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Читы для Doom 2: Hell on Earth

Чит-файл для Doom 2: Hell on Earth

Doom 2:
Hell on Earth

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:id Software
Издатель:GT Interactive Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Multiplayer:(4) модем, нуль-модем, LAN

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
				Monster and Weapons guide for DoOm II
					(plus a few tricks)
					   By Lord Zero

1.-File History.
2.-Introduction(The life before and after Doom)
3.-Monsters(AkA the bastards of hell)
4.-Weapons(and a more effective way than just "shoot +em up")
5.-Some nice bugs.
6.-Some cheats.
7.-Some reasons to never use cheats.
9.-Legal stuff.

1.-File History:

1.0 The start.Playing Doom again made me feel proud of being alive when it
came out and playing it.
1.2 Some ethereal spectre came over me to write something else.Added
descriptions for the "guest" enemies and a Bugs Section.Plus some help added.
"this guy+s MAD.He+s gonna make a FAQ for a game that+s 5 years old."
"Are you outta your mind?who+s gonna read it?
"How about a Pong FAQ?There are more secrets in Pong than in Doom"
"So you+re going to write a Kirby+s adventure FAQ too,right?"

Everything was told to me(well,except the last one.I+m actually thinking of
making a Kirby+s Adventure FAQ).But I downloaded Doom again,because I still
like it.Doom was a great game and even now it+s very fun to put the skill
settings to Nightmare and see if you can pass the first level.
When I knew Doom II was released I did whatever to have it.I liked to play it
 at 1 AM with the lights out and let the monster scare the hell outta me(I
was 11 years old).I liked to imagine ho wthe secrets levels were:Imagined
whatever,a REAL hell
with more people hanging on the walls,and some people suffering on the floor
(Yeh,I was 11 years old then),looked at the wicked mind of the programmers
and imagined new enemies(From big insects to dominatrix women)(Still 11 years
 old).Most of my fantasies were never real,but the fact i admired Hitler by
that time(Now I just admire his militar genius,he was a twisted killer) I
wondered how was fighting against the Nazi troops.They were there,on one of
the secrets levels.
Later I played Wolfestein and killed the f¦hrer by my hand,so all my dreams
were painted with blood.
Whatever,since I+m at my fathers house and he has an Stone Age PC,so I can+t
play any of the demos I can bought and I+m not going to buy Quake to play it
I won+t download Quake,nor I will download Quake II or Sin demos(specially
because this piece of $%с/ won+t run them)so I downloaded Doom95.It was
everything like I remember.I searched for something on the Net for the game
and I found out nobody even cared about Doom+s Monsters,which were almost
perfect.So I decided to write this thing,at the same time I+m making a
website and a Quake Enemies and weapons FAQ too.Here are all the enemies,the
best way to use Weapons and some tricks for the game.Here I go...
"Let+s go through hell to find out what the hell is going on"

Note:If you see an * before the name,is because that feature only exist in
Doom II.

The Monsters:
First of all,this isn+t Quake,so you+ll going to deal with Hordes of enemies.
Second,this isn+t quake,so they have the IQ of a dead mosquito.
A third,this isn+t Quake,so the enemies are hard to kill.
(When I talk about Quake,I+m talking about Quake,Quake II,Sin,Half Life and
Unreal,and all thosegames that fetures inteligent monster,which makes them
easier to kill)

Zombieman(little soldiers in brown clothes):
Easy to kill.Sometimes you+ll find a hell of them in a big room,especially
 when playing on Ultra Violence.These times you can(and it+s a very good
Idea)switch to your fist or Chainsaw and run all around the room with the
fire key down.

Sargent(little soldiers in black and red clothes):
Easy to kill,and it+s easy for them to kill you.They can inflict a fair
ammount of damage,and are thougher than the Zombieman.Your best bet is to
use the Shotgun,but sometimes the Pistol will
work for lonely Sargents,but that kind of good times are extremely rare.

*Heavy weapon Dude(fat guys in black clothes and a very visible chaingun):
They are some of the most dangerous enemies,even when they are easy to kill.
If you don+t see them when they see you,they will start firing and can do a
hell of damage.It+s good to use a one shot
weapon with them,because they can be really devastating.

Imp(Nude brown guys with spikes and a unpleasant face):
These things are actually very easy to kill and it+s easy to avoid their
fireballs.They make a lot of noise when they fire,the fireball isn+t very
fast and they go down with a Shotgun shot.Of course they are a real problem
sometimes,cause they will always appear in large numbers.It+s nice
to see how your rocket launcher can kill 6 of these things easily.

