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Читы для Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire, An

Чит-файл для Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire, An

Elder Scrolls Legend:
Battlespire, An

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Bethesda Softworks
Издатель:Bethesda Softworks
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:RPG (Hack-and-slash) / 3D / 1st Person
Multiplayer:(8) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1997 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Quick Walkthrough

   1.Purpose of this level is to found out basic information about whats going
on, close the 5
     anchors and find the 5 cogs to activate the Star Galley to leave. Almost
everything can be
     done without any conversation with monsters but it does reveal some things.
   2.Find a Doht sigil of entry (2-3 mobs have them). There may be one on the
path from Point A
     to M and near Point I.
   3.Close the anchors found at Points D, E, G, and O (close means the blue
things are together).
     If you have all the anchors open you die (I'm pretty sure).
   4.Find the 4 cogs at Points F, I, N, and O.
   5.Open secret door at Point P and talk with Clarentavious.
   6.Go and kill the Dremora Methats and Point H and take his pauldron.
   7.Enter the teleporter and use the password "boustrophedon" to enter the
locked door.
   8.Get the last cog and close the anchor and Point Q.
   9.Return to Clarentavious for the Typho Sophias (optional?).
  10.Place the cogs in the control at the center of room P, open door and walk
onto galley to
     Level 2.
Detailed Walkthrough

Point A
     After a disorienting trip through both time and space you arrive at
Battlespire here,
     supposedly for training in the art of magic. You don't see any friendly
welcoming party but you
     assume it's merely part of the course.

Point B
     Your thoughts of all this being +part of the training' is quickly dissolved
when you find a
     battered corpse of a once powerful mage nearby, surrounded by scamps. You
find too scrolls
     undisturbed near his body...perhaps they will say something of what is
happened. It appears
     that a daedra prince has forced entry into Battlespire and taken over the
place. This is
     certainly not good news, especially since you left your daedra prince
killer sword at home.
     You read the other scroll in hopes it will shed more information. It is
from an friend of yours
     name Vatasha. She gives you some helpful advice on survival but not much in
the way of
     news. You attempt some conversation with the local Scamp and manage to
persuade some
     not to attack you (for a a while) by swearing not to hurt them if they help
you out. They tell
     you that you can leave by the +boss' sigil, assumably the one preventing
you from leaving, or
     go with a boss (not a viable option at the present) or by the magic boat.
This must be the Old
     Star Galley you read about in the first scroll. You decide that attempting
to search out this
     galley should be your first course of action.

     While adventuring you soon find out that there are three main opponents to
be faced. The
     Scampi are pesky creatures that can sometimes be +bribed+ to not attack but
are easily
     dispatched if they do. The Vermai are very tough creatures and
communication is all but
     impossible with these animals. The Dremora are a true threat since they can
cast powerful
     spells to weaken you as they approach. They seem very intelligent, although
not as smart as
     they think they are. By being extremely humble and polite you can
occasionally avoid combat.
     They despise failure and rudeness and will attack immediately if they see

     You also find many sigils being carried by the various level occupants, all
Doht. Most are
     useless and appear to only serve as a mark of identification. When one is
used you appear to
     turn ethearal for a short period of time. You do find at least one sigil of
entry. If the scrolls and
     creatures you talk to are correct, the entry sigil will allow you to pass
warding sigils of the
     same type. You continue carefully through the dungeon, collecting various
useful items lieing
     around such as potions, weapons, and armor. You also find several more
scrolls, some
     general knowledge, and more useful ones giving you more insight of what
happened here and
     how correct it.

Point C
     After a terrible battle with a group of fiends you discover a number of
important things here.
     First are two small bluish gems hovering in mid-air. Taking advice from a
scroll you
     discovered nearby you find that they do indead heal your health or mana
(whichever is lessor).
     They disappear after use but you soon discover that they reappear after a
short while
     providing you with a good supply of health and mana which you certainly
     You also discover a cog wheel carried by a late Scampi. The wheel is well
crafted and
     glimmers of magic and most likely provides an important use somewhere so
you decide to
     hang on it.

Point D
     You come to a small room with a very interesting device. On closer
inspection the control
     panel for the device has a small plaque which reads
            For the edification and admonition of all that should pass through
this hall.
            Know that this is one of the five great Anchors that moor the
Battlespire in
            its place and retain it in the life-flood of sustaining Mana,
without which
            there is no light, no life, no Being.
            In their o'er-reaching wisdom, the Powers have required me, against
my every
            protest and complaint, to affix to it a dreadful device, which you
see before
            you, whose purpose is to sunder and divide this anchor and imperil
the Spire
            and all who inhabit it.

            Never divide the Anchor. It is the rock on which all our lives are

            All Anchors must be conjoined to assure the safety and stability of
the Spire.

            Above all, never allow them all to be unloosed. Sure destruction
shall follow,
            as the Battlespire departs the flux that keeps all sides of nature
in unity.

            Now avaunt, and quit this chamber, lest the imp of temptation, or
some unhappy
            humour overcome you, and lead you onto the path of certain


     Ah, so one of the five great anchors for the Old Star Galley which you are
searching for.
     Since you learning in a previous scroll that releasing all five anchors is
a bad thing you decide
     to active the now open anchor and keep it closed until you learn furthur
information. The other
     anchors can be found at Point E, G, O, and Q.

Point E
     You find another anchor here.

Point F
     After entering into the large and pitch black room and eliminating the
various creatures
     residing therein you find a wonderous site...the skeleton of an ancient
dragon! You find a
     scroll under the skeleton beside the corpse of another mage which tells a
little more of the
     taking of Battlespire. You also find another cog wheel in a bag underneath
the dragon and
     add it to your collection.

Point G
     In the upper room you find another of the anchors.

Point H
     You find a large enclosed circle in this room and after a little searching
discover a group of
     buttons allowing you to do so. Inside the circle you find Lord Methats (who
you previously
     read was the leader around here). You attempt to converse your way out of a
fight but fail
     miserably. After a long and intense battle you emerge victorous, reaping
the prize of a magical
     Methats pauldron. You also recognize the symbol in the center of the circle
floor as being a
     teleporter. Not knowing exactly what to except on the other side you decide
not to risk it at
     the moment.

Point I
     Another cog is found in here on a Scamp. You begin to wonder what their
purpose is.

Point J
     There are two more of those wonderful healing crystals in this room. One is
found up top after
     you discover the lift buttons.

