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Читы для Dungeon Keeper 2

Чит-файл для Dungeon Keeper 2

Dungeon Keeper 2

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Bullfrog Productions
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 18 июня 1999 года
Жанры:Strategy (God Sim / Manage/Busin. / Real-time) / 3D
Похожие игры:Dungeon Keeper
Multiplayer:(4) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Level 1 Warcry at Smilesville

The  first  order of business is the accruing of finance. You will see
that a tile of gold flashes, ready to be tagged. Tag the flashing gold
with  the  left  mouse  button. This will instruct your Imps to dig it
out,  and you may watch them take the gold back to your Dungeon Heart.
The  Dungeon  Heart will store a maximum of 16,000 gold. Any gold that
exceeds  this  amount  will  be  left on the ground where it is mined.
Keepers  of  the  original  battles  take note: gold may now be stored
in  the  Dungeon  Heart, not just a Treasury. Once you've successfully
mined  one  tile  of  gold,  netting  you  3,000 gold, you are advised
to  continue  to  mine gold until your Dungeon Heart holds 12,000 - an
ample  sum for your needs in this simple land. You'll have to get your
Imps  to  tunnel  through  the rock which separates them from the rest
of the gold: just tag where you want them to dig. You'll find that the
impenetrable  rock which surrounds your dungeon cannot be tagged: it's
not  possible for you to dig this out. Once the princely sum of 12,000
gold  is yours, the Mentor will congratulate you and tell you that you
are  now  ready  to  recruit  more creatures. A Portal is revealed and
a  route towards it highlighted: tag this and let your Imps dig to the
Portal  and claim it by jumping up and down. Why do Imps claim in this
way?  Who can say, but it keeps them amused. Once the Portal is yours,
your first creature will emerge. He's a Goblin, a useful grunt trooper
although he fights best in large numbers. He needs somewhere to sleep,
so the Mentor flashes an area 3 tiles wide by 5 high, just to the west
of  your  Dungeon  Heart.  Tag this so that your Imps will dig it out.
Once  this  has  been excavated and claimed, you must build a Lair for
your  Goblin  to  make  his  bed  in. The Rooms panel tab will sparkle
(unless  it's  already  open).  Click on this and then on the Bed icon
to  select  Build  Lair. Now click and drag within your claimed cavern
to  build  a  nice  big Lair for your Goblins to sleep in. Your Portal
will  allow  15  creatures to enter your realm, and each of them needs
a  tile of Lair to make his bed on. Your Goblin now goes into the Lair
and makes his bed, and more Goblins begin to enter through the Portal.
Your  next  task  is  to feed your hungry minions. To do this you need
to build a Hatchery. A suitable area will flash - dig it out and build
the  room  in  the same way you built the Lair. You will need to build
a   hatchery   at   least   3x3  in  size.  Once  your  basic  dungeon
is  established,  some  local  heroes  notice  your  evil presence and
attempt  to eliminate you from their land. Two pathetic Dwarves tunnel
down  from the north, and your Goblins should make short work of them.
Give your Goblins a little time to rest after the fight. Soon you will
have  6  or  more  Goblins  and  can  easily  take  on the feeble Lord
Antonius,  who  is  ill-prepared  to battle with even your minor army.
Tunnel  northwards,  beyond where the Dwarves broke into your dungeon.
You  will  pass  a  single tile of gold: dig this out before going any
further  north  and  you  will find an Increase Level Special. As soon
as your Imps have claimed the land underneath it, click on this golden
box  and  all  your creatures will advance a level in experience, thus
gaining  extra  strength  and  skill.  Now  dig  through the last tile
of  rock  separating  your dungeon from Lord Antonius' keep. On seeing
your  Imps,  he  will  rush  into  the  fray,  confident  that  he can
single-handedly slaughter your Goblins and destroy your Dungeon Heart.
But  fear not, your Goblins will overpower him and the Portal Gem will
be yours.

Level 2 Enchantments at Sing-Song

Begin  by  ordering  your  minions  to  excavate  suitable caverns and
building  a  Lair and Hatchery, just as you did in the previous realm.
Grab the initiative and command a tunnel dug to the west and claim the
Portal  so  that  creatures  can  enter your realm. Your basic dungeon
is  complete,  but  that is but a foundation to the full glory you can
achieve.  Demand  a four-by-four chamber and establish a Library. This
will  be  large  enough to have four bookcases, and each of these will
attract  another  Warlock  into  your dungeon. Your first Warlock will
arrive  shortly after your Library is built, and after conjuring a bed
in  the  Lair  he  will  head  off  to  the Library and devote himself
to  proactive  support  of  evil and destruction. Your growth strategy
should  next  include a four-by-four Training Room. This will motivate
your  Goblins  will  go  into  the  Training Room and start practicing
against  the  dummies  in the center. The number of such targets which
determines  how  many  creatures  can  train.  The  more,  the better.
However,  once  a creature reaches level 4 it will be unable train any
further.   After   that,  only  the  experience  gained  through  real
blood-and-bone  combat allows a creature to progress to higher levels.
Training creatures costs gold, and you will probably need to mine some
of the gold near to your Dungeon Heart. Such is the nature of finance.
Train,  research,  mine ... and oh yes, reinforce the walls. It's your
dungeon of Depravity, not a hole in the ground. It's best not to break
out  into  the  open area to the north until you're sure you're ready.
So  keep  your creatures at work training and researching for the time
being.  Your  researching  Warlocks will discover the spell Create Imp
for  you.  Finally you can snap your fingers and summon a servant from
thin  air! Open the Spells Panel by clicking on the sparkling tab, and
then click on the symbol of the Imp's Head. Cast the spell by clicking
on  any of your claimed land (this includes rooms). An Imp will spring
forth  fully  formed  and  scurry  off to find something useful to do.
Shortly  after discovering Create Imp, your Warlocks will discover the
spell   Thunderbolt.   Ah,   the   power!   Who  says  research  can't
be  market-driven? This is a sizzling spell, expensive on the Mana but
most  satisfying  as  it allows you to strike down enemies with a bolt
of  lightning.  Not  only  does  it  damage  them,  but also they will
be stunned for a time, allowing your creatures a window of opportunity
to  attack  them  unopposed.  Now  it's  time  to  concentrate  on the
opposition.  Finally  the  short-sighted  Heroes  of  this realm begin
to  notice  you.  A band of hopping, screaming Dwarves will break into
your dungeon from the north. As soon as they step onto your territory,
give  the  Thunderbolt spell a go. Smite a Dwarf with your spell. Then
let  your  eager Goblins finish the little pest off. A new area is now
exposed,  containing  pools  of  water and some more gold, which might
be  useful  if you've built extra large rooms or if many Pay-Days have
passed. More is more, that's your motto. Meanwhile, your Warlocks will
continue  to Blue Sky research. Although there are no new spells to be
discovered  in  this  realm,  extra  knowledge  improves your existing
spells. In fact, given enough time, they'll upgrade Create Imp so that
the  icon  turns  gold  and level 4 Imps will be created. The improved
Thunderbolt  spell will do extra damage at no extra cost. When you and
your  slavering hordes are ready, tunnel northwards again to find Lord
Darius'  keep.  It's  well  defended by a nest of Dwarves but by using
your  trained  Goblins  for  close  quarters fighting and placing your
Warlocks  a  little  further  away,  you'll  defeat  them.  Don't mind
casualties,  that's in their job description. Of course, you shouldn't
drop your creatures too close to the enemy, since they will be stunned
for  a  few  seconds  and  unable to defend themselves from the stumpy
enemy  berserkers.  As  soon as the Dwarves have been dealt with, drop
some  Imps up there to claim your new acquisition. There's an Increase
Mana  special which is located to the south-east of the keep. Activate
this  as soon as the land beneath it is claimed, and your Mana reserve
will be boosted. Once most of the Dwarves defending the keep have been
defeated,  Lord  Darius  will  appear  through  the  Hero Gate leading
another  herd  of  Dwarven warriors. Wait with the patience of a snake
until  he's solidly onto your land, then stun him with the Thunderbolt
spell  while  your  creatures attack him. Finally he will fall and you
can claim the Portal Gem as your rightful possession.

Level 3 Greed at Ramshackle

As  mundane  as  it may seem, first you're going to need to do a touch
of  housekeeping. Dig out a series of chambers to hold all your rooms,
and  send  miners to dig out the handy bit of gold to the east of your
Dungeon Heart. Use the four land-bridges to connect your rooms to your
Dungeon  Heart,  since your Imps can only claim land which is adjacent
to  land  you  already own. Obviously you'll need to build a Lair, and
immediately  thereafter a new Workshop. Keep in mind it needs to be at
least  3x3  so  that it will have an anvil for your workers. This will
attract  a  Troll,  who  is  a  skilled artisan and can be set to work
building  all  manner  of  useful  and unpleasant devices. Once you've
claimed  your  Portal,  a  Firefly  will  be recruited. He's a fragile
creature, true, but a highly valuable scout when it comes to exploring
dark  tunnels.  Once  you've  got  your  Trolls  brewing  up some grim
gadgets,  open  up  the Workshop panel and select Sentry Trap. You can
place  a  S.T. blueprint by clicking on any claimed land, but a little
forethought will buy extra benefit. For instance, between your Dungeon
Heart  and  Portal is a good spot since then it can defend both areas.
Now a Troll will head off to the Workshop and build the trap, and then
one  of  your  Imps  will  drag it to the blueprint. Meanwhile you can
concentrate  on  designing and building your dungeon. Keep in mind the
Mana  usage  of  a  Sentry  Trap.  Three  or four is a sensible number
at  this  point.  No  point in getting carried away and running out of
juice.  Next on your agenda is to get your creatures training and your
Warlocks  researching.  When  you  enter  a  new  realm,  you lose the
advanced  spells  which  you  had  developed  in  the  previous  realm
(a  phenomenon  is  commonly referred to as Brain Drain) and thus will
need  to  be  researched  again.  Meanwhile, back at the front ... the
first  of  Lord  Avaricious'  subjects,  a Dwarf, will break into your
dungeon some time around now. If you've been preparing at all for your
conquest  and  subjugation  of  all the light and good, your Traps and
fighting creatures will obliterate him almost instantly, but this will
open  your dungeon up to the lake to the north. Here you can see three
pillars  of gold. Nice, yes? If you dig those out, you're sure to lure
Lord  Avaricious  out  of  his  miserable,  cowardly  hiding. Although
patience is a virtue, it's still worth exercising here. You're not yet
strong  enough  to  challenge Lord Avaricious. So your best move is to
mine  out  the  pillars to either side and the gold just north of your
Portal,  but  leave  the  gold which separates your land from the Hero
area  to  the  north. That will give him a warm, fuzzy and false sense
of security and keep him at home. Build up your minions and train them
well.  Keep  an especially watchful eye on your Fireflies: if they get
into  trouble  with the Hero Sentry Traps you should pull them out and
drop  them  in  the  Lair  to  heal. Make sure to train them up before
sending  them  out,  otherwise  you're  just wasting resources. A plan
recommended  by  the Committee of Chaos is to build five or six Sentry
Traps  at the entrance to your dungeon, and place a Wooden Door or two
to  slow the Heroes down. As your Dungeon Heart gets filled with gold,
you  should  put  in  a  Treasury  near  any  main gold supplies. Time
is  money.  Time  and  money are both strategic resources. Any dungeon
Designer  who  does not take this into account will be short of money,
short  of  respect,  and inevitably short of lifespan. Once you've got
a  good  strong force, your Sentry Traps are lined up ready to go, and
your  Thunderbolt  spell  has been upgraded, then it's time to go. Dig
out the last few tiles of gold, then pull your creatures back and wait
for  Lord  Avaricious  to  come within range. When he comes encounters
your  Sentry  Traps, drop your Goblins and Trolls just far enough away
that  they'll  recover  before  he  reaches them (you do know how long
it  takes  them  to  get  back up, don't you?), and drop your Warlocks
at  the  limit of their range. Between your hand-to-hand fighters, the
barrage  of  fire  from your traps, your Warlocks' rapid fireballs and
your  own  Thunderbolt  spell, poor Avaricious doesn't stand a chance.
Don't forget your maniacal laugh at this point. It's required.

