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Читы для Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

Чит-файл для Elvira: Mistress of the Dark

Mistress of the Dark

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Horror Soft
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:Adventure / RPG
Похожие игры:Personal Nightmare

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1990 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
            Part 1


 ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK is a unique embodiment of fantasy
RPG, adventure, wise-cracking one-liners, and gore. This game plays
like a "B" movie. The plot: "Damsel in distress hires you to help
her save her home and the world from evil!"

 To truly enjoy this game, I suggest that you try to play it before
using this walkthru. Explore and map thoroughly, and most of all,
always save your game before any life-threatening encounter. There
are subtle variations in achieving completion. This walkthru is
based on my second go 'round, which avoids most of the gore. If you
are the blood-thirsty type, go ahead and get killed by the
different ghouls you meet. This will allow you to see the many ways
your character looks when dead! The details are especially gruesome
if you have VGA. Remember, log all the names of your save games,
otherwise you will have to exit ELVIRA to list them in DOS.

 Throughout the game you will find a lot of items in different
locations: Most of them are useless, some should not be removed,
and others are important to have in your inventory. If you feel
that you must take everything in sight, don't forget that the more
junk you carry around, the easier it is to get tired. I found some
of the extra stuff to be useful as location markers (good for mazes
and such), but it is up to you. Always explore each location using
the "point and click" method. Then, before leaving, check the
"room" inventory, just in case you overlooked something.

 In order to avoid violating the off-disk copy protection, the
actual recipes used to make specific spells will not be listed. For
details, please refer to the booklet: "Emelda's Receipts and
Spelles for ye of Magickal Artes." In this walkthru, you will only
see the spell names used to complete this particular game.

 Your final EXPerience points will vary depending on the number of
combat sequences and spells used. My highest was 75.

 Last but not least, a special "thank you" to Richard Kivisaari, in
appreciation of the support and feedback.

 Congratulations! You have just been hired as a "Ghost-Buster" by
the current owner of Castle Killbragant. Apparently the lady needs
some heavy-duty "house cleaning." Since business has been a tad
slow and your experience is ZILCH, your only possession is a canvas
bag. Keep in mind that this item might come in handy for carrying

 Wow, check out the front of this place! Quite impressive and
barely looks creepy. Well, what are you waiting for? Take a look
inside. Oops, thought you could just walk in, didn't you? Well,
meet the captain of the guard. Apparently he doesn't look too
pleased at having unexpected guests drop by, but at least he is in
a good mood and lets you live...for now.

 You are unceremoniously thrown into the castle's dungeon. While
pondering if you will ever get out alive, the door to your cell
swings open. Get a load of the silhouette! Guess there might be
something worthwhile to this job after all, eh? Meeting the
boss-lady was certainly an eye-popping experience.

 Free at last! Getting bailed out by the person you were hired to
save is not how it is supposed to go. Elvira makes it clear that
she is not impressed with you getting incarcerated on the first day
of the job. What an idiot!

 After a major tongue-lashing, she gives you some pointers about
finding a chest which contains stuff to snuff out Emelda, her evil
ancestor who started all this mess. The first thing to look for is
Emelda's recipe book. The spells that Elvira gives you were made
before the book was stolen. Judging by the shape you are in, you
will definitely need more to get through this thing alive. Don't
forget weapons are needed. The dagger she lends you is good for
starters, but you will need some heavy-duty stuff. Lastly, Elvira
recommends that you start by exploring the castle courtyard.

 You are now in the courtyard facing the Blacksmith Shop. Don't
bother to go in the smithy for now. Instead, go left and get some
hay outside the Stable entrance. If a guard appears, get rid of
him. You should partially explore the Stable, but leave quickly
when things get a little hairy, otherwise you could become werewolf

 Go to the front entrance and turn right. Notice that the main gate
is closed? I guess you are locked in for the duration of this game.
Oh, well, what did you expect? If you like, go left and you will
find yourself in the castle's Souvenir shop; check out the stuff.
There you will find an axe and a couple of shields. (OPTIONAL: If
you wish, take the axe and the large round shield. I didn't

 At this time, avoid entering the Main Guardhouse. Remember what
Elvira said about the captain of the guard being a "total sadist?"
I recommended that you get some fighting experience before trying
to tackle this guy.

 Time to check out the castle's interior. Go to the front entrance
and up to the first floor. To your left is the Library. Get the
black book with the pentangle (it is Emelda's spell book), turn
around, and go into what resembles the living room. Get the
monstera plant and the stake. Read the diary (note the reference to
a ring).