Point K
     You immediately sense that there is more to this room when you enter it.
Upon closer inspect
     you find that the North-East wall opens to another room with monsters and a
button. After
     many exhausting fights you reveal all the hidden rooms and a passage to the

Point L
     You find a particularily interesting room with floating +islands'. With
some trepidation you
     successfull cross them to another room in the north with walkways suspended
above lava.
     After dispatching the Dremora in this room you find the center platform is
indeed an elevator
     which takes you to a loft with many useful supplies. After, returning to
the floating islands
     room you notice a switch, chest, and a passage leading south. You barely
make the jump to
     the button which raises a platform nearby. Making another great jump you
reach the southern
     passage. While this area was fraught with dangers it provided you with many
useful supplies.

Point M
     This area has several rickety and old wooden bridges suspended high over a
field of lava.
     You carefully navigate over them since they have no hand rails to hold or
prevent one from a
     fiery end. The first bridge has a guarding Doht ward which you pass
through, having picked
     up a Doht entry sigil eariler. You shudder to think what would have
happened if you didn't
     have that sigil.

Point M
     In this area you find two more healing crystal floating in a small shrine
and a Dremora standing
     nearby. The Dremora doesn't attack imediately and you attempt to strike up
a conversation.
     Speaking carefully and politely you avoid combat with the Dremora...until
you backstab the
     poor sucker as he turns to walk away (all is fair in love and war they
say). You find another
     cog in his possesions.

Point O
     You find another anchor here.

Point P
     Your trained senses picked up something wrong with the southern wall in
this room when you
     passed near it. Sure enough, upon closer inspection, you open it to reveal
a secret room.
     Inside the secret room you find the battlemage Clarentavious Valisious
hiding. You find out a
     number of important things from the mage. He tells you to go to his
chambers through the
     teleporter (Point H) and gives you the password +boustrophedon+ to enter

Point Q
     This is Clarentavious' chamber, accessed through the teleporter and from
the password found
     at point P. You find several important things here.
        1.Another of the cogs.
        2.Another anchor.
        3.There are five cogs which are needed to use the Star Galley.
        4.There are five anchors which need to be active to use the Galley.

Return to Point P
     You return to Clarentavious' secret hiding chamber after visiting his
chambers at Point Q. The
     mage seems to think the only hope is too release all the anchors and drift
endlessly (and
     harmlessly) through the void. You have a differing opinion (knowing that
severing the anchors
     would be killing yourself) and wish to use the Star Galley to furthur
adventure into
     Battlespire. Taking the fives cogs you found (points F, I, N, O, and Q) you
insert them into
     their positions in the control in the center of the room at P. Once this is
done the door to the
     east opens to the Star Galley. Talking furthur with Clarentavious you find
out that he indeed
     has the Typho Sophias and he requires you to kill Methats and get his
magical pauldron. Since
     you have already accomplished this feat (by no means an easy one either)
Clarentavious gives
     you the Sophias without question.

Point R
     Here you find a simple ship named the Star Galley. Entering this ship will
take you on towards
     Level 2, and your ultimate fate.
2Quick Walkthrough

   1.On this level you learn more about what happened as well as the politics of
the Daedra. You
     must find the Meht entry sigil and the piece of the voidguide to continue.
This level contains
     quite a few good magical items, Scamps, Vermai, Dremora, and many powerful
   2.You arrive from Level 1 at Point A.
   3.Make your way to Point E, click on the coffin against the wall to reveal a
level/switch. This
     opens a door behind you.
   4.Enter this secret room and talk to the Daedra Spider Yorn. Kill him (he's
quite powerful) and
     get the Meht entry sigil.
   5.Go down into the pit at Point D and activate the lever using the password
"bell tower". A
     book of riddles and answers can be found at Point C. The lever creates a
bridge above you.
   6.Cross the bridge and move onto Point J. Activate the lever on the
South-East wall (it does
     either 34 or 1/2 your total health damage, so heal up first). Take the
voidguide piece from the
     secret which opens in the north wall.
   7.Take the voidguide piece to the little Daedra at Point K. After some
conversation she should
     give you a Zyr entry sigil. Enter the door behind her with the password
   8.Enter the teleport to move on to Level 2a.

Detailed Walkthrough

Point A
     You make your trip abord the Star Galley without incident from Level 1. As
soon as you
     enter Level 2 of Battlespire you suddenly realize the way back has been
cut-off...you appear
     to marooned here, at least for the moment. You take a quick look around and
notice a body
     and scroll nearby. The scroll contains some very useful information from
your friend, Vatasha.
      Bad News:

        1.Wizards & guards dead with no prisoners found
        2.Daedra everywhere. Scamps are weak, but sneaky pack fighters. Vermai
are stupid and
           very tough.
        3.Paxti Bittor is the traitor. Daedra may have some codes and keywords.
           unaccessible rooms.
        4.Teleports don't work.
        5.Floating symbols are magic sigils, and deadly!

      Good News:

        1.Boss daedra is named Sumeer and has a mass teleportation artifact.
        2.Vatasha is sticking close to Sumeer and will try escape.
        3.Command and security are sloppy possibly due to politics.


        1.Teleporter to north near tiger rug has a password which may be nearyb.
        2.Find out how daedra got here. Bittor was master of teleportation and
        3.Search for codes and keys and clues and weapons.
        4.Search for more clues from Vatasha

     You also find some healing magics nearby left by her...hopefully she's
surviving a little better
     than you. As you adventure around you find that monsters are carrying four
different runes,
     Zyr, Meht, Web and Roht.

Point B
     You find a magical door here which is bound to the riddle:
                            Some live in me, some live on,
                            And some shave me to stride upon.
                            I rarely leave my native land.
                            Until my death I always stand.
                            High and low I may be found
                            Both above and under ground.

     Have all but failed the riddle course back at the academy you attempt a few
guesses before
     stopping, fearing that there maybe a protection device worked into the door
as well.
     Fortunately you find a book of riddles nearby (Point C) which gives you the
answer to this
     riddle ("Tree") as well as a few others...a wonderful find. The password
successfully opens
     the door and you find a item recharging device inside. You can't quite make
out how it works
     from a scroll nearby, but not having any good magical item to recharge, you
pocket the scroll
     for later use.

Point C
     You find a book of 4 riddles along with there answers here. All four
riddles are used
     somwhere on this level so keep this close to you (Points B, D, G, and ?).
Point D
     You come across a large pit-structure with a door on the other side. You
     jumping but you know you would never make. On a more careful inspection you
find a small
     level in the pit, unfortunately along with several Vermai. The level is
also protected with a
                               I rise above the roofs below
                               Finger up-raised to heaven.
                               I speak in clear tones
                               That aim for others
                               To gather where I call.

