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Читы для Deus Ex

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Deus Ex

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Название в Европе:Deus Ex: The Conspiracy
Название в США:Deus Ex: The Conspiracy
Разработчик:Ion Storm
Издатель:Eidos Interactive
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 23 июня 2000 года
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / RPG / 3D / 1st Person / Stealth
Похожие игры:System Shock, System Shock 2, Thief 2: The Metal Age, Thief: The Dark Project

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вышла 7 июня 2002 г.
вышла 25 марта 2002 г.
вышла 27 июля 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
On The Dock

Your first mission begins on the dock of Liberty Island. After Paul gives you
your briefing, you must choose which extra weapon to accept. The most practical
choice is the sniper rifle, which is conveniently sized and expands your

Grab the crowbar and clean out everything on and under the dock.

The action starts when you head up the stairs onto the lawn. There are two NSF
sentries waiting just past the large plaque. Your best bet is to squeeze off a
quick shot or two at them, to get their attention, then immediately run back to
the dock. They’ll probably pursue, which will allow the sentry bot and Paul to
take care of them in short order.

Once the first posting is out of the way, crouch and make a more stealthy
approach. Hunt around for goodies—there are many things worth having.

Next, slip around the wall to the west and head for the UNATCO compound, which
still under friendly control. Talk to Tech Sergeant Kaplan guarding the gate. If
you talk tough, he'll give you the code for the comm van. Inside the comm van
can pick up the UNATCO security code. Using this code at the panel in the van
will allow you to open the trap door just outside, where an EMP grenade waits in
a supply crate.

Now you can finish clearing out the sentries on the southern approach. The one
nearest the statue is guarding a small cache of goodies, including the security
computer code for the statue.

Crossing in front of the statue entrance is a bit tricky, thanks to the small
security bot guarding it. The important thing is to stay behind it. You can
either take it out with your EMP grenade or just avoid it. Likewise, you can
out the three live sentries in the area or just sneak past. If you take them
try to do it quietly, so they don’t have a chance to gang up on you.

The dark hut in front of the entrance holds a locked box with some useful items.

The Informant

Your next stop is Harley Filben's shack on the North Docks.

Once you get past the sentries on the north approach to the statue, your way is
clear to the dock area. The sentry bot patrolling the wall (just east of the
north dock) is on your side, so don’t worry about it.

On the dock itself, two more guards stand between you and Filben. Take the

When you meet Filben, be conciliatory and he'll give you the key to the entrance
to the statue.

In the hut with Filben is a female drifter who also occasionally works for the
NSF. She offers to sell you some NSF-issued ammo. Buy it.

Just off the dock is a sunken barge that contains some nifty stuff. This is a
fairly challenging swim at your current power level, so don't try to do more
one thing at a time (swim down, pick the lock, swim up for air, swim down, open
the door, swim up for air, swim down get a goodie, etc.).

Now move on to the big loading dock on the east side of the statue. The
underground bunker is worth a visit. There are two guards, one on the perimeter
and one in the bunker itself. After they're taken care of, grab the multi-tool
from the top of the crate by the entrance (you won't be able to see it without
your light) and the hazmat suit from its rack.

To get past the broken generator, hit the button on the back of the forklift,
then quickly run around to the front, jump up on the fork and ride it up. Then
you can jump safely to the top of the generator and get past the energy field.
Beyond that is a skill bonus and two powerful weapon mods. Do not apply these
mods to your pistol. Either put them immediately on your sniper rifle, or save
them until you receive your stealth pistol.

The cluster of three NSF troops near the generator room is a tough fight. Try
sneaking past them, using the gas grenade and the hazmat suit. If you get them
cleared away, you can find another concealed medbot under the bunker nearby.

You just have to capture the NSF commander. Climb up to the very top of the
crates on the loading dock and slip over the wall. From there you can continue
upwards and capture the commander. Do so.

Final Approach

There's one interior guard on the second level.

When you get up to the little room at the feet of the statue itself, you'll find
two guards waiting for you. The other three entrances to the small chamber are
guarded with gas grenade booby traps. Save your game and grab the grenades.

When you finally reach the NSF command post at the top of the statue, the
commander will immediately surrender. Play the "good cop," and talk to him
repeatedly to get a handle on what makes the NSF tick. While you’re
the prisoner, a UNATCO trooper will stroll in and tell you that the island has
been completely retaken; your mission is over. Grab the augmentation canister
head for HQ. On your way, check one last time for goodies.


With the security threat ended, you can now report to UNATCO HQ. Anytime you
visit HQ, do not be a good employee. Steal office supplies. Hack every computer
you can get your hands on. Hack the ATM.

First, head down to sickbay on level 3 and talk to your old pal, Dr. Jaime
While you're there, install your first aug and grab the medical supply closet
key, then visit the closet and pocket the medkits.

