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Читы для Egypt 2: Prophecy of Heliopolis

Чит-файл для Egypt 2: Prophecy of Heliopolis

Egypt 2:
Prophecy of Heliopolis

в России известна как

Египет 2

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Всемирное название:Egypt: The Heliopolis Prophecy
Название в России:Египет 2
Разработчик:Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Издатель:Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Локализатор в России:Nival Interactive
Издатель в России:
Модель распространения:розничная продажа/цифровая доставка
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 9 ноября 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:Adventure / Educational
Похожие игры:Pompei: The Legend of Vesuvius

Даты выхода игры | Раскрыть все

вышла 28 апреля 2012 г.
вышла 26 апреля 2012 г.
вышла 25 декабря 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Walkthrough by Witchen =O)
June 2001

Introduction: The Back Story

(Note:  Before starting the game, go to http://www.cryo-interactive.com
Download and install the Egypt 2 patch EGY2CDINT.exe)

Egypt, under the reign of Amenophis III, has never been so prosperous.  It is a
time of peace, good harvests, and a constant inflow of gold and wealth.  The
of Heliopolis is a large religious capital, ideally situated on a trade axis
is vital in exchanges with foreign countries.  It is also a seat of learning.
the libraries of its temples contain knowledge about local mythology that center
around Re and his manifestations.

Many Egyptian and foreign merchants (including Syrians and Nubians), young
priests and scribes come to Heliopolis to benefit from the climate of peace.

You are Nefermaat, know as Tifet, a young woman and a doctor from the town of

You receive a message from your father, who remains in Heliopolis.   He is
severely weakened by a strange and deadly  illness.  He asks to see you one more
time before he passes away.

When you arrive, you realize that his illness is caused by an outside source and
may spread to the whole of the city.  You will have to race against time to find
the origin of this disease and its cure.  This seems a reasonable task for a
doctor like Tifet, who knows the cures and magic formulas that help people to
their bodies of demons.  However, it would be in some people's interests to let
the disease spread.

With power struggles on one side and a looming epidemic on the other, chaos
threatens to strike Heliopolis.  The further you go in your quest, the more
the following question becomes:  Who and Why?

The Prophecy of Heliopolis is first and foremost an epic adventure game.  But it
is also an enlightening voyage into one of the greatest civilizations that has
ever existed.............

(paraphrased from Cryo Interactive's game documentation)


Chapter 1:  A Plague in Heliopolis - Your Arrival

You, young Tifet, awake from a dream in the city of Bubastis where you are
currently in practice in the Temple of Sakhmet as a doctor in good standing. 
hear a loud knocking at your door.

Go to the door and open it to greet a messenger from your home city of
Helipolis.  You adopted father, Djehouty, has fallen gravely ill and begs to see
you immediately.

After the messenger departs, turn around and go to the low ledge under the
windows.  Pick up the Book of Remedies and the jar of eye ointment.  Place these
items in your inventory (right click) along with Djehouty's message, which is
automatically placed there.

That's all you (Tifet) need to get started.  Go back to the door and exit. 
a cutscene, you arrive on the river bank in Helipolis.  You are in the
Neighborhood.  Turn left and go forward to the vendor's stall, where you can see
the standing donkey.  Turn right when you get there and talk to the vendor,
Djaou, who tells you there's a "strange mood in the city."

Turn right and go forward once.  Turn left and go forward once.  Turn left again
and enter the House of Beer.  It's the first door.  The beer vendor, a woman,
remarks that there aren't as many customers as there usually are.  That's all
has to say to you for now.  But, you already get the feeling that something
foreboding is happening in Helipolis!

Leave the beer shop and turn left.  The man standing in the shade under the
scaffolding, Idi, will approach you.  He is an old friend of Tifet's.  He gives
you directions to your childhood home and also a map of Heliopolis.

Turn right and go forward twice to the main street through the Neighborhood.
Turn right and go forward four times.  If you look off to the left, you will see
a house with a gold or yellowish wooden door.  This is the house of Djehouty. 
inside to the courtyard.  Go straight ahead through the door of the house to the
lower main room.

As soon as you enter the house, you will see a cutscene where Tifet rushes up
stairs and out onto the sunroof, where Djehouty sits in the shade.  Approach and
speak to him.  He tells you he wanted to see you one last time.  He lets Tifet
examine him.  (Click on "Examine" in the menu bar when it appears.)

