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Читы для Earth 2150: Moon Project

Чит-файл для Earth 2150: Moon Project

Earth 2150:
Moon Project

в России известна как

Земля 2150:
Дети Селены

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:Земля 2150: Дети Селены
Разработчик:TopWare Krakow
Издатель:TopWare Interactive
Локализатор в России:Snowball Interactive
Издатель в России:1C
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 12 марта 2001 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть (Открыть русский сайт)
Жанры:Strategy (Real-time) / 3D
Похожие игры:Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet, Earth 2150: Lost Souls
Multiplayer:(16) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 11 ноября 2000 г.
вышла в октябре 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
T H E   M O O N
                    P R O J E C T
                   By Omni C. Man  v1.1

T a b l e  o f  C o n t e n t s
 -Eurasian Dynasty
 -United Civilized States
 -Lunar Corporation
 -Eurasian Dynasty
 -United Civilized States
 -Lunar Corporation
Thanks and etc.

Don't take without asking me, Omni C. Man (A.K.A. Omnicode). I am
nice ok. Just e-mail me at Ultimeomnicode@aol.com.  Also expect a
waiting period due to I play many other games and have homework
plus a life so due be patient. Plus I am a web designer. Anyway
let's get on with the show. Also be aware this is my first

V1.0 – Can't say much since that's the first version
V1.1 – I updated the Lunar Corporation walkthrough.

S T O R Y  L I N E

This is the sequel to Earth 2150 so the main story that's more in
depth is there.

Three groups fight for survival and existence.  Eurasian Dynasty
(ED) which had setup in Asia and later conquered Europe who has
an eye on taking back the Americas on Earth.  United Civilized
States (UCS) who have been attacked over and over and also kept
an eye on the Lunar Corporation and trying to sabotage their
secret project.  And the Lunar Corporation (LC) a group who left
Earth to be on its own and later grew on the Moon to later be the
most advance of every group there is. They found evidence of an
existing Extraterrestrial fighting a war in the vicinity of
Earth, Mars, and all the other planets there. So they then
started a project to create a warcraft able to sustain life to
search space to find out more on the extraterrestrial. This
project is called…
                                …the Sunlight Project.

Place yourself in one of these groups and fight for their


E U R A S I A N  D Y N A S T Y
ED's units are really primative but when put with the right fire
powers you can do some good. These people have the almighty and
mass destruction NUCLEAR BOMB!!!!!! ;)

G R O U N D  T R O O P S
Gruz – Slow and not a fighting unit. This big guy builds the ED's
buildings and digs in the tunnels. Give major coverage outside of
base. Always have more than one on the spot to keep a good quick
pace of base production going on.

Kruszchev – Don't listen to others who say this guy is not good
for action. He is suited for defending yes but he packs a good
punch too and not to shabby armor either. Weapon systems are bad
at all.

Ural – Any called for an exterminator! Yep this guy is your main
guy for actian. Back him up with the Caspian and Kruszchev for
superior battle. He may be slow but his armor more than makes up
for it. Never leave him behind or you won't win without a major
army in those big fights. But drawback… they are to expensive but
hey 5-10 is all you need for a for sure victory or atleast major
killing spree.

Minelayer – Without one your units are good as gone with good
enemies. This guy will take out and place mines in the fields.
Never leave home without one.

Caspian – Not the best armor but better than expected and light
weaponry. Speedy little fellar huh? Heh heh. You can also add on
to its weaponry with more weapon systems and… its amphibious so
its never stopped.

Pamir – The equivalent to the UCS Tiger. This is only good in the
first missions and as a defender.  Also a scout but that's pretty
much it.

Taiga – It's the money maker right here. This guy will take the
mined ore to the refinery for some cash. Also the biggest weapons
and camoflouge systems are good for this guy. But slow so keep it

Siberia – The better Taiga except this CAN'T mine. Its faster (to
an extent), better armor, and morebetter  everything I guess.

N A V A L  U N I T S
Kiev – Your minisub basically. Light armor  and shoots missiles.
Also its very stealthy.

Leviathan – Your main man for the sea. Long distance and good
armor but…there is always a but…its slow. But it has on board
heavy cannons. Have him always during your big sea battles.

Oka – Your sea scout basically. That is all. Very light weapons
and armor.

Volga – This is a either/or thing. Its sea yet its tank. Slow on
land and slower over water but rocket launchers can be fitted on
this big puppy. Also good armor so this is your alternative to
the Ural and/or Leviathan.

A I R  U N I T S
Transporter – Heavy armor and fast too. Pretty much just used for
transporting, heh heh go figure.