Next, check in with your tech, Alex, across the hall. Use a nano-tool to get
the closet. This room has the most important secret in HQ. There’s a false floor
with two entrances to a crawl space just past the counter to the right of the
entrance. These trap doors are invisible to the naked eye, but if you pass your
cursor over them, you can detect them.

In the crawl space is a key to the two offices on level 1 and other useful
equipment. Talk to Alex and check the datacube, which gives you Gunther's
computer login. There's a locked closet in the office with Alex. You can get
it by entering the code (2001).

Next report to General Carter in the supply room. The general keeps his area
locked down tight, so don't even try to break in. Just accept what he gives you.
If you haven't already used them on your sniper rifle, you can now use your
weapon mods on your stealth pistol. Before heading upstairs, make a quick run
through Gunther and Anna's office, and the lockup beyond it.

Now you're ready to report to Manderley. Grab the closet key off his secretary's
desk on the way in. He'll give a cash bonus for the day's operation and brief
on your next mission.

Before leaving HQ, finish cleaning it out, using the keys you collected. The
furnace in the closet on level 2 has a locked panel concealing a biocell. Don't
forget to stop by your office and check your e-mail. Grab all the goodies you

Anna and Gunther are talking over vital security matters. You've been told to
talk to Anna. The locked offices on level 1 have some goodies that are worth
grabbing. You should have the key to get in from the false floor in Alex's

Now head out to the docks (make sure you go to the South Docks, where you
started) and click on the launch to go to New York.
 Castle Clinton

When you arrive on the docks near Battery Park, you'll have a final confab with
Anna before beginning the operation.

The bolt-hole entrance is behind the soda machine next to where you landed. The
locked box on the wall conceals the keypad to get in. If you have a candy bar or
package of soy food, you can save yourself a multitool by trading food to the
urchin on the docks in exchange for the code.

The first room (with the water) is safe. Once you're finished there, crouch and
start to sneak. There's a camera and turret at the bottom of the stairs but, if
you're careful, you can avoid being spotted. Work your way carefully downstairs,
taking out the terrorists left to guard the stairs. As soon as possible, take to
the ventilation ducts to avoid the security cameras.

When you get to the small office, wait for the final terrorist. He should have a
key to the safe. When he's out of the way, make a dash for the Ambrosia. You
should get an infolink message telling you you've completed the mission.

Now head upstairs to the control room. In the safe is an augmentation canister.
This room has a security panel that you can hack to turn off the cameras and
turrets. Once they're off, you can go down and clear out the room with the

Now you can head up to the surface. When you emerge into the hut at the top of
the stairs, you'll meet a little boy who's hiding from the terrorists. He'll
trade you some information for a snack. In this same room, you'll find a locked
chest with a datacube and a biocell. The datacube has the code to open the Kiosk
underground door.

Now you just have to clear out the courtyard. Afterwards, talk to Anna. She'll
brief you on your next assignment. Be humble and friendly and she'll give you
three EMP grenades; otherwise you just get one.

Hostage Crisis

Your next assignment is to free a couple of hostages being held by the NSF in
subway station nearby. As you approach the station, a firefight will start
between the NSF agents guarding the entrance and the UNATCO agents who have them
pinned down. You can turn the tide of the fight in favor of the cops, but stay
back on the edge of the action and try to pick off stragglers.

Once the shantytown that surrounds the subway entrance is clear of NSF, start
your search of the shanties, including between them.

You need to get down to the subway. Find and enter a ventilation duct in the
floor of one of the shanties, which leads to the subway's air conditioning
system. There are two levels of shafts—the upper leads to a string of ceiling
grilles near the train and the lower leads to a series of floor-level grilles
along two walls of the station. It’s possible to thin out the opposition
significantly by just sniping from the ceiling grilles. Make sure to fire once
twice and then quickly pull back.

From the floor grilles, it's possible to get right up next to the corner where
the hostages are being kept, stealthily take out any guards in the immediate
area, talk to the hostages, open the train and slip away.

Once you've rescued the hostages and finished any other cleanup you consider
important, just step into the train itself to ride uptown.


When you arrive in Hell's Kitchen, you find several frightened people hiding in
the subway station. The police have instructed them to take refuge there. Don't
forget to hit the ATM if you can hack it.

As you start up the stairs, Paul will meet you. He'll brief you on the next
of your mission and repeat his wishes to avoid bloodshed. Apparently you need to
take out an NSF defensive shield generator, but first you need to figure out
where it is. He'll also give you some ammo and the key to his hotel suite.

On the surface, take a leisurely stroll through Hell's Kitchen. You'll get an
infolink from Alex, advising you of a hostage situation at the Hilton. You can
deal with that in time, however. For now, there are several goodies just lying
around on the street, and also at least three encounters you'll want to have.