 Leave the living room, turn right, and walk toward the hall.
Bypass the stairs going up. The door left of the kitchen stairs is
the bar. This room isn't guarded, so go on in. Get the bottle of
absinthe, but don't drink it! About face and go down the stairs.
Here is where Elvira cooks up her magic. Give her the recipe book.

 To avoid getting burned, get the oven mitts. Put your canvas bag
into room inventory, place burning coal in bag, then take the bag
back into your inventory. Turn right, check out the pantry, get the
two bottles of white wine, and the jars of honey. Are you hungry?
Go ahead and eat some the stuff left in the pantry.

 Go back into the kitchen and click on Elvira to mix up "herbal
honey." Notice after Elvira whips up your request, your inventory
now contains another bottle. Consume the stuff to gain knowledge of
all the names of plants. Since this is the only spell that can be
conjured up at this time, you might as well leave all the
ingredients you picked up so far (honey, wine, and monstera leaf)
in the kitchen. Less stuff to carry around, and in this game,
things stay where you leave them.

 You can try to check out the secret passage, but Elvira's comments
thwart any attempts. She will go in and tell you that it's too dark
to see anything (save the game). There's no use hanging around, so
go upstairs to the main floor.

 Go forward down the hall and turn left at the next door: this is
the Armory. (Note: You may meet a guard wearing a red tunic in the
hall. If not, you certainly will when you try to enter the Armory.)
Combat sequences are deadly, but necessary. Almost every guard can
be beaten without losing points. The more practice, the more
experience you get.

 Once in the Armory, get the long sword, large shield, and
crossbow. You now have most of your ghoul-busting tools. Important:
Remember to USE the large shield for protection. If you previously
picked up the axe and round shield from the souvenir shop, drop
them. Leave the Armory, go left, and down the stairs to the
courtyard. Save the game.


 Make your way to the Garden Gate where you will meet another guard
(your fighting weapon should now be the long sword). Go through the
gate that leads to the garden path. Along the way you will find
numerous spell ingredients growing everywhere: Help yourself. You
will pass a locked door on your left. Forget it for now and proceed
to the arched opening in the hedge. You are now facing a lawn and
another hedge opening. Turn right, go past the Maze to the end of
the path, and turn left again toward the garden shed. Go inside and
examine the old biscuit tin on the table. Remove the packets of
seeds, look again, and get the small key.

 Look around the shed, get the crucifix and the sledge hammer. Take
a close look at what's left of the gardener. Ugh, boy is he ripe!
Don't be squeamish: Get those maggots, and make sure you get them

 Turn left and go back through the arched opening in the hedge. Now
is the time to try opening that locked door. So save your game, and
use the small key you found in the garden shed. You will have to
fight a couple of goons wearing monk's robes. Once they are
defeated, proceed to explore the small enclosed garden, taking
whatever ingredients you may need, and turn around.

 Hey, there's an archer's bull's eye! It's good for target
practice, but it's too bad you don't have any ammo for your
crossbow. Drop the small key, turn right, and head back toward the
courtyard. (Are you still checking out all the vegetation along the

 In this round, you should have picked up the following items:
Aconite, Belladonna, Bleeding Heart, Bloode Root, Dandelyon, Deadly
Nightshade, Dogwood, Elderberries, Firethorn, Flame Flower, Clover,
Hawthorn, Hellebore (the incorrect "Hellabore" spelling was fixed
in a program update), Maggots (2), Maidenhair, Mistletoe,
Mushrooms, Parsley, Plantain, Poppies, Rose, Witch Hazel, Sledge
Hammer, Small Silver Crucifix, and Small Rusty Key.


 Go back to the castle's front door and zip upstairs. It's time to
check out the second floor. Go up the stairs on your right, and
open the door of the first room you are facing. That's funny,
there's no guard! Check out sleeping beauty. Uh-oh, this one bites!
Quickly use the stake and it's bye-bye Vampira. Get the dust she
becomes, open the wardrobe on right, get the bolts, and drop the
sledge hammer. Save the game and turn around.

 The second floor is a square layout with two bedrooms on each
outside wall, and a bathroom in the center. For ease of clarity I
will refer to the lady vampire's room as the first room on the
north wall. Going around in a clockwise direction will bring you
outside a "pink" bedroom (turn left and enter). Except for the
vampire's room, you will have to fight evil monks before entering
all rooms on this floor. Search the "pink" room thoroughly, then
save the game.

