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Читы для Dragon Wars

Чит-файл для Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Interplay Productions
Издатель:Interplay Productions

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1990 г.


Информация актуальна для
Dragon Wars FAQ/Walkthrough version 0.1.0
Classic RPG

Walkthrough by Andrew Schultz

Please do not reproduce without my consent.

Although this FAQ is copyright 2000 Andrew Schultz, Dragon Wars is
copyright 1988 by Interplay.  This FAQ is not associated with Interplay
in any way.  Its eventual goal is to contain hints and
interesting/relevant information on every phase, but right now I have
attempted to fill holes missed by Wyvern's very strong original
walkthrough(see credits) and provide a different sort of format.  Also
since ten years after, it's much easier to produce text maps, etc., I
figured why not try it?

Dragon Wars tribute home page:
Maps, tips, FAQ, and more!


Miscellaneous:  this game is based loosely on Babylonian mythology.
Many of the characters and names are based on Babylon(although
Byzanople, for instance, is a bit of a joke.)  When I realized that I
guessed the creators weren't as original as I thought, but they were
still pretty original to come up with a game like this!



Note:  when you have level x, you need 50(x)(x+1) points to advance to
the next level, up to level 12.  After that the limit is 6600.
The gory math:
   Lvl x(from x-1)|running total
2 |100            |100
3 |300            |400
4 |600            |1000
5 |1000           |2000
6 |1500           |3500
7 |2100           |5600
8 |2800           |8400
9 |3600           |12000
10|4500           |16500
11|5500           |22000
12|6600           |28600
13|6600           |35200


There are four non-player characters in the game, and you have only
three slots.  I stuck with Louie, Ulrik, and Valar.  Even though Halifax
is the best when he starts out, he is tough to find in Freeport, and he
may be found so late in the game that you want to stick with the
original three.

I think there's a bug here--dismissing a character when he's dead and
going back to where he was will resurrect him but with his beginning

NPC Name      Location              ST DX IN SP HE
Ulrik        |Tavern in Purgatory  |
Louie        |Slave Camp, SE       |
Valar        |Phoeban tavern, NE   |
Halifax      |Freeport tavern      |

NOTE:  if Phoebus is destroyed or Freeport is evacuated, you won't be
able to find Valar or Halifax.

(to be completed)

The Bridge(north of Purgatory):

t t t         s

s   t s   s t t
     +-+ +-+
t   t|     |t t
     +-+ +-+
w w w w| |w w w
       | |
w w w w|2|w w w
     +-+ +-+
t s t|  1  |t T
     +-+ +-+
t t   S   s t t

s t t     s s t

1. The guard asks to see your citizenship papers.
2. "Have it your way, then!"  2 Bridge guards attack.  They're tougher
than Purgatory guards.
S: stone that tells of High Magic
T: tree with treasure cache.

If the guards accept your papers(which you win from the gladiators'
fight), you will be asked to pay a toll of 50 gold.  Otherwise you'll
have to fight your way through.  Rats may also attack you while you're
on the bridge.


In Dragon Wars, there are many puzzles.  Few are *absolutely* essential
to the game, but some give you powerful items that may help improve your
party more quickly than a lot of fighting could.  So first I will list
the very minimum of actions you need to complete:

