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Читы для Elvira 2: The Jaws of Cerberus

Чит-файл для Elvira 2: The Jaws of Cerberus

Elvira 2:
The Jaws of Cerberus

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Horror Soft
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Похожие игры:Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Personal Nightmare

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1991 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

 This introduction was put together based on the comments within the game and
the Guide Book. Somehow things didn't quite mesh, so I took the liberty of
embellishing the walkthru storyline to fill some of the gaps. I'm not quite
sure if the character you play is Elvira's boyfriend or what, so bear with

 It's been almost a year since Elvira returned from her ancestral home in
England, and once again she is involved in yet another sticky-wicket. This
time it's BIG trouble. Apparently, the Grande Dame of Horror is once again
being held captive -- this time by a very large Doggy and GUESS WHO is
supposed to save her?

 Decisions, decisions. After reviewing the game's four character selections,
you are unequivocally certain that the two roles requiring intense physical
stuff is not your bag. Rumor has it the ol' throwing arm hasn't been the
same since it got caught embracing that Linebacker's better half. That leaves
you with two possibilities, both of which look like they require more brains
than brawn. Hopefully, selecting to play a Private Eye will deter any further
comments about "lacking in both departments."


 This game requires unbelievable tenacity to complete: "patience" is the
keyword. In this walkthru I selected the Private Eye role so you could start
out with almost equal stats. I'm assuming that this character may decrease the
need to use all of the minor spells, and may also lessen the amount of combat
time (gawd, let's hope so!).

 As in ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK, it is crucial to save your game
before encounters or making spells. Suggestions will be given when you should
save, but as usual, it is up to the game player. If you are overly cautious,
you may possibly exceed the 48 allotted SAVE slots. To alleviate running out
of saved game space, use your Operating System Commands, copy the old saves
over to an auxiliary directory or diskette, then delete all saved games within
the CERBERUS directory. This will wipe the slate clean within the game while
will still allowing you to copy back old saves, if required.
 Oh yes, if you haven't yet figured out how to turn off the music and/or sound
effects, PRESS "S" (sound effects) and/or PRESS "M" (music) to toggle them on
or off.

 Again, I wish to thank Richard Kivisaari for his help in verifying the text
and maps.


 In this walkthru, always take useful items into your inventory, unless
advised otherwise. The useful items are shown in UPPER case followed by a
simple description or spell name(s), usually in parenthesis. Items that are
shown in lower case were not used in this walkthru. These unused items may
also be taken into inventory and used later for markers in mazes and such, but
use discretion or you will quickly become exhausted from carrying around the
extra load.

 It will be easier if you organize your inventory into separate piles,
especially when spell making (more so when using BRAINBOOST) which will enable
you to quickly grab the immediate items needed to make spells at your current
level before BRAINBOOST runs out. The hallway area between all three Studio
Doors can be very handy to stash your stuff until needed. There are three
actual locations in this hall so I split the items accordingly:

 LOCATION 1 closest to Lobby Door: All items required by the Indian for the
Cerberus ritual.

 LOCATION 2 between Doors 1 and 2: All spell items that can be created up to
and including Level 6. If you wish, you can also put the complete Lab
Assistant's Disguise in this area.

 LOCATION 3 in front of Door 3: All items used to create spells at Level 7
or higher, excluding specific cold items which are stored in the Haunted
House's Cold Storage Room; the complete Wizard's disguise; the ingredients
needed to resurrect the priest.

 Do not create spells unless told to do so. Exceptions to this would be spells
not requiring any ingredients. Important precaution: Some of the really vital
Spells use items that are one-shot deals. Make sure all items used to create
the less critical spells are not needed later; otherwise, you will be unable
to finish the game. When concocting spells, make as many as possible
while under the influence of BRAINBOOST: this max's out the number of spells

 Finally, although I have indicated throughout this walkthru many spells that
can be created, only a small portion of the spells are actually used.


