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Читы для Dust: A Tale of the Wired West

Чит-файл для Dust: A Tale of the Wired West

A Tale of the Wired West

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Cyberflix Incorporated
Издатель:GTE Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа

Даты выхода игры

вышла 30 июня 1995 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
First of all, it must be one of the best adventure game of the year if
there isn't so much bugs in it. The story is great but some actors are poor
and the graphic is horrible ( especially the human ). You can play in any
order you want but I'll explain the best order which includes everything.
Now get on with the game :

DAY #1
Main goals : Get a room
First go into the city. Talk to Leroy ( the old drunk ). Talk to him until
he drops a jug. Get it. Walk straight to the city. A dog will block you.
There's a Chinnese man who'll help you up. Listen for his help ( actually his
name is HELP ). He'll give you a ring if you ask him for help. Go back to
outside of the city. Get bone on your right side. Give it to the dog.

Talk to Jackalope Jack, the man with "Oooh Oooh" sound ( that's annoying ).
He'll give you a card if you don't insult him ( for example : by not flirting
with Marleen, his girlfriend ). Read paper in front of news office.

Now head up to Harddrive. Talk to Gus, the bartender. Ask for "Fruthy Prairie
Oyster Daiquiri" ( that's a strange name for drink ). He'll introduce you to
Nate. Now you must gain moneys by playing either blackjack, poker or slot
machine. I think blackjack will get you easy money. Just save your game when
you're winning and restore when you're losing. Gain for $1000 or so. When you
play poker you can use the card from Jackalope for cheating. You can get some
info after playing poker.

Talk to Oona, the Harddrive owner. Give her the ring. Now go upstair. Talk to
Ruby in room 4. Follow this order :
 - ... but I kiss better
 - No, just my bare appetite.
 - How would I know if they're ripe ?
 - Just like some people I know.
 - I thought so at the time ...
 - Would a bath change your mind ?
 - Goodbye, miss.
Voila, and she'll give you a key to backdoor. You can get it also from Sophie
in room 2 by talking to her first, but you need to talk to Ruby later. So get
it from her. Talk with Sophie. Praise her and she'll happy to meet you again.

Get out from Harddrive and find Mrs. Macintosh. Talk to her but refuse to stay
at her house. Find Bloodstone, the guy in blue suit. Talk to him. Take his
cigar. Follow him to hotel. There's must be a room now. Pay the money and wait.
You can follow McGill upstair to hear things from room 3 by knocking at the
talk to Mr. Riviera in room #1, get some money at the couch downstair, talk to
Laurel the ranger, and gain info from Bloodstone by praise him. Either way
wait until the cashier shows up.

He'll give you a message from Jackalope. Go outside, follow him. You'll meet
the Blecher. Fight with him. Hints : hit him in the face rapidly. That's all
for day #1. Back to hotel and take a nap.

Note : you can also sleep in Mayor house by accepting Mrs. Macintosh's offer,
       but you can't see the Blecher if you do that. I think that's not the
       best way.

DAY #2
Main goals : Get boots and gun
Talk to Jackalope in front of your room. Talk to Mr. Riviera in room #1. Go
downtair. Talk to Laurel, don't be a snob in front of her. Give her cigar.
Take breakfast. Get the biscuit, sugar and read the paper. Talk to Jackalope
again and he'll give you several tips for the day.

Talk time. Talk to these people in the street anyway you like : Marie Macintosh,
Nate, Bloodstone ( always praise him first ), and Mrs. Macintosh ( praise her
then you'll get a lot of info ). Get some flower in the cemetary. Visit the
bank and deposit your money ( $500, just in case... ). Talk to Dr Rodham in her
office. Talk to Levon at the stage coach, Watson at the apothecary, Flippo the
reporter, Help at his store ( buy a history book, read it ) and play some
checker at Bolivar's ( if you win you'll get some info about George the banker
Visit the livery and talk with the owner. He'll go to Quist, the farmer, and
distract his attention so you can get his gun from the well.

