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Читы для Druid: Daemons of the Mind

Чит-файл для Druid: Daemons of the Mind

Daemons of the Mind

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sir-Tech Software
Издатель:Sir-Tech Software
Жанры:Adventure / RPG

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
This game is hexagonal, so it's pretty difficult to describe the
character's movements. So let's use the basic map:

                               W\   /\   /N
                                  /    \
                                /        \
                                \        /
                                  \    /
                               S/   \/   \E

When I say "exit W" or "go S" it means use West or South exits from the
current screen. This should clear it up.
All in the game is done via left mouse click. Right click call up
the spells menu. If you have something in hand, right click brings
main menu. In the meantime main menu is accessed by pressing Space.
Click on the enemy to start combat. Click on his torso to slash him,
click on his head for overhead stab. Click on your self to block. Right
click escapes combat (you, coward).

Part 1. The Common Ground.

In the very beginning kill 2 green creatures blocking your way (you may
kill only one of them, 'cause both paths lead to the same place, but
if you kill both you'll get more experience points). Go to any direction.

You'll find yourself in a small room with a bookshelf and table. Take
all the books you find here and read them - inside the one ("A Celtic
Miscellany") you'll find a small white gem. Examine your amulet (cross-
like thing in the inventory) and use gemstone on it. Exit S.
After a long talk to Astor, Havnar and Curak you're sort of know what's
going on here. As you exit the castle talk to the guard about everything,
especially "Common Ground" and "library" - he'll propose you to buy his
library pass for 10 gold pieces. Sadly, you only got 1 now. Quit talking,
go W.

Search the dead body of the guard for a key and 2 pices of cash. Search
the gate for a loose bar and take it. Exit S.
Here's a lonely guard standing on the road - he's an easy one. Approach
him and, after he does his pathetic speech, slain him. This sucker's rich -
he's got 25 gold pieces with him (who needs to have so much money on an
empty road full of mean bastards like you, it's suicide). Quit W.

Blah! Another 2 green meanies! Kill 'em both, exit S.
* (BTW, all of the enemies you encounter now are quite sissy - it's
possilble to take them all out without losing a single energy point. Just
click on them like hell and it'll be OK).

Now you're on the back side of the castle. Search the dead guard for
"Contestant's Health Certificate". Quit E.

Kill another green guy blocking your way. Exit E.

Go to contest hall and show the papers you've found to the guard. He'll
let you in. Slain 3 knights in a row, then guard will tell you to kill 2
more. They're basic sissies, you can do them all without losing a single
energy point. Only the last one can be tough. Better save before *EVERY*
battle, 'cause the combat is very uneven. After you win 5 times you'll
receive an inscribed stone bar from the guard. Exit N.

Ignore the green creature for now. Proceed N to the next screen.

Here you see 2 monsters beating a human - slain the bastards. This can
be tricky. You may try a bit of magic on them, or leave them and gain
a few more experience points (for example, return to the contest and
beat some more knights). After they're finished talk to the man - he's
a book trader. Then exit W.

This is where you started from. Go to the guard and give him the money -
you'll receive the library pass. Exit E, then S.

Kill the green creature on the road and go E. On the map select "Archives".

Hold the pass in your hand and enter the library. Talk to the librarian
about the magic books that may make you stronger, happier or poorer. Examine
all the books in the first hall. There are lotsa crap here, but be sure
to not to miss the books with gold pieces inside. Also take the book called
"Old World Relics" somewhere there. Examine the second part of the hall,
but there's nothing useful there. Go up the stairs (any of the 2). There
are lots of books, but the most important one is "The Book Of Passage".
Quit library. (The left staircase has a glass mosaic, showing a choking
man - if you look at it you'll uncover the Poisonous Air spell).

Kill creature (it just keeps appearing over and over, and it's easy to kill,
so slain him as much as it tickles your dick - you'll get easy experience
points). Go N.

Here's the book trader you saved. Give him the "Old World Relics" - he'll
thank you and give you an another inscribed bar (the 2nd). Exit W, then
again W.

Use metal bar on gates to crack the lock. Proceed W and kill the guard in
the room (he's tough). Search the dead body lying in the distance - you
should find the 3rd inscribed stone bar. Quit E, S, S, E (to the back door
of the castle). Go S from here and select Quoits on the map.