Level 4 Snipers at Shadygrove

Roll  up  your  sleeves  and  do  the job right. This kind of schedule
doesn't occur very often: no milestones to hit, no deadlines to pester
you.  Things  can progress with a slow and steady pace, bringing death
inexorably closer and closer to your enemies. Mine out all of the gold
around  your  dungeon;  build  nice big Training Room, Lair, Hatchery,
Workshop,  Library  and  Treasury.  Make  them  as  large as you like,
provided  you don't oversize anything to the point you can't build one
of  everything.  Once  this  is  done,  claim  the portal to the north
to  entice  a  nice  range of creatures to your dungeon. Encourage the
Warlocks to research and your Trolls to build a few Sentry Traps. It's
recommended  to  place  a  few  by the portal and at least two by your
Dungeon  Heart,  this  will  ensure that any errant heroes are assured
of  a  warm  welcome.  It's not a party without fireworks, is it? Once
your  dungeon  is  thusly  secured,  tunnel out to the west and to the
east.  There  lie  the  Guard  Rooms,  and once you secure these areas
it  will  be easy to attract Dark Elves into your dungeon. Just before
you  reach  the  Guard  Rooms  you will notice two convenient alcoves;
these  can  best be used for a remote Lair and Hatchery, thus allowing
any  guarding  creature to sleep and eat without straying too far from
its  duties.  Now sit back and listen to the sounds of progress. Hmmm.
You  can  actually  hear  evil  incorporating into the very foundation
of  Shadygrove.  Now,  enough of that, it's time to head north. Beyond
the Portal is a solitary block of gold. Send your minions to mine this
and  they'll  reveal  a  third  Guard Room. Claim this, of course, and
train  your  Guarding creatures up. Mine the gold. Beware the two hero
gates  in  this  area. These will spew forth opponents for you to face
...  and  unless  you've  been  remiss  in  your preparations, they'll
encounter  a  few  carefully  placed Sentry Traps as well as any loyal
servants  buffing  up in the Guard Room. You did put Sentry Traps near
the  hero  gates, didn't you? These miserable excuses for an away team
should  never even set foot into your dungeon proper. When you acquire
a  Possession spell, try your hand at directly controlling a creature.
Possession  is a marvelous pastime for an evil overlord. Not only does
it  confirm  your absolute control over the lower life forms, you also
gain  a  considerable  bonus  in speed and damage when you attack your
foes   with  possessed  fighters.  Even  handier,  you  will  be  able
to  collect  them together with the Grouping Skill. Once your defenses
meet  your standards of excellence, concentrate on the hero-owned door
to  the  north.  Direct your imps to claim all the territory up to it,
and  then  amass your creatures at that point, ready to attack. Beyond
lies  a new type of foe, the Guard. Whilst this over-muscled mercenary
does  not possess any special power (as does the Wizard or the Thief),
he  is  a  fearsome  warrior  that  will  require a few goblins before
he  goes  down.  The  result  of  all of this effort is well worth it:
a  second  Portal. This will allow additional five creatures into your
dungeon. Make sure they have everything they need to be satisfied with
their  new  workplace.  Now  it's  time  to  do  a  bit  of "financial
exploration" in other words, mine out the gold and then skirt your way
along  the  water.  You will eventually discover seams of gold running
through  impenetrable  rock, and that's where you should begin to dig.
(Set  up  a  Treasury  nearby, to keep things rolling smoothly. Before
long  you  will  spy Old Bob, who guards the entrance to Lord Ludwig's
fort.  Keep your enthusiastic creatures at bay and possess a Dark Elf.
By selecting her long range weapon (Number 2 Key) you can take him out
quickly  and  silently. (Pressing Insert will allow you to zoom in and
ensure  an easy kill.) If Old Bob should escape your servants he shall
call  in  some  powerful  reinforcements ... and it is more convenient
to avoid these at this point. Once the Guard is dead you will have the
problem of the moat separating your land from the Hero Keep. Your Imps
cannot  claim  directly across so two options lie before you. The most
direct  method is to Group a band of your strongest creatures together
and  lead  them  across  the  moat, there to face and destroy the lord
of  the  land. That is quick, to the point and eminently satisfactory.
Another  effective  attack  is to mine through his walls. On the other
side  there  is a path which leads to the back entrance of the castle.
You  can slip in, surprise the heroes in their own home, and slaughter
them  at  your  convenience. However you get there, Lord Ludwig should
fall beneath you minions attacks, and the Portal Gem will be yours.


Keeper. Your first order of business is to recruit creatures into your
domain. That means that you'll have to instruct your Imps to carve out
a  tunnel  to the nearest Portal. Bear in mind, however, that the good
people  of  Elm  Shadow  are not the types to hide from your presence,
as did the cringing crusaders of Lord Ludwig. No, they will strike out
at  you  at  their  earliest  opportunity. Prepare for this by digging
a  3x3  space  beside the Portal and establishing a Guard Room. As the
early  heroes make their first forays, your Guards will dispatch them,
earning  easy experience points in the process. Now you have some time
to  devote  to building a suitable fortress of your own. Build a Lair,
Hatchery  and  Workshop,  perhaps  to the south of your Dungeon Heart.
As  you  excavate  and  mine  gold, you'll discover that there is land
north  of  your  Guard  Post which is inaccessible to your imps. Build
a   Bridge  to  that  place,  and  command  that  about  Sentry  Traps
be  established  there.  Arrange  them closely together, and have them
remain  close  enough  to  your  Guard  Room  that  they  will receive
immediate  back-up  support. You can expect raiding parties of Dwarves
and Thieves to begin fairly early. Lay down plans for the rest of your
rooms. There should be at least one of each, no smaller than 3x3. Send
an  exploration  party  to  the south of your territory. Beware of any
open  areas. Should you find (and you should find) some territory that
belongs  to  Lord  Constantine,  immediately  claim  enough  territory
to  place  a  few Sentry Traps, and then have your Imps claim the rest
of  the  area. There have been reports that this land has Wizards that
will  confront  you.  Expect  these to have powers unlike any you have
faced  before.  Find  and  claim the neutral Prison to the east of the
hero area. Be prepared for resistance ... in fact, hope for it, as any
enemies  killed  on  your  land  (or  bridge)  will be dragged to your
Prison.  Therein,  their  corpses  will  be  imbued  with  your malign
influence, and once the unwilling flesh has rotted away, the skeletons
will  rise  as  your loyal troops and go off to seek battle. Your task
will  be  to  defend your fortification until your troops are seasoned
enough  to  manage  a  frontal  attack.  For this backwater territory,
twelve  or  so creatures at levels two or three will probably suffice.
At  that  point,  build  a Bridge to the enemy stronghold. Because the
simpering  do-gooder  has  done some rudimentary studies of your arts,
he  will  seek  to  paralyze  your  minions  with  the  same power you
frequently  use:  fear.  Your troops will encounter Fear Traps, but if
you  are  quick,  you can disable them by dropping skeletons near them
and commanding them to attack. Fear is a frailty of the flesh, and dry
bones are immune. When those traps are dispatched, encourage your Imps
to  claim  as much territory as they can, as quickly as they can. This
will  enable you to drop creatures close by any Knights you encounter.
These  canned  pests  will  offer  strong  resistance, but nothing you
cannot  control  with  careful  resource  management  (i.e.,  dropping
in  more  creatures  as  necessary). Constantine will remain put until
he actually sees proof of your forces in his realm. As your Imps claim
land  closer and closer to him, he will not fail to see them and react
to the threat. He will first call for reinforcements before racing for
your Dungeon Heart. Regroup your troops in your main area and wait ...
by  the time they've battled past the Sentry Traps, they'll be so weak
that  you'll be able to scythe them down like brittle hay. You may pry
the  gem  from  his  cold, dead fingers. Such is the fate of those who
oppose your rule.

Level 6a Besieged at Sweetwater

The  first order of business is to bridge out in every direction. Your
dungeon  is  surrounded  by  small  islands,  which  must  be  claimed
immediately.  This  will  both  provide  you  with  precious mana, and
provide  you  with  a  buffer  area. The immediate goal is to give you
a  fighting  area,  so you can drop your creatures into battle against
the  heroes  outside of your dungeon, minimizing the damage they do to
it.  Command  your  Imps  to  mine  the  gold to the south east of the
dungeon;  this  will keep your finances in good order while you attend
to  business.  Once  done  you  can  attend  to  the  matters at hand,
torturing  and  converting  the  heroes.  You  will  have noticed that
in   your   prison  are  a  number  of  already-captured  heroes.  How
convenient.  Simply  pick  these  up  and  drop  them onto the torture
devices in the Torture Chamber. The sturdy heroes will take a fair bit
of  damage  from  the  their  harsh  treatment (which is of course the
point),   and   although   you  can  expect  some  to  die  from  your
ministrations,  you'll  usually  be  able to squeeze information about
their  territory  from them. Even better, however, is what can be done
after your researchers have perfected the Heal spell. By allowing your
torturers to prolong their agony indefinitely, their spirit will break
and  they  shall  join  your  side. Capture and convert as many heroes
as  come within your grasp, until you have a sufficient force to storm
Lord Ironhelm's Keep. Meanwhile, a little reinforcement is called for.
Seal  off  the  entrances  to  your dungeon with barricades. These are
relatively  cheap  and  will  slow  the heroes down considerably. Keep
in  mind,  however,  that  while  barricades are effective in stopping
creatures  engaged  in  hand  to  hand  combat,  creatures with ranged
weapons  are  able  to fire over the top. A wise dungeon keeper places
Sentry  Traps  behind  the  barricades this make a lethal combination.
Don't  forget  that  Sentry  Traps  cost  mana, though, so you'll have
to  keep an eye on your resources to keep everything balanced. You may
or  may  not  have  discovered  from  your interrogations of the enemy
fighters  that  there  are  three  methods into the Keep. First is the
front  entrance,  which  leads  up  centrally  to the heavily defended
Dungeon  Heart.  This  path  is not recommended unless you wish to get
your  hands  dirty with constant warfare you'll be fighting every step
of the way. The second and third routes are to either side of the main
entrance:  two  forts that are linked to the castle by bridges. Within
these forts are hero gates from which pour out Lord Ironhelm's forces,
and  additional  rooms. The prudent method of conquest is to claim all
of  the  land  around  these  hero  gates  and closing them down. This
ensures  that  your  dungeon  won't  be  hassled by inconvenient flank
attacks.  In  addition,  the  rooms of the hero gates contain valuable
items,  an  Increase  Level  special  and  some Sentry Trap Crates are
located  in  the  workshop,  and the Treasure room holds much gold and
a  Make  Happy Special. Claiming these rooms and closing down the hero
gates,  ensures  that you are only attacked from the southwest ... and
these  few  heroes can easily be dealt with and converted to the cause
of  darkness.  Once  you  have built a solid army of converted heroes,
combine  them  with  the  most  useful  of your original creatures and
attack the Keep of Lord Ironhelm. You can either take the direct route
over  the hero-gate bridges, or enter through the secret passages that
lead  directly into the heart of the Castle. These secret passages are
to  the  east  and  the  west  of  your  dungeon:  the eastern passage
is  marked by a small section of Hero Owned wall near a gold seam, the
western  passage leads from the south-western Hero Gate. Remember that
while these passages are the easiest way to reach the Castle, it isn't
a  stroll through the cemetery. Fear Traps and Guards will hamper your
progress,  but  these  you can easily destroy. Both passages emerge in
a prison containing an additional mistress, from here it is only a few
swift  strikes  to  Lord  Ironhelm. Don't expect him to just surrender
or  run  away.  Although  he  doesn't  have  the iron strength of evil
to give him backbone, Lord Ironhelm is not entirely without sense, and
has  been  recruiting  heroes  to serve as his personal bodyguard. The
longer  you  leave  your  final assault on his castle, the more heroes
he  will  have amassed to protect him. Lastly, remember that the first
part  of  the Horny Talisman is yours to use on this level and on this
level  alone.  If  you find yourself in difficulty or if you just feel
cranky, summon him and he shall massacre any foes which stand in front
of you.