Djehouty has an "unknown disease."  You can't cure it now.  But, you promise to
go to the Temple library and search the archives for the cure.  Djehouty tells
you that the papyruses you need are to the left, as you enter the Temple

Leave the house, returning down the stairway. Just follow the sunlight.  Once
through the outer courtyard and back on the main street again, turn left and go
forward twice.  The Heliopolis map Idi gave you will appear.  Click on it to
choose the Temple of Re.

Chapter 2: The Temple Library

When you enter the Temple's main courtyard, and after the cutscene, go straight
ahead three times.  Talk to the man standing off to the right, the Nubian.  Tell
him you don't know where to find the person in charge of the warehouses.  He'll
go off to another entry between two very large statues.

Turn around and approach the man dressed in white, Kephren, who is standing in
front of a large door.  He tells you that you may not enter!  Click on him again
and persist, declaring that you are a priestess of Sakhmet, until he lets you
prove you are a priestess by solving a slider puzzle.

The Slider Tile Puzzle:

The Slider Tile Puzzle is randomly generated. Therefore, there is no one correct

The nine tiles on the left are stationary.  You must position the tile on the
right to correspond with the position of its mate on the left.  Move your cursor
over the tiles on the left to highlight them and determine what position the
right side tile should be moved to.  Click on the right side tile to move it,
gradually, to the correct empty space.  (You will receive plenty of hints from
the game, as it appears necessary. )

When you have solved the slider puzzle, you will enter the Library courtyard in
cutscene.  Go forward and talk to the scribe, Irou.  He must keep a log of all
the people who enter the library, he tells you.  But, he doesn't have anything
write with.  He wants you to go talk to Menna, another scribe, who has his
writing tools.

Menna is in another courtyard off to the left. Turn around and go right into the
adjoining courtyard.  You will see Menna sitting beside the door to the right.
Menna tells you that Irou actually left his writing tools in the back room.

Go into the Library.  Straight ahead of you on the low ledge, you will see two
long boxes that look like pencil boxes.  Pick up the reed pen case and add it to
your inventory.  Take the pen case back to Irou in the Library courtyard.  Give
it to him and discover that now you must find him some ink.

Go back to the courtyard to the left, past Menna, and back into the adjacent
room.  In the left rear corner, on the ledge, you will find a small bag of ink.
Pick it up.

Return to Irou in front of the Library and attempt to give him the ink.  You
find that he has left.  Ah, but the Library door is now unlocked.  Just click on
it to enter the Library.  Go left, to the wall.  Turn right and go all the way
the end.  Turn left to see one of three cabinets on the wall.  Open the one you
are standing in front of and remove the tablet and the prophecy papyrus from the
cabinet.  Read it (and each recipe for remedies, if you haven't already).

Leave the Library and go straight ahead out of the Library complex and back to
the main courtyard of the Temple.  Turn left and go out through the arched
entrance.  A woman will stop you before you get there and ask you for help for
her husband, Ramose.  "Examine" her.  She's also sick.  She has the same
illness."  The woman says she has nightmares too.  They started after her
was paid his wages in wheat from the Temple.

Turn to the right to see Ramose and their son, Ipouky.  Speak to the
boy.  "Examine" him.  He needs eye ointment.  (Only after his is examined and
diagnosed by Tifet will he accept the eye ointment.)

Then, turn and use the Heliopolis map to exit the Temple area and return to the

Chapter 3: Hetep's Granary Report

Go one click forward and turn right to reenter Djehouty's house.  Go through the
courtyard and into the main room.  Go one click forward, turn right, go forward,
turn left to face a short hallway.  Go one click down that hall toward the
door.  Turn left, go forward, turn right and go up the stairs.

After the cutscene, at the top of the stairs, turn left and approach Djehouty
again.  Show him the prophecy on the papyrus.  Djehouty agrees that the wheat
from the Temple is poisoned.  He will keep the tablet and the prophecy to try to
interpret them, while you go to warn the Great Seer of the threat to Helipolis'

Exit the sunroof and go down the stairs to the main room.  At the bottom of the
stairs, go forward to the center of the room and pick up the gold ring from one
of the three-legged stools.  You'll need it later.