Visit Leroy at the range to practice your gun skill, shoot all the bottles,
cans and shoot at the bull's eye ( 6 or 7 hits ) the you'll get a matchbox.
Reload your gun by clicking on the gun and close it. Next visit the Harddrive
through the backdoor. Talk to Ruby at second floor, follow this order :
  - Better late than never
  - Got a shovel ... ?
  - I like a woman who can put her back into it ...
  - Well, I wouldn't want to get you soaked
  - Manifest ....
  - And what would that be ?
  - You're driving me wild
Give her the flower and she'll go outside. Take a peek in her drawer. Look at
the bibble ( you can only see it, not read it ). Go out and talk to Sophie in
room #2.

Get a pie near the livery, it's on a crate. Go to undertaker. Talk with him
and give him the pie. He'll give you the boots. Walk around for a while and
the morning will over.

Main goals : Get ammo and win the gunfight
Talk to Mrs. Macintosh, Jackalope, Mr Macintosh, and Marie. Ask her to let you
in to her house. Tell Marie about her nickname : Black Marie. Go in the house.
Go to dining room on the right. Get the apple from the table. Give it to the
parrot on the corner. Get the mask on the wall.
Alternate way : Give empty jug from Leroy to Hiram, the undertaker, and he'll
                give you a bird seed. Give it to the parrot. If the jug not
                empty yet, offer it to Jackalope until it's empty.

Go to living room in front of dining room. Read the letters on the fireplace.
Get some sleezy picture inside the cabinet. Now head to upstair. Follow this
order at the stair, from left to right : 1,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2. Go to the room.
Open the cabinet. Read the diary.
Alternate way : If you accept Mrs Macintosh's offer at the first day. You can
                get it 'cause it's in your room at Mayor's house.

Go to stage coach. Give Levon the sleezy pictures. When he keeps it behind his
desk, quickly open the Abe Lincoln picture on the left wall to get some ammos.
If you meet Jackalope after this, he'll tell you to go to Flippo. Go there and
Flippo ask you to help the chinnese at his store. Reload your gun, and get ready
for a gunfight. Go to the store. Meet the Belcher. Talk to them and quickly
shoot Cobb Belcher, the man on the right side. Dell will surrender to you and
the Mayor will show up. Talk with him. End of the interesting afternoon.

Main goals : Find Sonoma, get pin, and get the black book.
First talk to Dell in jail. Go out and talk to Help. Go to Harddrive. Talk to
Gus and gain some info about Nate and Ruby from him. Talk to Jackalope, poker
players, Oona, the piano player, and head upstair. Talk to Sophie in room #2.
She'll give you a hairpin. Listen to the conversation between Ruby and Ned in
room #4. Hmm... interesting. Enter room #1. Get the black book. Read it. On the
way out, Riviera will blackmail you. Pay that sucker.

Go to the Mission. Talk to Sonoma, show her the black book. Go back to hotel.
Talk to Marleen. Head upstair. take a nap.

Main goals : Give ring to Jackalope and Read diary at Mission
Talk to Riviera, the man keeps blackmailing you, and head down to get your
breakfast. Read paper. Get message at the front desk. Talk to Mrs. Macintosh
at the street. Go to jail. Talk to Mayor. Notice that there's a note on the

Talk to Jackalope and Laurel, notice that Jack wants a ring for Laurel. Then
talk to Help, Sonoma. Bloodstone, Dr. Rodham and Hiram. Talk to Oona at the
Bolivar's about the ring. She told you to ask Isao about it. Go to Harddrive
and talk to Isao. Follow his music, from left to right at piano : 5,1,1,3,2,4
You must imitate the music exactly. Then give the ring to Jack.

Go to Mission. Go inside the class. Open the drawer on the desk. Put matchbox
in it ( near the scorpion ). Leave for a while then go back inside. Voila you
got the scorpion. Take it. Take the paper. Read it, it's the final part of
Marrie's diary. Read about the conspiracy between Marrie and Bloodstone.