 Elvira told you to meet her in front of her Movie Production Company. It's
been hours, so where the heck is she? Come to think of it, all the time
you've been out here, no one has entered or left. Better go over to the
Security Office; maybe they can page her or something. What gives? Both the
Front Gate and the Security Office are locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

 Wow, get a load of that manifestation! Elvira's testing out Astral Projection
or something. Her spirit tells you that she's desperate. Something about being
held captive in one of her Studios by a big ugly dog. Look: she left you her
prized SPELL BOOK*, but unfortunately, no key or even a hint on how to get in.
Well, she gave you the run of the place, old you to help yourself and all
that, so what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

 Your inventory at the start of this game also includes: used GUM -- edible,
but don't you dare eat it (Breathe Underwater), your car KEYS, a PEN KNIFE
(Magic Muscles), your leather WALLET -- empty (what else is new?), a SMALL
KNIFE -- your Weapon (use later for Magic Muscles), a SILVER CRUCIFIX (Holy
item, use later for Magical Armor), and ELVIRA'S PENDANT (the trinket you
found wedged in the back seat of your car, needed to whip up spells).

 If only there was something that could be used to pick locks. Really, who are
you kidding? Those gates don't even have a key hole! Look around the Studio's
front entrance for something useful to open the Security Office Door. Use that
ROCK (over to the right of the path) to break the glass on the door. Inside
you'll find a way to open the Main Gate. Pick up a FOUR-LEAF CLOVER for
Luck (it couldn't hurt).

 Anyone home? What decent security guard would abandon his/her post? By the
look of things, they must have used this place to film one of their slasher
flicks. Special Effects went heavy on the ketchup and splashed fake blood
everywhere (ick!). Look at the stuff posted on the bulletin board (boring!).
Take all the PAPER items (Fireballs) pinned there. Paper should come in handy
when creating spells that require combustible substances. Explore the desk to
your left. Hey, a master control console and a computer terminal! Too bad the
control panel needs a key.

 Turn and open the door on the right of the bulletin board. Oops! Fake blood,
my foot; the guard must've had a run-in with a Cuisinart. This guy looks
sliced, diced, and pureed. Ah, but he has a key! Don't be squeamish: get the
key and use it in the control console (you will need your Code Wheel to
proceed further). Turn on the computer monitor. It looks like it is used for
surveillance. Did you notice the Security Jacket and Cap on the way in? Try
them on before you leave.

 The key did the trick: the front gates are now open. The parking lot looks
empty except for one car. Check out the car. Nice plates (remind me not to
bend over). Open the trunk and grab the WIRE CUTTERS (useful tool) and WRENCH
(Magic Muscles). Turn left and walk toward the Reception Area.


 Boy, this place sure is deserted; not even a receptionist on duty. Funny, if
no one left, where is everyone? Explore the Lobby (nothing of interest in this
area except the FIRE EXTINGUISHER (Resist Fire)). Leave the extinguisher
hanging there until you start stashing your inventory in the hallway ahead.

 That surprise encounter with the Security Guard has weakened your kidneys, so
you might as well use the bathroom. Idiot...the symbol wearing the dress is
Ladies! Oh well, too late. Wash and dry your hands after you flush the toilet.
Did you remember to put down that seat? Nothing found here. Might as well
check out the Gents. Still have the urge? Well, go ahead (at least this time,
you are in the right room). Nothing in here either, but do you notice how your
points go up with each action you do. Exit the Men's Room.

 Back in the Lobby to your immediate right is the Office Elevator. Open the
doors and walk in. Elvira's portrait is everywhere; too bad this poster is
fastened to the wall: it would have made a nice souvenir. Turn around and
press the "B" button. The Basement is as good a place as any to start. Thank
goodness that Security Guard's jacket fits because it sure is cold down here.
Feels like someone's left the air conditioning on full blast (brrrr).

 The far door opens to the Maintenance Room (save the game). That Indian guy
sitting the floor must be the janitor. From over here he looks like he's on
his pow-wow break. Walk closer and TALK nicely to him. Ask about Elvira and
what you need to do to rescue her, but don't irritate him with stupid
questions. If you make him sulk, restore to your previously saved game.

 The conversation with the Indian Janitor should have filled in the details
about Elvira's situation. She is being held captive in one of her own Studios
by the three-headed Demon Cerberus (remember the Dog?). In order to rescue
Elvira you must destroy the beast. To do this, your quest requires that you
All these have to be brought back to the Indian for his blessing. Also
mentioned was something about finding a HOLY MAN (Priest) to help you.

 Enough with the questions, already...start exploring! Did you take the
Maintenance Room FIRE EXTINGUISHER (Resist Fire), the POSTER, and the wall
CALENDAR (Fireballs)? Ignore the Indian Medicine Bag since it is not of the
magical variety.