     Whipping out your book of riddles you found at Point C, you find the answer
to be a "Bell
     Tower". Now pulling the level you find that it produces a bridge across the
pit to the door.

Point E
     In your travels you come across a coffin lying up against the wall. On
closer inspection you
     notice some sort of device just behind. You touch the coffin and activate
some sort of spell,
     moving the coffin to the side, revealing a button. You cautiously press the
button to reveal a
     secret entrance on the opposite wall.

Point F
     Through the secret chamber you found at Point E, you find a Daedra Spider.
After some futile
     conversation you find that it appears to know the location of one of the
void guide pieces.
     After a little convincing (the hard kind) you manage to find a Meht sigil
of entry among his
     possessions. You find later that this was a powerful daedra named Yorn.

Point G
     You come across yet another door bound by a riddle:
                                 Armor bright
                                 Gleaming white
                                 A single rank
                                 Their faces blank
                                 Now hid by night
                                 Now bold by light
                                 Bright red the land
                                 Where soldiers stand

     Looking in your trusty riddle guide you found at Point C, you find the
answer to be "teeth".

Point H
     You come across a large room with two healing crystals and a female daedra
starting at you
     from above. She doesn't appear to be menacing to you (yet at least) so you
approach for
     more conversation). You learn from her that Yorn has a Meht sigil of entry
(Point G) that you
     need to find one of the voidguide pieces (Point ?). Furthur attempts at
conversation don't go
     so well. She accusses you of being the wanted Vatasha Trenelle. When you
try to explain thay
     you aren't she threatens to summon her 'minions' to have you destroyed and
disappears. No
     minions appear and you're left alone. A furthur search of this room yields
several quality
     magical weapons.

Point I
     You find another corpse of a Battlemage here, along with a scroll seeking
vengence. Nearby
     you find various magical items, once possessions of the mage.

Point J
     Here you find a Meht warding sigil. Using the entry sigil found at Point G
you pass through
     without getting hurt. Inside you find a Dremora (who looks like a Vermai?)
who gives you
     some Meht sigils once you give an +oath+ to serve him. Unfortunately he
attacks anyways and
     you are forced to defend yourself. Quickly glancing over the room you
notice a level on one
     wall. You pull it and get hit with a powerful defense spell which
practically kills you. You
     make a mental note to be more careful around levels next time. The lever
opens a wall to the
     north revealing a piece of the voidguide!

Point K
     You come across a strange site here, a small girl, you'd guess around 10
years in age, stands
     here. She is quite human except for her skin color which is very orange.
Talking to her you
     find she is looking for a lost voidguide which appears to be needed to
operate some sort of
     device. She says she will reward you +well+ if you return it too her.
Elsewhere in the level you
     find that the voidguide was taken and hidden in various places by Scamps.
You also notice
     that the door behind her is protected by a riddle once again:
                                  Loadbearer, Warrior
                                  Spirited, Brave
                                  Fleet-foot, Ironshod
                                  Faithful One, Slave

     with the answer being "horse" as found in the riddle book at Point C.
Inside you find a teleport
     pad protected by a Zyr warding sigil. You give the little Daedra the
voidguide you found at
     Point J and you are rewarded with a Zyr sigil of entry, allowing you to
pass through the
     teleporter behind her and into the 'secret+ parts, as she calls them. You
can pass through the
     teleporting bringing you to Level 2a.

Point L
     Using the Tyr entry sigil you received at Point K, you enter this room to
find a decent stash of
     magical items. You also find a lever hidden behind some boxes on the west
wall which reveals
     another switch in the floor when activated. This switch opens a secret door
on the east wall.
     This room also has a healing crystal.

Point M
     This room is protected with a Roht warding sigil. Unfortunately with your
best efforts you
     cannot seem to locate any Roht entry sigil on this level but you make a
mental note to return to
     here when possible.
Quick Walkthrough

   1.This level is a continuation of Level 2 since you don't get any stat
bonuses, although there
     doesn't appear to be any way to return at the moment. There are a number of
things to learn
     here through conversation and scrolls, in particular about the mage named
Scourge. You must
     find the mace, four void guide pieces and a Web entry sigil to continue on
to level 3.
   2.You teleport in from Level 2 at Point A.
   3.Enter the first door to the south and click on the mace above the door
(Point B). Go into the
     secret room at the south and get the Scourge mace. The lion statue
activates the lift.
   4.Go into the library at Point E and find the scroll about the Scourge mace
   5.Kill the spider daedra at Point H to get the Web entry sigil.
   6.Talk to the daedra Wonshala at Point I to learn more about the Scourge
   7.Grap the four voidguide pieces found at Points C, D, G, and F. Go talk to
Sumeer at point J
     and put the pieces into the device in front of him. This activates the
teleporter at point K which
     brings you to Level 3.
Detailed Walkthrough

Point A
     This is the destination from the teleporter at Point K on Level 2. You are
encountered with a
     great force from all sorts of creatures but you fight bravely and come out
relatively unscathed.

Point B
     Searching this room you find nothing of interest except a mace apparently
stuck above the
     door. Attempting to remove it you trigger a secret which reveals a room to
the south. Inside
     you find a wonderful lion statue (which activates the lift) and a powerful
magical mace named
     "Scourge, Blessed of Malacath".

Point C
     This room appears to be a normal barracks occupied by a number of scamps. A
     search reveals a secret lift beneath the intricately designed carpet. It
leads to a secret room
     which contains one of the voidguide pieces.

Point D
     This appears to be some sort of training or study room. Given the number of
secret rooms
     you have discovered nearby you search carefully and indeed find one. The
bench to the
     North-West rises to reveal a secret chamber with another piece of the

Point E
     A small library is found here as well as a Dremora who wishes to speak.
After a relatively
     long conversation you acquire a scroll from him before he disappears. The
scroll outlines the
     various motivations and forces behind the various monsters and is rather
useful. You also find
     a number of other scrolls in the library and in particular one describing
the Scourge Mace you
     found near Point B. It seems like the mace is capable of banishing a Daedra
in one hit.

Point F
     You find yet another piece of the voidguide lying on a table.

Point G
     You find another piece of the voidguide in this room.

Point H
     A Web guarding sigil bars the way here. Fortunately there _was_ a spider
daedra here who
     decided to give you a Web entry sigil.

Point I
     Here you find Wonshala Keriayn. She is interested in acquiring the Mace
called Scourge,
     which you found at Point ?, as well as the keyword which unlocks its
powers. For the
     meantime you agree to do so.

