres  are
still quite  well guarded.   Remember that you only have to go to
one of  them because  you only  need one commander. Whichever one
you  choose   (I  recommend  the  lower  one  as this  has armour
repair close by), approach slowly and make sure you don't go near
the building  yet.   Now destroy  each of  the weapons around the
outside with hellfires, and kill the men with rocket launchers on
the guard  towers with  the hydras.  When all  that's done, shoot
away the  main building  with the  chain guns,  and get  ready to
chase and  pick-up the  commander as  soon as  he runs out of the
destroyed building.  (He wears red!)

Mission 5:

When mission  4 is  complete, you  will see  a  green/yellow  dot
appear on  this map.   This  shows you  where the secret agent is
being held.   Now  may be  a good time to completely stock-up for
the final  confrontation, before  high-tailing it  all the way to
the top  of the map where the dot is.  On your way, make sure you
don't go anywhere near the other command centre because this will
still try and shoot you down.

When you  get to  the dot,  you'll  find  that  it  covers  three
building.   Shoot each  of these  in turn, until you find the one
with a  little trap-door  type thing  in it.  When you find that,
hover over  the top  to drop  your co-pilot off.  You will now be
left to wait, and while you do so, at least 3 armoured M3VDA 20mm
Cannons will  attack you.   Shoot all of these down as quickly as
possible with  hellfires, then  you should  see your co-pilot and
the secret  agent appear  from the bunker.  Go and rescue both of
these, and mission 5 will be complete.

To Wrap-Up campaign 1:

Now you  have the  secret  agent,  all  the  missions  should  be
complete.  If you haven't already got the extra life, if may be a
good time to get it now  (read the general hints for campaign 1).
When you've  got that  too, head back to the coast, and follow it
either north  or south  until you reach the white cross  (see the
map to work out which). When you arrive, drop the enemy commander
off, plus  other troops, then head over the water and back to the
ship for a successful campaign.




    This campaign is difficult, but not as difficult as you might
    expect after  whet you  had to  do for the first campaign. It
    consists of six missions this time, and, unlike campaign one,
    it is not necessary to complete all of them in the order they
    are given in the briefing.

    The secret  agent recovered  in campaign one has revealed the
    whereabouts of a prisoner of war camp, and the culmination of
    this campaign  is to  rescue and drop-off 14 troops from this

    Mission one is very similar to that in campaign one. You must
    blow up three radars  (this time, much more heavily guarded),
    in order  to reduce the range of enemy weapons throughout the
    rest of the campaign.

    Mission two  is to rescue at least 10 men from three separate
    jails in the area.  These are all friendly troops captured at
    one time  or the  other, and  you must  aid there  escapes by
    blowing a hole in the sides of the jail's walls, then picking
    them up with the ladder.

    Mission 3  is supposed  to be  to destroy  the power station.
    However, if  you play  it like I have done in the help below,
    your third  mission will  be to  destroy a  chemical  weapons
    plant.   You need  to do this to safeguard troops in the area
    which could be decimated by the use of chemical weapons later

    Mission 4  is supposed  to be to destroy the chemical weapons
    plant, but,  because you've  done that for mission 3, you now
    have to destroy the power station.  Doing this will mean that
    enemy weapons will have to use manual aiming, which decreases
    their hit-rate.

    Mission five takes a long time and involves flying around the
    whole area.   You  must  first  destroy  a  scud  commander's
    barracks, then pick up the commander as he runs away. Finally
    you must  destroy the  scud launcher  that he  will tell  you
    about.   In total  you must  do that at least five times, and
    all the commanders are dotted around the landscape.

    Finally, mission  6 is to rescue at least 14 prisoners of war
    from a  camp in enemy territory.  This is similar to the jail
    breaking  exercise   in  that  you  must  first  destroy  the
    buildings, then pick-up the troops as they escape.

General hints:

There are  a lot  less fuel  barrels  and  ammo  crates  in  this
campaign so  you're gonna  have to  be real careful with both the
time it  takes to  do things,  and your  use of  the very limited
hydras and hellfires.

One very  good place  for boosting  armour, ammo and fuel, is the
squares formed  by roads  near to  the POW camp. Of course, it is
very dangerous  to go  here in  the early stages of the campaign,
but during  missions 5  and 6,  there are several white buildings
that, when  destroyed, each give you something.  For instance, in
three squares  of road  just west  of the  camp, there  are three
white buildings,  the first with an ammo crate in, the second, an
armour repair kit, and the third, fuel barrels.

Because armour  is more important on this mission because of less
repair kits,  and a lot more weapons firing at you, make sure you
use every  opportunity to  repair it.  The best way to do this is
to make  the map  show the  location of  all the  friendly troops
(only 3  or 4 on this level).  When it does this, collect as many
as you need, remembering that each one will repair your armour by
100 points  when you  drop them off at the landing site, and that
600 is the maximum.

Once you've rescued all those, you could also save hidden troops.
To do  this, look  out for  buildings with  white flashes  in the
windows when  you're travelling  around the  towns. If  you  come
across these,  and you're safe, destroy the building and you will
find a  friendly troop  inside.  Collect him and you will be able
to get  some extra  armour if  you take  him back  to the landing

As far  as I  can see,  the scud  commanders will  not run out of
their buildings  when you  shoot them   (see 'Mission 5'), unless
you have  completed missions 1 to 4 already.  This means that you
should leave  them well alone until that time, otherwise you will
never learn the locations of the scud commanders.

Hidden in  this campaign  is another one of those crashed planes.
By its  side is  the great  co-pilot called Carlos Valdez lost in
action yonks  ago. To  rescue him, fly towards the power station,
and right  to the  top of  the fly-zone.  Unless  you've  already
destroyed the  power station, however, don't actually get it into
the screen  else you'll be shot at.  Now go east, and soon you'll
come to  a crashed  plane with  a brown guy outside.  Go a little
south and  you'll see  two green  guys shooting  at him.   Shoots
these, then collect the co-pilot.  Now you should press F1 to get
some new  news.   If it's  a good  time, you should also take him
back to a landing site so he can be patched up.

To collect  the extra  life, do  the steps  above,  except,  when
you've picked  up the  bloke, shoot  the already destroyed plane,
and it  will explode,  disappear, and reveal an extra life crate.

To get  the quick  ladder, which,  I might say, is a great aid in
collecting both  the POWs  and the  jail breakers, go towards the
top-most jail,  and find where there is a road pattern like this,
where the jail is in one of the top four:


You will  find the  quick ladder  hidden in  a white,  'L' shaped
building with  two domes  on the  top, found in the south-most of
all these squares of road!

Mission 1:

The first  mission in  this campaign  is similar  to that  of the
first, except  you must destroy three radars instead of two.  All
three of them are in a straight line, running loosely parallel to
the coast  and a  north-south running road.  Two of the three are
guarded by  the deadly  rapier weapons,  and one  of  these  also
reveals an  ammo crate  when destroyed  -  the other one is a bit
of a walk-over really.
From the ship, head due west and a tiny bit north, and you should
come to  the first  radar soon  after you  reach the  coast.  Fly
straight over  this, and  let off two hydras to destroy the first
machine gunner,  then double  back on  yourself and  destroy  the
other one  in the same way.  Now you can destroy the actual radar
itself with  several burst  from your  chain gun, all in complete

When that's  done, head  north, going parallel with the road, and
when you  see a  big brown  tank (a  ZSU) going  up the road too,
quickly veer away west to evade it's deadly fire.  Now you have a
decision to make: either destroy it at the cost of two hellfires,
or leave it and allow it to attack you later - I think you should
destroy it. To do this, fly back towards it, but from a different
direction, and  let off  a hellfire at it.  Now fly around a bit,
making sure  you keep circling and changing direction so it can't
get a  clean shot on you.  When you get the chance, and it's guns
are pointing  away from  you, fly  towards  it,  and  let  off  a
hellfire to destroy it.