 Open the boiler room door. Whoa...talk about Hell freezing over! (Save the
game.) Leave the COPPER PIPE for now. Well if you insist, take the rod, but
make sure you saved first. (The pipe is used later with Summon Storm, and
you must be at Level 4 to survive the ice creature.) Turn around and get the
brass KEY (Magic Muscles) hanging next to the door.

 Before leaving the Maintenance Room, don't forget to open the door to your
right. Aw, it's just the Janitor's Closet, but look at all the useful goodies:
a large BROOM and FLOOR MOP (weapons), a GALVANIZED BUCKET (Magic Muscles),
and a bottle of strong smelling BLEACH (Revive). Forget the sink plunger and
detergent. It's time to explore the 2nd Floor.


 Going Up! So far, so good: no major surprises other than that poor Security
Guard. There sure are a lot of rooms on this floor! Let's check out the first
one to the right.

 HINT: Temporarily use the elevator as an inventory drop point when cleaning
out the 2nd Floor Offices.

 The Computer Room. Just think, if you had applied for that Computer position,
you probably would have been stuck in this room for the whole game. Forget the
hi-tech equipment and grab the metal SPOON (Magic Muscles), all the PAPER
ITEMS (Fireballs), and the large desk DIARY (Mindlock).

 Oh, goody! A Canteen, and I bet you are so hungry you could eat a horse:
forget it, better save the CAKES (Breathe Underwater) and SODA POP
(Protection) until later.

 The Makeup Room. Couldn't resist checking your reflection, could you? You
handsome devil! Trying on this stuff can't improve upon perfection, but maybe
a disguise or two might come in handy later. Leave the makeup and accessories
here until you manage to kill the Wardrobe Witch. Did you find the HAND MIRROR
(Illusion) in the waste bin? Save the game and go to the Costume Room.

 Lordy, what an ugly Witch! If you don't get out of here quickly, you'll
be finished before you start. So, forget the Costume Room for now and go
directly to Elvira's Dressing Room.

 What a mess: remind me not to ask Elvira for her cleaning lady's name. Check
out this place because it's a veritable gold mine of spell ingredients: two
full HAIRSPRAY cans (Novas); a pair of SCISSORS (Magic Muscles); a NAIL FILE
(Enchant Weapon); an old NEWSPAPER, a box of TISSUES, a POSTCARD, and a NOTE
(Fireballs); a box of POPCORN (Breathe Underwater); and a TOWEL (Absorb
Magick). Look in Elvira's Makeup Box.

 Ouch! That CURLING IRON sure is hot! It might come in handy to warm things
up. Did you get the SILVER LUCKY CHARM (Magical Armour)? Now, what are you up
to? It's doubtful that you could ever pass for a female, so forget about
trying on Elvira's satin undies. Put down that lipstick! Quit wasting time,
and go check out the Director's Office.

 Now, this is class. What a nice office! Get the GLASS ASHTRAY and SODA SIPHON
(Detect Traps), and grab the bottles of GIN and BOURBON (Novas). Please! No
drinking on the job. Go to the Typing Pool.

 I guess this is where all the Academy Award winning scripts are typed, but
look: more spell goodies! Get the POSTCARD, a staff NOTICE, and a CALENDAR
(Fireballs);  a RADIO/CASSETTE PLAYER (Telekinesis); and inside the disk box
is one DISKETTE (Brainboost).

 Time to whip up a few easy spells: LUCK (Clover), ICE DARTS, HEALING HANDS,
and UNSEEN SHIELD (No Ingredients). You should be at LEVEL 3.

 Think you are up to doing some major damage to that old witch, but afraid
that you are not at a high enough level? Aw, come on and give it a shot. Save
the game, enter the Costume Room, hit her with a couple of ICE DARTS, and back
out quickly (save the game). Repeat the same actions two or three more times.
If she pulverizes you, restore the game, and wait until you are at Level 4,
then do her in with a Fireball.

 Congratulations! You are quicker than you look. Better get used to the gore,
because this is just the beginning. Gee, is this room ever dark! Then, turn
around and flip the light switch. That's better! Look at all the neat
costumes: an ELIZABETHAN PERIOD Costume (get the Sword and drop the costume);
a Military Uniform (not used); a LAB TECHNICIAN'S COAT (needed in the Haunted
House), a WIZARD'S ROBE (needed in Catacombs); an Army Camouflage Jacket (not
used); and a Killer Bee Outfit (not used). Get the WITCH'S EYE (Fear).