Cossack – Speedy little devil. Used for scouting and the smallest
of battles. Light armor too.

Gronzy – It's a Better Cossack. But slower due to better armor.
Needs support though.

Han – Your bomber. Also transports ore containers. Very fast and
good armor.

Thor – It can transport things still but only to a limit. But it
can take the hts and dish it back out.

United Civilized States
Now we get advanced. It has robots for fighting. UCS doesn't have
major disadvantages but you know there is always a spot but its
never major.

G R O U N D  T R O O P S
Cargo Salamander – It transports you raw materials and good
weapon system. But don't use as a main fighter since its
slow…extremely slow. Always upgrade because later rockets can be
place on this fellar.

Jaguar – Its your alternative to the Panther. More expensive but
good weaponry and armor. Slow but hey it packs a big punch.

Mammoth – Your building builder. So keep him covered. Plus it
digs in the tunnels.

Minelayer – It lays the mines and destroys them. Keep this guy
protected and always have one on the spot.

Ore Harvester – In the name. It harvest ore. Also keep protected.
On the bright side…it has a flying version comes later.

Panther – Your main fighting unit. Has great armor and good
weapon systems. It's slow however so go slow with this guy.  In
packs they pack the biggest punch.

Spider – Pretty quick and good armor and it can take big guns
(well almost big). It's very maneuverable.

Tiger – Not the best but better than ED's Pamir. Use this guy to
scout and small battles. Keep an eye on him when against the LC
especially due to LC are Tiger killers.

N A V A L  U N I T S
Barracuda Submarine – Very high tech and good in battles. To bad
you barely get to use him in missions.

Hydra – The power unit of UCS in the sea. Give backup though
since he is slow.

Shark – The sea scout for UCS.  Light armor but good back up guy
for helping the Hydra.

A I R  U N I T S
Bat – Slow and better than Gargoyle but light armor so only use
in small fights.

Condor – Its your supplier. Very speedy but light armor. He gives
ammo to your guys in battle. Watch him though.

Dragon – Packs a big punch from the sky so he is your person to
look to for a big air support. Bat is the smaller equivalent to
this guy so use the Bat when strapped on cash.

Fox Unit Transporter – Used to transport (duh!). Only taken out
by REAL hits.

Gargoyle – One of the fastest in the game… meaning only use as
scout and taking out bombers. Only use also in extremely small

L U N A R  C O R P O R A T I O N
All around favored for its advance weapons. Only thing is these
people have NO SEA UNITS.  But other units make up for it.

G R O U N D  U N I T S
Crater – Fastest LC vehicle and comes with shield generator. Also
has armor so this guy is a good support unit.

Crusher – Hit and run guy. Very speedy and good punch but can't
take to many hits. Use in GREAT numbers.

Fat Girl – My extreme favorite unit. It has not 1, not 2, but 4
WEAPON SYSTEMS!!! Meaning it is the mother of all units. Who
cares if it is slow it packs the grand punch. Also good at
defending but to me… made to last and fight.

Lunar – The scout. Light armor and weapons so you know use as

Moon – Fast as Lunar and has good armor meaning support unit for
Fat Girl.

New Hope – It has its only repair systems but low armor and only
has one weapon system. But it's fast. Also a unit to support Fat
Girl or hit and runs.

Tunnel Digger – Basically…digs in the tunnels (duh!). But keep

A I R  U N I T S
Meteor – The air scout. Use when Lunar can't get those hard to
reach areas.

Super Fighter – Your mix breed of a Meteor and Thunderer. It
pretty much all around everything so it's good for fighting and

Thunderer – Packs a punch from the sky and it's fast. Though its
costly but eh.

Transporter – It's in the name. It transports.

Crion – A secret weapon of the LC equipped with a powerful

Alas…the buildings. Each faction has a different way of
buildings. I will say when I get to them.

E U R A S I A N  D Y N A S T Y
Artillery – Long rang stationary shooter. Use in to clear a path.
Headquarters – YOU NEED IT!! No matter what happens you MUST
protect this or everything will be in disarray.

Heavy Tower – Better than Small Towers and Large Towers. Allows
more weapons to be mounted than other buildings.

Landing Zone – ALWAYS make sure this survives. If this is gone
you will have a MAJOR problem on getting units to and from your
main base.

Large Tower – Able to shoot over the Small Tower and the Pill-Box
which than makes it able to have support from them and has heavy

Mine – This collects the raw material and packages them and Taiga
tanks will be able to pick them up.