Your  loyal minions have captured an enemy Wizard. Put him to good use
and  torture  the  whereabouts  of  Lord  Ironhelm  out  of  him. Time
is  essential, and knowledge is power. Once you have revealed the Lord
of  the  Lands location place the Wizard back into the Prison, he will
die  and  serve  you  well  as  a  skeleton. This realm is essentially
a  warren of maze-like tunnels and caverns. You will need to know what
is  going on nearly everywhere, nearly all the time. Use the mini- and
full-scale  views to keep track of your domain ... and your soon-to-be
domain. Omniscience is one of the most important skills to develop for
your  reign  as  Dark  Lord. Begin your Grand Construction. Your first
priority  should  be  a Library for your warlocks to research the Heal
Creature  Spell.  Unfortunately  you'll  discover  that  the portal is
a  long  way  off,  and  you  cannot afford to lose too many creatures
before it is claimed. Therefore a workshop is vitally important, as it
will  allow  the  manufacture  of  traps  and  a new type of door, the
Barricade.  This  shall  prove  very  useful  in  Sweetwater  as it is
comparatively  cheap  and  acts  as  an  effective  impediment to Lord
Ironhelm's  flight.  Know  that  it  is not a wall although it impedes
flight  and stymies hand-to-hand combat, ranged and projectile weapons
can  cross a barricade unhindered. Wherever you build a Barricade, you
should consider placing a Sentry Trap behind it, if you can afford the
Mana.  These  two tools, used in combination, are a lethally effective
force.  Once your dungeon is constructed to your satisfaction, and you
have one of every room you think you'll need, take your troops out for
your  first  sortie.  You will discover a hero bridge leading to three
doors, with a small group of heroes patrolling the bridge. Capture and
torture  these heroes as per standard procedure, and they shall reveal
numerous  bonuses  scattered  throughout  the level, including a group
of neutral Tolls, gold seams and piles of manufacture crates, all left
here  by  Lord  Ironhelm should he have need of them. Well, he's going
to  need  them,  and  that's too bad, since you're going to have them.
Sinister  laughter  echoing  down  the  corridors  is  quite rewarding
at  that  point. Back to business. Seek out and secure these areas and
use  the  items  found  therein  to stockpile for an ambush. Once your
Warlocks have researched the Heal Creature spell, your captured heroes
can  take  on  another  use. Even standard methods of torture conflict
savage  amounts  of  damage  to Heroes and being the fragile creatures
they  quickly  perish.  However,  if  you Heal them whilst they wither
in  prison  or  are tortured, their suffering is prolonged and despair
will  set  in. Their spirits will break, and they will convert to your
side.  There  are few threats like unrelenting, never-ending suffering
to  make someone see reason. Higher-level corporate meetings are based
on  this  axiom,  as  well.  You  do  not  need  these  extra fighters
indefinitely,  but  they  definitely  make  a welcome addition to your
forces  until you can locate the outside portal. Not be long after you
have  captured  a  few  heroes,  you  will  notice  that  time becomes
a critical element. A countdown appears, and the numbers begin to tick
away. This indicates that Lord Ironhelm has begun preparations for his
escape,  and you must thwart his plans. Before the timer reaches zero,
you  must  have prepared your defenses. Located between the Castle and
the  Hero  Gate  lies an ideal killing ground. Send your minions in to
fight their way to the front of the enemy fortress, with Imps claiming
land  as the fighters progress. Once you've reached the killing field,
fill  the  entire area with barricades and all manner of traps. You'll
find  that  the  manufacture  crates  you have amassed will ensure the
speedy  construction of this ambush. If you complete your preparations
before  Lord  Ironhelm  bolts,  you  might  have  to wait for the Lord
to  flee. How tedious. If you grow impatient, simply send in an imp or
a  few  creatures  to  lure  Lord Ironhelm out, once he realizes he is
surrounded,  he  will  take  flight. After that, it is merely a matter
of  watching  the  panic  and  confusion of the forces of good as they
flail  about in your traps, crash against your barricades, are toasted
by your Sentry Traps and finally the survivors are slaughtered by your
forces,  some  of  whom  are  their  own  ex-comrades converted to the
furtherance  of darkness. The whole thing is utterly delightful, don't
you think?


You  start  out  with  a  respectable number of minions, which is good
because  you're  going  to  need  to be able to both defeat anyone who
attacks you in the beginning, while simultaneously building a workable
dungeon.  Don't  spend  too  much time in sinister contemplation, it's
time  to  roll  up  the ol' robe sleeves and get those whips cracking.
Right off the bat, a lone hero Giant will head to your dungeon to make
trouble,  but  don't  be  too concerned ... reinforcements will arrive
in  time  to  clobber him. What you should be primarily concerned with
is  your  growth  statement: quickly dig out the area to the south and
build  a  Prison and Torture Chamber. You'll need these as your forces
begin to take a toll on the enemy ranks. Waste not, want not. In these
troubled   times  it  would  be  a  shame  to  simply  kill  something
as  valuable  as  a  Giant  just  because  you  didn't  have the means
to convincing him it is a good time for a career change. Still, you're
going  to  need  more  troops.  Command that a small Lair and Hatchery
be  built.  Without  these,  you'll  find  it  impossible  to  recruit
creatures  in  and  you've  got  a  serious headcount shortage to make
up  before  you  can  take  on  the  other Giants that guard the empty
dungeon.  Now  comes time for a management decision. You want to clear
out  the "excess" Giants. The most conservative course of action would
be  to  place  traps at all the entranceways to your dungeon, and wait
for  the  Giants  to  come  to  you. As natural-born pounders, they'll
eventually  be  drawn  to your halls by the opportunity of making your
loyal  subjects  go  squish.  One  by one they'll come to you, and you
won't  have  to  go to the trouble of finding them. On the other hand,
you  can close down the Giant's Hero Gates by bridging across to their
barracks  (you  did  know you could use the neutral "stepping stones",
didn't you?), claim all the land around the gates, and then close down
the  gates  themselves.  It has the attraction of being more proactive
and  straightforward,  but it's more dangerous to your workers. If you
decide  on  this method, be sure to send some fighters along with your
Imps,  to protect them from any wandering Giants who might be offended
by  the  invasion.  Your next project is to break through to the Guard
Room.  Once  again,  claim  all  of  the neutral path leading up to it
(killing/capturing  any  of  those pesky hero who get in your way) and
then  launch  your  attack.  You can either smash down all three doors
at  once  of  you  only attack one door, they'll come around and flank
you,  not  a  good  tactic or dig through a block of hero wall between
2 doors. If you decide to knock down walls, don't skimp. Break a large
whole  to  allow  yourself  as  much room as possible for getting your
minions  into  the  fight.  Once you've hit your Guard Room objective,
you'll  want  to  find  the  best route to Lord Sigmund. This is where
Sight  of  Evil  comes in handy. While you're peering into the private
world  of  Sigmund and company, you might also find routes that, while
not  so  direct,  do offer specials or more creatures to convert. It's
entirely  up  to  you  to  determine  the  path you think will be most
beneficial.  There  is  an  obstacle to due consideration. There is an
enemy  Wizard  who  is  wise  enough  to fear you, but goody-two-shoes
enough  to  try  to  face  you  down. The sniveling sneak hides behind
barricades and fires spells at your fighters. Your best option in this
situation  might be the judicious usage of a combination of Possession
and  Salamander.  Try it .. it's eminently gratifying. Your next major
milestone  will be to take on the strike force waiting for you a group
of  heroes  (4  Giants,  2 Wizards and a Knight) have designs. Destroy
them  utterly  and continue to Lord Sigmund's Castle. There is a level
increase  special  25  on the way, of which it is highly recommend you
take  advantage.  Now  it  is  time  to  destroy  the  enemy and claim
everything  they  hold  of  value.  There  are  two  different  venues
of  attack  front  or  back. The plan should hinge on whether you have
plenty  of  fire-walking  creatures  (or  you  have an unhealthy faith
in  the  strength  of your bridges). If so, then simply attack through
the  front  door,  watching  out  for  hero reinforcements that appear
through  the castles hero gates. If your troops are the more tradition
sort,  you  can  claim territory all the way around to the back of the
castle.  Then use a wooden bridge and an Imp to claim the neutral tile
and  break  through the back door. This will mean a bloody battle with
a large bank of Sentry Traps, but the benefit is that you will be able
to  use  all  of  your  creatures  in  the  final battle, not just the
fire-proof  ones.  Then  all  that  is left is picking up the gem, and
there  you  have  it:  the only thing this this miserable place called
Emberglow has to interest you.