Exit the house and return up the street to the map. (You might stop along the
and talk to Idi, who is leaning against the garden wall.  But, he'll just tell
you he's heard of seven people who all have the same symptoms.)  Go again to the
Temple of Re.

Go forward and speak to Kephren again. He is now standing in the entry between
the two huge statues.  Tifet will ask to see Meryre, the Great Seer.  Kephren
cannot allow entry without a letter of introduction. And, he suggests that you
get one from Dejhouty.

Leave the Temple and go back to the Neighborhood.  Go directly to Djehouty's
house and on to the sunroof to speak to Djouhouty again.  He'll write the letter
of recommendation but asks for his writing materials.  He says he needs a quill
and some papyrus.

Go downstairs to the main room.  Go to the far left corner and pick up two (2)
sheets of parchment, a bag of wheat grains, a bag of sleeping potion, and the
quill case from the ledge near the corner.

Take the quill and the two sheets of parchment/papyrus up the stairs to
Djehouty.  Give them to him.  After he accepts them, he will ask for a little
ink, which you can give to him from your inventory.  He writes the letter of

Put the letter of recommendation in your inventory and go back to talk to
at the Temple of Re.  Give him the letter of recommendation and enter the
courtyard of Sakhmet, straight ahead of you.  Turn right or left to go around
building. It doesn't matter.

Go through the archway at the back of the building and into the adjacent
courtyard.  You will see the Great Seer, Meryre, in the left corner with one of
the scribes.  He will come to you and speak with you automatically.  The
culmination of the conversation is that Meryre wants you to look at the wheat in
the silos and find Hetep's report (the granary inspector) stored at the Library.
He gives you a jeweled bracelet, in order that you will be able to gain access
him later on.  Meanwhile, he says he will look into the matter on his own.

Leave Meryre.  Turn around and exit out to the main Temple courtyard the way you
came.  Turn right, and go forward.  Turn right and enter the doors to the
courtyard.  Go straight ahead and into the Library.  Talk to Menna, who is
standing in the middle of the room toward the front, where a baboon has
taken up residence.

Menna tells you where Hetep's report is stored.  Turn to your right, go forward,
turn left and open the cabinet.  Pick up the fastener of Hetep's report and
it in inventory.  Apparently, the report itself has been stolen.

Leave the Library.  Go straight out across the courtyard through the door, and
into the main Temple courtyard.  After the cutscene, go straight ahead to the
door on the opposite side.  Enter the Silo Courtyard.

Walk up the right side of the silos to see a man, Mehou, who is sweeping up dead
rats.  Just before you reach Mehou, look down to your right and pick up a coiled
rope.  Talk to Mehou.  He hasn't seen Hetep and tells you where his house is. 
also tells you to examine the contents of a silo.

Turn around and go back one click toward the entry.  Turn right and go forward
between the silos.  Turn left, go forward, turn left and pick up the plank
beside the first grain silo.  Turn left and go forward once.  Turn right and go
forward once.  Turn left and go on up the stairs of the silo.

At the top, lean down to look into the grain silo.  There's plenty of wheat down
at the bottom.  In inventory, combine the rope with the plank.  Place this
apparatus across the opening in the top of the silo.  After the cutscene, scan
the wheat at your feet with the cursor until you see a fist.  Click with the
and pick up a wheat stalk which Tifet remarks about  "....that's not normal."

Put the stalk of wheat in your inventory and climb back up the rope.  Leave the
rope and plank behind. You don't need them anymore.  Leave the silo and exit the
Silo Courtyard.

Chapter 4: In Search of Hetep

Leave the Temple's main courtyard and return to the Neighborhood.  Go forward
four times, across the broken down walkway in the middle of the street.  Turn
right and go into the alley.  Go straight ahead and into Hetep's house.  If you
need directions, stop and talk to Idi.

Hetep is not in his house either.  Look around as long as you're here.  Go left
along the ledge and find a small metal hand mirror resting on a wooden stool
nearby.  Put the mirror  in inventory and head back out to the main street.

Go left and then forward five times to go back to the Temple to show Meryre the
evidence you have gathered thus far.  In the Temple courtyard, find Kephren up
the far right Library entrance. Show him the jeweled bracelet and he will tell
you that the Great Seer, Meryre, is in the School adjacent to the Library.

