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Читы для Driller

Чит-файл для Driller


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Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Альтернативное название:Space Station Oblivion
Разработчик:Incentive Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1987 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Action Game from Incentive.


Shoot  the  pyramid  crystals  to  gain  energy or shields. The
upside-down crystals  regain energy, while the others replenish
shields. These crystals are  found  in  lots of places, mainly on
the lighter side of the moon. The shed  in  Amethyst contains blue
and yellow crystals, and two of these will fully  energise  your
shields if they are really low, so don't waste them. When  the
crystal  supported by a cube has the cube shot away, it is worth
extra  shields.  The  other  supported  crystal, when shot,
regenerates the three ordinary crystals, so shoot them first, then
shoot the aforementioned supported crystal to get them back for

The  crystals  in  the shed in Obsidian completely restore your
attributes, once  again,  the  upside-down  ones  giving  you
energy, whilst the others replenish  shields.  However, on entering
this shed, go in by the rear door as there is a particularly nasty
laser waiting for you at the front. If you do attempt to destroy it
though, raise the height of your vehicle and enter with  your  laser
positioned at the top of the screen. This way you should get  it
within a couple of shots. Also, shooting the strip lights just goes
to  show  the attention to detail that has gone into this game.
Another way to gain energy and shields is to shoot the treed-like
structure in Emerald. It disappears after a few shots so, once
again, don't waste it.

Most  laser  beacons can be destroyed with a couple of shots, but
the laser in Topazcan rotated away from you by shooting it -
effectively deactivating it.  If  you hear an alien alarm and you
are attacked by something that you cannot  see,  rotate  upwards,
using the right mouse button on the up icon, and  you will see a
Ketar Skanner in the sky, shooting at you. Simply shoot at it to
destroy it.

Generally, if you can't immediately see the answer to a puzzle, try
viewing it  from  as  many angles as possible: eg, move around it,
over it, next to it....this  way  you  may  see a previously hidden
switch. Never move off a platform on a side where there is no
visible wall, or you will fall to your death.  The  only  platforms
where  there  is an exception to the rule are Amethyst  and  Ruby;
you  can  walk through the wall in Amethyst to get to Niccolite, and
out of Ruby on to the Girders.


In  Amethyst, shoot the arch to gain some points, then shoot the top
of the tall tower for some more. Shoot the white box on one of the
walls to reveal a door to Obsidian. Whatever you do, DON'T shoot the
store shed, or it will disappear, taking the valuable energy and
shield crystals it holds with it. As  this is the first stage, the
puzzle is fairly easy; just plant your rig on  the  cross  on  the
floor. Once you have found the jet, a useful way to refuel  is to
land on top of the tower. The floating dock above Amethyst is a
secret  room  which  is  used  to  activate the teleports.
Additionally, activating the teleports can be done by going to Topaz
and, having shot the laser turret so that it is pointing the other
way, moving to the block next to  the  floating  room and getting on
it. Once you are on, turn around and then  shoot  the red box on the
right. You will now be lifted up. Enter the room  and head straight
for the block on the wall. Behind it, you will find a  secret
passage.  Go through it and you will end up in a room containing
four boxes.

To  activate  the  teleports,  you  must  shoot  all  four so that
they all disappear  at  once.  To  do  this, mentally number them 1
- 4 from left to right,  and  shoot  them  in  the  order  4 - 2 - 1
- 3. Return to Amethyst (through  the  passage  -  not  the slot)
and you will see a large T-shape. There  will  also  now be T-shapes
in Ruby, Emerald and Beryl, and touching them  will  take you from
one T to another. Additionally, if you are in the jet, you can get
to the secret room simply by flying through the slot.

To  obtain  the  jet, follow these instructions; go from Amethyst to
Topaz, and  cross  to the other side by using the steps. Enter Beryl
and shoot the three  telegraph  wires  until  they  disappear  -
cutting off the laser's supply. Enter the building that it was
protecting and face the three shapes on  the  wall.  Shoot these and
they change their order, so shoot them into the  sequence: Hexagon,
Square and Triangle then exit the room to find that a  new  door
has  appeared opposite the building. Go through this, and you will
enter  Aquamarine.  Go to the left hangar and shoot the doors.
Within this  now  open  hangar  is  the  jet,  so trundle in and
position yourself directly  beneath  the  jet. Dock with it, and
control is yours. The jet is only useful for exploration and cannot
lay rigs, so if you want to position one, land on the hangar and
re-enter the tank.

To cross the gap in Obsidian, shoot or bump into the tall, thin
block until it  falls  over,  bridging the gap. Within the gap there
are several energy and shield crystals to shoot, but be careful not
to fall in. To get through Lapiz  Lazuli,  shoot  all  five
pyramids then weave through the blocks to reach the wall. Using the
up icon, raise your tank until you see a block on the  other  side.
Shoot  it  and  lower  yourself back to ground level. Go beneath the
wall and shoot it again. A door out will now be revealed.

When  you  first  wish to enter Ruby it is best to go via
Aquamarine. Level your  tank  to the ground and follow the arrow
until you meet another arrow pointing  in  another  direction.
Follow this one now, and move right up to the side of the room. Lift
your tank from the ground, and move forward into Ruby.  Lower  the
tank again and traverse the girders. To cross the girders safely,
change  the  forward  step to 25 units, and the turning step to 90
degrees.  This  makes it easier to move along the girders and allows
you to turn at exactly the right step.
To  get  into Diamond, shoot the switches in Niccolite, Alabaster,
Opal and Quartz.  To  disable  the  annoying  laser  in  Quartz,
shoot the thin wire suspending  the  heavy  block,  causing it to
snap, thus dropping the block which,  in  turn,  demolishes  the
beacon. You can get to the other side by squeezing  through  by the
block. Once all the switches have been shot, the wall  in  Opal
will  disappear  and you can then enter Diamond through it. There
are  crystals  here  which  can be shot to replenish any diminishing
energy levels - which you undoubtedly will have!

To  get into Trachyte, the final section, shoot the switches in
Basalt (not forgetting  to  blast  the  Christmas  tree  for  extra
points!), Ochre and Graphite.  At  first,  there  won't be a switch
in Graphite, but to make it appear,  cross the river on the bridge,
then line up the 'gunsights' on the wall.  Shoot  the wall where the
sights line up and the switch will appear. The  switch  in  Obsidian
is  the last one to be shot, but it won't appear until  ALL  the
other 17 sectors have been cleared of gas. When they have, shoot
the  switch  and  you  can  then  enter Trachyte to clear all of the


     SECTOR            X                Y            FACING
 1. Alabaster        3741             4192           East
 2. Amethyst         6038             6059           North-East
 3. Aquamarine       5124              290           South
 4. Basalt           1383             1196           North
 5. Beryl            7146             4144           North-West
 6. Diamond          4120             2724           North
 7. Emerald          4543             4128           West
 8. Graphite         1126             6740           South
 9. Lapis Lazuli     1789             3654           North-East
10. Malachite        5895             5785           South
11. Niccolite        0512             1698           North
12. Obsidian         7063             6788           West
13. Ochre            2075             6810           West
14. Opal             7423             7741           East
15. Quartz           2786             1799           West
16. Ruby             3752             2506           East
17. Topaz            2299             0513           East
18. Trachyte         4496             6912           Left.

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