You  begin  with  a  few  creatures, a Troll, two Mistresses and three
Salamanders.  Now,  while  being  aware  that  under  most situations,
individual  lives mean nothing to one of your stature, you are obliged
to  protect  these creatures most carefully until you have claimed the
Portal,  for  if  they  die  your  plans  are  doomed. The first order
of  business is to dig out the tile of gold just north of your Dungeon
Heart, and use the gold to build a Stone Bridge across the lava to the
Lair.  Your  Mistresses must now help your Salamanders kill the Heroes
who guard the Lair. Now allow your creatures to heal in their beds and
you'll  be  ready  to  move  on.  Phase two is to dig through the gold
to  the  west and take the Hatchery, again slaughtering the Heroes who
guard  it.  You'll  still  be  very  short  on  Mana, so place injured
creatures  in the Lair to heal. Don't get too complacent, though. Yes,
you have a Hatchery and a Lair, and are nearly set to claim the Portal
and  begin  recruiting  creatures  from the outside. Nearly. Use Stone
Bridge to reach the Bridge in front of the door leading to the Portal.
Smash  down the door but then pull your creatures back: as soon as any
of  your  minions sets foot upon the Portal, the level 1 Wizard in the
room beyond will be alerted by a Hero Alarm Trap. Your best plan is to
send  an  Imp to claim the neutral territory leading up to the Portal.
This  will  lure lure the two Dwarves just inside the Portal onto your
land.  Kill  them. Send any injured creatures back to the Lair to heal
whatever  you do, don't grow impatient. Now it's time to make our next
sortie  against  the  Portal.  Let  an  Imp  start trying to claim the
Portal.  The  level  1  Wizard  will  rush forward with his Guards and
Dwarves,  and  once  they're  out in the open you can use your minions
to  ambush them. If any of your creatures falls over lava, build Stone
Bridge  and  drop  an  Imp  to rescue them. This is not kindness, this
is stark necessity. Inhuman resource is at a premium, especially until
the  Portal is officially under your control. Once you have the Portal
you  can  take  a  breather.  Sack  any Fireflies who arrive: you need
Fighters  not  Scouts  in  this land. There's no use in wasting space.
Smash  through the door to the east of the Portal so that you can mine
the  gold and take the "Make Happy" Special. Don't touch the Fear Trap
for now: if you destroy it and send creatures past it, that will alert
the  level  3 Wizard who guards the land beyond. So leave it alone for
the moment, and when you've got five or six Goblins, prepare to attack
the  level 2 Wizard to the west. Build a Stone Bridge to the door west
of  your  Hatchery. Break the door down and take out the patrol beyond
it. Then move west again and claim the Treasury, which is only guarded
by  one  level  2  Dwarf.  Now,  although  in general you can't afford
to sell a room you've claimed and build another, this is an exception.
It's  a  good  investment  to sell the Treasury and build a 3x3 Prison
here.  (If  you can afford it, also build a 3x1 Torture Chamber in the
passage  which  leads  off to the north.) This will allow you to start
making  use  of  the Heroes you've defeated, generating at least a few
Skeletons and with luck converting a couple of Guards for your own use
as well. It'll take a bit of planning since Mana is hard to come by in
this land, but you should be able to cast Heal enough to convert a few
selected  Heroes  and this will make your quest easier. Take the Guard
Room  which lies at the end of that corridor and build a Wooden Bridge
leading  up  to  and  along  the  Hero Portcullis and Hero Barricades.
Behind  these is the Level 2 Wizard who thinks he is invulnerable. Use
all  your  creatures  in one mass assault and you should dispatch him.
Use  Heal  judiciously and you should win without too many casualties.
It's  a  very  good  idea to pull your creatures out before they knock
down  the  door leading to the Training Room. It's vital that you heal
your  creatures  in  their  Lairs  before  tackling  the Guards in the
Training  Room.  There's  gold beyond the Hero Gate. Building a Wooden
Bridge  to  surround the Hero Gate will allow you to retrieve any gold
which  has fallen upon it. As soon as your creatures have had a chance
to  heal  up, take the Training Room. Although you may feel you're too
short  of  gold to afford a Training Room, it's a nice addition if you
can afford it it attracts Salamanders, and these are a useful addition
to  your  army  of Goblins. Once you've consolidated your forces after
taking  out  the  level  2  Wizard,  it's  time  to take out the level
3  Wizard  who  is  beyond  the Fear Trap. Bridge to the Fear Trap and
destroy  it.  This  will  alert  the  Wizard  and he'll summon a party
of  level  3 Thieves and Dwarves to try your defences. Make swift work
of  them,  and  of  the second party which follows shortly afterwards.
Don't  be  afraid  to commit all your forces to the fight: it's better
to  crush  them  utterly  than  to  give  them any chance to kill your
precious  creatures.  Again,  get  all  your  creatures  into  tip top
fighting  shape  and  then lead them into the attack against the level
3  Wizard.  Use Call to Arms to start a massed attack and keep a close
eye  on  the  fight,  since this is your toughest challenge so far and
there  are  a  couple  of  nasty  traps  in wait as well. Build Wooden
Bridges  around  this Hero Gate as soon as possible, so that your Imps
can  retrieve your fallen creatures you're bound to lose a few in this
fight.  See  if  you  can  capture the Wizard: he'll make a very handy
convert  to  your  army. Now you can take time to recuperate and build
up.  Make  sure  that  the little things get attended to: mining gold,
torturing captives and taking the only-lightly guarded Workshop. Place
a  couple of Sentry Traps on the tiles overlooking your Dungeon Heart,
and  some  Gas  Traps in place of the doors you have destroyed. You'll
find  an  Increase Mana Special hidden behind some of the gold. That's
a  sweet  present  for  them  to  have  left for you, don't you think?
Meanwhile, take the Casino which lies between the 2nd and 3rd Wizards'
areas.  It  might  look tempting, but don't break through the northern
doors  of the Casino as yet that would alert the level 4 and 5 Wizards
and  they  have  tough  followers. Set the Casino to generate gold for
you,  and  you'll be able to fund your Training the old-fashioned way:
by cheating your creatures out of their wages. The Casino will attract
Rogues to your dungeon. Possess one and you'll be able to move unseen,
and  stab  enemies in the back. In addition, he's the one creature who
can  pick  up gold from land which you don't own. When you have a good
strong force of full-health creatures, you're ready to enter the level
4  Wizard's  territory.  Break  down  the door in the northwest corner
of  the  Casino  and  head  west so that you can take the Prison. This
isn't easy: you'll have to defeat a hefty patrol of 4th-level Dwarves,
but by now they shouldn't cause you much trouble. Besides, the rewards
are  considerable:  a decent-sized Prison and a couple of neutral Dark
Elves who will be delighted to join your side once they're freed. Then
push  north from the Prison and take out the level 4 Wizard. This will
yield  you a couple of Increase Gold specials, some handy captives and
a  very tasty Torture Room. The Mistresses held captive within it will
join your army and set to work converting your captives with their own
special  skills.  Attacking the level 4 Wizard alerts the last Wizard,
and  he'll  occasionally  send level 5 Giants to try to soften you up.
It's  a  good  idea,  but since each one is sent out alone, you should
be  able to pull them down and convert them. Consolidate your new toys
and  when  you're  ready (or when you start to feel a bit strapped for
cash again), break down the door in the northeast corner of the Casino
and  bridge  to  the  second  Hatchery. Take out the level 5 Guard and
claim  it,  then bridge to the Level 5 Wizard's Hero Gate and take him
out.  Take  the  Library  and  gloat over the Specials within it. Make
haste  and make ready: Lord Titus will attack you soon. It's up to you
whether  to prepare your creatures to withstand his attack, or to push
forward  and  assault  him  directly.  Either  way,  he  doesn't stand
a chance.


First  you  want  to  get  the  basics  covered.  Do  you have a Lair?
Hatchery?  Library?  Are  they all up and in working order? Good. Once
your  basics  are  up  and  running,  you  can start off building some
of  your  secondary  rooms. If you've been watching, you know that the
next  most  important thing in a realm like this is to build a Prison.
You're  going  to  be  fighting,  and it's a sad waste to have to kill
enemies  who,  were  they  snug behind sturdy steel bars, might at the
very  least  rot  away and become loyal skeletons. Definitely get that
underway.  Meanwhile,  start  your  Imps  digging both to the east and
west.  To  the  east lies a neutral Torture Chamber, and you've got to
admit  that's  always  an advantage ... in combination with the Prison
it  makes a sinister ensemble. The westward-digging Imps are, in fact,
preparing  for  an  attack  on  the  second  outpost. Here's a secret,
there's  a  patch  of  diggable  rock alongside some impenetrable rock
(near  the  neutral  Torture  Chamber) that actually is supporting the
solid-looking  but  weak impenetrable rock. Dig it out what you can by
commanding  the  Imps  to  dig a 3 by 1 Torture Chamber into the wall.
This  will  cause  the  nearby  impenetrable  rock to collapse, giving
a neutral path to the 3 by 3 Chamber and a neutral Mistress. Make sure
she  feels  welcome, and claim all the territory your Imps can get to.
Turn it all in to one large Torture Chamber, the better to win friends
and  influence  people  later.  Now  it's  time to get ready to invite
guests  over.  Take some time and do it right. Despite what the common
misconceptions  are  about  the  unhallowed  Armies  of Darkness, it's
a  rare situation where you actually have enough minions to completely
overpower  the massed forces of sweetness and light. By this time, the
happy  people of Harmonia are aware of the blight spreading throughout
the  land,  and  they've  got  a  bit  of an attitude about it. You've
noticed  that  you  don't sneak up on them while they're singing happy
songs  and  dancing around in group hugs. No, they're all armed to the
teeth  and  pretty snarly about invasion forces of evil digging around
in  the  bedrock. So what you need to do is this: dig out all the rock
except  the  last block leading to the middle outpost. As you dig, get
your  people busy placing traps all the way down the corridor. In case
you  haven't  tried  it,  you can throw a vicious little one-two punch
by  a  gas trap placed in front of a few Sentries. The plan is to lure
the  Guards  onto  your  territory,  where  they'll  have to face your
defenses  before  taking  on  your fighters. Once you have a favorable
lay-out  of  traps  you  can  dig  out  that last block, bridge to the
closest  wall  of  the Outpost and dig through it. They'll answer your
friendly knock, you can be sure. Don't try to face them there, but let
the  Guards  chase your Imps into your traps. Then, of course, capture
their bodies and convert them to your cause. Don't miss an opportunity
to  use  their own against them. It's one of those little occupational
perks  that gives a dungeon keeper the warm fuzzies. When you've taken
care  of  business  thus far, claim the rest of the second Outpost and
fortify  it  with  Barricades, Sentry Trap, Gas Traps, etc. Move on to
the  third  Outpost,  luring  any  opposition  you meet back into your
death-trap  killing ground. Repeat this for the third Outpost but this
time  be  wary  of  the  extra traps that surround it. They're getting
tricky,  so  you'll need to be careful. In fact, you should place only
a  few traps on this Outpost, as a precautionary measure, since you'll
actually  be  trying  to stop him at Outpost 2. You do understand that
if  a trap or barricade is destroyed in the course of a battle, you'll
need to build it up again before heading out to stir up more warriors.
You  don't  want  to  let a hole be punched through your defenses when
a  little  extra  time  will  repair the cracks. As you breach Outpost
3,  Voss,  the  Lord  of  the Land will be notified, and like the good
ruler  he is, will arm himself and lead the attack personally. Let him
come  to  you,  all  the  way  through  to  the  barricades at Outpost
2.  Whatever you do, don't build bridges between the Outposts and then
try  to  Thunderbolt him. He's a bit nervous, and if he sees that kind
of  firepower,  he'll  start  running and won't stop. Which may not be
a  stupid  reaction,  but  it is definitely inconvenient when it comes
to  going  through  his pockets looking for Portal Gems. When the Lord
reaches  Outpost 2, he'll try and smash his way through any barricades
that  are  in  his  way.  If you've prepared properly he'll be getting
fired  at the entire time he's battering the barricades, which has got
to  hurt.  Once  he  gets  a distance into the Outpost, drop creatures
behind  him  so  as he has nowhere to run. Let your minions shred him,
and then take the prize.


Don't  dally  around  in Woodsong, you've got better things to do than
stroke  your chin and plot out your atrocities. You must be proactive.
Immediately  have  your  Imps dig out 4 5x5 chambers, and one 6x6, off
your  Dungeon  Heart,  one  for  a  lair,  one for a hatchery, one for
a  training  room.  The  other  two are slightly different. The fourth
is to become your well, let's call it a "Converting Chamber" shall we?
This  would  be  an  all-purpose  room  where the walls are lined with
Torture  Chamber and the middle is a Prison. This works fine, and it's
beautifully  convenient  when  you  want to pick up a captive from the
Prison  cell  and drop him on one of your patented devices. Reinforced
the  wall  furniture  and you'll get extra torture devices. Now that's
interior decorating! The final chamber, the 6x6, is a combined Library
and Workshop each 3 x 6. Once these areas are carved out and the rooms
laid  down  dig  to  the  Portal  to  the  south and claim the Neutral
Mistresses.  In addition there is a Make Safe special, activating this
will  add  wall furniture to all of your rooms allowing them to become
fully  functional.  To  the  north  of  your  dungeon is a broken seam
of  gold. This is where you're going to build your killing ground. The
goal is to make a place so deadly that even a large incursion of enemy
Heroes  will be stymied by it, giving you breathing time. Command your
workers to mine out this area and fill it with Spike Traps, Barricades
and  Sentry  Guns.  This  little  playground will protect your Dungeon
Heart  whilst  your minions are attacking Asmodeus. Additionally claim
the  second  Portal  as  early  as  you can to ensure you get the full
compliment  of  creatures. Slow creature particularly Bile Demons will
only  slow  you  down,  ensure  that  plenty  of  Mistresses and other
fleet-footed  creatures  populate  your  dungeon. You can expect to be
attacked  from  the left and right by heroes flooding from hero gates.
Whilst  useful  to  convert,  especially  Giants  who  make  excellent
manufacturers in your Workshop, these will need to be closed down else
eventually  they  will overwhelm you. Keep an eye on the clock, as you
will  not  remain  undiscovered  for long. Closing down the hero gates
is  a  prime  opportunity  to  possess a creature and lead your troops
yourself,  if  that's  the sort of thing that appeals to you. It'll be
a  fight, that for certain, but nothing you can't handle. Send in your
shock  troops  first,  then  send in your ranged-weapon fighters. Drop
them  at  the  right distance so they use their weapons to the maximum
advantage.  Make  sure  your  Imps  remain  motivated to claim all the
territory  around  the  gates,  because that's the real purpose of the
whole  battle  claim  all the land around the gate to destroy it. Once
you  have  closed  down all of the Hero Gates you will need to prepare
for  your  assault on Asmodeus. The heroes, once they realize that you
are  there, will launch a full scale attack on your dungeon, and it is
through  this  that  your  creatures  will  have  to  charge  to reach
Asmodeus'  dungeon. Cast a Call to Arms just by your second Portal and
drop  all  of your creatures so that they are ready to go. To the east
and  west of Asmodeus defenses are weak spots, neither re-enforced nor
claimed;  these  provide  an  excellent  opportunity to avoid the well
crafted walls of Asmodeus' dungeon. Mine the last section of rock that
separates  your  dungeon  from  the  heroes and place the Call to Arms
by  the  Weak  Point  in  Asmodeus'  dungeon, drop a few imps at there
as  well  and  instruct  them  to  dig north into the rock. After only
a  little while they will enter a cavern which allows you to skip most
of  Asmodeus'  dungeon,  cast  Tremor to weaken his walls and instruct
your  imps  to  dig  through  the  now weakened rock. Asmodeus dungeon
is  now  exposed so now place the Call to Arms at his heart. Meanwhile
your creatures will be trying to break through the heroes lines trying
to reach the call to arms, they will need some help, heal them as much
as  possible  to  ensure  that  they are at their best when they reach
Asmodeus'  dungeon.  The  Heroes,  having seen their Siege broken will
attempt  to  attack  Asmodeus  themselves,  thus  you must destroy his
Dungeon  Heart  before  the heroes do, and quick enough before further
heroes can destroy your Dungeon Heart.