Point J
     Here you find the daedra Sumeer Jabran, who seems to be the one in charge
around here.
     After a brief talk you agree to return the voidguide pieces in exchange for
safe passage
     through Battlespire. Using the four pieces of the voidguide found lying
around in this level
     (Points C, D, F, and G) you put them into the glowing blue device in front
of Sumeer.

Point K
     The device you activated at Point J caused some sort of large teleportation
device to function
     here. Stepping bravely forward, you move on towards Level 3, and parts
3Quick Walkthrough

   1.On this level you again learn a little more here and there, mostly from two
Battlemages turned
     into wraiths. There are ghosts, wraiths, and Morphoid Daedras to combat on
this level, all
     quite tough to defeat. To exit you must find the Oht, Ahem, Hekem, and
Yoodt entry sigils
     and the three control rods to go on to Level 4, Shade Perilous.
   2.You start out at Point A. Pick up scroll from Vatasha at point B.
   3.Get Oht entry sigil from Daedra at Point C.
   4.Read sixth plaque on left at Point D for answers to riddles.
   5.Talk to prefactor wraith at Point F. Agree to perform ceremony and get a
hero gem (healing).
   6.Go into water and turn wheel at Point H. Continue swimming to area near
Point I.
   7.Kill the daedra at Point I to get the Ahem entry sigil. Turn the two wheels
   8.Enter boat at M to visit Paxil Bittor wraith at N and get Yoodt entry sigil
and another note
     from Vatasha.
   9.Get Hekem entry sigil from Daedra at Point K.
  10.Open coffins and talk to ideal masters at Point L (Chapel of Love). Get rod
in North-East
  11.In room with rotating thing near Point O, grab another rod in South-East
  12.Get last rod at Point Q.
  13.Talk to ideal master at Point S to get details on how to activate gate.
  14.Goto to Point T, turn on mana streams, put three rods in pedestal up top,
and operate the
     gate using the words 'shade Perilous' to go to Level 4
Detailed Walkthrough

Point A
     This is the destination from the great teleporter at Point K on Level 2a.

Point B
     Near where you arrived here you find another scroll from Vatasha. She warns
you to stay
     away from the wraiths since apparently they cannot be killed. Not being
that smart you decide
     to take that as a challenge and attempt to kill the next wraith you see.
After the longest and
     most grueling fight you've ever been in you emerge victorious. Soon you
find that there are
     other, better and much easier ways, to get the wraiths to stop attacking
you. You find that
     calling them 'mad as a loon+ seems to cause them to ignore you for some
reason. Also, you
     are able to utterly destroy some wraiths by turning them with powerful
words, although this
     doesn't always work.

Point C
     Here on the upper level, you find an Oht sigil of entry in the possesion of
a Morphoid Daedra.

Point D
     This hallway has many plaques devoted to the history of the Soul Cairn. On
careful inspection
     you notice the sixth one on the left is different. It contains some sort of
clues to something and
                                 First Coffin: Grave
                                 Second Coffin: Life
                                 Third Coffin: Boat
                                 Forth Coffin: Pig
                                 Fifth Coffin: Coffin

     This will most likely come in useful futhur on.

Point E
     A pair of Oht warding sigils float here, denying passage to anything
beyond. Fortunately you
     found an Oht entry sigil previously (Point C) so you are able to pass

Point F
     Past the sigils at Point E you find another wraith. Attempting to converse
with it you soon find
     out that this was, or is, Kirel Aman, the Praeceptor Superior of
Battlespire. He was captured
     and forced to tell all by the Daedra and then sentenced to an eternal death
as a wraith. He
     also tells you of possibly the only way to kill a wraith (other than to
kills its creator and
     mastor). You agree to perform the ceremony and Kirel's soul is destroyed,
leaving behind a
     Hero Gem (heals health with many uses).

Point G
     These hallways are blocked by Ahem warding sigils. Not being able to find
the appropiate
     entry sigil neraby it looks like you'll be going for a swim. You are
careful that you aren't
     carrying to much weight, otherwise you'd sink like a rock and drown. You
find the entry sigil
     later on at Point I.

Point H
     You find a wheel deep underwater and turn in it hopes of it bringing a
dryer setting. You find
     out later that this most likely caused a platform to rise in a room nearby
(near Point I).

Point I
     You go up a lift in this large room and confront a Morphoid Daedra. After
an exchange of
     blows you find that he is carrying an Ahem entry sigil. Turning the wheels
next to where he
     was found several platforms rise up to form a path across the room.

Point J
     On one side of these rooms you find a cupboard which does not open when you
try it. A
     more careful search reveals a mechanism on the opposite side of the room
which does open
     it, revealing some useful items.

Point K
     You come across a Morphoid Daedra here who is carrying a Hekem entry sigil
which you
     gladly relieve him of.

Point L
     You find three coffins in this room, two of them protected by riddles.
Using the answers from
     a plaque you found at Point D you know the two answers to be "grave" and
"pig". Inside each
     coffin you find some items as well as a bluish crystal that, when touched,
begins to speak.
     Each gem appears to be the soul of a master, leaders of this Soul Cairn.
They are uninterested
     in helping you until you perform some strange ritual. Not liking the sound
of it you decide to
     move on, but remembering what the souls told you. You also find a pilot rod
in the north-east
     corner of the room which you take, although you aren't quite sure what's
it's use is.

Point M
     You find a boat here, tied to the dock. Having just got try from your last
swim you decide to
     not swim for it this time. It takes you a little while to get use to
steering it but you manage fine
     with a little practice.

Point N
     You find a small alcove here with several items and the wraith of Paxti
Bittor, the traitor who
     caused this whole mess. You listen to his story and you find that, in turn,
the Daedra betrayed
     him, killing him and turning him into a wraith (how fitting you think). He
mentions the name of
     Sirran Angada, the Daedra who betrayed him and had a hand in taking over
     Unfortunately this Daedra uses a transmorph spell to appear as anyone it
wants to, making
     him difficult, if not impossible to find. Among the items on the dock are
another letter from
     Vatasha. She seems to be barely surviving as you but she did leave you a
Yoodt entry sigil
     which will be useful. You decide to avenge the deaths of the battlemages by
ending whatever
     life Bittor has left in him, and after a long and arduous battle you

Point O
     A pair of Hekem warding runes float here. Using the entry sigil you found
at Point K you pass
     through them unhurt. In the room behind is a strange rotating device. Not
knowing exactly
     what is does you decide to leave it alone...for now. You find a rod poorly
hidden in the
     south-east corner of this room.

Point P
     There is a Yoodt warding sigil here which would be blocking your path had
you not found the
     entry sigil left by Vatasha for you at Point N.

Point Q
     In the north west corner you find a rod cleverly hidden near a column.