 Go back to the Office Elevator and press "1." Time to organize your
inventory. It will take two or more trips to haul your booty over to the
Studio Hallway. Sort it as suggested, or use you own system. I'll wait. Hold
onto your SODA CANS (Protection); BLEACH (Revive); Curling Iron (Heat things
up); the FENCING SWORD (make this your weapon for now), and keep a couple of
paper items (Fireballs -- very handy when you reach Level 4).

 You've made it through the easiest part of the game! Now, for some scary fun:
let's explore Studio 2's Haunted House.


 How the heck did Cerberus get past all this Electronic Security? (Use your
Code Wheel to access Door 2.)

 Take a look at this set: a complete Haunted House that looks too much like
the real thing. Get back here, scaredy-cat! Did Elvira's comment frighten you?
Go inside.

 Hey, this place ain't so bad. As a matter of fact, it looks better than your
own apartment. Explore the first floor hall and note the BAROMETER (Summon
Storm) on the wall to the right of the staircase. Leave it there until you're
ready to use it. The rest of the stuff found in this hall has no useful value
in this walkthru.

 Enter the room left of the Moose Head. You are now in the Parlour. Walk
toward the Suits of Armour, and take the HELM and GAUNTLET from the suit on
the right (can be used to protect valuable body parts and later used for Magic
Muscles). Walk around the room, and take the three pieces of GLASSWARE (Detect
Trap) in the corner cabinet.

 Did you notice the apparition floating in front of the closed door? It will
not let you pass. Stumped? Elvira to the rescue with a clue! She mentioned
that it is harmless, but you will need something to con this childish ghost
away from its post. So ignore the poltergeist for now and go to the door
flanked by the Armor.

 You have just entered a small Study. Remove the Bird Picture from the wall in
front of you and open the wall panel to reveal a locked wall safe. On your
left is a desk, open all the drawers and take the PADLOCK (Mindlock) and the
PRAYER BOOK (Unholy Barrier). Turn around and go to the Fish Tank. See the KEY
at the bottom of the tank? It opens the safe, but be careful: some of those
fish are VERY hungry, and it isn't recommended that you put your hand in there
unless you want to be fitted for a hook.

 Exit the small Study and Parlour and enter the main hall. Walk straight ahead
toward the door on the opposite wall. On your way, did you look to your left?
This is a small paneled corridor that connects to the Kitchen. No use trying
to walk toward that Shadow: Elvira just isn't there and you might meet
something you wouldn't like. Enter the Dining Room.

 Looks like you stumbled upon an intimate dinner party that nobody bothered to
show up for. (Save the game.) If you must check out the main course, be
prepared (use Courage); it's not a pretty sight. Otherwise, ignore the COVERED
PLATTER (Blood), and help yourself to the two SILVER CANDLESTICKS (Magical
Armor); six crystal GLASSES (Detect Trap); six cutlery PLACE SETTINGS
(Lighting Bolts); and the two bottles of TABLE WINE (Courage). You notice the
small doors on the wall to your left. Go over and open them.

 EEEEK! What a chicken...you faint from the sight. Where are you? It's really
cold in here! After coming to your senses you notice that you are not alone:
looks like you just found the dinner guests. Quick! You'd better find a way
out of this walk-in Cold Storage Room before you become a lifetime member of
the Popsicle-Pete Fan Club.

 Turn around. Notice the locked door with shelves of food on either side? That
gadget on the wall to the left is a Temperature Sensing Gauge and Alarm
System. After glancing at all that carnage, who could even think of eating?
Besides, this food can be used for better things: smelly CHEESE (Freezing
Sword or Revive); a joint of MEAT (edible but save for piranha); two bottles
of cold FINE WINE (Novas); BREAD (Freezing Blade or Breath Underwater). Did
you try on the HEAVY BOOTS (may protect feet)?

 HINT: Once removing cold items from this area, they tend to warm up.
Returning items to the cold storage room will cool them again. Remember this
when making FREEZING BLADE.

 Elvira hints that in order to get out of here, you'd better start heating
things up a bit (so, use that curling iron). A distant bell starts ringing,
suddenly the door bursts open and again you encounter your ghoulish host. Use
PROTECTION (Soda Cans) and your Fencing Sword, then fight in fierce mode.