The  first  and  most  obvious  step  is to claim the Portal near your
Dungeon  Heart  followed  immediately  by  build your rooms as quickly
as  possible.  Get  your  creatures  training  at  once  and make sure
to  recruit a good range of fighters you do this by building different
types  of  rooms of the right size (for the best minimum size, see ??,
p. XX). After you've got that underway, claim the second Portal to the
northeast  but  otherwise remain within your walls of stone until your
creatures  are  well  trained.  Of course, those interlopers are going
to  be  trying  to  make  inroads  on your own territory, so make sure
to  defend your dungeon against invasion by placing a judicious mix of
traps  and doors around it. Sentry Traps are an old favorite but since
they drain Mana it makes sense to place each one carefully places most
likely to be attacked or that you want to defend and use Spike and Gas
traps  widely, especially along corridors. Your new traps allow you to
plan  your  defenses  well:  remember  though  that Boulder Traps will
damage  your  own  creatures  as well as the enemy. They are best used
as  offensive  traps,  since  you  can build them at the edge of enemy
territory,  then slap them to set them off when a good number of enemy
creatures are in sight. Trigger Traps can be coupled with Sentry Traps
to take out even high-level foes. Keep an eye on the mini-map: you can
tell  by  the  color of the Portals which Keeper they belong to. Drako
(green)  will  eventually  defeat  one  of  his neighbors and take the
Portal  most likely it will be Morgana (yellow) to fall to his forces,
though it may be your near neighbor Belial (blue). In the latter case,
watch  out  for  an  attack by Drako. Once you've got 20 creatures and
most  of  them  have reached level 4, it's time to make your move. One
route  would  be to launch an attack on Raksha's exposed Portal in the
top  center  of  the map. The benefit is that as you take this, you'll
capture  a  good number of Raksha's creatures, and get a good foothold
in  her  territory. Get to work converting the captives and then start
bridging  towards her Dungeon Heart. However, be aware that Raksha has
mined her territory with traps: if you lose too many creatures to them
you could be in real trouble. If you don't happen to have a high-level
Salamander,  you  could  always  dig  a  path  along  the  south  side
of  Raksha's  territory  until you can tunnel into her southern cavern
...  that's  where  a  level  10 Neutral Salamander has his home. It's
a  good way in, and if you convert the neutral Salamander, you've more
than made up for the hassle. Watch out that you don't get into a scrap
with  Drako  on  the  way though you're not ready for him until you've
taken  over  at  least  one  other  territory  so if you encounter his
territory  it's  best to bridge around it. Once you've defeated Raksha
and taken her rooms and Portals, you can strike south from her Dungeon
Heart.  Take  Drako's  Portal and then work down to his Dungeon Heart.
Finally,  you  may  or  may  not  have  to deal with Belial (depending
on  whether Drako has killed him) but you should be able to manage him
without any real problems by now.


Again,  get  your creatures training as fast as possible and make sure
that  your  force  comprises  a  well-balanced  mix  of fighters build
different types of rooms of the right size (for the best minimum size,
see  ??,  p. XX). Protect the entrances to your dungeon with traps and
be  on  the  watch  for  threats  or  invasions.  Mine the gold in the
southwest corner of your land and build a bridge so that you can claim
the Neutral Mistress. Once your creatures are well trained and you are
ready for some action, Kronos is a good choice. He has only one Portal
and  no  really high-level creatures. Order your miners to dig out the
gold  in  the  northwest corner of your caverns, and make a strike for
Kronos' Dungeon Heart. Next target Belial ... defeating him will bring
you  great  rewards  in the form of Portals, rooms and territory. With
three  Portals  (you  will,  of  course,  claim the neutral one to the
northeast of Belial's Portal) you will soon be ready to assault Drako.
Don't  underestimate him, he a tough one. Use Stone Bridge to get your
creatures  to  his  Dungeon Heart quickly, and make sure to neutralize
his  traps  before  they  can  do  too  much damage. Drako has several
high-level  creatures  which  will  make excellent converts if you can
only  capture  them.  When  you're  against Drako, be fairly free with
Healing your creatures. Once you have taken Drako's land you will also
be  able  to  claim  the  land  which  Drako has taken from the feeble
Morgana.  This  will give you an excellent platform to strike directly
at Raksha's Dungeon Heart, bypassing all Morgana's traps. Don't forget
to  explore  a  bit  ...  there's  a  Level  10  Salamander that would
be   prudent   to  add  to  your  forces.  Finish  your  conquest  the
old-fashioned way with brute force and no quarter.


Your  first  priority  is  to  attack  and  attack  wisely. That means
ignoring  Belial  (blue)  although he may look like a tempting target,
and  instead focusing attention to the feeble Morgana (yellow). Bridge
to her Dungeon Heart and set your fighters to attacking it. Meanwhile,
while  your  warriors  are  hammering  on  that,  send  some  Imps and
a  fighter  over to her Portal and take that from her. Granted, you'll
have  to  withdraw one of your fighters from the attack on the Dungeon
Heart in order to secure the Portal, but this is well worthwhile as it
will  allow  you  to start recruiting all the sooner. Morgana's measly
forces  should  not prove too much of a hassle. It will, however, take
some  time.  However, while your fighters are hammering on her Dungeon
Heart,  you  can  start  building up your dungeon. Place a Lair in the
empty  space  to  the  west  of  your Dungeon Heart, and get your Imps
digging out some more rooms so you can start recruiting a better class
of  creature. Time is of the essence ... you will not have long before
you are yourself attacked by a greedy neighbor. Once Morgana is taking
a  dirt  nap  you can start building up in earnest. Get your creatures
trained and recruit a strong and balanced force. Set your Imps to work
on  the  Gem  block and your money problems will be over. Tunnel north
from  there  to  recruit  the Neutral level 10 Salamander, who will be
a  most  valuable  minion.  Get some traps up just in case, especially
on  the  north side of your dungeon since that's where Raksha (purple)
will  attack from. By the time Raksha attacks you should be reasonably
well  prepared  with  a  good strong force. Hold her off and make sure
to  capture  her  best  creatures,  and then begin a drive towards her
Dungeon  Heart.  Stone  Bridges  will  allow you to bypass most of her
traps  and  break  straight through to her Dungeon Heart. Keep Healing
your  creatures and you should be able to destroy her. After this epic
battle  you  should  be  able  to move in on Belial and finally across
to Kronos (green) without too much trouble. Thus ends anyone who dares
stand against you.


It's  not  a  secret  that  you  will have to create an army of Undead
to  serve  you in your quest to destroy rival Keeper Malachai and take
his Gem. The trick is how to go about it. Your first order of business
is  to find out what is available in the neighborhood. To this end you
can  either  randomly  explore,  or  else  go the omniscient route and
simply  dig directly to the west and claim the three neutral Skeletons
there.  It's  not much, but it's a start. The skeletons will be enough
to  ward  off  the first wave of Dwarves, which you can expect to come
around  in  short  order. Set your Imps to work claiming the graveyard
so  their  bodies  don't  go  to waste. (Remember it takes five bodies
to  make one Vampire.) Meanwhile, allocate some Imp resources to build
a  Prison. Since your actual goal is to make Skeletons, you won't want
to  be taking too many Heroes prisoner: dead bodies are actually a bit
more valuable here. The Prison is, however, quite useful as a Skeleton
pen.  Skeletons tend to wander and stir up trouble around here, and if
you  drop  them in the prison, you know where they are. Oh, and don't'
forget  to  lock  the Prison door, otherwise bodies will be taken here
rather than the Graveyard. Vampires are the goal: they're much tougher
than  Skeletons. Don't even bother with converting Dwarves ... they're
next  to  useless  here. Just kill 'em and plant them in the Cemetery.
Directly after the Prison, start work on a Lair, Hatchery and Library.
These  will  keep  the  Vampires  happy  ... and although terror is an
excellent managerial tool in keeping production high, job satisfaction
is what keeps them around. Next on your list should be a Training Room
just  to help everyone along. Once you have a Training Room, drop your
Skeletons  in for as long as it takes to get them up to Level 4. Since
they  can't  get  higher  than  that  on mere practice, pick any Level
4  Skeletons  out  of  the  Training  room and drop them back into the
Prison  until  you  need them. Once you've got those offices finished,
do  some  more  excavation  and  dig a little farther out to the other
caves  near  you.  There you'll find yet more neutral Skeletons, which
you  can recruit and either Train or imprison ... another Dwarf attack
will probably happen while you're doing this, just send your Skeletons
and any Vampires to deal with them.

You now have a choice of three options:

1) Dig up the left-hand side of this realm. This is a medium-dangerous
run,  but  interesting. The terrain has a few Specials to offer to the
cause,  and  there is a fair number of neutral Skeletons. Even better,
you'll  be  slaughtering  all  the  Dwarves you find and dragging them
to  the  Graveyard.  When  you've  cleared out the side, you'll simply
launch  a  full-scale  siege on either the back or the front entrance.
This  is  good  for  Keepers  who prefer to have a large army at their
2) Mine out the right-hand side of the realm. It's a bit less exciting
than  the  previous  option, definitely more cloak-and-dagger. For one
thing,  there  are fewer Skeletons and Specials, and not quite as many
Dwarves.  The good part is that there is an interesting secret passage
into  Malachai's  dungeon.  Look  into  your soul and decide if you're
feeling  sneaky,  and confident in your abilities without overwhelming
3)  Charge  straight up the center of the realm. Without a doubt, this
is   the  most  straightforward,  sword-in-your  face  scenario.  This
is where there are heroes to be killed and lots of them, which is good
for experience and fairly useful for stocking up the cemetery, but can
be  dangerous  to  your oh-so-important headcount. Heroes really hurt.
You'll also find extra rooms in which to build, a higher-level neutral
Skeleton  in  the  mausoleum  and  a  variety  of ways into Malachai's
dungeon. Whichever option you decide to take, you must make the choice
of  whether  to  destroy the Hero Gate. This deserves a little though:
the  constant  attacks  are  more  than  a little annoying, especially
because  you  have  no  way to build traps. If you kill the Hero Gate,
you've  shut  down  your  best  source  of new minions. You don't have
a  gate  of  your own, you have to depend on finding neutral creatures
or  making your own which is either conversion (which doesn't give you
fighters strong enough to overcome your opposition), skeleton-creation
(much  more  effective,  but  takes  a  long  time  and gives you only
a  first-level  skeleton)  or  growing Vampires (takes a long time and
a  lot of bodies). If you kill the Hero Gate, though, your people have
a  much  longer life-span. If you do decide to take out the Hero Gate,
then  probably  the best route would be directly attacking the castle,
ransacking  it  of  all  useful loot and using the bodies of those who
lurk  there  as  fodder for the undead. Train up the creatures as high
as  possible,  then  dig  out  the  route  to  Malachai's  Portal  and
simultaneously  attacking  from  the  fronts  at once: front, back and
secret.  Kill  everyone  and  then  make  yourself  at  home among the
corpses.  You've  got  to  admit  there's a feeling of satisfaction in
a job well done.