1.  Get the golden boots from the Mud Toad.  This is done with the use
of "Create Wall"(at the source of the Mud Toad's leak) which you can buy
in Lansk Underground.  After casting the spell, visit the temple.  For
solution 3A, you don't need to do anything special, but for 3B, buy an
ankh at Mud Toad.
2.  You'll also need to defeat Ugly and his crew to get to Freeport and
get Soften Stone(it's necessary to find Namtar's army), and the best way
to do this is to give everyone in your front line "disarm" spells and
use them on the four Scurvy Seadogs every other turn(attacking the front
line with the other half of the time) while your back three cast wide-
range spells like Inferno or Sun Stroke.  If one of your back three has
a healing wand and low dexterity, that is also useful.  Since the
monsters tend to stun for large damage, a little bit of healing will
completely undo the damage.
3A.  In Salvation, jump across the large chasm using the golden boots,
and after going forward you will fall into Nisir.  Find Namtar and fight
his army(it's possible to defeat them solo if your characters are good
enough and lucky enough!)  Then take Namtar to the pit(killing him 4
times on the way) and destroy him("use" his corpse)  The four encounters
occur in the following places:  twice at the field of battle, once just
south and east of the regeneration pool where you are teleported after
the battle, and finally when you reach the pit.
3B.  Go to Lansk Underground and use the Ankh on the dragon past the
secret passage.  Then defeat Ugly and his pirates in the smugglers'
cove, go to Dragon Valley, find the Dragon Queen, and use the gem.  Jump
over the pit before as in 3A but when "Namtar's Army lies ahead of you"
simply use the Dragon Gem.  See 3A for beating Namtar from there.

However, you will probably want to solve other puzzles to pick up
important extra-strong armor/weapons, because it takes too long to build
your characters up.  Here's an approximate list from the very best
armor/weapons down.

A.  The Sword of Freedom.
  1.  Get the mushrooms from the Mystic Wood.  Give them to Nergal
behind the secret door in Necropolis.
  2.  Get the golden boots from the Mud Toad(see above) and jump across
the water in Irkalla's Realm.  She'll be released.
  3.  Get Soften Stone from Freeport(via a fight or magic shop) and cast
it on the statues in the Dwarf Clan Hall.
  4.  Get Roba's Skull from the Sunken Ruins.  Return to the Isle of Woe
and you have the Sword of Freedom.
  5.  Stop by the northern part of Purgatory and use the Freedom Sword--
+3 of each attribute to all party members before the big fights in
B.  The Trident
  1.  This is in the Sunken Ruins with some nice armor.  There is a very
nasty fight, though.
C.  Dragon's teeth
  1.  Southwest part of Dragon Valley.  These have a range of twenty
feet and do tons of damage, and you can pick up more than one.
D.  Dragon Queen's Friendship
  1.  While not properly a quest, this allows you to beat Namtar's army
without having to fight.   Thus you only have to deal with Namtar--not
the easiest proposition as it is!  Buy the Ankh from Mud Toad.
  2.  Give the Ankh to the Dragon under Lansk--there's a secret door in
the east side of the middle structure.  You will get a dragon gem in
  3.  Show the gem to the Dragon Queen.  She'll pledge to help you in
battle.  Use it when Namtar's army attacks you.
E.  Dragon Valley in general
  1.  Dragon Helm and Dragon Plate are in the northeast

A list of where to get a bunch of spells is below:

AA.  Spells at the Magic College and Lanac'Toor's
  1.  Stone Arms are in Tars Ruins behind a sacred door
  2.  Stone Head is in the Snake Pit
  3.  Stone Legs are in Freeport guarded by Order of the Sword(tough
  4.  Stone Trunk is in Necropolis, center of the first room you come in
  5.  Lanac'Toor's statue is in the center of Mud Toad.  The first four
items assemble into it, allowing you to descend.  Use Soften
Stone(you'll probably need to get to Freeport first) to find many other
spells including Lanac'Toor's Spectacles.
  6.  The College of Magic is east of the Scorpions' Bridge.  Use the
Enkidu Totem(see below) or just fight it out if you've got good
weapons(save first).  In the southwest corner, use the spectacles, cast
an ice spell, cast reveal glamour and a fire spell, cast cloak arcane,
fight the philistine(you'll need a bit of luck here, too) and cast
disarm trap.  For the last room, just past Utnapishtim by and if you do
attack him, run and exit the room.  Choose the Soul Bowl and use it in
the Mystic Wood for some Druid spells.
BB.  Spells in Lansk Underground
  1.  The seedy shop which "is not open" sells Create Wall, which is
necessary to complete the game(closes the gap at Mud Toad and gets you
Golden Boots)

These are the biggest ones.

Here is a list of spells and items and how to get them.