Here are 5 huge stones. Use your inscribed metal bars on all of them (one
bar is already at the place). Click on bars to turn them and make them
read "North", "South", "East" and "West" for top, bottom, right and left
stone respectively. Astor appears before you and takes you to his land -
Keown (he won't even ask you if you wanna go).

Part 2. The Keown.

After Astor does his talk exit the place and go to the beach (undescribed
place on the map). Talk to the loonie by the water, give him some cash -
he'll give you a pail (don't worry it's cheap, just 1 piece, and you should
have 59 already if you followed all the instructions). With said pail grab
some dry sand from the top part of the beach. Also take the bottle on the
right, inspect it and read the message (message in a bottle - a bit of
cliche, right?). Exit to the map and go the town (Duir).

Talk to the wares seller (I said wares, not WaReZ, 3133+ d00d! :) ).
Byu a pickaxe from him (12 gold pieces for a pickaxe? What's it antique
stuff or what?). Go S.

Enter one of the buildings (the others are closed). Get two bottles of
fresh-bottled wine (don't drink it, it's not ripe yet). Exit. Proceed E.

Here's where the Keown's local kick-the-shit-outta-the-green-monsters
championship takes place. Sign up for a fight - show your papers to the
man near the ring. Go up and kill 3 creatures (remember, here you *CAN*
use magic, so feel free to fireball the bastards before starting the
hand-fight. All 3 are pretty tough, so it is *recommended* to cast
a couple of spells on them to stun the guys). After you did it, you'll
get a champion's symbol - another inscribed stone bar (great, uh?).
Quit N.

Here's a man, who don't let you into somewhere, saying that his knife
was stolen and he don't want someone steal his stuff again. Leave him for
now. Go W and W again to the map. Select Broadoak Woods.

Carefully search the tree on the left for a lump of tree sap.
Go inside the house. Talk to the wine maker, give him the wine you found
and get two bottles of sparkling wine ready for drinking (yeah, go on,
have a booze). Quit, go to map and to the Black Mountains (that's where
the mines Astor told you about are located).

Now you must slain 3 guards. (Astor told you that his citizens will be
friendly to you, but apparently he forgot to tell it to *them*). These
are tough, and each next one is tougher than the previous. So it's
very recommended to use magic. Soften the first guard with a couple
of Stone Storm spells, then immediately start slashing him. After he's
done, take +2 axe and bracers. Use 3 spells on the next one, then knock
him out. The 3rd guard takes 4 Stone Storm spells for the beginning and
quite a few hits after. (Again, this may be different for you, it's just
the basic tactic - I managed to lay all 3 down losing only 1 point in
process like that). Go N.

Talk to the workers. Use pickaxe you've bought to get a lump of ore from
a pile on the left (behind the bridge). Exit, go to map, select Astor's

Just what a hell is going on here? Two green beasts are beating the guard
right in the king's palace! Where's this country rolling?! Kill them
(you can't save the guard). Go W.

Kill guard (like this damn fool Astor can't tell him you came with peace).
Talk to Astor, show him the message from the bottle. Visit any of the
N doors (just to have a look at the horrible bllod stains on something
that looks like a sacrificional stone - and they said sacrifices are a lie,
didn't they?), then go S.

Proceed the corridor. Look at the mosaic - an another spell here.

Take the hour arm from the table. Beat the guard (tough. Use spells). Go
down (W).

Look into the well - something's down there. Look at the clock ticking
in the corner - use hour arm on clock. Go first door W.

Take potion and spoon from the shelves, exit. Use spoon on well to get
another inscribed bar. Go second door W.

Proceed thru the corridor to the harbor. Search the floor grid carefully
for a black gemstone. Go further S. Take damp note and magnetic
dagger. Exit. Use black gem to replace the white one in your talisman
(kinda magical upgrade - now you have more health, mind and speed points
at hold). Demagnetize the dagger with a piece of ore.

Exit the Palace. Go to Duir. Then E. Approach the man who looks for
his knife, give him the dagger and damp note. Talk to him, he'll let you
in. Inside take a cut of rope, read the paper on shelve. Use sap on
rope to get, erm, sapped rope. Exit.

Return all the way to the Astor's Palace, to the room with the boat.
Use sapped rope on hole in boat, Astor appears and gives you the 3rd
stone bar. Exit N, N, E.