Missile Control Center – This is needed to launch the Atomic
Warhead Rocket. Leave space around it for the silos though. Also
protect with great amounts.

Pill-Box – Creates a good stationary defense and has strong
defense. It can hold units inside too.

Power Plant – Yes every building must be in range of this
building to even function.

Radar – This shows hidden units and disrupts enemy lines.

Recycler – Pretty much gives you half the money back of any unit
you put inside. I usually ignore this building since every unit
can just be upgraded and repaired (depending on whats the cause).

Refinery – Deliver the Ore Containers here and rake in the cash.

Research Center – In the name. Research things here.

Shipyard – Builds your sea units.

Silos – This stores your ballistic and atomic missiles.

Small Tower – It can guard against air units but it isn't so hot
versus ground units or platoons of them. Only use in the
beginning after something else is able to be built rebuild to

Supply Depot – Your supply helicopters go here to get the ammo
and deliver to your units. Must have for all units that have
weapons based on energy like lasers or sonic cannon etc.

Tunnel Entrance – If you can't see it…adjust your screen!!! Its
huge and leads your units underground. Protect with everything
you can and leave one Gruz unit in the tunnel to make a new
entrance/exit just in case it is destroyed.

Vehicle Production Center – All civilian units are built here and
the building can fend for itself slightly.

Weapons Production Center – All fighting units are built here and
the building can fend for itself slightly.

U N I T E D  C I V I L I Z E D  S T A T E S
Now we are getting into some buildings more advance and future

Artillery – Mediocre range and good for making a road into enemy

Atomic Power Plants – Creates a set amount of energy. Later in
can be upgraded. Anything out of range will need an Energy
Transmitter to help stretch the range. You are better off making
multiple power plants though.

Energy Transmitter – This will stretch electricity out to the
farthest reaches of your base.

Fortress – This is tough to beat so build multiple to annoy the
enemy. Almost the strongest building out (LC beats them).

HeadQuarters – Protect at all cost or your base defenses,
production, and research will be thrown in disarray and throw you
out of order.

Heavy Tower – ED equivalent to their Heavy Tower (no resemblance
or relation). Pretty much has great range but not the best.

Landing Zone – Protect it with your life or your pretty much
wasted and left any units there that you liked stranded.

Large Tower – ED equivalent to their Large Tower (no resemblance
or relation). Pretty much good armor and good range.

Plasma Cannon – Must be built in range of the Plasma Control
Center. Once built you can fire at any place on the map.

Plasma Control Center – Once built satellites are built so then
the Plasma Cannons can aim off of to shoot enemy bases and units.

Recycler – Same as ED Recycler.

Refinery – This is where your harvesters take the ore. Build it
near the ore fields or else your harvesters have a long drive and
money won't come in as fast.

Research Center – In the name. This is where everything is

SDI Defense Center – Build this to protect yourself against ED
(or enemy if they stole the building) atomic rockets.

Shadow Tower – A stationary Camouflage system. Build multiple to
help hide your base and units to run them in a trap.

Shipyard – Creates the Sea Units of UCS.

Small Tower – Build multiple of these next to each other for
greatest efficiency.

Supply Depot – Same as ED Supply Depot. You need it for making
the ammo which your Suppliers come and pick up to deliver to your
needing units.

Teleport – This will help to teleport units and/or harvesters
from point A to point B.

Tunnel Entrance – Very small and hard to see. Better than ED so
its hard to see. Again keep a builder in the tunnel to build
another entrance just in case.

Vehicle Production Center – Creates all civilian units and can
fend for itself for a little while.

Weapons Production Center – Creates all military units and can
fend for itself for a little while.

L U N A R  C O R P O R A T I O N
If you are these people building buildings are made from the
"Build" tab. Which then are brought down from the Orbital
Construction Center. So that saves you a unit (or two).

Artillery – Mediocre range and helps makes a path to and from
enemy territory.

Aerial Supply Depot – Creates the ammo which your units need to
continue fighting.

Defender – The LC light defender. Make multiple next to each
other for good efficiency.

Guardian – This over does how well the UCS Fortress is so build
these in all areas possible.

Headquarters – Same as ED and UCS. Protect at all cost and etc.

Landing Zone – Same as ED and UCS. Protect at all cost and if you
can't better make due with what you have.

Main Base – This creates all units here. Air units and Ground
units.  Civilian and Military. Also comes with its own generator
and own weapon systems so it can defend for its own.

Mine – The LC mine takes place of both the refinery and/or
harvesters. Must be constructed over Ore Deposits.

Nest – Same as defender but smaller and also works more efficient
when grouped in multiple numbers.