 The next bedroom is "green." Remember to explore each room, and
save the game after each exploration.

 The "blue" room is guarded by two murderous thugs swinging -- of
all things -- maces! Watch out: they are VERY tough. Did you find
the prayer scroll?

 Try the door in the middle (another guard). Good grief, talk about
your pay-toilets! Did you find the laudanum hidden in the crack?

 Why guard an "unfinished" room? Check your points: Are they going
up after each battle?

 Another locked room; don't bother looking for a key: This is
Elvira's room, and it's strictly off limits unless you are invited.

 An orange (brown?) bedroom (who decorated this place anyway?). Are
you still checking drawers and wardrobes?

 After another battle, you find the "purple" room is empty. Before
going downstairs, check your inventory. In addition to the previous
stuff collected, you should now have: Vampire Dust, ten Crossbow
Bolts, a bottle of Laudanum, and a Prayer Scroll. Save the game,
and go downstairs.

            Part 2


 You're ready to cream that creep at the main gate. First, consume
those two bottles you have in your inventory. Did you see that? Now
you have two more scrolls. Forget the prayer scroll; I have a
feeling this guy is not the religious type. Be prepared to use the
fire dagger spell. Remember, this guy is a toughie. You will have
to be real quick on the draw in order to zap him three times.
Otherwise, be prepared for a lengthy combat sequence. This guy can
be beaten, but it takes a lot of practice.

 You did it! Adios, el Capitan. Check out his desk and examine the
stuff you find. Can you believe it? This guy had a mother who baked
him apple pies! Don't forget to read the bulletin board, and take
note of the warning "not to remove the crown." Get the notice.
Whoa, there...a key -- a gold key -- with PRIMUS written on it. No
wonder this guy fought so hard! Leave the notice and save the game.


 Gee, didn't you get rid of that guy guarding the gate to the
garden? (NOTE: In this game, each time replacements appear, they
are a little tougher then their predecessors.)

 It's time for target practice. Try hitting the bull's eye a few
times. Boy, what a lousy shot! You missed the target by a mile.
Don't worry, just keep on trying, and you will become an expert in
no time. Practice is important to enable you to properly use the
crossbow. Before you leave, get the three bolts stuck in the bull's
eye, and save the game.

 Do you recall the square hedge opening across from the arched
hedge? Now, that's someplace you can improve your skills with the
crossbow. Hey, get a load of the guy with the falcon, but keep your
eye on the birdie! As soon as it takes flight, use your crossbow,
watch the guy fade away, and go to the bird. Look at what's tied to
its leg: another gold key labeled TERTIUS. Get the bolt (don't
forget the tail feather), and save the game.


 Let's go check out the blacksmith shop. This place will have a
guard, but after snuffing the captain, this guy ain't so tough.
That fire sure looks hot! Look in the wooden box (did you find the
crucible?). This container looks like it is good for withstanding
high temperatures, so place it on the fire. This is a one-shot
deal: If you goof it, go back to the previously saved game. First,
put the small silver crucifix in the crucible (it will melt) and
place a bolt in with it. Voila, a silver-tipped bolt! Save the

 Now, head next door to the stable and get rid of the guard (your
experience should have increased considerably by now). Before you
ran out of here the last time, didn't dog-breath mention something
about using a silver-tipped something or other?

 Get ready (quickly) before he tears out your throat. Use the
silver-tipped bolt. Whew, that was close! Now you can check all the
stable stalls. Did you get the horsehair? Remove the loose iron
tethering ring in the last stall, look in the hole, and get the
gold key labeled SECUNDUS! Drop the iron ring and save the game.


 Well, you can't put it off any longer; you'll just have to go back
and check out the dungeons below the castle. Using the side
entrance, you will find yourself in a small vestibule. Before you
go any further, the floor plan is square with four doors on each of
the outside wall and three on each of the inside walls.

 This is a very noisy area. The architect who designed this place
probably didn't know how to use a level so all the doors slam shut.
The best way to approach this maze is to go in a clockwise
direction like you did when exploring the second floor of the

 Apparently, they don't feed these guys too well down here, but
don't let that fool you. The bone brigade will give you their best
shot. Check each room carefully because most of them are alive with
creepy-crawlers; collect them all. Are you picking up those
spider's webs before you enter some of the rooms and corridors?

