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Читы для Earthworm Jim

Чит-файл для Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Shiny Entertainment и Gameloft [iPhone]
Издатель:Playmates Interactive Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа/цифровая доставка
Жанры:Arcade (Platform)

Даты выхода игры

вышла 15 октября 2009 г.
вышла в 1996 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
A Complete Player's Guide.

   I have played this game on my Sega Genesis and have beat it.  The
following hint file is based on the Genesis version.  Unfortunatly,
the PC version is an exact code-for-code version of the Sega CD's
Earthworm Jim Special Edition, which has new enemies, and a new
board. However, the games are so close to each other that this hint
file will make perfect sense for the PC.

New Junk City

   This board is rather simple, and rather straightfoward.  Kill the
junkyward dogs, they release 3 health spheres that will automatically
float toawards you.  When you see the big moose head, whip the
antlers to the left.  You will be in a secret area that will end up
right next to the sub-boss.  The enemies consist of junkyard dogs and

   Sub Boss
      The sub-boss for this stage is a strange garbage-can-on-wheels
   type of thing.  Jump over the irons he shoots out of his mouth and
   fire at him when you land.  When he stomps his foot on the ground,
   move out of the way of the falling debris.  When he begins to
   wheel across the screen, fire away when he is facing you.  If you
   do it right, you should kill him before he starts the whole
   process over again.

      The boss of this level is a construction worker type person on
   a platform that moves across the top of the screen.  When the box
   drops from the ceiling, whip it to the right until it hits the
   spring and then flies up and hits to boss.  The tubas that drop
   will fall when they are directly over your head, so just move out
   of the way when it is directly on top of you (in other words,
   don't stand right under it).  After every hit, the boss will start
   puking fish (yes, puking fish).  Try to stay underneath him and
   avoid the falling tubas.  After multiple hits, the boss will start
   to move back and forth across the top of the screen.  It gets a
   little harder but just keep doing the same process.

Andy Asteroids (All Parts)

   Between every major board will be a bonus-level called Andy
Asteroids. The object of this level is to beat the psy-crow that
will be racing with you.  If you pick up 50 of the light-blue
spheres, you will earn a continue (That is how it worked in the
console version, but since you can just pick what stage you want to
go to from the File menu, I have no idea what they give you after
50).  If you pick up the electric dark-blue sphere, and press the
whip button, you will become invincible for a while.  If you hit the
psy-crow when you are invincible, he will fall behind you (very
useful).  The red spheres are speed boosts, get them! (otherwise
HE'LL get them, and that really sucks).  If you loose the race, you
have to fight him.  Whip him to make him flutter his wings, then
fire away with your gun.  Keep doing this until he flies away.  The
boards get progressively harder as you go, with there being more
rocks, and the psy-crow gets faster and much harder to beat when you
end up fighting him.

What the Heck?

   Just follow the paths around, picking up everything along the way.
Keep in mind that the plasma and new heet seeking missiles can't be
selected, and when you pick them up they will be the next round
fired.  Use this to your advantage.  The green gems are a means of
transportation.  Walk on top of the gems opposite to their direction
of rotation until you find the "groove" where it won't let you walk
forward.  At this point it will either transport you to another area
or move upward.  When you see a big crank-wheel, whip it and it will
open the gate that is next to it.  A tricky part of this stage occurs
when you have to do a multiple whip, one hook to the next.  It is
MUCH harder with the keyboard then with a joystick, obviously.  The
enemies on this board consist of big, teeth-filled black sacks (they
personally remind me of those things on the T.V. version of Steven
King's "The Langoliers"), and lawyers (the latter being one of my
favorite enemies in the entire game).  To kill the lawyers, whip
them and when they yell "I'll sue" fire away with the gun.  When
you get to the part where the cat drops a bomb from the bottom of
the screen, stalagmites (or -tites?  Never was too good with these
things) will drop from the ceiling.  This is a lot easier than it
looks, but not many people figure it out.  Simply run right, and
when they start falling from the other direction, run left.  Keep
running back and forth across the flat part until you get passed it.

      The sub-boss is a snowman who fires fireballs.  Just keep
   shooting at him after you jump over his fireballs.  Very simple.
   This is noticably different from the console version, which in a
   way is easier (it gives you a flat floored room, and you can whip
   him to take away 3 times as much health).

      The boss is the strangely-drawn cat that you see dancing in the
   background during the entire stage.  Unfortunatly, you are without
   your body suit (or "naked" as they use in the PC version).  This
   is extremely easy, just jump over the fire that he shoots at you
   and it will eventually eat away at the pillar holding up the
   platform.  When it falls, walk right and get in your suit.  Now
   for the tougher part.  The main guy, being a cat, has 9 lives.
   He will come at you from the top and sides.  The second he
   appears, aim your gun and fire away.  You have to do this 9 times
   for him to die.

Big Bruty
   This is a new board for the Special Edition version of EWJ, and it
was never in the original.  In this board, you have to out-wit the
big red dinosaur type creatures in order to continue.  It's more of
a puzzle than an action board.   Try luring the monster to walk into
the blocking walls, and they will be history.  I have not made it
far enough to find the sub-boss and boss for this level, as it was
not in the Sega version of EWJ.  Sorry!

Down the Tubes
   In this board, jump up to the hooks and press up to avoid the
   gorillas.  Flip the switches with your whip and get on the
   hamsters that will come out, then use fire to eat anything in
   your path.  When you get in the submersible, use the arrows to
   steer and fire to accelarate.  If you hit the wall too many
   times you will implode, so watch out.



Tube Race
   In this board you have to pilot your submersible through a
 long section of canyon.  It takes practice, you always keep
your speed up and try to anticipate the turns.  They give you 99
seconds to try and complete it, but it's a lot harder than it sounds.

Snot a Problem Parts 1-3
   Yeeha! Bungee jumping!  Basically, just slap the snot monster
silly until he bangs into the walls a lot, which will shred his cord.
Watch out, after a few hits he will get pissed and start spinning
around.  When he does this, avoid him or you will be in the wall too!
The boards get progressively harder, when each hit that you give him
barelely budges him, and you have to avoid the monster at the bottom
after level 1.

Level 5
   Fairly straight-foward level.  It's kinda difficult to see what's
background and what you can actually jump on tho (at least it was on
Sega). Just work your way through it, not much available tip-wise.

      None that I can remember.

     A mechanical-chicken type thingy that is falling with you
  through a shaft.  Just avoid him and fire away, and he will
  eventually die.  Not difficult at all.

For Pete's Sake
   Very original idea here.  You have to get the puppy through the
stage without him getting hurt.  Shoot him with your gun and he will
duck, whip him and he jumps.  If he gets hurt, he will turn into a
huge purple monster, kick your ass, and bring you back to a certain
point along the course.  Whip him to have him jump over crevases,
shoot all enemies in front of him, and use the seesaws to rocket him
over gaps.

      None that I can remember


Intestinal Distress & Buttville
   Intestinal Distress is a rather simple board in it's concept, but
I never made it far enough to see any bosses (always used the Sega
cheat codes to skip these last two boards, too damn impossible).  In
buttville, you have to use your head like a hellicopter to slow your
descent through all the spiked corridors... VERY hard.

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