In the room with magical well kill the guard that blocks the S door.
Enter the door, kill another one, get key from table, read books on the
shelve. Now exit to the map and on to the stone circle.

Use all your inscribed stone bars on rocks - "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn"
and "Winter" for W, N, E and S resprctively. Go down to be transported
to Common Ground.

Part 3. Common Ground again.

Talk to the brothers and show them everything you think is important
(message, sand, everything). Go down the ladder.

Enter one of the small doors in the hall (near the door you started from).
Use Astor's key on box to get some metallic handle or something like
that. Read the books. Exit (Astor will stop you and get all his stuff
back, but not that metal thing).

Go to the stone circle. Prepare for a journey.

Part 4. Aneli.

Damn cool place. I mean it's damn cold in there. You won't want to stay
here for too long. Exit, kill creature (these ones are like those green
bastards, but blue and made of ice, when you slain them they broke in
pieces rather satisfactory). Go S, then E. On the map select The Rime

Search the dead knight's body - you'll find some Elder Root. Proceed
E and get icicle and frozen fish. Look at the ice pile on the beach.
Exit W and go to Havnar's Cave. (You may eat frozen fish if you run
out of life).

Talk to the guard and give him Elder Root. He'll let you inside. Talk
to both men - one of them asks you for some cash, give him. Proceed W.
Kill 2 ice creatures and go W into the building.

Kill 3 ice creatures... Usage of spells is necessary. Visit the N room
(library). Talk to librarian, slain the creature and get the book from
the top floor. Search the shelves up there - you'll get a key. Exit and
go S.

Kill guard (sissy), drink from the well a bit, proceed S. Kill all the ice
buddies you meet. In the garden take the flask from the corner and use
it on the flowers. In the last room look at the picture on
the wall (notice the small recess in the center). Then look at the sealed
door - it says you must use "the heart of Aneli" to open it. The heart
of this place is, of coz, ice, so use icicle on door. When it opens
talk to Havnar, then take +4 axe from the corner (this thing is a
killer!). Exit all the way back now.

On your way from the caves talk to one of the two people near the exit -
he'll propose you to byu an icepick from him. Do so.

Return to the map and select central position (unnamed). Use your
icepick on the snow patch in the middle of road to get a small box,
use the key you found to open this box - inside you find another
spell. Go N, kill the creature that slained your buddy guard, search his
body *carefully*, he's got lots of stuff on him (elder root, some health
potions and, most important, encoded note). Get back S and to the Cave again.
Visit the library and show the note to librarian. He'll get very excited and
tell you to show it to the Havnar. Do it - obviously it's important
stuff, because Havnar will pay you 100 gold pieces for it!

Now exit and go to the stone circle. Locate all the stones - "Body" is N
and "Blood" is S, figure out the others yourself. As you hear a rumble
click on the platform in the center of circle (the EXIT sign don't appear
here, a bug, probably).

Part 5. The Common Ground again.

Again show the brothers everything you consider useful for them (nothing
really, you already given away the note to Havnar). Go down the ladder.
Enter the next room open - get ice container and search the clock for
a book. Read it.

Exit the castle and return to the circle. Off you go again!

Part 6. Kumi.

(Or is it Rumi? Too hard to read this celtic font :))
Hot one. All fire and lava. Begin with making your way back easier -
"Sun" for E, "Moon" for W, and other two stones both face S ("Stars" &
"Navan"). Exit now and go to Taranis - the town.

Talk to the man before the gates. Proceed all the way, killing stone
creatures, W.

Talk to both people, search the ground N to find a willow lump. Proceed W.
(Willow lump is eatable too).

Use the well and you'll find a foreign coin. Exit W and go to Sulphur
Caverns. (I haven't found the use for the coin, I think it's not really

Kill 2 stone guys on the bridge, go W. Kill one here, the second will
run away. Search the big stone on the right for some gold. Further W.

Kill 2 stonies, look at the urn in the corner (volcanic ash? So there's a
volcano in here!). Proceed N.

Look at this shoddy paining, look at the blood stains on the floor (what
a hell is going on here? Those druid brothers turn out to be not so
ideal and peaceful?). Take Mind Burn spell and cruicible from the table.
Exit E.

Kill creature, look under the column for the protective helmet. Drink
some from the central basin (returns some life points). Go S.