Once it is destroyed, continue up the road, and follow it when it
goes 90-  right. A  second after  you make  the turn and carry on
forward, you  should be  attacked by a lone troop, so destroy him
with the  chain gun,  then follow the road on it's next 90- turn,
this time  to the  left. Just after that, consult the map for the
second radar's location, then fly over to this. (This should mean
going about due north from the road.)

When you  arrive, first  destroy the  rapier to  the south of the
radar with a hellfire, then you'll have a little more time to fly
around the  machine gunner, and destroy this with a hellfire too.
When that's destroyed, shoot down the radar, but make sure you do
this slowly  so you  don't destroy  the ammo crate which pops out
when you've done it.  However, don't collect this ammo crate yet.
Instead, fly  back to  the road by going west and a little south,
then follow  this north  again. As you're going, you'll past by a
civilian 'camp-site',  and soon  after, a M3VDA will come rolling
down the  road.   Quickly hit  this with a hellfire before it can
shoot at  you, and  it will  be destroyed instantly.  Now go back
and collect the ammo crate.

Next go back towards the camp-site again, up the road, then, when
it turns right, carry on straight up the screen, using the map to
guide yourself to the last radar. When you get close, be careful,
and attack  swiftly with  one hellfire  at a time, until both the
rapiers are  destroyed.   This is  very difficult because they're
well armed,  and the amount of hellfires you'll use up to destroy
them both  will vary.   When they have both been destroyed, shoot
down the radar with your chain gun.

Mission 2:

This mission  involves rescuing 10 jail breakers.  The idea is to
blow a  hole in  the jails,  then collect the men as they escape.
There are  three jails,  each with 4 men, and you can only hold 6
men in your chopper at a time. I usually go for the jail furthest
north first  since we  are near that now.  However, before you go
charging into the area, first press F1 to get the map, and scroll
the items with the right and left arrows until it shows where all
the ZSU's are located. You should find that there is one of these
near our  first jail.   Remember  exactly where  it is, then head
towards this jail using the map to guide you there.

You must  now destroy  this first  ZSU. To  do this,  use  either
plenty of  hydras or  get  right  in  there  and  use  two  quick
hellfires.   However you  do it, be careful because it is deadly.
The reason for destroying it now is so it doesn't sneak up on you
when you're  picking up  the jail  breakers, and  do some serious
damage to your armour!  When you have destroyed that, look at the
map and  use it  to guide yourself to the southern most 'diamond'
of road  in  that  'town'.  When  you  arrive,  destroy  the  two
buildings and  you will  find that one has the quick ladder. Pick
this up  in the normal way and you will have a big advantage when
you rescue the jail breakers in a minute.

Anyway, now  use the  map to  find the exact location of the jail
building in the town, and go towards this. Make sure you kill the
rapier guarding  it, and  then the  few  men  standing  on  roofs
carrying hydra  launchers on their shoulders too.  These are very
annoying and  can be  deadly, so  kill them off quickly with your
chain gun.   When  everything is  dead, and you are safe, use the
chain gun  and a couple of hydras on the jail building  (a mostly
white construction),  then be  as quick as possible in picking up
the four  men, each  one of which will come out when the previous
one has been picked up.  Usually, as soon as you pick up the last
man, a ZSU will come from the top-left hand corner of the screen,
so get  out to the south as soon as he's on the ladder.  When you
have all  four, quickly  high-tail it out of there, and take them
to the coast, to the northern-most landing point.

You can now pick up the fuel and the ammo as well as dropping off
the troops.   This  will leave you with an empty load, nearly max
armour, full  fuel, and  full ammo.   Now head south east and use
the same method on the middle jail.  This time it is more heavily
guarded, so be careful. You may well find two ZSUs here, together
with one  or two  rapiers and  a machine  gunner. Make  sure  you
destroy all  of these before you attack the jail and save all the
men.   Whilst you  are picking  the men  up, listen  out for  any
machine gun fire.  If you here any, investigate the a tree to the
south west  of the  jail, because  there is often a man hiding in

When you  have all four of them, use the map to see whether there
are any  ammo crates  or armour  repair kits  hidden in buildings
nearby.   If there  are, destroy  those buildings and collect the
goods because you will need them. When you're ready, take the men
back to the southern-most landing site on the coast.

There, collect the fuel and drop off the men. If you have managed
to collect  all four men from both jails you should now need only
two from  the last  jail.   This is located near the south of the
fly-zone, quite  near the power station.  Use the same tactics as
before on  it, first  destroying the ZSUs, then the weapons, then
the men,  then the jail.  If you run out of ammo, remember to use
the map  to locate  any in  the buildings,  since there is always
quite a  lot to be found.  When you start picking up the men from
the jail, watch out for ZSUs, because I often get attacked whilst
trying to  pick-up the  last one.   If  this happens,  just leave
because you should have enough men by then anyway.  When you have
saved all  that you're  going to, or all that you need to, double
back on  yourself and drop these off at the southern landing site
to get more armour and to complete mission 2.

Mission 3:

At the  briefing you  are told  that you  should now  destroy the
power station.   However, because of your location at the moment,
we are  now going  to turn our attention to the chemical-weapon's
plant which  is supposed  to be  mission 4. To do this, leave the
landing site, and fly to the bottom of the fly-zone, before going
east.   When you get close, use the map to guide yourself over to
the west  of the  station, making  sure  you  slow  down  as  you

When you  get close,  first destroy the machine gunner just north
west of  the chemical  plant, together with any other nasties you
can see from where you are.  Make sure you don't actually go past
the west  side of  the  plant,  because  this  will  reveal  more
weapons. When  they're all  dead, destroy the plant itself with a
few hydras  and the  chain gun.   As  soon as that's blown up, go
around it  and shoot  each of  the chemical silos with hellfires.
To do  this you  must be  very quick and keep going because there
are plenty of things to shoot at you.  However, if you shoot them
all first time  (which is easy with hellfires), then escape north
east of the rightmost one (that's the one you should shoot last),
you should  escape  okay,  and  you  will  be  reported  to  have
completed mission four.

Mission 4:

Because of doing the chemical plant as mission 3, we are going to
have to  do the  power station  (initially mission 3), as mission
4.  Unfortunately, this involves going all the way from the south
of the  fly-zone, to  the north.  You may like to stop off at the
easterly landing  site to  drop off any troops you have picked up
on the  way, and  to collect  the fuel there as well.  As you are
going north,  it is  also a good idea to use the map to check for
any defences because there is no point running into danger if you
don't need to.

When you get near the station, slow right down and get ready with
the hydras.   For  the first  time, this  is major  building  not
defended with  any heavy  weapons  -  just several men which will
all fire  on you  at once,  making your  life very difficult. The
best way  to do  it is  to concentrate  on one  man at a time and
destroy each  one with a single hydra each.  If you want to do it
in a  particular  order,  destroy  the  ones  with  the  shoulder
launchers first 'cos these are more dangerous!!  When you're sure
they're all  dead, destroy the station itself with the chain gun,
then collect the armour repair kit if you need it.

You have  now completed  the mission,  so check your fuel, and if
it's low,  go around  the right  hand side  of  the  station  and
collect the  barrels there.   This  may also  be a  good time  to
collect the  extra life  in the  far top-right hand corner of the
level as well, since you won't be coming up here again.  (See the
general hints for this level for extra help on this)

Mission 5:

The penultimate mission involves blowing up buildings to reveal a
scud commander,  then forcing  him to  tell you  where  the  scud
launcher is  so you  can then destroy it.  The locations of these
scud commanders  aren't revealed  until you capture at least one,
so the first you get will have to be found without the aid of the

Anyway, from the POW camp, go north west, over to where the power
station is.   Now  continue west,  along the top of the fly-zone,
and begin  looking for a building with a flag outside. This isn't
visible from  right at the top of the fly-zone, so you'll have to
keep going  around, north  and south, until you find it. When you
do finally  locate the  building, destroy  it with your chain gun
and a  couple of  hydras, and a little red chappy should run from
it.   Chase after  him and  pick him up, and he will tell you the
location of  the first  scud launcher,  and the  locations of the
rest of the commanders. To find these locations look on the map.