Point R
     In this small room you find another coffin lock by a riddle. Using the
answers you found
     previously you find the answer to be "boat". Once again you fail to get any
sort of useful
     information from the soul within.

Point S
     A similar coffin and soul are in this room, but with no password
protection. After a good deal
     of discussion the ideal master tells you in detail what is required to
activate the teleporter in the
     chapel of love (Point L). You need to collect the 3 rods (Points L, O and
Q) and insert them
     into the pedestal between the two mana beams (which you must first turn
on). Then the gate
     will take you to any destination in the outer realms, provided you know its
name. Pulling out a
     scroll from Vatasha you find the next location is called 'shade Perilous'.

Point T
     Here you find the device mentioned by the ideal master at Point S.
Following his instructions
     you turn on the mana streams and put the three rods into the pedestal. You
activate the now
     operating gate by requesting to travel to Shade Perilous, Level 4.
4Quick Walkthrough

   1.You make a few new +friends' (if you can call them that) on this level,
mostly the Dremora and
     Seducers. You also get friendly with the Fire and Frost Daedras but they
still attack you. The
     real menace on this level are the Dark Seducers. They have many spells, hit
for large amounts
     of damage, have high hitpoints, and there are quite a few of them. In order
to finish the level
     you need to find the Nocturnals Jaciel and Deynira, find the Ekem, Jeb and
Quam entry sigils,
     activate the 4 levers, touch the hand, find the book of wheels and enter
the sacred code a few
     times. This is by far the longest level yet so patience is in order.
   2.You start out at Point A on this Level.
   3.Pull the chain at Point C.
   4.Get the passphrase "The Gerent of Dagon Rules Here" from the Fire Daedra or
the scroll in
     the cage at Point E to open the door near Point F.
   5.Talk to Deynira for a while at Point F. Touch sword in South-East to reveal
lever in center or
     room. Activate this lever and the ones at Points G and J.
   6.Get the Jeb entry sigil from the Daedra at Point G and the Ekem at Point H.
   7.Goto the Point I and talk to the Seducer to get the keyword "dusk" (also
found on a scroll in
     this room). Touch the hand to make it disappear (optional???).
   8.Go through teleporter at Point K to end up at Point L.
   9.Talk to Dremora at Point N to get a Quam entry sigil.
  10.Go to the points P,Q,R,S and press the letters to spell the word "dusk". A
wrong button
     causes around 40-50 points damage.
        1.Point P: Letter U is 4th from Left
        2.Point Q: Letter D is 4th from Left
        3.Point R: Letter K is 4th from Left
        4.Point S: Letter S is 1st on Right
     This raises the four platforms into the center.
  11.Turn the four wheels at the center, Point T.
  12.Enter the now opened door at Point U, find and activate last Lever at Point
  13.Talk to Jaciel at Point X.
  14.Return and talk to Deynira at Point F.
  15.Return and talk to Jaciel at Point X.
  16.Touch torch thing at Point Y to raise platform.
  17.Enter energy field at Point Z via the password "djemekweh". Talk to Daedra
and enter
  18.Enter the well thing at Point 2 to exit and continue to the Chimera of
Desolation, Level 5.
Detailed Walkthrough
Point A
     This is the destination from the gate at Point T on Level 3.

Point B
     You meet a talkative Frost Daedra here who reveals a lot of information. It
appears as though
     either Xivilia Moath or Faydra Shardai is the one in charge around here.
Imago Storm is the
     leader of the Dremora and is in charge of the invasion force. You also
learn that the frost
     daedra aren't too fond of their fire counterparts. In exchange for a pair
of magical greaves you
     enter an agreement with the frost daedra to kill all fire daedras for them.

Point C
     You find some sort of device with a pull chain. Activating it you find it
opens a door you
     passed previously at Point D.

Point D
     Returning to this door which you opened via the device at Point C, you make
     with a Dremora and learn many things. First he says, in order to rescue
your friend (I take it
     he means Vatasha?) you must pass beyond Shade Perilous into the Chimera of
     and finally on to Dagon's Pleasure Palace. The exact route of which is
beyond the Dremora's
     knowledge, although he says that Jacial Morgen would know the way. Jacial
is one of the
     Nocturnal lords who was overthrown by the fire and frost daedras released
by Xivilai and
     Faydra to capture Nocturnal. The Dremora goes furthur to say that all the
fire and frost
     daedra must be eliminated and order restored here so that Dagon will not be
upset. This may
     be possible by mentioning Xivilai or Faydra to the daedra and using their
hatred against them.

Point E
     Here you find another informative enemy, this time a fire daedra. You learn
that the two
     Nocturnal lords, Jaciel Morgen and Deyanira Katrece were captured and are
being held
     prisoner. Jacial is in the farthest cell in the southern block on this
level. Her cell can be only
     opened by the words "The Gerent of Dagon rules here". Deyanira is being
held elsewhere.
     You also make another pact with the fire daedra to kill all frost daedra
and receive a magical
     helmet in return. You will see that pitting the frost and fire daedra
against each other as
     mentioned by the Dremora at Point D will be easier than you had first
thought. There are two
     healing crystals in the room where you found the daedra.

Point F
     You find a door here which opens when you use the phrase "The Gerent of
Dagon rules here"
     which you got from a fire Daedra at Point E. Inside you find Dayenira
Katrece being held
     prisoner. She asks you to free Jacial from imprisonment from the night
portal. To do so you
     must start the nocturnal mana to flow again by letting the magical
tourbillions begin to turn
     again. To do this the wheels of heaven must read the appropiate code. She
doesn't know the
     code but tells you to seek the Book of the Wheels of Heaven. She also
mentions something
     about solving the riddles of stools but you don't quite understand that.
She also mentions four
     secret levers which must be pulled to release Jacial from the Nightportal.
One is near a
     podium, another in a secret underwater grotto, another under a table and
the last in a storage
     room. You find the one under the table in the center of this room by
touching a large sword on
     the south wall. Certainly not an easy task to do everything that is
required, but you gave your
     word to help.

Point G
     This must be the secret underwater grotto Dayenira told you about at Point
F. You find a
     lever in the floor here and the Fire Daedra here was carrying a Jeb entry

Point H
     A Fire Daedra was carrying a Ekem sigil of entry in this room.

Point I
     This room is protected by a Jeb warding sigil and you pass through using
the entry sigil you
     found at Point H. The Daedra Seducer in this room directs you to the Book
of Wheels which
     gives you the sacred code "dusk". There is also a large hand protected by
sigils in this room
     which you can't figure out at the moment. Not being that bright you touch
it anyways and it
     disappears (you finish the level without really knowing what it did). A
coffer of restoration also
     resides in this room.