 By now you should have gone straight down the first corridor,
turned right, gone down the second corridor, then turned right
again. When you reach the second door on the inner wall (on your
right side when looking down the third corridor), you might meet
one of the bones boys wearing red. This guy is tougher than the
others, but once you get rid of him, go into the room he guarded.
You should be in another small vestibule. Open the inner door and
save the game.

 A torture chamber! No good castle should be without one. Get the
bag of salt (useful in the prevention of decapitation). Look at the
ring in the floor to your right and get it. Check out the mess you
made. Obviously the guy you dug up isn't going anywhere without
your help, so get the bones. Hey, here's another gold key labeled
QUARTUS. Look around: Did you inspect the grisly tools of the trade
and notice the fire tongs? Don't get them yet unless you want to
meet the guy who runs (ahem) ran this place. To avoid that, put
your canvas bag into room inventory, place the fire tongs into the
bag, and take the canvas bag back into your inventory.

 Save the game, and continue to examine each room until you come
back to where you entered. Before you leave, make sure that you
have collected the following: five spider's webs, ten spiders, five
beetles, five earwigs, five centipedes, salt, fire tongs, and
bones. If you find you're missing some of the ingredients, go
around a second time. In either case, save the game before
proceeding to the next part.


 Are you starting to itch? Hurry back to Elvira's kitchen and have
her mix up some more of her spells using those darn bugs.

 At this point, upon entering the castle you should hear a loud
scream. Elvira will come running and tell you to get rid of some
lard-bucket who has taken over her kitchen. You have to get rid of
this tasteless (see Note) cook so that Elvira can continue to whip
up her spells. Elvira informs you that she is going to lie down for
a while. (Save the game.)

 NOTE: If you want to, go upstairs and enter her bedroom (remember
the locked room). Elvira will give you a few more clues about the
cook having no taste in cooking "all her food tastes the same,
because she doesn't use salt." If you do this, be sure to save the
game afterward.

 Down in the kitchen, get ready to throw the salt at this fiend.
Watch her melt (what a slug), and Elvira quickly returns.

 By now you should have the ingredients for Elvira to conjure up
the following spells: Alphabet Soup, Mind Locke, Spagetty
Confusion, Knightyme Pleasure, Fingerlight, and Palmlight.
 Leave all your ingredients in the kitchen. For now, you can put
all the keys in the canvas bag, and leave it there also. Keep your
crossbow and bolts, spells, sword, and shield. Drink your soup, and
before you exit the castle, try to read the inscription written
above the castle's main door.


 Save the game and amble on back to the Garden to explore the Maze.
Before entering, a few words of caution. Some of the Gremlins that
patrol the Maze are thieves. If you get zapped by one of them, you
may lose an important item in your inventory (now you know why I
suggested leaving some of your stuff in the kitchen). Worse, if you
are forced into hand-to-hand combat, they can (and will) drain your

 Before entering the Maze, use the Knightyme Pleasure spell to get
total protection against all non-contact magic weapons, and save
the game. Killing these critters can be done with the Fingerlight
and Palmlight spells. Use your bolts only when you run out of
spells. Important: When you exit the maze, you must have at least
one bolt (I had three).

 Explore the maze a few times, mapping it so you'll know where all
the ingredients can be found. I recommend picking up the
ingredients after you have killed all the Gremlins and discovered
their hideout. This way you can use them as markers to find your
way out.

 The Gremlins' Lair is at the end of the Maze. Before entering, you
may or may not see little red "eyes" through the opening in the
hedge. If you do, fire two bolts to kill what is left of them. Go
inside and you will find Elvira's Ring. Further in is a small pool
with a stone cross. Here you will locate Algae, Black Lotus, Blood
Lily, Lily Flower, and Water Lily.

 On your way back through the Maze, you should add Thistle (2),
Nettle (1), Fern (2), and Egg (1) to your inventory. Save the game
after you've exited the maze.

            Part 3


 Head back to the castle's front entrance, go upstairs, and down
the hall past the kitchen stairs. You can check out the room on
your left, and fight the guard only to learn that it is an empty
grand hall. The room to explore is the chapel which is directly
across from the grand hall. Again, fight the guard. Get the book
with the cover made of a strange animal hide (manicore), and go to
the altar. Look closely at the gold and silver artifacts but don't
remove them.
Notice the shape of the opening in the cross? It looks like
Elvira's ring would just fit nicely. Place the ring on the cross,
and get ready for the light show! Hey, look at what's happened to
the altar. Enter the hole and save the game.
 You find yourself in a small chamber with a gold crown sitting in
the middle of it! Remember the warning about "not removing the
crown"? Who listens to warnings? Remove the crown but don't leave
the chamber. Instead, look closely at the wall mural. It depicts an
angel holding a glowing sword, and a couple of knights, one of whom
is wearing a crown.