Recycler – Same as ED and UCS. You get half back for recycling
your units. Do your part for the moon's environment and recycle.

Research Center – Same as ED and UCS. Research everything here.

SDI Defense – Same as UCS SDI Defense Center. Protects against
rocket attacks.

Solar Battery – During the day this charges up and stores solar
power and at night it will power up your base.

Solar Power Plant – Creates energy during the day by having Solar
Cells collect solar energy and uses it. Leave space for making
Solar Cells or else its useless.

Weather Control Center – Just leave it to the weather to help
you. Clear days, rainy days, snowy days, windy days, and meteor
showers and more can be summoned from here to do your messy work.

Xyrex Power Plant – This creates tons of power which once
available replace Solar Batteries, Cells, and Plants with since
its better. But it is quite space consuming.

For saving space I will just combine em' and say which weapon is
able to be built for which faction.

20mm Chaingun – Available to ED, UCS, and LC
It comes with lots of ammo so fire at will. Provides air coverage

Rocket Launcher – Available to ED, UCS, and LC
Provides long distance, air coverage, and ground coverage.

105mm Cannon – Available to ED and UCS
Packs a punch and easy to make.

Bomb Bay – Only for ED
BOMBS AWAY!!! (you get the picture don't you?)

Laser Cannon – Only for ED
Everyone has their own energy gun and this is ED's.

Ion Cannon – Only for ED
Disables enemy units for capture or just to destroy without too
much resistance.

Earthquake Generator – Available to ED, UCS, and LC
Shake, rattle, and roll!!! (another no brainer)

AA Gun – Only for ED
Wide firing gun.

Anti-rocket System – Available for ED, UCS, and LC
Provides coverage from rocket attacks.

Repairer – Available for ED and UCS
In the name. It repairs damaged armor.

Shield Generator – Available for ED, UCS, and LC
Puts a shield generator on the unit for extra protection.

Banners – Available for ED, UCS, and LC
Gives morale upgrade.

Grenade Launcher – Only for UCS
High explosives.

Plasma Cannon – Only for UCS
Provides a high-powered energy cannon.

Plasma Bombs – Only for UCS
Man they get fancy with plasma huh? Same and a ED bomb except
even bigger BOMB!!!

SDI Laser – Available for UCS and LC
Shoots down those darn ballistic missiles.

Shadow Generator – Only for UCS
Hides the unit and makes it hard to kill.

Electro Cannon – Only for LC
LC special energy cannon that packs a big punch.

Sonic Cannon – Only for LC
Burn to a good crisp than bomb!!!

Shield Recharger – Only for LC
Makes shields last longer and speeds up rejuvenating time.

Regenerator – Only for LC
Same as repairer. It repairs damaged armor.

Detector – Only for LC
Detects UCS hidden units.

Well now lets get some things down straight for fighting my way
which usually is really good. The so called "pros" do it by the
books and keeping the big guns back and using lighter faster ones
aren't always the best since you need to pack all the heat that
you can. With UCS take a squad of Panthers, a few Jaguars, throw
in some good air units and you got it. Before hand use the Plasma
Cannon if possible to take out a strategic point.  With the sea
take lots of Hydra and Sharks and you got it. ED takes more
tactical skills than anything due to they aren't so advance as
UCS and LC but still able to win. Take many Kruszchev and Urals
and for air support put some bombers to take out any well
defended areas or weaken them and than clean em' out with your
Ural and Kruszchev army take outs everything else. Put your nukes
to the test and when everything settles immediately follow with
that force. LC is a time consuming one but the best. A very large
force of weapon mixed Fat Girls (mix the weapon so you got anti-
air and ground) and Moons and Lunars for back up. Throw in Crions
and/or Super Fighters for air support and boom. Also before hand
wipe out an important sector with the weather for some before
battle coverage. Make due with everything you got. It will be
your best friend. Also have mobile defenders around your base.

Go all out in fights except for a few and always keep building
the big guns first during fights just in case something goes

Never use Artillery near your base. They will cause havoc on your
base more than on the enemy's units or buildings.

Well finally you are ready to bad I have nothing on ED or UCS yet
and I got parts of LC so I will do my best on LC and than update
this later.

Lunar Corporation Walkthrough

Mission #1 - Invasion

If you built up before coming a little than this is a piece of
cake. Grab all units and head on to the mission area. Once there
grab ALL units and head on to the corner as fast as possible and
watch out for the constant meteor shower. Once to there soon to
be base wipe em' out. Forget the artifacts since that takes time
just go go go and destroy. If there in time well congratulations
since they will be wiped out since they weren't able to build up
to a big force. If not than build a big army and go for a battle.
Once done lets get out! If you want harvest the Ore deposit to
the right for some money.