On the basketball court, there's a street person being harassed by a couple of
NSF thugs. Take out the thugs, and their grateful victim will give you a
(Underworld) for the next mission.

Sandra Renton is being harassed by her pimp. Run him off, talk to Sandra twice,
and she'll give you the password to the Smuggler’s bunker.

A couple of UNATCO agents stationed near the entrance to the 'Ton are disgusted
with the non-lethal gas grenades that Paul issued them. If you talk to them,
they'll gladly give them to you for free.

When you come into view of the little park from either direction, a pitched
battle between the NSF and UNATCO agents will begin. As with other pitched
battles, help out, but don't try to take the brunt of the combat all by
Once the smoke clears, you'll probably be able to collect an assault rifle from
one of the casualties, as well as the key to Osgood and Son's front door.

Free Clinic

If you took some hits, the Free Clinic is right there next door. Don't go in
a weapon showing or you'll scare everybody away. On your way in, talk to the
folks in the hall. Talk to everybody.

There's nothing free about the Free Clinic. Don't buy anything from the doctor
the lobby; you can get a better deal. Go into the morgue/examining room, and
the doctor there calm down the irate patient. The doctor will offer you a
slightly better deal on treatment.

The surgery bay code is expensive, but y worth the money. You'll be spending a
good deal of time in this neighborhood, and a nice handy surgery bot will
definitely be useful. Plus, you'll want to install that aug canister from Castle
Clinton ASAP. There are also a couple of medkits in the cabinet in the examining
room. The cabinet is locked, but you can break it open if you don't want to
expend precious lockpicks.

The Surgery Bay has two functional medbots, which is handy if you've already
one and don't want to wait for it to recharge.


Now would be a good time to visit the Underworld tavern. Notice that there are
two ATMs near the front entrance awaiting a hacker's attention.

Do not go into the Underworld with a weapon out! Jordan and Jock together can,
and will, take you apart.

Talk to everybody in the bar. Sandra will be here and you can find out more
her story. Sandra's "co-worker," Janie, will give you the code to the elevator
that leads to the rooftop of Osgood and Son's warehouse. Ask the bartender about
her augmentations.

The 'Ton

In the wood fence near the two disgruntled troopers is a small hole. Slip
this hole into the alley behind the 'Ton. You'll see a fire escape ladder
down. You'll need a small crate to reach the ladder—fortunately there's one

A couple flights up, you'll come to an open window. This leads to your brother
Paul's apartment. There's a medkit in the bathroom and food in the kitchenette,
plus a message for you on the coffee table. The most important thing, however,
Paul's "spy room," a secret closet containing his computer and lots of goodies.

The keypad to open the secret room is behind the picture on the wall. The code
4321. Paul's also left you his net access code, so you can read his e-mail.

Once you've cleaned out the apartment, it's time to deal with the hostages. As
you approach your front door, the terrorists will start to kill the hostages in
the outer hall, so it's vital that you move quickly. Unlock the door, draw your
weapon, open the door and immediately engage the terrorists. Only by maximum
speed and efficiency can you hope to save both hostages.

On the balcony, behind a plant, is a message cube containing an ATM passcode.

Go downstairs. In the first floor office, a third and final terrorist is holding
the hotel manager at gunpoint. Rescue him and then collect the credit chit and
the key in the office.

The key will open the one other accessible door on the second floor. In the room
you can open, you'll find a couple of addicts who OD’ed on the drug zyme.
left a couple of unused vials of zyme behind . . . pick them up.

The Smuggler

The entrance to the Smuggler's lair is just behind the subway station. Push the
button and give the correct password and he'll let you in. Take the lift down to
an abandoned garage. There are a few goodies scattered about the place.

Go over to the little hut in the corner and jimmy the electric panel to turn off
the laser.

When you get to the Smuggler himself, you’ll find out that his prices are on the
high side. He'll offer you a deal, though . . . his friend, a fellow named Ford
Schick, is being held captive. If you can get Ford out, he'll drop his prices
significantly. To help you in your task, he'll give you a key that will open the
trap doors leading to the sewers.

Upstairs is the Smuggler's bedroom. There's a wall safe next to the cot, with a
digital keypad on the wall behind the cot. Get what you can from there and
everywhere else.

Choose the entrance nearest the subway and have a few multitools ready.

When you see a laser trigger, look around for the electric panel that
it. Triggers that can't be deactivated can be avoided with a little careful

You'll get to an "L" shaped intersection with a turret at the junction. The
turret won't activate unless you trip a laser. At the far end of the "L" is a
ledge with a ladder going up. Go up and get the interesting stuff, including the
door code to get into the base proper. (This code will work on most of the
keypads in the base.)