Point J
     Another lever for unlocking the Nightportal can be found in this room,
hidden behind the
     bench along the eastern wall.

Point K
     You pass through these Ekem warding sigils with the entry rune found at
Point H. The
     teleporter pad here takes you to Point L.

Point L
     Destination from teleporter pad at Point K.

Point M
     This teleporter pad returns you near to Point K.

Point N
     You find a mysterious Dremora at the end of this hallway who gives you a
Quam entry sigil
     without explanation and disappears.

Point O
     This hall is blocked by a Quam warding sigil which you pass using the entry
sigil aquired at
     Point N.

Point P
     There are 5 Daedric letters on the wall here, from left to right: Z, W, V,
U, T as well as a
     coffer of restoration. You press the letter U for the codeword 'dusk+.

Point Q
     There are 7 Daedric letters on the wall, from left to right: A, B, C, D, E,
F, G. You press the
     letter D for the codeword 'dusk+.

Point R
     There are 5 Daedric letters on the wall, from left to right: H, I, J, K, L.
You press the letter K
     for the codeword 'dusk+.

Point S
     There are 7 Daedric letters on the wall, from left to right: M, N, O, P, Q,
R, S. You press the
     letter S for the codeword 'dusk+.

Point T
     Pressing the all the letters to spell dusk at the Point P, Q, R, and S
raises the four platforms
     towards the center. You can now turn the four wheels of heaven to restore
the flow of
     Nocturnal mana.

Point U
     After pressing the appropiate letters at and turning the wheels at Point T
this previously
     blocked entrance turns into some sort of energy field. Approaching it you
find it is bound to a
     riddle whose answer is "dusk" once again.

Point V
     You find the last of the four levers here in the north-west corner of this

Point W
     These passage is opened by pulling the four levers at Points F, G, J, and

Point X
     At the end of this tunnel you find the Nocturnal ruler Jaciel Morgen.
Unfortunately she
     appears to be in such as state of depression that you are unable to get
anything useful out of

Return to Point F
     You return to Deyanira Katrece in hopes that she will be able to help once
again. She is
     thrilled that you found Jaciel and says that only a deeper loose than that
of losing Shade
     Perilous will revive her. She then suggests that the only possible way
would be for herself to
     be thrown into Oblivion. You reluctantly agree and perform the required

Return to Point X
     You return to Jaciel to tell her about Deyanira. She becomes very enraged
and you fear for
     your life. You manage to calm her down eventually and she tells you how to
move to the next
     level. You need to to cross the Rock Sail to a gatel which opens by the
word "djemekweh".
     There is then a lesser portal and beyond that you will find a gate which
takes you to wherever
     Dagon has set it to go.

Point Y
     You carefully cross these partial bridges. You find a flaming blue torch
near a frost-daedra
     which turns out to be a switch. This raises a platform allowing your
travels to continue.

Point Z
     You find the gate Jaciel mentioned, a large blue-white glowing energy field
of some sort. It
     opens via the command "djemekweh". Beyond this you find a Dremora who you
talk to a bit,
     providing you with much useful information. Unfortunately Dagon has
captured Vatasha and
     taken her to his hunting lodge. Also, much to your distress, on the next
level, Chimera of
     Desolation, you will be hunted as prey in a game. There are rules to this
hunt and the Dremora
     suggests you use them to your advantage. You should also seek hidden
resources and    something that was a man
with the mantle of distinction. He does not provide any more detail
     on the subjects and you're left with more questions that you started with.
The teleporter pad
     here takes you to Point 1.

Point 1
     This is the destination of the teleporter at Point Z.

Point 2
     You enter the gate here, moving on to Level 5, the Chimera of Desolation.
5Quick Walkthrough

   1.You don't learn much on this level, and anything you do is from the old
man. You're primary
     concern here is survival. There are some 250 monsters on this level and all
want to kill you.
     Fortunately there are many resources such as potions and healing crystals.
To exit, you'll need
     to find a Yehk entry sigil, 6 gatekeys, 6 pieces of the saviors hide and
the spear case. There
     are mostly Frost and Fire Daedras on this level. You can't kill the Herne
without the spear so
     run from them at first. Inside the waterfall there are also many Dark
Seducers so tread
     carefully there.
   2.You start off at Point A. Grab the piece of the hide under the dock. Talk
with the Seducer
     and read the nearby scroll for info.
   3.Find a Fire and Frost Daedra nearby and talk to for more info. Kill Fire
Daedra and grab
     Yehk entry sigil.
   4.Grab the 5 gatekeys at Points B, F, H, J, and K.
   5.Get the spear case from Point F as well.
   6.Grab the 5 other Saviors Hide pieces at Points D, G, L, N, and O.
   7.Go talk with Old Man Chimere at Point P (be patience and ignore the
spoon/cat quests
     etc...). Learn that part of Dagons true name is "Lehkelogah".
   8.Put on the six hide pieces to get him to open spear case and get Spear of
Bitter Mercy.
   9.Go kill the hunter Herne Egahirm at Point Q. Get entry sigil and last
gatekey from his corpse.
  10.Enter Great Horned Temple at Point S. Walk onto crescent moon platform
above you to exit
     and move onto Level 6.
Detailed Walkthrough

Point A
     This is the destination from the gate at Point 2 on Level 4. You find a
scroll nearby which
     briefly explains your situation. It appears that you are the +hare+ on some
sort of hunt
     conducted by the Daedra. To exit the level you will need to find the six
gatekeys to open the
     great horned temple to the east. The scroll also suggests that you seek the
stranger to the
     cottage to the north. With some patience and persistance he will be of
great help. There is
     also a Dark Seducer floating nearby. Talking with her yields slightly more
     Looking underneath the dock you find a piece of the Savior's Hide, some
sort of powerful
     magical armor left there by its owner.

Many Points
     In your travels you find many Frost and Fire Daedra wandering around. You
find that the
     Frost Daedra were blamed for the loss of Shade Perilous and have since been
     now ranking less than that of the Fire Daedra. Needless to say they aren't
too thrilled with this
     so when you mention that you know the truth, that the Fire Daedra were also
involved, the
     Frost Daedra encourage you to tell the Dark Seducer at Point A. You also
gather some more
     information about this hunt. The laws for this hunt are apparently posted
before the Chapel of
     Innocent Quarry (Point ?). These laws protect the hunter and the huntsman
from all mortal
     weapons and spells. It may be possible to use the spear of Bitter Mercy to
kill them but you
     are given no directions as where to find one. Soon after, speaking to a
Fire Daedra this time,
     you learn that the hunter is a Herne named Egahirm. You also find a scroll
detailing the hunt
     and a Yekh sigil of entry in the possesions of most Fire Daedra. You also
encounter several
     Herne hunting you. True to what the Frost Daedra said, your weapons and
spells do no
     damage to these creatures.

