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Чит-файл для Diggers


 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Millenium Interactive
Издатель:Millenium Interactive
Жанры:Arcade (Platform) / Logic

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
 DiGGERS from Millenium will remind you of games like Lemmings or Humans when
  you run it the first time. The gameplay also reminds of these games so what
  else can you expect than yet another great addictive game ???

 As there's no real way in explaining you the meaning of the icons you'll have
  to use during the game we don't even bother. We recommend you to find this
  out by try & seek. Nevertheless this documentation includes all necessary
  information about the different clans, the enemies and all other things you
  might meet on planet "ZARG"...


 Every time you start a new game, start a new level or end your game you'll
  be brought to the administrators office. He will ask you for chosing a Level
  you want to start digging or continue on digging. When you start a new game
  you'll only be able to dig in "DHOBBS" or "AZERG". These are located on top
  left of the map. When you start digging there you can enlarge the area you're
  digging. In this way you can access all the zones on the map, too. After
  successfully finishing a zone either financial or by killing all enemies a
  flag will show your success...

 After chosing a zone to start you'll be brought back to the administrator who
  will then let you chose the clan you want to invest your money into. Each of
  these clans has it's own targets, abilities and disabilities. Make sure you
  carefully choose your clan as you'll have to play the whole game with the
  same clan...

 Between the levels you can load/save your game in the administrators office


 The "HABBiSH" clan is a very weird one whose tribe is very intelligent. They
  invented a special Teleport tranportation. Though they are weak they can dig
  for a very long time. But they are impatient. They are getting bored from
  digging pretty fast. So they prefer stealing items from other people. They
  are a cult that believes truly in their god. This god advised them to build
  a huge temple. They starting doing that but unfortunately they're running
  out of money so they have to dig for treasures in order to complete the
  temple. The "HABBiSH" live in a strange time structure. Suddenly they stop
  doing whatever they were working on, stand in a circle and pray to their
  god. They get angry when they won't find treasures and they pray again when
  there search in unsuccessful...

 The "GRABLiNS" are mostly favoured for digging. They dig very fast and can
  continue for hours without any break. As they're very small they're very
  mobil in the mines. They can crawl into every hole and can work in small
  passages. Although they're strong they're not successful in battles. The
  "QUARRiORS" for example have no problem in defeating them. The weakness of
  the "GRABLiNS" is a drink called "GROK". They simply cannot get enough of it.
  Sadly they always need money in order to brew "GROK". The ingredients are
  very expensive. Their main target is getting enough money to be able to build
  an own brewery. But they have to buy a few planets first to locate this
  brewery there...

 The "QUARRiORS" is a fighting clan. They're the most powerful clan and they're
  also good in sabotage and explosives. They're not really used to dig so they
  don't dig fast and they get tired. But they're very reliable. The "QUARRiORS"
  are totally out of money as they got ripped over by a weapons saler recently.
  They are dreaming of building there own fort were they can train using there
  weapons without being disturbed by anyone...

 The "F'TARGS" are very curious and they like to collect scrap. Their aim is
  building someting using collected scrap. As a result of this all their
  equipment looks like it was built together of different things. They're the
  second fastest diggers. They like to dig but the y get easily disturbed by
  things they like. Collecting all these things leads them into trouble very
  often but they are neither good warriors nor are they very strong. Though,
  if the get wounded they heal twice as fast as all other clans. Their biggest
  wish is getting enough money to build a museum were they can show all the
  things they build of scrap...

 Supposedly there's a fifth clan. This peaceful tribe are the best diggers.
  They got tired of digging and totally disappeared. Nobody knows where they
  are nowadays. But still it is said that they live in some caves deep in the


 There are some items you might find useful for your task in this shop...
 But don't trust the prices all the time. Suddenly they might just raise or
 fall. You never as the company can do whatever it wants to...

  Flood Gate (cost: 80 / weight: 10)

   The flood gate can only be opened/closed by the one that installed it. But
   they can also beopened using explosives...

  Telepol (cost: 260 / weight: 12)

   Possibly the most important item. Using the Telepol you can directly travel
   to a Telepol installed somewhere else. Except of the "HABBiSH", Telepols can
   only be used by the clan that installed it...

  Rail (cost: 10 / weight: 3)

   Buying Rail means you by five pieces at once. When they're used once they
   cannot be moved nor drilled through anymore...

  Automatic Wagon (cost: 100 / weight: 9)

   This wagon is moving and steering on it's own. It can carry large amounts
   of goods. It's made for a fast transportation of your tribe or goods...

  Small Drill (cost: 150 / weight: 8)

   This small drill is not too heavyand can be carried. It's drilling much
   faster than your clan...

  Bridge (cost: 25 / weight: 3)

   You need bridges to get over lakes. It is extremely strong and you can carry
   your goods over it. Bridges are easy targets so be careful when crossing
   them. Before suing them they must be anchored in the ground...

  Boat (cost: 60 / weight: 5)

   It can only be used by one person at a time. It's not made for longer
   journeys nor for bad weather travels...

  Vertical Dredge (cost: 170 / weight: 10)

   This dredge can only be used vertical into the ground. Once turned on it'll
   work for a specific time or until it runs into some obstacle. In wet
   sceneries it should be used carefully...

  Big Drill (cost: 230 / weight: 11)

   It can drill through rocks extremely fast. Be careful using this drill. It
   can only drill in forward direction and you better don't get into it's way.
   When you're done drilling you have to leave this drill behind...

  Explosives (cost: 20 / weight: 4)

   Be careful using explosives as it might be a deadly mistake. You need it
   to blow rocks or if you want to enter some other clan's mine...

  Elevator (cost: 220 / weight: 12)

   Very important to transport goods, utilities or men. After installing the
   elevator it cannot be moved away anymore. It has to be installed correctly
   otherwise it won't work...

  TNT Card (cost: 300 / weight:3)

   Probably the most important item. This paper shows you the entire zone
   including all details you need to know. It's being updated all the time you
   move around...

  First Aid Kit (cost: 60 / weight: 5)

   After buying this kit it'll restore the health of the owner. It can also be
   given away to another man in order to be used by him.


  The Bank of Zarg

   If you open an account at this bank you can sell what you found digging in
   your area. Entering the bank it'll show you what is being bought and how
   much you're getting. You can also sell items you bought in the shop. This
   might give you up to 75% of the money back you invested in your mine after
   you're done...

  The Purse of Zarg

   This is yet another plave where you can sell what you found. All prices
   are raising and falling as it's usual for this place. There's only one
   price that stays constant. It's for the "JENNiT" which is a crystal...


   If you are impatiently looking for treasures you shouldn't continuesly
   drilling into the deep...

   Be careful using bridges. Next to crossing rivers you can also jump higher
   using them...

   Don't waste your breath trying to drill through rocks. You better remove
   them by using some heavy explosives. But be careful as water might get into
   your passage...

   Killing your enemies might remove them but it won't help you getting far
   as the bank calculates in money not in dead bodies. Therefore you should
   prefer digging for treasures instead...

   Make sure you save the game every time after finishing a zone...

   Sell your treasures immediately to avoid it getting stolen...

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