 Did you say your prayers? Get out your prayer scroll and use it.
There goes the wall (so much for works of art!). Look at the
skeleton of the king sitting there on a throne. He is holding a
glowing sword, like the one depicted in the mural. Place the crown
on his head, get the Crusader's Sword, and examine it. That the
pentangle symbol seems to be quite a popular motif around here.
Leave the chamber and save the game.


 Now, go back to the kitchen. Get your canvas bag and all of the
previous ingredients you left here for safekeeping, then have
Elvira mix up some of the following spells: Glowing Pride Thorny
Splinter, Cat and Dog Broth, Lucky Surprise, Mushroom Tenderness,
Propitious Surprise, Manicore Flip, Painfree, Wooden Heart, and
Iced Magicke.

 After Elvira mixes up your requests, go back to the secret
passage. This time when she opens it, place the Glowing Pride
inside, and it will light up the tunnel. You can try to enter
again, but Elvira still won't let you; however, when she goes in,
it won't be dark. Check her right hand when she comes out. Well,
there you go: another gold key, this time labeled QUINTUS! Save the

            Part 4


 It's time to explore those towers. The layouts of the battlements
and towers are square, with four main corner towers that you can
access from the courtyard. Unless you have scouted the battlements,
you probably would not have noticed four secondary towers. These
smaller towers are accessible only by walking along the top of the
walls. The secondary towers are located as follows: one on each
side of the main gate (remember your first glimpse of the castle;
you read that sign didn't you?), and one on each of the side walls
(there are no small towers on the back wall). For the sake of
clarity, I will refer to each tower as points on a compass with
"south" being the main gate.
 Enter using the southwest tower and check out the well by climbing
down the rope. You will see a couple of clumps of vegetation stuck
to the sides of the well. Get the moss and leave the rope where it
is. Climbing down into the well water is not necessary at this
time, but do so if you wish to map. (Save the game first, though!)
Climb up out of the well and save the game.

 Go up the stairs, kill the guard, and travel out through the door.
You will see one of the secondary towers (west). Get the ivy, go
in, and kill the guard. Go upstairs. Wow, fully primed cannon! And
look what it's pointing at: the northwest tower. Examine the
cannon. You should see a short white rope that resembles a fuse. If
only you had something with which to light it. (You do, but don't
light it at this time or you will get an unexpected surprise.)

 Go down the stairs and travel toward the northwest tower. Watch
out for the knight because he's invincible in close contact fights.
The only way to get rid of him is to use your trusty crossbow. When
you nail this guy watch what happens closely. He keels over the
side of the battlement and splash! Well, of course this place has
a moat! (Save the game.)

 Enter the northwest tower. Funny, didn't all the other towers
allow you to climb the stairs to the top? Keep on traveling east
across the back wall. You will note that in this part of the game
there are guards everywhere -- at the courtyard entrances to the
towers, on the second floor of each tower, and even some that come
out to attack you on the battlements. (If you still have them in
your inventory, you can use two bolts on the archers.) Use whatever
it takes to get rid of them. Keep on traveling toward the northeast
tower. Go upstairs, watch for the wooden beam, and walk across it.
From here you can see the moat. I hope you did not remove the well
rope. If you did, do not use it on the beam to climb down, or
you'll never get out of the moat. (Save the game.)

 Climb down the stairs. Go to the east secondary tower (nothing
here), continue toward the southeast corner tower, and climb down
the stairs. Here is the entrance to the catacombs.


 Before entering the Catacombs, save the game. The three segments
of catacombs are hexagon in shape (six-sided), each having three
rooms (crypts) containing two coffins each. All three sections
intersect in the center (the center is marked by the "hole" in the
floor). Overall, this area looks like a honeycomb. Note: Each
segment has an important item to find or task to be performed.

 Although the layout is pretty simple, exploration is not! This
place is well-guarded by a variety of demons: floating skulls,
green gill-men, and a monstrosity that beats you to death with a
rock. Consume the Manicore Flip before you start moving around in
this area, use the crusader's sword, and save the game.