Main goals : Get the flute from Nate
Go to cemetary. The maid will tell you to talk with Marrie at the Bolivar's.
Talk to her. Then talk to Mayor and Mrs. Macintosh at the street.
Note : If you don't have the mask, you can enter the Mayor's house by insulting
       Mrs. Macintosh. She won't block your way again.
Talk to Ruby at Harddrive. She'll tell you to meet Nate at Dr. Rodham. Talk
to Sophie and find out that she loves Kid very much. Talk to Oona about Kid.
She'll promise to tell you tonight. Chat with Riviera too.

Go to Dr Rodham. She'll ask you to make some medicine for Nate. He really got
a depression. Poor guy. Find Watson. Alas, he can't help you now, so you must
make your medicine by yourself. Enter the apothecary. Click on the bottle on
the right side. Read the book. Make the medicine with these ingredients :
   - Armadillo Wort   : for depression but it makes high blood pressure
   - Sand Mushroom    : for lower the blood pressure but poisonous
   - Saguaro Extract  : counteract the poison
   - Pintoweed        : for halusination but make respiration problem
   - Wolf Rose        : counteract the respiration problem
Why the hell they use these thing despite the normal one medicine ? It must
be for the puzzle !!! Then take the medicine to Dr. Rodham.

Talk to Hiram, he's a whacko. He already makes your coffin !!! Talk to Levon
and he'll tell you about some telegraph message from Kid. Find out the bizzare
love relation from Jackalope and Laurel. Then talk to Flippo about the Kid.
Finally go to Dr. Rodham and talk to Nate. He'll give you the flute.

Main goals : Silver ornament, Yunni symbol, and deal with bounty hunters
First of all you must finish the quarrel between Jackalope and Laurel. You can
do that by talking to both of them again and again until Laurel forgives Jack.
Then go to Bank. Unlock it with your hairpin. Try to open the safe. These are
the combination : 08-23-41.
Hints : You get the information from Bolivar after you defeat him at checker
        game today with the hard way, or Help will tell you if you stuck.
Get the Yunni symbol inside the safe.

Go to HardDrive. Talk to Flippo and play the poker game. Beat all and you get
the silver ornament.
Hints : Raise your bet until they all give up ( about $100 )
Then talk to Oona about Kid.

Go out and you'll be ambushed by bounty hunters. Kill them all. These are the
places : 2 on the street near cemetary, behind the well, behind the morgue cart,
and the last one at the balcony of HardDrive. It's easy. Then talk to Nate.

Ring the bell in front of the mission and Marrie will shows up at cemetary.
be trick with her. Reject the offering. Next, talk to Dell and Mayor. Go back
to hotel and talk to Riviera at room# 1. Don't pay but threaten him. Now he
scared and say something useful. Listen the conversation in front of room #4.
Take a nap.

Day #4
Main goals : Kill the kid
Talk to Jackalope and Nate at the HardDrive until they said ready. Go out and
whack the hunters. These are the places : at the entrance of the city, in front
of the mission, on the crate behind stage coach, at the bell house on top of
the mission, at the cemetary, 2 at the street infront of Bolivar's and the
final 3 in front of the mission ( these are tough, shoot the one by one ).

Finally walk to entrance and meet the Kid. Follow this conversation :
  - Guess nothing impressed with the son of librarian
  - Yeah right, I think the name for you was Buckethead
  - Better than wearing long silk John like you
  - They now his hung like a prairie dog
  - Your light has gone out, here's a match !!!
Notice everytime you insult him, he becomes nervous. Then when he said :
"GOODBYE STRANGER" quickly click at YOUR HAND, GUN, and Shoot at his chest.
Remember : Be quick or be dead. Yup, you kill the Kid.

Main goals : Retrieve the treasure
Go to mission. Talk to Sonoma. Enter the classroom. Enter the door. Open the
box on the table. Put in the Yunni symbol. Close the box. Go to fountain in
front of the class. Click at the fountain and voila there's a stair leading

Now this is the toughest part of the game if you can't solve the puzzle with
the blackbook from Oona's bedroom. All the information are in there. I will
explain it for you. There are four rooms inside, from the blackbook you can
decide that the order are : flute, dagger, mask and silver.