Point B
     Up in this tower you find one of the gatekeys and two healing crystals.

Point C
     Word of warning, whenever I entered this house the game crashed with some

Point D
     Inside this crypt you find a secret passage under the southeast coffin
(activated by touching
     the coffin). This leads to a small underground dungeon which contains
another piece of the
     savior's hide as well as 2 healing crystals.

Point E
     This the alternate exit/entry to the dungeon at Point D.

Point F
     This large green-thing, also known as the Chapel of Innocent Quarry, is
protected by Yehk
     warding sigils. You pass through by using one of the entry sigils acquired
from a Fire Daedra.
     Inside you find a number of useful items, among which is another gatekey
and a spearcase
     (which you cannot seem to open). You also find a scroll stating that the
sixth key is on
     Egahirm which is directly contradictory to the rules of the hunt.

Point G
     You find another piece of the savior's hide outside this windmill.

Point H
     Enter the towers in the corner of this small fort and activate the buttons
to raise the platform in
     the center. This reveals 2 healings crystals and a gatekey.

Point I
     In this area you find a remarkably tough Scamp. By all its appearances it
is a Scamp but it
     simply won't die, no matter how many times you hit it. Attempted
conversation fails and after
     an incredibly long (but boring) battle you finally succeed in sending it to

Point J
     Inside this building you find another gatekey and 3 healing crystals.

Point K
     You find another gatekey and two healing crystals inside this building.

Point L
     You find a wonderful waterfall here, cascading serenly over a cliff.
Looking closer you find a
     secret passage behind the waterfall. This leads to a large carvern and a
small tower. Inside the
     tower you find a piece of the saviors hide on the first floor. On the
second floor you find a
     secret on the leftmost bookcase which gives access to a coffer of

Point M
     A ballon sits here, waiting to be used by a brave adventurer. You may use
this to access the
     island to the north.

Point N
     You find a large boot moored here. Taking the the elevators on the end of
the dock up, you
     find another piece of the saviors hide at the top.

Point O
     In the second floor of this building you find a piece of the savior's hide.

Point P
     You find the Old Man's Chimere small cottage sitting here. Conversation
with him is difficult at
     first since it is apparent that he has not seen another human in a long
time. Eventually, after
     ignoring many of his +fake+ requests, he calms down and begins to provide
useful information.
     It turns out the Saviors Hide was created by the old man in an attempt to
defeat Dagon
     (whose true name used to be Lehkelogah). The armor redirects incoming blows
back to the
     attacker but makes the user vulnerable to magic. The armor also allows use
of the powerful
     Spear of Bitter Mercy. Putting on the six pieces of the Hide found at
Points A, D, G, L, N,
     and O, you ask the man to open the spear case you found at Point F. Open it
he does and
     you are given the spear which, you learn, can kill the protected Herne
hunter and huntmans
     with one blow.

Point Q
     On the top of this building you find the hunter Herne Egahirm. Having
aquired the spear at
     Point P you easily defeat him. You find the last gatekey and a Geth entry

Point R
     This belltower is protected by a Geth warding sigil. It is to be rung when
the hunted (ie, you)
     is killed. Since you just killed the hunter at Point Q you decide to be
arrogant and ring it

Point S
     Here is the Great Horned Temple. You need the six gatekeys found at Points
B, F, H, J, K
     and Q to enter. Inside, jump onto the large crescent moon symbol above you
to exit the level
     and continue on to Level 6.

Point T
     A boat wreck can be found in this area, containing some useful items.
6Quick Walkthrough

   1.All you learn in this level is the neonymic for Dagon which will hopefully
help defeat him. It is a
     relatively simple level although you must be careful of the Daedra Lords
and Counts for they
     are powerful foes. There are also many Clannfear and Herne wandering around
but they are
     easily dismissed. To exit you must find the Iya, Payem, and Tayem entry
sigils and the 3
     gatekeys. The sigils can be found on a number of mobs, not just the ones
listed here.
   2.You start at Point A.
   3.Push over the nearest +log' to the door at Point B to open it.
   4.Kill one of the Daedra Counts near Point C to get an Iya entry sigil.
   5.Push the two buttons on the platform at Point D.
   6.Kill a Clannfear here to get a Tayem entry sigil.
   7.Goto Point H and talk to Lord Imago. Get the three neonymics and a gatekey.
   8.Talk to Xivilai at Point I. Threaten him with banishment and he'll give up
a gatekey.
   9.Enter the western mirror at Point J to teleport to Point K. Kill the mobs
around to get a Cess
     and Payem entry sigil.
  10.Enter the southern mirror at Point J to teleport to Point L. Talk to Faydra
at Point N. Banish
     her to get another gatekey.
  11.Return to Point H and insert the three keys into the green latern to
activate the gate. Enter the
     gate to move on to Level 7, Dagon's Hunting Lodge.
Detailed Walkthrough

Point A
     This is where you start, arriving from Point S in Level 5

Point B
     You find a large door in this area which can't be opened by normal means.
You suddenly get
     an idea and you push over the nearest pole to the door. The pole crashes
against it and opens
     the door.

Point C
     You find a Daedra Count in this area who carries an Iya entry sigil.

Point D
     On a platform in the middle of this large room you find two buttons which
open the doors to
     the east and west.

Point E
     You notice two secret doors in this area, leading to a grand stash of
weapons and armor.

Point F
     In this room you find a Tayem entry sigil on the body of a Clanfear.

Point G
     You find the mortal wizard Sirron Angada in this room, one of the traitors
to Battlespire. After
     watching him beg for his life for sometime you decide to avenge the deaths
of the battlemages
     and end his wretched life.

Point H
     In this small castle you'll find the Daedra Lord Imago Storm. To enter you
can sneak behind
     the gate or open it by the switch(s) on either side (I snuck by, so I'm not
100% sure how it
     opens). Using the Iya entry sigil you found at Point C you enter the
elevator to the west. This
     brings you to Imago who you converse with for a while. He tells you the
neonymics of Dagon,
     Xivilai and Faydra, allowing you to banish them to Oblivion for some time.
He also tells you
     that you need three gatekeys to activate the gate and leave this level. He
gives you one key,
     while the other two are on the Daedra Lords Xivilai and Faydra.