To get into the base itself, go back to the junction and pick the lock on the
on the wall, then enter the door code. Go down the hall to a door behind a laser
trigger you can crouch under. On the other side of the door is a hallway with a
camera, directly opposite a security box partially concealed behind a crate.
difficult to hack into it without setting off an alarm, but the really important
thing is to get into the security box.

You'll come to an entrance leading to a large, open pool. Above the pool are a
ledge and a bridge. On the bridge is a short-tempered fellow with a sniper
Get him before he gets you.

The doorway to your left leads to a small ready room with a couple more troopers
in it. In this ready room is a data cube containing the security code for the
complex. Using the security code, you can go to the security panel near the
ladder where you climbed up and use its "Special Options" to rotate the bridge
it crosses over to the rest of the complex.

The pool below is toxic, but you can get across that way, by using your
Environmental Resistance aug or a hazmat suit. The only thing in the pool that's
really worth going after is an Accuracy weapon mod on the lowest pipe.

Other than one final trooper at the entrance to the rest of the complex, you
nothing more to worry about as you go down the next couple of hallways. When you
get to the next keypad, you'll find a trooper just inside. Try to take him out
quickly and silently as possible. Inside is a landing with a security panel you
can access.

Beneath you is the final area of the complex. It includes a chemistry lab that
contains your goal, Mr. Ford Schick. There is also a barracks with a data pad
giving you a computer login and a computer that will reveal your first concrete
data about the secret organization known as Majestic 12.

On the way out, you'll get a chance to talk to Ford Schick for a moment.
Otherwise your escape route should be clear. Don't forget to drop in on the
Smuggler after his friend is safe.

The Warehouse

The place to start is the Osgood & Sons warehouse. You should have the code to
get into the warehouse from the girl in the bar (3316).

Go around to the base of the stairs, where there's a small window you can break
and slip through. This window leads to a hallway (guarded by laser triggers that
can be deactivated by hacking security panels) that goes to an elevator. The
elevator takes you to the rooftops of the warehouse district. Go up.

The roof is clear, but there's an NSF sniper on the one just above you. Either
climb up the stairs to the landing and snipe him when he comes into view or
the ladder and take him out up close.

Clear as many of the troops below you as you can before you start down.

Now go back down to the elevator, then up the stairs and through the door. Go
down the hall, break the window and enter the fire escape. Make your way down
from rooftop to rooftop. The roof with the stained glass skylight is a bit
to get to, but it's worth the effort. You have to climb up the ladder to the
billboard, use the ledge to maneuver around to the opposite side of the board,
and then run across the catwalk to the roof. Once there, you'll find a datacube
with the code to the basement office.

From the skylight roof, jump across to the hut roof, then to the roof proper.
Shoot out the window and run up the plank and across the gap. Once you've
searched everything, break out the upper window and exit to the fire escape.

Continue down until you get to a sloping roof just above ground level. There are
several guards and dogs below that you'll probably want to clear out.

Climb up the ladder to the building roof and make your way down to the
There are plenty of guards between you and your goal, so be careful.

Head to the alley. The LAM booby traps are very annoying if you set them off,
if you can grab them for yourself they represent a significant boost to your
firepower. Near the sewer entrance is a data pad that will give you the code to
open the basement ramp. While you're exploring the alley, you'll need to use at
least one LAM to blow a fence that blocks your way. Watch out for a security
panel that will allow you to shut down a berserk piece of machinery that's
blocking your way with an electric arc. Watch out for the turret. Make your way
out of the alley.

The basement of the building is a heavily trapped, very dangerous place. Look
an office (key code 9923). Inside is a safe containing an augmentation canister
plus a key to the storeroom next door, a security panel that will allow you to
turn off all of those annoying cameras and turrets, and more LAMs.

The basement storage room has a couple more goodies, but you'll have to enter
radioactive cloud that surrounds them to get it. Don't try this unless you
have Environmental Resistance on or are wearing a hazmat suit you don’t mind

Once you've done all the exploring and looting you care to, you're ready to
accomplish your mission. There's a computer on the second floor that you can
to shut down the generator. Or you can just blow it up. A LAM or two will work
fine, but the easiest way is to shoot one of the explosive barrels on the ground
floor until it blows.

A helicopter lands on the roof and disgorges Gunther, who's ready to relieve
Make your way back to the roof and head for base.


When you arrive back at HQ, you're greeted by a pair of MIBs coming out of the
complex to catch Jock's air-taxi back to the mainland.

When you check your mail, you find an ominous message from Paul. In Manderley’s
office, you have to wait while he finishes a conversation with the mysterious
Simons. Eavesdrop on their conversation. When Simons leaves, go in for your
debriefing from Manderley. After the briefing, hang around and hack Manderley's

Go ahead and make your rounds of the rest of the complex, cleaning things out as
you go.

Down in the lockup, Simons is conducting his interrogation. Eavesdrop.