When you know the location of the first scud launcher, go over to
it, and  quickly destroy it with two hellfires before it launches
it's scud  missile.  Now  look on the map, and ask it to show you
all the  scud commanders.   It should now show five red dots, and
these show  you the locations of the buildings with the red flags

The rest  of the  mission involves  going to  find each  of these
commanders, one at a time.  When you arrive at the location shown
on the  map, you  will find a building with a flag outside  (just
like the  one you  saw just  now), and  you then  need to destroy
this, capture  the commander, then find and destroy the next scud
launcher.  You will find, when you look at the map, that the scud
commanders are  based in  a loose 'U' shape, which starts west of
the power  station, goes all the way down to the chemical weapons
plant, then goes all the way back up to east of the power station
again.   As well  as this  to help,  you will also find that each
time you go to a new scud launcher, this takes you in the general
direction of  the next  scud commander, so it all fits into place
very easily.

During this  time, try  to avoid  going over  the built-up  areas
because there  will be  an increase  in the  number of  ZSUs, and
these will be concentrated where there are more roads. Also, when
attacking  the  scud  launchers,  destroy  them  quickly  because
otherwise they  will let  off their  missiles, and this loses you
30,000 points  for each  one let  off, once  you've completed the
campaign.   Finally,   watch out  for the  machine gunners  which
sometimes guard the scud launchers, because these can destroy you
as you try and blow them up.

Mission 6:

Now you  have completed  the first  five missions,  take  a  deep
breath and  go onto this, the last one.  We are now going to turn
our attention to the POW camp, and rescue at least 14 from the 16
prisoners held there.

Head south  east, and  use the map to guide yourself to the camp.
When you  arrive, approach  slowly, and  make sure  it's  from  a
definite angle   (that  is, either  from the  top   (north),  the
bottom  (south), the left  (west), or the right  (east).  This is
because there  is a guard tower on each side of the camp, and you
need to  make sure  that you approach one of these at a time, not

When you  arrive, use  a hydra on the man in the nearest tower to
you, then  go around  the outside  of the  camp, in a circle, and
destroy the other three men too.  Remember that the towers to the
south and  west are  actually inside the fence, and the north and
east ones  are just  outside.  When they have all been destroyed,
start shooting  the buildings  inside the camp with hydras. Don't
use the  chain  gun  because  this  is  too  slow.  When  one  is
destroyed, the POWs will start coming out, one at a time, and you
can pick them up.  When you pick up men from the hut at the south
west of the camp, beware of one who decides to run in between the
guard tower  and the  perimeter fence.   To  rescue him, you must
destroy the tower, because, otherwise, you can't get close enough
to the man without hitting the tower and losing armour.

When you  have four  POWs, the building will be empty, so get two
more from  another, before  dropping off  your full  load at  the
landing site a fair way south from the camp.  (See map.)  On your
way to the landing site, you may come across another guard tower,
so it  is wise  to evade  this by  going west  a bit before going
south towards the landing point. You may also find enemy soldiers
in the  squares of  road near the camp, these should be shot down
with one hydra each.

Now go  back to the camp and repeat the process.  However, as you
approach, use  the map  system to  check for  ZSUs, because these
will start  coming over  towards the action.  If any do come, you
must destroy  each one  with  two  hellfires,  otherwise  they'll
shoot you  down as  you try  to pick  the POWs  up. When you have
another load of 6 men, go back and drop these off, then come back
again, fill up for a last time, and you should then find that the
mission is  complete. If  you're feeling  very brave, pick up the
last two  men   (even though you don't need to for the success of
the mission),  because this  will give  you extra points when you
get back to the frigate.

To Wrap-Up campaign 2:

When you have rescued at least 14 POW, so long as you've done all
the other  mission too, you will now have completed the campaign.
All you  need to  do now  is head for home, only stopping to drop
off any  troops left  in your  chopper, at  one  of  the  coastal
landing points.  Now you can complete the last leg of the journey
back 'home', over the sea and onto the frigate's landing pad.



    This campaign  is  really  annoying  because  the  first  six
    missions are  easy, then  the last  two are really difficult.
    This means that every time you play the campaign, you spend a
    long time  playing the  first six missions, then you die in a
    matter of seconds on the two harder bits!!

    To retaliate  against your  rescue of the prisoners of war in
    campaign two,  terrorists have  taken hostage U.N. inspectors
    and have  captured the  US  embassy  which  contains  several
    officials.   These two  factors  are  the  main  reasons  for
    invading the area, but unfortunately, there are several other
    things to destroy during this campaign :-

    Mission one is to rescue the U.N inspectors I just mentioned.
    They are being held hostage by two gunmen outside a big hotel
    in one  of the  town.  You would have thought that they would
    have been  kept hidden  away better though, because as it is,
    it is very easy to rescue them!!!

    Mission two involves blowing up several factories used by the
    madman to  make biological  weapons.  All these factories are
    together in a little 'estate', and each one contains one main
    'bio-chemist' which you must pick up.

    Mission three is to blow up at least four underground missile
    silos.  You are given the location of one every time you pick
    up a bio-chemist in mission two, and there are five or six in
    all.   The silos  are disguised by sand dunes which will need
    to be  blown-up first,  then you must destroy the silo before
    it lets off it's missile if you want to get full points.

    Mission four leaves you rescuing American pilots, lost at sea
    in little  life-boats.   These are guarded by two enemy boats
    each, which  are both  heavily guarded.  It does rather leave
    the question:  Why don't the men in the enemy boats just kill
    the men  on the  life-boats anyway,  instead of  bothering to
    stop you from rescuing them!!

    Mission five is very unoriginal - you must simply destroy yet
    another  power  station!!  I  suppose  it  is  slightly  more
    entertaining than  before, because  there are  three  rapiers
    guarding it, all ready to blow huge holes where it hurts!!

    Mission six  is a  bit different  to most because it involves
    exploding a  yacht from  in the  sea, then  rescuing friendly
    soldiers as  they fall  into the  water.  The  yacht  is  the
    Madman's possession,  and you'll  find that  he escapes  once
    you've blown  a big  hole in  it's side.  It's a good job you
    can't destroy  him yet,  'cos otherwise you'd ruin the chance
    of a very entertaining show-down later on!

    Mission seven is where the fun really starts because you must
    find and  take hostage  the enemy  ambassador.  He's a little
    bit of  a chicken and is hiding in an unmarked building!!  Oh
    yea, and  you'll also  finds an  armoured  car  hiding  in  a
    building, ready to attack you when you explode the building!!
    -  Rather stupid I think!!!

    Your eighth  and final  mission is to rescue the officials in
    the US  embassy.   For some  reason the  people who wrote the
    plot for  the game  had to  make it  difficult, so instead of
    being able  to pick the officials up, you must escort them to
    a waiting getaway plane in a bus!!

General hints:

The densely populated areas of this campaign are really dangerous
-   so be  careful.  Never go over the areas  (marked by loads of
close-together roads on the map), unless you have to, because you
will be  attacked by these defenses and probably destroyed.  When
it comes  to the  time when you have to approach the areas, do so
carefully, taking  out one defense at a time, otherwise you'll be
rather mangled, to say the least!!

If you're  running low on something  (whether it be ammo, fuel or
armour), your  best bet  is to approach the edges of the 'towns',
and destroy  the buildings there.  You must be careful not to fly
into the  'towns', but just to get close to the edges and destroy
the  enemy  buildings,  because  otherwise  you're  sure  to  get
attacked.   You could also do this anyway, to reveal supplies for
emergencies later on.

If you're  really stuck  for fuel,  there are  two  really  silly
places to  find it.   In the area you'll find two tankers, and if
you destroy  this, the  fuel they contain is magically bundled up
for you  in little  barrels ready to pick up.  One of the tankers
is just  west of  the biological weapons factories, and the other
is just east and a little south from the American embassy.