In the Library courtyard, go left to the School.  You'll see Meryre with the
scribe, Menna.  Show him the wheat stalk.  Meryre seems unsure of what he should
do.  He tells you to continue your mission and find a cure. He will take care of
the rest in his own way.

You will see a cutscene where Meryre checks out the wheat silos and seals the
courtyard.  Then, you are with him again at the School, to see Ipouky race into
the courtyard over Meryre's left shoulder.

Go out and speak to Ipouky.  He tells you Djehouty is dying and you must go to
him immediately.  Leave the School, the Library courtyard and return through the
Temple courtyard to the map, the Neighborhood, and then Djehouty's house.

Go up to the sunroof and speak to Djehouty.  He doesn't have much time for you
find the cure.  You must decipher the tablet and the prophecy all by yourself.
He wants you to go to the Temple and ask a scribe for help in deciphering it.

Chapter 5: Deciphering the Tablet and Prophecy

Go back out to the street, turn left and use the map to go back to the Temple.
Go up through the main courtyard to encounter Kephren again.  He will let you
pass with no problem.

Go to the School, through the left archway, and find Menna still sitting by the
right side door.  Ask Menna to help you and give him the tablet and papyrus
(prophecy).  It turns out that the prophecy is written backwards, or so Menna
informs you.

You could try to use the mirror on the tablet. That makes sense, right?  But,
unfortunately, that's not the trick.  In inventory, pick up the bag of ink and
combine it with the tablet and the parchment.  Then combine this product with
blank piece of parchment you got at Djehouty's.  Use the eye icon at the left of
your menu bar to read the newly created legible parchment.  It says, "He who
wakes after a dream knows the path."

You'd better high tail it back to Djehouty's house with this new information.
Leave the Temple area and go back to Djehouty's in the Neighborhood.  Go up to
the sunroof and show the legible parchment to Djehouty.  Tifet will relive her
dream in a cutscene and she realizes she must visit Sakhmet's shrine to find

Leave Djehouty's house and go back to the Temple.  When you get there, go to the
entry between the two huge statues.  Walk around the building on either side and
enter Sakhmet's shrine at the rear of the building.  You can click on Sakhmet's
statue to send a prayer for help.  However, it might be more productive to look
down and find an interesting impression in the floor.  If you guessed that the
little hand mirror will fit nicely in there, you are so correct!  Place the
mirror in the impression.

Nothing more is happening.  Look at the legible parchment again in your
inventory, in closeup, using the eye icon.  Do you see the Sakhmet statue and
what looks like beams of light reflected from somewhere high up off to the left?
Exit this view.  Replace the parchment in inventory and scan the wall of the
shrine to your left.  You will find a small rectangular stone that apparently
be removed.  That is, if you had a mallet.  (The mallet is also shown on the
legible parchment, but isn't easily recognized.)

Leave the Sakhmet shrine and go straight ahead back into the storehouse area. 
through the second courtyard (where you found the Great Seer earlier).  Go down
the row of storage rooms to the next to last one on your left.  Go inside to
Irou, arms crossed, standing in the far right corner.  Go to him and ask him for
his mallet.  He's being selfish.  Choose the first conversation option, which
begins "Listen closely, Irou..........."  Irou will be sufficiently intimidated
and will turn over the mallet immediately.  Put it in your inventory.

Go back to Sakhmet's shrine. Use the mallet on the small stone on the left side
of the shrine wall.  In the following cutscene you will see the stone open to
allow a beam of sunlight to enter.  The light bounces off the mirror and onto
Sakhmet's statue. The statue moves over to the right.  There's an opening under
the statue and a valuable papyrus is hidden there. Pick up the papyrus.  Use the
eye icon to read it.  Wonderful! You have found the recipe for making the
antidote; the medicine to cure Djehouty and all the other stricken people of

You must waste no time in visiting the vendors in the Neighborhood.  But, before
you leave the area, you might want to go back to Irou in the store house. And,
you haven't found them already, get a fist full of carroway seeds, and juniper
berries from the baskets on the right side of the room going in.  Get the bean
flour from the middle wall cabinet on the left side of the room.

