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Читы для Ecstatica: A State of Mind

Чит-файл для Ecstatica: A State of Mind

A State of Mind

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Жанры:Action / Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person
Похожие игры:Alone in the Dark (1992)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
3-D Adventure by PSYGNOSIS

Solved By Lu Richardson.


General tips:

If you find the going too tough, start the game again with the
character as a woman - not so much fun, but a lot easier.  In any
case, save very often, for instance everytime you succeed in
a task.  If you can't go in the direction you want, try another.
Remember, unless he actually jumps on you, the werewolf can be
beaten back long enough to escape.

Each time you play a new game, things are slightly different, so
don't worry if things don't happen exactly as I say; I am merely
telling you what you have to do in order to finish the game.  I
also found a few bugs.  For instance, if you put on the armour and
then take it off, it sometimes happens that you look as though you
are still wearing it - or maybe it's meant to happen that way.

Because you cannot carry more than two items at a time, it is a good
idea to find a safe place to drop things till you need them again;
the stables could be a good place.  Finally, be aware that, because of
the changes of perspective when you get to the edge of a picture, my
directions could be confusing.  The best thing to do is to get
familiar with the layout of the place so that you can go from one
spot to another with a minimum of bother.

Here we go:

Watch the intro through and save your first game the moment it
stops.  You will notice that a little girl skips into the stables in
front of you.  Get your bearings:  to the left is the church and to
your right, a herb shop.  Past the shop, to your right, a road takes
you to the pub.

You may or may not be attacked by a piglet-like monster the moment
you move - although he is easy to beat.  In any case, press F1 and
creep along the left to the stables.  With a bit of luck you won't be
anhilated.  If you are, start again.  F6, as you know, will allow
you to walk normally and F10, to run; take your pick.

Say you make it to the stables.  You will meet a dying man and you
will certainly be attacked at the entrance, but you should not have
much trouble.  Go in.  The little girl will speak to you and demand
her teddy bear.  If you move to the left and up, you will come upon
a clump of grass.  You can rest here and recover from your wounds.
If after an encounter your character is bent double and holding his
left arm, come over here and rest.  In the stables you can pick up a
mouse, but I couldn't find any use for it.

OK.  Leave the stables and go to the left from the point of view of
the start of the game, or to the right hand side of the character.
Enter the first doorway you come to and fight some more piglets with
maces.  Move to the next house and you will see a dagger on a table.
Go to pick it up and you will have to fight the table to get it.
Yes, you heard right, the table.

Out and up.  Go in softly through the next doorway.  A bear-like
monster is getting thoroughly drunk and will punch at you if you get
near him.  You must get past him and up the stairs - it can be
done; just move as far to his right as you can.  Once up the stairs,
pick up the diary off the bed.  You automatically read it.  Drop it
and pick up the teddy bear.  Go up the stairs and look at the book.
You will see that you need some ingredients to make a potion.  Note
the apparatus to the right.  Leave, avoiding the bear monster once
more.  Actually, it's quite funny to stand around (out of reach) and
watch his antics.  If you get fed up with him, he can be killed;
stand to his left and bash away with a decent weapon, but don't be
too ambitious at first.

Your next job is to take the teddy to the girl in the stables.
Watch what happens.  Follow her right through.  There comes a point
when you can't follow her because you are too big.  When she gets
the dungeon door open, go all the way down very carefully.  On the
way, you will have to deal with some skeletons, but they are not a
big deal.

After watching a certain scene, you will come back up
automatically.  Go right out and back to the church.  Note the holy
book near the hanging monk.  Pick up the funny shaped thing by his
feet and take it to the house with the bear monster; if you approach
the potion-making apparatus, the character will automatically put
the stuff in.

Next, go to where the game started.  Go into the shop, where some
poor guy is being attacked.  Fight the beast back and, when the guy
expires, giving you a garbled message, you can get the key he is
carrying.  Actually, I could neither understand him nor find a use
for the key, but you might.  However, it is important to do this
bit; leave as soon as it is safe.

Now go through the road past the shop, to the right and enter the
pub.  A drunkard is fighting a nastie.  Help him and the monster
leaves.  Discard your dagger and pick up the mace.  Go behind the
counter and get a drink.  Go to the drunkard - he comes to and asks
you to get him to the shop.  You will do so automatically and drop
him in the back room.  Hang around till he relieves himself of his
story.  When he starts repeating "Really, really depresshing", go
towards the door.  A monster bashes through.  Beat him back long
enough to get one of the herbs from the shelves to the left.  Leave
and take it to the potion-making apparatus.

Right, go to the church and pick up the bible.  Now you have to go
to the next house along after the monster bear, where you'll find a
murdered woman who keeps giving up the ghost very noisily.  Be very
careful here.  There is another monster waiting for you and what you
have to do is beat him out of the way - it's difficult, but keep
trying.  Once you've got him out of the house, go to the left and
you will see a man crucified upside down in the distance.  Go right
up to him and then to the right till you approach the monastery.
Nearby you'll meet your friendly neighbourhood leper, who asks for a
copper - but since I didn't find any money, I couldn't help him.
Just ignore him, perhaps it's just local colour.

When you come to the doors you will automatically read the bible and
will be let in.  Grab your weapon and enter.  Explore around here
and, when you come to the library, drop the bible near the shelves
and you will pick up a book, which is explained to you by one of the
monks.  Hang around and try and pick another book.  In the library
there is a hole in the ground.  Drop through but go no further.
Climb up again.  Leave the monastery.