Demon(Ape-like pink thing with more teeths than a dolphin):
If you see one of these guys(and you are going too see them often)RUN.You
MUSt keep your distance while you aim a good supershotgun shot.They are
really fast and they can be a big problem cause
they can easily keep you in a corner.If that happens,switch to your

Spectre(An invisible-transparent Demon):
These things are dangerous.When you see that the scene is getting weird,
unless you+re on drugs is because there is an Spectre lying around.Are almost
the same thing as a Demon but much more faster.

Lost Soul(Big flying skulls on fire):
These things are easy to kill and don+t do a lot of damage,but they can be
quite a problem if you find a Pain elemental.The Skulls can eat you for
lunch,and of course you should NEVER use the rocket Launcher against them.A
nice Shotgun can do the work,and it+s a good tactic to make them
enter in a battle against powerful foes,like the Arch Viles.

Cacodemon(Big one-eyed ball with a really ugly face):
These things are probably the most hated enemy in the whole game.They are
though,they are strong and they fly.The can dodge your Rocket with ease,but
anyway that+s your best choice,cause they rarely come near to you.Watch out
for the "tricks and traps" level,when you+re going to find lots
of these guys.(And a familiar size Hell knight horde too=)

*Hell Knight(Big Satan-like brownish demon):
You+re going to suffer each time you find one thing of these.Not the most
powerful foe,but do a hell of damage and can take a considerable ammount of
shots to go down.They rarely come near you,but sometimes they like to punch
you till you+re nothing but a pile of dust.

Baron Of Hell(Reddish Hell knights,the infamous "You+ll know +em when you see
+em" enemies):This guy is dangerous,and believe me,is not funny to be caught
in a crossfire with one(or more)of these things around.They are stronger and
thougher than the Hell knights,and are probably one of the hardest enemies in
the whole game.

*Revenant(Big skeleton):
They pass away with two rockets,but are probably one of the fastest enemies.
They can go near you and give you a few punches,and if you+re reluctant to
come near them,they can use their Missiles,which can do 30% of damage.Never,
and never use the Plasma Cannon with more than 3 things of these
around.You+ll lost them and they will crush you.

*Mancubus(Big fat thing with two flaming rocket launchers):
You+ll find 4 of these things in the 9tgh level"Dead Simple" and you+ll wish
you played with cheats.They are particulary though,as they can do a lot of
damage and is hard to dodge their rockets.However,they take a lot of damage
from the Plasma Cannon.

Arachnotron(Weird spider-like mechs):
But be fooled by their size,they are powerful enemies.They can swarm you
with a wave of plasma but they are rather weak,and it+s not a good idea to
use the chaingun.

	The Next enemies are the most powerful and dangerous enemies in the
	game.BFG9000 and/or
	Plasma Cannon required to face these monstruosities. Fight with
	extreme caution:

*Pain Elemental(Big flying ball with horns and little hands):
These guys should be named Pain in the Ass.Really,really annoying,you must
kill +em fast or the Lost Souls will eat you.They fire Lost souls in
industrial quantities and this thing alone is the same thing as face 3
Hell Knights and one Baron of Hell.Try to fight them in close quarters,or
when they die they will leave the entire level infested with flying skulls.
*Arch Vile(Yellow spirits):
Probably the most dangerous enemy.They use a powerful Fire magic,which will
send you a few meters away from them.That thing alone makes them hard,but
there+s nothing more annoying than spending all your rockets to kill some
Baron of hell and see this guy revived them all.They are fast and
can take 2 BFG9000 shots(Yikes!).
It never happened to me,but in the paper they can revive even a Cyberdemon.
Be careful if you play at the 11th level,in Ultraviolence Skill,cause you+ll
find these two guys plus a Spider Mastermind.(Plus a Pain Elemental)

Spider MasterMind(Big brain-spiders):
They are big,they are though,they are powerful,they are ugly and it has to
be female.
The use a chaingun which will probably leave you running away to find the
Megasphere,and they are really though to take down.They will give you one
of the most frustating moments when you get twothe level 27(the Spirit Wolrd)
 and you find her,plus about 10 Arachnotrons!Whatever you do,never
be quiet.