Once again, it is the business of setting up house that takes priority
over  leading  your  people  into battle. You will no doubt be tempted
to  take  the  Portal  to  the  north,  but  it  is guarded by a group
of  Monks.  As they stand, they're too tough for you and therefore the
Goblins with which you begin the level will need to be trained as much
as possible before you send them out to the Monks. Therefore build for
them  a  Lair  and  a  Hatchery,  followed by a Training Room. As soon
as  possible,  "encourage" them get work on their fighting techniques.
Meanwhile, mine all of the gold you can. You're going to need it. When
you  can,  build  a Prison and Torture Room close to each other. Also,
of  course,  build  a  Library and Workshop. It's a good idea to build
an entire area solely for the converted heroes (Lair, Hatchery, etc.),
as  you  shall be relying on these greatly. This will ensure that they
do  not  become  angry by working and mingling with your own creatures
whom  they  hate.  Take  your  level  3 or 4 Goblins and send them out
through the northern entrance of your dungeon. Command them to destroy
the  door separating your dungeon from the Monks. Make sure they allow
the monks to wander onto your land before attacking them because it is
vital  that  you  capture  them  (you  can only kill them on their own
territory)  and  put them in your prison. Torture them until they "see
the  dark"  and join you. Meanwhile, take some time to look after your
finances.  Send  your  Imps out and mine the individual blocks of gold
that  line  the  path  leading  south.  (The  holes  in  the rock made
by  mining the individual blocks of gold now form alcoves, perfect for
placing  sentry  traps.)  From  the  Portal  chamber you'll see a seam
of  gold  heading  east ... follow this until you find a large deposit
containing  a  gem block. This will take care of any monetary problems
you might encounter. Vampires are unable to cross water, and if forced
to  will  take  considerable damage. There are two routes leading from
Malleus'  dungeon to yours, one across land, the other across bridges.
It's  a  good  idea  to  take  both routes, but then sell the bridges.
By  destroying  the  bridges control where the invasion will occur ...
and it will all be vampire-friendly. More than that, you can then trap
and barricade this route, which can only help. In fact, barricades are
an  absolute  must.  Eventually  you'll find an area dominated by twin
Hero Gates. Resist the temptation to bridge around these (thus closing
them  down)  as  only  monks appear from them. Remember, an enemy monk
is  only  two  steps away from being your own creature of comfort. (If
you  capture  the  Hero Prison and Torture room you can craft your own
patented  Monk  Maker.)  There is something important about the Gates,
though.  The easternmost Hero Gate has a single piece of ordinary rock
making  up  one  part  of  the  wall,  by  mining  this  and following
it  through  the  solid  rock,  you  will  reach  the back of the Hero
Battery.  Two doors lead of this chamber: don't go into the one to the
north yet. The one to the east leads to a Hero Treasury containing not
only  another  Gem  Block  but  also the Secret Level Special for this
level. Ha! Following the Path that leads from the Monk Maker will lead
you  to  a  Hero Gate from which the annoying patrols have come. Close
this  Hero Gate down and prepare to siege the Monastery. Numerous high
level  monks  reside  here  and if captured quickly they can be turned
before  Malleus launches his attack. To the southwest of the Monastery
lies  a  Hero  Battery  it's  nearly  impossible  to  destroy it, it's
actually best to just leave it alone. There are some elves nearby that
while not your allies, are more than happy to attack Malleus' Vampiric
Hordes.  Let  them.  By  the  time  Malleus launches his attack, there
should  be  only  one route for his Vampires to follow and that should
be  well defended. If you've done that, you're on the path to victory.
You'll notice the Vampires move quickly, far quicker in fact than your
Monks, so be prepared to use Thunderbolt to slow them down long enough
for  your  monks  to  fall  upon  them.  Don't forget to practice your
newly-researched  Turncoat  spell. Once the Vampires have been killed,
Malleus'  Heart  will  be exposed, but be warned he has saved a few of
his minions for its defense. That's not a problem ... just a few monks
should be more than enough to seal your victory.


When  dungeon  Keepers  get  together  and  chat about business before
trying  to  poison,  spell  or  stab their competitors, the talk often
turns  toward  gold.  Sometimes  Gems,  but usually Gold. As well they
should  ...  it  is perhaps one of the most complicated tasks involved
with  carving your realm from empty ground: gold management when there
just  isn't  much  gold.  Such  constraints  may  seem  annoying,  but
successful  villains  just  think  of  it  as  an  opportunity to work
themselves   into   a  towering  frenzy.  That's  where  quality  evil
is crafted. Nevertheless, this pestiferous land is very short of gold,
and  your  business  plans will have to revolve around that fact. This
means  no  unnecessary  building, and judicious use of fortified walls
to  provide  the chamber furniture that you usually only get with wide
open spaces. It also means being a bit picky about who you accept into
your  employ  (Skeletons  are always a good budget brawler), and being
quick  to  sack  anything  you  have  too  many of, or don't suit your
current  business  goals.  Putting this philosophy into action, you'll
need to build up a very basic dungeon. Very basic. Start off with just
a  Lair,  Hatchery  and a Workshop. (For minimum effective sizes, look
at  ??,  page  XX.)  Try  not  to  build a Training Room, as this will
deplete your gold too much. Dig out the gold near the Portal and build
a  Prison  and a 3x1 Torture room against solid rock or fortified wall
to  get  yourself a torture wheel. It's okay to scrimp as long as your
captives  still  scream  is  a good rule of thumb. Unfortunately there
is  one  little  catch  ... more of a snag really ... don't dig to the
east.  Yes,  it's true that every Keeper's heart yearns to conquer and
destroy  every  inch  of  space ... but this will lead you into a Hero
gate  that  will  leave you prone to attacks at this early, vulnerable
stage.  If  prudence  is  annoying, just weight it against ignominious
defeat.  If  it  is left alone, you will not be invaded. If you really
feel  you  must raze everything in your path, at least try to put this
off  until you've got the monster-power to handle the invasion forces.
Instead,  dig  north through the gold (you should have been doing this
anyway),  and  build  traps  along  the narrow passage. Paranoia is as
effective  a  character  train  as  viciousness and cunning, and twice
as  important.  As you suspected, a party of shining, well-intentioned
Heroes  will  attack,  but  unless you've been neglecting your duties,
they'll  be  so  battered  by  your  traps  that your creatures should
be  able  to knock them senseless with a minimum of fuss. Imprison and
convert as many heroes as you can. Cheap labor is a good thing. If you
can  afford  a  separate  lair,  that's good, if not, don't pamper the
starch-pressed  crybabies. Don't spent time and resources fighting the
Magic  door.  Instead,  build  a bridge to one side of it, and tag the
rock  next  to  the  door  so  your  Imps  can dig it out. That's real
management.  Once  inside  the  hero  area,  quickly  claim  the tiles
surrounding  the  Hero  Gates to collapse them. That's priority, after
which   you   can  claim  the  2  mana  vaults  nearby.  No  time  for
back-patting,  though. Press ever onwards, stopping long enough to put
a  Boulder  trap  along  the  corridor to protect yourself. (It's that
prudent  paranoia  thing  again.)  Once in the central section, bridge
to  the  Sentry  traps  and  get  your creatures to attack them. It'll
be  painful  and  carnage will be terrible, but with the Mana from the
two  vaults  you  should  be  able to keep your fighters Healed enough
to  make  it  through  okay. Once you've gotten those traps taken down
your  path is pretty clear. It's not a bad idea to go get the Specials
to  the  west,  but you can keep going north, in the direction of Lord
Tiberius.  Truth to tell, you don't really need to take out the second
Hero  Gate  to  the  east,  but  you will be able to claim 2 more mana
vaults  and  stop  all  hero  attacks. That's worth something, if only
to  get  that feeling of accomplishment. Also, going to this area will
allow you to dig south and find more gold and the neutral Salamanders.
Neutral  Salamanders  are  one of the happy things in a D.K.'s career.
Just  be  sure  you keep them happy. Once you have enough mana to cast
Summon  Horny,  he will let you know. You should try to wait until you
have maximum mana (200,000) before you cast him, as this will make him
stay  longer.  Once you feel ready, cast him towards the north towards
Lord  Tiberius. As he progresses keep your Imps busy claiming the land
behind him, enabling you to drop your creatures down to help him. Yes,
sometimes  even  Horny can use an extra hand or twenty. Once Horny has
battled  everyone,  he  should find Lord Tiberius. Sit back, and savor
the carnage. You earned it.

This   is  one  of  those  "limited  resources"  challenge  that  seem
so  prevalent  in this, your chosen career path. The good news is that
you  actually  have  the  upper  hand:  the heroes are reactionary and
straightforward,  and  you  are  charismatic  and  evil  enough  to be
irresistible  to  all  the  local talent ... and ladies and gentlemen,
these  locals  are talented. Crack the whip and get those Imps moving:
it's  digging  and polishing time. You need to claim all the territory
to Prison 3 as fast as you can. This is mostly a precautionary measure
that  you're  familiar  with  ...  and  thus you understand that while
actually tunneling speed is most important, it's really helpful if you
can  stop  those little diggers from breaking through any time you see
a reason to believe they're about to go through a last line of bricks.
That's  when  you  stop them and send them to help their brethren make
the  rough  corridor  fit  for  your  domain. Anyway, back to the work
at  hand.  You'll  pass  a  Mana  Vault  on  the way, and while that's
definitely worth a detour to claim the vault and the Mana therein, you
can  do  that  just  fine  with one Imp. Give the Imp a fighter-escort
if  you  think  it's  necessary. Give it a slap if you think it's fun.
Welcome  the  Black  Knight  into your band of miserable monsters, and
head  back for home. Return to your Dungeon Heart. Don't take the time
to  try  any  interior  decorating, just send your Imps digging south.
You'll  find  Knud  the  Mad Troll, who may or may not be enjoying his
life  of  solitude,  no  matter  what he says, and recruit him. If Mad
Troll  can't  be  happy  with  you,  what's the world coming to? He'll
be  useful  in  your Workshop, and that's what's important, anyway you
need  traps,  and  he's the troll for the job. You know what they say:
"A  corridor  without  traps  is  just  a  Hero  Highway",  and should
be  avoided  whenever  possible. This next breakout will take a bit of
finesse to do right, although it can be done quite handily with simple
brute force. Keep an eye out for the Guards of Prison 2. The best time
to  break in is when the begin to head to Prison 4. Have your Imps dig
on  your  command. With luck you'll be able to claim the Prison before
you're  discovered,  or  if  that's  not possible, lure them onto your
claimed territory before you kill them ... then claim the Prison. Next
on  your  list is Prison 4 and the Combat Pit. You've just got to love
the  way  Combat  Pit sounds coming off the tongue. Who'd have thought
these  flighty  fairies  would  have  such a rec room? The whole thing
looks  kind  of  homey,  so  claim  the  Prison  and  the  Pit.  Also,
a  rudimentary  exploration  should  reveal  a  mana  vault  and (upon
a  slightly  closer  look) a secret area. Now another Black Knight and
unlimited wealth are yours! Gold at last! Now that you have resources,
use  Knud to start cranking out traps and barricades back on your home
turf,  and  command  the  Black  Knights  already  under  your command
to  rescue  the  rest  of  their kin from Prison 1. Remember, when you
command  what traps should be used in setting up your dungeon Defense,
that  your  own  people  will  likely  need to go down those corridors
themselves.  Only  place  those traps that are lethal to your own kind
in places where you're pretty sure they won't wander. By this time the
secret  of  your  presence  is  no  longer a secret. Fairies and other
assorted  Heroes  will  begin to attack, coming out of the castle like
a swarm of angry bees. Let them buzz ... if you've already established
your  traps  and  barricades your Dungeon Heart will be as safe as you
can make it. If fighters get past you and head toward your Heart, make
sure  that  someone  goes to finish them off after the Traps knock the
holier-than-thou  look  off their faces. It shouldn't take much backup
power  at  all. Push forward at a slow pace, claiming the rooms one by
one.  Go  ahead  and  assign each claimed room a use so your creatures
don't  have  to  trek so far away to get fed, get rest, get paid, etc.
Also  important  would  be a Prison/Torture Chamber. Meanwhile, try to
kill/capture  your  enemies  on  your own territory whenever possible,
so  that  your new Prison and Torture Chamber is put to immediate use.
One  would  like  to  think  that the nearby screams of their comrades
would incite the Fairies & Friends into foolish actions, but there has
been  no  documented  evidence  of this to date. Now it is down to the
wire.  The  best  method  to  take with a cowardly Realm Lord is to be
quick  and decisive. If he gets enough time to call in reinforcements,
you'll  be  in  the  midst of a major battle right when victory seemed
most  sure. Get in, gut him, get gem. If you think there's going to be
any  trouble  doing  it  quickly, try to have an Imp claim enough land
that you can drop in reinforcements as quickly as possible. The Heroes
have  access  through  numerous secret doors into Lord Volstag's room,
and you'll be surrounded before you can say "Curses."
Your  first task should be to order the necessary forces to move north
to  Portal  1.  This is the only unguarded Portal, and there is plenty
of  gold  en  route  to  build  up  an  excellent  foundation for your
fledgling  dungeon.  After  you  have  that  under control, leave most
of your Imps to do the tidying up, but take a few and the bulk of your
fighting  force  and  head to the southern Portal closest to you. This
one has two Fairies guarding it ... and these can come as a real shock
even  if  you're  expecting  them!  Kill  them both, take care of your
creatures  and  then  take a short breather. Invest in a Combat Pit as
soon  as  you can afford one at this point. That it will attract Black
Knights  is reason enough to spend the time and money. The added bonus
that  it  can  train  your troops up to Level 8 without needing actual
combat  time  is equally valuable. Once you've got that underway, send
your miners out to the north and south to the Portals that are farther
out.  Claim  territory  as you go, because you can expect to encounter
some   random   Fairies,  just  fluttering  around  for  the  exercise
or  whatever it is that Fairies flutter for. Kill or capture them, and
then  oke  around  and  claim the Mana Vaults and neutral rooms as you
come  to  them.  All  this time you should be claiming the Portals and
doing  general  housekeeping. Housekeeping means [putting in traps and
doors  and  barricades  and  what have you because once you crack that
fortress,  you're  going  to  have a Fairly flood on your hands. There
should  be no passageway going to the castle that isn't one long death
walk.  Now  to the attack ... if you're thinking of just knocking down
the  front  door  and  barging  in like malevolent missionaries, think
again.  Do not attack through the main entrance, attack from the sides
and avoid the main Fairy army for now. The textbook flank attack is to
avoid  the  rounded  rooms  that  are  directly to the north and south
of the main entrance and aim your legions instead for the square rooms
that  are  to the west of them. Nice and out of the way, where they're
not  expecting  a full force attack. Once there kill the Heroes within
and  get  your Imps claiming as fast as they can (being careful of any
doors they're Spike Trapped). Once you break through the locked braced
doors  that  lead  to the rest of the castle, all of the Heroes in the
eastern  half  of  the castle will be alerted to your presence ... and
they're  prepared  to do something about it. This is where those traps
you've  been  putting  down  come in handy. Crushed the Heroes as they
fight  through the traps, and close down the eastern Hero Gates. Next,
head  around  to  the  western side of the castle killing all who dare
oppose  you.  Claim the western Hero gates and use main force to smash
down  the  Magic  Door that blocks your way to Lord Volstag's chamber.
Now only the Lord and his few remaining knights remain between you and
the  Gem.  (Yes,  yes,  you  could take an easier and much more boring
route  claiming  the  tile  at  the front of the secret route and then
attacking  only  from  the  western side of the fortress, avoiding all
contact  with  those  heroes that await you in the east. But then that
looks  an awful lot like either cowardice or mercy ... and we wouldn't
want  that.  Of  course  not.)  Time  for the sinister laugh again ...
remember to use the diaphragm for projection.