On the way back to the village, pick up the red flower on the road
near the monastery.  Go and drop your weapon somewhere safe and
handy.  If you want a better weapon, by the way, go to the right of
the stables and into a house to the right, which appears to be the
smithy.  Beat the nastie(s) and grab the sword.  Don't be tempted to
take away the armour (you will wake all the monsters up, since you
rattle and sound like a sack full of tins), but do try it on.  You
can also exit through the other door and enter the building
opposite.  An old man is holding a gun, but the character won't pick
it up.

At any rate, take the flower to the apparatus and complete the
potion, which the character drinks.  Now you will become a small
creature and can carry nothing.  The reason you must not be holding
a weapon when you drop the flower in the pot is because you won't be
able to retrieve it - try and pick it up and you wind up drinking
another potion!

Go to the dungeons, because you must go through the opening you
could not enter when you were too big.  To get there you have to run
the gauntlet of snakes and vicious "piglets"; keep pressing key 7 to
hop forward out of harm's way.  When you are through the hole, keep
left and follow your nose.  You'll get through a tunnel past two
piglets and then you get big again.  Beat up the nuisances and go up
some stairs.  You will be in a room with an old knight; approach him
and he takes fright, dropping his golden sword.  Get it and go down
the stairs again.

Walk around till you come to the entrance to the library and go up
and out through the monastery.  When you come to the crucified man,
go to the left of him and kill the minotaur with the golden sword.

Now you can do the following.  Once past the minotaur, turn right
and go up a couple of rungs of the stairs, but not all the way, and
continue to the right.  You will come to more stairs - drop the
sword somewhere visible at the bottom and go up.  A magician will
turn you into a frog because you are not a knight.

Hop out and down the stairs again and continue along this path to a
cottage.  The door will fly open; go in and a silly woman (a witch)
will kiss you back into your normal self.  There is a magic broom
here, pick it up.  Again, leave it somewhere convenient (the foot of
the stairs of the magician's tower is the best place), but go back
there at any rate and retrieve your golden sword.
Actually, I don't see why you shouldn't miss this bit out, since
you can pick up the magic broom anyway - but it's up to you.  Go
past the cottage to a small lake.  Stand on the square stone and you
will throw the sword into the lake.  A lady comes out of the lake
and knights you.  Now you can go back to the magician, who welcomes
you and allows you in.  Have a look around and exit through the left
(looking at the way in), run up the tower.  Look around and you will
find out, if you didn't know before, that you need a relic and a
magic book.

OK, leave, go to the village to get another weapon and then take a
safe route to the monastery (through the murdered woman's house).
As you go up by the crucified man and the viewpoint changes you will
be chased and attacked by a nasty, so advance backwards and beat the
beast back until you make it to the safety of the monastery.  Once
in, grab the bone the two monks are watching over and run to the
hole in the library.  Once below, find your way to the stairs which
lead to the old knight and the village.

Now you have to take the relic to the circle of stones and, again,
you have to find the safest way.  This is through the room with the
murdered woman (who, you will have noticed, keeps breathing her last
every time you come near her), past the minotaur you killed, up a
couple of stairs and right as if you were going to the magician,
past the cottage and the lake and then left.  If you come across a
female satyr (nymph?), don't hang around.  Place the relic on the
shaped stone in the center of the stone circle.

And now for the book.  For this, you will need the broom, so go and
get it.  I hope you are carrying a weapon.  Go to the magician's
tower; only this time, instead of going up, you are going to go
down.  A statue will tell you to go no further.  Take no notice and
sneak past its left arm.  Go straight up and deal with some
invisible creatures.  In the next room, go down the stairs and to
the right.  You could do a lot of exploring around here and have
some adventures, but it is not necessary; at the foot of the stairs,
come to the end of the room (the viewpoint changes) and fight a
creature.  Enter the room which will now be to your right and pick
up the book.  A strange creature will point out that the door
through is closed and you must meet the king.

Leave the room and go through the doorway to the left of the
stairs.  You will come to a strange place with women reclining and
toughs fanning.  Find the stairs down, and you'll come to a skeleton
king.  First fight the skeleton which turns into another copy of the
character then hang around the king till he wakes up and chats a
bit.  I didn't quite know what to do, so I killed him.  It seemed to
do the trick.

Go back to the magician's, leave the broom somewhere handy - the
magician's room would be all right.  Go to the stone circle and pick
up the bone.  With the book and the bone in your hands, you step on
the stone in the middle and... watch what happens.

Now, hang on tight to the bone and go get your broom.  You must
return to the room in which you found the book, only this time the
closed door will be open and you are going to go on through the
other archway.  You find yourself going down into the dungeon you
visited at the beginning of the game.  Watch what happens.  Drop the
broom but don't drop the bone whatever you do.  You are invited to
sup with the devil and he makes you a proposition you cannot refuse,
only you must, darn it.  Save your game once more and get up.
Choose a convenient corner, because the devil will turn into a
dragon and you have to slaughter it by shooting off the fireballs in
your bone.

It might take a few goes, but you should eventually win.  Watch the
short finale.  Wasn't it lovely?  Now start again, and try the things
you haven't tried yet...


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