Since the  first,  second,  fourth,  sixth,  seventh  and  eighth
missions all  involve picking up between one and eight men, these
will be  your main  source of bonus armour points, because that's
what they  give you  if you  drop them  off at one of the landing
zones.   Remember that  if you  don't need  the armour, you don't
have to  drop your  load off  straight away,  because it  may  be
better to  wait and  drop-off when  you have  really low  armour.
However, remember  that you  can only  have six men at a time, so
you may need to drop off your load so you can pick up more in the
next mission!

As the  little sub-mission  for this  campaign, your  task is  to
pick-up two  stranded news  reporters and  drop them  back off at
their head  quarters.   The men  and the  head quarters  are both
towards the south west of the main built-up area in the centre of
the map.   The  men are  wearing blue  and are  waving their arms
around, standing near their EANN lorry.  When you have them both,
take them  to the head quarters which is a tall building with its
own landing cross outside.

You will  find an  extra life  hidden in one of the dunes near to
the ICBM  missile silo  nearest the  south-east of  the map. Keep
shooting all  the dunes  around that  area, then when you get the
right one,  kill the man with the shoulder launcher with a hydra,
then pick up the red-crossed crate for the life.

The quick  ladder for  this campaign  is hidden  in a low, arched
building near  the far-eastern  side of the 'town' which you pick
the UN inspectors up from in mission one.  Other buildings around
there contain  ammo and  fuel, so  it doesn't matter if you don't
find the  exact building first time.  Anyway, what I want to know
is why  you can't  keep the  quick ladder  from campaign two - it
can't break down that quickly!!

Mission 1:

Mission  one   involves  rescuing  at  least  five  of  six  U.N.
Inspectors who  are being  held hostage out in the streets of one
of the 'towns'. From the frigate, go east to the coast, then take
a look at the map.  You need to get from your present position to
the red  dot which  is towards  the top-right  corner of the map.
Whilst making this journey, ensure that you do not cross over any
built up areas, except the one where the inspectors actually are,
because there  are loads  of defences  and you'll most likely get
As you  approach the  red dot,  slow down so you're ready for the
attack.   The inspectors are guarded by three things: a ZSU tank,
an enemy  soldier armed with a rather vicious hydra-launcher, and
another one with a less powerful weapon.  The best approach is to
come in  from the top-left of the fly-zone.  That way, as long as
you don't  get too  close, you can shoot the least powerful enemy
soldier first, without the ZSU seeing you. When you've killed him
with the  chain gun, continue forwards, and attack the ZSU on the
road with  two hellfires,  then the  bloke firing  hydras with  a
hydra of your own.

When they're  all destroyed you are completely safe, so take your
time and  pick up all six soldiers from the truck.  When you have
them all,  check your fuel, and if it's low, destroy the building
immediately south  west of  the inspector's  van, and  this  will
reveal some barrels.  When you're ready, pop-up the map, and make
it show  you the  landing sites.  Locate the one which is closest
to the  yellow dots  at the  top of the map, then fly directly to
this.   When you  arrive, don't  get the fuel, just drop off your
troops, and then you'll be ready for mission 2.

Mission 2:

Mission 2  involves picking up at least six from a possible seven
or eight  biochemists.   There is  one of  these in  each of  the
biological weapons  factories, shown  as yellow dots near the top
of the map.

There are  eight buildings  in all, I think, and you must blow up
at least six of them. The buildings are protected by four M3VDAs.
When you  come across any of these, immediately destroy them with
one hellfire.   When you blow the buildings up  (and the best way
to do  this is  with five hydras and some chain gun fire for each
one), a  man wearing  white will run from the front door, and try
to escape.  Pick  each  of  these  up  in  turn  (one  from  each
building), and  when you have a full load  (six men), the mission
will be complete.

Now quickly  go back  down to  the building  furthest south,  and
collect the  ammo crate  outside it.  When you have that, go back
to the  landing site  that you dropped the inspectors off at, and
drop off  the biochemists  too.  You may also need to pick up the
fuel whilst your there if your levels are getting a bit low.

Mission 3:

Mission three involves destroying the ICBM missile silos that are
hidden under bunkers in the desert.  You are told of the location
of these  when you collect the biochemists from mission 2.  First
of all,  use you map to guide yourself to the silo nearest to the
top-left corner  of the  map.   As you  approach, slow  down, and
quickly destroy  the ZSU with two hellfires.  Now go a little bit
north and  east and destroy a second ZSU that should come towards
you.   Next, go  back to  the dunes,  and look at them.  When you
find one  that is  a slightly  different colour   (a bit yellower
than the  others), destroy this with your chain gun.  To find out
if it's  the right  one, listen out for a metallic noise when you
hit it for the first time.

As soon  as the  dune is  destroyed, the  silo will  be revealed.
Quickly bombard  this with  hydras, as  quickly as  you can  fire
then, and  if should  explode just  after the  missile  has  been
launched, although  this explosion  will destroy the missile too.
Now collect the ammo crate left behind by the ZSU, before heading
parallel to the coast, down the east side of the line of dunes.

Continue south  until you  reach the  next ZSU,  and destroy this
with another  two hellfires.   Now go north a little, towards the
next strange  looking dune,  and you  will  be  attacked  by  yet
another ZSU.   Destroy  this too,  then blast  the dune with your
chain gun.   When  the silo  is revealed,  quickly shoot  it with
loads of  hydras, and,  as before,  you should  just destroy  the
missile in time too.

Now continue  down the  east side  of the  dunes further, and use
your map to guide yourself to the silo which it just north of the
crack at  the bottom  of the  map, and  still close to the coast.
When you  arrive, make  quick attacks  over the  area to destroy,
first the  M3VDA with  one hellfire, then the M48 with two.  When
they've both  blown, turn  your attention  to  the  northern-most
bunker.   Destroy this in the same way as you did before, then do
the same on the silo too. When that's destroyed, collect the ammo
crate and the armour repair kit if you need it.

Now continue  east along the crack at the bottom of the fly-zone,
and use  the map  again to guide yourself to the next silo.  When
you arrive,  do it  from the south so you can destroy the machine
gunner without alerting the other defence. Now fly over the area,
and destroy  the M3VDA  with one  hellfire, and the M48 with two.
Next, destroy  the dune  furthest left  with your  chain  gun  to
reveal some  fuel, then  attack the  dune just  east of there, to
first reveal  the silo  then destroy  it, and  the missile,  with
several hydras. When the missile is destroyed, turn you attention
to the  dune just  north of  there, and destroy that for an extra
life, and the one north east of it for an ammo crate.

Mission 4:

Mission four  involves rescuing  two out of three friendly troops
lost in  life boats out at sea.  First of all, head west, and use
your map to guide yourself to the life boat nearest the bottom of
the map.  When you arrive, destroy the enemy boat to the north of
the life  boat with two hellfires, then quickly pick up the troop
from the  life boat, and get out of there before you get attacked
any more by the other enemy boat.

The  bloke  you  just  picked  up  now  tells  use  some  useless
information, so skip that, and get to the map.  Use that to guide
yourself north,  past the  west side  of the  frigate, and to the
next life  boat. There, quickly fly over the life boat, and hover
for a  split second  to pick  up the  man, before  scarpering the
area.   Don't wait  to shoot the boats as this is a waste of time
and ammo.   Now  head east again, back to the shore, and drop off
the two  men at  the nearest  landing site  to recover some much-
needed armour points.

Mission 5:

Before you attack the Madman's yacht in mission six, you must now
destroy the power station so the yacht's defenses aren't so good.
To do  this, first  go south,  all the  way to  the crack  at the
bottom of  this fly-zone, and follow this crack, all the way east
until you  reach the  far right hand side of the fly-zone you can
fly in.   Now  go north  for a while, and you will soon arrive at
the station.