The Almighty CyberDemon(Really big rocket launching mechanic demon):
The thoughest and ugliest enemies in the whole history.They can kill you in
one shot(!)and can  take 4 BFG9000 shots(okey...ARGH!).In high skill levels,
they can use teletrasportation and are deadly when combined with some Hell
knights.Never,and I say NEVER use rocket with them.Use your
BFG9000 or the plasma cannon,and it+s a good idea(but very risky)to use the

	The Following enemies are kinda like special rewards for experienced
	players.They are just for you to say"Funny!" or real enemies,but
	actually have nothing to do with the game+s theme.Let+s say they  are
	the guest stars.None of these appear on any of the Console versions
	due to the fact that none of the levels where they appear are
	on any of them,not even the Infamous "Icon Of Sin".

*SS Officer(Blue soldiers that look suspiciosly like the ones on Wolfestein
3D)(They are actually the same...)
Don+t ask me what they say.They are found in one of the two secret levels,
"Wolfestein"-Wolfestein is actually the name of the castle where Wolfestein
3D happens,so it goes beyond the dedication to the famous game-.
They act they same way as the Heavy Weapon Dude,but they don+t have the
massive gunfire and have a sharp eye.This level has some wide spaces,and that
makes them easier.
	Notes:SS Officers where one of the hardest enemies in Wolfestein 3D
the first game that gave Id and Apogee the chance to be well know in the
market.The sequel was named "Spear of Destiny".

*Commander Keen(Small guys with big eyes,a football helmet and blue pants)
They are not exactly enemies.Some people refer to them as "characters".They
appear only in the other secret level,"Groose"-This level uses the same
pallete as "Wolfestein",but I haven+t found any conections here.It+s only
accesable using a cheat and finding the secret exit from "Wolfestein"-just at
the exit,where there+s a + shaped plataform.They are tied by their necks(They
look so sadistic,damn!!I saw them when I was 12!!)and you must kill them to
reveal the switch to end the level.They explode when killed,leaving a pile of
dead meat and the head remains intact showing it+s kiddish eyes.
	Notes:The Commander Keen was one of the first game developed by
Apogee.It was a side action game where Commander Keen had to find the exit on
different space-themed levels,armed with an stupid gun and an complex
item to jump higher.I played two of these games,I+m not sure how much there
were.One was on some planetary surface with weird aliens,and the other was
on some space station.The last one had a version of Pong for bored players.

*John Romero(A head impaled in an wood stack)
This thing is behind the final demon in Doom II.If you see,right on the thing
that seems like a brain just in it+s forehead,that shots enemies.The
conventional way to beat this level was shooting there.If you use the No Clip
cheat,you could be able to go through the wall,and you+ll see this enemy.
Some people said he wasn+t an enemy,just a trigger or something like that.I
think he+s the last enemy,not only because when you kill it you finish the
game,but because when you kill every enemy,and nothing else appears,and you
see that the skull cards fly to the walls,you will still hear a sound like
there+s a monster there.
	Notes:John Romero was one of Id+s Founders.He recently left Id to
found Ion Storm,saying that Id has gone way too big.One of his last games
with Ion is the anoying "SiN"

The Weapons:
No first person shooter can be a good one without some nice weapons.This is
 the way to comunicate to the enemies(Think about it:1 rocket,1 f%#& you).
Some of the weapons work best against some others.The best one should be the
Plasma cannon,which can deliver damage while attacking lots of enemies.The
worst one can be the fist.

Fist:You+ll forget it in the 3 level(Doom I) or in the first one(Doom II).
This sucks.However,if you manage to find a Berserker sphere,then it should
be automatic to select it,and you+ll do a hell of damage(Zombiemen will blow
 up)but even when that happens don+t bother using it in anything thougher
than a Sargent.

Chainsaw:This baby rules the wolrd!Ok,you must be very near to use this,but
once you+re near,the foe is good as dead.The enemie won+t move or attack
while you+re using it in them,but however,it can take some time to kill it,
and while you+re trying to kill the enemy,his friends will tear you up from
Note:This will replace the fist when you got it,but when you get the
Berserker,you+ll be able to choose between them for 1 level.

Pistol:This will help you a lot till you get the chaingun or the rocket
launcher.While it does little damage and is slow,it has the advantage of
the markmanship,so it+s better to use it before the Shotgun when you must
beat enemies from large distance.However,when you ger the other 2
weapons,this thing+s history.

*Shotgun:One of the best weapons.Most enemies take 2 or 3 shots to go down and
you+ll find plenty of ammo out there.However,they must be used when you+re
close to the enemy,or it+ll lose mucho power.It+ll be used heavily trought
the whole game,or at least the whole Doom I.

Super Shotgun:Much better than the shotgun.It+ll kill most enemies with one
shot,and while you must be near the enemies to do full damage,you don+t have
to be worried,you will never see them again.However,it+s pretty slow to
recharge,so you should use it when no more than 4 enemies are around.

