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Читы для Diablo 2

Чит-файл для Diablo 2

Diablo 2

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Blizzard North
Издатель:Blizzard Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 24 июня 2000 года
Жанры:RPG (Rogue/Action) / Isometric
Похожие игры:Diablo, Nox, Revenant
Multiplayer:(8) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 18 июля 2000 г.
вышла 29 июня 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
Fighter Necro FAQ by neoginetic
version 1.00

2.The Skills

As soon as I got to grips with the necromancer, I decided to do a fighter necro.
And I did. I know, necro's aren't meant
for fighting. But I've never lost, ever to any character. I rarely die in the
single player game, so he can't die
too easily. Anyway, this FAQ will get you to grips with this style of necro.
Remember, for a fighter necro skills have
VERY different values.

2.The Skills
Skills have very different values. I don't mean values like damage, durations
etc. I mean values to you as the player.
You'll see what I mean soon. I have NOT put in the values for the moves. Go to
http://www.battle.net for that. I will
say roughly how many points to invest into it and whether it is good/bad.

Curses are almighty. They are always underestimated to a great extent, and for a
fighter necro they are the most important
tree. This might also be important to the normal necromancer. I have heard
necros fighting curse-specialized
characters. The curses are so powerful that the tactic works. For the fighter
necro this tree is the most important.

Amplify Damage
It reduces the 'Resist Physical' attribute of the enemy. It does NOT increase
your damage. Instead it increases the
enemy's vulnerability to your attack. Not as useful as it sounds (although
insects that 11x the damage :)
Put 1 point in. This will serve you well early on, but later you'll want to use
other curses instead.

Dim Vision
Reduces vision of enemies.
Just the point here. I never used this. It can be good though, cos it makes
ranged attackers useless. But I never had
much of a problem with ranged attackers. If you want to put a few in here, go
ahead. It'll help you against those
Abyss and Oblivion (oh yes, it works against those) Knights. Like I said, I had
Bone Spear quite high by then, but
you could try if you want.

Enemies do MUCH less damage to you.
I put a point into this, because I used other curses. But this one is VERY
powerful. Cast it on a unique, and watch him
'try' to kill you. You'll laugh. I used Decreptify, but if you don't want to
that long, use this.

Iron Maiden
Attacker takes damage if he hits you.
All necros love this. Although it isn't as useful as it sounds for a fighter
necro, cos you won't have all those minions
to take damage for you. One point is sufficient, even if you plan to go with
all the way. One point gives double
damage back, which is nice :)

Enemies flee in terror.
One point here, but assign it, ie F1 or F2 etc. This is the move to use if you
are surrounded, or losing a fight. It ends
the fight INSTANTLY. Enemies will jsut run away, and stop you getting killed.

Enemies attack each other. When I say each other, I mean 'non-confused'
characters. Again, not as good as it may sound.
Put a point here, but only because attract is available that way, which is much
better as a skill. One thing to say
about this though, uniques, champions etc. can't get confused. Confused enemies
attack non-confused monsters ...

Life Tap
You add 50% damage inflicted onto your health.
VITAL MOVE. This one should have 2-3 points to pump up the radius. A fighter
necro will be doing loads of damage with his
weapon, and every time you hit it'll look like you drank a potion of
rejuvination :)

Enemies focus attack on selected target. Does not affect super uniques or
I think this affects champions and normal uniques though. I use this one A LOT.
Saves me the trouble of killing my
enemies. One point is enough to last the game.

Enemies slowed down GREATLY.
I maxed this out cos it went with my tactic. Better than weaken because it makes
the enemy easy for you to hit as well as
making the enemy do less damage (or less hits if you prefer). You either max it
or leave it, because otherwise the
duration is too small. This works wonderfully if you cast a bone spirit/spear
after it. Watch the target try to run
away and laugh. Hehe.

Lower Resist
Lowers enemy resistance to magic.
Useful in multiplayer. Otherwise, no points. If you like multiplayer, stick a
point into it and play with a sorceress :)

Somewhat useful for a fighter necro. But you must have Bone Spear/Spirit. Maybe
Bone Prison, but that's not essential.

Summons some teeth.
A point to get to better moves. Put in the point, and forget about the move.

Bone Armour
Summons armour of bone to fly around you and take MELEE (not magical) damage.
Put a point here if you plan to use bone prison. You might want to max this out
though seeing as a fighter necro is always
meleeing. If you do, and if you have terror, you'll find yourself rarely dying.

***-READ THIS-***
All Bone Armour spells (Armour, Wall, Prison) are in scale with the difficulty
the game. So slvl20 bone prison has upto
400hp in nitemare. Don't be afraid to invest in these because of the low hp. It
DOES increase in nitemare and hell.
***-END NOTE-***

Poison Dagger
Your dagger does poison damage.
When the hell are you gonna use a dagger??

Corpse Explosion
Makes the target corpse explode, doing 60-100% of enemies max life.
Max it, or just put a point into it. This can be so useful, but then again, you
might have better moves to put points into.

Bone Wall
Summons a bone wall to stop your attackers reaching you.
This is OK, but Bone Armour and Bone Prison are better. This move is hard to
and can be a bit of a pain. Put in a
point if you want Bone Prison. Some like this because it ends fights, but that's
what terror is for.