As soon  as you  arrive, make  sure you  stay to the south of the
station, and  destroy the  rapier by  the  fuel  barrels  with  a
hellfire.  Now go west a little and destroy a second rapier, then
circle around  the last hellfire, one to the north, so you attack
it from  the north, rather than the south.  (Make sure you circle
nice and  wide so  it can't  'follow' you  with it's guns. Now go
back to  the south of the station so you can see yourself better,
and destroy  the station  with your  chain gun  to avoid using up
hydras and  hellfires.  When it's blown, collect the fuel barrels
just south of it, then you're ready to do mission six.

Mission 6:

From the power station, go back south to the crack in the ground,
and follow  this all  the way  back to the west again, so you get
back to the coast.  Now continue west, south of your frigate, and
approach the  Madman's  yacht.  This  is  well  defended  with  a
helicopter and an enemy ship, so be careful.

First approach the helicopter, and destroy it with a hellfire and
a hydra shot at the same time.  If you miss, circle the yacht and
try again.   When  that's destroyed,  attack the enemy yacht, and
destroy this  with a further two hellfires.  Now turn to face the
yacht itself,  and shoot  down the two enemy troops on board with
the chain gun.

When all  those defences  are blown,  it's time  to  destroy  the
yacht.   Use your  chain gun  on it  until a hole appears in it's
side, then  begin to  pick up  the troops  as they  fall into the
water.  Make sure you don't get too close to the yacht, otherwise
you will  bang into  it and  lose armour, and make sure you don't
take too long picking up each man, otherwise they will drown.

Soon after  you blow  a hole in the yacht, the Madman will escape
on an enemy craft - you can't stop this. Soon after that, another
enemy craft  will come  after you, so destroy this quickly with a
few hydras or a couple of hellfires. Also, whilst you are picking
up the friendly troops from the water, you will be shot at by new
enemy troops  that appear  on board  the  yacht.  Make  sure  you
destroy these with your chain gun as soon as they appear.

When you  have picked  up six men from the water, take these back
to the  southern-most landing  site on  the coast, then drop them
off and  collect the  ammo crate  there   (if you haven't done so
already).   Now go  back to the yacht again, and pick up at least
two more,  and you  will have completed the mission!  If you pick
up many  more than  two on  this second  visit, yet another enemy
craft will  appear, so  it's not  really worth it unless you need
the bonus  armour points  for dropping  them off  at the  landing

Mission 7:

From the  landing site, go all the way to the dense area of roads
near the  top-right of the map  (where the enemy ambassador is in
hiding).   On your  journey, DON'T  go over  any other  buildings
because there  are loads  of defences  in  the  built  up  areas.
Instead, approach your destination from the south by going around
the south  of the  most densely  populated area,  and near to the
power station.

When you get close you will come across a radar. YOU MUST DESTROY
THIS FIRST!   Before  you do,  destroy the rapier with one or two
hellfires, then  the man with a shoulder launcher with a hydra as
well.   Now deck  the radar  with the  chain gun  and hydras, and
collect the ammo crate that's left behind if you need it.

During the  next couple  of minutes,  you'll  be  destroying  the
buildings and  defences in  the 'town'.  If, at any time, you run
out of  ammo, destroy  the pinkish,  arched building which is the
furthest south of the west-most buildings, and an ammo crate will
be revealed.   Likewise, if your armour is low, destroy a similar
building, this  time the  southern-most building  in this 'town',
and a repair kit will be yours.

Now approach the actual buildings themselves.  As soon as you get
there you  must track  down and destroy the M48 first, as this is
most dangerous   (this  is nearer  the south of the 'town').  Now
destroy the  little machine gunner towards the east of the 'town'
with two  hydras.   When both  of them  are gone, destroy the ZSU
tank nearer  the north of the town, but watch out, it is a really
dangerous thing and you will have to be careful.

When all three of these defences are busted, you can start on the
buildings.  Destroy the central one first  (the one with the flag
outside), and  capture the  grey man that runs out of it  -  he's
the  enemy  ambassador.    Now  destroy  the  other  four  square
buildings   (the ones  with two  little radars on top), but watch
out, because  there's a  big tank  waiting inside  the last  one.
Destroy that  as soon as it's revealed with hydras and hellfires,
and the mission will be complete!!

Mission 8:

Mission 8  is to  rescue several  embassy officials,  by dropping
your co-pilot  off by  the embassy  so he  ushers them into a bus
waiting by  the gate.   You  then have  to escort the bus in your
chopper as its way all the way to the south-east of the fly-zone,
where the officials will be taken away in a waiting plane.

However, before  you drop off your co-pilot and start the mission
'proper', you'll  need to  destroy plenty  of defences around the
area so they can't attack when the bus is actually in action.  To
do this,  fly south,  and guide  yourself with  the  map  to  the
embassy.  Make sure you approach it from the NE.

Once you've  arrived, quickly  destroy the  first rapier  with  a
hellfire, then  the helicopter  that flies in from the south with
loads of  hydras.  Now fly around to the other end of the embassy
(via, the  south), and  go a  little north,  to destroy  a second
rapier.   You should now be attacked by another helicopter coming
in from  the west,  so destroy  this with  hydras and a hellfire,
before flying  over to  the brown,  arched building  on the grass
plot   (where that  second helicopter  came from), and destroying
the rapier  to the  north west.   Finally, go back to the embassy
(which should  be south  east of that last rapier), and fly south
to destroy the rapier that's down there.

If you now need extra armour, ammo or fuel, (checking your status
now would  be a  good idea),  start to  destroy the  pink  arched
buildings in  the locality.   These  are all  enemy buildings and
many contain  the required  goodies, so  keep shooting  until you
come across  what you  want!   Don't worry  about being  attacked
whilst doing  this because  you are safe so long as you destroyed
the four rapiers and two helicopters before.

When you  are ready for the real action, get yourself back to the
embassy, and  land your  chopper on  the white cross to drop your
co-pilot off.   Now  follows a nice little animation showing your
co-pilot blasting  hell out  of two  bad guys, then as soon as it
finishes, you  are dumped  back to  DOS  in  a  rather  dangerous
situation.   I recommend  that you  immediately fly  out  of  the
present screen,  then turn and attack everything that gets thrown
at you.   This protects the bus from being shot as well as giving
you more  room to  manoeuvre if  you head east so you're not over
too many buildings.

Seconds later  you'll get another animation showing your co-pilot
ushering the business dudes into the bus.  This is your signal to
get following  it, because  it won't  wait for  you!!  During the
escort, you  must remember  that ensuring  the  bus's  safety  is
upmost!   After all,  if you  let it  get  blown  up,  the  whole
campaign will  be lost and you'll be told to high-tail it back to
the frigate  to get a real toasting from the moody briefing man!!
You must  also remember  that as  you go,  more and more defences
will materialise  to stop  you, so although it looks like a clear
road ahead  on the  map, you will still get attacked by plenty of
things.   You can  almost be  sure that after every 10 seconds of
unmolested driving  time, you  will be  attacked with one form of
defence or the other; and we're not talking machine gunners here!

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff!!  First of all, catch the bus
up, and  then fly on ahead of it  (up the road that goes directly
north), and  destroy the  rapier on  the right-hand-side  of  the
road.   Now get back level with the bus  (over it), and follow it
as it  turns left.  When it gets stuck at the road-block, destroy
this with  some chain gun fire, making sure you don't destroy the
bus, then  quickly destroy the ZSU coming down the road, with two
hellfires, ensuring  it doesn't  reach the bus before you blow it
up.   Now do  the same  again when  the bus reaches the next road
block, but  pay even  more care in ensuring that you have destroy
the ZSU before it reaches the bus.  If you need ammo or whatever,
it's worth  noting that  you should  be safe  whilst the  bus  is
waiting at a road-block, because the ZSUs don't materialise until
those are destroyed.