Leave the Temple area and go back to the Neighborhood.  Go all the way down the
street to the vendor nearest the dead end; the last stall.  Talk to Maya, the
vendor, and go down the list that appears to see which, if any, of the remedy
ingredients she has in her inventory.  You will find that she has none of it.
Ah, but does she have other wares that you might be able to use for advantageous

Give her the jeweled (gold) bracelet.  You won't be needing it anymore.  She'll
be thrilled to pieces over this item and will reciprocate with lentils, dates,
linseed oil and 10 debens of copper.

Go all the way back to the river shore area (turn right just before you get to
the donkey) where you landed at Helipolis.  Talk to the first vendor you met,
Djaou.  Go down the list that appears to mandragore roots and trade your linseed
oil for them.  Trade the lentils for garlic.  Djaou has no beer, so ask him
lastly about the fan tree leaves.   He does know where you might get some.  He
needs your help for his bellyache though, first.

The recipe for the bellyache remedy will appear. You already have the bean
juniper berries and carroway seeds.  All you need is the honey.

Go back around the corner and down to the vendor stall just to the left as you
reach the intersection.  Talk to Kauit.  Give her your dates in exchange for the
willow leaves you need.  Then, give her your 10 debens of copper in exchange
for "excellent quality olive oil."

You still need honey, though, before you can make the remedy for Djaou's
bellyache and find out where the fan tree leaves can be found.  Go left and then
all the way back to the map at the end of the street, to the Temple, then
the great statues entry to the storehouse row in the back.  Find the selfish
right where you left him.

Ask Irou for honey.  He has some but he wants it himself, of course.  If you
it you'll have to give up the gold ring from Djehouty's house.  After you give
Irou the ring, turn around and you'll find the honey jar in the wall cabinet on
your left nearest the door.

Go back to Djehouty's house, inside to the main room where you found the ring,
etc.  Go straight through the door and straight forward to the corner. Look down
to find a large cooking pot.  You should see a fist icon.  Put the following
items in the pot:

bean flour
carroway seeds
juniper berries

The pot will immediately produce the bottled Remedy for Djaou.  Remember he told
you he was going to sequester himself in an inconspicuous place until you were
able to cure  him? Leave Djehouty's house.  Turn right and go seven clicks down
the main street.  Turn left and go forward into the alley.  Turn left again to
spy Djaou leaning against a wall, holding his poor stomach.  Give him the

He doesn't exactly have the fan leaves.  He does know the man who may have some
though.  This Nubian man will be found at the House of Beer. Leave Djaou to
recover and go back out to the main street.  Go back toward the shore and
stall.  But, before the end of the row of buildings on the right, turn and enter
the House of Beer.

After the ensuing cutscene you will see the Nubian again in the far left corner.
Go talk to him.  He wants you to have a beer with him.  The Nubian has a great
time teasing you.  But, he finally tells you that you'll need a trade permit
the Governor himself before he can provide you with a special product like fan
tree leaves.

Chapter 6: The Governor's Villa

Off to the Governor's house you go!  Just take the same route as if you were
going to the Temple and when the map appears, click on the Governor's Villa.

After a brief cutscene, you will find yourself inside the entrance to the
Governor's Villa.  Before you go forward, turn left and notice the alcove.  Turn
right and note an entry to a garden area.  Go forward and ask the first man,
Paihry, to see the Governor.  You'll have to get tough with him too.  He allows
you to pass and approach a second guard.  When this one challenges you, answer
him with the first conversation choice:

"You're a warrior, aren't you?"
"You look like a fine soldier to me."
"My whole life I've dreamed of meeting a warrior.........."
"Listen --- my husband is in there........."
"My word is equal to the reputation of our country's soldiers........."

When you tell him you will come to him later that night, he will let you pass
into the house.  You will be greeted by a musician who is seeking a missing
drummer.  He won't let you in.  It looks like you'll need to find the missing
drummer, or at least the drum!

Turn around and leave the way you came in.  Out on the steps, go extreme left
into the far garden entry.  Once inside,
turn right and walk all the way around the pool to the gazebo in the back.  You
will find the intoxicated musician asleep on the gazebo floor.  In the corner,
behind her, is her drum. Take it, and after a cutscene, return to the house.  Go
on inside and, this time, you will readily get past the chief musician in your
disguise as the missing lady drummer.

Go into the large central hall where the musician instructs you on how to play
for the dancers.