Chaingun:Another big daddy weapon.You+ll take a hell of time to kill enemies,
but it+s good to use it in close quarters against lost of enemies.It+s good
to use them against lonely Cacodemons or Demons can it will prevent them
from moving.

Rocket Launcher:A very,very powerful weapon.It can kill most enemies than the
Supershotgun with one shot,and have splash damage,so it+s nice to use them
against lots of small enemies at large distance,it+ll kill em all,including
you if you+re too near.It+s pretty destructive,and unlike Quake+s or Unreal+s
rocket launcher,it+s almost unfair to use it in Death MAtch.

Plasma Cannon:It+s the best weapon.It+ll be used heavily the last levels,and
it+s a perfectweapon for long levels like the Living end or Nirvana.The ammo
last for very long battles,and some enemies taken an exagerated ammount of
damage from it.However, it tends to block your view,which can be somewhat
dangerous,but it+s not so bad.

The BFG9000(Big fraggin+ gun, Blast Field Gun,or Plasma Bazooka):It+s very
destructive.It+s a very complex gun(read the BFG FAQ by Tony Fabris).It+s
supposed to kill all enemies in sight,at least based in my experience,but it
seems it has a blast radius which will damage every enemies for 1000 feets,
but the damage is kinda like the Nuclear Missile from Shadow warrior,in other
words,you can hide behind a wall and you+ll get no damage.Direct shot will
most than likely kill the target(except from the very very bad guys)and in
certain cases,you+re exposed to the blast too.The best way to use it is to
keep enemies near and shot it up.When the shot crashes,you can go away.
Some Nice Bugs:-Notes:All these bugs are really rare to found,and these are
the conditions I played to find them.I haven+t been able to cause them again.
Any help here would be apreciated.

Soldiers from Hell:This is one nasty bug.Some conditions to find them are to
be on the Hell Levels(From Gotcha-21-to the Icon Of Sin-30-)and killed
already all enemies in the level.It seems you need to have the Invencibility
code On.This bug causes an enemy(This could be ramdom,but the three times it
happened to me,the enemy had nothing to do with the level,like a Zombieman in
the Living End-29-)to appear from nothing(ussually in weird places)doing
ramdom sounds everytime he walks,and is almost invencible!It seems the enemy
has a No Clip mode,he doesn+t even seems to receive the attack.This enemy
counts as a living enemy in the final Kills count.

Hell Printer:This is another nasty bug.In the last level"Icon of Sin"if you
have a 4 megs PC,and let too many monster appear on screen,the sistem will
get stuck and each time you press a key the scene will move up one centimeter
or so.If you keep it pressed it will dissapear eventually.
There+s no way to save your game here.

Trapped under cement:This one occurs quite often.Kill a Pain Elemental near
a wall and when it explode it could leave the Lost souls it leaves trapped
in the wall.There+s no way to kill them,not even using the BFG 9000.

Some Cheats:
IDDQD:the God Mode.There+s another name but I can+t recall it.
IDKFA:very happy ammo added.Every weapon,ammo and keys.
IDCLEV##:Replace the ## with the number of the level you wannna visit.The two
secrets levels are 31 and 32 in Doom II.Not tested in Doom I.
IDCLIP:No clipping(Tripping!!)
Some reasons to not use cheats:
-You+ll probably miss the best levels.
-You+ll end up thinking the Cyberdemon is  not as hard as your history
-You+ll never experience the thrill of being chased by the enemies while
looking for ammo.
-You+ll never know what the megasphere does.
-You+ll wonder what+s so funny about running away from enemies if you can
kill em using your mere fists.
-You+ll end bored.
-You+ll unistall,sell and/or forget the game.
-You+ll be sleepy while a horde of Imps are trying to tear you up.
-Your girlfriend won+t speak to you anymore.
-Id will be sad for having someone out there not enjoying the game.
-I don+t like it.
-Uncle Sam doesn+t like using cheats.
-Fidel neither.
-You+ll going to end in jail.
-You+re going to burn in hell.

(Send anything else to lord_0@yahoo.com)
-Whoever wrote all those Faqs for the different versions of Doom for an
acceptable name for the SS Officer.It+s URL is
-The guy at Gamefaqs.com for his hard work.
-Id,of course,for the lack of people to thank.
Legal Stuff:
-This file+s copyrighted by Lord Zero(Lord_0@yahoo.com) and all rights are
reserved.If you break the copyright I+ll send a Spider Master mind to make
you suffer and probably she will rape you.

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