Now continue  following the bus just in front, and go ahead of it
when it  turns left and begins to follow the road south.  Between
there and  the next  bend in the road you should meet yet another
ZSU, so dispatch that one before the bus catches up as well.  Now
wait for  the bus, and when it gets under you again, follow it to
the next right turn where it should turn and drive off-road.

Keep following the bus as it goes along the desert, then go ahead
of it  again when  it makes  the slight adjustment to go directly
south just  before it hits the big rock mountain.  A second later
you should  come across  an M48  armoured car,  so  destroy  this
dangerous machine  with a  further  two  hellfires.  When  that's
bitten the dust  (literally!!),  allow the bus to catch up a bit,
then follow it until it rejoins the road at the cross-roads.  Now
go ahead  to the south and destroy the rapier  -  the last you'll
come across in this campaign!!!

Now go  back to  the bus  again, and follow over it until it gets
blocked by the stupid EANN news-reporter's van. (Read the general
notes for this campaign for more info about the role EANN play in
this campaign)  Although you may feel it's civilian property, you
must destroy  it all  the same because your daft co-pilot driving
the bus  can't even  think to  steer round  it on the other lane!
(Perhaps he  thinks a  few ZSUs  might be going home in the other

When the van is mangled with a bit of chain gun fire, continue to
follow the  bus along  the road,  left at the turning, and to the
dead-end.   When the  bus stops  again, destroy yet another road-
block with more chain gun fire, then follow the bus onto the sand
again.   Now go  ahead of it again to destroy another M48, before
getting back  above the  bus and  following it all the way south-
east to the big 'crack' in the landscape.

When the  bus arrives,  shoot down the man at the guard-post with
your chain gun, so the bridge goes down, and follow the bus as it
goes across.  Now go ahead of the bus for a last time and destroy
the final  ZSU somewhere  between there  and the  drop-off point.
When that's  gone, fly  over the  last few metres of desert until
the bus reaches the big plane.

At the  plane-site, the  bus will  stop and each of the officials
will get  out of  the bus in turn and run into the waiting plane.
When all of them are out, pick up your co-pilot  (the man wearing
the brown that doesn't get into the plane  (obviously)), and then
breath at  least forty  seven sighs  of relief and smash the joy-
stick in  celebration!!   (Well perhaps  its best if you don't do
this last action!!)

To Wrap-Up campaign 3:

Since the  last mission didn't really involve picking up any men,
you don't have a lot to do before you go back to the frigate.  In
fact, the only thing I had to worry about was the fact that I had
very little  fuel left,  so it's  just really  a matter of racing
back to the ship before you crash into the sea!!




    This campaign,  the final  one, is  really hard,  and  you're
    gonna need a lot of talent  (and all three extra lives!!)  if
    you are to complete it all.  It is set in the area around the
    oil-fields, the  presidential palace,  the  Nuclear  weapon's
    plant, and the Madman's mighty bomber plane!

    In return  for rescuing  them in  campaign three, the embassy
    officials have  given  you  the  locations  of  the  Madman's
    Nuclear  weapon's   plant  and   his   presidential   palace.
    Unfortunately, in  retaliation for  your success,  the Madman
    has ordered  the destruction  of the local oil-field, and the
    pollution of  the gulf with oil, so there's plenty to do.  As
    an even  bigger problem,  the stategists  on the frigate only
    know what  your first  two mission  are going  to be, and you
    only get  given the  third once  the second in completed, and
    the fourth when the third is completed etc.

    Mission one  is to  safeguard the  oil-field. The  Madman has
    ordered several ZSU tanks to destroy it, so you have to first
    destroy these,  then drop off six commandos which will ensure
    that the area is kept safe when you have left.

    Mission two involves protecting the gulf from three major oil
    pipes which  are gushing  tons of  oil into the sea  -  or at
    least they  will if  you don't stop them.  You must shoot the
    very end  of these pipes which will buckle them up into knots
    so the flow of oil stops.

    Mission three  is to  save at  least 15  out of a possible 16
    civilians being  tortured in underground bomb shelters dotted
    around the  fly-zone.    Unfortunately,  these  shelters  are
    protected by buried ZSU tanks and lethal crotales as well, so
    you'll have  to be  on your  toes if your gonna rescue enough
    people for it to be classed as a success.

    Mission four  is to destroy at least five bomb parts that are
    going to be shipped out to the Madman's bomber ready to wreak
    damage on  the earth.   These  bomb parts are being hidden in
    garbage trucks, but to make things more difficult, the Madman
    has  ordered  other  garbage  trucks  to  be  sent  out  with
    civilians in as decoys.  Your job will be to destroy only the
    ones with bomb parts in, so you keep the civilians safe.

    Mission five involves blowing up the Madman's Nuclear weapons
    plant and  picking up  an important  Nuclear  scientist.  The
    plant is a huge building with four towers around it that must
    also be  destroyed, and  then there's  an adjoining  building
    with the scientist in to be destroyed too.

    Mission six  is similar to mission 2 in campaign 1, mission 3
    in campaign  2, and  mission 5 in campaign 3  -  that is, you
    must destroy  a 400 megawatt power station. The power station
    in this  campaign is  boosting the defences in and around the
    Madman's presidential  power  station,  so  it's  destruction
    greatly enhances your chances when destroying that.

    Mission seven  is supposed  to  be  the  last  mission.    It
    involves blowing  up the presidential palace so your co-pilot
    can then  go in  and capture  the Madman  hiding in  a bunker
    below it.

    Mission eight?   Well,  mission eight  isn't even supposed to
    happen originally,  but it  does, I'm  afraid! I'm  not gonna
    spoil your  fun in  finding out  about it  yet... you'll just
    have to complete mission seven, won't you??!!

General hints:

There's not much to this campaign, but it's still extremely hard.
The only  thing I can say is to stick to the exact mission order,
and be very careful!  You don't need to rush things, and you must
take every  opportunity to  re-stock on  things when you need to.
You must  also be  very careful  to preserve  everything that you
have, because  although there  are a  lot of ammo crates and fuel
drums, you  will  need  a  lot,  so  there's  nothing  to  waste.
However, most  of all  you must be careful to take very few hits,
and use  the bonus  armour points  for dropping men of at landing
sites wisely.

There are three extra lives in this campaign thank goodness!  The
first is  near the  presidential palace in the 'town' nearest the
top of  the fly-zone.   It  is in  a fairly  tall building with a
spire in each corner, located near the NE side of the palace, but
is heavily  guarded, as  with all  buildings in  this area,  with
loads of dangerous crotales.

The other  two are  located at  opposite ends of the 'town' where
all the garbage trucks are roaming the streets. Their approximate
locations are  detailed below  in this road-map of just this town
near the bottom-right corner of the main in-game map :-

     This road leads out of the fly-zone at the easterly side.
	  /\/-/--------The second extra life is in a small,
	  \/\/\/        rectangular, brown building.
	  /\/-/--------The third extra life is a low, pink,
	  \/\/          arched building somewhere in here.
       This road leads to the
     final shelter you destroy
	 in mission three.

There is also a quick ladder in this campaign, and it is a little
easier to  find than usual 'cos it's not hidden in a building but
out in  the open  air.  It is located just SW of the ZSU furthest
north of the oil-field you need to save in mission one.

Mission 1:

Mission one  is to  safe-guard the  oil-fields  which  are  being
attacked by  Madman's forces.   Before  you do that, however, you
first need  to pick-up  six commandos which will help to keep the
field safe  once you've  gone.   To do that, head directly up the
screen from your frigate until you reach the coast.  When you do,
go east  for a second or two, until you get the other side of the
dunes, then carry on up these so you're going parallel to them.

In another few seconds you should come along a bunker in the sand
by the  dunes,  with a friendly troop standing outside.  Pick him
up first,  then five  more will run out of the bunker and you can
pick these up as well.