The Drum Puzzle:

(Note:  As outlined at the beginning of the walkthrough, if you find you are
unable to solve the Drum Puzzle, you probably need the patch for Egypt II from


The patch is valid no matter when you load it, meaning your save games will be
fine even if you don't load it until this point in the game.)


You must duplicate the rhythm of the drums by synchronizing your beats with the
flashing lights in the drum.  If you do well, the dancer to the left will join
her dancing partner.  If not, she will come out on the floor and then retreat
toward the wall again.

You must complete the drum puzzle correctly.  There is no solve for it.

After the drum puzzle is solved, go forward twice into the Great Hall.  Turn
and approach the Governor, Nakht, in the white tunic.  He agrees to talk to you
later in a room at the back; the bedroom.

Leave the Governor, and facing the back of the room where you see a simple
arrangement, exit through the door on the right side.  You will see the two
dancers resting.

Once outside on the veranda, turn right and go talk to the guard in front of
Nakht's bedroom door.  He will let you through when you insist.  Enter the
bedroom.  Go forward and walk around the perimeter of the room On the ledge at
the back of the room, pick up Hetep's report about the poisoned wheat.

The Governor interrupts you in a cutscene and seems suspiciously disinterested
Hetep's report, or in helping you by granting permission to buy the fan leaves
for the remedy recipe.  You are subsequently ordered to drink a tainted brew
brought in by the Theban priest.  Apparently, the Governor has been remiss in
duties.  He just loves to party.  And partying and living the good life is very
expensive. He's been blithely accepting money and goods from Theban, making him
indebted to Theban and, stupidly, completely within his power.

During the cutscene, you fall to the floor unconscious, while Theban and Nahkt
discuss what befell poor Hetep and what must be done next; that is, to hide
Hetep's report.

Chapter 7:  The Abandoned Quarries

You awake in the abandoned quarries.  Look down and around to see Hetep's broken
body.  Pick up the pick axe. Turn left and go out through the lighted archway on
the right.  Follow the tunnel around to the right until you come to a dead end
with a pile of broken rocks.

Turn right and find a square shaped impression in the wall to the left of a
burning torch.  Use your pick axe on the square stone.  You will hear a rumbling
sound, like heavy stone moving.

Put your pick axe away and walk back the way you came.  When you come around the
corner, go forward once and turn right.  Follow that new corridor into another
quarry room.  Pick up the ladder you find there.  Use it on the large granite
block at the end of the room to try to reach the sunlit opening in the roof. 
ladder is very old and it crumbles.

Scan around to find that you have company; an old friend (or maybe your alter
ego) the black cat.  Approach the cat.  What is she doing scratching at the
there? Maybe she is trying to tell you something.  Use your pick axe in the spot
where the cat is scratching.  After the cutscene, turn right and follow the
sunlight out of the quarries. Use the map to go back to the Neighborhood.

Chapter 8: Preparing the Remedy

You can't go back to the Governor's house yet, to find where he and Theban have
hidden Hetep's grain report.

When you arrive in the Neighborhood, the Nubian will step out to greet you.  He
tells you that Djehouty, your adopted father, has succumbed to the strange
illness and has passed away.  How sad that Tifet could not find all the
ingredients in time to save him!

When you speak with the Nubian again, he will tell you that there is someone
waiting for you at Djehouty's house, downstairs.  He also tells you that he will
take care of Dehouty.

Go inside the house through the courtyard.  In a cutscene, you will view
Djehouty's body on the sunroof.  Speak with the Nubian again, near the outer
wall.  He tells you that a dozen other people have also died of the disease. 
Nubian entreats you to leave town.  But, you must stay to help.  The Nubian
consents to help you and he tells you there's a bag containing fan leaves
downstairs, along with the "someone" who wants to see you.

Turn around to see Ipouky sullenly slouching by the stairway door.  Talk to him.
He wants you to help Mi, his friend, who is apparently also ill from the
wheat.  Go right on down the stairs behind Ipouky.

Downstairs in the main room, turn left and go to Mi, who is sitting on the ledge
near the corner.  Click on her.  Then "Examine" her.  You will see displayed the
recipe for the remedy.  Exit the screen. Mi will be the first to receive the new

Turn right and go to the opposite corner to find the fan leaves on the ledge
where you picked up Djehouty's writing equipment.  If you haven't already, move
further to the right and pick up the sleeping potion and the wheat grains.