Once you're healed up and restocked, head out for the chopper. The MIBs are back
from their errand and they make Simons' displeasure apparent. If you drop by the
comm van, you’ll find a repair bot at work on the security panel that you can
to replenish your energy reserves.

Going Down

Jock drops you off in the familiar environs of Battery Park. There are a few
goodies scattered around Castle Clinton and the shantytown. In one of the
shanties is a locked box containing the code for the entrance to the tunnels and
a PS20.

Down in the subway, your old pal Harley Filben is waiting to sell you a
If you already have it, you get to tell him to go jump in the lake. Talk to him
twice, to find out more about Lebedev.

Go to the phone booth and punch the code in on the keypad. You'll be conveyed
down to the secret tunnels below. After a short passage through a tunnel, you
emerge into the abandoned Brooklyn Bridge subway station.

The guy in the northeast corner is Charlie Fann, the gatekeeper for the Mole
People. He gives you a mission. In return, he'll tell you how to get to their
tunnels. To do it, you'll need a LAM, LAW, or a GEPgun. If you don’t have one,
you'll need to get one.

The fellow in the southeast corner of the station is a drug dealer named Rock.
Kill him.

Now you can go around and talk to everybody else in the station. Upstairs, a
called the Rooks has set up headquarters. Their leader, El Rey, can be found at
the western end of the area. He'll sell you a LAM for 750.

Now you can blow the obstruction. In the room, watch out for the leaking steam—
it's super-heated and dangerous. Sneak in through the pipe. Turn the two wheels
at the end of the room and the mission is accomplished.

Go back to Charlie. He'll give you the code to get into Mole People territory
the location of the entrance (the women's restroom on the west side of the
station). You'll find the keypad under the sink.

Mole Town

You'll come out on a ledge above the Mole People's tunnel. From here, you can
probably snipe a few NSF troopers.

Make your way south, taking out any NSF you see as quietly as possible. It's
important to keep the Mole People out of the line of fire . . . once you've
cleared the enemy out, you'll need the Moles willing to talk to you.

Now head north of your entry point. There are two NSF standing next to the
platform. You can take them out with stealth from behind the big rock at the
corner. There's one final NSF up on the platform.

Once all the visible NSF are dead, wait for the Mole People to calm down, then
start asking questions. Eventually you'll get to Kevin Bradley, the head man of
the Moles. He'll tell you how to find the NSF leader.

If you don't attack, the leader will surrender. You can pick up the key to the
exit and go on your way. There's also a flamethrower in the "office."

The exit is through the locked bathroom at the far north end of the tunnel.


To get to Lebedev, you'll have to navigate a long and well-guarded underground

Your first test is a branching intersection. To the right, the way is blocked by
superheated steam, and to the left are laser-triggered turrets. You can bypass
the former by picking the lock to a wall-box that conceals a wheel valve that
will turn off the steam. Go over the wall on your chosen side and continue on.

The next area is guarded by lots of turrets. Sneak under the camera at the front
of the room and then take out the lone sentry before he has a chance to punch an
alarm button. He has a key to the door out.

The next room is a pool guarded by more laser-triggered turrets. Crawl through
the wall duct, dive into the pool, and swim through the tunnel (the entrance to
the tunnel is directly below the point where you dive in).

There's an EMP booby-trap on the wall of the tunnel past the hanging bridge.

The next trap is a room with two commercial security bots. Take them out.
a hollow place behind the left wall of the room. Slip in at the west end when
bots aren’t looking, then dash across from the east end to the exit.

Once you're past the bots, you're in the room that leads to the helibase. Pick
the goodies lying around, including the datacube between the two machines with a
computer password.

The Helibase

Looking through the windows in the door to the helibase, the very first thing
that meets your eye is a glowing green canister of Ambrosia . . . the first of
three that you're supposed to locate.

There's a camera directly above you as you enter. Clear out any opposition from
the doorway, then dash to the west when the camera’s turned away.

Search the two offices thoroughly.

Carefully climb the stairs. When you get to the top, pick the lock leading to
closet, and take the ladder up to the trapdoor. Take out the guard beyond, then
the sniper stationed on the catwalk above you.

From here you can snipe down into several areas. Take your time and do as much
damage as you can.

When you're ready, jump down to the helipad. After making sure the perimeter is
as secure as you can make it, enter the rec room. There'll be a camera right
your head and your best bet is to bypass it. Fiddle with the pinball machines to
open a secret niche behind the bookshelf. Grab the other goodies in the room,
hack the ATM, and go back to the other side of the helipad.

Use your new key to enter the ops room. Take out the single guard. If you can
hack the security panel, you can finally shut down the security for the
More importantly, notice a tiny button behind the plant in the southwest
corridor. Push it to open a secret armory.