If you harvested the little Ore Deposit and transported it back
to the Main Base than make more units and grow your base.
Research whats to be researched. Do what you must so you have
something for the next fight.

Mission #2 – Carpates
You start off with 4 transports. Watch them well. Use one or two
at a time and pick up the UCS harvesters and drop em'. After all
22 are gone than build a landing zone and bring in those units
you should have. Wipe em' out!

I don't know whats to be done now but…relax!

Mission #3 – Convoy
This takes some work.  You start with a lot of Phobes and 6 guys
in the back which are not yours. Those are the units of the
convoy.  You got some time. 2 options. Long way or short way. If
short way (my way) block off the convoy with a laser wall
COMPLETELY and than build transports and bring all the units home
safe and quick. That's my way and only way I did it. Long way.
Well takes creativity so good luck and if you find out e-mail me
and I will give you credit. If all the units in the convoy made
it than make a landing zone and bring them home.

Do whats to be done and save since the next one isn't at all

Mission #4 – The Shower
Take Fang as soon as possible to the artifact area. Grab em' and
choose a path. North is to one base and south is to another. I
choose South but it doesn't matter.  With Fang, fly into one of
the bases when the timer gets around 15 to 20 seconds left on the
counter for the next shower and go in. Once 0…RUN!!!!! Get out
and if any units follow kill em' with your other units.  Wash,
rinse, and repeat until both bases are destroyed than go home!

Again calm down from a intense and mind boggling battle and go on
to starting the Sunlight Project.

Mission #5 – The First Ring
Welcome to the hardest series of missions you probably can meet.
The Sunlight Project has hard hitting opponent only if you don't
know what you are doing. Well build your Headquarters, Power
Plants (Xyrex Power Plant preferred but Solar will do for a
while), and Landing Zone. After those come be everywhere at one.
You must 1. Start building you base fast but spread out 2. Defend
against attacks and 3. Ship in money and units from you main
base. So you make you Power Plants and block that off with a
laser wall. Than the rest of the base and block that off (as one
whole) and than building defense buildings close to the wall but
not blocking it. After that start pumping units if you don't have
enough (remembering you need enough to take on both bases and you
need 1 or 2 small ones for the north and south deposits which are
guarded). Immediately attack, take, and defend the northern
deposit. Later you can take the southern. Now when you have the
appropriate amount of force you think you will need for a big
punch to them march on through the little valley to the other
side. Destroy the little encampment there and either go straight
or southeast. If straight you can take out their money supply
which is advised if you don't want to much interference in
attacking but you will have to split your group. If you go
southeast than go south to north in one clean sweep. Either way
and your done. Well you have to build the two power plants and
the mine inside the craters but that's not so much work.

Make a camp fire and sing. Well actually rebuild what was lost in
the last battle and build more since you will need it.

Mission #6 – The Second Ring
Ok build up like in the last one except the deposits are off to
the side. Once you are ready set out on one of the two side
paths. Also have an Air Force too to be ready. I prefer Taking
out Southeast base first due to little resistance. But the other
side is also good to have taken out major resistance. After both
are gone and you set up in the craters you make a choice. Use
strong air force to kick the middle craters but or go under and
end up in the middle of the crater. Either way go and make home
there too.

Same as the last break.

Well this is the end of the line for me. I haven't quite finished
Ring Three but when I am I will update this.

Well here are some cheats that may be of interest.

Press enter and than type in "Cheater 1". Now enter one of the

   Result - Cheat
Increase money – moneyfornothing [enter number here]
Fast research – mybrainisfaster 1
Set unit limit number – limit_up [number here]
Place mines – hotground
Meteor shower – shower
Lose Scenario – byebye
Win scenario – judgementday
Show enemies – hereyouare! [note]
Show all on the map – beautifulmoon 1

To take off cheat mode, enter cheater 0.

That's all the codes I know at the moment that work the others
seem to not work.

Thanks and etc.
Well thanks www.cheatcc.com for the codes.  The Moon Project game
manual for a listing of all the units and buildings.  And thanks
all you happy people out there. So far only www.gamefaqs.com and
www.codemanpalace.cjb.net are the only sites able to use this
Walkthrough.  If anybody else out there wants to use this EXACT
replica (not ripping me off since I do not like that and this is
copyrighted) than e-mail me at Ultimeomnicode@aol.com.

Copyright © by Omni C. Man 2001. All rights reserved.

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