(Alphabetical order)

                 (OR SPELLS)
Dragon Gem       Ankh                    Dragon Queen's Friendship
(Secret door in Lansk Undercity)
Enkidu Totem     Golden Boots            Show at Scorpion Bridge
(Island in Mystic Wood)
Golden Boots     Create Wall             Jump over Chasms/water
(Mud Toad)                               (Wood, Salvation, Irkalla's)
Lanac'Toor's     Stone Trunk             See College of Magic
  spectacles     Stone Arms              (the Entrance)
(Lanac'Toor's    Stone Head
  lab)           Stone Legs
                 Soften Stone
Mushrooms        (none)                  Show to Nergal(Necropolis)
Mystic Wood
Signet Ring      (none)                  Leave Pit, enter Kingshome
Snake Pit
Silver Key       Mushrooms               Free Irkalla
Skull of Roba    Water Potion            Show at DwarfClanHallForge
Sunken Ruins(under)
Soul Bowl        Solve College/Magic     Use @ Zaton in Mystic Wood
College of Magic
Stone Arms                               Build Lanac'Toor           Tars
Stone Head                               Build Lanac'Toor
Snake Pit
Stone Legs                               Build Lanac'Toor
Stone Trunk                              Build Lanac'Toor
Sword of Freedom Roba's Skull            +3 stats in Salvation
Dwarf Clan Hall->
                 Soften Stone            Great weapon too!
Irkalla's Realm
                 Golden Boots
Water Potion     Silver Key              Get under Sunken Ruins
(Isle of Woe/Irkalla)

All told, though, it's fun to solve all the puzzles, much more fun than
mindless fighting, so why not do so?


This is divided into spell types.  Prices are in parentheses

**************************LOW MAGIC**********************
CHARM:  magic shop(free), Forlorn treasure trove
DISARM:  magic shop(free)
LUCK:  magic shop(free), Forlorn treasure trove
MAGE FIRE:  magic shop(free), Forlorn treasure trove
LESSER HEAL:  magic shop(free), Forlorn treasure trove
MAGE LIGHT:  magic shop(free), Forlorn treasure trove

*************************HIGH MAGIC**********************

FIRE LIGHT:  magic college, Tars Ruins Underground
POOG'S VORTEX:  west Phoebus, magic college
BIG CHILL:  NE Byzan Dungeon, magic college, Nergal
MYSTIC MIGHT:  Dwarf Clan Hall, Freeport(1K)
COWARDICE:  NE Dragon Valley, Freeport(1K)
SALA'S SWIFT:  NE Dragon Valley, Freeport(1K)
ELVAR'S FIRE:  SW Tars Ruins, magic college
ICE CHILL: magic college
DAZZLE:  NE Byzan Dungeon
REVEAL GLAMOUR:  Freeport(1K), Mud Toad Treasure
VORN'S GUARD:  NE Dragon Valley, Freeport(1K)
HEALING:  slave camp
GROUP HEAL:  magic college
AIR SUMMON:  Tars Ruins
WATER SUMMON:  Mud Toad Treasure
FIRE SUMMON:  magic college
SENSE TRAPS:  slave camp
CLOAK ARCANE:  slave camp

************************SUN MAGIC*****************

SUN STROKE:  Lanac'toor's Lab, west Phoebus, slave camp, Tars Ruins
RAGE OF MITHRAS:  Dwarf Clan Hall, Mud Toad Tavern
FIRE STORM:  Lanac'toor's Lab
HOLY AIM:  Mud Toad Tavern, Mystalvision(Phoeban dungeon)
COLUMN OF FIRE: SE Game preserve
EXORCISM:  SW Tars Ruins
INFERNO:  Nergal
BATTLE POWER:  SE Game preserve
ARMOR OF LIGHT:  Mud Toad Tavern
SUN LIGHT:  ????
HEAL:  ????
MAJOR HEAL:  Mud Toad Tavern
CHARGER:  Order of the Sword(Freeport)
DISARM TRAP:  Mystalvision(Phoeban dungeon)
GUIDANCE:  SW Tars Ruins