 Got him! Exit the cold Storage Room taking the MEAT with you. Leave the
BREAD, CHEESE, and FINE WINE bottles here until you reach Level 8. Those boots
sure are heavy but fit fine. Walk across the small hall to the opposite door
and enter. Did you notice the basement stairs?

 The Kitchen, although not modern, is fully equipped. What a wonderful antique
stove, "Large enough to cook a ..." (ahem). Look at all the COPPER UTENSILS
(Magic Muscles), and edible goodies: SUGAR, HONEY-2, PASTA, FLOUR, and dried
FRUIT. Don't eat the basket of EGGS (Resurrection). Notice the assortment of
KNIVES and the large MEAT CLEAVER (Magic Muscles) hanging on the wall? The
sharp knife and cleaver can also be used as weapons. Look inside the metal
TINS (Protection). The cream-colored one contains a tube of GLUE (Glue). Did
you inspect the Metal PAIL (Magic Muscles) and find the HORSE SHOE (Luck or
Magic Muscles)?

 The door with the soiled apron hanging on a hook leads to a small hall
connecting the Cold Storage Room and the Basement. The other door is the way
out. Save the game and exit through the other door. You are now in the small
paneled Hallway (the one you noticed on your left when entering the Dining
Room). You've got a slight problem: how to get past the Mealy-mouth Dead
Thing without getting whacked? Restore the game if he did you in, and then
pick the door to the basement first. Here you will find a way to defeat that
rotting mess.

 A jail cell? I wonder who (or should I say what?), is supposed to be kept
behind bars? There are two Laboratories down here. Save the game, and pick the
one with the Frankenstein Monster to explore. If you accidentally choose the
Lab with the Scientist and are not disguised as his assistant, don't talk or
touch anything (just back out quickly). If you don't, he will throw you out
and lock the door for the rest of the game. Go to the Lab with the Monster.

 It appears that ol' Franki is standing in front of another door, but this guy
is so big, it is impossible to move him without some assistance. He is wired
up to the control panel, so DON'T cut the wires on his headband (if you do,
restore the game). Try to juice up the power by flipping the switch and moving
the bar up, maybe he will move on his own. Too bad: the control panels are
wired to a separate external power source, which derives its electrical energy
from lighting. Explore the room.

 This place smells like a mortuary. No wonder! Look at all the jars of pickled
body parts: a HEART (Resurrection); a BRAIN (Turn Undead), an ARM
(Resurrection), and numerous other bits and pieces. While you are here, take a
few empty TEST TUBES (handy for carrying liquids), and the flask of BROWNISH
POWDER (Antidote). Go back upstairs to the Kitchen and save the game.

 Create a few more spells: more UNSEEN SHIELD, HEALING HANDS, and ICE DARTS;
COURAGE (Table Wine); and TURN UNDEAD (Brain in jar).

 Time to try out a couple of those spells. You have no choice: you must use
COURAGE and TURN UNDEAD to get rid of the rotting corpse in the paneled
hallway. That was easy. Go upstairs and explore the second floor.


 Assuming you picked the left set of stairs to ascend, the first room you will
enter is a Bathroom. The Bathroom contains a lot of worthless junk, but a
couple of things can be used: a TOWEL and SPONGE (Absorb Magick). Save the
game and exit to 2nd floor Hall.

 This Hall is broken up in the center by a balcony overlooking the front
entrance to the house. A set of stairs on either side lead down to the main
floor Hall. The second floor connects seven rooms, five of which are along the
main corridor. At the far end of one side of the Hall, there is another set of
stairs which leads up to the Attic.

 Climbing up on either side, you will end up facing a door -- one is the
Bathroom which you already entered, and the other directly opposite is a
burning room. This area requires RESIST FIRE spell to enter, but since there
is nothing of value in this location, why waste spells? Travel toward the
Attic Stairs, and go into the room on your right.

 This is the Storage Room. It contains a couple of tea CRATES (inside one is a
box of MATCHES), a rolled up carpet, and a LADDER (good for climbing). (Save
the game if you insist on exploring the Attic.)

 Disturbing the Count was fatal (Restore the Game). Did you notice that he was
impervious to the Holy objects in your inventory? Better find an alternate way
to get rid of this bloodsucker. What? No Garlic? How about Sunlight? If only
you could break that dirty window pane.