When you  have all  six, head directly east  (right), and use the
map to  guide you  to the  furthest north of the light blue dots.
On your  may you might find a rapier which you can destroy with a
hellfire as  you go.  When you arrive at the dot, you'll see that
it's a  ZSU!   Destroy this  with two hellfires, then collect the
quick ladder  which is  in between  four oil tanks a little SW of
there.   Now use  the map  to guide  yourself  to  the  blue  dot
directly south of first you went to.  Destroy the ZSU found there
as well  (with two more hellfires), then use the map again to get
to the blue dot directly west  (left), of your position.  Destroy
that as  well with  two last hellfires, then get your map to show
you landing sites.

Use the map to guide yourself to the landing site that's east and
a little north of the oil field, and when you arrive, collect the
ammo there.   Now  fly to  the next light blue dot, this time the
one furthest to the right on the map. Destroy the ZSU there, then
the one  at the light blue dot furthest left on the map, then the
one furthest south.

When they're  all destroyed,  there should  be one light blue dot
left on  the map.   Unfortunately, when you destroy this, another
one appears,  and when  you destroy  that, another  one  appears.
Anyway, go  around these  final three  dots and  destroy the ZSUs
there with  four or  five hydras  each.   The final one should be
near a  white cross, so when it's destroyed, land on that and you
will drop  off  the  six  commandos,  and  the  mission  will  be

Mission 2:

In mission  two you  will be  stopping oil flowing out from three
separate pipes so that the gulf doesn't get polluted.  Before you
do this,  however, go and collect the fuel barrels which are just
SE of your position.

Now use  the map  to guide  yourself to the oil spill nearest the
bottom of the map.  As you get near, slow down, then fly over the
area and  let off  several hydras.   When you have flown past the
area, return  and let  off more  hydras, and  continue doing this
until all three defences near the mini pier are destroyed.

Now you need to stop the spill.  The best place to go is to south
of the  pipe, and a tiny bit east.  Now shoot the very tip of the
pipe  (the end that is spilling water)  with your chain gun.  You
are only making an impact on the pipe when the explosion the shot
makes is  grey, so  keep making  minor adjustments  until you are
making direct  hits.   When you are, keep shooting with the chain
gun, and  in the end the pipe will all buckle up and the oil will
stop flowing.

Now collect  the ammo  crate just south of the pier, and get over
the sea  before going  north, parallel  to the  coast.  When  you
arrive at the next spill (which is quite close to the first), use
hellfires on  the two  main defences,  then a single hydra on the
man standing  on the pier.  Now use the same tactics as before to
stop the  oil from  flowing, before  collecting the armour repair
kit just north of the spill.

Now continue  up the coast again, flying over the sea to conserve
fuel.   When you  arrive at  the final  spill, be  a little  more
conservative than  before.   First destroy  the boat to the south
with a  volley of hydras, then the M3VDA or whatever it is on the
pier with a hellfire or two.  Now fly a little bit more north and
tackle the second boat with a few more hydras.

When all those are destroyed, do the same again on the tip of the
pipe to stop the flow and complete the mission.  When you've done
that, collect  the fuel  and you'll  be ready  to  start  mission

Mission 3:

Mission  three   is  another   one  where  you  have  to  go  off
gallivanting around the area and doing things in several parts of
the map.   The  idea is  to destroy four bomb shelters and rescue
four civilians which escape from each. Unfortunately, each one is
well guarded so be careful.

As a  starter for ten, fly east and use the map to fine-tune your
arrival at  the first  bomb-shelter.  As you arrive, slow down so
that you  only get  some dunes  just left  of the  shelter in the
picture, and not the shelter itself.  These dunes contain a half-
buried ZSU,  so shoot  them with a couple of hydras to reveal the
ZSU fully, then shoot the ZSU with two hellfires to destroy it.

Now go  east a  little more  and do  the same with the ZSU buried
right next  to the  shelter.   When that's  destroyed too,  fly a
little south,  then turn  so you're facing the steps at the south
side of the shelter.  Now shoot the back-wall of these steps with
your chain gun, remembering that you are only hitting the desired
spot when the explosions that your chain gun shots make are grey,
and not  yellow.  When you're defiantly shooting the right place,
continue with  your chain  gun and  a couple  of hydras until the
shelter blows!   Make  sure that you stop shooting as soon as you
get the  explosion so you don't shoot the first man as he emerges
from underground!

Now pick-up the four men that run from the shelter one at a time.
When you have all four, get your map to show you the landing site
locations, and  fly over  to the one that's NW of the shelter you
just destroyed.   Upon  arrival at  that, drop-off your load, and
collect the ammo crate as well.

Now head  NE to  the next shelter that's very near the top of the
map, using  the map  to guide your arrival at the exact location.
Use the  same tactics  as on  the first  shelter on  this one, to
first reveal the ZSUs with hydras, and then destroy each one with
two hellfires  each.   When you've  done that, blow a hole in the
shelter in the same way as before, and collect the four civilians
as they  emerge into the daylight.  When you have picked them all
up, collect the fuel that was revealed by the shelter.

Now get  your map  to reveal  landing sites again, and fly to the
one directly  east.  Drop off your four men here, then fly to the
next shelter  which is directly south of the landing site, making
sure that  you steer  clear of  the 'town'  on the way down. This
shelter is guarded by some pretty mean machines, but if you shoot
each one with two hellfires you should be okay. When they're both
goners, blow  a hole  in the  shelter and pick up the four man in
the usual way.

Next you  need to  go and  refill your  ammunition  again.    The
quickest thing  to do is collect the crate you left behind at the
previous landing site  (where you dropped the last four civilians
off at),  and this  also means you can drop-off your present four
blokes at the same time. When you've done that, go to the landing
site nearest  the bottom  of the  map and collect the fuel that's

Now fly  all the  way to the shelter at the bottom of the map. On
the way, try to avoid the 'towns' as ever, because these have got
loads of  things to  destroy you,   so  it's not  worth the risk.
When you  arrive at  the shelter  you'll finds  that  it  is  the
easiest of  the lot to destroy, so reveal the one ZSU with  three
hydras, then  destroy it with two hellfires.  Now rescue the four
men from  inside in the same way as before, then the mission will
be complete.

Mission 4:

Mission four  involves destroying  five parts to a big bomb which
are all  being transported in garbage trucks.  Unfortunately, the
person in  charge has also sent out decoy garbage trucks out with
civilians in,  so you'll  have to  be careful to only destroy the
relevant one.

The garbage  trucks are all driving around the 'town' near to the
shelter you've  just destroyed.   There are about eight in total,
and to see whether they have bomb parts or civilians inside, wait
until they're  driving 'up'  the screen,  then take a look in the
back.   If it  looks like  a load of garbage, it's civilians, and
the bomb  parts look  like a load of mini missiles stacked by the
big back door.

I can't describe how to get each one individually 'cos they drive
around too  much.   All you need to really do is just keep flying
around the  city until  you see a truck, then follow it until you
can see  inside it's  back.   If it  does contain  missile parts,
follow it along the roads and keep shooting it with the chain gun
and a couple of hydras.  If not, just leave it.

Whilst searching  for the  trucks, watch  out for  a  variety  of
defences in  the 'town'.   You  shouldn't bother to destroy these
because there  are just  so many, and you have very limited ammo.
Instead, if you see one, try to get out of the way so it  doesn't
attack or follow you.

When you have destroyed five garbage trucks containing bomb parts
then the  mission will  be complete,  if you  destroy  ones  with
civilians in  then you  will lose  points at  the end-of-campaign
briefing  -  if you get that far!!!!!!

Mission 5:

Mission five  is very  difficult. It  involves blowing  up a huge
Nuclear weapons  plant together with four towers and an adjoining
building after  which you  must also  pick up  an important enemy

Before you  start the  mission, you  must have full fuel and ammo
otherwise it becomes much more difficult.  The best way to obtain
these is to blow up some of the enemy buildings around the 'town'
where you  were getting  the garbage  trucks.  You will find what
you need  in the  end, since  there are  quite a lot of buildings
with goodies hidden in, around the area.