Prepare  yourself  for  a  challenge  ...  even though this realm will
be  won more by skulking and hiding than smashing and hitting, doesn't
mean it's going to be any easier than others. This will truly test the
mettle  of your soot-black soul. First off, lock the door. By ensuring
that  the Wooden Door to the north of your dungeon is locked, you will
keep  any  errant  Imps  from wandering into view and causing an alarm
to  go  up.  Keep them busy, instead, and command them to mine out the
two  areas of rock and gold and put down a Lair and Hatchery. Remember
the  old  dungeon  adage "An Imp in the hand is worth two in the bush"
Imps  do  not  become angry when picked up, so this is the best way of
ensuring  that  they  do only what you tell them to do. Have them mine
out  the  lone  bit  of  solid  rock  and then onward to the Workshop.
Therein are two neutral trolls who will prove to be invaluable. Do not
let  the  Imps  mine  into  the  castle,  as the Heroes who patrol the
Castles  corridors will notice them, and concentrate on destroying you
and  your dungeon. Claim the Workshops you'll find several Secret Door
crates  in  the  Workshops. These will be enough to keep you going for
a  while.  Take  one  and  immediately seal any dungeon entrances that
Heroes  might  possibly  stumble  across. You will now need to recruit
some  of  the  local talent. Gnashing his fangs in Prison is a Goblin,
which  you  can  reach from the eastern workshop through a passage dug
through ordinary stone ... there's one that snakes its way through the
impenetrable  rock.  When  you  dig  up  to the Prison stay alert: the
prisons  are  patrolled by guards. If they see you, they will hunt you
down  and  you  probably  don't  have the ability to take them on yet.
(Sight  of  Evil  proves  a  very useful method of keeping your eye on
things.)  Claim  the  cell  and  replace the wooden door with a Secret
Door.  Lock  the  door.  From  this  first  prison, mine east to reach
a  second cell containing a Mistress. Repeat this process until all of
the  Cells  are  yours. Don't get careless ... you cannot afford to be
reckless  and  have  a  do-gooder  poking  his nose into your affairs,
so  always  replace  the  wooden doors on the cells with secret doors.
Once  this  is  done  this area is secure and can be used for whatever
purpose  you so desire so long as the secret door remains locked. Gold
will  probably  have been fairly scarce up to now, but now you can fix
that.  To the north of your Workshop lie two hero treasuries. Wait for
the  Hero  Patrols to go past before launching an assault and claiming
the  rooms.  An  alarm  may  be raised, but as long as the Patrols are
nowhere near at the time your new-found creatures should take care any
Heroes they find. Use the gold to finance a Torture Chamber so no good
Hero  goes  to waste. Of course, these deposits of gold will only last
for  a  short  time (what with wage demands, room construction, etc.),
so  another  solution must be found. From the western Workshop another
passageway  snakes  away  towards  a library. A lone wizard researches
there  but as long as you ensure that the hero patrol is nowhere near,
he's  an easy mark. Sight of Evil is an absolute necessity from now on
in  as  you  move  into  unknown territory. (You did set a Secret Door
at  the  entrance  to this Library, didn't you.) Once you've recruited
a  Warlock,  set  him to researching. Once he discovers how to "Create
Gold", you're set for life. Notice that there are channels of ordinary
rock  and  lava  skirting  the  exterior  of the castle, which provide
a safe route between rooms. Follow these and capture the Graveyard and
the  Combat  Pit:  with  these  you  can  recruit  some truly powerful
creatures.  If  you  ever  feel  in  doubt,  wait:  there  is  no time
constraint. If your creatures get into a fight it is best to pull them
all  out,  enemy  reinforcements will soon arrive and you may be faced
with  a  battle  that you cannot win. Furthermore, you can only afford
to  be  spotted a few times before Lord Pureheart grows suspicious and
calls  in extra patrols. When you complete your circuit of the Castle,
you'll  find  a Portal. Claim this, and slap a Secret Door on it. Take
your  time  and  mine out the rock to the north and allow your minions
to  build  lairs in this new area. Your dungeon should now be complete
and  you  will  be  able to train your creatures to a sufficient level
to   slay   Lord  Pureheart  who  resides  deep  within  his  fragile,
compromised  castle.  When you're ready, flood the corridors and leave
no one alive.


This  is  another one of those "watch the clock" realms ... with speed
equating  to  survival  on  a very real level. The problem, of course,
is  that  everyone  knows  how important speed and timing is. In other
words,  you have enrolled in a carnage competition and there's no time
to  dilly-dally. Tunnel to the east and west to reach the Portals, and
direct  your  Imps  to  carve out a series of 5x5 chambers around each
Chamber. Mine all of the gold as quickly as you can (having a Treasury
nearby  is  useful),  and  create all of the Imps you can. A good goal
is  to have a separate mini-dungeon around each Portal to minimize the
amount  of  time  your creatures spend wandering around. Rooms such as
a  large  Combat  Pit and Training Room serve well on one side, whilst
your  Library  and  Workshop  can  be  constructed  at the other. Each
separate  dungeons  will  obviously  need their own Lair, Hatchery and
Treasury. On the other hand, you'll only need one Prison, Torture Room
and  Graveyard,  so  you can build these closer to your Dungeon Heart,
but  remember  ...  these  rooms are for converting the enemy Keepers'
creatures,  not the Heroes. Heroes must be killed: blood and death are
the  only  things that attract Dark Angles. Do not forget to construct
a  killing  ground,  full of traps and barricades, near every entrance
to  your  dungeon.  You have to fight a battle on more than one front,
and  you'll  lose  just  as  quickly if the enemy Keepers convert your
creatures  than  if  they  kill  the  Heroes  first.  In  the interest
of speed, take not of the two Mana Vaults that lie to the north of the
eastern  Portal.  With this extra Mana you will be able to create many
more  Imps ... and more Imps mean bringing your dungeon to its maximum
efficiency  quicker.  In addition, north of the western Portal lie two
gem  blocks,  which  will  fund  your endeavors. Be sure to keep these
areas  as  safe  as  possible  with  traps, etc. Meanwhile, you should
be  keeping your goals firmly in mind. You're in luck, because at each
corner  of  the  Temple  Complex  you'll  find a guard room containing
numerous  heroes.  Slaughter  these  as soon as possible, and you will
gain  an  advantage over the other Keepers. Every bit counts. But take
note:  these  Heroes  are  inevitably  at  a  higher  level  than your
creatures, and they'll be very difficult to kill. You're going to need
to  cheat  before  you  can be assured of your troops ... you're going
to  have to "pre-damage" them as much as possible. Therefore, in front
of  your dungeon, construct Boulder Traps that can be slapped into the
Temple  Complex  to  soften  up any marauding good guys. Any time your
rivals gain an upper hand in the race to kill twenty heroes, this same
boulder-slapping  technique  can  be  used  to keep their creatures to
a minimum. Eventually your minions will be of sufficient level so that
you  can  attempt  to  take the Temple for yourself, instead of merely
luring  Heroes  out  and  killing  them. Be warned, though, that it is
guarded  by The Royal Guards. These staunch and muscular warriors will
prove  to  be  a  tough  challenge even for a group of battle-hardened
Black  Knights.  As  your  troops take on the Guards, try to have your
Imps  claim  as  much territory as possible. Even more effective, once
one patrol of heroes has been killed it may well take some time before
their  replacements  arrive. Take advantage of this time claim as much
of  the Temple Complex as you can. The more of the Temple you control,
the  more  you  can  cast spells down on the Heroes and Heal your own.
This  obviously  means  that you are going to need as much Mana as you
can  get,  so  back  on  your  own territory you should make sure that
praying creatures are racking up as much mana as they can. This is, in
fact, a decisive tactic. You haven't forgotten that More is More, have
you?  Remember your goals are, and don't lose track of the priorities.
Kill  Guards,  keep  Keepers  from  killing  guards, keep Keepers from
killing  you.  Don't  spend  too  much time fighting the enemy Keepers
unless  they  are  engaged  in fighting the Heroes. Once twenty heroes
have  been  slain  by  your  minions  the  Dark Angels shall be yours.
Essentially,  once  you get these, you've won. Allow them to establish
homes  in  your  Lair and then put the to work. Their power is immense
and  they  should  be  able  to  take  the rival Keepers on their own,
although  the  sheer carnage of letting all your creatures wreak havoc
is  heart warming. Combine your forces and lead assaults on the Hearts
of  the enemy Keepers which the Dark Angles have revealed, and another
Portal Gem will be yours.