Drop down off of the helipad to the floor of the hangar. The corridor to the
leads to an elevator that will take you directly to the area outside Lebedev’s
hangar at LaGuardia.

There's also a manhole in the west corner of the hangar that will lead you to an
underwater access. Swim through the tunnel until you come to an open area, then
climb the ladder and jump across the two ledges (push the crate that’s in your
way into the water).


You'll come out near a dock with several sentries on it. Also on the dock is the
next container of Ambrosia. To take out the sentries from the water, try using
tranq darts from a well-concealed position. Search the area for goodies.

The area you're in is guarded by commercial security bots and double turrets at
the watchtowers in the corners. There's some good stuff in the towers, but it's
hard to get to without taking damage. On the south side where all the crates are
piled up, there are a couple places where you can climb up and lie in wait on
bots, with EMP grenades.

You need to get to the gate on the south side of the field. This is guarded by
live sentries. The dock guard with the flamethrower is the only one with a gate
key on his person.

Find a stack of crates nearby with ladders going up. This is the entrance to an
aerial approach to the gate that allows you to jump from crate stack to crate
stack. This gets you out of the way of the bots and leads you to goodies.

When you're ready, open the gates (the keyhole is in a box on a post nearby).

Inside are several NSF guards. Take them out as cleanly as possible and enter
building. Do not go through the door while an alarm is on . . . there's a turret
right inside. Once the guards inside are out of the way and the alarm shuts off,
enter. Under the stairs is a secret room opened by a protruding brick. This
chamber contains weapons, mods, and a key to the barracks upstairs. In the
barracks, the unlocked locker contains the code to get into the hangar. Now
you're ready to enter the hangar at last.


When you enter the hangar, you're greeted by Paul himself. The NSF agents in the
hangar won't shoot at you unless you start trouble first. Near the tail of the
airplane are a couple of trailers with some goodies, plus a datacube with a
diagram of the airplane's interior. A mechanic in an orange coverall will offer
to sell you shotgun shells or a weapon mod.

Enter the plane and search it, but end up at the private suite in the tail where
Lebedev waits. As you talk to him, Agent Navarre runs in and orders you to carry
out the assassination. Shift your point of aim slightly and take out Anna.

Anna's a tough fight so a quick kill is to be preferred. A sniper rifle shot to
the head works dandy. Watch out, she explodes when she dies. If you kill Anna, a
shocked Alex will erase the log files to cover for you until you can explain.

You'll find a datacube under Lebedev's bed. It has a key code. Go down to the
cargo bay. There you'll find the last barrel of Ambrosia, a repair bot, and an
augmentation canister in a case you can open with the code.

When you leave the plane, Paul is gone and the NSF agents in the hangar have
replaced by UNATCO agents. Jock and Gunther are waiting near the elevator hut.


When you get back to HQ, talk to Manderley and collect your bonus, then go next
door to the break room, where you'll find Jaime talking to Simons. Listen in on
their conversation. After they're finished, talk to Simons several times to find
out all about Paul’s situation.

Check your e-mail, then Manderley's.

Make all your usual rounds in HQ. Drop back by the break room and talk to Jaime
one more time, after Simons is out of the way.

You're supposed to go to Hong Kong for your next mission but, when you get to
the 'copter, Jock unilaterally decides to take you to back to New York. He says
you need to talk to Paul.

Back on the Street

Jock lands on the roof of the 'Ton. All you have to do is climb down the fire
escape to the room. Inside, Paul asks you to go to a nearby NSF base where he
claims you can find proof that UNATCO is corrupt.

On your way out of the hotel, go to the elevator shaft and climb up to the third
floor. There's an Accuracy weapon mod on the ledge.

In the office, Gilbert and Sandra Renton are arguing. If you talk to them,
Gilbert asks to borrow a weapon. Hang around for a little while and Jojo himself
strolls in. Take Jojo out.

Outside, you discover that the subway's been sealed off. There's an unpickable
keypad lock installed on the grate.

The Smuggler is still open for business and there are Recoil and Clip weapon
in his secret stash, as well as some ballistic armor.

Check around for goodies. When you're ready, head down the newly opened street
the former NSF HQ.


The former NSF base is heavily guarded by UNATCO troopers. Paul contacts you to
tell you that the first thing you need to do is get up to the third floor, where
you can use a computer to open a secret trap door that leads to the basement. In
the ladies' room on the first floor, you'll find a key that you'll need in the
basement. There's also a repair bot rolling around.

On the second floor is a locked computer room that opens to the outside. In the
room is a datacube that gives you the password you'll need to open the trap

As you go up the stairs, you'll notice lots of toxic barrels, TNT crates, and
other neat and dangerous stuff. Place the items strategically to stop well armed
enemies charging up the ramps at you.