When you  are ready  to start  the mission proper, fly east until
you are  on an  exact line  so that if you went straight 'up' the
map, you  would eventually  arrive at  the Nuclear weapons plant.
Now fly  north, straight  towards the plant, and you'll find that
you will  come across  a radar  and two  machine gunners  after a
little while.

You must  destroy this, and another radar, before you can destroy
either the  plant itself  or any  of it's  defences. To  do this,
destroy the  two machine  gunners with  two hydras each, then the
radar with  your chain  gun, being  careful to not shoot the ammo
crate left  behind.   Don't collect this ammo yet either, because
it will be vital later on.

Now fly  'up' the  screen so  you get  to the north of the plant,
making sure  you don't  fly over or too near the plant as you go.
Make your way so you are hovering over the /\ shaped point in the
road near  the plant.   From  there, fly directly 'up' the screen
and you will eventually end up by the second radar. Destroy this,
and the two resident machine gunners like before, and then you'll
be ready to attack the plant itself.

Fly east to the far right-hand-side of the fly-zone before you go
south, so  that, when you approach the plant, you are going left,
and you approach its east side.  When you arrive, shoot the first
crotale with  three hellfires,  then the  one a  little north (or
south if  you got  the wrong  one first),  with three  more.  Now
collect the  ammo crate  nearby, and  fly  around  to  the  other
(left) side  of the  plant where you should destroy the other two
crotales, trying  to stay  quite a way away from them so you have
time to destroy their shots.

When all four crotales are destroyed,  fly to the right-hand-side
of a  relatively small  square building  just south  of the  main
nuclear weapons  plant, and  destroy it with your chain gun and a
couple of hydras.  When the scientist bloke runs out of the door,
quickly pick  him up.  Now destroy the main plant with hydras and
your chain  gun, followed  by the  two big  cooling towers to the
plant's NE  and NW, and the smaller tower just to the left of the
plant.  Don't use up any hellfires you may have left whilst doing
this, because you'll need it/them in a minute.  Also, don't worry
about the  small tower  to the SE of the plant, because you don't
need to destroy this.

When all  of that  has blown,  the mission should be complete, so
collect the  armour repair  kit left  by that  last tower and the
fuel barrels  to the  east of  the plant  if you  haven't already
collected them.

Mission 6:

Mission six is to destroy the power station like in all the other
missions.   In this  mission, the  station is  much more  heavily
guarded, but  it is possible to evade nearly all its defence, and
destroy it quite easily.

From the  Nuclear weapons plant, go north until you reach the top
of the  fly-zone, before  going west.   When  you get near to the
power station,  slow right  down so that, when you do arrive, you
only get  one weapon  into the screen.  As soon at that weapon is
in the  screen, stop!!  This weapon is a very powerful M48, which
should be  quickly destroyed  with your  last remaining hellfire,
and several quick hellfires.

Now destroy  the plant from exactly where you are.  DO NOT go any
further west, because there are three more M48s just off the left
of the  screen waiting  to annihilate  you. Instead,  destroy the
plant from that east side, then pick-up the ammo crate and make a
quick escape;  back the  way you  came. DO NOT attempt to pick-up
the armour  repair kit,  since  you  will  get  attacked  by  the
remaining M48s as soon as you approach it!

Mission 7:

This is  another difficult  mission, but perhaps not as difficult
as you  might think seeing as it's the second last one.  The idea
is to  destroy the  Madman's Presidential  Palace, then  drop-off
your co-pilot so he can go in and capture the Madman himself!!

From the  power station,  go south  so you arrive at the north of
the 'town'  with the palace in.  This 'town' is full of crotales,
so be  careful!   You must  try to destroy all of these, although
this isn't  always possible  due to  the amount  of ammo  needed.
Also whilst  you are  in the area, you can collect the extra life
in the building right next door to the palace at its north side.

The best  method to  destroy the defences in the 'town' is to use
all your hellfires up on the crotales first, then use your hydras
on buildings  to reveal  more ammo  crates.  You can then collect
this ammo  and use  the new hellfires on crotales again. Ammo can
be found   at  the far  west end  of the  'town',  guarded  by  a
crotale, in  two buildings  east of  the presidential palace, and
also where  you destroyed  the first  radar back  in mission  5 -

When all  the crotales  and the  one rapier  have been destroyed,
you'll need some ammo to destroy the palace itself. First of all,
go to  the lower-left  side of  the palace  and let  off all your
remaining hellfires  and hydras.  If that  isn't enough to blow a
hole in the building's side, destroy some of the buildings on the
west side  of the  palace until  you find  one with  ammo in. Now
collect and  use this  ammo on  the palace too, and in the end it
will explode.

When it's  destroyed, land  on the white cross that gets revealed
just below  the palace, and your co-pilot will be dropped off. As
soon as he's safely in the building the mission will be complete.

Mission 8:

Oh dear,  oh dear,  oh dear!!  It seems to have been a trap!  Now
your co-pilot's  been taken  hostage, and is being carried off in
the Madman's armoured car, and him and the madman are being taken
away in  the bomber  plane!!   The only  thing to  do is to first
rescue your  co-pilot, then  shoot the  plane as the madman takes
off in it!!

Before you  start the  mission, you must have full ammo and fuel.
To get these, destroy the enemy buildings west of the palace, and
you will  eventually find  two next  to each  other that have the
required goods.   Now  go to the west side of the 'town', and fly
up the road that leads to the runway at the top-right hand corner
of the fly-zone.

When you  arrive, you'll  see the  Madman's armoured  car with  a
hydra-launching man  outside it,  and two  enemy men leading your
co-pilot into the plane.  The armoured car in impossible to kill,
but it  doesn't attack  you so don't worry.  The other men should
be left  alone for  a second, until your co-pilot has been safely
led into the plane and the door has been shut.

As soon  as this  happens, destroy the hydra-launching man by the
Madman's vehicle with a hydra, then the man on the plane with one
as well.  Now get the landing sites up on the map, and fly to the
one close  by, a little south and west from the runway.  When you
arrive, quickly pick-up the fuel, and drop off your five men.

Now return to the plane and begin shooting it with hydras and the
chain gun.   As  soon as a hole is blown in it's side, fly up the
plane's left  wing, and  pick up your co-pilot, being careful not
to bang  into any parts of the plane that are too high.  When you
have the  co-pilot again, fly to the west side of the runway, and
go a  little up.  Destroy the ZSU that you find, then pick-up the
ammo crate left on the sand.

Now go  back south  a little again, and destroy a second ZSU with
only hydras   -  not hellfires.  As soon as that's destroyed, the
plane will  start going  down the  runway.   Now comes the really
frantic bit!   You  must attack  it with all you have got, making
sure that  every shot  counts.  First hit it with your hellfires,
then your  hydras.   As soon as they've both run out, pick up the
ammo from  on the  runway and use the hellfires and hydras again,
making sure you keep using the gun too.  You musn't get killed by
the ZSU   (although  it would  probably take  too long to destroy
it), and  you musn't bump into the back of the plane or miss with
any missiles!!

If you  hit the plane enough times before it goes out the screen,
you get  a short  animation of the Madman dying, then the mission
complete sound  flairs up  for as  final time.  Otherwise, if you
plane escapes  before you've shot it down, you'll have failed the
mission and  will be  told to  return to  the frigate for a right
toasting from  the chappy in the briefing room!, then you'll have
to do the whole campaign again!!

To Wrap-Up campaign 4:

Once the  plane is  destroyed, your mission and campaign are over
except for  the journey back to the frigate.  When you do arrive,
after all  the usual  points information,  you will be taken back
into the  briefing room again, and the general that usually tells
you what  to do,  congratulates you  and tells you to have a good
vacation etc.  A couple of seconds later, you'll see a scene with
you and  your co-pilot  standing with  the president on the White
House lawn,  and the  president will  award you  with a medal for
saving the  world.  After that, you just get put back to the main
menu again, ready to re-start at campaign one!!!!!!

		Well, there you go then folks...

       Hope this cool doc helps you win this cool game...


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