Point I
     Here you find the Fire Daedra Lord Xivilai Moath. After threatening him
with his neonymic
     you received from Imago he gives you immunitity from his clan and one of
the gatekeys.

Point J
     In this room you find three mirrors which radiate strong mysticism magic,
indicating that they
     are some sort of teleporters. The southern one leads you to Point ?, the
western to Point ?
     and the northern to Point ?.

Point K
     You arrive at this point from the western mirror at Point J. In this area
you find a Herne
     carrying a Cess entry sigil and a Clannfear carrying a Payem entry sigil.
Return to Point J
     through the mirror here.

Point L
     You arrive here from the southern mirror at Point J. The mirror here also
takes you back to
     the same point.

Point M
     A Payem warding sigil blocks the way here. You pass through using the entry
sigil acquired at
     Point K.

Point N
     The Frost Daedra Lord Faydra Shardai is found here. After unsuccessfully
trying to threaten
     her with her neonymic acquired from Lord Imago you are forced to banish her
to Oblivion.
     She leaves behind another gatekey.7

Return to Point H
     Returning to this gate with the three gatekeys, you insert them into the
green lantern activating
     the gate. You enter the gate and travel to Level 7, Dagon's Hunting Lodge.

Point O
     (Note: This is optional but you can get some good items). You arrive at
this point from the
     northern mirro at Point J. The mirror here takes you back to the same

Point P
     You find a trapdoor and a sign "Intelligent" Test here. You discover that
the trap door leads
     down to a deep pit filled with water. If you had fallen in without a
teleport anchor set you
     would have been doomed to a watery grave.

Point Q
     Entering these two rooms, guarding with Cess warding sigils, with the entry
sigil found at Point
     K, you find a wheel in each room. These wheels open the room to the south
which contains
     two healing crystals and a good stash of magical items.
7Quick Walkthrough

   1.This is the final level where you encounter, and hopefully defeat, Dagon.
Proceed carefully
     since there are many powerful opponents and you may fall/be pushed into the
lava. To finish
     you'll need to get the Sword of Moon Reiver, the Savior's Hide and the Lyr,
Seht, and Neht
     entry sigils. There are a few Dark Seducers and many Daedra Counts and
Lords to face on
     this level, so be prepared.
   2.You start out at Point A. Read the scroll nearby for useful information.
You don't the magical
     items described but they are nice.
   3.Jump across to Point C and kill the Dark Seducer there for the Sword. Make
use of Jumping
     potions helps.
   4.Make your way to Point H. Say "Lehmekweh" to lower the bridge.
   5.Activate the crossbow device at Point I to cross the chasm.
   6.If you don't have the Saviors Hide from Level 5, talk to the Wraith at
Point J.
   7.Make you way to Point K. One or several of the mobs up there has the Iyr
entry sigil so you
     can pass.
   8.Inside the building find the Neht and Seht entry sigils. They can be found
on the mobs on in
     some of the chests possibly.
   9.On the top level touch the purple balls to activate the teleporter. This
brings you to Dagon's
  10.Put on the Saviors Hide and wield the Sword of Moon Reiver. Talk to Dagon.
Attack him as
     soon as you finish or you will die. That's it, enjoy the ending sequence.
Detailed Walkthrough

Point A
     This is where you start, arriving from Point H in Level 6, you find a
scroll here, presumably
     from the Dremora. It contains a number of useful things: description of
some powerful magical
     items found on wraiths, that a Dark Seducer is Dagon's body guard and
carries the Sword of
     Moon Reiver which you'll need to banish Dagon. Also that the three
Lieutenants of Dagon
     carry the three entry sigils you will need to reach Dagon. Vatasha is being
guarded by Dagon
     himself, and the scroll warns of some sort of trap. It turns out you'll
need the Saviours Hide,
     the Sword of Moon Reiver as well as Dagon's neonymic and the help of your
two nocturnal
     daedra friends (btw, if you left the Saviours Hide armor back on Level 5,
don't worry, you
     can get it back again here).

Point B
     You find a wraith here carrying the Long Bow of Heaven's Hail. By the
scroll you found at
     Point A you know the bow is deadly accurate with both arrows and spells.

Point C
     On this +island+ you will find Dagon's bodyguard, a Dark Seducer carrying
the Sword of
     Moon Reiver. I got here by jumping with the help of a potion of jumping.
I'm not sure if there
     is any other way.

Point D
     You find a wraith here who carries the Boots of Peace. By the scroll found
at Point A you
     know that these greatly enchance the hand-to-hand skill (with other items I
got up to 150%
     hand-to-hand, 23-25 points damage).

Point E
     You find yet another wraith here, carrying the Helmet of the Poor.
According to the scroll
     found at Point A this helm makes the user resistant to magical attacks. The
tower at this point
     appears to serve no useful purpose.

Point F
     Coffer of restoration.

Point G
     Another wraith is found here, carrying the Helmet of Light Within. this
helm is supposed to
     allow the user to draw spell points from his opponents but it didn't work
that well. There are
     also two healing crystals alongside the tower here.

Point H
     There is a switch here which is bound to someones name. On a whim you try
the Protonymic
     of Dagon, "Lehmekweh" (which you also find on a number of scrolls on this
level). The bridge
     descends allowing you to pass.

Point I
     There is large crossbow device sitting here. When you activate it you find
it shoots a rope
     across the cavern allowing you to pass safely. You may jump back across on
use the
     teleporter later on to return. Watch the 'thorns' later on near here, since
they do damage (I
     was thrown into the lava several times).

Point J
     You find a strange wraith here, unlike the others. Talking to it you find
it is some sort of agent
     from you Daedra friends. It gives you the complete set of the Savior's Hide
if you forgot to
     bring it with you.

Point K
     You find a large force of Daedra on the top plateau here. Among them you
find a Lyr entry
     sigil. The teleporter pad here brings you to Point L. Passing through the
Lyr warding sigils
     here brings you very close to Dagon. After killing the several Daedra Lords
you should find a
     Neht and Seht entry sigil allowing you to pass to the lift. The lift brings
you to another room
     which contains a teleporter which can be activated by touching the floating
purple balls.
     Stepping into the beam brings you to the room containing Dagon and Vatasha.
Put on the
     Saviors Hide armor and wield the Sword of Moon Reiver. Talk to the Lord of
     After, your two Nocturnal friends should appear. As soon as your done
talking attack Dagon.
     It only takes one hit to kill him, end the game...and enjoy the finishing
sequence. If you don't
     attack right away you will die after a few seconds (you can do nothing to
prevent this).

Point L
     Destination of Teleporter at Point J.

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