On the third floor the guards start hassling you about being upstairs. Ignore
them. You'll find a lab with a handy medbot trundling around. The room you want
is next door to the lab and it's been flooded with halon gas. Punch the button
the northeast corner of the room, which will drain the gas out of the computer
room. Enter and use the security terminal to open the trap door.

The basement is unguarded, but heavily trapped.

At the first room, make a left and pick the locked door. In the room is a
security panel. Log on (using the same login/password you used to open the trap
door) and open the three blast doors.

In the next room, make sure you gently lift the TNT crates down before breaking
the supply crates open. Go out through the unlocked wooden door. There's an
electrical panel on the other side of the door that will make your journey a
little less stressful if you hack it.

Beyond is a hallway heavily guarded by turrets. You can't avoid activating them,
but you can outrun them. Dodge quickly into any hidey-hole you see that doesn't
currently house a turret, wait until the alarm stops, and then make a dash for
the next hidey-hole. You should be able to make it to the door in three dashes.
The door also opens with your key.

The room next door has some leaky toxic barrels. Use a hazmat suit or the
Environmental Resistance aug while picking the closet door. Inside you'll find a
couple of EMP grenades.

In the next room are some very nice goodies and the evidence of UNATCO
that Paul promised you.

Your key will open the locked door. In the hallway is some important stuff.
the toxic barrels and the cardboard box, to clear your way to the security
then make a dash for it. You'll be out of the turret's line of fire while you
open the panel.

On the floor is a datacube, addressed to Paul, which will give you the codes for
the satellite dish control computer.

You don't have to bother with the other visible electrical panels, just dash
and make for the stairs. You emerge across the alley from the HQ building.

Head directly to the roof, use the first password, rotate the three dishes, and
open the door. Go inside, use the second password, and broadcast the message to

On your way out of the satellite hut, you get a message informing you that
just been fired from UNATCO . . . with extreme prejudice. From now on, any
agent you meet will be trying to kill you. You'll have to fight your way out.

Use sniper tactics and booby traps.

When you leave the building, you can expect still more intense opposition from
the troopers on the perimeter outside.


Go back to the 'Ton. Don’t worry about visiting any place else.

Shortly after you reach Paul's room, that UNATCO raid everyone has been talking
about will interrupt your conversation. Enter the 'Ton through the front door,
rather than the fire escape, then plant one or two LAM booby traps just outside
the door to Paul's room.

The outcome of this battle is very significant . . . it determines whether your
brother lives or dies. If you and Paul defeat the first wave of invaders and
make it out at least as far as the landing, Paul lives.

Fight your way out to the street, where you can use the code Paul gave you to
open the gate to the subway (6282). When you get to Battery Park, you're met by
Gunther and a whole army of robots and troopers. Gunther will give you a chance
to surrender. Do so.

You wake up in a holding cell. Any serious damage you took in the final fight is
only partially healed and you have nothing in inventory. You're contacted by a
new player named Daedalus, who tells you he's busting you out.

Once you're out of the cell, you need to get past the guard. Sneak up to the
weapon crate and grab the baton. Wait until the guard stands up and leaves the
area, then use the baton to break the crate. Grab the prod in the crate, crawl
over the space between the filing cabinet and the wall, and wait. When the guard
returns, prod him.

Once the guard is safely out of the way, grab his gun and anything else lying
around and read the datacube on the desk. It gives you the codes for the lockup
door and all the cells. In the cells are one dead guy carrying a couple of
lockpicks and one live guy, an NSF operative named Miguel. Miguel will come with
you if you want. He also has a medkit he'll give you, if you ask him.

Run out into the hall (hurry, so the turret doesn't have time to get a bead on
you). There are some supplies behind the pillar. At this point, Daedalus tells
you whether Paul's alive or dead and instructs you to go find him either way.

Robot Maintenance/Armory

First, however, you'll need supplies. Head for the robot repair bay. Sneak
immediately up the stairs to your left. Sneak or fight past the bots, down the
hall, and up the second set of stairs. There's a pair of guards on this level
with assault rifles. Take them out and steal their guns.

On the far desk is the code to the armory where your equipment is being held. If
you can hack the security panel up here, you can clear the rest of the area by
hacking in and scrambling the AI of the surviving security 'bot so he kills the
troopers instead of you. You can even operate the elevators.

If you can't hack the security panel, you can buy the security code from a
minded mechanic in the repair bay.

Now go back down, use your new assault weapon to finish clearing the area, and
gather up the miscellaneous stuff below. There are a couple of repair bots
scooting around that you can use to replenish your bio-energy.

In the 'bot maintenance area you will find scramble grenades. These are perfect
for dealing with those two Military Bots patrolling the Armory area.

Now move through the 'bot bay and up the stairs. There are two military-grade
bots patrolling the hallway outside the armory. You cannot take these behemoths
on, but you can slip behind them to the armory door and punch in the keycode
while they're looking elsewhere.