 Past the Storage Room, the next room along the Hall (to your right) is a soft
Violet-colored Bedroom -- quite pretty. Unfortunately, this bedroom is
occupied by yet another corpse. Save the game, go to the bed, and remove the
sheets to uncover the dead Scriptwriter. In his hands are a couple of items:
SCRIPTS (Fireball) and some KEYS (Magic Muscles). Oh-oh, be prepared to fight
his spiritual alter-ego. Use Fencing Sword. Take the SCRIPTS, and looky-here,
something fell out: PHOTOS. Now you know how to correctly disguise yourself.
If you haven't created the LUCK spell, you can use the LUCKY porcelain cats
found on the mantelpiece.

 Move the sheets again to uncover a hidden "BUTTON" under the bed. Hey,
look: a secret passage! (Save the game.) You should have your SILVER CRUCIFIX
before entering this area.

 The passage leads you to a Satanic Chapel probably used for Black Masses.
Take the ten BLACK CANDLES and the GOLD CHALICE containing BLOOD (both will be
used in the ritual to summon Cerberus). Before you leave, look up.
Those vampires are of the hybrid variety, not as strong as the Count, so the
crucifix temporarily protects you. Don't disturb them or they will wake up.
Exit the Black Chapel, the Violet Bedroom, and turn right.

 The Green Bedroom is unoccupied and contains nothing of value. There's one
more bedroom on this side of the hall. Before you enter this room, you should
be under the influence of the COURAGE spell (table wine). I suggest that you
avoid this area for the time being and enter the opposite bedroom (on your

 The Child's Nursery houses a crib, rocking horse, and other toys. Remember
the childish ghost guarding the closed door in the Parlour? Take the three
colored building BLOCKS, the TEDDY BEAR (Fireball), and the children's BOOK
(Fireball or Mindlock). Go back down to the Parlour, and save the game.

 Using one of the BLOCKS, throw it toward the apparition. Did you notice that
the ghost moved slightly towards you? (Restore the Game) To be able to enter
the closed door you must step back a bit before throwing a BLOCK, move quickly
to open the door, and enter the room.

 It's just a small Library. But talk about hauntings! This place looks like
"Ghost Central." Books are flying everywhere. All I can say is read all of the
books: they will clue you in on the details concerning various Demons,
Resurrecting dead people, Reanimation, Science, and Chemistry. You'll probably
get a chuckle if you pick up some of the not-quite bestsellers that also
occupy the shelves. You must find a slip of paper which will fall out of one
the Chemistry Books. This paper contains a list of chemicals needed by the
Scientist to create a very strong POISON (Meat).

 Now, go back to the Makeup Room. It's time to try out one of the disguises.
Before you leave the Studio Hallway, lighten your load, take off the Security
Hat and Jacket (don't forget the heavy boots -- these should be left near Door
3), and drop some of the higher level spell ingredients for later use. (Save
the game.)

 Using the photo of the Lab Assistant as a reference, put on the correct wig,
glasses, teeth, and mustache. Don't forget the Lab Coat. To save your having
to come back here, take all the stuff that makes up the Wizard's Outfit.
Save the game, hop back down to the Basement (forget talking to the janitor
-- he's told you everything he knows), and enter the Boiler Room. Use a
FIREBALL and grab the 4' COPPER ROD (used on roof with SUMMON STORM).

 Now, return to the Basement Lab with the Chemical List (save the game),
and ask the Scientist if you can assist him. He will now talk to you. Ask
him to whip up a bottle of poison. When done, he will promptly kick you out.
Drop the Lab Assistant disguise (you no longer need it) and go up to the
small Study.

 Poison the meat and put it in the Fish Tank. Bye-bye fishies! Get the key and
use it to open the wall safe. Inside, you will find the Indian's PEACE PIPE.
Save the game, go back to the Studio Hall, and dink around a bit (organize
your spell components or something) until you reach Level 6.

 I know: you are itching to mix up more goodies. Gather only the ingredients
needed to create spells at Level 6. Create BRAINBOOST first (you should get
3). Now, go ahead and have a blast -- make all the spells you can before
Brainboost wears off.

 In addition to FEAR (2); REVIVE (2); LUCK (2); and BRAINBOOST (2 left if you
already used one). You can, if you are quick, end up with: GLUE (11) MAGIC

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