Cross to the big cauldron that you used to prepare the remedy for Djaou's
bellyache.  Click on the pot to learn that this is where you will prepare the
remedy for the much needed antidote.

Remember, you must use the ingredients in the correct order:

Preparing the Remedy:

1. add willow leaves to the pot,
2. add mandragose (mandrake) root
3. add garlic
4. add olive oil
5. add fan tree leaves
6. add the beer

When you have placed all six ingredients in the pot correctly, you will receive
bottle of the remedy.

Turn right and go administer the remedy to little Mi.  In a cutscene, you appear
on the sunroof with the Nubian, Ipouky and Mi.

Walk forward once and speak again to the Nubian.  He tells you you should give
the remedy to Meryre, the Great Seer.  Turn around and walk over to speak to Mi,
who is all better, completely healed.  Go to the stairway and click on a very
grateful Ipouky, before you go out to access the map and return once again to

Chapter 9:  Reporting to the Great Seer

At the Temple courtyard, go to the far right entrance and speak with Kephren. 
allows you entry to the Library courtyard.  Go on left into the Schoool
courtyard, where you will find both Menna and the Great Seer.

Give the remedy to the Great Seer.  He tells you he will have Heliopolis'
reproduce the formula and will issue new wheat to the community, which has just
arrived by ship.  He says he will do nothing about the Governor and Theban
you bring proof of their misdeeds.  So, you do need to get that report of
back wherever Nahkt and Theban have hidden it.

With a last warning, the Great Seer admonishes you to do what you think is
but you must break no laws.  Leave the Temple and, on the map, select the
Governor's Villa.

Chapter 10: The Cat Burglar's Finale

Outside the Governor's house in the courtyard, it is now very dark.  Swing left
to see and hear Paihry, the guard, sleeping soundly in the alcove you checked
earlier.  Don't wake him.  Instead go to the right archway and into the garden.
Go left along the wall until you come to the second archway leading back to the
courtyard.  See the geese visiting with one another there?  Seems a good idea to
put these little honkers to rest for a while, so they won't become alarmed and
noisily interrupt your plans.  Combine the wheat grains with the sleeping potion
in your inventory.  Click the mixture on the geese to put them to sleep.  Go
through the entry and left around to the entrance of the house.  Go up the

Once inside, continue forward three times until you are standing in the middle
the Great Hall and can see both right and left exits out onto the veranda in
back.  When you see the guard, on his rounds, pass the right side doorway (going
left toward the other side) wait about ten seconds to make sure the guard's back
is to the Governor's bedroom.

Then, quietly go out onto the veranda, turn right and quickly enter the
Governor's bedroom.

After the cutscene, where you nearly blow your cover, go to the cabinet on the
wall to the left of the Governor's bed (left of his feet).  Open the cabinet and
move the statue.  Turn completely around. Go to and open the cabinet on the
opposite wall.  Take Hetep's report.  Put it in your inventory.  Save your game!
Now, go to the door.  Wait for the guard to walk the other direction.  Then go
out, turn left, and enter the Great Hall.

Continue on out into the courtyard where you will see that Paihry is awake and
vigilantly guarding your exit.  Go through to the garden by the entry where the
geese are sleeping.  Pan down on the other side of the little gate and pick up
some gravel from the ground.  Throw the gravel at the geese to awaken them.

Paihry will come over to check out their chatter.  As soon as you can, turn left
and run to the other garden exit.  Run across the courtyard to the alcove where
you first found Paihry sleeping. Pan down and find the key.  Turn around and run
back into the garden by the same route.  Go down the right side of the pool two
clicks.  Turn right and use the garden door to exit.

A cutscene takes you out of the Villa where you access the map to go to the
Temple again.  Go to the far left entry to the Silo Courtyard and go on in.

You will see Meryre in conversation with two other men, a warrior and a guard.
Click Hetep's report on Meryre's back.  You are delivering the final proof he
required. He will turn to tell you that he will open an investigation.  He
you are a "brilliant priestess."  And he thanks you extravagantly for your

Finally, the Governor is banished from Heliopolis and the Theban priest's plans
to conquer the city are forever thwarted!

You, Tifet, have saved Helipolis!  Congratulations!

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