Frankly,   Keeper,   if  ever  you  desired  to  just  let  your  evil
inclinations  have  rule,  this is the realm for you to follow through
on your impulses. Everything and anything is possible ... there are no
spell   or   room  restrictions,  no  time  constraints,  nothing  but
admittedly  difficult  opponents  to  crush  before  they  crush  you.
However, if advice would make you feel more comfortable .... The first
targets  for  your acquisition are whatever's in the neighborhood. You
could  set  your eye on any or all of the nearest rooms, which include
a  Portal,  a  Neutral  Prison  and a Torture Chamber. Sequence is not
necessarily  important,  although  that  order  is  as  good  as  any.
A  Training  Room is a good thing to make, as you can start increasing
your  creature's  experience,  and will also be ready in the event you
find  any Salamanders. When you have a few creatures, claim the second
Portal.  It  is next to a Hero Gate. You can expect a few hero parties
of  Elven  Archers  to arrive periodically, and probably an elite unit
of  a higher level Knights and a couple of Royal Guard before the Gate
collapses.  Recruit  the  neutral  Salamanders  (good  thing  you have
a  Training  Room,  yes?)  and bridge across their lava expanse to the
entrance  to  the  small  Hero  Fort. Expect heavy resistance from the
Warriors there. If you can sneak in and claim the first chamber before
you're  attacked,  it  will  certainly  help matters. Not only can you
place  Traps  to  your heart's content as many as you can conveniently
fit,  anyway  but  you  can  provide  instant backup and Healing where
necessary.  Don't  forget  to  convert them. Claim as much of the Fort
is  convenient, and then dig through the eastern wall of the fort into
the  watery  area populated by Fairies. Vanquish them, and then bridge
to  and claim the neutral Temple. Dig to the Gems and build a Treasury
close  by.  That's  always  a  happy thing! Meanwhile, explore as much
of  the  river as possible. Time is now on your side ... you've got an
infinite  supply  of money and enough rooms to be attracting all sorts
of  mighty  minions. Crack your knuckles and get to work exploring the
possibilities  of  the  4  possible  breach  points  into  the  "Dons"
territory.  Keep in mind that you only have to kill Nemesis the Keeper
in the center: he is the one who holds the Gem. There are several ways
to  take  the  enemy  Keepers, and it's worth taking the time ... just
keep  your ultimate goal in mind. Training Rooms good enough for doing
preliminary  work,  but  Combat  Pits  are almost necessary for you to
actually tackle Nemesis at the end. A recommended approach is to first
attack  Fabian  by  bridging  as  close  to  him  as possible and then
building  a  bank  of  Sentry  Traps.  When  those are in place, knock
an entrance through his walls about three "holes" wide. Then drop your
creatures  behind  the  Sentry  Traps  and place a Call to Arms on his
Dungeon  Heart.  Your creatures should stream into his dungeon, taking
on  all  comers  and  wreaking  general  havoc.  It will be especially
aggravating to Fabian if you send in your Imps to claim his land while
his  creatures are still fighting their final battle. This, of course,
increases  the  chances  of your being able to capture your opponents.
On  Fabian's  destruction,  his  father  and  brother  will move in to
attack,  this  is  actually  quite  good  news.  It  is obvious to any
tactician that the more creatures sent on away-missions to attack you,
the  less  there  are guarding their respective dungeons. Claim all of
Fabian's  rooms  and  give  your creatures time to rest an recuperate.
When  they're  all  feeling  refreshed  and ready to rumble, it's time
to  launch an attack into the side of Nemesis's dungeon. Bridge to his
western most Barricades and drop a few creatures down to break through
as  soon  as  they  are  destroyed, drop some Imps in and command them
to  dig  through.  Your  goal  is  to  cast  Tremor. You can also cast
whatever  else  seems appropriate and affordable, but get at least one
Tremor  in  to  rattle  him  around  a  bit.  Once  Nemesis' walls are
breached,  place  Call to Arms on his Dungeon Heart and drop creatures
as  close  as  possible. The overall effect is even more deadly if can
place  them  so  they  arrive at roughly the same time. This may sound
easy,  but don't forget that while you are doing this both Nemesis and
Faust  (if he's still around) will be attacking your troops. To ensure
an  easier victory, try leading a Black Knight and a few other Grouped
creatures straight to Nemesis's Heart while your other creatures fight
off  his forces. Don't forget to use that Heal spell ... that can mean
the  difference  between a successful battle. If you have the Mana for
a  summon,  Horny  is  always  a welcome arrival at this point. There.
A job well done. Congratulations, Most Sinister One!


This  is  your penultimate challenge ... grab the Princes, break their
tender hearts, twist their shiny souls. How can you help but love your
job?  First  off,  you  start off in a dungeon that already has plenty
of  space  ready-dug  and  claimed by your industrious Imps, including
a  Prison,  Torture  Room and Treasury. That's an excellent beginning.
It's  entirely  up to your own inclinations when to bridge over to the
Portal  at  the center of your dungeon. It really doesn't matter much,
as  long  as  you  get  to  work  mining gold and building your choice
of  rooms  first.  However, be warned that as soon as you open up your
dungeon  to  the  lava  that  surrounds  you  on  three sides, a group
of  Fairies will attack you. That's going to hurt, so make sure you've
got  some  strong  fighters  first.  In  fact,  it's a good idea to go
introduce  yourself  to  the  Neutral level 10 Dark Knight who resides
to  the  west.  Your  absolute, number one, no-jokes-about-it priority
is  to not lay a finger on any of the three Princes until you are sure
that   you   are   completely   ready  to  stop  them  from  escaping.
Unfortunately,  you've  got  a  band  of blood-thirsty, trouble-making
leg-breakers  working for you, so it's not a bad idea to sack all your
Fireflies  (you don't need random exploration around here) and to lock
all  the other creatures in your dungeon to prevent them from starting
anything  when  you're  not looking. That's what they do, and it would
be  disastrous  under  the  circumstances.  Meanwhile,  now  that your
creatures  are  happily  Training and eating and sleeping or what have
you,  send  an  Imp out to collect the Specials. Keep your eye on this
creature.  All  you  want is the Specials, not a chance encounter with
one  of  the skittish Princes. The Specials in the lava that surrounds
your dungeon are all Increase Levels: these are obviously very useful.
The  Giants  to the north are guarding a Reveal Map this is invaluable
for  watching  the  movements of all those Princes. Information is the
key  word  here.  Omniscience  is  one  of those really, really useful
skills.  Take  a  look  at  your dungeon: ignore your brute squads and
death  dealers  for the moment and look at your manual laborers. Doors
and  bridges  are  going to play a large role in the upcoming battles.
Do  you  have a good supply of strong doors? Do you have a lot of Imps
ready  to put things in place? Do you have enough money to build stone
bridges  wherever  you  want?  That's  what  you  want  to concentrate
on  right  now.  When  you're ready, carefully send out some Imps, and
make  sure  they  do  only  what  you want them to do. Consider Prince
Balder.  He  patrols  the  south  of  the  realm,  and can be rendered
helpless  without  too  much  effort.  Build Stone Bridges over to the
Bridges  that the Prince patrols. Claim the Hero Bridges. Then all you
have  to  do  is wait until he is on the island between them, and sell
the  bridges.  It's almost pathetic how easy it is to cut him off from
all the Hero Gates. He's apparently not very popular either, since you
can  leave  him there for as long as you like and no one will head out
to  build  him  an exit. Tsk tsk. Now turn your attention to the other
two  Princes,  Felix  and  Tristran. You've got two main choices here:
attack them both at the same time (preferably at the point where their
patrols  intersect) and hope that you can bring them both down, or cut
them  off  from their Hero Gates. There are a variety of ways this can
be  accomplished.  For  instance,  you  could lure them out onto spurs
of  your  own Stone Bridges, and then sell back enough to cut them off
from  the  Hero  Gates. That's always satisfying. You could also block
their  routes  with  locked  Secret Doors. Trapped like rats in a box,
they'll  no  longer  be able to find their way to the Hero Gates. Once
you've  got  them all trapped, you can move on to the next stage. Send
out  an  army  of Imps to stand by, drop a fighter in with each Prince
and  allow  him  to  knock  each  one  out. Then set your Imps to work
building any necessary connecting bridges, and don't forget to unlatch
any  locked  doors.  Drop an Imp on each one to drag them back to your
Prison.  The  fun is just beginning. Now torture them with tender care
and  lots  of  Heal  spells,  and  the  secret  of the Portal Gem will
be  yours.  Note that once a Prince has converted to your side, he has
told  you  all  he  knows  and if he dies after that (say at the hands
of  his brother) it will be no loss to you. Now it is time to face the
ultimate task!


This  is  not  only  one  of  the  most  difficult  realms to conquer,
as  befits  the last bastion of right and goodness, but you can expect
it  to  be one of the longest ones, as well. Initially, you can expect
to  spend  most of your time just surviving. There's no reason to hold
anything  back,  and  they  know  it.  There  are  going  to  be waves
of  assaults,  which  you'll  have  to not only fight back, but you're
going  to  have to fight forward, pushing the Heroes back until you're
finally  fighting  near  the  Hero Gate, hoping against hope that your
Imps will be able to claim all the way around the Hero Gate before the
next  wave  appears.  Heal as many as you can, but expect to lose many
a  brave  Imp.  Swear  to  avenge  them  or  simply  shrug them off as
acceptable  losses.  You'll  get  your revenge as you capture whatever
Heroes  are  unfortunate  enough to be captured and "persuaded" to see
things  your way. Then turn your attention northwards, toward the next
Hero  Gate.  As your Imps begin their work, a party of level 10 Guards
will  try  to  prevent. Your minions will probably outnumber them, but
they  will  have  considerably  less  experience.  It will be a bloody
battle,  but  with  your  occasional  intervention, your forces should
emerge  victorious.  Once  you  have disabled all the Hero Gates, slow
your  pace  and  consolidate  your  dungeon.  Try  to ensure that your
dungeon  is  as comfortable and accessible as possible, and that it is
running  smoothly.  Your  search  will  now  be  to accumulate as much
treasure  as  possible in order to finance further expansion. What you
need, obviously is a Gem block. Sadly, there are none convenient. Keep
an eye on your finances, train your forces up as much as possible, and
place  Traps  and  Barricades  in preparation for an invasion. Boulder
Traps  are  always  a  useful choice, so make sure they're in the mix.
When  your  redecoration is complete, it's time to strike directly for
the  King.  Beware  the  traps! As you tunnel around both sides, be at
least forewarned that they are aware of the likeliness of an invasion,
and  have left defenses. Whenever faced with an enemy territory that's
probably  mined,  dig  a  path  down  the of the corridor to avoid any
death-traps.  If  that's  not  possible,  the  best  tactic is usually
to  posses  a low-level Imp and run down the path. Soon you'll see the
objective circle that is your target. There's a very angry King on the
other  side,  and  when  you break down the walls, he and his warriors
will  charge  your  minions.  You  can  use  this  to  your advantage,
by  picking  up  your  Imps and placing them down the corridor a ways,
then  as  the King gets closer, picking them up and dropping them even
farther.  Eventually  he  will  no  longer  be on his own land, but on
yours.  When  your  Boulder  Traps  roll down upon his Guards, it will
knock  them  flying. As they pick themselves up, use your hand to roll
the  boulder back in their direction, again and again. And again. When
used  with  skill and a blood-thirsty intent, one boulder can wipe out
not  only King Reginald but his entire retinue. Thus you'll extinguish
the  last  flicker  of light in Harmonia. Of course, there is the more
direct approach of taking your entire horde to the King's fortress for
one  grand  battle, but that is more risky, and why be forthright when
you  can  be conniving? Meanwhile, you still have work to do, although
there  is not much of a time constraint upon you. Place a Call to Arms
in  the  King's  Chamber  and let your minions swarm there. There will
be  traps,  there  will  be  some  casualties,  but they will be minor
compared  to the much sought-after final conclusion. Now you will face
the  Stone  Guards  that  are all that stand between you and the lands
of  light  above.  These  are  the  greatest  enforcers  for the cause
of  good.  They  can withstand all your spells, all your warriors, all
your  efforts  to  drive  past them into the world you have rightfully
won.  There  is  only  one force strong enough to defeat them only one
slayer   who  can  shatter  the  rock  that  the  gentle  world  above
is  depending  upon.  This moment calls for the great one himself, the
demon   Scythe-man,   a  pestilential  devil  in  humanoid  form,  the
awe-inspiring ... Horned Reaper. When Horny appears, the Stone Knights
are  doomed.  Smashed  into  a thousand pieces, they'll leave the path
open for you and your fledgling reign of terror. The Gem The Final Gem
will  appear. You are the victor, there is nothing left to hinder your
progress in the conquest of all things. Congratulations, you've won.

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