***********************DRUID MAGIC****************

CREATE WALL:  W Phoebus, Lansk Underground(100)
WOOD SPIRIT:  Mystic Wood/Zaton, Mystalvision(Phoeban dungeon), Lansk
CURE ALL:  Mystic Wood/Zaton, Lansk Underground(100)
DEATH CURSE:  Mystic Wood, Phoebus, Tars Ruins Underground
FIRE BLAST:  Mystic Wood
INSECT PLAGUE:  Mystic Wood, Nergal
SCARE:  Mystic Wood, Nergal, Slave Camp
BRAMBLES:  Mystic Wood/Zaton
GREATER HEAL:  Mystic Wood/Zaton, Slave Camp
INVOKE SPIRIT:  Mystic Wood/Zaton
BEAST CALL:  Mystic Wood/Zaton

************************MISC MAGIC****************

ZAK'S SPEED:  Dwarf Clan Hall, Lanac'toor's Lab
KILL RAY:  Lanac'toor's Lab
PRISON:  ????


[Dragon Wars has a separate paragraph book you read clues from--a
favorite "copy protection" from the late 80's.  It puts in some fake
ones to mis-guide you--or entertain you, if you've completed the game.
Some are entertaining even so.]

Currently I am going by Wyvern's walkthrough and my own recollections or
observations.  There are some missing that I remember, so I have ignored
those.  I've also put asterisk boundaries before and after the fakes so
that they stand out.

#1 is inside the slave estate--a room with 6 or so statues.
#2 is an obvious fake.  There's no Vampire Lord in the game.
#3 is in purgatory.
#4 is when you step in the arena.
#5 is by the outer wall of Purgatory.
#6 is the northwest corner of the Mystic Wood.
#7 may be a fake, but it seems real.  I haven't tried leaving Purgatory
with corpses, since there are easier ways to get out.
#8 is if you say you are one of the thieves.
#11 is also a clear fake and a funny one.
#31 is another fake.  Ship travel is always instantaneous in Dragon
Wars.  I've traveled a lot and never gotten caught.
#40 looks like a fake, although it could be somewhere in the Nisir.
#44 is pretty clearly a fake.  You don't use paint to save Mud Toad.
#112 is a fake, too.  There's no volcano by Dragon Valley, and it's on
an island, not a desert.
#116 is a fake.  There's no blind juggler in Purgatory and no way to
tunnel out of it.
#129 can't be right because there IS no Dilmun Underground.  Besides,
there's no paragraph that could follow up #129.
#132 is a "sequel" to #2, but there's no NPC named Aradrax, and there's
STILL no Vampire Lord.
#133:  the king is mad, and there are no trolls in the game.  Fake!
#135:  Namtar couldn't have read Poe.  Besides, he disappears in #131
after he talks to you.
#136 is a clever fake.  It's subtle, so I had to read it a couple of
#140 is a fake, as Dragon Wars doesn't keep track of time.  So how can
it describe a sunrise?

To see a copy of the paragraphs check out the Dragon Wars documentation
at project64.org


In the Apple version, you can edit bytes in your characters' profiles to
make them a whole lot better.  Although it ruins a lot of the game's fun
if you haven't solved it, it was useful that I could just plow through


If you defeat Namtar's army straight-up, there will still be a reference
to the dragons helping you at the end of the game.  Oops!


(end of faq)


There's a patron saint of computers on the 386, and behind him is a
treasure trove with a 386.  However, on the Apple, the 386 is replaced
with an Apple IIgs!


Credits:  Wyvern's (Jeanne Wyvern Harlan-Marriott) FAQ I found at
GameFAQs saved me countless hours with spells and items and pointed out,
coupled with my findings, some system-dependent differences.  Also,
project64.c64.org had a list of all used paragraphs.  Apple disk images
were at apple.asimov.net.  Wonderful!

5/29/2000 Version 0.1.0:  map of small bridge, basic
items/walkthroughs/experience/NPC.  Didn't want to release such an
incomplete FAQ until I'd finished another, which I did(2400 A.D.)

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