Poison Explosion
Explodes a corpse into a poisonous gas.
Good if you like poison, but you'd be better off putting points into something
else. You'd kill the enemies faster than
waiting for then to choke on your poison.

Bone Spear
Summons a deadly spear that FLIES THROUGH attackers (hits multiple enemies, like
Amazon's Pierce move).
I prefer this to Spirit. It is cheap mana-wise, and does enough damage. And hits
multiple enemies. I like this, but
don't bother with it if you'd rather use Spirit.

Bone Prison
Creates a prison of bone around your enemies.
Works brilliantly against ranged attackers (Abyss Knights), bosses (Diablo!) and
in PvP. I maxed this out, but if you
don't like the sound of this don't bother.

Poison Nova
Creates a VERY cool-looking ring of poison.
Again, I don't like poison moves, but this can be quite useful. The only half-
decent poison spell. But as a fighter necro
you'll no doubt have better skills to put points into.

Bone Spirit
Summons a bone spirit to chase an enemy around.
Cool, cool move. Use it with decreptify to devastating affect. Or, lock someone
in a bone prison and use this. A very cool
move. I prefer Spear for my own reasons, but this is easier to use. You must max
it if you chose this over spear.

For a fighter necro, this is A LOT less useful than the other two trees. Some of
the summonables are good, but then
again, not really very many of them. I didn't use golems, just a few mages.
Laugh, go on. Laugh your head off. But I
had a lot of success with my necro.

Raise Skeleton
Raise a skeleton.
Haha. Raise a skeleton!! Wow. They look scary, but a fetish will get it down
a kick to the kneecap :) They're far
too weak and useless for a fighter necro. Just a point if you want to get

Skeleton Mastery
Pump up life of skeletons and revives.
The kick to the kneecap is now a kick to the groin. Don't bother. Revives are
stong enough anyway, and skeletons are

Clay Golem
Raises a golem of clay.
If you decide to use golems, only put a point into each one. But if you don't
want a golem running around with you, then
don't bother. I didn't use them. You'll probably be killing enemies with Bone
Spears and Curses and weapons that your
golem wouldn't get much to fight anyway.

Golem Mastery
Pumps up life and speed of golems.
A few points if you use golems. Otherwise, no (obviously).

Raise Mage
Raises an elemental undead mage.
I use three. I still do, from act I normal to act I hell. They are ranged
attackers, and so they don't die too fast. Also,
I 'think' that the damage of the missile is in scale with the enemy hp. Not
confirmed though. Seems to work.

Blood Golem
Raises a golem that shared life.
Again, a point if you use golems. They work VERY well with Iron Maiden though.

Summon Resist
Makes your golems resistant to magic.
A point if you use golems. Nothing else much to say about this skill.

Iron Golem
Summons a golem from a metallic object.
Yes, the golem does take the property of the object. Cool, but you'd probably
want all the decent items you find for
yourself. Has thorns, which is nice.

Fire Golem
Summons a golem of fire.
Cool. This guy absorbs and does fire damage. Don't listen to any rumours about a
fire golem 'soloing' diablo in hell. He
can't even solo him on normal (with lvl20 mastery and the golem himself on

Revived a killed monster for 3 minutes.
I use this a little. It's nice to have a few vampire lords running around with
you :) It'll help you, so may as well throw
in a point or two.

Strength is most important for a fighter necro, as is dexterity and vitality
(like a barbarian). Try to avoid putting points
into Energy, although you might have to if you use Bone Spirit. USE MANA
OBJECTS. They'll sort you out in no time.
I reccomend 3-Strength, 1-Dexterity, 1-Vitality. Sometimes use 2-Strength, 2/3-
Dexterity, 1/0-Vitality if you are short
on Dexterity.

Some tips for the fighter necro.

 * Use Life Tap as your main curse. This gives you TONS of life back. 50% of a
weapon doing 40 damage (average in normal)
    gives you 20 life PER HIT. That's alot of life. In a few hits you'll regain
all of your life.
 * Save imbues! This is covered in a later section
 * Don't overestimate yourself. Run away and use a potion if you need to. This
important in nitemare/hell where you lose
   exp. when you die.
 * Make sure you have good resistance to magic. This'll be important in later
difficulties where you get -20 and -50 to your
   magic resistance. Lightning and Fire are the most annoying.
 * Have one mana steal item, and maybe one that adds to mana. This'll stop you
running out.
 * Specialize in either Bone Spear or Bone Spirit. They both have advantages and
disadvantages covered earlier in the FAQ.

I recommend you imbue at lvl45-50, cos that way you get the best stuff. Remember
the higher level you are, the better imbue
you get. Save and try again until you get what you need. Also save all three
imbues (from all difficulty levels).
I would recommend :

1 imbue for a weapon (sword, axe etc)
1 imbue for armour
1 imbue for helm (a good helm is HARD to find)

This FAQ is always under construction. I've tried to make it brief to stop you
spending endless hours reading it.
EMAIL ME! Tell me what you think. Email me at neoginetic@hotmail.com. I'll
reply. Also email me if you want
to duel me :)

Thanks for reading this. I hope it helps. Find the latest version of this FAQ at

This FAQ is copyright neoginetic 2000

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