Now heading up in the dark until you reach a room with a dial in the centre.
Arrange the 3 dial in this order, from pointer to centre. Look symbol and the
hints in the blackbook.
I think the room order are free, you can do any order you like first : Winter,
Mask, Spring, or Summer.
Winter : Read the flute part in the blackbook
  * Winter symbol, 3/4 moon, morning
    Hints : "... a cold dark WINTER"
            "It was MORNING when ..."
  * Enter the passage with winter symbol on the arch to a new room
  * The flute puzzle :
      - Click on the device on the right
      - Put flute in the hole
      - Play the rithm you hear while Nate is playing the flute
        From top to bottom : 3,5,2,4,1

Summer : Read the dagger part
  * Summer symbol, no moon, noon
    Hints : "... from winter to cruel SUMMER"
            "Attack serpent at NOON"
  * Enter the passage with summer symbol on the arch to a new room
  * The dagger puzzle :
      - This one is very tricky and tough too, I'll tell you the trick
      - Turn around and push the knob
      - The main idea is to arrange the picture
Trick for dagger puzzle :
  1) Turn the face so it is "straight", then (mentally, or on paper) number
  the tiles, starting at the TOP (#1) going around clockwise (#4 will be on
  the BOTTOM). 2) Look at the first tile down from the top on the RIGHT side
  (#2), if it is OK leave it alone, if not - turn the BOTTOM one (#4)
  clockwise, a click at a time, until it (#2) is lined up in the pattern. BUT
  - every time you turn the bottom tile one click, the face moves - so you
  have to turn him back (counter-clockwise) to "straight" - this keeps the
  tiles in their places after you have moved them. 3) Check the TOP tile
  (#1), if it needs adjusting, move the one to the RIGHT of the bottom (#3)
  as in Step # 2, being sure to keep the face "straight" so you don't lose
  the tiles you have corrected. 4) Check the tile to the LEFT of the top one
  (#6), use the tile (#2) to the RIGHT of the TOP to make corrections. 5)
  Keep this up, moving the tiles in order, ie: #4 fixes #2, #3 fixes #1, #2
  fixes #6, #1 fixes #5, and #6 fixes #4 (the BOTTOM tile), until all the
  pattern is correct. Then hit the knob.

Mask : Read the mask part
  * Fall symbol, 1/4 moon, midnight
    Hints : "... season from summer to autumn ( fall ) ..."
            "At midnight then Yunni ..."
  * Enter the passage with fall symbol on the arch
  * Mask puzzle :
      - This on is the easiest puzzle, just use your mask to point the way
      - The mask eye turn green when it's point the way to skeleton
      - Put the mask on the skeleton at the centre ( not the moving skeleton )
    Hints : "The mask allowed voice's spirit to see through the evil spirit
             and SHOW HIM THE REAL PATH to his resting place."

Spring : Read the silver ornament part
  * Spring symbol, full moon, morning
    Hints : "The spring following ..."
            "Until one morning ..."
  * Enter the passage with spring symbol on the arch
  * Silver puzzle :
      - Click the panel and put the silver in the reccess
      - Arrange this symbol from left to right : Mesa Bird Open Evil Sky
    Hints : Read the story about 'MESA BIRD' make the sky rain again or you
            can say that OPEN EVIL SKY

Then you'll meet the good spirit in front of the dial. Talk with him and he'll
tell you the arrangement of the dial to send you back to your time. These are
the order :
  - Spring symbol, Full moon, Midnight

Bloodstone will shows up and threaten you. After the sequence, click at the
panel and use the silver in the reccess. Use this order on symbol :
  - Mesa Bird Kill Evil Man
And then Bye Bye Bloodstone

DAY #5
Go straight to the entrance of the city and make a choice on your own.
  - Follow Marrie
  - Business with Nate
  - Business with Mayor
  - Give treasure to Sonoma ( This one is the best choice, I think )
  - Go away

That's it folks, the legend of DUST. Now I want to go to sleep. ADIOS.

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