Inside is one guard. Take him out immediately and then run up the stairs. The
lower level is protected by a turret with a camera.

The armory is a real cornucopia. You get your entire inventory back, plus
plenty of additional weapons and armor. The big prize, however, in a sealed,
tech locker, is a plasma rifle. Your personal weapons are all on either the
shelves or the tables of the first level. Make sure you grab your own weapon if
you don't want to lose your modifications.

When you've loaded up, take out or avoid the military bots, and continue your
search for Paul.


The best way to approach the nanotech lab is to go down into the air
ducts below the floor (the entrance to the ducts is directly in front of the
holding area). Daedalus will keep you informed about your position.

The nanotech lab is under the personal supervision of an MIB. Come up out of the
ducts directly behind him and take him out. Once he's out of the way, pick the
lock of the filing cabinet, get the login from the datacube, and then open his
computer. Read his mail. You can also use his computer to release the greasels
the next room, but don't do it.

By now, you'll no doubt quickly notice the augmentation canister in the locked
case. There's some more interesting stuff scattered around the room, mostly
information about the greasels.

In the northeast corner of the room is another air conditioning grate. This one
leads to a partially submerged cellar where a lone greasel lurks. If you take
critter out, you'll discover that the place also contains a plasma clip and a
suit of ballistic armor.

Make your way out into the cage room, clearing the place of remaining guards or
greasels. Once the area is clear, find and talk to Dr. Moreau, who gives you the
code to the medical bay.

Go around the corner to medical. There's an office there with glass walls. An
armed secretary and a guard are inside. Move fast to take them out.

There are two halls past the karkian containment area. The north one contains a
datacube with the security login and an airshaft that you can use to go directly
to medical. The south one contains a security panel. Both rooms have a button
that will let you open the containment area and release the karkians to soften
the two guards just outside the medical lab. Once that fight is over, you can
finish off the survivors.

In the medlab, you'll find Paul, or his mortal remains. If Paul is alive, he's
already made arrangements for escape. Once his datavault's downloaded, Daedalus
gives you the code out of the base.

Command Center

The command center is guarded by troopers and dogs. Enter via the ducts. Once
place is clear, enter the code and leave. Watch out for the trooper on the other
side of the door.


You emerge into good old UNATCO HQ through that mysterious door down the ramp
from the medlab. You'll want to hit all your usual spots, being careful to avoid
or remove any UNATCO troopers you might run into.

Jaime is waiting for you in the medlab. Talk to him and get what he has to

Across the hall, you'll find that Alex, too, is ready to bolt. He will supply
with the key you need to get out.

Sam Carter professes neutrality, but he lets you in to pillage his armory. (If
you hack his e-mail, you discover he had an active role in your and Paul's

Upstairs you get to confront Manderley, who's being chewed out by a holographic
image of Simons. When you start to leave the office, Manderley snaps and pulls a
pistol on you.

In the break room is Shannon the office girl, who confesses that she's the one
who's been stealing supplies. She'll offer to sell you a couple of scrambler
grenades—buy them.

Jock is waiting for you on the helipad, but don't forget to drop in on the comm
van. There's also a multitool on the railing just above the front door.

Unscheduled Layover

Your visit to Hong Kong begins inauspiciously, when MJ12 seizes control of
controls and forces a landing at one of their heliports.

If you can hack the security system, go up to the south control booth and turn
off the cameras and turrets. Whether you can take out security or not, your next
step is to take to the maintenance tunnels that run under the helipad.

Find the munitions bay and gather up the stuff there. On a workbench there's a
datacube with the valve code. The key to the door of this room is also in here.

Return to the tunnels. A short distance from munitions is a storeroom packed
toxic waste. There's a keypad on the wall that will flood the lower level with
gas. Release the gas, run quickly up the ramp leading to the storeroom, and just
wait a few moments for the poison to dissipate.

Now you can approach the barracks. Of the half-dozen troopers waiting here,
expect to find that three or four have succumbed to your gas attack. Be prepared
to deal with the others. Of the three locked lockers on the sleeping level, the
only one you absolutely have to concern yourself with is the middle one, which
contains the key you need to the flight control deck.

You're now ready to leave, if you want to, but there's some cleanup you might
want to take care of first.

Under the consoles in both flight control decks is a grating, each of which
to a sealed chamber containing a security robot. You can use these to get to the
robots and destroy them (EMP grenades or LAMs work best). Otherwise, you'll have
to fight them on your way out.

Now you can go to the north flight control deck and release Jock. When you
to the helipad he'll fire a missile at the door on the south end of the area.
Stay well away from the blast area. He has to bug out immediately, but your
escape route is open. Open the malfunctioning security panel to stop the
electrical current and enter the elevator.

To be continued...

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