 Combat is not easy to avoid, but you can defeat the skulls and
gill-men without too much trouble. Once you get rid of all the
gill-men, the skulls do not reappear. The most difficult sequence
is the fight with the rock creature.

 This monster can only be killed using the crusader's sword. This
particular battle can be very long, and it is probable that you
will lose some points. Don't worry: That is what the Wooden Heart
is for. Once you've lopped off the creature's hand, get the rock,
then quickly strike him on the top of his head. Go in and check the
coffin on the right, and you'll find the iron key to the underwater
grate. The way this guy fought, one would have thought the key was
made of something a little more valuable! Read the inscription on
the rock. You can't make out what it says? Dumb-dumb, why didn't
you drink your soup?

 The sequence of events may not occur in this order, but if you can
first, try finding the key to the locked grate in the well. Then,
look for the dragon's bloode (inspect the hollow eyes of the carved
stone skulls above the doors). Finally, locate the empty coffin so
you can lay the bones of the torturer to rest. Should you come
across the empty coffin first (always open coffins starting on the
left), place the bones in it, replace the lid, and save the game.
Do not remove the lid of the coffin on the right unless you have
the grate key and dragon's bloode. If you have everything, open the
coffin on right, and things should start getting a little damp.
(Save the game.)


 Go down into coffin until you reach the bottom, turn around, and
go forward until you reach the locked grate. Unlock the grate and
go through. You are now in the moat. Go up to get some air, save
the game, then head back down to the bottom. Turn right, go four
screens, turn left, and save the game. Do you see the outline of a
body? Go forward one screen, and wonder no more: Here is where the
invincible knight fell. Look at the sword, get the gold key
(SEXTUS), and quickly go up to get some air. Turn around, go one
screen toward the castle wall, and save the game.

 Go down to the bottom, turn left, and go forward four screens.
Turn left to reenter the grate. Go forward until you see the
directional "up" arrow change to red. Very quickly click on it to
go up to the surface, turn, and you will see the well rope. Save
the game and go up again to get out of the well. You will meet
another guard (depending on your experience points using the
crusader's sword is not recommended). I hope you changed back to
the long sword before leaving the well!

            Part 5

 Go up in the tower (get rid of the remaining guards), go through
the door to the next smaller tower, and go up to the top. Now that
you buried the bones of the torturer, you can safely remove the
tongs from the bag and put them into your personal inventory. Do
the same with the lit coal by first placing the tongs on the lit
coal, then using the "lit fire tongs" on the short white rope
(cannon fuse). Watch the far tower; there she blows!

 Go down, save the game, and travel to the northwest tower. I guess
the cannon cleared the staircase, because now you can go upstairs.
You should be looking at Elvira's chest (broad grin). Notice the
six impressive looking locks. Coincidentally, you possess six gold
keys! Save the game, insert the keys into the locks, and open the
chest. You will find an old scroll of spiritual mastery and a
ceremonial dagger: Take both. Should you get grabbed by a creature
(the guardian of the chest), restore and put keys in the locks as
save the game.

 If you wish, you can go to the top of the tower to get a
bird's-eye view of the garden maze.

 Do you need to stock up on more spells? Go back to the kitchen and
have Elvira conjure up the following: Brain Ache, Clotted Surprise,
Demon's Brew, Ice Sponge, Maiden's Turnover, Monstera Pie, and
Mushroom Tenderness. Consume some of the spells to produce more
scrolls in preparation for any other encounters.


 Go toward the southeast tower, kill the guard, and go down to the
catacombs. (Save the game.) You may or may not meet more of the
skulls or gill-men, but you will probably encounter Emelda's
spirit. To avoid her, move quickly when traveling to the center of
the catacombs, and locate the hole in the floor. Look closely at
the hole; that rock looks like it might just fit. Place the rock in
the hole....

 There goes the floor! Save the game, go down, and meet Elvira's
evil ancestor, Emelda. But be careful: She is cunning and will not
allow you to leave. Your spells have no effect on her and she is
rapidly draining your lifeforce. Look at the design on the floor.
It's the same as the one on your crusader's sword. Put the
crusader's sword in the center (hole) of the pentangle, and that
will slow Emelda a bit. Now, use the scroll you found in the chest.
Oh-no, she's still ticking! Use the ceremonial dagger.

 Congratulations! Elvira and the rest of the world are forever in
your debt.

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