Talk to researcher, look at his diary. Use your cruicible on the pail with
sand. Take protective helmet in your hand and exit S, *immediately* use
helmet on lava patch downstairs to protect yourself from poisonous gas.
Use cruicible with sand on lava, look at it to reveal a lump of glass.
Exit all the way to Taranis.

From the town gates proceed W, show the glass to the right man, he'll
polish it for you - here's a lens. Exit the town and go to Hellfire Ridge.

Here's a man who built a ship of stone. He's mad but useful - show him
the message you found in a bottle, he'll give you a dagger inscripted
by Lawson himself (cool!). Search the dead body over there to find some
papers, inspect the rocks for some cash. Go to map and then to Curak's

Enter the castle. Slain the creature. Read the inscription on the
pillar - it gives you the hint to go right only. But don't hurry, if you
go left stairs before, you'll find a new axe (+6, awesome!). After you
ascend right stairs kill 2 monsters, use the basin if needed (does some
healing) and proceed N.

Talk to Curak, show him the dagger. Now you're free to go, but before
go upstairs in the same room and take one more insulated container.

Now - all way back to the Stone Circle and to Common Ground.

Part 7. The Common Ground again.

We're close to the finale! Hold on for a few more pages!
After you talked to the brothers go down and inspect the last room - find
the half-burn note in the fireplace. Read it for hints about the jail. Now
go upstairs again - they're gone. Use lens on telescope, take star map
from the table on left (blue thing). Exit the castle.

Go W, N, N, W, W and show your papers to the jail guard. He'll let you in.
Go W, kill guard, get his key. Exit E and use key on clock, pull lever
inside. Go W again - the stairs lowered.

In jail slash 3 guards, visit the cell on your right. Talk to the prisoner -
his name is Kreutzer, you read about him in one of the books before. He'll
give you the "Science Block Access Card" or whatever. With said thing
exit the jail. Go to the Stone Circle and visit Aneli again.

Part 8. Aneli again.

Go S, kill monster, go to Rime Cliffs, E, E.

Use blue container on the flasks you've found inside the ice.

Exit back to Stone Circle and visit Kumi.

Part 9. Kumi again.

Go to Taranis, W, W, and to Sulphur Caverns.

Make your way back to the researcher. Give him the brown container and
he'll give you 4 flasks. Use them on blue container to get - yes, the
reagent! Fuel for the rocket!

Exit to Common Ground again.

Part 10. The Common Ground - Finale.

As you return from Quoits, go E, N, N, N. On the map select Restricted
Area (sounds groovy!).

With the axx card in your hand enter the building. Kill 2 creatures, talk
to guard (yes, the creatures are hand-made!). Visit W door.

Search the mattresses for a key, use key on nearby locker for a note. Exit.

Go N. Talk to the guard behind the bar. Show the note to second one to
make him get away from the door.

In the rocket room you may pass to the door N (show note to guard again)
or just talk to the scientist and give him the reagent. After that...

...if you give the reagent to scientist, he'll give you a stone. Go all
way back to the jail, in the jailroom go E. Kill guard and go down
the stairs, *holding the flask of nectar in your hand*. Down there kill
2 guards, use stone on the rock, step into the center.  Walk into the
castle and talk to Lawson. Now you know all the truth - the druid brothers
are really maniacal tyrans, who oppressed their people and broke all the
laws of ancient druids. And they just used you to make sure no one will
never know the truth of their plans and Lawson's exile. Now they deserve
a good punch in the mouth! Use the altar, enter the portal and beat the
suckers (with the magic cube)!

...you may keep the reagent for your flight - just quit talking
immediately. Now go right, enter the rocket and use your metalwork, maps and
magnetised ore on control panel. Off you go from this world!!! The first
druid in space (don't forget to say "Let's go!" before).



Well, that was fun. A bit dumb but fun. I'd like to see a sequel!

By the time of typing I saw another solve for this game, by Darksheer.
I'd like to say, it sucked grown-up elephants dick. It's dumb written
and wrong in some points. Actually the guy made it overnights, and got
veeeery drunk in the middle.

Finally I'd like to greet all the t-REX people, especially the brave
chief, for letting such a wise-ass like me in =).

Okay, cutting the crap...
Done 03-11.02.1996 A.D.

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